Sharon Stone vs. Sigourney Weaver and Yancy Butler by Tank

It was early 1997 and Sharon Stone had fully recovered - at least physically - from her severe beating three months earlier at the hands of Demi Moore. But the encounter with the fit brunette - fought in a bedroom suite with Demi's husband watching - hadn’t ended until Bruce dragged his wife off of the pleading Stone. The event left Sharon with emotional and psychological issues she still hadn’t fully come to terms with.

The most recent example was when Sharon abruptly called to cancel plans to attend a Hollywood party she’d already accepted after she heard Demi would be there. Sharon’s self-esteem, especially regarding her physical prowess - once the most admired in Hollywood - had slipped drastically, not only in her own mind but in the opinion of those who'd heard about the private battle. Understandably embarrassed, the sexy blond mega-star told everyone who would listen that she'd been winning until Willis interfered and pulled HER off of Demi! Still, that didn't explain why she suddenly and strangely refused to attend the Hollywood party after finding out her brunette rival would attend.

Even worse were the nightmares! On three different occasions Sharon had awakened in a cold sweat from dreams of an encounter with Demi. In all three, they were wearing the same bikini bottoms they’d worn in the bedroom brawl, and in all Sharon either lay on a bedroom floor or, in her most recent dream last night, on the ground in a steamy rainforest. In this dream, Sharon was topless in pink and white panties and Demi was standing over her; her big bare breasts beaded with sweat and undulating with her heavy panting; her tawny, well-muscled, thighs protruded from the gusset of a skimpy black thong.

In each dream they’d been alone and in all three a frightened Sharon had tearfully begged, "Let me go, Demi... PLEASE!"

In her new dream, the strong 'Striptease' star seemed determined to drag the lovely blond deep into the forest where Sharon somehow sensed she’d force her to be her life-long slave girl! Like the other nightmares, Sharon awoke with a start to find herself in her own bed; sweating and gasping for air as her formidable foe prepared to pounce on her!

Sipping her morning coffee, the world renowned blond beauty understood she couldn’t continue to suffer like this. She had to put the shadow of Demi behind her one way or another, even if it meant risking another showdown with the woman who’d humiliated her in their first encounter. Sharon knew that only then would her nightmares cease and her self-esteem as one of Hollywood's toughest - and most desirable - actresses be restored. Plus, the people who’d heard of her previous humiliation and were now lauding Demi would learn she had gotten revenge, thus reaffirming her place atop the Hollywood ‘catpack’ pecking order.
As Sharon sat at her kitchen table, she thought back to her first Hollywood catfight - in 1990 right after she'd concluded 'Total Recall'. She was attending a party which included a number of Hollywood celebs, some of whom weren't connected with the movie. One was the most highly regarded actresses of the 80's, 'Alien' star Sigourney Weaver who (even today) is still regarded as one of Hollywood's tough women.

Sigourney was taller than Sharon, lovely, extremely intelligent (as evidenced by her small breasts) and she had a reputation as very tough opponent in a catfight. Sigourney perceived Sharon as an upstart, a rival, someone drawing attention away from her that she'd always relished.

But at that party, the attention was on Sharon and sexy Sigourney was all but left alone in a corner of the room. It was known to several Hollywood insiders that Weaver had tried very hard to win the 'Total Recall' role Sharon had played so well so it was no surprise when they ended the evening squaring off against each other. All the other guests - except for two writers, a young actor and an overly enthusiastic director, who egged them on - had left. But, feeling slighted and fuming, Sigourney didn’t need any encouragement.

It had been Sharon's first experience with the Hollywood catfight scene and the manner in which physical showdowns between lovely actresses were encouraged. You’d better fight when push came to shove because if you refused to take a blow to the chin from another actress, some director or producer would likely deal that same blow to your career!

Not that Sharon was afraid of Sigorney. In fact, after taking snide and catty remarks from her in front of the other guests all evening, it was Sharon who started the fight; pushing Sigourney back against a wall, demanding, "Quit bothering me or I'll kick your ass!"

Sharon, in a red blouse and miniskirt, had a firm grasp of Sigourney's low-cut green evening gown which she partially tore by pulling it toward her while keeping her taller opponent pinned in the corner by thrusting her knee into her thigh. An angry Sigourney grabbed Sharon's hair and violently shook her head as she drove the blond backward. But Sharon had already planned her next move and as she was pushed back, she smashed her knee up into Sigourney’s groin.

"UNNNNNNGH!" Sigourney grunted as she dropped to her knees doubled over in pain.

Sharon glanced at the onlookers and decided to put on a show for them as they watched intently. Standing with her back to her toppled foe as she remained on her knees, the lovely blond loosed her miniskirt and let it slide down around her ankles. While Sigourney struggled to rise, Sharon smiled mischievously, hands on the waist of her baby blue panties. Suddenly, she jolted her butt back into Sigourney’s face, sending her flying backward to the floor, sprawled unconscious!

Sharon, still putting on a show, put her fingers to her open mouth in astonishment as if totally surprised her tight, well-formed, butt could possibly be used as a weapon! The guests, after tearing their eyes from Sharon’s body, looked at each other in amazement! The triumphant blond looked back at her rival who lay motionless on the tile floor, then slowly pulled up her miniskirt.

Smiling at the guests, Sharon chuckled, "I hope you don't mind me settling things with Ms. Weaver like that. But she was being a pain in the ass all evening and I thought it fitting my ass be a pain to HER!"

Then struted out the door and left the party witnesses speechless! The legend of Sharon Stone was born!

Sharon poured another cup of coffee and recalled another incident, this one in 1995. She’d been attracted to a man sitting at a bar alone at a well-known Hollywood resort. Making her way to the bar, she sat next to him and stirred up a conversation. By the end of the evening, they were sharing a secluded candlelit table and smooching. How was she to know the man, whose name was John, was currently dating Yancy Butler? She found out soon enough when Yancy stormed into the bar, angrily yanked the tablecloth and spilled Sharon's drink on the blonde's white blouse. Before Sharon knew what was happening, Yancy had grabbed her hair and was trying to drag her out of her chair but John grabbed Sharon’s arms and pulled her back into her seat.

"Stay away from him you blond tramp or I'll kick your ass all over this place and then mop the floor with your blouse - with your tits still in it!" Yancy screamed.

John finally separated them and made his irate brunette girlfriend release Sharon's hair. Still, Yancy wouldn’t end the skirmish until she’d gotten in a hard slap to Sharon's face!

"Why don't the three of us go upstairs to your suite and finish this?" Yancy told John, screaming and still trying to attack Sharon. "Unless the famous Sharon Stone isn't woman enough!"

"Yeah, let's settle it upstairs, John," Sharon agreed quickly.

John rushed them upstairs to his suite in room 605 hoping Sharon didn’t have second thoughts what with Yancy snarling at her all the way up the elevator.

Yancy was a rising star looking to make a name for herself as a Hollywood toughwoman and if she had knowledge of Sharon's reputation as a catfighter she didn't care. Sharon was not only fooling with her 'boyfriend' but Yancy could use this opportunity to help make a reputation for herself by physically humiliating one of the sexiest and most famous actresses in town.

As John opened the door to his suite, the women entered and kicked off their shoes. He had been trying to shield Sharon from Yancy on the way up to the suite in the elevator, but as soon as he turned to lock the door, Yancy attacked, tackling Sharon and driving her to the floor with the brunette on top. They grabbed each other's hair as they rolled cursing and kicking on the floor, tearing at each other's clothes and slapping. Sharon managed to get on top of Yancy, but the brunette twisted her body and rolled back on top of Sharon once again!

Yancy had Sharon's wet blouse tore completely torn off and the blonde's tight slacks were loose, hanging low around her hips with the upper half of her pale butt cheeks exposed. But Sharon had been busy too and she’d ripped Yancy's tan blouse off, leaving the brunette in her tan miniskirt. Sharon threw the brunette wildcat off and unleashed a powerful kick to the stomach that sent Yancy flying backward onto her butt.

Sharon scrambled to her feet and finished removing her slacks, leaving her in a soft lavender bra and panties set. Yancy was back up and quickly on her as she flashed her nails out toward Sharon's face as she forced back into a corner. The aggressive brunette moved in with her claws bared, only to be doubled over by a savage front kick to the belly. The athletic blond rushed in, grabbed Yancy by the hair and swung her around, taking her off her feet. Yancy crashed to the floor facefirst!

Tearing into the dazed brunette, sexy Sharon dropped with both knees on Yancy's belly.

"OOOOFF!" she had the wind knocked out of her and Sharon straddled Yancy’s waist, pummeling her face with her fists as Yancy screamed. Twisting Yancy over onto her belly, the lovely blond mounted the brunette’s back and rode her for over a full minute as she slammed and ground Yancy’s face in the carpet.

Then Sharon pulled Yancy's arms back behind her and put her in a full nelson before falling backward and pulling the brunette backward onto her lap. Wrapping her shapely, sensuous thighs around Yancy’s waist, she began to squeeze! The brunette had had enough Stone for one evening!

Redfaced and out of breath, Yancy sobbed, "Alright, I give! Let me go!" as tears streamed down her cheeks. Sharon released Yancy's left arm and used her own left to yank her hair back so she could look her in the eyes.

"Looks like you're not as tough as you thought! In fact, seems to me you're just a brunette crybaby!" the blond taunted.


As Sharon flexed her thighs tight, Yancy's mouth opened and she began to drool on Sharon’s thighs.

"You were acting like a real punk, weren’t you?" Sharon asked as she continued to stare into Yancy’s teary eyes; then answered for her, using the handful of hair to nod Yancy’s head up and down in agreement.


The blond beauty just had to chide her vanquished opponent, "I was hoping for more of a challenge,Yancy. What a pussy you turned out to be!"

Sharon released her conquered opponent and slowly got to her feet. John watched his girlfriend lay in the floor sobbing and whimpering as Sharon got back into her clothes. He remarked, "I hope you’ll stay, Sharon. Yancy wouldn't mind washing your blouse while we make love, then later she can cook breakfast for us!"

Sharon, now fully dressed, pinched John’s cheek and hissed, "I think it's best you two losers stay together!" She was laughing as she walked out the door!
Finishing her morning coffee, Sharon rose from the kitchen table and put her cup in the sink. ‘Those were the days!’ she thought to herself. ‘But they don’t have to end. I need to find a way to settle the score with Demi!’