Sharon Stone vs. Raquel Welch by Bob

Sharon Stone threw down her morning paper in anger. As she was reading the gossip column she’d come across a couple of quotes from Raquel Welch about her and her acting ability and none was flattering. She wasn’t about to let Raquel get away with trashing her to the press so she slammed her paper down, quickly showered and dressed, then grabbed her newspaper and headed for Raquel's home hoping she’d be there. But, much to Sharon’s disappointment, Raquel wasn’t home and she decided to wait. Sharon went around to Raquel's backyard and found a comfortable lounge chair by Raquel’s pool where she slipped off her heels and tried to calm down.

It seemed to Sharon as if she’d been waiting for hours when she finally heard a car door slam. Hoping it was Raquel; Sharon put her heels back on and stood up just as the back gate opened and Raquel walked in to find an uninvited guest.

"Hi Sharon. What are you doing here?" the curious actress asked. When Sharon held up the paper, Raquel knew why Sharon was in her backyard. She smiled and asked, "So Sharon, are you going to talk or fight?"

Sharon shrugged, "I'd like to talk, but I'll fight if I have to."

Raquel laughed and said, "I did my talking yesterday. You're a lousy actress and the only way you get a part in a movie is if you hit the couch with someone who doesn't give a damn who they screw. I could do any role you get and do it much better. Is that enough talking?" Raquel could see Sharon was even more pissed off than she’d been when she first asked the blonde what she was doing in her yard. "What's the matter Sharon, the truth hurt?"

Sharon stared at the brunette and said, "I wish you were 18 years younger so I could kick your ass. You're a pathetic old joke."

"Oh, don't let me being older stop you,” Raquel said haughtily. “I work out every day and I'm in great shape. You take a swing at me and you'll find out what I've got."

When Sharon threw her hands up and backed up a step, Raquel took a step toward the blonde and said, "Just as I thought, no guts. Now get your ass out before I throw your ass out."

Sharon stared at the brunette beauty and said, "I wouldn't waste my time fighting you. I don't give a shit how much you work out and what kind of shape you're in. My punches are going to hurt a lot more than any you've ever taken. You know you can't beat me. I'm not only younger, I’m stronger than you."

Raquel laughed and said, "You're chicken shit. You don't want any part of me. You look like you're ready to start crying and I haven't even hit you."

With that Sharon turned and started to walk away but - to her surprise - she’d only taken two or three steps when she felt her hair being grabbed from behind. As her head was yanked backward, Sharon felt herself being spun around and found she was looking Raquel square in her eyes. The busty brunette hauled off and punched her in the nose and Sharon, caught by surprise, tumbled over backward and landed on her ass on the pool deck.

The busty aggressor spat on her chest and said, "Talk is cheap! I know you like spending time on your back, but get up and fight like a real woman; I've got some of ass-kicking to do."

Still slightly stunned from the brunette's cheap shot, Sharon got up slowly and as she was getting up she quietly said, "When I saw how pathetic you were, I decided you weren't worth fight; but you crossed the line honey; now it's time to show you what I've got!”

Sharon gave Raquel a hard slap but Raquel immediately slapped her back, then added a hard punch to Sharon's chin that drove the blonde backward and once again Sharon went sprawling on her ass! But unlike the first time, now Raquel after her and she leaped on her younger opponent, grabbed Sharon's wrists and tried to pin the blonde's shoulders to the cement. But even after being knocked down twice, Sharon still wasn’t about to let a bitch like Raquel have her way with her and much to Raquel's surprise, she fought like a wildcat to avoid being pinned.

"You can fight all you want,” Raquel laughed. “But you're still going down. You can't stop the inevitable, dear."

Despite Raquel’s brave words, Sharon was putting up quite a struggle and although she couldn’t roll Raquel off, Sharon made sure Raquel couldn’t pin her shoulders. Raquel continued trying to pin the blonde but despite being in excellent shape, there were several times she thought Sharon was about to throw her off. Raquel was using a lot of energy trying to stay on top of the feisty blonde.

Suddenly, Sharon broke Raquel's grip on her wrists and as soon as her hands were free, Sharon grabbed Raquel's wrists and started to roll Raquel. The brunette fought with all of her might to free her wrists and maintain her advantage but after a minute or two Raquel could feel Sharon being to gain the advantage. With a quick thrust, Sharon put Raquel on her back and swung her leg over, coming up sitting on Raquel’s stomach. Now it was Raquel struggling to break Sharon's grip and throw her off!

They struggled for several minutes before Sharon was finally able to pin Raquel's arms but even then, Raquel continued to struggle to break free. Raquel struggled for several minutes before she finally managed to plant one leg and used it to push upward, rolling Sharon over and putting herself back on top. But she wasn't on top for long as Sharon kept rolling and rolled Raquel back onto her back, then climbed back atop her. Again Raquel was forced to fight like hell from beneath trying to buck the spirited blonde off.

Sharon was very strong and Raquel was getting tired as she and Sharon continued to fight tooth and nail in an effort to force the other to submit. As Raquel struggled to regain the advantage, Sharon could feel her tiring until she was able to relax a bit, catch her breath, yet still dominate her rival. Although she was making less of an effort to buck Sharon off, Raquel continued her struggles to get free. Raquel felt sure that although Sharon was now in temporary control, she was still stronger and tougher and it was just a matter of time before the blonde tired.

Despite what Raquel thought, however, Sharon was growing stronger as Raquel weakened and suddenly Sharon let go of Raquel's arms and slapped her! Raquel could taste the warm salty blood from her lower lip as Sharon’s hand whiplashed forehand/backhand several more times before Raquel managed to get her hands up to grab Sharon's breasts and, applying crushing force, push her off.

Raquel quickly got to her feet and ran to Sharon who was still on the ground but as Raquel reached her, Sharon threw her feet and gave Raquel a two-footed thrust to the stomach. Raquel's knees buckled as the brunette grabbed her stomach and doubled over. Sharon whipped her right foot up into Raquel's groin and the fading brunette crumpled to the ground and rolled over onto her stomach, her hips in the air, both arms under her clutching her churning belly. Sharon rolled on top of her and smashed the brunette in the back of her neck and when Sharon heard Raquel squeal, she knew the brunette was in trouble.

Sharon wanted Raquel to realize what a big mistake she’d made talking about her and trying to goad her into a fight, so the dominant blonde again smashed Raquel in the back of the neck. Wanting to inflict more pain, she grabbed Raquel's hair in her left hand and yanked Raquel's head up, then Sharon started flailing away; hammering her right first into the side of Raquel's face. After a flurry of punches, Sharon stopped punching and let Raquel's head drop.

Sharon’s hand was aching from all of the punching, and when she looked at her hand she was surprised to see it covered with blood. It wasn't hers, but she still didn’t realize how much damage she’d done to Raquel's face until she got up and kicked Raquel over onto her back and looked down at her. She’d done a number on Raquel's face, but she wasn't sure how badly Raquel was hurt and her adrenaline was flowing.

"Common, tough girl," Sharon screamed. “Get up! I'm not finished with you yet."

Raquel was dazed but after taking a couple of deep breathes, she slowly got up. Sharon could see she was shaky, but if Raquel wanted to keep fighting she was more than willing to take it to the brunette. Sharon took a couple of steps toward her, but then Raquel suddenly turned and began to run for the house. Sharon kicked off her heels and took off in pursuit. She quickly closed the distance and was only a few steps behind when Raquel burst through the double glass doors. Sharon followed her, bumping into one of the doors slamming it closed, then tackled Raquel after another two strides.

Sharon’s shoulder slammed into Raquel’s butt and she drove her to the carpet. Grabbing a fistful of hair, Sharon rolled Raquel over on her back, then she started slapping and Raquel screamed as each hard, cuffing slap rocked her head to one side, then the other. Fighting through the pain, Raquel kneed Sharon in the back and managed to knock her off. By the time Sharon rolled over and got up, Raquel was struggling to her feet. Just as Raquel straightened up, Sharon rushed toward her.

Realizing she’d underestimated the blonde's ability and not wanted to take anymore punches, Raquel started backing away with her open hands raised in front of her as Sharon stalked. Sharon didn't expect any more resistance from Raquel who looked like a beaten woman. Looking at Raquel's swollen, puffy eyes, Sharon wanted to throw a single punch that would end the fight and drop Raquel in a deep sleep, showing her once and for all the folly of crossing Sharon Stone.

Sharon started to load up to deliver the haymaker that would put Raquel to sleep, but as she wound up, Raquel snapped her leg up trying to kick Sharon in the crotch. Sharon hadn’t expected Raquel to go on the offense, but she saw Raquel's foot rising toward her exposed mound and with catlike reflexes, she managed to grab Raquel's leg just before impact! Sharon held Raquel’s ankle for several seconds as she staring at Raquel's face, seeing the fear as she wondered what Sharon was going to do next as Sharon continued to hold Raquel's leg at waist height; keeping it stretched straight out in front of Raquel.

Finally, Sharon kicked Raquel in her crotch as she lifted Raquel's leg almost shoulder high, watching as Raquel toppled over backward to the floor holding her crotch and writhing in agony! Then, instead of simply walking away, Sharon decided to inflict more pain to punish Raquel further! She grabbed Raquel’s hair and dragged her to her feet still holding her sore crotch.

Sharon started spinning Raquel around and around for a good thirty seconds before she let Raquel go, sending Raquel flying through the air until she crashed through the glass patio door she’d run through a few minutes before. Raquel went headfirst through the glass door out onto the patio where she landed and lay still holding her groin. Sharon walked out of Raquel's house, grabbed Raquel by the blouse and pulled her up. Holding Raquel by her blouse, Sharon delivered a nasty punch to Raquel's jaw and watched in amazement as Raquel's blouse ripped apart, leaving Sharon holding the entire front of the blouse as Raquel crashed over backward into her pool.

Sharon looked down at the torn blouse in her hand, then back to the pool to make sure Raquel wasn't drowning. When she saw the unconscious Raquel’s body bob to the surface, she tossed what was left of Raquel's blouse over her shoulder and jumped in. She grabbed Raquel by the hair and dragged her to the side of the pool where she lifted her up against the side and draped her upper body over the edge so her face was no longer in the water. Sharon climbed out, smiling as she saw Raquel's eyes were still closed. She walked over to where her shoes were lying, picked them up and turned back to her beaten foe.

She walked over to her unconscious foe and said, "I hope she'll be smart enough to keep her big mouth shut in the future. I'd hate to have to teach her another lesson," she laughed, then she turned and left, twirling the front of Raquel’s blouse in her hand and whistling happily!