Sofia Vergara and Zdenka Podkapova vs. Julie Strain (and more) by jjj

This story is BRUTAL & involves torture/blood...PLEASE don't read if that offends or upsets you!
As Zdenka slid the leather strap through the silver buckle on her new chunky black heeled shoes she realized she could feel a draft on her thong-clad ass. "I better not bend over like that tonight!" she thought as she straightened up and pulled thigh-high white stockings to just above her knee. Even then, they failed to reach anywhere near the hem of her black and red checkered skirt which she wore over a seductive slip that showed all of her thin legs when she walked. Zdenka's tight midriff was bare, her white button-down shirt tied tightly just under her breasts. Only two buttons held her shirt closed allowing her ample cleavage to be on display in a push-up bra. Not that she needed a push up bra for her 34C-23-33 figure would have been sufficient to get anyone's attention. Still, the bra seemed appropriate tonight.

"Damn, I look hot," she thought, checking herself in the mirror one last time before leaving for the Halloween Party. Her electric blue eyes studied her 5'8" frame and she couldn't help wondering, "How can I not win the costume party tonight?" She always loved the way her long blonde hair looked, but tonight, "Wow, it's almost perfect!" Her long hair was curled in big loops that cascaded over her shoulders, stopping at the middle of her back. Her makeup was flawless, her blue eye shadow accenting her matching eyes that much more and while her black eye liner may have been a touch heavy, "Hey, that's how all the models and celebrities wear it now a days," she giggled.

She playfully hiked her skirt up and could only shake her head as she saw just how truly sexy she looked in her new white lace thong that had a red heart emblem that just covered her neatly trimmed bush. The back, of course, left nothing to the imagination. She pirouetted in front of the mirror and admired how her tanned ass looked with the white thong accentuating the tan. The thong was a T-back and was already giving her a wedgie, but it was minor nuisance that was well worth the resulting look.

To say that Zdenka had an ego was an understatement. Not only was she stunningly beautiful, she was also rich and the combination made for what most considered an egotistical bitch who people either hated or just stared at out of jealousy. Zdenka had made more than her share of enemies but she usually had enough money to buy her way out of any trouble she got into.

Grabbing a black leather Gucci purse, she scanned her penthouse apartment for the keys to her Porsche. After a few minutes she found them next to her new puppies kennel. Though most people found her personality abrasive, she'd always gotten along well with dogs and always had at least one most of her life. Saying goodbye to the puppy, she scampered out of the apartment and took the elevator down one floor to her friend's place. Zdenka's friend Sofia was going to the party with Zdenka who was eager to see what kind off costume Sofia had chosen. They agreed that neither would tell the other what they were wearing, but would be surprised. Zdenka's wait was short-lived as Sofia answered the door on the first knock. Zdenka's smile was almost wiped away when she saw the striking brunette standing in the doorway. Zdenka wasn't the type to be jealous of other girls, but DAMN, Sofia looked hot!!

"You look cute Sofia, I like the outfit," Zdenka said, unable to hide just a touch of jealousy in her voice.

Zdenka quickly took another long look, just to see how good Sofia really did look, taking in her whole costume. Sofia had black stiletto heels wrapped at the ankle that raised her eyes level with Zdenka's. Sofia had thigh high white stockings that stopped above her knee and the French Maid outfit showed a lot of thigh since her stockings were attached to a white garter belt. Sofia's chest was practically exploding out of the low-cut black with white lace top, her cleavage even more abundant than Zdenka's. The brunette wore a beautiful pearl necklace that added to her beauty and pearl gloves to her elbows.

While Sofia's chest may have been larger than Zdenka's - and many have argued that depending on the day it could go either way! Today however, it was no contest. Sofia's breasts were almost falling out of her black lace bra which could barely be seen, straining as it was to contain the mountains of soft flesh that lay beneath her black bodice. Sofia's long brown hair was done magnificently, cascading well down past shoulders in back and onto her chest in front. Her brown sparkled as she saw Zdenka's expression, as if saying, "I might just give you some competition for the best costume at the party tonight."

After letting Zdenka stare at her a while, Sofia finally broke the silence, "You look...cute...too sweetie." Then Sofia turned on her heel and strutted back into her apartment, shaking her ass as she swaggered on her heels, wiggling side to side, side to side. Sofia's figure was comparable to Zdenka's - about a 36C-24-34 give or take a centimeter, depending on her time of the month. Zdenka felt pangs of envy as she trudged along behind Sofia, seeing just how perfectly the stiletto heels emphasized her calves - not to mention the three inch heels made her just as tall as the blonde. In fact, aside from Zdenka's three inch height edge and the color of their hair, the girls were almost identical. Although they often seemed jealous of the other, it was rarely ever more than friendly competition.

Sofia knew very well that Zdenka would still be staring at her ass when she slowly bent over to pick up her purse, letting her skirt hike up to display her ass to her friend and rival. Sofia had also worn a thong, only black to match her brief skirt.

"How fitting!" Zdenka thought.

Sofia laughed as she stood up and turned around to see Zdenka's flushed face, "Should be interesting to find out if there is any competition for us tonight. I hope there's some cute guys; especially seeing as we both look so damn good!"

Sofia was never one to have an ego, at least not until she started hanging out with Zdenka their freshman year of college. Now a senior, her attitude matched that of almost anyone's except for her blonde counterpart. Sofia hadn't come from money and she worked very hard for everything she had - yet was never resentful of Zdenka or her inherited wealth. Grabbing her purse, Sofia flipped off the lights and locked the door behind her.

"I don't think there'll be anyone who can hold a candle to either of us, especially in these outfits." Zdenka said.

They walked to the elevator and were deeply engaged in small talk so they never saw the door open and the small man step out, until it was too late! Zdenka slammed into the man and lost her balance, practically knocking him down.

"Watch the hell what you're doing, asshole? Why the fuck don't you watch where you're going!" Zdenka screamed.

Sofia laughing uproariously as soon as she recognized the man who was at a loss for words staring at the stunning goddesses. "Oh, Leave him alone, he didn't mean it. Besides he can barely walk straight himself," Sofia laughed, trying to lighten Zdenka's mood.

"What's going on hon? Everything OK?" called a plump brunette who stepped out the door the man had just come from.

Zdenka, never one to let well enough alone, responded, "No everything is NOT alright, I almost got flattened by that dork!"

Sofia recognized the brunette from one of her classes. She'd never spoken with her, but knew she was one of the better soccer players in their school. She thought her name was Jane but couldn't be sure. The plump brunette closed the door and began, "Listen girls, this so called dork is my boyfriend. I'm sure he didn't mean to startle you. We're sorry for any problem."

Sofia was about to say it was fine, but she was cut off by Zdenka, "Are you blind...and fat? He almost tripped me!"

The stocky girl stepped out into the hallway, and in Zdenka's face! She was a good three inches shorter, but she had about 30 pounds on Zdenka. "Listen I don't want to do something I'm going to regret," the brunette said. "So why don't you move along and get the hell out of here!!!"

Zdenka laughed in the smaller girl's face, "What like eat another hot dog. Come on Sofia, let's go to the Halloween party."

The stocky girl was about to respond but instead choose to just watched the two haughty girls walk away. She could hear them snickering with comments about pig, and fat shit. "That's it," she thought turning to her boyfriend. "You stay here, I'm going to that party tonight, and I expect you to be here when I get back." He nodded and walked back to the room, glancing back to see his girlfriend storming down the hallway in the opposite direction from that the two girls had left in.

Zdenka and Sofia laughed as they made there way down the elevator and into Zdenka's red Boxter. The drive to the party was short and uneventful but they found time to share a whine cooler. They arrived at their destination, a frat house. The street in front was lined with cars and the driveway was already filled. They parked, got out of the car and made their way, ever so slowly, up the driveway getting looks from members of both sexes, all in various costumes. Over the blasting dance music pumping from the house, the two girls heard guys giving catcalls while their dates made snide comments. They took it all in stride; they were used to being the center of attention, both good and bad. At the front door Sofia quickly put her hand up her skirt, turned to Zdenka and muttered, "Damn g-String's giving me a wedgie already!!"

Zdenka snapped, "I know, my new thong is driving me crazy too, must be something in the air. It seems to just want to keep sneaking up my ass." They laughed and Sofia knocked on the door. Frankenstein greeted them and was immediately taken aback by the two stunning girls.

Zdenka just laughed and walked right past him, taking Sofia's hand and dragging her along. They made their way around the huge house, checking out everyone's costumes and mingling with the few girls they cared enough about to deign to speak to. There were probably more original costume, but no one looked as good as they did!

It wasn't long before a girl approached the two beauties, "I bet you two girls are in the contest!"

Zdenka looked at the shorter girl who was wearing a soccer jersey and running shorts, "Obviously you're not! Yes we're going to enter and win the costume contest." The girl wasn't particularly plain, about 3 inches shorter than Zdenka and had no real shape to speak of. Her broad shoulders seemed to match her wide waist and her chest, such as it was, was barely noticeable under her soccer shirt. The shorter blonde just snickered at the response and replied, "Oh, in that case you're late. The contest is already underway. They're in the back room; through the kitchen and downstairs." Then she added, "By the way, my name's Laura. I'm headed there myself, come on, I'll show you where to go!"

Sofia was eager as she responded, "That would be great!!! Let's go Z!" Grabbing Zdenka's hand and pulling, Sofia was eager to follow Laura.

The kitchen was deserted save for empty beer bottles scattered about. Laura stopped and turned around, "I'm gonna grab a drink from the fridge, hold on a sec. So, what are your majors?"

Zdenka, standing with her arms folded over her large chest, was shocked as she felt two hands clap over her mouth from behind; fear raced through her body, as looked over to Sofia who was in the same situation. There was a huge girl about 6'0" and every bit of 175 pounds holding Sofia's mouth as she struggled. The large girl, Julie, was wearing a soccer uniform and having no trouble restraining the smaller brunette. Zdenka began to thrash until she saw the girl from her apartment building come through the opposite door from the downstairs darkness. She too was wearing a soccer uniform and looked at the helpless blonde with a thin smile. Out of the corner of her eye, Zdenka watched Sofia being dragged downstairs by Laura and the monstrous Julie. She could hear Sofia's muffled screams and Laura laughing at the sudden turn of events as they descended. As Sofia disappeared from sight, the girl from the apartment walked up to Zdenka and jammed a finger into her breast.

"Remember me? I'm Jane, the fat girl you were making fun of earlier tonight! Well, this was supposed to be soccer freshman initiation, but instead I choose you two!!"

Zdenka's heart pounded in her massive chest and her stomach dropped in fear. The girl behind her removed her hand from her mouth and she felt sick as she felt a hand groping up under her skirt, latching onto the back of her thong and then she squirmed as the thick hand grabbed the thong. She let out a yell as the girl pulled and the material cut up into her ass and pussy. The girl behind her secured Zdenka's long blonde hair while she kept the tension on her thong.

As soon as her mouth was free, Zdenka begged to be released, "Please Jane, I was just joking back in the apartment. It wasn't your boyfriend's fault at all! I wasn't watching where I was walking and I ran into him."

Pain filled Zdenka's face, as Jane's backhand slap blistered across her cheek. Still, her head didn't move much as her hair was still being restrained.

Jane screamed, "Drag her along Kristen!! It's time to teach them a lesson! We'll start by teaching this cunt how to count steps!"

With one hand still in her hair, and one securing her thong, Kristen roughly pulled Zdenka to the stairs. The material felt terrible as it was deep in her ass crack, making her tip-toe. The descent downstairs was hellish for the sexy blonde. Each time she went down a step Kristen yelled out the number of the stair as she'd pull up on the thong.

"One!!!" screamed Kristen and Zdenka immediately felt the material cut deeper into her already aching crotch.

By the fifth step the gorgeous blonde as in real pain as the material was starting to give her a deep front wedgie. Kristen was relentless though, and by the eight and last step, Zdenka was practically in tears from the pain shooting outward from her ass and pussy. Every time she tried to get her hand down to ease the pressure and alleviate the pain, Kristen jerked back on her hair and pulled up even harder on the thong causing the blonde to gasp in pain. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, Zdenka's captor released her and fear instantly filled the busty blonde's body. Two girls in soccer uniforms had Sofia securely by the arms, while another stood behind her holding her hair with both hands. Jane walked back up to Zdenka, whose mind was racing, and got in her face again, "A schoolgirl slut, and a whore maid just couldn't help but run their mouths. Now they're going to have to pay the price!"

As she finished speaking, Jane backhanded the stunned blonde's face again. Zdenka gasped from the pain, as she felt Kristen again grabbing her from behind, this time pulling her arms back and forcing her chest forward. Zdenka thought brief that she must look ever so sexy, but she soon forgot that a she dropped to her knees as Jane's fist slammed into her tight belly. Zdenka fell forward gasping for breath on all fours as Jane and Kristen stood over her laughing at her. When Zdenka looked up, she saw Laura and the black-haired Amazon dragging the stunned French Maid Sofia by the arms toward her while another girl similar to Laura, still had a tight grip in the brunette's hair. Fear coursed through both Zdenka and Sofia who were still in shock at what was happening to them.

Jane again laughed as she looked at the girls holding Sofia and glaring at the black-haired Amazon she yelled, "Dd you find what we needed Julie?"

Julie the Amazon looked over to the other blonde and replied, "Janelle brought the video camera; I got all the other stuff."

Zdenka and Sofia were pleading as Jane walked to Sofia and lifted the brunette's skirt, shaking her head and muttering, Oh, great; another thong! But this one's gonna rip much to easily!" Sofia's small hips bucked and worked back and forth as Jane grabbed the front of her black thong, then pulled slowly as she stared into the shocked girls brown eyes. "To bad you and your mouthy friend don't know when to shut up!" she growled as she gave a violent yank to the front of the thong, stretching it high in the air between her and Sofia.

Sofia's eyes shot wide open as she cried, "AHHHHHHHHH!!"

Her hips bucked at the pain shooting through her, but Janelle held her hair tight while the other two girls secured her arms. Pain shot through the brunette's body as Jane again hauled up until the narrow front panel of the black material disappeared into the moist slit of Sofia's pussy. She screamed as Zdenka stared in slack-jawed terror from her hands and knees while Kristen video taped the whole episode with a camera set up on a tripod. As Jane pulled again and Sofia screamed, Zdenka scrambled up and decided to make a dash to the stairs to get help.

Seeing this, Julie released Sofia's right arm and bounded after the sexy blonde. Before Zdenka got anywhere near the stairs she was screaming as Julie grabbed two handfuls of her long blonde hair. Julie had five inches on the blonde and she easily dragged her back to Sofia holding her like a rag doll. Zdenka's lush body was thrashing seductively from side to side as she kicked and swung her legs, giving all the girls a good look at her white thong as she struggled in Julie's powerful grip. Jane released her wedgie from Sofia, but Janelle quickly captured both of Sofia's arms and pulled them behind her back with a little help from Laura. Jane spun on her heels to confront blonde Zdenka who was only a few feet away, still squirming and demanding to be released.

"Trying to escape will cost you...hmmm. But I can't decided a fitting punishment yet," Jane laughed.

Julie grew tired of Zdenka's squirming and released one hand from her hair so she could drive her elbow down into the small of Zdenka's back. The blonde dropped to the floor on her chest as pain shot up her spine. Michele bent over and grabbed the back of Zdenka's shirt in both hands and began pulling her back up to her feet. But to Zdenka's dismay, the only two buttons holding her shirt closed burst and Julie was left holding the blonde's shirt in her hands. The girls burst into laughter as Kristen zoomed the camera in on the fallen blonde as she was being pulled to her feet by the hair. To say Zdenka looked hot in her skirt, white thigh-hi's and matching white lace bra would have been a big understatement.

Julie threw Zdenka forward and screamed, "Put your fucking hands in the air Blondie!"

Zdenka hesitated and she paid for it almost immediately as Julie raked her nails down Zdenka's back. The blonde screamed and raised her hands reluctantly in the air over her head. Julie reached up over Zdenka's head and pulled down some black leather bindings attached to the ceiling by a metal chain. Within seconds, Julie had Zdenka's wrists shackled together above her head, leaving the blonde's body dangling seductively; stretched full length in the air on her tip-toes, and totally helpless. She had to stretch just to keep her clunky black shoes touching the floor to ease the strain on her arm and her perfect round ass shook from side to side; her white thong buried deep in both slits. Jane strutted around the blonde, stopped and fired another punch into Zdenka's already stretched-tight middle. She gasped as all the air in her lungs was forced out by the punch.

Turning back to Sofia, Jane laughed and told Zdenka, "We'll come back to you later bitch." Then she told Sofia, "You and Julie are gonna wrestle, hon. If you beat her, you can leave and take Blondie with you. But, if you lose, we're keep both of you and will punish you equally."

Julie towered over the brunette, only 5'5, causing the black-haired Amazon to laugh when she saw the dread in Sofia's eyes. "It'll be a strip and submit match in that ring over there. All you have to do to win is strip your opponent and then make her submit," Jane chuckled as she took Sofia's arm and began walking her toward the ring.

Sofia protested "Are you sick? I'm not going to do this!!! This is perverted."

But Jane just laughed, "You have no choice!"

Jane pulled a lever on the wall and another chain dropped from the ceiling just inches from Zdenka's head. Jane walked back to Zdenka and unhooked her skirt, letting it fall to her ankles. Even though the white thong was stretched out of shape now, it still looked incredible on the striking blondes body. Jane grabbed the back of the thong and yanked, forcing Zdenka to gasp as it pulled her ass seductively into the air. Jane pulled for several seconds before she was finally able to pull the back of Zdenka's thong onto the hook, causing the blonde girl to scream in pain from the wedgie now holding her in place. As Zdenka squirmed, the thong worked itself deeper into her ass while the heart shape on the front disappeared between her labia as it slipped easily into her pussy. All the while, her raised arms were securely bound overhead preventing any hope of escape.

"P...P...Pleeasse let me go....I am sooo sorry," Zdenka whined as tears welled in her eyes and rolled down her flushed cheeks.

The pain in Zdenka's crotch was rapidly growing unbearable but Jane merely laughed at her discomfort as she whipped another backhand across Zdenka's face, sending her blonde hair flying. Kristen left the tripod camera pointing at Zdenka while she walked to the back and got another camera; then followed Janelle and Laura to the ring where Julie was already eagerly waiting for Janelle and Laura to drag Sofia to her. Jane, Laura, Janelle and Kristen each took a different side of the ring to keep Sofia from escaping and each set up a camera in their corners ensuring the whole match would be taped. Sofia looked back at Zdenka and her heart sank. The blonde was struggling just to keep her feet under her; her white thong burying itself deeper with each passing minute - not to mention she was only wearing her in bra and thigh-hi's with her check skirt at her ankles.

Sofia couldn't help feeling that could be her unless by some miracle she beat a girl who was half a foot taller and outweighed her by 50 pounds. Julie was in a soccer outfit and sneakers but poor Sofia hadn't even had a chance to get out of her stiletto heels, opera gloves and Maid's costume. Julie's eyes lit up as she charged the brunette who stood wide-eyed like a doe in headlights. Full steam, Julie's 175 pounds slammed into the stunned French Maid, knocking her backward into the turnbuckle and nearly through the ropes onto the floor! Julie hit Sofia so hard, Julie bounced back and landed on her tight ass, but the collision left the brunette slumped in the corner with her arms draped over the ropes on either side of her. Janelle saw Julie on the mat and quickly jumped onto the ring apron and pulled Sofia's arms back over each rope and held them there. The sensation of having her arms jerked up and bent back snapped Sofia out of her daze but by then it was too late. She couldn't move her arms, and started screaming, "You fucking bitch! How can you cheat like that?" But her protest was silenced immediately as Julie slammed her fist into her soft belly. The brunette's breasts shook as she gasped for air that wouldn't come. Julie looked at Janelle and yelled "Hold her!" as she reared back and fired a kick that connected flush on Sofia's pussy as her back was arched up over the top turnbuckle by Janelle's pulling on her arms. Sofia's world went black and when Janelle let go, she dropped to the mat on her ass and rolled onto her side holding herself with both hands. Outside Jane and Kristen walked back to Zdenka who was screaming in pain from the once new thong wedgied deep in her pussy and ass. Her pussy lips, already swollen and red, were bulging out either side of the nearly invisible thong and her neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair was totally visible. Jane grabbed a handful of Zdenka's long hair and twisted her head around, forcing her to look at her.

Jane ran a finger slowly down the blonde's perfect body and sneered, "Well Blondie, your girlfriend Sofia doesn't look like she's doing so good right now. Guess you should start reconciling yourself for the pain you're gonna feel later." As she talked, Jane's hand roamed up and down over Zdenka's crotch, stroking it as the blonde thrashed. Then Jane grabbed the front of Zdenka's thong and pulled as hard as she could and the material cut deeper still into her ass. The blonde's scream could have shattered glass as her feet lifted off the ground, her feet thrashing in vain for some footing to relieve the growing pressure on her pussy. Jane again yanked up and Zdenka gasped as Jane began to bounce her body up and down, each pull harder than the one before. Zdenka's breasts bounced and shook, flying in every direction and putting a terrific strain on her white lace bra as Jane mercilessly yanked up and down, up and down. The whole time Jane was torturing her, Zdenka's body hung suspended in the air, totally helpless...until her thong broke just as Jane gave a really hard pull! Jane went flying backward, tumbling over and landing hard on her ass with a surprised grunt.

Back in the ring, even before Sofia could recover from Julie's pussy-punt, Julie had her black Maid's camisole pulled up and then off over her head. Sofia was hardly aware of what was happening, she was still massaging her crotch and blinking to see through teary eyes. Julie next unhooked the brunette's skirt and within seconds that jointed Sofia's top in a pile of clothing in the middle of the ring. The Amazon pulled Sofia to her feet - what a site the cameras were getting! Sofia looked unbelievable in her stiletto heels, white thigh-hi's, black garter belt, and black with red lace g-string and matching bra. Sofia's dark hair was wildly disheveled but she still wore her pearl necklace and gloves as she tried to fight back the waves of pain in her body. Julie threw the brunette into the ropes, but her fun was short lived. Sofia tripped over her high heels and crashed to the mat, landing heavily on her chest and knocking the breath out of herself. The stunned brunette's incredible ass was sticking in the air seductively, only covered by a dental floss black strip already buried deep in the crack between her jiggling cheeks. Julie was on her in seconds and Sofia gasped a Julie's big ass slammed down on her back, mashing her tits into the mat. Julie quickly spun around on Sofia's back, grabbed the g-string in one hand and reached back to grabbed her long brown hair with the other. Sofia's head was pulled back as the thin material sliced deep into her pussy and ass. She screamed as pain coursed through her hair and lower extremities. She could only flap her arms aimlessly as Julie the Amazon demolished her proud body. Sofia's shapely legs futilely beat the canvas, to no avail for Julie just pulled harder until the brunette's chest was lifted well of the mat - giving the soccer team's cameras an amazing shot of her black and red lace bra straining to hold her huge hooters.

While Sofia was suffering at Julie's hands, Jane had scrambled off the floor with a fire in her eye and backhanded Zdenka who was in horrible shape; her arms straining to support her weight, her feet futilely slipping and sliding unable to get her footing. As Jane's backhand swiped across her face, Zdenka's hair whipped to the side. She begged and pleaded, but Jane only laughed as she fired another punch into the blondes heaving stomach. Zdenka tried but she couldn't even scream with no air in her lungs; her voice gone, all she could do was gasp! Zdenka was vaguely aware of Kristen standing behind her who now took a secure grip on the back of her white lace bra and began pulling, stretching the material back. As Kristen pulled back, Zdenka began to yelp as her own bra began crushing her huge tits into her chest. Kristen released the elastic, just to hear the sound it made as it SLAPPED the blonde's fair-skinned back, leaving a dark red mark on her flawless flesh. Unwilling to be left out of the fun, Jane fired a vicious uppercut low into the blonde's belly that lifted her feet off the floor as her upper body snapped forward. Again, Kristen pulled back on the bra as Zdenka was being totally destroyed by the pair of furious college girls. The material bit into her soft, sensitive breasts and she whined and begged for release as her precious melons got squashed. Jane again balled her fist and unloaded fired another uppercut, much lower this time; her fist slamming squarely into Zdenka's already sore pussy.


Poor Zdenka was only able to gasp and, indeed, she had a struggle just to stay conscious when the pain exploded in her crotch.

Janelle and Laura exchanged a look, then both scrambled into the ring where Julie was sitting on Sofia's back, bending her body like a pretzel, almost enough to snap her spine. Julie never noticed the other girls who each took an arm and pulled her off of Sofia to her feet. On the way up, Julie grabbed Sofia's bra and pulled, sending it sliding down from Sofia's huge chest. Her enormous nipples instantly hardened as they sprang up in the cool basement air. Sofia screamed and then realized she couldn't cover her exposed breasts. The cameras were recording every second of the humiliation the poor brunette was experiencing, as she thrashed her arms to no avail trying to free herself. Julie pushed the two girls away and dove on Sofia, slipping her arms under Sofia's and putting the brunette in a perfect full nelson as she lifted her easily up onto her feet. Sofia's huge tits looked perfect, the pearl necklace only enhancing their beauty. Julie slowly turned Sofia around, making sure each camera got a good long look at the brunette who was struggling to no avail. The crazed Amazon began to bounce up and down, shaking Sofia's huge jugs in every direction; her breasts swaying back and forth, bouncing up and down and all the while her pleading for release. Julie ran to the turnbuckle to crush Sofia between her and the thin padding, but again Sofia tripped over her stiletto heel. The huge Amazon crashed to the mat, smashing Sofia beneath her. Sofia grunted and then screamed when her ankle twisted at an unnatural angle as she fell. She struggled against Julie, but the Amazon easily positioned herself on Sofia's lower back, then pulled her arms back over her raised knees. Julie clasped her hands under Sofia's chin and violently rocked backward. Sofia shrieked as she thought her back would surely break this time from Julie's vicious camel clutch!

As Sofia cried out in agony, Kristen ran to get the camera and positioned it only a few feet away from helpless Zdenka, zooming the lens to get a perfect angle. Once she had the tripod set, Kristen calmly walked back behind the blonde and began to wave and mug for the camera, while her other hand released the catch of Zdenka's bra. The bra slid down the helpless blonde's body, but because Zdenka's head was hung forward, her long blonde hair hid her exposed nipples from the camera. Kristen pulled the bra down to Zdenka's ankles, then yanked her head back by her long blonde hair. As her body arched backward, Zdenka's perfect tits were thrust up and out on perfect display for the lens. And what a view it was! Her huge 34C cup tits hung perfectly; the large brown nipples just starting to become hard. Jane's mouth dropped in sheer of disdainful jealousy as, at first, all she could do was stare at the beautiful breasts so perfectly laid out before her. Then Jane snapped out of her trance, smiled at Kristen as she walked around to her side smiling eagerly.

"So, which do you want Kris?" Jane asked politely, indicating Zdenka's heaving breasts with a casual flick of her hand.

Zdenka was just rejoining the conscious world and gasped when she realized she'd somehow lost her bra and was powerless to do anything about it. Then she saw the crazed look in the eyes of Kristen as she approached. The blonde was still futilely trying to free herself from her restrains as Kristen cupped Zdenka's large breasts in both hands.

"I don't know Jane, they both look so perfect. Almost too perfect. I wonder if they're fake? Maybe if I squeeze the right one real hard and you squeeze the left, we'll find out. If they're fake, maybe the silicone bags will burst. If not, we'll just have to damage them some other way," Kristen giggled as Zdenka shuddered, then began to beg and plead to be released. Kristen ignored her and latched on to her right breast and Jane stepped up and grabbed the left just at the moment Sofia screamed out her submission in the ring!

Julie ignored Sofia's bleating pleas for released and maintained her pressure on the poor brunette's back. Laura ran over and sat on Sofia's ankles while Janelle stood over the screaming brunette and grabbed Sofia's tiny g-string, pulling up as hard as she could. The material again bit deep into the brunette's pussy but when she tried to kick her legs, Laura held her ankles fast. The wedgie was killing Sofia's crotch as Janelle had the material stretched out nearly a foot in the air above her bucking pelvis. After several minutes of torture, Julie finally released the camel clutch and told Janelle to pull the brunette up using her grip on the g-string. Janelle soon had the shaken girl on her feet where Laura grabbed Sofia's long hair at the same time Julie latched onto the front of her black and red lace underwear. Janelle pulled up, never easing the pressure and Julie soon had her end about a foot in the air. Sofia's little brown pubic patch was visible, as the thong had completely disappeared between her labia. Sofia was babbling, begging for her punishment to end. Her crotch and ass burning from the pain of the double-sided wedgie as her body was stretched seductively in mid-air as she stood on her tiptoes, the back of her 3-inch heels off the ground. Grunting, Julie bent forward a little, then jerked both hands up. The front of the g-sting carved itself deep into Sofia's pussy, as the material stretched clear up above her bare breasts. Julie was an animal - the thong was being stretched to the max as her huge muscles strained to hold Sofia's entire weight suspended. Janelle and Sofia had succeed in getting the brunette's feet inches off the mat before her tough g-sting finally gave way and Sofia went crashing to the mat, landing awkwardly and laying motionless. Just at that moment, Julie and Janelle's attention was called back across the room...

"Ohhhhh my Gaaaaawwwwdddd!!" Zdenka screamed as Kristen and Jane began squeezing her huge tits. "Plllleeeeasse!!!!!" she screamed.

Zdenka was certain her tits were about to burst from the crushing pressure, but the soccer girls kept it up, squeezing for all they were worth. To their dismay, it appeared Zdenka's big tits really were real. Still, they showed no mercy and began digging their nails into the soft titflesh while the blonde bucked her hips and prayed her torture would end. Jane released Zdenka's breast and walked to the back of the room while Kristen maintained her grip on the right breast. She even began pulling and twisting, stretching it away from her chest as the poor blonde begged and pleaded for release.

Kristen laughed, "You fucking Barbie doll wannabe, you haven't felt real pain...yet!"

She released her vice-like grip and Zdenka gasped, her head slumping down. She could see welts everywhere on the battered breasts and the deep bruising from the girl's crushing holds. With a look of sheer evil on her face, Kristen pinched her index finger and thumbnail together in front of the blonde and, realizing what was about to happen, Zdenka begged. But Kristen just shook her head and went ahead, pinching both of Zdenka's once perfect, firm, erect nipples. Kristen pulled the blonde's nipples, stretching them out as far as she could - then pulled even harder while Zdenka's body thrashed uncontrollably in agony. Then Kristen repositioned her fingers and began twisting; clockwise then counter-clockwise, then stretching again, followed by more twisting. After what seemed like minutes, Kristen released her hold and after a few moments Zdenka finally managed to open her eyes which had been squeezed tight against the awful tit pain. Then Zdenka's heart sank as she Jane returning with a big smile carrying two alligator clamps connected by a small metal chain.

Sofia lay in a heap in just black heels, white thigh-hi's, a black garter belt, pearl necklace and those long white gloves. Her naked body was shuddering in pain and she no longer had any idea where she was. Julie, however, felt there was no time to waste as she lifted the brunette's battered body from the ring mat. Laura and Janelle spread the top rope and middle ropes and, within seconds, Julie dragged Sofia over and pushed her between the ropes. Her big breasts heaved as she tried to struggle against the steel taut ropes while Julie looked down at her and laughed at the hapless girl. Julie hopped out of the ring behind the trapped brunette, reached up she took a hold of Sofia's long brown hair. As she pulled the brunette's head down, her back arched until her huge breasts were pointing straight up at the ceiling. She was half out of her mind when Laura ran over and began to maul her tender left breast. She was brutal, raking her nails over the tit leaving long streaks of red welts. Then she clawed Sofia's nipple, then dug her nails deep into the soft flesh. Sofia's body was bouncing on the ropes as she thrust and bucked, but every time her body rose upward, a shooting pain ripped through her hair as Julie was ripping out clumps of her long brown hair. Laura kept up her mauling, alternating between the breasts.

"Nnnnnooooo morrrrrrrrrrrreeeeee!!" Sofia screamed as Laura's nails left deep scratches on her formerly flawless breasts.

Julie released Sofia's hair and called to Janelle and Laura to each grab one of Sofia's arms. As soon she was released, Sofia crumpled to the mat and gingerly cupped her wounded breasts. Her respite was short lived, being dragged back to the steel turnbuckle. Julie took a hold of each of Sofia's ankles on either side of the steel pole and, as Janelle and Laura held her arms, realization set in on the brunette that her pussy was about to met the steel turnbuckle.

Zdenka could barely hold her head up as the camera continued to focus on the once stunningly beautiful blonde, now reduced to white thigh-hi's and black high heeled shoes. Her hair was flipping side to side as she adamantly shook her head, begging as she saw Jane's hands just inches from her breasts opening and closing the small alligator clips tauntingly.

Zdenka begged, "Pleaseee, I...I am ricccch, I can buy you anything you guys want....let me goooo," as Jane laughed.

"You have any idea how much these tapes of you two whores are going to make us?" she asked as she quickly snapped the clamps closed onto Zdenka's stiff and damaged nipples.


Her scream could easily have shattered glass if there'd been any windows in the basement. It even made Jane and Kristen wince, but only out of concern for their hearing and not any sympathy for the blonde! Zdenka's body convulsed in pain as her nipples felt like they were being ripped from her breasts. Jane grabbed the chain connecting the clamps and gave it a firm tug to be sure the clips were secure. She was more than fully satisfied when both nipples pulled Zdenka's breasts up and away from her body; the teeth threatening to bite through the soft flesh of her nipple at any second. Jane made sure Zdenka had stopped thrashing when she grabbed her under the chin and dug her nails into her cheeks.

"Kristen's bringing you a present that should help you forget the pain from our little nipple clips." Kristen held up a metal rod about two feet long; one end with a small little pear attached and the other end had a tiny wheel. Jane continued, "The pear goes into that tight little spoiled pussy of yours. Then when I turn the wheel, it stretches that baby way, way out."

Whether Zdenka heard her or not wasn't clear for her eyes were closed and her hair hand again fallen down covering her breasts. But her scream had shaken Sofia who tried to brace herself for her own upcoming pain as Julie held her ankles and grunted as she pulled Sofia's legs as hard as she could, slamming her naked pussy into the metal turnbuckle. "UUNNGGGHHH!" Janelle and Laura dragged the sobbing brunette back a few feet, then Julie slammed her crotch-first into the turnbuckle again! "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"

Janelle and Laura released her arms, but Julie was relentless and she put her foot on the ringpost as she continued pulling. Sofia tried to pull her legs back, but Julie wouldn't let go. Sofia was too weakened and Julie too strong for her to pull free. While Laura ran to the back of the room, Janelle moved in to have some fun with Sofia's prize-winning melons. Janelle followed the same plan Laura had earlier, immediately digging her fingernails into Sofia's tits and mauling for all she was worth. Sofia was almost unconscious from the breast pain but she lifted her hands and weakly tried to fend off Janelle's attack on her breasts so Julie gave her legs another yank, pounding her pussy into the steel upriht again as Sofia tried to swat away Janelle's destructive hands. Sofia's defensive effort was ended by Julie's fist punching deep into her exposed belly as soon as she was back in the ring. Seconds later, Laura returned with what appeared to be some kind of white clothing just as Janelle ripped the pearls from Sofia's neck. Julie pulled off the brunette's gloves as Julie hauled her to her feet. Julie snatched the white garment from Laura and glared at the dazed and beaten brunette.

"These are supposed to be triple enforced, non-ripable panties," Julie announced. "You, my dear, are going to be our guinea pig. We're going to see if these fucking panties can be ripped by the wedgie I'm about to give you!"

Sofia knew her crotch couldn't take another wedgie but she couldn't think of a way out of her predicament. Across the room, Zdenka tried to shake her head 'no' as Jane knelt and began to feed the pear shaped end of the rod up into her.

"Geez, Kristen, the bitch still has a fuckin' hair patch down here, how'd we miss that? I don't wanna use the pear on a hairy peach, lets clean this bitch up before we go further."

Kristen's eyes lit up! She grabbed a small pinch of pubic hair and pulled until Zdenka's legs unhinged and her hips thrust forward to ease the pain. Within seconds, she stumbled back holding a clump of short pubic hair in her hand. Zdenka screamed as loud as she could instead of relief, she got more pain! Jane grabbed another handful and pulled but her fingers slipped off but her next effort gave a satisfactory result. Another bald patch became visible in the middle of the blonde's once neatly manicured patch followed by another satisfying scream. Kristen wanted to get back in on the action but Jane already had another small handful; she gave a slow, steady pull that soon produced results. The blonde was screeching as clumps of hair were being ripped out by the roots each second! She was too exhausted and out of breath to thrash any longer and just hung limp, her body turning slowly and swaying back and forth as Jane and Kristen abused it endlessly. Jane left Zdenka completely bald before she finally let Kristen have room to get back in on the fun. Kristen was more than eager and she harshly ran her hand over Zdenka's swollen, discolored pussy lips. Zdenka moaned when she felt two fingers wiggle their way into her pussy. She blonde groaned as Kristen began pumping her fingers in the tight blonde, then she gasped as Kristen forced a third finger deep inside. As Kristen slowly pumped her fingers in and out, Zdenka gasped, not only at the though of her exquisite body being violated like that, but that she felt herself responding to the erotic stimulation!!

After Zdenka's pussy was wet and spread wide, Kristen looked up at Jane, "OK, she's ready and willin'. It's time to let the pear do it's thing!"

When Zdenka looked up through her tears, she saw Sofia, slumped in the corner, barely semi-conscious, as Julie's fists pounded her breasts, pancaking the huge mammaries flat on her heaving chest. Sofia's eyes rolled back in her head, she felt her twisted ankle buckle, and her limp body crumpled to the mat at Julie's feet. The Amazon dropped down on Sofia's chest while Janelle and Laura began pulling the un-rippable panties up Sofia's limp legs. Julie soon had Sofia in the enforced panties and laughed; they appeared to be a size too small, but with the help of Janelle and Laura they soon got them all the way up around her hips. Although Sofia had been beaten and humiliated thoroughly, she looked amazingly hot in her heels, thigh-hi's and now skintight white underwear. Her breasts, on the other hand, had been severely damaged and scratches and bruises were clearly evident. She was about to fall over but Julie secured a grip on the back of her panties and yanked upward. No sound escaped as the brunette's lips curled in an "o" as she tried to scream. Her already battered pussy was once more subjected to excruciating pain as Julie pulled her up on tiptoes, her heels barely touching the mat. Sofia's head hung limply between her battered breasts, too weak to resist any more. Still, it didn't deter Julie from pulling still harder!

By the time Julie had Sofia's battered body dancing on tip-toe like a pathetic little ballerina puppet, Janelle and Laura had left the ring to join Jane and Kristen in finishing off the blonde Barbie. Jane had just unhooked Zdenka's wrist bonds and she stepped back to watch as she unlocked her hands and Zdenka slumped to the hard floor seemingly out cold. Kristen used a length of rope to securely tie the blonde's wrists together as Janelle and Laura joined her.

"Girls," Kristen said cheerily. "You're just in time. We're gonna use the pear on her. You each can each grab a leg an' help out!"

Janelle and Laura each grabbed Zdenka's ankles as Kristen pulled the blonde's bound hands over her head. They held her as Jane slapped her face slightly to bring their prisoner back to consciousness. Zdenka began to stir, but she really shot full awake when Jane yanked on the nipple clamp chain and the blonde's eyes flew open as she shrieked in pain!

Blood was starting to drip from Zdenka's nipples when Jane stared into her unfocused eyes, "Welcome to a whole new level of pain baby!"

Jane plunged the metal pear in into Zdenka's pussy. The initial pain was indescribable hell for the blonde as the 3-inch wide head slammed into her, but nothing like what was still in store for her. Jane laughed, watching the blonde's body involuntarily thrash, her ass thrusting seductively in the air as Jane reached back and prepared to ram the pear even deeper.

Just then, Jane was distracted by the sight of Julie carrying Sofia slung over her back holding her by her un-rippable underwear as Julie called out, "These fuckers really can't be torn. I've had the bitch suspended for a minute and they barely even stretch. Help me hoist her up to this hook and we'll see just how tough they really are."

Jane left Zdenka, who wasn't going to go anywhere anyway, and ran over to the hook on which Zdenka had recently been suspended. The girls had Sofia's hands secured over her in the air in seconds, then hoisted her and attached the waist of her new underwear to the hook. Due to the height difference between Sofia and Zdenka, the brunette's feet couldn't tough the floor and her crotch exploded with pain as her only support, her underwear, cut into her sensitive groin. Her eyes wide, Sofia babbled mindlessly, having never felt such pain. The tough material was tearing apart her ass and pussy, and each second it seemed to cut deeper. Julie and Jane looked on laughed as they watched the brunette struggle fruitlessly to escape.

Jane looked at the thrashing brunette and told her, "You think YOUR puss is sore sweetie? Wait'll you see what Barbie has in store for hers."

Julie looked at the poor helpless brunette and said she wasn't done with her. She backhanded Sofia's naked breasts causing them to wildly swing to the side and then sway back. Julie grabbed the front of the panties and, with a gleam in her eye, lifted as high as she could. Sofia had to struggle to breathe as Julie rocked her back and forth until the panties resembled a thong. The material was all the way into her ass and her pussy lips were showing on both sides of the white material that had disappeared into her. The Amazon grunted with effort as she lifted the brunette higher until even this sturdy material started to strain. When Julie couldn't hang on any longer she let go and Sofia's body plummeted downward - until the material brought her to an abrupt stop by the hook. Her crotch exploded with pain as it was now supporting her entire weight again. As Sofia lost consciousness...

...Jane went back to Zdenka who was on the floor in the same white thigh-hi's and black shoes, but now her body hosting a metal pole that was jutting from her crotch. Her wrists were tied tightly by a rope and a chain connected her tortured nipples by two clamps. No way was Zdenka going to be able to take much more torture. The girls had her legs spread as far apart as they could go when Jane walked over and calmly looked down at the helpless girl.

"All these years of soccer, lets see if they paid off!" Jane said and pretended to kick the base of the metal pole, missing it by inches, saving Zdenka's pussy from possible permanent damage. She laughed, "Permanent damage is too much, even for you Barbie! We just wanna hurt you bad, real bad."

Jane bent down and tapped the wheel at the base of the shaft with her fist, driving it a little deeper into Zdenka. The blonde passed out from the pain, her nipples dripping blood slowly down over her quivering breasts, her crotch pulsating with pain. Jane grabbed the base of the pear in one hand, holding the shaft in the other. As soon as Jane turned the wheel just slightly, Zdenka's head shot up only to be pulled back by Kristen's tight hold on her arms over head.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Zdenka bellowed, her body bucking as Jane again gave the wheel a quarter turn. Jane watched the blondes body bucking uncontrollably and chuckled, "Barbie, calm down. We've only gone a half turn and the wheel goes three full circles."

Behind Jane, Julie couldn't help smile at the view she had of the material jerk hard up into Sofia's spreading pussy as she dropped. The brunette was shrieking when the Amazon walked up to her and, using her left hand, latched onto the elastic again as her right found a grip on Sofia's long hair. Left hand pulled up as the elastic was being put to the test; right hand pulled down on the hair. Julie's hands met when Sofia's new panties were touching her hair and the pain in her pussy was indescribable. Julie held the screaming brunette like that for three minutes, the white material barely visible in Sofia's bulging pussy and trembling ass. Finally, Julie released one hand, and reared back, pulling up on the now thong panties which were almost at Sofia's chin. Julie laughed as she saw the pain in the brunette's eyes until...SNAP! Julie found herself sprawled on her ass, torn white panties in her hand.

"Shit! These weren't supposed to rip!!!" she screamed from her seat on her ass.

Now, however, Sofia had another, painful, problem. With her underwear ripped, she was hanging by her wrist shackles and the leather killed her wrists, as her heeled feet flailed for footing. Sofia's wild dance made Julie laugh even harder as she got to her feet.

She slapped Sofia's face lightly, "I am going to take you down so we can play a new game."

When Julie reached up and released Sofia from her restraints, the brunette crashed to the floor in a heap just as Jane managed to complete the first full turn of the wheel. When she finished, Zdenka was barely conscious - until Kristen reached out and jerked the nipple chain.


Zdenka let out a blood curdling shriek as the alligator clips pulled free and the chain wound up in Kristen's hands. Zdenka's nipples were bleeding profusely where the clamps teeth had taken some of her skin with them. "Shit, I didn't mean that Blondie, I'm so sorry. Here, lemme put these back," Kristen reached out to replace the clips but was stopped by Julie.

"Hey let me use those for a minute, I think the brown-haired bitch would like a turn," Julie called to Kristen, who threw the chained clamps to her.

Kristen pulled the bucking blonde’s arms back over her head and looked to Jane, waiting for her to continue turning the pear. Kristen's wait was short lived, as Jane gave another half turn to the wheel. The pain coursing through Zdenka was more than she could handle as she continued thrashing, while the pear was stretched to the size of a large apple. Jane now had to struggle as she tightened her grip on the steel shaft as she struggled to get the wheel to complete a second turn. After a few brief moments the second turn was completed and Zdenka again was unconscious. But for Sofia, pain like she’d never felt blistered her already damaged nipples, as she felt steel teeth clamping onto her soft flesh. Sofia's eyes shot open and she saw Julie adjusting the nipple clamp on her large melons. She tried to move her arms, but found her wrists were bound behind her back. As she struggled through the pain, Julie reached down and grabbed her long brown hair.

"Get up bitch we are going back to the party, you have a costume party to win, right?"

Sofia's mind raced, she was left in stiletto heels, white thigh-hi's, and a chain running between her nipples. Her breasts were scratched to hell, and her crotch was pulsating with pain from the wedgies she had endured.

She quivered, "Plleease, get me some clothes, we are so sorry. I will do anything, but I can't be seen like this."

Julie looked at the groveling girl who was standing only inches away from her, laughed, and fired a viscous backhand slap across Sofia's face. With her arms tied behind her back, Sofia almost tripped over her high heel shoes, as the slap sent her reeling.

"Move bitch, We have a party to attend!!! And to make sure you keep pace with me, I'm going to be dragging you by you little nipple chain. You fall behind, say goodbye to them."

Laughing she reached forward and began walking to the stairs....Zdenka finally came to and immediately tried to massage her aching crotch. She gasped as she found both of her arms now tied tightly behind her back, and that she was standing, being supported by Laura and Janelle. Her nipples were dripping blood down her perfect body, and the pear was still lodged deep inside of her. Jane walked up and cupped the base of Zdenka's large breasts causing the blond to try to squirm away.

"I can't believe how tight your pussy is,” Jane grudgingly said. “I could only get two turns of the wheel outta you."

Zdenka was only semi aware of what Jane had just said as her head was pulsating with pain, as fought just to stay on her feet. Janelle and Laura each grabbed one of her arms, and dug their nails into her soft skin. Simultaneously, Jane's hands turned into vice's, as she squeezed the battered girls already damaged breasts. Zdenka tried to buck away but she was held fast as she felt Kristen walk up behind her and lift her hog-tied arms into the air behind her back. Pain shot through her shoulder blades as Kristen had the blonde on tiptoes, while Jane kept the mauling up on her beaten breasts.

Zdenka sobbed, "Please stop!!!!!!"

Jane grabbed Zdenka's bleeding nipple's as she twisted, "OK, I'll stop. We have a party to go to and you have a Halloween costume party to attend."

Julie had Sofia's chain in hand, waiting for Jane at the foot of the stairs. In a few seconds Jane arrived with Zdenka. She had the blonde secured with a handful of her hair. Jane laughed as she saw Julie holding the chain as she would a dog.

"I like your bitch’s leash!!! That's really unique, but mine likes when I use this little pole that is rammed tightly up her. If she doesn't behave it goes even deeper, if possible."

Julie laughed as she tugged on the chain, forcing Sofia to immediately keep pace with the Amazon, while Jane roughly led the blonde back up the stairs. Sofia arrived in the kitchen after a grueling walk where there were a number of times she feared that the chain was going to rip her nipples apart. Julie waited for Jane to drag the blonde up the stairs before she led the girl's back to a different room in the house. She was disappointed that most of the party had already left but there were still a fair number of people who gasped when they saw the soccer players leading the two naked girls into the room. All eyes went back and forth between the blonde and the brunette, each person was at a loss for words.

Julie laughed, "Well we have two late additions to the costume party!!!" She grabbed the nipple chain and, pulling Sofia forward, announced, "The one wearing black heels, white thigh-hi's, and a nipple Sofia! Some of you may have seen her around campus, if not I am sure you will." Grabbing Zdenka's hair she continued, "And the rich bitch whore is Zdenka. She decided to wear an outfit exactly like Sofia, only she prefers objects jammed into her pussy."

The crowd was stunned, as all they could do was stare at the two beaten girls. Jane grabbed the two girls by the back of their hair, "Come on girls, this party doesn't need trash like you attending it!" Jane led the girls past the stunned onlookers, and into another room full of people. Again the room gasped when they saw what was happening, but Jane led a now determined pace to the front door. Sofia again almost stumbled as her high-heeled shoe threatened to give way, but Jane yanked her upright by the hair, and again was marching the beaten girls ahead. She opened the front door and momentarily released Zdenka. Looking at Sofia, Jane said, "You first" and grabbed the girl with both hands in hair. Taking two steps forward, she threw the brunette chest first onto the lawn. Sofia's beaten breasts slammed into the ground, followed by her face, as she was helpless with her arms still tied behind her.

Jane looked at Zdenka, "Well since you started this whole ordeal, you're getting thrown on the concrete, bitch"

Zdenka tried to defend herself, but with her hands behind her back, she soon found her chest painfully meeting the concrete. Her head slumped to the cold pavement, until she felt a pair of hands around her ankles. Before she could look behind her, her naked body was being dragged to the street. Her already destroyed tits were being ripped to shreds by the gravel and pavement but Jane didn't stop till she reached the street. Jane looked back and she saw Julie dragging Sofia's body through the grass, until she dropped her next to Zdenka. Julie pulled Sofia on top of Zdenka, and pushed her face in the blonde girl's crotch. Laughing, she rejoined her friends as the soccer girls all went back to the house to continue celebrating, leaving the once gorgeous girls laying in the driveway, naked and tied, on top of one another. Both were passed out when their friend Ryan stumbled across them. She rushed them to the hospital where it was determined both would eventually heal fully. Zdenka's nipples were only badly scratched and once the pear was removed, there was no permanent damage to her crotch. Sofia also suffered only surface injuries and both girls were back to normal in no time. The only questions remaining were; could they ever show their faces in public again, and could they get their hands on the tapes of their destruction before it was too late?