Julie Strain vs. Shannon and Tracy Tweed (author unknown)<p>

Julie steps into the ring keeping her eye on Shannon. As the round starts, Julie has her guard up and meets Shannon's aggressive assault punch for punch and kick for kick. Julie's longer reach servers her well as she manages to keep Shannon just outside of her power range. Shannon tries to duck under Julie's jabbing left but she runs into Julie's straight arm right. Her cage rattled, Shannon's knees buckle but she has the presence of mind to grab Julie's hair as she falls backward and drags the big brunette down with her. Twisting Julie as she falls, Shannon, sitting on her side, wraps her killer thighs around Julie's neck, still holding tight to her hair. <p>

Julie tries to keep her cool, but the pressure from Shannon's thighs is crushing her. On her back, Julie has little leverage as she throws several punches into Shannon's body. The rugged blonde leans forward, grabs two hands full of hair, and the stretches backward, trying to yank out all of Julie's hair. Strain is rocking wildly from side to side. Shannon decides to change tactics. She unlocks her legs and triple hammers her top leg down on Julie's neck. Rising quickly to her feet, she waits for Julie to get up. <p>

"So Julie, do you want to give up now or give these people a fight here?" <p>

Strain is on her feet and quickly both woman are throwing punches. <p>

Again, Julie's long reach, wild style and power sting Shannon, who is clearly the better technician. After several frustrating exchanges, Julie nails Shannon in the nose hard, drawing first blood. <p>

"Bitch," spits Shannon. <p>

As Julie comes in to attack, Shannon covers up, gets close and again, grabs Julie's hair, dragging Julie forward. The brunette trips forward on one knee as Shannon pulls her hair and drives her towards the mat, twisting her to her back. Reacting quickly, Julie lands hard on her ass but manages get her leg up catch Shannon in the crotch. Julie's thin but strong leg crashes into its target again, and this time lifts the blonde off the mat. Shannon tumbles over Julie, but still holds her long brown hair. <p>

Shannon, now sitting on her butt is trying to pull Julie forward into a waist scissors. Julie finds herself trapped once again in Shannon's vice, but this time, on her knees, she has enough leverage to punch her way out, blasting Shannon in the face and tits with a series of wicked fists and elbows. Shannon's nose is bleeding profusely now, but she keeps her cool, uses the strength of her legs to kick Julie off of her knees and onto her side. Shannon capitalizes immediately and rolls Julie onto her back. Straddling her foe, her broad ass bouncing down on Julie's big tits, Shannon's left hand slams Strain's head into the mat while her right rakes Julie's eyes and then grabs her throat. Strain arches up and bucks Shannon off balance before she can settle in . But Shannon uses her hair hold to control the brunette and once more wraps her vice like thighs around Julie's neck and powers the taller woman back down onto the mat. <p>

Bearing down as hard as she can, Shannon is now in complete control, finally, slowing the pace of the match with her neck scissors. She tortures Strain for a full two minutes. <p>

"Boring, boring," Tracy is teasing from the ring apron. Shannon reaches backward and catches Julie's right leg, pulling it hard towards her, Julie's crotch feels like it is going to split. "Still boring," yells Tracy. Shannon can't help but notice Julie's big, big tits bouncing around as she struggles. Sitting up, Shannon releases the scissors, her right leg still presses Strain to the mat. Shannon grabs onto Julie's right tit. First squeezing the whole boob, Shannon then grabs the nipple and twists wickedly Strain is screaming in pain . Shannon slams her fist into the boob, flattening it against Julie's rib cage. As Julie tries to cover up; Shannon leans in further to get at her tit. Shannon again grabs the nipple on Julie's right tit and pinches it between her fingers. Julie, nearly frantic, manages to slam her left fist into Shannon's nose, and again, the blood gushes. <p>

"You bitch," screams Shannon. <p>

She slams her left leg down on Strain's belly and pulls away from the brunette. <p>

"Throw her to me," Tracy shouts. Shannon, still spouting blood, grabs Julie by her hair, drags her to her feet and throw her over the top rope. <p>

Julie lands hard on the gym floor. In a flash, Tracy is on her, stomping down on Julie's tits and belly. The big red-head grabs Julie's hair and hauls her to her feet. Julie slams a fist into Tracy's belly, but there is not much behind the punch. <p>

Tracy twists Julie's arm behind her back; controlling the brunette with a hammerlock, Tracy shouts' "Wedgies time" as she grabs Julie's biking briefs and pulls them up into the brunette's crotch. <p>

Tracy lifts Julie off the ground and drives her forward, slamming her head first into the ring post. As Julie crumbles, Tracy looks to her sister in the ring. <p>

"How's the nose?" <p>

"Still bleeding," Shannon replies. <p>

"No problem," is Tracy's retort. <p>

Tracy rolls Strain on to her back. <p>

The big red-head hauls Strain to her feet. Tracy lifts the brunette upside down, pile drives her to the floor. As the dazed Strain lies on the floor, Tracy bends her into a matchbook, pulls off her bikini bottoms and goes to work on Julie's crotch, pounding, scratching and digging at Julie's soft spot. <p>

Strain screams frantically as Tracy works her over for several minutes. Ready for something new, the red head pulls Strain to her feet and throws Julie into the ring post. Strain staggers forward and Tracy unleashes a kick that catches the brunette in her wounded crotch. Strain falls to the floor. Laughing, Tracy walks over to the badly beaten Strain and squats down over Julie, slamming her big, wide ass down on Julie's face. Tracy reaches forward and grabs onto Julie's big boobs, continuing the work that Shannon started. Tracy is bouncing her ass up and down on Julie's face as she tortures both of her tits. Her big fingers claw deep into Strain's tits, twisting, pinching and pulling on the oversized boobs as her big ass slams down on Julie's face to muffle her screams. Strains tits are swollen and bruised, but Tracy is not finished. Her fists slams down into Julie's tits, mashing the tits against her rib cage. Finally, Tracy climbs off of Strain. She lifts the big brunette up and slams her down on the ring apron. <p>

Shannon, her nose bleed under control, rolls Julie into the ring. Meanwhile, Tracy climbs the ropes from the outside. Shannon pulls Julie to her feet, measure the distance and unleashes a punch that slams into Julie's nose. As blood streams down, Shannon pushes Julie back into the corner. Tracy reaches down and grabs two hands full of hair and hauls up, lifting Julie off of her feet. Shannon lets fly a barrage of punches the smash into Julie's belly and pussy. Tracy lets Julie fall to her ass in the corner. Shannon stands her up again, Tracy now standing on the ring apron, grabs Julie from behind. One hand yanks down on Strains hair, the other pushes in between Strains thighs and mauls the beaten woman's pussy. Shannon grabs Julie's tits for one last bit of torture. Finally, she slams a fist into Stain's belly, catches her as she falls forward and lifts her up across her shoulders in a back breaker. Shannon throw the thoroughly beaten woman to the mat and celebrates her victory with her sister. <p>