Julie Strain vs. Zeta-Jones by Mika 09-Feb-00

I had been privileged to scalp tickets for this match. I had paid and arm and a leg for these front row seats but I had figured they would be well worth it. After several other fights this was the main event it would be Catherine Zeta Jones vs. Julie Strain. I had bet some money on Catherine to win this fight but from what I had heard from some other fans I now regretted it. I had heard that Catherine had not taken this fight seriously and didn't train much for it. Julie on the other hand spent many hours in the gym training for this fight and practicing with wrestling and boxing trainers to improve her fighting skills.

The match was to begin. Catherine Zeta Jones came down the aisle first to many cheers. Cathy was in a tiny black thong bikini. She looked great in her thong with her long black hair flowing down. Julie Strain entered next also to a bunch of cheers. She looked hot also and she was wearing a leopard print bikini top and black leather cutoffs which she peeled off to reveal a leopard print thong. Julie looked as if she had been training hard, her body was very athletically built and muscles were bulging in her arms and legs.

She locked up with Cathy and immediately launched Catherine into the turnbuckle hard dumping her on her ass. Catherine got up and challenged Julie to a test of strength, but Julie easily overpowered Catherine and instantly had her on her knees begging and crying.

"OW! Let go!!! This is hurting me!!!"

Julie did let go, but instead grabbed ahold of Catherine's legs and swung her around in circles releasing her into a turnbuckle "OOOOOFFFF!!" cried Catherine. Julie yanked Catherine up by her long black hair and easily bodyslammed her to the mat. Julie picked Catherine back up by her hair and sent her to the ropes and was scooped up and powerslammed. Catherine lay flat out not moving limbs spread. Catherine appeared to be in dreamland probably dreaming about how she should have prepared for this match, but now she was being dominated instead.

Julie came by and stomped Cathy in the cunt folding her up holding her pussy crying. From behind, Julie picked Catherine up by her thong bottoms and tossed her into the turnbuckle. Julie clotheslined Catherine up against the turnbuckle jolting the hot brunettes head back. Julie yanked off Catherine's bikini top bringing out a loud cheer from the fans. Catherine had a very impressive chest but it soon was battered about by Julie as she began raining punches on it sending droplets of sweat flying off the tits all about as Catherine's large tits bounced about soon getting bruised up.

Catherine next was brought to her knees screaming as Julie twisted them around. Catherine was pulled back to a standing position by her tits and lifted in the air. Julie held the screaming brunette there for five minutes before slamming her pussy down on her knee. Catherine hobbled about with her hands down her thong massaging her snatch.

Julie pulled off her bikini top and threw it into the audience near me. A large mob went to get it almost appearing like a mosh pit as people piled on top of the guy who had caught it and tried to force the sexy souvenir from him.

Julie stuffed Cathy's face between her tits and squeezed away. Just as Catherine was about to pass out, Julie Irish whipped her hard into the turnbuckle causing Catherine to tumble into it head over heels and nail her cunt on the steel pole at the top and ricochet half way across the ring.

Cathy lay ring center with her hands back down her thong sobbing like a little girl. I figured by now I was going to be $500 short after this, that is how much I bet on her. Julie grabbed the back of Cathy's thong and pulled her around the ring. After the second trip around Julie positioned her by the turnbuckle and left the ring. Cathy lay by the turnbuckle not aware yet what was about to happen massaging her burning cunt more. Catherine's thong had completely disappeared up her hairy snatch as she tried to pull it back out.

Julie from the outside grabbed Catherine's legs. Catherine realized what was about to happen began waving her arms frantically begging Julie not to. Julie pulled hard slamming Catherine's pussy into the turnbuckle pole.


The audience cried out each time Cathy's twat was slammed on the pole.

Each time her pussy was slammed into the pole Catherine would also let out a blood-curdling scream. All of this happening right in front of me. I knew I was $500 short after this, but I was still enjoying the match and the sights I hadn't expected to see.

Julie re-entered the ring and picked the sobbing and begging Catherine up by her hair and gave her a reverse atomic drop. Catherine was next hung upside-down with her sexy legs draped over the top turnbuckle. Julie grabbed ahold of Catherine's thong again and gave her another wedgie while she hung helplessly upside-down.

Finally, after getting tired of that, Cathy peeled the black bottoms that had disappeared up Catherine's ass and cunt out of the crevices and pulled them down her legs. Catherine was hanging completely nude now.

Catherine's was on the opposite side of the ring then me, but I got a view of her beautiful but sweaty hairy pussy. While the guy on her side got a view of her nice tight ass. Julie took Catherine's thong bottoms and wiped them through her c--- and ass and then pulled them over Catherine's face as she hung helplessly. Julie fired a couple of punches into Catherine's snatch, then pulled out a few handfuls of cunt hair before knocking her off of the turnbuckle.

Julie throws Catherine over her shoulder and dumps her out of the ring on the floor. Julie exits the ring and in an amazing show of strength right in front of me gorilla presses Catherine and drops her c--- first on the metal divider. Catherine sinks down, as the gate goes in between the folds of her pussy lips. Julie noticing me watching intently teases me by taking Catherine's bottoms and rubbing them up against my face. But that was only a teaser as next Catherine is positioned on me so that my face is rubbed into her sweaty hairy twat.

Now I am beginning to think that this $500 I'm about to lose isn't that bad.

Julie throws Cathy back in the ring and enters herself. Julie grabs Cathy by her hair and jackknife powerbombs her ring center. Catherine is laid out all flat, her limbs begin twitching. Julie pulls off her bikini bottoms and dances over Catherine's prone figure. Julie picks Catherine back up and one arm choke slams her to the mat.

This time Cathy is totally out cold. But Julie isn't finished as she slaps the groggy Catherine awake. Julie spreads Cathy's legs apart and shoves her foot between Catherine's snatch as she gives her the "Crotch Crusher" while pulling up on Catherine's legs. Catherine soon passes out from pain as the ref declares Julie the winner. Julie reverse sits on Catherine's face exploding into orgasm all over Catherine's pretty face. Julie retrieves Cathy's thong bottoms and rubs them through Catherine's even more sweaty crotch and stuffs them in crotch first into Catherine's mouth leaving the poor brunette lying spread-eagled ring center with her sweaty bikini bottoms sticking out of her mouth.

Julie leaves the ring and tosses her own bikini bottoms to me. Before I get jumped, the guy behind me hands me five $100 bills. I take the money and hand him the bottoms. Now I had not lost anymore than I had paid for this seat which was well worth what I experienced tonight.

Catherine was taken away from the ring on a stretcher still unconscious by medical personnel afterward.