SuperModel Tag Team - Elle MacPherson/Kathy Ireland vs. Rachel Hunter/Cindy Crawford by bbb4

Elle and Kathy arrive ringside first having chosen identical outfits of white spandex exercise bras with shiny sky blue lycra briefs. Crawford and Hunter, meanwhile, make their way to the ring slowly with Crawford sporting a tight, red T-back with a gorgeous flame job accentuating her fine posterior. Hunter is wearing a blinding gold lame two piece.

Upon climbing between the ropes, Crawford and Hunter stare across menacingly at their opponents, only to see Kathy tantalizingly sliding out of her spandex top. As Ireland's small pale breasts come to rest and her face brightens with an irresistible smile, she shoots her bra into the crowd like a rubber band, and challenges Hunter to follow "suit". With a frustrated stomp of her foot, Hunter indicates that her top is staying where it is for the length of this fight. Cindy too is taunted, as Elle ever so slowly makes her way out from underneath the skin tight confines of her spandex, revealing two good sized melons, tanned through and through. Instead of tossing her top to the crowd, Elle smiles and jiggles her chest teasingly, causing her large slightly upturned nipples to harden and dance invitingly. She lightly flings her top to Cindy's feet, and points at Cindy, mocking her moderate one piece. Cindy too, grinds her teeth in frustration and brags that her chest will remain covered for the entire match.

First Fall:
Kathy and Rachel start the fight out, prowling and circling slowly before pouncing on each other in the center of the ring. Rachel grabs the early advantage nailing the smaller Ireland in the stomach with two short, jerking knee lifts. Ireland's eyes are bulging as she is dragged over to the opposition's corner for a little double teaming. Cindy tags in, and lands a few forearm blows across Kathy's lower back while she is still tied up in Rachel's front facelock. Rachel releases Kathy allowing her to fall to her knees, arching her back and holding her kidneys.

Cindy can't pass up the opportunity and maliciously pinches both of Kathy's small breasts, before jerking her hands away, ripping Ireland's sensitive nipples. Expecting nothing less than an all out war, Elle's face is impassive as she watches Cindy pick up Ireland and drop her across an extended knee for a devastating back breaker. Cindy then takes Kathy to the center of the ring, before snap maring her by the hair. With Ireland sitting stunned on the mat, Cindy is able to flip her over and execute a Boston Crab with very little resistance. Crawford has both of her foe's ankles locked firmly under her arms as her sweet ass begins to bounce up and down on Kathy's twisted back. Ireland screams out in pain with each little hop and she reaches vainly for a tag, but Elle can only watch as Cindy's red tights inch their way up Crawford's tight butt. After a minute of the spine torture, Ireland's resistance begins to ebb. Unable to watch Ireland's pain contorted face any longer, Elle sneaks into the ring and kicks Crawford off of her partner.

Crawford seems to take this in stride as she picks up Ireland by the hair and grins at Elle while leading Ireland to the opposite corner. Crawford takes Ireland in a front facelock and backs her into the corner so that her butt is pointed at Rachel, still waiting outside the ropes. In an obviously planned maneuver, Rachel reaches both hands between the ropes and down Ireland's shiny panties where she reeks havoc unknown. With a throaty scream of anguish, Ireland's hands shoot between her legs and her knees suddenly buckle. Still on the ring apron, Rachel easily removes Kathy's briefs, which she mockingly shoots into the crowd sling shot style, much the way Ireland had done earlier with her top. Recognizing that they have Ireland in serious trouble, Crawford and Hunter decide to end the first fall. Rachel tags in and both girls send Ireland to the ropes, ruining her return trip with a double clothesline across the tits. Crawford quickly makes her way out of the ring, before Elle can bring her weapons to bear. Ireland is shot to the ropes again, this time ending her return trip in the clutches of a standing sleeper hold. Applying the pressure from behind, Rachel wears a grim smile of determination as Ireland flails away trying to break the hold. Elle immediately makes her way into the ring, but Crawford has a head start and a shorter distance to travel. Elle lunges at Hunter's back with a flying knee, and manages to break up the sleeper, but is pounded from behind herself when Crawford enters the fray.

Ending Elle's interference with a swift toe kick to the crotch, Crawford is satisfied immobilizing the Aussie girl with a set of head scissors from behind. Grabbing both of Elle's roaming hands, Crawford only maintains enough pressure on her legs to ensure that Elle is out of action and Rachel can finish the fall. From between Crawford's powerful thighs, Elle watches helplessly as Rachel pulls up her golden top, exposing two bright pink beauties with swollen silver dollar nipples. After tucking Ireland's semi lucid face into her sweaty cleavage, Hunter stretches the lycra top back over Kathy's ponytail, and smothers Ireland with her glistening bare breasts, leaving her hands free to attack Ireland's small breasts. Ireland scratches and struggles to get free, pounding Rachel's taut stomach, and trying to free her head...

But Kathy has already been weakened by the sleeper, and having her tits rung like yesterday's laundry, soon passes out in Rachel's bosom. Realizing that Ireland has quit struggling, Hunter simply stands up, rising half way to her feet before allowing Kathy's weight to slide her face out from between Rachel's larger mammaries. Hunter than steps over and delivers a horrendous series of breast stomps to Elle, insuring that her partner can escape without fear. Leaving both opponents writhing in the center of the ring, Rachel and Cindy take the first fall.

Second Fall:
For obvious reasons, Elle starts the second fall of the match against Cindy. The two girls lock up in the center of the ring and after a little pushing and shoving the Cindy gains control of Elle's arm, twisting it and turning the wrist up. With a yelp of pain, Elle grabs her wrist for support, but Cindy has the leverage, and only twists it further. This time around, though, Elle is strong enough to resist Cindy's efforts to drag her into the opposition corner for a double team effort.

Although still in pain, she drops to one knee and manages to stay toward the center of the ring despite Cindy's pulling and jerking on her arm. When Elle does regain her feet, she is the one doing the pulling. MacPherson jerks her sore arm, yanking the unsuspecting Cindy right into a knee across the belly. MacPherson then bends over Crawford and drives two more knees across her tits for good measure. Elle drags Cindy into the corner where Ireland is more than willing the grab a handful of hair, securing Crawford in the corner. With her hands trying to free her hair, Cindy's undefended chest presents a target Elle can't resist. MacPherson sizes up Cindy's small erect nipples, clearly outlined through her tight T back and latches onto both with the ferocious tenacity of a bulldog. Cindy jerks from side to side, pulling Elle's hands away, trying to loosen the vice grip, but the tugging and pulling only brings more fiery pain to her tortured tits. As Elle works the firm tits from side to side, the flame job on Cindy's tights dances as though the fire were real.

Releasing Cindy's tits with a nipple ripping jerk, Elle winds up and delivers a vicious crotch punch, dropping Cindy onto her butt in the corner. As Cindy struggles to stand, she sits on the bottom turnbuckle, clutching her groin and moaning softly. Elle takes advantage of the situation and saddles up a grinding set of standing head scissors. With Kathy right there to egg her on, Elle pours on the power and jumps and twists her legs to increase the pain and damage to Crawford's neck and head. Without needing a cue, Ireland drops to the apron to pull Cindy's tights down around her shoulders and then off. Ireland then traipses about the ring apron, waving them over her head before tossing the red tights to the crowd. Grinding her teeth, Elle screams with effort as she tries to crush Cindy's skull between the muscular thighs, eliciting cries of pain from Crawford. Ireland takes the opportunity to reach into the ring and pinch Cindy's small cherry red nipples and rake her milky tits.

Her legs and ass coated with a dripping layer of sweat, Elle releases the scissors hold. As herthighs ache and quiver from the effort as Elle tags in Kathy. Ireland immediately drapes Cindy over the top rope and puts a rope choking headlock on her opponent. Only Crawford's repeated knee lifts the Kathy's butt and groin stop her from choking the life right out of Cindy. Ireland then drags Crawford across the edge of the ring, grinding her eyes on the rough ropes. Elle looks on from outside the ring, as Kathy delivers stomps to the back of Cindy's throbbing head and neck. Crawford, looking for some respite slides under the bottom rope, but as soon as her boots hit the floor, Elle is on her like white on rice, pounding her with fists and kicks before slamming her into the ring apron headfirst.

Holding her aching head, Cindy is easy prey to a debilitating knee across the ovaries. Without much effort, Elle hoists Crawford up and rolls her back into the ring, where Kathy is waiting with a face claw. Agonizing minutes pass, and with sweat dripping down her naked chest, Kathy is a picture of concentration while she digs her fingers into Crawford's aching temples... so much so that she fails to notice until too late that Crawford's hands have found her equally naked groin. After ripping out a handful of pubic hairs, Crawford is able to make her way across the ring and tag in Rachel. Elle, also freshly tagged in, meets Rachel in the center of the ring and with a slap of flesh the two lasses lock up.

The two girls push and shove and grunt and groan trying to gain the advantage, but Rachel's boxing knowledge helps her out as she is able to slip the lockup and land two forceful blows to Elle's belly button followed by a knee lift across her large mammaries. Still a little winded by the punches, Elle then falls prey to a quick circle kick to the belly, dropping her to the canvas.

Rachel then measures up and drops her knee right across the back of Elle's head, stunning her and dropping her all the way to her back. At this point, Rachel sits across Elle's thighs and plants a crushing gut claw right onto the small space between Elle's sweat soaked briefs and her belly button. Grabbing her wrist for extra pressure, Rachel digs in, listening to Elle as she lets out a low, aching groan. Elle tries to sit up and break the hold, but can only rise a few inches before Rachel twistingly applies even more pressure to the gut claw, sending the Aussie back to the mat, screaming in pain. Elle finally does manage to reach Rachel with a clubbing fist to the ear, breaking the hold, but is too injured to follow up. Clutching the side of her head with one hand, Rachel lowers Elle's briefs with the other, exposing her light brown pubic mound.

Rachel rears back and slams an elbow down into Elle's groin before moving her claw hold south to Elle's crotch. Arching her back in protest to the agony exploding between her legs, Elle is obviously in excruciating pain as Rachel's finger do the walking through her pubic hair. Rachel jerks and twists her hands, completely incapacitating the Aussie. Rachel screams at Elle, telling her it is over and that she had better submit. Adjusting her grip, a sly grin spreads across Rachel's face as her fingers find something warm and wet, and MacPherson lets out a primordial scream followed by a high, squeaky cry of pain.

Without having her stomach muscles knotted in a clawhold, Elle is finally able to sit up quickly and thrust her thumb into Rachel's ear, followed by another to the eyes. It's all MacPherson can do to crawl over and tag in Ireland, who sprints across the ring, hooking Rachel by her bikini bottoms as she blindly gropes for her tag team partner and ticket out of the ring. Cindy strains over the top ropes in her corner, trying to reach her partner, but Kathy breaks things up with a few well placed toe kicks to Rachel's bush. Elle bends at the waist trying to relieve the searing pain in her snatch and watches Kathy strip off Rachel's bottoms before driving a knee right into Hunter's already aching crotch.

Ireland then hefts up Hunter and whips her across the ring to her own corner. The pain is still clearly present in MacPherson's crotch as she spreads her legs and places one knee out to greet Hunter across the kidneys. As Rachel staggers forward holding her lower back, Kathy meets her with a mean uppercut clothesline, nearly lifting Hunter off her feet. Kathy picks Hunter up and backs her into the buckles again, where Elle grabs her from behind, using her upper body strength to lift Rachel's feet off the mat in a choking headlock.

Elle stands on her toes outside the ropes, flexing her magnificent calves, legs and butt, while her back and arms strain, holding Rachel up off the mat. A shocked look of desperation spreads across Hunter's face as she realizes that both of her feet are dangling inches off the mat, and she has no way out. With Hunter's hands up around her throat trying to pry Elle's arms away, Rachel's groin, stomach and breasts fall prey to Ireland's avalanche of elbows, kicks and fists.

Cindy enters the fray, charging across the ring to save her partner, but Kathy turns heads her off, planting a perfect drop kick on Cindy's kisser as she rushes to her partner's aid. While Kathy drops in behind the still stunned Cindy with some body scissors and a full nelson, Elle switches her choker to a full sleeper, driving her fist into the side of Rachel's neck, cutting off the blood flow. Both MacPherson and Crawford can see the effects begin to take hold, as Hunter's hands drop to her sides, and her eyes begin to flutter. Elle, still standing outside the ring, jerks the hold a few times, driving her knuckles deeper into the neck and sending Rachel to LaLa land. When it is clear the fall is over, Elle slowly peels off Hunter's top and gives her a good shove back into the center of the ring where she lands at Crawford's feet, face down and buck naked.

Upon releasing the full nelson and leg scissors, Kathy makes a quick escape, leaving Crawford and Hunter writhing in the center of the ring. Ireland high fives MacPherson, evening the match at one fall apiece.

Third Fall:
Kathy and Cindy are chosen by their partners to start this final and decisive fall. Both naked girls have taken terrible punishment, and circle each other slowly, not due to caution, but because the needle is near Empty for both of them. While Kathy eagerly feints and dodges trying to find an opening,

Cindy simply circles slowly with her defenses down, whispering, "I'm gonna hurt you bad, little girl. I'm gonna spank you like your daddy should have."

The two lock up, but Cindy grabs Kathy around the throat with both hands, choking her viciously. Dropping Kathy to her back, Cindy places her forearm across the smaller Ireland's throat and puts her all weight on it. Gagging and squirming, Kathy looks up to see Cindy's still rosy red nipples closing in on her face. As the soft creamy white tits fall over her mouth and nose, Ireland has flash backs to passing out to end the first fall, smothered by Rachel Hunter's pink beauties. Crawford lowers her chest even further, cradling Kathy's head and forcing her face deeper into the sweaty crevice between her aching breasts. With her tight little ass now sticking up in the air for the world to see, Crawford struggles to keep Ireland's face pinned into her small cleavage, but feels her victim begin to fade. With the lights fading fast, Kathy's last ditch action is to jam her knee straight up, and it works to a tee, catching Crawford unaware with her thighs spread wide open.

Both girls lie motionless on the canvas, Kathy regaining her lungs, and Crawford holding her smashed snatch. Both girls sway and then make their way to their respective corners, but Elle is the first into the ring. Racing across the ring, Elle makes an attempt to stop the tag, but fails.

Instead, she manages to catch Rachel between the ropes right as she is about to enter the ring. Elle blasts her with a flying knee to the head before she can even climb through the ropes. She then takes Hunter, who is still outside the ropes, by the hair and rams her head into the ring post, knocking her silly. Picking up Hunter, MacPherson drapes her throat over the top rope and falls to her butt, slinging Hunter off the apron and onto the floor. Instead of following Hunter to the floor, Elle reaches down and picks up Crawford by the hair., then drags the supermodel back to her own corner for serious double teaming.

Elle flings Crawford to the ropes and then stands tall, lifting her extended leg straight up perpendicular to her body, catching Crawford right in the face with the sole of her boot. Elle enjoyed it so much that she again sends Crawford to the ropes with the same result. As Kathy waits anxiously, MacPherson drags the groggy Crawford into the corner where she tags Ireland in. Kathy is still a little worn out from Crawford's titty smothering, but goes straight to work on Crawford's already tenderized chest, pounding her boobs with hooks and jabs while Elle holds Crawford back. After working up a little sweat, Kathy tags a smiling Elle back into the ring. Instead of attacking Crawford though, MacPherson grabs Kathy and points across the ring where Hunter is just beginning to make her way back onto apron after her nasty spill onto the floor.

While Kathy continues her work on Crawford, Elle grabs the swaying Hunter and brings her into the ring via a suplex over the top rope. Hunter lands on her back with a dull thud knocking the wind out of her. She regains her senses only to look up and see Elle's crotch about half an inch from her face. Still smarting from Hunter's crotch claw, Elle winces as her muff at first tickles Hunter's nose. But then, like a bather first testing the waters of a hot Jacuzzi, a relieved grin spreads across her face; then turns to a beautiful smile as she begins to slowly, rhythmically, pump and grind herself on Hunter's face. Rachel's hands rise up, clawing at Elle's tan sweaty breasts, but soon they too fall to the mat. With a final shudder, all resistance ceases, and Elle rises from her fallen foe to help her partner finish off Cindy.

Elle finds her tag team partner has Cindy in set of punishing body scissors, with Kathy's upper knee firmly grinding Cindy's sore tits. While Kathy chooses to grind away while facing Cindy's upper body, Elle slides in on Cindy's lower abdomen, wrapping her powerful thighs around Cindy's belly and facing away from her partner. The two girls slowly form an alternating rhythm, while one squeezes the other relaxes and the rhythmic groans of pain from Crawford soon melt into one long wheezing painful moan. Elle and Kathy's sweaty, flexing butts touch and lightly rub against each other as they flex and arch forward squeezing the life out of Crawford between them.

Soon, Crawford too lays quiet and a smiling Elle and Kathy rise to kiss and hug as they celebrate retaining the supermodel tag team title.