Survivor II - Battle in the Outback: Jerri Manthey vs. Kimmi Kappenberg by longtime lurker 2/4/01

Jerri Manthey had just about had it with Kimmi Kappenberg. The tall New Yorker had not shut up since their two tribes had merged a couple of weeks back. Jerri was already surly and bitchy enough as is. It didn't take much to set her off. Kimmi would simply not stop talking at night in the makeshift tent the Survivors shared together. It was driving Jerri crazy. What's more she had a natural disliking for Kimmi who was also an aspiring show business personality and was the only other woman on the island who could match up with her physically. Jerri decided the next time the two were alone she could take Kimmi down.

As it so happened that was the next morning. The other survivors were off hunting for tapioca or firewood and Kimmi and Jerri had been left behind to cook rice and tortillas for lunch. Jerri had given no sign to Kimmi that she was planning to attack her.

"Better to Pearl Harbor the big bitch," thought Jerri.

Jerri was quite tall and well built herself but Kimmi was a little bit bigger with bigger breasts (something that hunk Colby couldn't help looking at thought Jerri, annoying her with Kimmi even further). Both were brunettes, Kimmi's hair being straight and a little lighter in color, while Jerri's was curlier. Jerri was the prettier of the two but Kimmi was sufficiently sexy to gather her share of male attention.

Jerri's chance to surprise Kimmi came when the New Yorker went into their makeshift tent to fetch the heavy tin container of rice. When Kimmi came back out, Jerri who was lying down nearby stretched out her shapely leg to trip her. Kimmi fell hard, smashing her face into the container of rice.

"Ohhh" she moaned not realizing what had happened. In an instant Jerri was on top of her. She draped Kimmi's arms across her knees, sat on the small of her back and grabbed her by the chin with both hands in a makeshift camel clutch.

"Got you bitch," Jerri giggled with delight.

"W-wha? OHHHH! fuck!" Kimmi squealed as pressure collected in her lower back and neck. "" she asked having a hard time speaking with Jerri clutching her by the chin.

"Shut up!' Jerri commanded before smashing Kimmi's face into the nearby rice container. Once. Twice. Three times. The third blow left Kappenberg completely dazed and easy for Jerri to roll over onto her back. Jerri then plopped her tight little butt squarely in Kimmi's midsection, forcing the air out of her before attaching her hands onto Kimmi's bounteous tits.

"Been meaning to do this for a while," Jerri sneered.

She started twisting Kimmi's breasts as hard as she could, first one way then another, pulling them as far as possible. Kimmi started screaming at the top of her lungs and stamping her feet up and down on the sandy beach.

"Aaaaaaaagggggghhhh!" she hollered.

"How-ungh-do you-ungh-like THAT?" gloated Jerri between breast squeezes.

Kimmi's eyes were tearing as her struggles gradually were being reduced. Her mind was reacting in shock to the pain and was starting to shut down. Jerri saw the effect her punishment was having on Kimmi and abruptly stopped the breast torture.

"Can't have you passing out on me so soon princess," she said menacingly.

She grabbed Kimmi by her long brown hair and brought her up to her wobbly feet. There was a large rock nearby that Jerri spotted. It was just the right height for a little belly busting she thought. She dragged Kimmi over to the rock, got behind her and thrust Kimmi's lean belly up against the cool rock. Kimmi had no idea what was going on until she felt Jerri's foot in the small of her back. She pushed Kimmi violently against the rock, smashing her belly into it.

"UNNNNGHHH!" exclaimed Kimmi.

Jerri quickly clamped on a full nelson and pressed her body up against Kimmi's, gradually increasing the pressure and forcing Kimmi's stomach harder and harder against the rock surface.

"oh n-no...p-please" Kimmi pleaded in vain, between ragged attempts to breathe.

"What's the matter little girl. Does your widdle tummy hurt?" said Jerri in baby talk. The Los Angeles native was starting to get off on her domination of Kimmi. She liked the feeling of having this big woman under her control. After squeezing what seemed to be the life out of her she turned her around so that her back was leaning against the rock. Kimmi's eyes were dazed and confused. He long, voluptuous body was drenched in a fine sheet of sweat and her arms were completely limp hanging at her sides like over cooked strands of spaghetti.

Jerri pressed up against her and kissed Kimmi hard on the lips, "W-what?" a confused Kimmi managed to stammer.

"Shut the fuck up you bitch," hissed Jerri before kissing her again; thrusting her tongue into Kimmi's moist mouth.

Kimmi just lay there unresisting. At least Jerri was no longer hurting her and some of her strength was returning. Jerri kept kissing Kimmi and fondling her breasts. This went on for minutes until, suddenly, Jerri's face went white as a sheet. Kimmi had struck her in the cunt as hard as she could with her knee. Jerri collapsed to her knees in front of Kimmi. Though still very weak, Kimmi knew this may be her last chance. She dropped beside Jerri, scooped up a handful of sand and rubbed it in Jerri's beautiful brown eyes.

"Ahhh! fuckin' bitch. Wait 'til-OOF!" Jerri started to say something, but Kimmi punched her as hard as she could in the stomach.

Jerri had been having stomach pains for a couple of days, complaining about them loudly to her fellow survivors. Kimmi figured this was her weak point. She punched the blinded Jerri in the chin knocking her flat on her back. Kimmi then applied a deep, DEEP belly claw in the pit of Jerri's stomach.

Jerri's eyes bulged out and her mouth opened wide in a silent scream. Kimmi, concentrated on the hold funneling all of her strength into her trembling arms and fingers.

"How do YOU like it?" said a crying Kimmi, overcome by all the abuse she had taken from Jerri and so happy to have revenge.

Now it was Jerri's turn to stamp her feet on the sand uselessly. She could do nothing. She couldn't get up. Couldn't shout for help. She was paralyzed by Kimmi's expertly applied hold.

"I -I...I give.." she managed to stammer out.

"What's that bitch?" said an enraged Kimmi between thrusts of her fingers into Jerri's soft belly.

"Ooooo....p-please.." Jerri cried.

"OK" Kimmi said, releasing her hold instantly.

A relieved Jerri rolled over onto her stomach clutching at her wounded belly. After a few minutes she started trying to crawl away on all fours. That's when she felt Kimmi's strong arms wrap around her and her clasped hands push deep against the pit of her belly. Jerri immediately collapsed. Kimmi was lying on top of her. Her breasts against Jerri's sweat soaked back, her long legs entwined with Jerri's, her mouth pressed to Jerri's ear.

"Does your widdle tummy hurt?" said Kimmi, mocking Jerri's earlier dominance.

Jerri was now hyperventilating, taking sharp breaths like a woman in labor. Kimmi only took this as a sign to squeeze harder...then harder still.

Eventually ...slowly...Jerri's struggles ceased altogether. Kimmi had crushed all the fight out of her and she passed out in a deep, deep slumber.

Kimmi kept her hold on for a few minutes, enjoying her victory. Eventually she unclasped her hands, the smack of wet skin reverberating in the air as she peeled herself off Jerri's devastated body.

A few minutes later Colby emerged from the bush, looking in shock at the tableau of an unconscious Jerri sprawled near Kimmi.

"What the hell happened?" Colby asked.

"The snake swallowed the rat," said Kimmi with a wry chuckle.

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