Survivor II Battle: Amber Brkich vs. Elizabeth Filarski by longtime lurker 2/6/01

It had come down to trial by combat for Survivors Amber Brkich and Elizabeth Filarski. Since the merger of the two tribes and the emergence of an alliance between Jerri, Michael, Jeff and Colby, it was only a question of who would get picked off next. The four had signaled their intention to kick off either Amber or Elizabeth next but Jerri suggested a fight between the two girls to settle the matter.

Jerri was a sick bitch and these kinds of games amused her. Both Amber and Elizabeth reluctantly agreed to the fight. Every extra day on the island meant more money, something both girls needed. In addition they knew Survivor was an unpredictable game. If you stayed alive the cards might turn and who knows what could happen.

It had been a harder for decision for Elizabeth to make since the 23 year old Newton, Massachusetts shoes designer knew that Amber had several older brothers she wrestled with on a regular basis back in her hometown of Beaver, Pennsylvania. Earlier challenges had also shown that Amber was much stronger than Elizabeth. Elizabeth would be in trouble if she didn't have a good plan she figured. So her plan was simple. Every chance she got she was going to strike Amber's cunt.

The two gathered on the beach. The other Survivors formed a loose circle around them. 22 year old administrative assistant Amber was the slightly bigger of the two girls. Her long brown hair hung loose. She was wearing her two piece blue and white swim suit, with floral design. Amber wore her blonde hair in two curious pony tails. She wore a green and white bikini. The two women circled each other getting into position.

"Alright bitches, amuse me." Jerri commanded.

Amber immediately went to clinch up with Elizabeth but the blonde punted her in the cunt.

"Nnnnnnnnn" Amber said collapsing to the ground.

Elizabeth, pleased with the results of her kick, immediately clamped a headlock on Amber, squeezing the brunette's pretty little head. Slowly she picked her up, planning to execute a makeshift DDT. Elizabeth didn't really know what she was doing though and Amber grabbed her around the waist and back suplexed her onto the sandy beach. Elizabeth's neck hit the ground awkwardly as she struck it.

"OWW fuck!" Elizabeth cried, rolling onto her stomach while her hands clutched at her neck.

Amber scrambled on top of her applying a well executed camel clutch. Elizabeth's arms dangled uselessly over Amber's knees as the brunette pulled at her neck viciously.

"Ohhhhhh..." Elizabeth moaned.

"You like kicking girls in the pussy, do you?" Amber snarled.

She leaned back into the camel clutch even further, keeping the hold on for 1...2...3...4...5 of the longest seconds of Elizabeth's life. Then Amber relaxed a little before leaning back again, almost to Elizabeth's breaking point. She could have kept this up all day but she wasn't securing the needed submission from Elizabeth, so she let the blonde go. A disoriented Elizabeth crashed face first onto the sand. Amber went to pick her up, placing her in a front headlock and preparing to suplex her, when Elizabeth's fist darted out striking Amber squarely in the cunt again.

" fuckin'' bitch..." Amber whined as she rolled around on the beach clutching at her pussy.

Elizabeth began raining down a crude assault of fists and elbows at Amber's head. The sheer volume of her blows making up for their poor execution. She pulled Amber's face into her breasts, pulling her in as hard as she could to make up for her limited cleavage.

"Mmmpphhh" Amber mumbled, her arms windmilling in an oxygen deprived panic.

Eventually she calmed down enough to get her bearings. Her hands coming to rest on Elizabeth's hips. Elizabeth was concentrating on her breast smother. She didn't see Amber's arm swing back and strike her in the belly until it was too late.

"Oooooofff!" Elizabeth exclaimed, as the air rushed out of her. Amber had struck her squarely in the solar plexus.

Elizabeth slumped into Amber's waiting arms, who wrapped her up in a painful bearhug. Truth be told though, Amber's cunt was still throbbing in pain. She knew she couldn't keep taking shots there and decided she needed to take out Elizabeth as soon as possible. She squeezed Elizabeth in the bearhug for several minutes. Elizabeth's eyes were closed tight in pain which brought a smile to Amber's pretty face.

"Feeling a little constricted Lizzie?" Amber laughed.

She threw down Elizabeth on the ground after a few more minutes of this and applied a short arm bar.

"Aaaaagggghhh!' Elizabeth screamed as sharp pain collected in her shoulder joint.

Amber's knee was jutting into Elizabeth's shoulder as she wrenched the blonde's arm back at an awkward angle. Elizabeth's eyes bulged out in pain and she kicked against the beach with her feet in a futile attempt to relieve some of the agony. Amber thought she had her this time. Surely Elizabeth was on the verge of surrender she though. But a few long minutes went by with Elizabeth biting her tongue and tears collecting in the corners of her eyes but not a peep of submission.

"Time to knock the bitch out," Amber thought.

She released the arm bar and positioned herself behind Elizabeth. When the dazed blonde tried to get up, Amber slapped on a tight TIGHT sleeper hold.

Elizabeth was too worn out from the abuse she had endured so far to realize what was happening at first. Eventually she realized Amber's surprisingly muscular arm was wrapped around her throat while her other arms was holding Elizabeth's head securely in place. She tried to breathe. She couldn't! Panic started to overcome her. She was weakening quickly and Amber started rocking her back and forth like she was a little ragdoll, a plaything for the brunette.

"Nnnnnnnn" Amber said as she gritted her teeth, putting more and more pressure into the sleeper hold, rivulets of sweat running down her arms and collecting against Elizabeth's pretty cheek and neck.

"Time for beddie-bye" she hissed into Elizabeth's ear.

Elizabeth's eyes were starting to get cloudy. Her throat felt oddly parched, her tongue heavy as the oxygen deprivation started taking its toll. She had one last burst of energy her arms windmilling back in a poorly coordinated panic. Luck was on her side though. Her right elbow struck Amber hard in the pussy.

"AAAAAgghhh!" Amber screamed in alarm, immediately releasing the sleeper and grabbing her cunt, trying desperately to massage out the pain.

Elizabeth was in no shape to press her advantage. She was still incredibly weak and groggy, but she knew this was her last chance. If Amber got her in another sleeper hold...She didn't want to think what would happen then. She crawled over to amber as quickly as she could. The brunette was just starting to get to her knees when Elizabeth reached her. Elizabeth grabbed her by her long brown hair and punched her HARD in the cunt.

"Aaaaaakkk!" Amber shouted.

Elizabeth punched her again.

"Ooooooooo...f-fuck!" Amber said between clenched teeth.

Elizabeth held her up by her hair, then punched her again.

Amber could no longer make any sounds. Her face was pasty white, her eyes closed in pain. Elizabeth punched her again and Amber started crying like a little girl.

"I-I g-give.... p-please" she finally stammered out.

Elizabeth gave her one last shot before releasing her hold on Amber's hair and letting the brunette crash onto the ground. Amber didn't resist as Elizabeth stretched her out in a grapevine and pressed her breasts once again into the brunette's face. It took a few minutes before Amber passed out. The sweat dripping from Elizabeth's breasts into her nose and mouth. She barely struggled. Eventually...slowly.. her arms went limp...then her legs...then her neck muscles...and that was it. Elizabeth had knocked her out; she had won! An amused Jerri helped pick her up. Elizabeth could barely stand on her wobbly legs.

Jerri raised Elizabeth's arm in victory.

"You're a tough little bitch" Jerri congratulated Elizabeth.

An exhausted Elizabeth managed a weary smile and she placed her foot on Amber's unconscious face in a victory pose. She had survived to fight another day.