Survivor Thailand Showdown: Erin Collins vs. Stephanie Dill by longtime lurker

There was only going to be one woman leaving the Tribal Council tonight. Erin Collins and Stephanie Dill slowly circled each other like hungry jungle cats. Erin, a real estate agent and yoga instructor from Texas, was looking forward to wrapping her limbs around Stephanie and stretching the blonde in ways she didn't even know were possible. Stephanie, a firefighter/EMT from Arkansas, was planning on using her larger frame and superior strength to beat Erin into a sobbing, sweat soaked mess. Both were the final contestants on Survivor Thailand and only one was going home with the million dollars.

To further spice up the rivalry, they out and out hated each other. Party girl Erin despised Stephanie's holier-than-thou attitude and Stephanie was thoroughly disgusted by what she perceived as Erin's slutty lack of class. They were opposites and soon they were going to find out who was the better woman.

Erin's impressive chest rose and fell excitedly as the closed in on Stephanie, her breasts barely contained by the tight brown bikini which hugged her frame. Stephanie was wearing a more modest white jog bra and she rubbed her hands together in anticipation of locking up with Erin. Her long, lean legs narrowed the gap between them as she flicked a strand of blonde hair away from her face. Erin took full advantage of Stephanie's momentary lapse of concentration, charging forward to drive the point of her knee directly into Stephanie's cunt.

"Oooooffff!” The blonde exhaled as she immediately dropped to her knees in front of Erin clutching her wounded crotch.

"OH, yeah! First blood to Erin," giggled the sexy Texan as she launched a vicious sidekick into the temple of the downed blonde.

"Gunnghhh!" Stephanie sputtered as her world went momentarily black.

The kick to her head drove her onto her side, smashing her shoulder into the sand. Erin quickly crouched beside her and wrapped her up in a combination full nelson/body scissors.

"Unghh!" Stephanie grunted as Erin squeezed her incredibly tightly, using her yoga-trained legs to deadly effect.

"Oh, how do you like that Miss -UNGHH- Goody Two Shoes? You like -UNGHH-being my human toothpaste tube?" Erin taunted between grunts as she flexed her powerful legs.

Stephanie closed her eyes tightly; a single tear trickling down her pretty, flushed, cheek as she tried to concentrate which was hard with this bitches legs almost cutting her in half.

'Think girl,' she commanded herself.

Erin's tightly applied full nelson left her little room to maneuver but by pushing against the ground, Stephanie managed to roll herself over until she had Erin below her.

"Think that'll help you girl? Not while I've still you got you in my squeeze play," Erin hissed in Stephanie's ear.

Stephanie had a plan though and she started lifting her hips up and then slamming her butt down into Erin's breadbasket.

"OOOOFFFFFF!!" Erin exhaled, her cheeks puffing out violently.

Stephanie repeated the move over and over, driving all the air from Erin's belly until the sexy brunette's leg scissors and full nelson loosened enough for the blonde to wiggle free.

"Time for some payback, Arkansas-style," gushed Stephanie.

After a few seconds to catch her breath and let her body recover from the body scissors, Stephanie picked Erin up by the hair and raised her to her wobbly feet. Then she drove her right fist deep into the pit of Erin's belly and the brunette blew out a stream of hot air as her body draped over Stephanie; the blonde's powerful frame the only thing keeping Erin from collapsing flat on her face on the sand.

"Oh yeah! Like that?" Stephanie smirked.

She wrapped an arm around Erin's waist to hold her tight as she used her free fist to pump short, powerful punches into Erin's gut.

"Unghh...Unghhh...Unghhh!" Erin sputtered, her hips jerking up and her butt lunging back with each punch that Stephanie pounded deep into her weakening stomach. She closed her eyes as she felt the nausea rising. Quickly realizing she had to get out of this predicament, Erin snaked one hand down the front of Stephanie's short shorts and applied a claw hold to the blonde's cunt.

"Oh! Oh! NO! Oh God!" Stephanie cried, her eyes shooting wide open in shock and pain.

The blonde immediately stopped punching Erin as she slowly sank to her knees, her fingers scratching and pawing Erin's forearm as the vengeance-crazed brunette went to her knees, following her down.

"Can't very well punch when I'm tearing your insides up, can you? Huh? CAN YOU BITCH?" the exultant Erin spat in Stephanie's face.

"S-Stop! S-Stop!" Stephanie pleaded, her head wildly shaking from side-to-side, her hair whipping across her tearing eyes.

"Make me loser!" challenged Erin.

The brunette leaned back and then pushed her hand up under Stephanie, tightening her grip even more as Stephanie's body trembled with the intense pain radiating from her pussy. Stephanie gritted her teeth, struggling to finally get her wits together. She finally swung an elbow into Erin's face, stunning her enough to break free of her crotch crushing claw.

"Unghh!" Erin gasped falling back onto the sandy beach.

Stephanie was in no position to capitalize though as she curled up into a fetal position massaging her tender cunt. Erin was the first one back to her knees and she crawled over to Stephanie's prone body. The blonde was lying on her stomach so it was easy for Erin to capture one of her legs before she applied a vicious ankle lock.

"Gaghhhh!" Stephanie cried out as Erin twisted her trim ankle.

"Pretty proud of your legs aren't you blondie. How about I break one? Starting with this little ankle here," taunted Erin through gritted teeth as she wrung Stephanie's ankle like a wet tea towel.

"Ohhh,,,,n-n-no!" Stephanie sobbed, burying her pretty face in her arms as she struggled desperately to wriggle free.

"You know what to do bitch! GIVE UP!" Erin commanded as she ratcheted up the pressure another notch.

"No! Never!" Erin screamed just before a blinding flash of pain quickly silenced her.

Erin upped the ante some more, using one hand to twist Stephanie's trapped ankle while her free hand tightly grasped Stephanie's thigh. She dug her nails into Stephanie's long, lean leg, digging into the thigh muscle violently, trying to cause permanent damage to the underlying muscle.

"Aaaggghhhh!!" Stephanie screamed at the top of her lungs as her head snapped up, her back arching sharply.

Reacting more on sheer instinct than anything else, Stephanie did an amazing pirouette while still lying down, wrenching her leg free and spinning around so was laying on her back with her feet toward Erin. Stephanie drew back the leg that hadn’t been hurt and KICKED Erin squarely in the face!

The sexy brunette never saw it coming and the kick to the face sent her flying backwards, her head striking the beach violently. She lay sprawled on her back, her arms and legs spread in a complete daze; barely semi-conscious.

Stephanie wasn’t in much better shape as she writhed on her back clutching her ankle which had nearly been broken by Erin's vicious ankle lock. Eventually the pretty blonde made it to her knees and crawled over to the stunned Erin. She savored every moment as she straddled the Texan's chest and slapped her face to awaken her.

"Wakey-wakey, slut. I want you fully alert when I end this," Stephanie said.

Erin's eyes fluttered open but before she could fully regain her bearings she felt Stephanie's hands wrap around her throat then started slowly, methodically, brutally, squeezing.

"Cough! Gaaak!"

Erin sputtered, unable to believe it. What was going on? One minute she had the blonde on the verge of giving up and begging for her mommy, now Stephanie was choking her...and choking her so tightly. Ungh, she couldn't breathe, couldn't even swallow. The blonde's full strength came to brae now, as her muscular arms trembled with the effort of wringing Erin's neck.

"Like hurting people, eh Erin? Let's see how you like it huh," said Stephanie triumphantly.

'Was Stephanie going to kill her?' Erin thought alarmingly. 'Her grip....her grip...was SO strong.'

"P-Please...Stephanie...'n-nuff..." Erin managed to whisper weakly as her open hands slapped Stephanie’s hips.

"Are you giving up?" Stephanie asked triumphantly.

"Y-yes...yes..."Erin managed to squeak just before the remaining fight drained out of her body and she went completely limp.

"YES!" Stephanie squealed, bouncing up and down on Erin's devastated form. "I win! I win!"

Beaming, she leaned over and whispered in Erin's ear, "Now we know who the better woman i...URK!”

"No! Now I know who the stupid woman is!" Erin squealed as she wrapped her arms around Stephanie's head and pulled the blonde's stunned face down into her cleavage. She’d had been playing possum, hoping to draw Stephanie within reach of her deadliest weapons and she’d fallen for it like some naïve schoolgirl!

"Mmmmm!!! MMMMMMPHHHHHH!" Stephanie protested, her legs kicking in the sand as her arms pinwheeled crazily.

"Shut up! Shut up!" Erin commanded, clamping her strong legs about Stephanie's waist, controlling her body and ensuring the blondes face remained firmly trapped between her breasts. "You're...not...going...ANYWHERE" Erin screamed in triumph.

Meanwhile, Stephanie had gone into total panic mode. Try as she might, she couldn’t pull free with Erin's arms pulling her face tightly down into the brunette's bosom and her waist scissors trapping her body in place. The heat from Erin’s body was nauseating Stephanie and the lack of air was quickly sapping her superior strength.

In a last desperate effort to free herself, Stephanie planted her palms flat against the beach and tried to push-up her way to freedom. Erin’s arms and legs remained clamped around her like a sexy spider, laughing triumphantly as she realized Stephanie's efforts would be futile.

"Got you blondie! Got you good!" Erin cackled.

And sure enough, after seconds of straining, Stephanie's strong arms started to tremble, then collapsed all together. Her sweaty bare belly slapped down against Erin’s and she lay limp and still. It was all over now! Erin could position Stephanie's limp head any way she liked as she plunged Stephanie's face deeper into her dark, sweaty cleavage. Only Stephanie’s feeble whimpering and an occasional twitch indicated lingering consciousness in the blonde. Soon, even that ceased.

"YESSSS!!!" Erin exclaimed languidly but she didn’t release the breast smother right away.

It had come at a high price and she wanted to savor the moment a while longer. Erin held Stephanie trapped for one...two....three more long minutes before finally opening her arms from around the blonde's head and letting her slide off to the side of her sweat-slick body. The blonde lay on her back, her wet hair matted on her forehead, a thin line of drool ran from the corner of her open mouth back to Erin’s heaving bosom. Stephanie’s face was dark crimson and it appeared she’d come close to slipping into a permanent sleep, but the ragged and irregular rise and fall of her breasts indicated she was still alive...barely.

Erin got to her feet, wavering a bit herself after the tremendous fight she’d been in.

"Alright...where's my million dollars?" she exclaimed as Survivor Host Jeff Probst emerged from some nearby foliage with the camera crew who had been filming the entire spectacle.

"Whoa there Erin,” he said holding up his hands. “Congratulations on a great fight so far, but its not over yet."

"What do you mean? I creamed her!" Erin snapped angrily.

"But you remember the rules we agreed to?" replied Jeff. "The winner is decided by a submission. Stephanie never submitted, in fact, YOU were the one who gave up."

"But I didn't mean it!" Erin protested, balling her fists and stepping toward the host.

"Hey, I know that,” conceded Jeff. “And as far as we're concerned the fight is still on,” said Jeff.

"So then all I have to do to win is get that creampuff to say 'give'?" Erin asked.

"Exactly!" said Jeff.

"No fuckin' problem," said Erin.

She marched back to the still unconscious Stephanie, grabbed her ponytail and lifted the blondes drooping body up on her knees. She slapped Stephanie across the face violently...once.. twice.. three times as the lovely Arkansas firefighter's head limply rocked back and forth. Not until after the third stinging slap did her eyes fluttered open.

"Unghh...where am I...what's g-goin' on?" Stephanie mumbled.

"You're in beat-down city bitch, but don't worry,” shouted Erin. “You only have three little words to say to get out. Give up b###h! GIVE UP!" Erin screamed in Stephanie’s ruddy face.

"Ne-never," Stephanie sputtered weakly.

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that after I…"

Erin’s words were cut off from any further threats by a sharp punch thrown directly into her stomach.

"OOOOFFFFFF!!!!" she gasped, as for the second time this fight, Erin had been belly busted by a Stephanie sneak punch.

"G-Gonna p-pay for knocking me out," Stephanie gasped as she grabbed Erin tightly around the waist and pulled her toward her. They were both still on their knees, both too exhausted from the brutal bout to get back up on their feet.


Stephanie drove another hard punch to Erin's breadbasket.

"Gunghhhh!" the sexy Texan gushed as she hunched forward, her head landing between Stephanie’s heaving breasts.

Erin tried drawing back her fist, perhaps to punch Stephanie in her already sore cunt, but before she could throw the punch Stephanie landed another gut shot.

"WOOOSSHHHH!" Erin gasped.

"No more chances for you" said Stephanie menacingly. "Say you give!"

Erin could barely find the breath to say no, but she finally stammered it out only to be immediately rewarded with another brutal shot to her aching abs. Erin’s body limp, flopping into Stephanie with her head hanging over Stephanie's shoulder, her eyes closed, her arms limp at her sides; a thin sheen of perspiration coating both women's bodies.


Again Stephanie belted Erin in the belly and this time only a mild jerk showed Erin was still awake. A dark, ominous bruise was spreading over Erin's belly. It was clear she was sustaining internal injuries from Stephanie’s battering.

"Say you give you stupid bitch before I kill you," Stephanie whispered.

Erin desperately wanted to give up, but she just couldn't find any breath to form the words. When she opened her luscious lips only a soft wheezing sound came out.

"Come here Jeff!" Stephanie ordered.

The Survivor host quickly scrambled over and got within close hearing range of Erin.

"Now I'm only going to ask you one more time bitch,” Stephanie said. “Either you give up right now or I'm going to fire ten more shots into your fat stomach!" Stephanie jerked Erin’s head up by the hair and hissed, "Do you give up?"

Using all her strength, Erin weakly nodded as she stammered, “Yuh….y-yes...I-I-give..."

"Thank God!" Stephanie said, then she reared back and fired her most devastating punch yet, her fist burying itself in Erin's navel.

The Texan's eyes widened, her mouth opened in a silent scream and than she collapsed on her side out cold.

"That's for all your cheap shots," Stephanie crowed as Jeff helped the blonde up on shaky legs.

While a crew of paramedics converged on Erin, lifted her onto a stretcher and took her to a nearby helicopter waiting to take the loser to a hospital, Jeff congratulated the victor.

"Congratulations Stephanie Dill, you're the ultimate Survivor!" he said as he lifted Stephanie's arm in triumph and the beautiful blonde broke out in a great big smile while tears of joy and exhaustion rolled down her cheeks.