SURVIVOR SERIES by The Priest 4/13/01
Team Slayers: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Captain), Britney Spears & Jennifer Love Hewitt
Team Baseliners: Anna Kournikova (Captain), Christina Aguilera & Christina Ricci
An unknown tycoon with money to burn organized a six women survivor tag-team match to take place in a small seedy London Arena. He was offering a staggering £6,000,000 to the winning team and he hired Neve Campbell for £500,000 just to keep the girls in order. The eccentric tycoon had also wanted Martina Hingis and Catherine Zeta Jones in this match, but both individuals had declined.

RULES - Normal survivor tag-team rules PLUS any beaten girl interfering in the remainder of the match loses her right to any prize money.

Britney Spears, wearing her team attire of a dark blue bikini top and black knee length cycle shorts, climbed into the ring first for the Slayers. After a quick conversation with her new mates, Christina Aguilera entered for the Baseliners.

"I only agreed to be in this fight, so I could finally kick your fat ass," Aguilera told Britney.

"Just try," was Britney's pithy retort.

"I'll do more than that, you overrated slag, I'll break your fucking body in two," Christina snapped back.

The pop rivals didn't care for each other much, but Britney was completely shocked by the level of pure hatred that came out of Christina's mouth. After the verbal abuse died down, the two girls edged cautiously toward each other, Britney extended her right hand with fingers open, offering Christina to join her in a test of strength.

"Let's see how tough you really are bitch"

Aguilera, in her teams Black and White striped bikini, thought about it for a moment, then took up the challenge. Britney then offered her other hand, this time Aguilera did not hesitate and as their fingers locked Christina began to push with all her might. It wasn't long before she had backed a surprised Britney up to the ropes.

"Looks like you failed that test, you silicon slut," Aguilera mocked.

Her hurtful remarks came gift wrapped with a stunning slap across face.

"Can I hit you baby one more time?" Christina mocked as Britney tried to defend herself. A second slap arrived accompanied by a humiliating, "You know I can bitch!"

Britney, who was now filled with hatred, replied to the torment with a powerful headbutt that sent Aguilera crashing down to the canvas with a thud. Britney, wasting no time went for the cover and the early win... One.. Two.. Thr. The dazed Aguilera kicked out just in time. Britney, not giving her rival time to recover, quickly threw a couple right punches to Christina's face and went for a second pin... One.. Two.. Th But again, Christina managed to lift her shoulders up off the mat.

"Damn!" Britney muttered under her breath.

She had hoped to humiliate Aguilera with a quick and easy win. Britney positioned herself astride Christina and grabbed two fistfuls of her opponents hair, before ramming the back of Aguilera's head down to the canvas five times. Christina was now fighting for her life as she managed to push Britney off her and momentarily free herself from the onslaught.

With her head full of cobwebs, Christina started to crawl toward her corner, desperate to tag, but she never got anywhere near as Britney grabbed hold of her left ankle.

"Come back and take your beating like a real women," Britney said as she pulled the helpless blonde back to the other side of the ring.

Aguilera yelled her lungs out as her small tits were dragged over the rough canvas in the process. Britney then put in four hard kicks to Christian's mid-section, each causing a loud cry from her floored opponent. After tiring of kicking the living daylights out of her rival, Britney bent down beside the flattened Aguilera and snapped her opponents head back until she was looking straight into Christina's soulful eyes.

"You're a genie in hell, babe," laughed Britney, completely taking the piss out of Aguilera for her earlier comment.

Then she pinched Aguilera's nose before slamming her facefirst back down to the mat. The sight of Aguilera face down on the mat in no condition to defend herself made Britney realize how much she was enjoying every moment of the contest - and that she was starting to get turned on by her total domination of her bitterest rival. Britney's next move was to sit on Christian's back, grab her arms and pin them behind the smaller girls back.

"Come on Christina,. this fight is way too easy," she mocked.

"Fuck you!" Christina snapped back.

Angered by Christina's bravado, Britney started bouncing up and down on her back. Aguilera let out an ear piercing screech as her tits were mashed into the mat in the process. This bouncing excited Britney a little too much and she noticed a small damp patch inside her bikini. She stopped her bouncing, more out of embarrassment than anything else, and climbed off Christina. She lifted the slightly older girl up until they were face to face.

"Is this what a girl wants?" Britney asked as she whipped a stunning backhand to the face that sent her pop rival down to the mat again. Stepping over Aguilera's weak body, Britney started to walk over to Anna, her arms raised, showing off that she was in total control of the match.

"So, the tart thought she could kick my gorgeous ass," Britney said as she turned and rubbed her backside as she thrust it toward Anna.

Anna Kournikova tried to dive into the ring to get at the arrogant Britney, but was stopped by Neve Campbell.

"Get back, bitch," Neve told her as she shoved Anna back into her corner.

Britney pointed at Anna, saying, "You're next!"

While all this was going on, Christina, who was pissed off at herself for being so easily dominated by her bitter rival had crawled up behind the unsuspecting Britney.

"Not so fast hon. I'm not finished yet," she said as she delivered 'The Uppercut from Hell' straight between the pop princesses parted legs into her sweet honeypot. Britney's body shivered and exploded as her knees buckled in pain. She dropped to the mat and toppled over face first. Aguilera rolled her over and threw herself on top of Britney as Neve started to count. One...Two...Thre...

Britney's finely honed Survival instinct made her lift her left shoulder up off the mat just in the nick of time. Aguilera couldn't believe Spear's was still in the match!

"You've just made the biggest mistake of your life bitch, You should have stayed down," warned Aguilera as she smashed her fist into Britney's mouth, almost knocking her head off.

Aguilera, seated on her rival, reached down and tore off Britney's top.

"Let's see if those nasty rumors are true," she muttered as she slapped Britney's tits back and forth with her open hand.

"One... Tw..."

"Stop! I'll tell you when you can count," Christina interrupted Neve as she slapped Britney's tits once more.

After Britney's jelly-filled stopped jiggling, Aguilera's bent over and began to sumptuously lick Britney's breasts until the nipples grew hard.

"I gotta admit, you do have nice titties," Aguilera told Britney, who was still too dazed to fully understand what was going on.

"It's a shame I'm going to have to destroy them."

Aguilera had pictured this scene many times over the past year, but she never really thought the fantasy would come true. But here she was, sitting on a helpless Britney Spears and tit slapping her hated rival. Following her fantasy through, Christina began to lightly massage Britney's breasts.

"I'm playing with your titties Britney - and there's nothing you can do about it."

She kissed both nipples twice, flicking her tongue over the rough, excited nubs then she cruelly dug her hands into Britney's mounds of tit flesh.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The pain bursting through her chest shocked Britney to life.

"Wakey, wakey," Christina mocked.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhh! For God's sake, noooooo!" Britney couldn't control her screams as Aguilera's claws dug deep in the tender, sensitive orbs of girlish flesh.

Britney, in more pain than she'd ever known, desperately tried to remove Christina's hands, but her attempts proved fruitless. So, instead, she reached up and clawed Aguilera's face, trying to repay her for some of her pain.

"Ahhhhhh fuck!" Aguilera shouted as Britney nails left a long, red scratch mark on her flawless face.

You'll pay for that, you bitch," she told Britney as she bounced her bony ass up and down on Britney's famously tight tummy, knocking some of the wind from the younger girls lungs.

"Get off me, you fucking cow," Britney screamed as she tried to break free from Christina's breast claw.

But Christina Aguilera easily controlled Britney's frantic struggle, cruelly looking down at her and laughing.

"You asked me earlier what a girl wants? Well, Britney, it's this..." Aguilera said as she squeezed Brit's boobies even harder. "Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please Christina, leggo my tits," cried Britney as she desperately tried to rake Aguilera's pale face again.

"Are you submitting?" Asked Neve as she leaned over Britney's red face.

Britney wriggled helplessly under Aguilera's ass a few more moments then sobbed out her humiliating answer, "Yes!"

Aguilera was overjoyed. Of all the people in the world she wanted to destroy, the bitch Britney Spears topped her chart. Standing over her sobbing enemy, Aguilera couldn't resist kicking Britney in the butt a few times - just to emphasize the point about her superiority.

"Get lost bitch and don't you ever forget that I did kick your fat ass, as promised," Aguilera yelled as she kicked Britney over and over until she rolled out of ring.

Jennifer Love Hewitt entered to face Aguilera next.

Not giving Love time to settle in, Aguilera charged and nailed her with a clothesline. Love staggered back to the ringpost, but didn't go down. Aguilera followed quickly with a couple of stomps to Loves right thigh. The second causing her to yelp when the heel of Aguilera's shoe hit the top of her womanhood.

Out of desperation, Love threw a wild roundhouse punch that caught Aguilera on the upper part of her left breast. Love's follow-through ripped Aguilera's bikini and exposed her aroused nipple. Love reached to grab for the fleshy nub but Aguilera blocked her advances and pushed her away. Not fully recovered from her battle with Britney, Aguilera felt it was time to tag out, so she retreated across the ring and held out her hand.

Anna Kournikova duly slapped it and stepped between the ropes.

Love dashed forward and tried to hit Anna with a left hook, but the blonde tennis star skillfully ducked and counted with a punch to the brunette's firm belly. Love came back with a wicked right hook that, again, hit nothing but air. With Love off balance, Anna grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled, at the same time sending a right uppercut straight to Love's jutting jaw. Seconds later, Jennifer Love Hewitt was seated on her ass on the mat staring up at Anna.

"I don't care what you did last summer bitch," said Anna. "In the next few minutes you'll be going down for good."

"Did you use both your brain cells to come up with that one?" Love snapped as she sat up.

Anna, furious at Jennifer for insinuating she was just another dumb blonde, flew at her floored rival with wave after wave of brutal punches, kicks and stinging slaps. Love's arms and legs fluttered everywhere as she tried to keep Anna off her. In the tangle, Anna got hold of Love's cycle shorts and pulled them down to her knees. Love tried to hold onto her shorts so as not to lost both them and her dignity to Anna.

"Let go you fucking bitch," Anna shouted as she gave an almighty tug.

Hewitt was being dragged screaming around the ring on her back, her arms waving helplessly. Love's shorts, which had by now slipped from her grasp, were being tugged at furiously by Anna, in attempt to get them over Love's trainers. Finally, the material gave way and Anna managed take Loves shorts.

"I think these belong to you" she laughed as threw them back in Love's face.

Love got back on her feet just in time to be in the perfect position for Anna's drop kick. The powerful kick sent her staggering back into the same ringpost Aguilera had put her just minutes earlier.

Love's face was red with a mixture of rage and embarrassment as she ran full speed and lunged at Anna. The stunning brunette tackled Anna around the waist, knocking them both down to the canvas. Luckily for Love, she landed on top of her opponent and could tell the impact had done damage to the Russian. Pressing home her advantage, Love grabbed hold of Anna's wrists and tried for the pin.

One... Two..

But try as she might, Love couldn't hold Anna down for the vital third second. With the blonde fighting hard to survive, Love released one of Anna's wrists and slapped her, leaving a pink handprint on the tennis star's tanned face. Anna's attempts to buck Love off failed, and a second slap again stung her pretty face. Love's third slap was blocked, but a fourth connected. Love grabbed Anna's flailing arm and forced it down again...

One... Two... T.... Again. Anna forced her shoulder up.

"FUCK!" Jennifer shouted as victory had again been denied her.

Changing her attack, Love grabbed Anna by the throat and began to squeeze. Anna tried to break the choke hold, but Love's grip was too strong. With Anna gasping for air, Love reached behind her and pulled at Anna's bikini bottom. The sound of the thin material ripping caused Anna to panic.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Love dug her right hand into Anna's crotch and pulled. She came away with a fistful of dark brown hair. Love dumped them over Anna's face and laughed, "I think these belong to you," joked Love as Anna twisted her weeping face sideways trying to keep the hairs from getting in her open mouth. Thinking victory was now hers, Love grabbed Anna's arms again and went for the winning pin.


With all the strength she had, left Anna pushed her right side up and twisted her body 90 degrees. Love tried to keep her balance, but couldn't. Anna, her hands now free, grabbed a chunk of brunette hair and Love returned the favor. They rolled across the ring struggling for supremacy, neither willing to give the other the advantage of top position. The fight had now degenerated into hair pulling with an occasional face slapping.

One.... Neve counted as Loves shoulders were momentarily pinned before she rolled Kournikova over.

One...Tw.... This time it was Anna's shoulders that made a brief encounter with the mat.

Finally, after a titanic struggle, Anna managed to win the roll-over. She pulled herself up Love's body until she was straddling Love's firm stomach.

"Payback bitch," Anna hissed as she slapped Love hard in the face.

Now it was Love's turn to cry out in pain. A second slap brought a smile of satisfaction to Anna's face but her smile disappeared when Love reached up and grabbed Anna's tits, her nails clawing through the bikini top into the soft, bulging mounds of flesh it supported.

Anna went to slap Love for a third time, but the pain in her chest had become too much, so instead she tried to pry Love's hands off and end the mauling her breasts were taking. Using both hands, Anna easily managed to save her right breast from attack. Against Love's resistance, Anna slowly forced the brunettes left arm down, pinning it to the mat.

Realizing she was in a desperate position, Love pulled down the left cup of Anna's top with her free hand and began to pinch the hard nipple with all her might. Anna's screams were deafening and her vision blurred as her eyes filled with tears. Anna desperately wanted to stop to massage her aching tit, but knew she must not.

Anna's left hand grabbed Love's wrist and with an explosion of effort she forced Love's hand away from her breast. Love, with her left arm already pinned, knew if Anna forced her right arm down this match would be over. Anna too, knew victory was only be a few seconds away. Both girls put everything they had into this unusual arm wrestle.

For the next fifteen seconds, as the heavy breathing of both girls echoed through the hushed arena, nothing moved. Then Anna, not knowing whether it was her strength or gravity that accomplished it, started to force Love's arm slowly down. A few seconds later the back of Love's hand was just three or four inches above the canvas. Love's shoulder was exploding in pain, but she gritted her teeth, found an extra push and the downward motion stopped.

Both corners were screaming encouragement to their girl. Sarah desperately wanting Jennifer to turn this situation around to even up the sides again.

Suddenly, to Sarah's delight Love pushed Anna's arm up a couple of inches. She didn't want to be beaten like this and was going to do everything in her power to prevent it. Anna, who had thought she had the match won, let out a cry of frustration as her arm was pushed back a little further. Love was using every bit of energy she had left to escape and it was working. Over the next five-six seconds she managed to raise Anna's arm another few inches. Now it was Anna's turn to put everything she had in one last push to stop Love's escape..

"It's no use bitch, I'm not letting you escape," Anna told Jennifer, trying to break her spirit.

"Don't be so sure," came Loves reply.

Both women were running on empty and something had to give soon and it did! Without warning, Anna suddenly sent Loves arm crashing down to the mat.

"Got you!" spilled from Anna's lips.

Love cried out in defeat as Anna moved up her body, positioning her ass to crush Love's proud, firm tits beneath it. Anna also made sure her knees covered Loves shoulders - The classic Schoolgirl Pin.

"One... Two..." as Love kicked her long legs in a final effort as she tried to arch her back and get her shoulders off the mat - it failed.

Neve reluctantly slapped the mat for the third and final time..., "Three!"

Not content with just beating Love, however, Anna wanted to hurt her. A couple of slaps to the face soon had Love pleading for mercy. Anna reached back and was about to dig her claws into Loves unguarded pussy, when referee Neve Campbell, trying to save her 'Party of Five' friend, pulled Anna off by the hair and shoved her to the center of the ring....straight onto a spinning reverse head kick delivered - as she does each week as Buffy The Vampire Slayer - by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The blow sent Kournikova flying through the air until she landed flat on her back, arms and legs spread, a good eight feet away. Sarah walked cautiously over to Anna, not quite sure how much damage she'd done. When she examined Anna, she was delighted with the result. Anna was out cold.

Wanting a trophy from the opposition captain, Sarah reached down and ripped off what was left of Anna's bikini, releasing her magnificent globes from their confinement and baring her wonderful pussy for all the world to see - if 'all the world' consisted of the girls, The Tycoon and a few of his friends..

Sarah sat down astride Anna's naked body, shaking the bikini over her head in victory. She then rammed it into Anna's mouth.

Buffy took Anna's limp wrists and positioned them over the unconscious tennis players head holding them down for the win. One...Two...Three.

"You could count to fifty if you wanted," Sarah told Neve with a proud giggle.

"Just get her the hell out of here," Was Neve's reply.

Christina Aguilera re-entered the ring and stood staring at Gellar. Each seemed unsure of what their first move should be. Until Sarah suddenly lunged forward and planted a jab on Aguilera's nose. She swiftly followed up, throwing a flurry of punches to the singers head. All Aguilera could do was try to cover up and hope the onslaught would end soon.

A right uppercut crashed through the singers defenses and landed with a thud on her jaw, sending Aguilera to the mat.

"Give up bitch, you'll only get hurt," Sarah advised her.

Aguilera didn't answer as she slowly rose to her feet.

Sarah, not wanting to give Aguilera time to recover from the knockdown, lunged at her, but Aguilera was ready and she ducked out of the way. Sarah's lunge forward left her exposed to a counter and Aguilera took full advantage. She smashed her right fist into the slayers mid-section and the powerful blow dropped Sarah to one knee.

"I don't think I'll give up just yet," Christina said as she slapped Sarah across the face with stunning power.

Aguilera tried a second slap, but Sarah managed to grab her wrist and, in one quick movement, twist it up and around painfully trapping it against Aguilera's back. Standing behind her, Sarah used her free hand to grab Christina hair and snap her head back.

Sarah put her mouth to Aguilera's ear and hissed, "Listen here slut, you'll give when I tell you to give."

Now in complete control, Sarah sent a knee crashing up into Christina's ass.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhh shit!" Christina cried.

"It didn't sound like you enjoyed that. How about this one?" asked Sarah as she gave Aguilera's ass another kneeing. "Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Please Sarah, let me go," was Christina's only reply.

The combination of vicious hair pulling, arm twisting and ass kneeing quickly had Christina crying her eyes out and totally at Sarah's mercy. Neve asked Aguilera if she wanted to submit and after a couple more powerful kneelifts to her tender ass, Christina tearfully nodded.

Christina Ricci entered the ring as Sarah strolled toward her.

"So, you think you're the queen of the sex fight, do you?" Sarah asked.

"I'm not only the queen," Ricci snapped, "I'm the whole damn royal family!"

The last word had barely left her lips when Sarah pulled Ricci to her and began to passionately kiss her. The bold action caught Ricci totally off guard. She hadn't expected to have Sarah's tongue in her mouth, but it didn't take long before she was kissing back as hard, or even harder.

After feeling Ricci's tongue respond, Sarah pushed Ricci away and turned to Neve, "Forget about a three count. This'll be a first cum submission match. OK Chris?"

Neve, unsure of what to make of it all, looked at Ricci who shrugged and said, "Sure, fine with me."

Ricci walked back to Sarah and took her in her arms.

"Nice kiss, but let me show you how to really use a tongue."

As they embraced in a passionately kiss, Ricci slid a hand behind Sarah and with a quick flick of thumb and forefinger, removed her top. Then Christina started slowly massaging Sarah's perky breasts. Not wanting to be outdone, Sarah went for Christina's top, but she was nowhere near as experienced and fumbled with the clasp for several seconds.

With Sarah's attention elsewhere, Ricci put her left leg behind Sarah's and pushed. Both girls crashed to the mat where, after a brief struggle, Ricci pinned Sarah beneath her.

"Let me help you, honey," she said as she unclipped her own top, "or we may be here all night." As her big breasts spilled free, the on-lookers gasped in awe. "Nice aren't they?" Ricci bragged as she lowered her chest toward Sarah's face while at the same time, she used her legs to wedge apart Sarah's thighs so she had easy access to the slayer's womanhood. A few seconds later Christina's pussy had found its target and the fight was on!

Sarah, a little startled by the suddenness of Ricci's attack, wished she was on top for this part of the fight, but she was still confident she could use her fighting ability to control Ricci's movement.

"Just let me know when you want to surrender," Sarah said as her breathing became more rapid.

"It'll be a few minutes after you," Christina replied as she rubbed her pelvis on Sarah.

Sarah not liking Christina's reply, put in a couple of hard pelvic thrusts of her own and a gasp from Ricci brought a smile to the slayers face.

"I think you'll come before me won't you honey?" Sarah gasped as she ran her hands down Ricci's flanks.

Not wanting Sarah to get overconfident Ricci started to use some long penetrating thrusts of her own. Neve looked on in total amazement as the two girls went at it face to face, nipple to nipple and crotch to crotch, the thin material of their suits offering little, if any protection. Sarah had her hands on Ricci's ass where she thought they could help control Ricci, perhaps even get the two girls moving at the pace that best suited her.

It did.

The Cruel Intentions star was soon grinding her pelvis up into Ricci's at a tempo she liked.

Ricci's womanhood was soon flooded with tingling pleasure but her only response was to force Sarah's pussy back down to stop her attack.

"What's wrong Christina," Sarah leered. "I thought you wanted to play?"

Sarah's tremendous start had Christina worrying if her body really beat the vampire slayer. It wasn't long before Sarah was at her again, slowly lifting Ricci's hips and ass into the air with her powerfully penetrating pussy thrusts.

"You're all mine bitch and you know it," gloated Sarah the slayer.

Ricci realized Sarah was right unless she could defeat her attack. So Ricci closed her eyes and went for it. After all, don't they say the best defense is a good offense, she thought to herself. Years of practice began to pay off for Ricci and before long she heard Sarah whimpering. The blondes resistance was slowly but surely being broken, but Ricci was paying the price for her success too.

Hoping to finish Sarah quickly, Ricci continued to grind her womanhood against Sarah's in a speedy clockwise motion. Sarah fought back between struggles to get her breath with the heavier girl pressing down on her by more upward thrusting, but she was starting to feel waves of pleasure surging through her and she knew she needed to re-group somehow. Sarah tried to push Ricci off her to get some badly needed rest, but Ricci grabbed her arms and kept her pinned down .

"What's wrong little slayer girl," Ricci whispered in her ear. "You can't take this?"

Ricci realized it was now safe to slow the tempo which was confirmed by Sarah's shriek of pleasure as a reply. Ricci, herself in trouble, managed to keep her own sounds of pleasure to herself.

Ricci was now able to take full advantage of being on top. She could control the tempo both girls moved at. The one who could control that would most likely win the day and Ricci was an expert at it. Ricci noticed how Sarah's breathing had become increasingly heavier and her rivals nipples were rock hard from what she hoped was near-end excitement.

During next several thrusts, Ricci intentionally rubbed her own nipples into Sarah's to see if it had any effect. She was delighted with the mini shudder she felt from the slayers upper body.

Using this knowledge, Ricci swung her superb big breasts over Sarah's and let her nipples dance erotically with Sarah's. Sarah, on the other hand, was just glad Ricci's skillful humping had almost stopped, but she wasn't going to just lie there and let her breasts take a beating. So she arched her back and tried to make her nipples fight back. A wicked smile flitted across Ricci's face when she realized Sarah had sent her tits to war.

"You don't think you stand any kind of chance in that department do you?" Ricci asked as she banged her much larger breasts on Sarah's.

"You obviously haven't met slayer tits before," Sarah grunted.

Both girls were extremely proud of their bosom and they relished any chance to prove to anyone theirs were the best. For the next minute or so, nipples fought with nipples, breasts pounded against breasts as both fought to control the unbearable combination of pleasure and pain in their tits. Each desperately wanted to win the mini-battle; to be able to brag, "my tits rule" was all either girl could think of at the moment.

Ricci forced her breasts down hard into Sarah's so that both pairs of nipples were gouging into flesh. Then she'd raise herself slightly to let her nipples attack Sarah's.

"Let your tits surrender anytime they want ," she told her foe.

"Never," Sarah shot back through gritted teeth.

Time and time again, Ricci forced her breasts down, flattening Sarah's tits then raising herself to let her nipples pound Sarah's. Her never-ending and skilled attacks were slowly wearing Sarah's resistance down. Finally, as Ricci's nipples began to totally dominate her, Sarah had no choice but to painfully admit to herself her tits weren't up to the task. The bitch above her had the better breasts. She realized that continuing to titfight could only lead her painful downfall.

Trying to hide the fact that she'd lost the battle of the breasts, Sarah quickly turned her attention back to the pussy fight and resumed her upward thrusting. For the second time, her action caught Christina completely off guard and before she had time to return Sarah's pussy pounding, a groan had escaped her mouth.

"Don't you go thinking that meant anything," Ricci quickly told Sarah as she ground her pussy back down hard into Sarah's. Sarah's only reply was to grind herself upward into Christina again, but this time Ricci held her pleasure in. The same couldn't be said of Sarah, however. She let out a gasp whenever Christina pounded her wet pussy down between her spread legs. For the next sixty seconds the two goddesses went at it full throttle. Sarah pushing upward and Ricci pounding her back down. Neither of them cared that the groans were escaping loudly from their throats.

Sarah thought she could beat Ricci if only she could somehow reverse their positions, but every time she tried to roll Ricci over, the dark haired beauty managed to keep the upper position. Sarah's repeated attempts roll told Ricci she must be in deep trouble and it inspired her to pound Sarah's pussy with everything she had. Sarah tried to keep up, but she was soon being over-powered once more.

Ricci seemed to be in total control; she was humping Sarah into oblivion. Sarah just lay on her back, her arms around Ricci, her hands on the massive twin globes of Christina's bottom and her legs wedged wide apart by Ricci's thick thighs. Sarah's only movement seemed to be caused by Ricci's powerful thrusting. Christina could sense that Sarah was coming close to climaxing, but her problem was that her own orgasm was building as well. She was just praying the slayer broke first.

Trying to hold herself together, Ricci let her mouth explore Sarah's body. Sarah let out a gasp of desperation as Ricci's teeth lightly closed on her right nipple. This was quickly followed by a wail of pure hedonistic pleasure when Ricci's expert tongue went to work on the hard fleshy button. Sarah knew the end was near and that if she didn't get the top position soon she was doomed.

In a last ditch effort, Sarah cried out, "Kiss me, please!"

Ricci raised her head and smiled, "Anything to make you cum quicker Gellar!"

As tongue met tongue, Sarah tried once more to twist her body to escape the onslaught, but Ricci was too strong and with hardly any effort Ricci forced Sarah's weak body back down on her back beneath her.

"There's no escape for you," Christina whispered as she rubbed her pelvis erotically on Sarah's wet, open slit. "In fact, I think it's time the world had a new slayer," Ricci said.

Sarah squealed as Ricci gave her a slow, hard thrust that seemed to last an eternity. At the same time, Ricci gently pushed Sarah's head to one side and started to nibble, Vampire style, on her neck. Sarah fought to hold on, but the game was up. The thought not only of herself, but also her character being eliminated, pushed the young blonde over the edge.

First, Sarah's body began to tingle, then spasm. Waves of ecstasy flooded every pore of her sweat-drenched body as, with Sarah still trying to hold on, her juices started to flow uncontrollably, running down the crack of her ass between her spread legs onto the dirty canvas below her flattened ass. Sarah cried softly as Ricci rotated her hips on her in a gesture of disdain.

After the tidal wave inside her loins subsided and the rubble of her defeated body had settled, Sarah turned her head slightly and whispered in Ricci's ear, "Alright. I give Queen Christina. You win."

"Don't feel bad babe, I always do," was Christina's gloating reply. With that she got up off of Sarah's limp and sweaty defeated body and went to ringside to claim the victor's prize money for herself and her teammates.