Mena Suvari vs. Michelle Williams by Catfight Contributor+Hawkeye

Michelle bounces on the mat, more than a little nervous energy being expended and indeed a little nervousness in those expressive hazel eyes. It had been a long time since she destroyed Dani Fishel and, as delightful as it had been, the comfort factor had faded. Mena was dangerous; her previous fights had proven that, now she was fighting again just hours later instead of months.

Michelle's bounty undulates invitingly in a tight, black cotton halter as she shadowboxes, waiting for her opponent as her black trunks cling tightly to the curve of her alabaster glutes as a glistening of perspiration starts to emerge on her flawless flesh. "Keep moving, keep moving," she thinks. "And those butterflies will land," the massaging of her psyche continuing. Still, the first sight of Mena sets her heart racing into overdrive.

"OK...OK. You're a weapon," she whispers to herself. "She has to worry about YOU!"

Mena enters the ring wearing a black bra and panty set, having rested up briefly after her previous match, her body still tingling from the unexpected domination of Piper Perabo.

As she stands next to Michelle, the two form a sharp contrast; curvy, big-breasted Michelle seemed to have a considerable size advantage over Mena - not in height, but in body type. Yet while Michelle looked tense, Mena had almost an air of cockiness about her.

"What's the matter, hon," Mena purred, running the back of her hand over Michelle's face. "Nervous?"

Michelle felt like slapping her hand away, but something held her back. Call it confidence or intimidation, whichever it was, it was clear that one woman was lacking while the other was bursting with it. Michelle turned her head away.

"Back off," she protested, but it was she who had taken the first couple of steps back, putting her out of arm's reach for the time being.

Unfortunately for the 'Dawson Creek' star, she was still within reach of a flashing side kick and Mena's foot plunging deep into her belly.


Michelle doubled over, her hands reflexively holding her aching midriff. Mena clamped a tight headlock on the blonde as Michelle pushed at her arms with little effect. While pulling Michelle's upper body down, Mena nailed her with her knee twice in the same spot she'd kicked her.

"Geez," Mena smirked. "You're gonna be easier than Piper. At least she put up a fight..."

Seemingly stung by Mena's taunt, Michelle responded with a hard right to Mena's belly, and as she squealed, another one. Mena released her head and took a couple of steps back to get her breath and shake off the pain. Then the two young women circled, looking for an opening.

"It's coming back," Michelle thought. "Slowly, but surely."

She could hold her own; Mena's body yielding to her blows had given her hope...belief. The butterflies had stopped fluttering. Michelle focused on Mena's eyes; each movement would be given away if she could see into those windows of blue. She feinted left, Mena dipping to counter and Michelle caught the slender beauty with a tackle; Mena's legs pedaling as if on an imaginary bicycle as she tumbled backward to the mat.

Pinned beneath a waist straddle, Mena flung up both forearms in defense but Michelle penetrated below, again delving into Mena's taut midsection. She was no Dani, her middle tight and toned, the gentle 'oof' and the spasm of her tight abs at each successive blow gave Michelle the whiff of success that brought out the tiger in this pussycat. The Creek cutie hammered away, right, left, right, her blonde hair flying one way, then the other, as her diminutive fists landed above, on, and yes, even below the belt.

"Nobody's easier than Piper, certainly not me," she snarled.

Then, too emphasize her point, Michelle spread Mena's arms and delved into the succulent flesh beneath them, clawing at the delicate mounds hidden beneath the ebony lace bra. The tumblers had fallen back into place, unlocking Williams' inner child and outer demons.

"This is what you're here amusement," she thought as she squeezed.

The match had just started and already Michelle was grabbing her breasts? Mena wondered what she'd gotten herself into as Michelle manhandled her small boobs, bringing squeals of pain that ended with an entreaty, "Get off of me, you damn dyke!"

Mena thrashed wildly; Michelle had failed to secure her hands and the petite blonde used one to grab Michelle's blond hair. At first Michelle barely budged, but her face showed pain as Mena pulled harder and harder. Trying to free herself, Michelle slapped Mena's face, rocking her head back and forth. Seeing she wasn't going to get Michelle off of her this way, Mena reached up and buried her wiry fingers in Michelle's ample breasts, squeezing for all she was worth.

Finally, unable to take that kind of pain for long, Michelle pulled back and jumped to her feet. In a flash, Mena swept her legs into Michelle's, knocking her to the mat. They took a moment as they got to their knees, then locked into each other. Michelle had more meat on her bones which she used to her advantage as she slowly powered Mena's down toward the canvas.

Turning Mena's wrists, Michelle forced her first to one knee then two, Mena's face twisting in both effort and pain. There weren't many women Michelle could beat in a test of strength, but the slight Mena was clearly one of them. With both strength and position on her side, she forced Mena onto her back. She bridged desperately, the top of Mena's head touching the mat, her arms vibrating as she continued to struggle in what was now a lost battle.

Having proven her point, Michelle suddenly reversed, as she pulled Mena back up to her, collecting her a few inches above the waist, her arms wrapping her up and then squeezing. Mena embraced her in a bearhug, her tiptoes barely brushing the canvas, as she leaned her head back and pushed at Michelle's arms, straining in vain to break free.

"Let's see how you do without any oxygen," Michelle taunted.

She bore down, her little biceps flexing, her arms constricting around Mena's belly. She took several slaps, before dropping her chin to her chest to give less of target. Despite the slapping, Michelle kept the pressure on; the sound of Mena's shortened, choppy breaths like music to her ears.

Mena wriggled in Michelle's grasp, frantically looking for an opportunity to escape and catch her breath. No matter how much she slapped Michelle, it wasn't doing any good. To make matters worse, Michelle began shaking her, swinging her legs from side to side as she tightened her grip further each time Mena exhaled. Mena's feet were flapping just above the mat and she couldn't reach down to support herself, so she had to try a new tactic.

Swinging her legs up, she brought her feet together and kicked her heels back as hard as she could into Michelle's ass. She tried the move several times, but it just wasn't painful enough to force her release. It did, however, have an unexpected benefit! With Mena bringing her legs around Michelle and actually leaning into her a bit, it put more pressure on the curvy blond than she could handle. Michelle stumbled back slightly and Mena put as much weight as she could into her. Before long, Michelle's legs collapsed and she crashed to the mat with Mena on landing on her stomach, facing her face, her legs stretched in front of her.

Deciding to try out a new move, Mena folded her legs up and put her bare left foot on the right side of Michelle's face and the right against the left side. Then she squeezed them together with as much force as she could muster. Michelle's apple cheeks were pressed flat by Mena's soles, her eyes bulging out under the pressure as Mena's toes dug into her face. Mena looked down at Michelle from her perch on her belly as the 'Creek' star responded with a string of expletives, all of which sounded like, "mmmmfff ggrrrllbb!"

Michelle slapped Mena's taut thighs, turning the ivory skin lightly pink, but accomplishing little else. Mena lifted her ass up off Michelle's tummy an inch or two, then dropped back, driving her ass into her breadbasket as punishment.


Michelle's nostrils flared as a sizable exhalation passed through her nose, accompanied by a pained squint of her eyes. The pressure was building, as Michelle's face had changed from pretty pink to deep crimson. When they opened, her eyes were glazed and unfocused. Attacking the outside of Mena's vise had proven fruitless, so Michelle swung her arms inside the gorgeous gams in a prayerful pose, then wedged them open, prying Mena's knees and feet apart. Michelle blinked and shook some feeling back into her face as Mena's pressure on it eased somewhat.

But the blonde still had an unwelcome guest seated on her and she started to crab in reverse, bucking as she tried to unseat Mena who eventually tumbled off to the side allowing Michelle to successfully squirm out from underneath. Mena quickly popped to her feet and grabbed Michelle's ankles before she could slither away completely. Michelle twisted herself in knots in her attempts to spin free, but Mena held fast to her ankles.

Michelle's hazel eyes turned up toward Mena's face in a plaintive plea that became more urgent as Mena spread her legs wider as Michelle pleadingly waved her hands in a request for leniency.


Michelle may have been physically stronger, but Mena knew her resolve was weak and her pain threshold low. However pathetically she begged, Mena wasn't about to relent. Holding Michelle's legs apart at the ankles, Mena began grinding her foot down on Michelle's crotch. Alternately rubbing and stomping, she was finding ways to not only bother and hurt her, but stimulate her as well. It was the best of both worlds as far as Mena was concerned!

Michelle desperately tried to sit up, but whenever she tried to raise her upper body, Mena pushed on her legs and she fell back again. Then, in desperation, Michelle pulled her legs toward herself, freeing her ankles momentarily from Mena's grasp. As soon her legs were free, Michelle kicked up into Mena's chest, thrusting her up off her feet into the air.

Mena landed on her stomach, and Michelle, unwilling to lose a valuable opportunity, threw herself on her back. Wanting to wear the smaller woman down using her weight, Michelle grabbed Mena's arms and spread them outstretched onto the mat. Arranging herself full length on Mena's back, Michelle began lifting her body up and slamming down onto Mena's back. A small grunt rewarded her each time she slammed into Mena who squirmed, trying to free herself. But the smaller Mena couldn't budge Michelle from her position.

The tenderizing continued as Michelle slammed her body down on Mena eight, nine, ten times; with each one she could feel Mena's resistance fading. When she released her pinion from Mena's arms, they remained limp at her sides. Michelle reached down to adjust her trunks and tend to some soreness from Mena's abuse of her crotch. The momentary housekeeping taken care of, she returned to Mena, slipping her left arm under Mena's chin and pulling her torso up off the canvas. Using her right, Michelle slipped it beside Mena's head across her temple as she kept her own body tightly pressed on Mena's back.

Immediately, Mena rocketed back to life realizing her predicament; her dire straits overcoming the shock from which she was still recovering. The lithe beauty felt Michelle's legs grapevine hers as she tightened the hold on her head. Mena's manic struggles for escape reflexively increased and she managed to roll over, Michelle ending up under her back with their figures still firmly pasted together as if the sheen of sweat covering their bodies were glue.

Michelle continued holding on like a blond pit bull and Mena could sense her time was running short. Her focus was growing blurred, something more needed to be! Mena's hands were free and she needed to make the best possible use of them if she wanted to avoid defeat. Somehow, she reached between her legs...then between Michelle's...and curled her fingers into the curvy blond. At first Michelle only tightened her hold, but as Mena increased her pressure, Michelle was forced to release her arm from around Mena's throat and use that hand to try to pry Mena's fingers away. Feeling her head slip free, Mena managed to twist her legs out of the grapevine and get to her feet.

Mena was desperate to get away after nearly succumbing, but Michelle, showing renewed confidence, was stalking Mena around the ring. The smaller Mena hadn't fully recovered, but even at full strength she wasn't keen to get into another test of strength with Michelle. The blonde finally caught her and once she had her, Mena had no choice except to lock up. Before long, she found herself again being driven down to her knees - but this time, she didn't let it go any further. Bringing her foot up, Mena caught Michelle in her soft tummy and...with her gasping, Mena nailed pulled her hand free and nailed her with a fist in the same spot.

Michelle doubled over but Mena used a handful of hair to stand her back up, then put her in a bearhug as she wrapped her slender arms around Michelle's waist and locked her hands behind her. Mena tried to lift Michelle's feet off the mat, but she didn't have the muscle to get the taller blonde in the air. But she kept squeezing. It wouldn't be remembered as one of the world's most imposing bearhugs, but she hoped it would be enough to drain energy from Michelle.

Indeed, it wasn't a great bearhug, but coming after the knee and the punch to Michelle's belly, the bearhug worked wonders! Michelle failed miserably in her efforts to get a breath as she struggled to get her arms under Mena's. But the diminutive ingenue was vacuum-sealed to Michelle, compressing her diaphragm with every ounce of energy in her tiny arms. Michelle could feel her legs growing rubbery, her head getting dizzy and light; but her feet still remained flat on the mat giving her leverage.

Reaching forward, Michelle clapped her hands over Mena's ears, the ear-ringer lived up to its name as the move gave Mena quite a jolt. Her arms, already quivering from the strain of the hold, fell to her sides freeing Michelle who dropped to one knee, her ability to remain upright at all aided by her left arm wrapped around Mena's right hip.

Mena held her hands to her throbbing temples, her baby blue eyes squeezed tightly closed in pain. Her unsteady step back was halted by Michelle's hand gripping her panties by the waistband at the small of her back. From her kneeling position, Michelle whistled a hard uppercut to Mena's crotch, the sheer lace panties providing no shield against the blondes knuckles. A crisp 'o' formed on Mena's ruby lips, and a soft chirp emerging. With her knees locked together, she slowly sank to the mat in agony, her hands grasping at the V junction of her lovely thighs.

Michelle, still hurting, leaned her head on Mena's shoulder for support, but at that moment Mena was in no condition to stop her own up-close-and-personal meeting of her face with the canvas, let alone brace Michelle up. Both toppled to the mat next to each other, each holding distinct parts of their anatomy.

Michelle would be the first to rise. Mena writhed on the mat as her pain gradually subsided while Michelle slowly got to her feet and walked to her fallen opponent wondering what to do. Just as she reached down, Mena brought her legs together and shot both feet up hoping to nail Michelle between the legs again. She had to settle for her thigh instead but it was enough to make Michelle hop back, giving Mena a chance to get to her feet.

Mena charged Michelle, hoping to catch her off guard and, indeed, she managed to drive her back into the corner where she proceeded to pound Michelle's body with her fists, trying to batter the fight out of her just as she'd done to Piper. Michelle fought back and in time she managed to get a strong enough grip on Mena to spin her around and reverse their positions.

Now Mena was the one cornered and it was Michelle's turn to pound on her and before long, Mena was sagging. She blocked some of the blows, and even landing one or two of her own, but despite Michelle being an awkward puncher, Mena's petite frame couldn't take all the slaps and punches she was landing.

Finally, Mena began to slide down the corner turnbuckle, until her butt bounced on the mat with her legs stretched out straight in front of her and her back resting on the corner padding. She desperately wanted to get away, but Michelle kept her in place with one foot as she reached down and, with one quick move, opened the snaps of Mena's bra and pulled it off to expose the small, perky breasts she'd managed to keep covered the entire fight against Piper!

Mena was in a bad way and she knew it. She had to find a way out of the corner, but first she was preoccupied wondering what Michelle had planned to do to her. A bad situation was quickly becoming worse for Michelle hadn't taken Mena's bra just to claim her undies as a prize, but to get at what lay beneath! Unsure of the severity of Mena's condition, Michelle wisely remained wary and that meant attacking Mena's modest bosom with her feet, keeping most of her vulnerable targets safely out of Mena's reach. Holding the ropes on either side of Mena, Michelle stomped with one foot, alternating between each of Mena's modest mammaries. The feet rained down in rapid succession, Mena's little body bouncing and jolting with each impact, her head whip-lashing, her arms holding the bottom strands of ropes on either side until the torrent of stomping stopped. Michelle took a knee next to the traumatized Mena whose head bobbed as her eyes blinked dumbly.

"You don't look so good," Michelle whispered as her fingertips lightly circled each of Mena's aureoles, the circles narrowing until they settled on each nipple, plucking it tenderly between thumb and forefinger.

Michelle tugged lightly at first, but her methodical tugging increased as she pulled the firm nipple out farther and farther from the coffee toned areola. Mena squealing and slapping weakly at Michelle's arms as, despite her pain, her nipples hardened, growing ripe and ready under Michelle's skilled and well-practiced touch. Michelle gave Mena's swelling nipples a final, excruciating 360-degree spin and a yelp of pain shot from Mena's lips. Michelle let the rubbery tips snap back, then took two handfuls of Mena's golden locks and dragged the weeping Mena up and set her on her trembling legs.

"Maybe...," Michelle hissed as she slapped Mena's bare breasts, the echo reverberating through the arena. "'ll take me more seriously...." she continued as she threw another open hand, connecting with the ruddy breasts with a meaty SMACK! " time!"

She snatched Mena's wrist and sent her flying across the ring, her arms windmilling for balance. The limber young American beauty bounced off the ropes and started back in the direction from whence she came, her body completely out of control until she was gathered in by Michelle who used Mena's own momentum to hoist the flyweight up onto her shoulder and plant her 'THWAP' flat on her back! Stunned, Mena stared blankly up at the purple-white overhead lights...until Michelle's body blocked out the light as she straddled her shoulders.

"What to do with you next? Or more properly, what to TAKE from you next?"

Mena followed Michelle's eyes as they roamed down her body, then back up before Michelle slowly started to descend, grinning.

"No!" Mena screamed in realization, drawing her knees up in an attempt to fend her off, but it was too late! By the time Mena moved, Michelle already had yanked Mena's panties down around her knees. After pulling them the rest of the way off, she used the fact Mena's legs were sticking up in the air to easily capture her ankles. Then, standing up, she pulled Mena's legs apart and stomped a foot onto her crotch, leaning over her and pressing down with her weight behind her as Mena groaned.

At first Mena felt pain, but then she felt something more that frightened her even more. Michelle was rubbing her pussy with her foot while keeping her legs immobilized. Mena was helpless and the more she tried to struggle, the more intense were the feelings awakening in her body. The scary truth was that the writhing she was doing wasn't caused by her discomfort - quite the opposite!

Thinking she had sufficiently softened Mena up, Michelle moved on the next phase of her devious plan. Sliding her hands slowly down Mena's legs, she gripped her under her knees and pulled the smaller woman's hips closer. Once Mena was close enough, Michelle wrapped her arms around her thighs and pulled her almost straight into the air. Bending over, Michelle managed to wrap her arms around Mena's waist. Straightening up, she pulled until she had Mena upside down, the blonde's back against her legs and her head just inches off the ring with her hair sweeping on the mat.

Mena was trapped in an upside-down bearhug and she couldn't think of anywhere she'd less like to be. Her bare legs flailed in the air as Michelle squeezed the fight out of her glistening, naked body while she felt herself growing light-headed as the blood rushed to her head. With what determination as she could muster, Mena managed to kick Michelle in the face, forcing a grunt...then another kick. Still, Michelle held her tight. Finally, modifying her earlier move, Mena put her feet on both sides of Michelle's face and squeezed as best she could, hoping the pressure would make Michelle release her hold.

Michelle could feel the pressure building, not just on her arms maintaining Mena in her precarious position, but the added strain on her head as Mena's feet crushed it from either side. The blonde squinted down into Mena's glistening naked pussy, widened by the way she held her legs' for her foot pancake. Michelle licked her lips as she took in the explicit view, her previous attention to it having brought Mena's clit to a heightened state of alert that was all too obvious as her labia spread apart with her legs spread wide.

Sadly, Michelle couldn't reach that sensitive zone while she had to use both hands to hold Mena's legs and now she had other problems for the pressure on her head was starting to make her dizzy. If she could just move her arms she could solve both problems at once; remove Mena's vice on her head and use her fingers where they'd do the most good. But to do either, she'd have to give up the inverted bearhug.

Then, in a bolt from the blue, the answer came to her! So obvious! How could she have missed it?

Michelle dropped on her ass and the crown of Mena's head was driven into the canvas with breathtaking force. Michelle released the bearhug and Mena flopped backward on the mat in a tangled heap, her arms and legs akimbo, her eyes unfocused. Michelle sat back and rubbed her temples in disbelief. Even trapped in an upside-down bearhug, Mena still found a way to attack her.

"Dangerous," Michelle muttered, clearing the cobwebs with a gentle shake of her head that sent sweat flying from her long golden hair. "Not the sort you want to give a second chance," she thought. "Get your butt up."

Michelle struggled wearily to her knees and crawled to Mena who was still lying in a beautiful jumble of arms and legs. She arranged her nubile, alabaster body spread-eagle, then climbed aboard straddling her chest with her back to Mena's head, hungrily staring at her target of opportunity and, indeed, of choice! The moment Michelle's fingers touched her pussy, Mena sprung to life; thrashing her arms, kicking her legs, her upper body bouncing off the canvas so violently it was hard for Michelle to stay in the saddle. Still, the big blonde managed, albeit with some difficulty.

Mena's wildly thrashing legs, in fact, gave Michelle an added advantage - even easier access to Mena's sweet, tender, juicy pussy. In seconds, Michelle was mauling and manhandling Mena - not to cause her pain Mena soon realized but to wear her down - or at least to force her to drop her guard - through intense pleasure.

Mena couldn't, wouldn't let that happen! If Michelle did any more, she'd no longer have the strength - or the will - to fight back. With a Herculean effort, Mena brought her feet up around Michelle and wrapped her legs around Michelle's head. Mena's lower limbs were wrapped around her head before Michelle could gather her wits or realize what happened. Mena powered dropped her legs down to the mat, taking Michelle's head with them and flipping her forward in a somersault that sent her off and rolling away. Michelle landed on her butt at Mena's feet, more shocked than hurt. She sprang to her feet rubbing her silky derriere, shaking her head in disbelief.

"What’s this bitch made of?" she wondered as she looked with awe, not only at Mena's naked beauty, but the iron will beneath her delicate features.

"OK. So you don't want the pleasure," Michelle said, as she grabbed Mena's left ankle. "We can still do the pain thing!"

Apparently, so could Mena! Her right foot shot up, catching Michelle square in the cunt whose hold on her leg melted away as Michelle collapsed in stages; first dropping to her knees with both hands clutching her crotch, next toppling onto her face as her hands were unable to cushion her fall, then rolling onto her side facing Mena, and finally curling up in a ball hyperventilating in anguish.

Mena lay on her back, like Michelle, trying to recuperate from the thrashing she'd taken. Finally getting to her hands and knees, she studied Michelle who was in bad shape; red-faced, rolling around with knees at her chest, clutching at her crotch. But Mena knew the pain wouldn't last forever, as much as she wished it were so, and she knew she had to act quickly. Walking behind Michelle's head, Mena took her by the hair, pulling sharply back. Michelle had no choice but to back up, doing a crab-walk as Mena pulled. Then Mena reached dropped her foot over Michelle's shoulder and, pressing down on Michelle's throat, forced her flat on her back. Wasting no time, she stepped forward and dropped her butt on Michelle's face...UNNNNNH!

Mena was determined to smother Michelle before she recovered. She'd proven herself bigger, stronger and, in many ways, a better fighter thus far than Mena and she didn't want to push her luck. Adjusting herself, Mena wedged her knees on either side of Michelle's head and lowered herself down so most of her weight was on Michelle's face, with her still-dripping pussy over her nose and mouth and her ass on Michelle's forehead. Taking a deep breath, she began pounding her fists on Michelle's soft belly to speed the process up.

Unfortunately, the punches had the exact opposite effect as Michelle started bucking wildly, her panic helping her move Mena. The petite blonde held on tight, desperate not to budge from her seat, but Michelle freed her arms and reached up, grabbing Mena above the waist and wrestling her forward and to the side. Mena fell on her stomach next to Michelle, facing her feet at an angle where her vulnerable crotch was pressing on Michelle's chin.

Michelle wiped her face of Mena's saltiness and sucked in deep gulps of fresh air, air heavily redolent of Mena's aroused sex aroma. When she opened her eyes, Michelle could see why - there it was in all it's glory, ready and waiting to be taken! She couldn't believe her good fortune! She quickly grabbed Mena's glistening body between her legs, her alabaster limbs encircling Mena's breasts as she shuffled her body several inches. The 'Creek' cutie was too exhausted to crush the life out of Mena, her legs felt as if they were made of lead but this was simply a maneuver of control rather than conquest. Michelle locked her ankles, ready for anything, because she knew 'anything' was certainly coming the instant she addressed the untapped treasure that lay right in front of her.

Forming her right hand in a claw, Michelle dug into Mena's snatch, not playing this time, brutally and cruelly gouging and squeezing the sensitive flesh. It was like digging her fingers into a wet bucket of sand, some fingers delving deeper than others, but all sinking deep. Mena screamed at the top of her lungs; her agony tapping another energy source, her squeals resonating off the walls; sending chills running down the spine of everyone in attendance - even Michelle whose shiver was accompanied by a self-satisfied sneer.

Mena tried to close her legs, to shut off the easy access Michelle had, but the blonde had her left arm wedged from elbow to hand between Mena's legs, a doorstop that permitted easy access to her inner sanctum unfettered. Michelle's fingers kept scratching, pinching, digging, pulling; her wrist twisting as Mena's howls became feral in intensity.

Michelle had to struggle to be heard over Mena's howls, her voice cracking as she told Mena, "Give...give!" her tone more a plea than a demand.

Still as Mena screamed in pain she wasn't about to submit. Luckily for her, Michelle's legs were too tired to hold the scissors long. Pushing off with her feet, Mena literally flung herself backward, away from the claw tormenting her. She wanted to quickly scramble to her feet, but she had to spend several long moments doubled bent over clutching at her anguished pussy.

Michelle rose slowly and turned to face Mena. The bigger blonde began throwing punches at her lithe opponent; evidently thinking Mena was on the ropes and was hoping to batter the fight out of her. But Mena managed to dodge most, using her quickness to avoid Michelle's punches and even throw some of her own. Soon, Mena was landing to Michelle's body with both fists. Unfortunately, she didn't have enough strength or power left to put Michelle down - but it didn't stop her from trying! It also left her more open to a counterattack and a sudden uppercut from Michelle found its target, putting Mena down in a heap.

Rolling Mena onto her stomach, Michelle kicked her legs out straight and pulled her arms up over her head. Michelle climbed to the second turnbuckle, resting for a second to regain breath and equilibrium as she looked down on the blonde stirring weakly below with her hands over her head. The iron was most definitely hot and Michelle meant to strike at Mena's wide-open midsection.

Throwing herself into the air from the corner, Michelle easily covered the distance between them; but not in the time that Mena allowed her. By the time Michelle reached the apex of her leap, the nubile American beauty had drawn her knees up and was waiting as Michelle impaled herself on Mena's kneecaps. Michelle dropped gagging and sputtering, her hands gripping her churning belly.

"Not again," she cursed herself for falling prey to Mena's wiles.

Willing her cramping legs to function and rolling to her knees, Michelle tried t stand albeit still doubled over. Suddenly, she felt her bowed head jerked upward, but she wasn't providing the impetus. It was Mena, standing next to her with a handful of her golden hair in hand and a twisted smile on her lips. Michelle gazed open-mouthed, disbelieving Mena had turned the tide yet again as a sidekick to the back of her head knocked her flat on the mat and left her less a skeptic than previously!

Mena kicked her in the side, then again in the head. Michelle writhed on the mat, unable to mount a defense while her lithe opponent had no trouble jumping on her back and straddling her butt. Mena yanked on the back of Michelle's halter, pulling the top over her head - but instead of taking it off entirely, she left it covering Michelle's eyes. With her opponent both winded and blind, Mena tenderized her back with a series of punches with her hard little fists. Again, Michelle benefited from Mena's lack of power punching - it still didn't feel good and she groaned as each punch pounded into her, but the effect was less than totally debilitating!

Mena moved her hands up, grabbing both sides of Michelle's head and lifting it to grind her face on the mat. But before she completed her move, Michelle pushed up off the mat with her arms and slowly, miraculously, she began to lift her body - and Mena - up until she was on her hands and knees. Then tossing herself sideways in a barrel roll, Michelle fell on her back with Mena sandwiched between her and the ring. On impact, a grunt came from Mena but the blonde beauty never lost her hold on Michelle's halter. Michelle wasn't going to be able to pull it back down, so she instead wiggled down and out of it, leaving Mena with a prize but nothing else she wanted.

Now topless like her opponent, Michelle spun around and landed a double ax-handle to Mena's tight abs. She grimacing as she threw her arms up in a belated and weak attempt at defense. Both women seemed to be moving in slow motion at this point, clearly at or near the point of exhaustion.

Michelle fell on top of Mena with a full body pin, her full bosom covering and overflowing atop Mena's more modest breasts as they lay belly-to-belly with their sweat-slick bodies glossy and shimmering in the harsh lights. Grabbing Mena by the throat, Michelle began to choke her, pounding her head into the mat as the crowd chanted, "ONE, TWO, THREE!"

Keeping her left hand locked under Mena's chin, Michelle reached back with her right and began slamming her fist into the American Beauty's lats and kidney. She could feel Mena's resistance fading but she'd felt that before only to be fooled by a fierceness belying the litttle blondes waif-like figure.

Mena grunted with every punch, her legs reflexively jerking up into the air each time. She held Michelle and tried to force her off, but she couldn't budge the heavier blonde until she grabbed her hair and yanked up as hard as she could. It didn't get Michelle off her, but it did lift her up enough that she had to stop punching and use her hand to pry Mena's hand from her hair.

With Michelle temporarily distracted, Mena brought her legs up and started beating her heels into Michelle's ass, hoping to further distract her. But as soon as Michelle freed her hair from Mena's grasp she had both hands available and she leaned back to grab both of Mena's ankles. Sitting up, Michelle pulled Mena's wiggling legs up and over her head, folding her up double until her toes touched the mat beside her head leaving Mena naked and jackknifed, her struggling legs firmly secured by Michelle's grasp and her butt pointed skyward. Mena was tied up like a Christmas goose; one free arm thrashing, the other pinned against her body by Michelle’s left knee.

Michelle finally let a smile flit across her elfin features, the first in a long time, as she mused, "You're mine."

She squirmed her straddle upward on Mena's body. Reaching her breasts, Michelle rose onto her haunches before she slid back, aided by gravity, her weight flattening Mena's firm little tits beneath her. A weak 'uuhhh' came from Mena, her free arm less active, just resting with her hand on Michelle's thigh as Michelle eased upward toward her throne, past Mena's shoulders to her chin. Mena's head slowly turning to delay what now seemed inevitable.

"Unless you want more of me than you can handle,” Michelle purred confidently. “I suggest you say 'I quit'….OH!..and in a sincerely obedient tone. Come on, let's hear it, girl."

Mena knew she was in trouble - the most trouble she'd been in so far. But she wasn't ready to give up just yet. Maybe Michelle had her beat, but no way would she give her the satisfaction of an easy submission.

"Fuck off, you whore," Mena spat. "And get your saggy tits off me."

It wasn't the answer Michelle was looking for! She slid up the rest of the way up and let Mena's legs drop. Mena wasn't doing much more than shuffling her feet on the mat at this point while Michelle, still wearing her panties, was riding the naked woman's face. All Mena could do was mumble from somewhere beneath her as all that lay between her face and Michelle’s pussy was a thin sheath of satin. Michelle could feel Mena’s breath on the material, seeping through to tickle her privates; the only of portion of either’s body that had any privacy.

Pinning Mena's arms with her knees, Michelle glanced over her shoulder, watching as the lovely, lithe body twisted lightly, her feet beating fruitlessly at the canvas, her hips rising and dropping back with a soft THWAP! Not enough left! Michelle gave a huge sigh as she turned back to look at Mena's face, her wide baby blues staring up at Michelle, inches from being swallowed up just like her nose and mouth had been. The fight had left Mena’s body, now Michelle wanted to crush her spirit!

She lifted Mena's head from behind, pulling her face up, forcing it deeper into the moist crevice that was her pussy. The scent was strong, pungent, almost overwhelming; the lack of air dizzying. Mena's legs stopped thrashing, her arms stopped twitching. Michelle let Mena's dampened face drop back, the matted strings of hair crisscrossing her red face. Michelle gently caressed Mean’s cheek, brushing the hair back from her eyes thoughtfully.

"You're tough, but you're not tough enough,” she conceded. “You deserve better Sweet Cheeks; but only if you say, ‘Please.’ Come on, say it; this’s your last chance. If not, you go under for good."

Michelle leaned forward, her ears straining as Mena did her best to form an audible word, "Pl...plea" ...Mena was stuttering as tears of humiliation filled her eyes and streamed down her cheeks as they were ground into Michelle’s groin.

Somehow, Mena managed to raise her arm and give a feeble slap to Michelle's hip, but the dominant blond brushed the hand away like she was swatting away an annoying fly.

"Please..." Mena finally spat.

But to Mena's horror, Michelle didn't get off her. The once-cocky woman became desperate. What did Michelle want? How much more would she toy with her before finally leaving her alone?

Michelle ran a finger under the front edge of her shorts, a low giggle escaping her lips as Mena's eyes suddenly showed her inner fear.

"It's always better in the buff,” Michelle sighed. “But then, you know that, don't you sweetie?"

Michelle rose onto her knees as she slipped off her black satin trunks, kicking them away before rotating from a forward facing position to reverse straddle Mena, her pussy hovering over Mena's shocked face like a sculpted alabaster eclipse.

"That was a sincere please,” Michelle conceded ruefully. “I liked it, really. But this is just too good to pass up. You understand!"

Her tone commanded acceptance, not requested it. Mena lifted her hands to intercept Michelle's downward dropping ass cheeks, but like the setting of the sun, nothing could stop their descent. As Michelle nestling down and wiggled her hips on Mena's delicate features, a pitiable 'mmmmnnnnmmmppphhh' escaped from beneath.

Michelle sounded as if she was easing into a warm bath as she enjoyed the sensation of Mena's smooth young face beneath her ass and the touch of her sweat-slick breasts as she rolled them in her fingers and dragged a delighted 'uunnnnnnhhhh' from Mena.

Mena's final struggles of stubborn resistance quickly deteriorated from faint into non-existent. She went out cold...or out warm if you judged by Michelle's criteria, her modest chest thrusting upward, pressing urgently against the tantalizing touch of Michelle’s gently cupped hands as the blonde temptress playfully plucked and rubbing her engorged nipples.

Michelle considered briefly whether to take Mena for one last wild ride, but then she acknowledged that this girl honestly deserved better than Dani Fishel. That brief twinge of conscience allowed the 'Creek' cutie to rise and pull up her shorts as she snatched the remnants of their discarded wardrobes from the ring.

"These will have to do," Michelle said, holding Mena’s ripped clothed up to her sleeping countenance. "You're a tough bitch," she added, posing with her foot on Mena's crotch and her arms raised as the fans stood and cheered her dominance. "But I'm tougher."