Kristy Swanson vs Catherine-Zeta Jones by fightfan 27-Jul-2000

Kristy Swanson had for a long time been looking for an opportunity to get back at Catherine for the humiliation she had to go through during the making of "The Phantom." Catherine easily came across as the stronger of the two women and walked away with all the attention. She finally got her chance to confront Catherine one evening when the latter was returning after working out for three hours in the gym.

"Where do you think you're going, you Welsh slut?" she asked standing in Catherine's way about six feet from her.

"I'm sure Michael would love to boink you now when you're sweaty and smelly."

Kristy was dressed in a sleeveless top and denim shorts, which showed off her slim arms and legs.

Catherine looked at her with contempt.

"You puny little bitch", she snorted. "Get outta my way before they have to scrape you off the pavement."

Kristy didn't believe in repartees. She lashed out at Catherine with her leg catching her in the solar plexus. "Oofff", Catherine had the wind knocked out of her as Kristy followed up her kick with a right that hit Catherine square on the jaw. She fell down on her back on the pavement ans Kristy pounced on her, straddling her stomach. "Let's see those titties you're so proud of", she shouted as she

pulled Catherine's gym togs off her leaving her in her bra and panties and keds. She then proceeded to pinch Catherine's nipples leaving deep read marks on them. "Aaaaaa", Catherine howled in agony, as Kristy pinched harder.

"I'm gonna deflate your precious little balloons, you whore," Kristy snarled. "I wonder what Mikey would say if he saw you like this."

Catherine was in immense pain. Her eyes watered clouding her vision. In desperation, she kicked out with her left leg making contact with Kristy's crotch. The impact threw Kristy right over Catherine as she landed face first behind her on the pavement. Catherine got up first.

"You asked for it, bitch", she growled, as she kicked Kristy in the stomach.


It was Kristy's turn to have the wind knocked out of her. Catherine pulled Kristy to her feet by the hair and threw a left and a right in quick succession at her mid-riff. She quickly put her arms under Kristy's armpits to stop her from slumping on to the floor.

"You're dead, blondie", Catherine said as she squeezed Kristy in a bear hug. Kristy's face turned blue as Catherine lifted her off her feet. Kristy's slender arms hung limply over Catherine's thicker, more muscular ones as she struggled to stay conscious. Catherine put her down, only to turn around and judo flip her over shoulder.


Kristy fell with a thud but Catherine stood her up yet again by her hair.

"Now for some serious stuff," she said as she tore off Kristy's clothes and underwear.

She violated the crevice between Kristy's legs with her thumb as Kristy yelped in pain.

"Cat, pleeeeeeeaaaaase, not my pussy."

Catherine smiled evilly as Kristy's crotch was on fire. She let go momentarily only to unleash a series of vicious lefts and rights on Kristy's womanhood.

"Nnnnnnggghhhh", Kristy moaned as Catherine kept up the assault.

"And now for those small buds on your chest you call nipples," said Catherine.

She squeezed, clawed and punched the smaller woman's tits until they were swollen to almost double their original size. "Still not as big as mine," she said, admiring her handiwork.

Kristy was almost unconscious by now. Catherine scooped her up in her arms and started walking towards the wall. Kristy was too weak to even flail her legs as Catherine cradled her in her arms. She proceeded to hurl Kristy's body against it, almost breaking her jaw in the process.

Kristy lay almost motionless on the ground as Catherine lifted her broken and bruised body up by her hair. She then wrapped her arms around Kristy's waist and picked her up so that her legs were around Catherine's waist. Her bony calves hung over Catherine's thick set thighs as she rammed Kristy back first into the wall. Kristy managed to hold on for a couple of moments and then slumped unconscious in Catherine's arms. Catherine eased her grip and let the unconscious slide down the wall. Catherine then wore her gym togs.

"My weak little slut, you might make a good present for Mikey," whispered in Kristy's ear.

She then hoisted her vanquished foe over shoulder exactly as she had done in "The Phantom" and easily carried her nude form as she walked towards her car. Midway she changed her mind.

"Why would Mikey want you when he has me?" she said and dumped Kristy's motionless form into a garbage can. "Hope you enjoyed it wimp," she said. Then she got in her car and zoomed off with a proud grin on her lips.