Taggers: Ali Landry/Debbe Dunning vs. Stacy Kamano/Gena Lee Nolin by 2xifpkd

"Leggo of my tits, you bitch!" Ali Landry howled when Debbe Dunning latched onto her magnificent mammaries

"You've gotta do better than that if you wanna beat Cat," Debbe said as she knocked Ali off balance with a kick to the thigh. "Don't let a little pain mess with your head. Now get up, you need to work on takedowns."

The blue clad pair in the ring were suddenly distracted by loud claps coming from ringside. "Very good little girl, now get the hell out of the ring! We need to practice." Gena Lee Nolin ordered as she stood alongside of her tag partner, Stacy Kamano.

"Why don't you sluts MAKE us leave?" Debbe challenged.

"We would if the other bimbo will stay and fight for once. Afraid of us bitch?" Stacy giggled as she eyed Ali who was already starting to climb out of the far side of the ring.

"Get in here and see who's afraid!" Ali snarled, stepping back through the ropes..

The leopard print clad team slid into the ring and cautiously warmed up while Ali and Debbe talked strategy across the ring.

"Which bitch wants to feel my wrath first?" Gena taunted. "I came to practice, but I' m going to get a good workout on your scrawny asses tonight. C'mon who's it gonna be? You! Droolgirl, get in here and pay for your insolence," she growled, pointing to Debbe Dunning, once famous for her role as the "Tooltime Girl" on some long forgotten TV show.

Debbe meekly entered the ring. She'd fought the big blonde often - and been beaten sore every time. Sometimes she'd won and other times she'd been tormented by Gena, but EVERY TIME she ended up with an all-over body ache that took days to go away. Now, it looked like her body was in for more abuse, win or lose!

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Debbe asked as she slapped her arm across Gena's chest. As she dug her fingers into the big blonde's hair Debbe snarled, "Should've waited your turn, you stupid cow!" A monkey flip sent Gena hurtling towards the ropes where Debbe quickly pounded her fist down into the blondes gut. Gena groaned laying on her back as Debbe lined up her knee and rammed it into her midsection. "Had enough yet tubby?" Debbe mocked as she secured a headlock on the wheezing girl. "Well, I haven't! Get your fat ass up off the mat!" Debbe hissed as she pulled Gena up by the arm. Debbe hoisted Gena up on her shoulder and squeezed on the blonde's midsection.

"Say good night hon...eeeeEEEEEE…." Debbe shrieked as her plan for a slam was cut off when her bottom was jerked up into her crack. Gena slid down the stunned girl's arm and landed with a thud. While Debbe tried to undo the wedgie Gena had given her, Gena cranked the brunette's arm around, twisting it like a pretzel.

"Whore!" Gena spat as she worked her way behind Debbe. "Payback's a bitch isn't it?"

Gena dug her fingernails into her defiant foes chest. Gena leaned back to draw Debbe off balance , then pushed forward slamming Debbe to the canvas. Gena slid her hands around Debbe's hips and hoisted the Tooltime girl's ass off the mat. Debbe wriggled away as Gena's fist clipped her backside and managed to tag Ali.

"I'm not afraid of you slut !" Ali bellowed as she charged Gena and Snapmared her to the mat. Ali shot her fist through the air and made it made solid contact, pancaking the blonde's bulging left tit.

"Don't like it?" Ali quipped as Gena hopped away grimacing in pain. "Well, here's another!" As Gena rolled to her side from the second chest chop, Ali slid down and wrapped her long tan legs around her blonde foe's ribs. "Just let me know when you've had enoug…OW! You bitch! Leggo a my hair!" Ali howled as Gena winched her head close to her body. "Damn!" Ali grunted as she released her hold after taking an elbow to her chest from the beefy blonde.

The fighters rolled away from each other and Gena made her way to her corner and tagged Stacy in.

"So we finally meet, you chicken shit, no talent, skank!" Stacy hissed as she sank her fingers in Ali's scalp and drove her other hand into the Cajun's craw. Stacy tried to drive her knee into her taller opponent's privates , but was caught off guard as Ali shoved ahead and slammed the Hawaiian into the mat.

"You talk big for someone with so little talent," Ali mocked as she dropped her elbow into Stacy's chest. Stacy pushed up with her arm only to have Ali grip tit in each hand

"Get off me, bimbo!" Stacy grunted as she worked her leg up and shoved Ali away. Stacy rolled to her side and drove her fist into Ali's gut before the big girl could react. Sensing victory, Stacy wrapped her hands around Ali's neck and when she saw the shock on the big girl's face, Stacy knew she was in total control. Her thumbs pressed on Ali's windpipe, Stacy boasted, "I knew you were a quitter!" Then as Ali's resistance ebbed, Stacy grabbed Ali's hands and pressed them to the mat over her head as she slid her hips up onto the thrashing girl's head. "Just say when you've had enough," she purred as she raised her hips and slammed them down into Ali's woozy face. "Come on, Don't let a little pain mess with you, you stupid whore!" Stacy mocked as she tugged the model to her wobbly feet. "We're almost done now, dear," Stacy giggled as she hauled Ali up, then bulldogged her into the corner and tagged in Gena.

As the big Cajun tried to press herself off the mat, Gena came out of the corner and dropped a knee in the small of Ali's back. "Next time you WILL be afraid!" Stacy hooted as she dropped her ass on the sobbing girl's back. She wrapped her arms around her prey and found a breast for each hand to twist, then the Hawaiian Hottie leaned back and wrenched Ali back and forth with a spine twisting hold as she listened to the sweet sound of the Doritos girl begging for mercy.

Debbe finally had enough and came charging into the ring to save her double-teamed partner. Gena was standing and gawking at Stacy's vicious hold when Debbe's fist slammed into her chest.

"It's not over for you yet, bitch!" Debbe growled as she ripped her leg into the back of Gena's, sending the blonde thudding to the mat. Debbe applied a step over toehold on Gena and gave it a wrench. Satisfied with the howls of pain from the blonde, Debbe dropped the leg and threw herself on top of Gena but the battered blonde reached up and grabbed Debbe's tits before the Tooltime girl could do more damage. Debbe let loose a shriek of agony and wrapped her legs around Gena's as she also found a good tit hold on the blonde. The interlaced pair rolled around the ring in a battle for supremacy which ended when Debbe pinned Gena's arms to the canvas. Debbe ignored Ali's plea for help as she drove her knee into Gena's tummy then grapevined the blonde and slowly slid her chest up Gena's body.

"Stupid blonde slut! Get a good breath- it may be your last," Debbe gloated as she mashed her milk movers on the squirming woman's face. "Wanna give? Too bad bitch-remember our last fight?" Debbe growled as she released the hold to see her panic stricken foes eyes as she reapplied the breast smother hold.

"No! Merciiiii!" Debbe shrieked as she felt Gena's teeth sinking deep into her tits.

Debbe ripped her elbow into the biting bitch's boobs, then reapplied the smother. Gena's resistance began to fade as Debbe pulled off and positioned her for a Rail-splitter. Gena groggily watched as her tormentress's knee powered down between her legs and slammed into her groin. Debbe proudly rose and stood over her as she removed Gena's top for a trophy. Looking to her partner, Debbe saw Ali sprawled on her back, tears flowing and chest heaving as she lay completely nude.

"Ready for the star of the team? Your partner wasn't," Stacy mocked as she held up Ali's outfit to show Debbe. "I'd take your top when I'm done, but it looks reeeeeeeeeally small."

"Maybe," Debbe shrugged. "But unlike your udders, my boobs are real!" Debbe sneered as she grabbed a fistful of Stacy's black tresses in one hand and then a snap mare left Stacy looking up at her foe.

Debbe gripped Stacy's neck in her hand, but was startled when Stacy overpowered her and twisted her arm. Debbe fought the pain in her shoulder and dropped a knee on Stacy's tummy. The Hawaiian took advantage of an opening and drove her forearm into Debbe's ribs sending the Tooltime girl sprawling to the mat. The groggy combatants lay still for a few seconds - which seemed like an eternity to them. Stacy was the first to rise and as Debbe unsteadily rose to meet her Stacy landed a monkey flip, sending Debbe shrieking across the ring to land with a THUD!

"You aren't the only one who can use that move bitch," Stacy grinned as she taunted her prey. "Get up and fight! If you can." Debbe shakily pried her torso from the mat as Stacy crawled menacingly towards her."Gimme that!" Stacy ordered as she tugged at Debbe's top causing a tender tit to flop out.

"NO! Please!" Debbe blurted out as she modestly tried to pull her top back up.

"Get up and fight bitch!" Stacy demanded as she latched onto Debbe's hair and dragged the floundering Tooltime girl across the ring on her ass. Debbe wearily pulled herself up Stacy's legs, then stumbled to her feet just as Gena had it back to her feet! She kicked Ali in the chest as she walked over her to help her partner. Stacy giggled, holding Debbe's unsteady body alongside her as Gena went to the ring apron, grabbed Debbe's arms and pulled them back over the top rope.

A mischievous smile on her face, Gena whispered to Debbe, "Say it bitch! Say it or I'll mount you the way you did me!" Gena barked as Stacy playfully ran her fingers over Debbe's body.

Debbe looked at Stacy with a stupefied look on her face when Stacy said, "How's .. about .. a ..nice.. Hawaiian....Punch!"

Stacy howled with delight as she unloaded an uppercut into the firm bank of flesh drooping from Debbe's top drawing a defeated groan from the Tooltime girl.

"I liked that very much," Stacy laughed. "Think I'll have another!"

"You've been a bad girl today , but I guess one more is alright," Gena giggled as she watched Stacy's fist again distend the sobbing Tooltime girl's chest with a third uppercut. Then Gena let Debbe slump to the mat as Stacy pulled the groaning woman's bikini top off over her head as she slithered downward.

"Can we use the ring for practice now bitch?" Stacy asked, tugging Debbe's hair to force eye contact.

"Fuck you...lemme go!" sobbed Debbe.

"Nice rack .... but no brain at all Gena," Stacy chirped as she knelt and banged her fist into the side of Debbe's heaving chest.

"I think they need the practice; wanna teach 'em some moves?" asked Gena as she dragged the protesting Tooltime girl over to where Ali was still laying in pain.

"We should see what they've got ....," Stacy agreed. "Either that or we'll just kick their asses. Why don't you whores pick up where you were when we came in....or else! Gena dear, please give me a back rub while we watch these two losers work out."

The two spent beauties understood and crawled to each other. "You're a sorry student," Debbe grunted as she grabbed Ali's hair. "Damn quitter!" she mumbled as her forearm found Ali's sore ribs.

"We'll see who the quitter is!" Ali groaned as she took Debbe's tits in hand.

"Well, it's not me, bitch!" Debbe stammered as she joined in on the tit crushing. The pair leaned in and shoved with all the force left in them . Debbe gave one last shove and Ali tumbled to her back, teammate menacingly crawling up the Cajun' s body.

"Please Debbe ... please..." Ali whimpered as Debbe whacked her in the chest with a fist.

"Admit you're a quitter and I'll let you up," Debbe said.

"I'm a quitting loser...please stop," Ali sobbed.

"Is your back feeling better honey?" Gena asked Stacy. "This is boring as hell."

Gena pulled Debbe off of Ali and to her feet, "Stupid skank...now it's our turn!"

A knee to the tits sent Debbe onto her back, battered breasts heaving beneath defiant eyes that are realizing their fate. Gena crawled up and pressed her knee on Debbe's firm tummy as her fingers clamped down on the squirming girl's nose, pinching it shut. Gena released the hold and aggrieved the anguished girls areolas.

"Ready to give? Make it good too.... nothing boring..." Gena taunted as she clamped down on Debbe's nose again.

Debbe fought for air through her throat and finally frantically tapped on Gena's arm so Gena pulled her to her hands and knees.

"Got something to say? Hey, Stacy...droolgirl wants to speak," Gena beamed as she watched saliva dribbling from Debbe's chin onto her quivering cleavage. Gena whispered in Debbe's ear and Stacy expectantly awaited the submission.

"Stacy.. I ..was wrong to hog the ring; you're clearly the better women," Debbe sobbed.

"Forget anything?" Gena asked as she tore at Debbe's chest.

"Yess...please quit....Stacy may I lick your tits clean?" Debbe asked sullenly.

"Why of course you can, sweetie! Then I'll let you go to sleep in them as a reward for being such a good little tramp!" Stacy laughed as she lowered her chest on the girl Gena had shoved backward. "Gena, be a dear and give us a little privacy will you? Why don't you play with Ali while Debbe does her thing..." Stacy chirped happily as Debbe's tongue compliantly went to work.