Katarina Witt vs. Tanya Szewczenko (idea by Kim, work by Ginny)

[The following took place in late 1999 after a pro-skating event at an arena in Germany. The quality of the surveillance video we obtained from our sources was grainy and, of course, the dialogue was all in German so we may have a few words wrong. In the locker room after the event, Tanya is talking trash about Witt to some reporters who have gathered around her locker hoping for a good quote or two for the next day papers.]

"These judges always favor Kata and I'm sick of it," Tanya raved. "I'm prettier than she is but her big boobs are all they see. Her best days are in the past. You saw her out there, you know it's true. She better move her fat ass into the slow lane before somebody comes along and runs her right off the autobahn."

Tanya strikes one of the poses she'd used in her German Playboy spread and giggles as the reporters eyes widen and photographers fumble to get their cameras up to snap a picture or two. While Tanya had been talking, Katarina "Kata" Witt came in wearing a shiny new gold medal around her neck. She stands behind Tanya who doesn't know her rival is standing there listening to everything she is saying.

Finally, Kata heard enough. She says, "Hey, your story's over here with me - the winner - not that spoiled little brat who cries to the promoters every time she loses to a better skater."

The reporters leave a frowning Tanya and swarm to Kata who positively glows as she basks in the glory of another victory. Rapidly approaching forty years old, Kata has proved she still has what it takes by posing nude for Playboy - one of the highest selling issues in memory.

In answer to a reporter's question about Tanya's accusation that she wins 'only because you got a great body' Witt bristles and sneers, "At my best I was ten times the athlete she'll ever be. Hell, today I'm still more woman than she is. Lookit her, everybody laughed when they saw her flat chest in Playboy. I mean, Surya and Oksana said they had to look twice, they thought they'd picked up PlayGIRL by mistake and were looking at a little boys picture."

Tanya put her hands on her hips and yelled across the locker room at Kata, "You're too old and fat to do the jumps any more. You just glide around the ice falling out of your top. You play to those dyke judges and fags that're too wimpy to stand up to them. If those guys had any balls, they'd give you a 4.1 as you deserve instead of 5.9's across the board like tonight. You're a disgrace to professional skating."

While this exchange was going on, the reporters were scribbling rapidly in their notebooks. One woman reporter, a long-time observer of the figure skating scene, laughed and admitted, "Well, I don't know about the judges, but the fans love it when Kata's tata's bust free. I don't know about the rest of the girls, but it looks like those ex-Nazi scientists the East German's hired figured out a way to repeal the effects of gravity for Kata."

"That's nonsense," Tanya yelled as she pushed her way through the reporters around Kata and poked her zoftig rival in the chest. "She's just had these things tightened, stuffed and pulled up so often they can't fall. Show the folks the operation scars honey pie, everyone on the tour has seen them. Come on..."

Tanya tugged at Kata's top but the older skater slapped her hand away and put her arm over her bosom protectively. It was exactly what Tanya knew the (really) modest Kata would do in the circumstances. It gave her a perfect opening and she jumped in with both feet, landing a perfect double-axel on Kata's 'good girl' reputation.

"See, she's afraid you'll tell the world she's a miracle of modern plastic surgery instead of an athlete."

Kata blushed to her toes and tried to shoo the reporters toward the door.

"Get out! Get out of this locker room right now. I must talk to Tanya in private!"

Several of the reporters leave quickly, chuckling among themselves about 'missing a great story.' A few try to hang back, hoping for a picture or juicy quote for the morning papers about what happens when the two proud women clash, but Kata wraps her arms around them and shoves them out the door. She even kicks one in the shins with her skates toe pick when he doesn't move quickly enough to suit the tough Teuton.

After slamming the door behind the cursing reporter, Kata turns back to Tanya who is standing in front of Kata's open locker with her skate boot on the bench, the sharp blade grinding its way into Kata's nylon skate bag.

"Hey!" Kata cries as she rushes over to rescue her beaded, handmade bag before Tanya's skate cuts it to pieces.

Kata shoved Tanya away and snatched up the bag, examining it for damage before stuffing it safely into her locker so it wouldn't be damaged further. Then she turned to confront the grinning blonde who was posed once more with her hands on her hips with her knee bent and her hip cocked insolently as she glared at her older brunette foe.

"It's time someone taught you some manners little one," Kata hissed as she tried to keep her famous temper under control.

"You're certainly old enough to be teaching manners," Tanya giggled, "you're practically a spinster. But, you aren't woman enough to try with me. If you lay a hand on me, you won't be able to write a proper note of apology until they take the cast off. That's if I stop at just breaking your arm. I might just use my skates to carve up that soft body of yours a bit too. My initials would look great on that big bottom of yours!"

Kata shivered as she realized Tanya was actually looking forward to their confrontation. It wasn't what she wanted but Kata had taken the bait and couldn't back down now, not without looking the proper fool when all the reporters she shooed away found out she hadn't done anything about Tanya's insulting comments. And she knew Tanya would be sure to brag about how she forced 'the great Kata' to back down if she didn't do something to silence her for good. Kata took two quick steps toward Tanya before she knew what was happening and slapped her so hard she fell back against the lockers behind her. Tanya's hand went to her red cheek and then she smiled.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy embarrassing you in front of the press," Tanya laughed. "You made a mistake doing that. Now I can beat you up, drag you out there and tell everyone it was self defense." She pointed to the closed circuit security camera in the corner of the ceiling as she reached for Kata and said, "And best of all, I'll have a tape to show everyone that will prove it."

Tanya paid Kata back for her previous slap, cuffing the brunette across the face so hard that Kata sat down hard on the wooden bench that ran along the line of lockers. As she looked up at Tanya, the young blonde put her hands on Kata's shoulders and pushed. Kata's bottom slid easily off the back of the bench and she dropped to the floor with her feet sticking up in the air, the back of her legs supported by the bench. Tanya looked down at her and rubbed her hands together enthusiastically as she slowly walked around the end of the bench.

Before Tanya reached her, Kata scrambled to her feet and stood up to face her attacker. Kata and Tanya were the same height, but Kata's more mature and full-figured body gave her a fifteen pound weight advantage and she'd been doing weight exercises for the last few years to help fight off the effects of the advancing years. She knew everyone thought she was soft because of her big bosom and full bottom, but beneath the smooth, pink flesh were muscles - as Tanya would quickly learn to her chagrin.

As Tanya moved toward her, Kata stuck out her left arm as if to grasp the bodice of her costume. When Tanya twisted to evade Kata's grip, Kata turned her hips and drove her right fist into Tanya's left side below and behind her ribs. Tanya grunted as her knees buckled from the unexpected kidney punch. Kata grabbed a handful of Tanya's hair and flung her backward, banging her head against the locker, then dropped her dazed and groggy opponent face-first over the bench. Tanya lay with her head, chest and shoulders on one side while her legs and hips dangled off the other.

Supported by the wooden seat beneath her, Tanya held her head with both hands and moaned in pain. Kata straddled Tanya's legs as she worked down the zipper at the back of her costume. Before Tanya realized what was going on, the brunette had her skating dress open to her waist and was pulling it over her shoulders and halfway down her arms.

Tanya screamed in protest and kicked her feet in protest but Kata's legs straddling hers kept her feet pinned to the floor and so they were useless as weapons. The blonde's tightly muscled back was exposed little by little as Kata pulled and tore at her costume. Kata kept at it until she had the dress down around Tanya's waist, trapping her hands and arms in the bunched material at her hips.

"Leggo you bitch," Tanya screamed as she squirmed and tried to kick. "I'm gonna kill you!"

In reply, Kata grabbed a handful of hair and jerked Tanya's head back as she dropped her wide, well muscled butt down in the small of her back. Tanya yelped in pain from the dual assault on her pain centers. Kata laughed as she bounced up and down on Tanya's back while pulling and yanking on her hair until the blonde was pleading for mercy. Laughing, Kata dropped Tanya's head and stepped away from her panting, red-faced rival.

"You don't sound so tough now little girl," Kata sneered as she tugged at the costume that had worked low on her full bosom. "If I ever hear you barking about my boobs again, I'll finish stripping you and drag you out there so everyone can see for themselves how little yours really are. I know all about camera angles and the dark room tricks they used to make those pathetic little titties look bigger than they really are. You think you were fooling anyone with that silly spread in Playboy? Don't make me laugh!"

As Tanya struggled to her knees and sat down on the bench, she pulled up her dress to cover her perky breasts while a deep crimson flush spread slowly from her face down to her chest.

"You're a bitch Kata, everyone knows it," Tanya gasped. "If you hadn't hit me in the side like that when I wasn't expecting it, you'd never have beat me. I'm younger and stronger than you are. The next time...Unnnnnh!"

Kata suddenly lunged at Tanya and slapped her across the mouth so hard the slim blonde bounced off the wall right behind her and right back into the arms of the brunette. Kata bent her knees as she caught Tanya around the throat with her left hand as she slapped her right hand up between the startled blonde's thighs and grabbed her mound of Venus. Before Tanya realized what was happening, she found herself eight feet in the air above Kata's head.


Kata threw Tanya on the locker room floor with a grunt. The thin rubberized pad, designed to protect the sensitive blades of the skates, was little help to the blonde as her body hit the cement. Tanya lay gasping and holding her back as Kata stood over her smiling down at her hurting rival. Then Kata raised her foot and stomped on Tanya's stomach - twice! Each time her foot landed, Tanya's head, shoulders and feet lifted up from the floor. Kata finally stepped back, bent over and twisted her fist in Tanya's short blonde hair, pulling the gasping young figure skater to her feet.

As Tanya clutched her stomach, Kata once more grasped her dress at the shoulders and whisked it down over her upper arms to her elbows. With her hands trapped in her dress at her sides, Tanya's firm, perky breasts popped free of their confinement as if presenting themselves for Kata's inspection and amusement. Kata didn't disappoint them, turning her gaze on the two hard little nubs of dark flesh that thrust themselves forward brazenly as they fairly cried out for attention.

Clamping the thumb and forefinger of each hand on the protruding bulbs, Kata leaned back and forced Tanya to scramble to get to her feet for no reason other than to ease the terrific pain in her nipples as Kata pinched them cruelly. Kata twisted her wrists as Tanya shook her shoulders and tried to pull her hands free of the folds of cloth that encased them. But Kata wasn't going to give her slight opponent any chance to fight back. As Tanya pulled up with her arms, Kata lifted her by the breasts, bent her backward and then brought her right knee up wickedly into the satin crotch of Tanya's skating costume.

The blonde's body was lifted off the floor by the impact and her mouth opened in a silent protest as the breath was expelled from her lungs. When her body came down, her legs were straddling Kata's muscular thigh and Tanya's torso slumped forward against Kata with her nose and mouth buried between the brunette's big breasts. Kata wrapped her big arms around Tanya's chest and lifted her up, squeezing her in a bearhug and shaking her like a rag doll. Tanya's long legs flopped about, limp and helpless in the grasp of the older, stronger and more experienced woman.

Kata swung Tanya's legs to the side before she threw herself forward - body slamming Tanya to the floor with herself landing full length on top. The move left the young blonde flat on her back on the thinly padded floor and knocked her senseless in the process. Kata lay on top of Tanya for a few moments, taking the opportunity to regain her own breath after landing heavily on her rival. She stood up and began to rip Tanya's costume open down the front. It wasn't easy to tear the woman's skating uniform, but with Tanya too groggy to resist she had little opposition.

Kata pulled the ripped bodice over Tanya's muscular shoulders and down her arms leaving the skater in just a pair of smooth satin panties, flesh colored tights and her skates. The panties quickly yielded to Kata's claws and her nails rapidly made short work of the tights as well. Tanya was moaning and starting to recover when Kata flipped her over onto her bare breasts and belly, pulled her hands behind her back and used one of the torn halves of Tanya's own tights to tie them securely together at the wrists. Then Kata got a firm grip on Tanya's short hair and forced her to her feet.

"Wha.... OH, no....please, don't..." Tanya moaned as Kata dragged her toward the door leading to the ice rink.

Outside, they could hear the crowd noise from the men's competition which was now underway. Kata slammed Tanya's chest into the wall beside the door, turned her around and drove her fist upward into the soft swell of pale flesh just above the dark fringe of hair covering Tanya's pussy. The skater's butt was lifted up into the wall by the punch, her knees buckling as she collapsed, falling into Kata's waiting arms. Kata put a hand under Tanya's chin and pushed her head up and back, thumping it against the wall. Tanya slowly slid down the cement block wall until she was on her knees in front of Kata who slowly kneeled with her rival as she went down.

Kata pulled Tanya's bound hands down behind her until they were tucked in behind her bent knees. She picked up the other half of Tanya's tights. Tanya didn't try to stop Kata as she slid the tights between the boot and blade of her skates and then tied it to the sheer binding around her wrists. In that position, Tanya couldn't stand upright, she could only waddle around like a duck, with her knees bent and her hands bound beneath her butt between her ankles. That's when Kata gave the nude skater the bad news!

"OK baby, now it's time for you to give your fans the show of your life. I'm so concerned that you do well, I'm going to go out there with you - as your partner. We'll be the hottest pair in town with my brains and your bare bum."

Kata used a handful of Tanya's hair to pull her through the door and out to the ice surface. Tanya had to duckwalk to keep up, her face was scarlet as Kata pulled her onto the ice and dragged her along beside her. Kata looking tall, buxom and strong on her skates as she pulled the squatting, naked, Tanya along in her wake. Tears rolled down Tanya's pink cheeks as the audience stood and cheered Kata who was beaming her famous "winners grin" as she displayed the nude and bound blonde like a Teutonic Amazon returning with her booty.

After circling the ice several times to a standing ovation, Kata glided to the side boards in front of the judges and stopped in a shower of ice that sprayed Tanya's torso. In detail Kata repeated Tanya's charges to the media about how the judges had been swayed by her (Kata's) bosom instead of her (obvious) talent. Then she told the judges that she didn't think it would be fair for them to take out their anger on Tanya in future competitions.

"I believe in the sport and I wouldn't want Tanya to think that just because I beat her every time we meet it's because the judges are still angry about her babyish tantrum. After all, I'm sure she knows these (she cups her breasts and gives them a squeeze) are only two of the reasons I always finish on top in our competitions. I'm also smarter and better looking."

She grinned at the leering judges.

"So, I'm going to do something that will remind everyone of tonight whenever she skates so that the judges won't feel like taking out their hurt on her."

Kata kicked her skate between Tanya's feet and the sharp blade easily sliced through the tights under her boots that forced her to keep stooped. With a pained groan, Tanya slowly straightened up and flexed her aching legs. But before she could do anything more, Kata put her hand between Tanya's shoulders and pushed. The blonde was flipped over the low sideboards and balanced precariously, teetering back and forth between toppling headfirst into the judges laps and falling back to the ice on her bare bottom.

"You hold her shoulders," Kata told a couple of the judges, "I don't want her to fall and injure herself."

As soon as they grabbed Tanya's upperbody, Kata glided away, did a little jump and curled back toward Tanya. When she neared the blonde's upturned bottom, Kata leapt into the air and flashed out her foot. The air was shattered by the sound of Tanya's terrorized scream!

The judges tightened their grip on Tanya as Kata circled around and once more slashed at Tanya's pale bottom with her razor sharp skate. Then again, and again. When she finished, Kata had sliced into the soft flesh seven times and Tanya lay doubled over the boards of the ice rink limp and apparently unconscious. Her bottom as covered with blood and it ran down the back and insides of her legs onto the ice where it froze in a grotesque puddle at her feet. Kata finally skated over and took Tanya under the arms, then skated slowly back to the dressing room carrying her unconscious prey.

It wasn't until several months later when the pictures of the disgusting affair showed up on the Internet that the world saw what Kata had done. It then became clear to everyone why Tanya had disappeared from competition, citing "practice injuries" and "ill health" as the reasons. If she was every going to appear at an event again it wouldn't be until after she'd had plastic surgery to remove the scars Kata had given her.

In the pictures, through the blood, one could barely make out the design Katarina Witt had carved in Tanya's bottom cheeks.

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