Tennis Fights by bbb4 (2-Dec-99)
After fighting it out on the athletic fields and courts of sports, both professional and amateur, athletes of the world have decided to take it to the ring. Rules are simple. No rules. Matches will be fought in a cage made of soft nylon mesh, so no one gets cut up on the fencing material. The wrestlers are locked in, and fight it out. Submission only.

No. One: Anna Kournikova vs. Serena Williams

Anna and Martina Hingis approach the ring together, Martina stopping at the railing and taking a seat at ringside with her World Team partners Monica Seles and Mary Pierce. She smiles and admires the large crowd. Upon seeing Team USA across the ring, she directs a haughty sneer over to Jennifer Capriati, Rebecca Lobo, and Janet Evans. The crowd rises to its feet cheering as they catch first sight of Anna entering the ring area and climbing between the ropes, barely wearing a tight pink jogbra over her small breasts and tiny white bikini briefs under a white tennis skirt. Anna bounces around the ring a few times warming up for her battle with the American tennis Amazon.

Serena makes an equally quick entrance, passing through the crowd at a jog. On her way to a ringside seat at her sister's corner, Venus walks the entire perimeter of the cage, passing by Martina, Mary Pierce and Monica Seles, part of the World Team. As soon as she has completed her tour of the ringside area, Serena enters the cage and climbs to the apron, and the opening are locked behind her. The plastic beads in Serena's hair clatter as she drops her head, passing between the ropes. The crowd is momentarily silenced by the sight of Serenas's tight silver half shirt, covering her large protruding breasts, but just barely. Her tennis skirt is high enough that her butt hangs out ever so slightly, but it is obvious that the crowd has been awed by her awesomely muscular shoulders and arms.

Serena points across the ring and slowly peels down her top, leaving only a light bra holding back her large, hard melons. Serena jiggles her chest, pointing mockingly at Anna's modest bosom. The bleach white of Serena's bra stands out against her darker hard body. Muscular shoulders and amazon arms top off her taut abs and tree trunk thighs. Anna smiles, lovingly running her hands down her sides, emphasizing her sexy curves and smaller bust. The crowd has quieted even further in expectation of the initial tie up, and erupts into an dull roar as the two tennis stars tie up toward the center of the ring.

Wasting little time, Serena moves one of her hands up to Anna's golden hair, takes a handful, and launches a devastating headbutt to Anna's face and nose. The little blonde staggers back, completely surprised by the larger, powerful Serena's crushing blow. Williams follows up with a smashing right hand, delivered to Anna's hair line. Kournikova staggers back again, rubbing the knot on her noggin, trying to clear her head. Serena follows again, landing blow after blow to Anna's head unopposed. Each blow rocks the blonde's head back and sends her staggering across the canvas, but she refuses to fall.

After taking a particularly strong blow to the back of the head, Anna turns and backs into the ropes, leaning into them to keep upright. Serena pushes her into steel sheathed cables, whipping her across the ring in an Irish whip before meeting her in the center of the ring with an elbow to the sternum and breasts. Anna finally falls to the mat, lying on her back shaking her head in a confused daze. Kournikova obviously doesn't know which way is up as her muscular opponent picks her up using her blonde hair as a handle. From outside the cage, Venus urges Serena to slam the little blonde and "crush her like a bug."

Serena follows her sister's advice, headbutting Anna again before easily hefting her body up and diving on top of her in a crushing body press slam. Anna's low moans can be heard only by those in the front few rows, but the damage from the slam is obvious.

As Serena rolls off the splattered superstar, she reaches down and tweaks one of Anna's erect nipples now standing tall under her lycra top, asking her, "How ya like that? Huh?"

Anna bellows pitifully, rolling on her stomach to protect her bosom from Serena's cruel attack. Williams picks Anna up again, looking over to her sister, who is motioning for another slam, slapping her hands against the ringside rail. Hingis, on the other side of the ring, is yelling encouragement to Anna, but is unsure whether Anna can even make out her voice against the raucous crowd in the background. Serena again starts out with a swift headbutt, then lifts up the Russian beauty, steps forward and again dives on top of her, squashing Anna's ribs, and back. Kournikova's arms hang limp as Serena lifts her again. Williams looks over to her sister again, who is this time making a breaking or snapping movement, motioning for a back breaker as though she were breaking a stick over her knee. Serena nods her compliance, and goes down as though to lift Anna up in a fireman's carry.

Kournikova can see the back breaker coming and desperately stomps backward into Serena's knee, buckling it sideways. Williams knee gives out from under her, and she collapses to the mat, clutching her sore joint. Anna simply collapses to the canvas as a rag doll, falling first to her knees then to her face, still reeling from two rib crushing body slams. Venus cries foul, pointing across the ring at Hingis, who merely shrugs as though she had missed the desperate blow that sent Serena to the mat. Serena recovers slowly, but still faster than Anna.

Still favoring her knee, she crawls over to Anna and buries her fist into Anna's lower back. Kournikova cries out, falling from her sitting position to her side, both hands massaging her lower back. Serena this time fills her large hands with a double handful of Anna's warm, pert breasts, squeezing the soft flesh, tearing at the tits and mauling the nipples with her forefinger and thumb. Serena smilingly squeezes Anna's assets until Anna finally rakes her nails across Serena's eyes. Serena screams out, but quickly rubs the tears out of her eyes, and attacks Anna's breasts again, this time ripping her jogbra along the line of her cleavage.

Anna's smallish breasts tumble out of the confining lycra, her small nipples as pink as the lycra that used to shield them. Vainly attempting to cover up, Anna only makes it slightly more difficult for Serena's dark skinned hands to find her cream white breasts. Anna squeals painfully as Serena's fingers find the soft underside of both mammaries, squeezing and clawing. With a broad smile on her face, Serena gleefully mauls Anna's sweaty tits, but Venus again begins motioning for a back breaker. Serena looks over, and reluctantly releases her grip on Anna's now beet red breasts, sighing with disappointment as she lifts the helpless Russian to her feet, preparing her for a submission back breaker.

The taller, lanky Serena bends over, flexing her large butt and arms as she lifts Anna over her shoulder in a flying back breaker. Her large delts swell with effort as she carries Anna around the ring, parading her over to the ropes for her Team USA teammates to see. Serena bounces the hold several times, torturing Anna's aching spine and setting her jutting breasts into a bouncing rhythm.

Anna immediately begins to scream, but just as a submission seems a sure thing, Serena collapses to the mat clutching her previously injured knee. Anna adds to the pain, unintentionally landing on top of Serena, and bending her leg at an unusual angle. Williams silently rolls to her side, holding her knee, while Anna is content to lie on her belly, rubbing her back, still aching from the few seconds she spent in the flying back breaker.

Serena half crawls her way over toward her sister's corner, yelling for anyone to hear, "I'm hurt, Sis. I heard it pop."

She rolls under the bottom rope and begins massaging the wounded limb as Anna finally makes it to her feet. Anna looks around, still dazed and staggering slightly, her eyes dizzy and unfocused, her stature still a little slouched from the pain in her throbbing back.

Finding Serena outside the ring, Anna turns to Martina in confusion. Still massaging her sore back, Anna walks over to Martina and is filled in on Serena's injury. Martina's animated motions, pointing at Serena's knee are obviously covering the strategy for the end of the match. Taking a towel from the ringpost, Anna wipes the copious sweat from her face. She then towels down her sore breasts, wiping the drops of sweat from her sternum, but carefully keeping the rough teri cloth from her tender tips.

Anna stalks over to the ropes, demanding that Serena reenter and finish the fight. From behind the curtain of nylon rope, Venus lunges at Anna menacingly. Anna steps back, encouraging Serena to climb back into the ring, giving her a chubby cheeked smile. She turns to Venus, kissing her hand, slowly lifting her skirt to reveal her toned butt and slap her hand against her firm behind, causing to Venus to again strain at the roped cage. The younger Williams manages to slide under the ropes and regain her feet. In a wobbly limp, she proceeds to the center of the ring to lock up with the smiling blonde.

As Serena closes, Anna feints the tie up and dives shoulder first into Serena's knee, buckling it backward. Williams again collapses to the mat totally helpless. Venus cries foul, but knows that there is nothing she can do from outside. Anna parades around Serena's fallen body, carefully undoing the clasp at the back of her bra and peeling it off. Two hard black breasts, incredibly large for a girl her age, pop out, flopping uncontrollably as Serena rolls, clutching her knee.

Anna parades the ring, waving the brassiere over her head before tossing the lacy undergarment over the top of the cage to the concrete in front of Venus. The enraged elder Williams jumps to her feet, ready to climb the nylon netting, but is held back her fellow athletes from Team USA. Anna takes her time returning to Serena, who has now made her way to her feet. Anna circles slowly staying out of Serena's range, but clearly in control of the match. She fakes a few tie ups, allowing Serena to lunge out, only to find air.

After each aborted tie up, Serena is forced to hobble pitifully to the ropes in order to regain her balance. Anna waits for Serena's immobility to allow her to slip behind the tall American. Each time Serena takes a few steps away from the ropes, Anna kicks her in the ass, crotch or the back of the thigh, sending Serena back to the top rope for support. Tiring of her plaything, Anna plants her tennis shoe in the back of Serena's knee and giggles gleefully watching Serena take a hesitating step forward before collapsing back to the mat, writhing in agony.

Anna, still behind the taller girl, then takes a measure of revenge for the breast mauling she endured. Reaching under Serena's arms, she caresses Serena's silver dollar nips, causing them to rise like bread in an oven. Williams is on her knees, with Anna right behind her. As Williams makes a feeble attempt to push Anna's hands away, Kournikova looks down and steps on the back of her knee, causing excruciating pain to the damaged leg. As soon as she can feel the hardened nips in her fingers, Anna digs in, driving her sharp nails into the soft flesh around the breast and rolling her opponent's large nipples between her forefinger and thumb.

As Anna kneads Serena's large breasts, she keeps her foot on the back of William's knee. It is debatable which pain, the constant pressure on the knee, or Anna's expert titty torture caused Serena to quit, but Williams takes only a few seconds before submitting to the small blonde.

On hearing the words, "Give! I Give!", Anna tears into Serena's mounds one last time, twisting both nipples viciously before stomping Serena's knee.

Venus immediately opens the cage and climbs into the ring. Anna wisely leaves Serena writhing on the canvas. The 6'2" Venus gives thought to chasing the blonde, but sees Mary Pierce, Monica Seles and Martina climbing through the ropes to greet the topless teen with a hug and a towel.

Venus screams across the ring, pointing at Anna and then sweeping her hand across at Martina, Monica and Mary, "I'll get you, little Russian whore! And you'll all be next."

Janet Evans, Jennifer Capriati and Rebecca Lobo lower Serena to a ring side seat, icing her knee with two large bags they had waiting.

No. Two: Venus Williams vs. Martina Hingis

After watching the unfortunate dismantling of her sister by the smug Anna Kournikova, Venus Williams climbs through the ropes spitting fire. Her tight top barely contains her large, stiff breasts and her short tennis skirt is no match for long powerful legs and butt. As she steps through the ropes, ready to destroy, Martina Hingis is also just making her way between the ropes. Hingis' wide hips and white thighs verge on pudgy, while her modest 5'7" body is nothing to compare to Venus' 6'2" frame. Turning to watch her sister carted away on gurney, Venus sees that her sister's is knee wrapped in several layers of bandages and iced thoroughly. What she doesn't see is Martina's sneak attack from behind.

A running knee, delivered low to the back, sends Venus slouching into the corner. Venus' distraction with her sister's well being is rudely interrupted again by a blasting kick to the groin from behind. Williams drops to her knees, stunned by the hooking cunt punt, only to have Martina reach around front and undo the zipper on the front of her top. The bra below is no match for her breasts, and Martina easily unlatches it from the front, unleashing her opponent's dark melons. Martina would feel it a waste to go to all the trouble of freeing Venus' tits without some punishment, and therefore takes two handfuls of her opponents jutting breasts.

Martina gropes the soft flesh which easily fills both hands, squeezing and pinching all over her opponent's chest. As Venus squeals in pain, she attempts to cover both her bare breasts and her throbbing womanhood, and does neither adequately. Martina releases her somewhat ineffective breast maul and lifts her opponent up by her tennis skirt, painfully wedging the lycra cloth panties underneath between her already aching thighs. Martina undoes the back of the skirt too, snaking her hand down the back of the tight fitting garment, and into Venus' crotch, where she applies a groin claw of some sort. Venus cries out, both hands shooting under her short skirt. Martina puts her free and on Venus' shoulder, gives her somewhat irritating grin, and continues to work the groin claw mercilessly dropping Venus back to her knees. Off comes Venus' top, flung to the crowd with Martina's free hand.

Hingis begins screaming in William's ear, "Give! Give! Give or I'll REALLY hurt you!"

She tops off her last comment with an especially cruel series of twists to William's groin. Still crying in agony, Venus turns her torso, and jams both hands into Martina's smiling face, raking her multicolored nails across Hingis' mug. Twice more Williams rakes Martina's face before lowering her aim and pinching and twisting Hingis' small bust. Both girls are on their knees now, in a classic contest of wills, Hingis with her hand wedged down the back of Venus' skirt while Williams counters raking Martina's face, and bust. After an especially brutal rake across the eyes, Hingis finally withdraws her hand from between Williams legs, covering her face quickly. With tears streaming down her face, Venus clutches her burning groin. Both girls are stunned by the tremendously cruel tortures the other has dealt out, but it is Williams who gets in the final blow, raising the front of Hingis' skirt and raking thinly protected groin area in clear view of the ringside fans.

Rolling into the center of the ring both in an effort to protect herself and get away from the black amazon, Martina's moans in pain, calling Venus every bad name she can think of, which is quite a few. Venus, for her part, grabs a hold of the ropes, and unsteadily limps to her feet, painfully dropping her tennis skirt, which had been wedged high between her long powerful legs. Now nude and bent at the waist. The crowd gets its first view of Williams truly amazon physique. Powerful shoulder, arm and neck muscles bulge in fury over her hard tits. A washboard belly, and a large, powerful backside first come into view as Venus struggles to her feet, still reeling from the groin claw. Finally reaching her full height, the crowd gets a good look at her awesome legs, clad in layer after layer of long, sinewy muscles.

Venus staggers over to Martina, towering over the downed Swiss tennis star. Lifting her arm ready to drop an elbow on her still prostrate opponent, Venus yells out as she crashes down on the older girl. Martina has been playing possum, though, and rolls aside, leaving nothing but bare canvas to pad Venus' fall. Both girls roll away from each other, again looking to regroup. The two girls relock in the center of the ring, both a little stunned from the early results of the match. Williams broad shoulders and mighty arms flex, her cut muscles springing out of her dark skin. Putting Martina on the defensive, Venus forces her into retreating around the ring.

They cautiously circle again before tying up, locked together at the arms and elbows, pushing, pulling and shoving, before Martina is overwhelmed by Venus' four to five inch height differential. Backed into the ropes, Martina defends herself as Venus opens up and allows her to escape. Raising her hands over her head, Venus is prepared to give a clean break, but her hanging breasts, totally undefended, are too good a target for the Swiss Miss. As Venus takes a step back, Martina unloads a rapid fire series of jabs and upper cuts. Fist after fist crashes into William's breasts as Martina uses them for a pair of speed bags. Venus staggers back, covering up, but Hingis doesn't let up on her fistic assault, battering the naked American with rapid jabs to her face and belly. Hingis grabs a handful of her opponent's famous beaded dreadlocks, leans back and delivers her haymaker, a windup fist to the bridge of the nose.

Venus takes two steps back, holding her nose, but remains standing, much to Martina's dismay. Martina takes another handful of dreadlocks and delivers a quick headbutt, again aiming at Venus' face. Another series of punches to the breasts, and belly wind up with a low uppercut that catches the bigger girl flush in the groin. Williams staggers backward, holding her aching crotch, but again, much to Martina's amazement, remains on her feet. Martina, with a look of desperation in her face, closes in on Venus, and attempts to knock her down with a shoulder block to the gut, only succeeding in bending her opponent over. Hingis then makes the mistake of trying to lift her up for a body slam. After two tries at slamming Venus, it is Hingis that finds her self staring down at the mat from a distance of about five feet.

Venus parades Hingis around the ring in a complete circle before power slamming her in the center of the canvas. Venus displays her amazon strength again, hooking her hand through Martina's crotch and lifting her effortlessly. Venus then takes a step forward and delivers a side backbreaker across her extended knee, dumping Hingis onto her face on the canvas. Venus rolls Martina over onto her back, and applies a grinding face claw. Her huge hands completely cover Martina's face and nose, giving the added bonus of a smothering effect to the hold. Pressing down with all of her weight, Venus is in complete concentration, both squashing her opponent's skull into the mat and applying terrific pressure to Hingis' temples.

Sweat collects on Venus' dangling tits, dripping down onto Hingis's face and Venus crushes her. Screaming seems to be Martina's only defense as the momentum clearly shifts, giving Venus control of the seesaw match. Stopping to enjoy her dominating position, Venus uses her free hand to pull Martina's top up and over her head. Breaking the face claw only momentarily, she slips the soaked spandex over Hingis' head and then reapplies the claw hold. Martina's will to fight has been reduced to cries of moaning pain until Williams tears into Martina's tits. Raking the soft milky white tissue gets an immediate rise from the Swiss superstar, as she begins struggling to free herself from Venus' face and titty grip.

Williams, though breaks the hold of her own accord, lifting Martina's head up off the mat and slamming her backward into the thinly padded canvas. Williams rises to her feet, taking a handful of Martina's hair with her, only to wedge Martina's head between her massive thighs. Looking to the largely American crowd for their approval, Venus effortlessly hoists Martina's 5'7" frame up into the air. She holds Hingis upside down in the classic piledriver position for a few seconds, allowing all of the blood to rush to her opponent's head before jumping slightly and dropping flat on her powerful butt.

Hingis' head slams in to the mat, rebounding out from between Venus' legs with a resounding dull thud. Hingis springs up to a sitting position, her back ramrod straight, but her eyes glazed and foggy. She slowly lists to one side and collapses back to the mat. Venus takes the opportunity to slowly slide Martina's tennis skirt down around her ankles and toss it to the crowd. The severe tan lines on her wide hips and small breasts are plain from her many days on the sunny tennis courts.

The Americans at ringside go into a wild series of cheers seeing Martina lying nude and motionless on the mat, her arms limp at her side. Venus rises to her knees, signaling to the crowd for more noise. She then applies a breast smother, slamming her huge onyx tits into Martina's tanned face. Because Venus didn't secure Martina's head before smothering her, Hingis is able to turn her face aside, avoiding most of the smothering affects as Venus' large mammaries are rubbed in her face. The humiliation is still there, though, as the crowd lets loose a huge roar seeing Venus smiling as she amateurishly rubs her tits in Martina's face. Venus smiles to the crowd, clearly enjoying humiliating the Swiss Miss more than intending to finish her.

After a few more seconds of enjoying the feel of Martina's soft face against her stiff, erect nipples, Venus hauls Hingis over and wraps the thickest, most muscular part of her huge thighs around Hingis' chest. Squeezing, she pauses to snug Martina's ribs into her crotch, before really pouring the power into her smaller opponent's torso. Hingis screams, reaching up blindly groping Venus' chest, squeezing the first soft tissue she finds. Williams yelps in pain, but only tightens her asphyxiating scissors hold on Martina's chest. Mauling Venus' slippery breast with her free hand, Hingis feels her grip weakening as the fog of pain and lack of oxygen creep into her head.

Soon, her pinching and clawing grip on Venus' large tit slowly turn to weak scratching until Williams takes Martina's hand and tosses it aside. Martina takes one last desperate shot at Venus' black rug of curly pubic hair before her head nods forward, and asphyxia claims her. The bell sounds but Venus keeps the pressure up, crushing Martina's ribs between her tremendous thighs. Monica Seles and Mary Pierce immediately enter the ring and pry Venus' naked legs apart, freeing Martina from the death grip that has deprived her of air for the last few moments.

Dragging her out from between Venus' thighs by one arm, Mary Pierce curses the hulking American, calling her several different names. Rebecca Lobo and Jennifer Capriati aren't far behind, making sure that Venus' isn't ganged up on by the two foreigners. As Martina is revived, her friends pouring water in her face and flapping a towel across her face and chest, Venus climbs to her feet, her flanks still streaming with sweat, her legs still quivering with the effort it took to finish the young Swiss tennis player.

Venus holds her hands over her head in a victory pose. Even Lobo's towering 6'4" frame looks soft and weak compared to Venus' cut arms and legs. Evans' long swimmers muscles strain at the spandex top she wears, but still don't compare. Venus accepts a towel from Janet Evans and turns and spits on the still incapacitated Hingis, cursing her as she leaves the ring to the floor below.

No. Three: Venus Williams vs. Martina Hingis & Anna Kournikova

The three girls reenter the cage simultaneously, taking the full advantage of the rest period between the two matches. Although Capriati and Lobo both volunteered to take the injured Serena's place in the deciding tag team match, the rules stipulate that the Venus must go one against two, if she hopes to win.

Both Martina and Venus are completely nude, save their boots. While Venus looks invigorated from her crushing victory, Martina still looks a little peeked, winded and tired, her shoulders slouching and her cheeks still a bit rosy from her extended stay in Venus' chest scissors. Kournikova still wears her tiny white bikini bottoms with a small, white, pleated tennis skirt over them. Her smallish breasts are still blotched with scratches and patches of red from the severe mauling that Serena dealt her in the first match, but overall she appears in good shape.

Venus begins her tirade before the match even begins, clearly trying to intimidate the much smaller Russian. Pointing at Anna and then Martina, she yells, "You first, bimbo, I'm already done with Swiss Cheese! I'm gonna hurt you bad for what you did to my sister! Come on, ring the bell!" The bell at ring side gives a loud clang, and Anna climbs between the ropes, ready to face the seething black amazon.

Anna saunters around Venus, who is standing still in the center of the ring, only turning to keep facing the little blonde, as if to say "Come get some of this". After a few turns around the mighty American, Anna decides to lock up. Venus goes to the tie up only momentarily, first taking a handful of blonde hair then lifting her arm and sending it crashing between Anna's shoulder blades. Kournikova gives a girlish grunt and falls to her knees, gasping in pain, but Venus wastes little time delivering a knee lift that sends Anna to her butt, shaking her head and counting her teeth. Another knee to the chest drops her like a rock, and double karate chops to the sides of her neck almost decapitate Anna.

Taking in a a small measure of revenge, it is Venus this time that saunters around behind the Russian teenager. Grabbing both Anna's wrists, she wrenches them backward, smiling as Anna cries out in pain. Williams leans forward applying more pressure to Anna's arms and forcing her to lean forward. Kneeling behind the blonde, Venus digs her knee into the center of Anna's back, eliciting another series of agonized cries. Venus then crosses Anna's arms in front of her, and again hauls back, yanking her opponents arms in different directions. Williams purposely scoots Anna around so that she is facing Martina, giving her a full view of the tortured looks on Anna's face each time Venus tries to rip her arms off. As Venus continues to dig her knee between Anna's shoulders, beads of sweat begin to dribble down Anna's rosy face and onto her bare dancing breasts.

Venus releases the arm lock, seeming satisfied with the destruction she has rained down on the Russian so far. Venus keeps her position behind Anna, lifting her arms to apply double claw holds to the Russian girl's ribs. Venus displays her awesome upper body strength, flexing her huge arms and shoulders in an effort to collapse the blonde's ribcage. The crowd is thrown into stunned silence as Williams back and delts ripple with power. Straining, Anna's face contorts in pain as the pressure on her ribs is so great that she is unable to scream or even lift her arms. She instead snaps her head back, catching the black amazon in the nose with the back of her head. Venus is thrown off balance and release the rib claws. Anna slumps forward, clutching her sides, moaning in undisguised pain.

Stunned only for a moment, Venus lifts Anna's arms again and slaps the double claws on the bunched muscles in Anna's armpits. Digging in, Venus delights as Anna closes her eyes in agony, rearing her head back in an incredible bellowing scream. Martina watches from outside, agonizing as Williams tears into Anna's sides again, but not exactly eager to jump into the ring. Venus twists the muscles, kneading her nails into the hard flesh. Anna snaps her head back again, but this time Venus is far enough away that the headbutt misses. After a few moments, Anna's contorted face begins to relax and she begins to slump forward, losing her will to continue. The muscles in Venus' grip begin to soften, but Venus isn't done with the blonde that injured her sister.

Williams again releases the grip on Anna's armpits, sliding her hands forward, under her opponent's arms and cradles Anna's small breasts. Unable to even fight back through the fog of near unconsciousness, Anna begins to come back around, moaning lightly and shaking her head in an attempt to clear the cobwebs. Venus continues massaging and tickling Anna's breasts, running her finger tips over the areola, causing the small nipples that crown each mound to swell, fully erect. The small eraser tip points are fully risen when Anna realizes what is going on, and weakly slaps and grabs at Venus' forearms trying to drive her hands away from her tender teats.

As soon as Venus is sure that Anna is fully cognizant, Williams tears into the tits, squeezing the sweaty, slippery flesh in her hands, wringing them out. Anna again lets out a bellowing scream, a huge, terrifying noise from such a small girl. The titty maul that Serena started commences again as Venus tortures each tit mercilessly. Each squeeze of the mammary is followed on by a nipple wringing twisting motion that threatens to cause Anna to pass out. She lifts both hands, trying to pull Venus' hands away, but gives up trying to break the nip grip, begging Martina to enter the ring. Anna tearfully motions Hingis into the ring, her eyes watering in pain as she tries in vain to separate Venus' grip from her small breasts. Venus had been waiting for this to occur and simply releases Anna, rises to her feet, and faces Martina. Hingis is clearly intimidated by the glistening amazon with the wild eyed glare. Venus steps over the debilitated Anna, who merely rolls onto her stomach, cradling her breasts in agony.

The two remaining girls lock up, Venus muttering, "Gonna hurt you again."

Williams powers Hingis back into the corner from whence she came, pummeling her with fists to the head, breasts and gut. Hingis does her best to answer back, swinging some mighty blows of her own, but they seem to bounce off the muscle clad armor protecting Venus. Each of Venus' blow sends Hingis's head snapping back and her body staggering back a few steps.

The short powerful jabs to the face and breasts turn to long devastating hooks and uppercuts to the side of the head and belly. Hingis is relegated to total defense, covering her face and hunching over in the corner, reeling from each slamming blow as it crashes into her head or body. Venus doesn't seem to be losing any power in her blows as the continue to plow into Martina's protective cover. Her power, though, immediately drops off upon taking an upper cut to the crotch from behind by the devious Russian. Venus had been so intent on beating Hingis to a pulp that she had forgotten about Anna, and had failed to heed the screams from her team mates outside the cage.

Venus doubles over in pain, clutching her naked womanhood. Hingis leans back into the padded corner putting both arms over the top ropes, taking a rest and gathering herself. Venus starts to rise to her full height again, but not before Hingis punts her in the groin again, dropping Venus like a bad habit. Anna, still on her hands and knees, pries Venus' hands away from her groin, opening her up for Hingis to drop a knee flush into her crotch. The World Team erupts in standing applause as Martina grinds the knee into Venus' exposed groin, eliciting a pitiful, whining cry from the American. The American's meanwhile are crying foul for the double teaming going on the ring.

With Anna again restraining the weakened American, Hingis grabs both ankles, spreads them and falls forward in another grinding knee drive aimed below Williams waist. Hingis savors the moment, driving the knee into the exposed cunt, and twisting it against the warm moist flesh of Venus' womanhood. Hingis stands up, high flying the Russian beauty and inviting her to take a turn inflicting some damage on the downed American.

Anna lovingly rubs her swollen, torn teats, and looks down at Venus' unscathed melons. She motions for Hingis to hold Williams in a full nelson, giving Anna unobstructed access to William's dangling treasure chest. Anna begins with the nipples, twisting both in her tight grip, while Hingis holds the full Nelson. Venus again shows her power though, snapping her arms downward, breaking the full nelson and tossing Hingis aside. Anna reacts quickly though, deftly jabbing her fingers into Williams eyes, ending her brief offensive. Anna and Martina each take one of Williams long arms, and drag her to the standing position. With both arms spread, Anna and Martina take turns kicking the larger girl in the ribs, crotch and breasts.

Soon Venus drops to her knees, her head lolling down near unconsciousness, but with a mighty pull of both arms, sends Martina and Anna crashing into each other. The two girls slowly untangle themselves from each other and climb to their feet. The two World Teamers again deliver several boots to the American's back and ribs, finally slumping the amazon over on her belly. Anna then steps forward, whispering to Martina, who nods her head in agreement. They roll the American over onto her back, and Martina drops her rather wide rear end over Venus' knees, and leans forward securing Venus' hands.

Anna steps around to Venus' head, and kneels down, dropping her butt square on Venus face. The World team again erupts into applause for a second time, seeing Kournikova use the ultimate in humiliating pins, the reverse facesit. Anna leans forward, mauling Venus' large breasts as she works her ass up and down Williams face, finally settling her crotch on Venus' nose. Sitting upright, Anna again rubs down her sweaty sides, wincing slightly as her hands pass her sore ribs and breasts, emphasizing her sexy curves as she lets her butt do the honors on Williams face.

Anna takes her time, obviously very good at this particular maneuver, and fluffs her skirt out so that in entirely covers Williams head and shoulders. Even with Martina pinning her hands and legs down, Venus begins to twitch as asphyxia sets in. After a few more moments of pained struggling, Martina leans forward, gives Anna the high five and gets up, as Venus has stopped resisting, and is simply lying motionless. As soon as the bell rings Anna rises slowly from her vanquished foe's face. Slowly she peels down the bikini bottoms under her skirt, and steps out of them. Bending at the waist, she slowly stuffs her soaked briefs into Venus' mouth and squats on her face again, this time using her bare muff the rub Venus' face. Seeing that the cage has been opened on both sides, Anna and Martina wisely retreat to their corner where Mary Pierce and Monica Seles greet them with bottled water, towels and congratulations. The Americans gather around Venus, fearing for her safety, allowing the World team to leave the ring to wild cheers of their followers....
The End (for now)