Martina Hingis+Anna Kournikova vs. Jelena Dokic+Daniela Hantuchova By Blizzard

"Game - Set - Match!" announced John McEnroe triumphantly as the crowd erupted in cheers. "The winner of the Playboy Challenge is the team of Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova!"

He smiled at the celebrating doubles team as they embraced at mid-court. The exhibition match had been set up by Playboy magazine and John, once one of the country's top male professional players of all time, had been the guest chair umpire. The women's doubles had matched WTA veterans Hingis and Kournikova against up-and-coming youngsters Jelena Dokic and Daniela Hantuchova. Center court at the Playboy mansion had been filled to capacity and the arena vibrated with ecstatic cheers from the fans during the exciting, and well-played match.

Across the net from the celebrating victors, things weren't quite so rosy. Jelena and Daniela were fuming. They'd played their hearts out, but their efforts had been stifled by a horrendously biased McEnroe. Despite it being just an exhibition, the women were professionals and the repeated one-sided judgments favoring Martina and Anna were a disgrace! The young girls had been shocked by the despicable rulings from the chair and the crowd, mostly celebrities and past Playmates, had been aware of his prejudiced rulings. Had they been tennis purists, they would've been insulted but as the match wore on, most were enjoyed and actually excited, by the increasingly angry Jelena and Daniela. The spectators were the same ones who frequented the mansion for the Playmate catfights so they could sense a clash brewing. It was highly unlikely to come to fruition, but if it did.......wouldn't that be one to talk about! It was fairly obvious that McEnroe was thinking along the same lines. Once a troublemaker, always a troublemaker.

It was well known Martina and Anna were once close and Anna had never posed a threat to Martina's #1 ranking, and likely never would! Martina had been #1 before and now after rehabilitating a serious injury, she was determined to regain her top spot. Australian Jelena was a young woman who stood in her way. Competition, and the drive to be number one, drove them both and Martina found the chance to poke a hole in Jelena's blossoming ego irresistible. One would assume Jelena regarded the opportunity in the same light; a victory for she and her Slovak partner Daniela would be sweet, particularly against the former number one seed in the WTA and it's 'glamour girl'. Yes, Jelena wanted to win the match badly.

Daniela had also been garnering increased recognition lately. Slovakian by birth, Martina had moved to Switzerland at seven and as young girls, she and Jelena had become friendly while training for careers in the WTA. Some had begun to compare the pretty 19 year old Daniela to Anna, specifically as a potential heir to the 'tennis hottie' crown. Her game was rapidly improving and, as she matured her beauty also flourished. There was definitely a subtle rivalry developing between Anna and Daniela.

"I think we've been had!" whined Daniela as she and Jelena reluctantly approached the net.

"No Daniela, we've been FUCKED!" snarled blonde Jelena with ire.

Martina and Anna met them at the net, both wearing their usual smug expressions as they extended limp hands.

"Nice match, girls!" congratulated the dark-haired 'Swiss Miss' Martina.

"Was it?!" growled Jelena, glaring at Martina who flashed her a smile and a sly wink.

Anna took Daniela's hand, pursing her lips in a kiss that only antagonized the already frustrated brunette.

"Perhaps a rematch is in order?!" Anna asked innocently.

"Not here," shot back Daniela, jerking her hand away. "Let's see how you do on the tour with a legitimate referee."

As the crowd applauded heartily, Martina and Anna moved to the side of the court, chatting and signing autographs while Jelena and Daniela angrily stormed off to the locker room. Inside, Daniela quickly began to strip off her sweat-soaked tennis outfit but Jelena flopped on a nearby bench, put her head in her hands and fumed. The 5'11" 123 lb. brunette Daniela stood in black bikini panties and sports bra looking at Jelena as the 5'9" 125 lb. busty blonde suddenly got to her feet and sighed.

"I should go back out there and visit with the spectators," Jelena announced. "Are you coming?"

"No," snapped Daniela firmly. "I have no interest in humoring them any further."

Jelena made her way back to the court, passing Anna as she went. The blonde Russian girl smiled as Jelena approached.

"I've warmed them up for you, Jelena," Anna cooed.

"Fuck off!" hissed the blonde as she deliberately bumped Anna with her shoulder as they passed.

Anna strode into the locker room where she was greeted with a silent, hard glare from Daniela. The brunette was seated on a wooden bench, contemplating putting her tennis outfit back on to go out and mingle. Seeing the complacent blonde Anna unleashed the temper tantrum Daniela had been struggling to keep suppressing since leaving the court.

"So Anna.........where you in on it?" Daniela asked icily.

"In on what?!" responded the 5'8" 112 lb. blonde with mock surprise as she easily slipped out of her wet clothes.

"This ruse of a match." snapped Daniela, staring at Anna who was in yellow panties and a white sports bra.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" said Anna with a chuckle.

Daniela rose to her feet and faced the shorter woman. "Oh.......I think you do."

Anna smirked as she brazenly bellied up to her taller foe, "And what might you be suggesting, Daniela dear?"

"I'm saying not all your backhand winners, you cheat!" snarled the angry brunette.

Without warning, Anna slapped the tall girl solidly across the face with a heavy backhand, sending the yelping teenager sprawling back into the row of lockers behind her.

"How's THAT for a backhand winner, princess?" taunted the haughty blonde.

Daniela turned away from Anna, her hand at her reddening cheek as she whimpered in pain. Then, with blinding speed, she pivoted toward the blonde and unloaded a wicked slap of her own that exploded against Anna's cherubic cheek. With a shriek, the blonde staggered back, almost nearly falling she reached for her stinging face with one hand and braced herself against her locker with the other.

"I prefer forehand smashes, bitch!" growled the statuesque brunette.

Daniela launched herself at Anna who met her charge head-on and both girls locked up and tottered back and forth across the concrete floor as they wriggled, pushed and shoved with their hands buried in each others wet, matted hair. Daniela slowly forced the squealing blonde back against the lockers, then slammed her head back into them, rattling the doors as Anna grunted. Anna's catfight experience showed as she counter-attacked with a swift knee to Daniela's side, but she took the knee in stride and rattled Anna's head against the lockers again.

Anna fought back fiercely, spinning off the lockers, sitting back on the floor and monkey-flipping a surprised and shrieking Daniela up and over. The brunette slammed to the hard floor flat on her back with her long legs extended and lay still with an agonized groan. She slowly rolled over and used a hand on the bench to help herself to her feet. She turned to face Anna who was already set and met her with a brutal slap to the cheek. The brunette was spun around by the force of the slap and staggering away in a daze with her back to Anna.

Anna ruthlessly come after Daniela, wrapping her arms around her from behind in a reverse bearhug just as Martina and Jelena came into the locker room. Anna ran her subdued foe face-first into the lockers and Daniela's body slumped and she howled in pain. The shocked Jelena dropped her bag and racket and charged Anna, screaming like a banshee. A broad smile twisted the 5'7" 130 lb. Martina's lips as she turned and locked the door before she sprang after Jelena.

Anna was holding a wailing Daniela by the hair and was getting ready to slam her face into the lockers again when Jelena got to her. Anna let out a yelp as Jelena grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off of her battered brunette partner. Jelena swung Anna around with one hand as she loaded up with her fist cocked. Just as she was about to pull the trigger, Martina grabbed her arm and pulled her away from Anna.

"Two against one isn't fair!" huffed Martina. "Let the girls play out the point!"

The livid blonde Aussie stomped her heel on Martina's instep, drawing a shrill cry from the dark-haired woman. Then Jelena drove her elbow back, burying it in Martina's belly and dropping her to the floor on her cute, soft bottom holding her belly and gasping for air.

Anna returned her attention to pounding Daniela's head against the lockers, but she was suddenly stopped again by Jelena who snaked her arm around Anna's neck from behind and clamped on a choke hold. As the beautiful Russian was held gasping and struggling, Daniela turned around and seized her opportunity as she unloaded a savage belly busting punch into the trapped blonde pin-up. Anna never saw it coming and her tongue protruded from her mouth as she gasped for air, her body hunched forward in agony.

Jelena spun the suffering blonde around and shoved her back into Daniela who quickly wrapped up Anna's arms and pulled them behind her back. Defenseless and horrified as Daniela jerked her upright, Anna cried out a choking groan when Jelena turned her hips into a rippping punch that sunk her fist deep into Anna's gut. Daniela released her hold on the blonde's arms and Anna slid down Daniela's body to her knees, with her head bowed forward nearly touching the tops of Jelena's tennis shoes as she gasped and struggled to breathe.

"You're not so tough, are y-," Jelena started to say as she bent over Anna.

"Look out Jelena!" interrupted Daniela with eyes wide as she peered past Jelena a Martina had had recovered and was in mid-charge.

Jelena instinctively dropped to one knee, her hands on the floor straddling Anna's bent over body. She snapped a back kick out blindly behind her, nailing the onrushing Hingis flush in the pussy. Martina's momentum was stopped dead in her tracks and her soft body shuddered as her mouth froze wide open in a breathless groan, her hands fumbling at her crotch.

Jelena sprang to her feet and whirled to face the anguished brunette. She lifted Martina's head with a handful of her short, brown hair, then powered her fist into Martina's belly, folding the devastated girl forward over her forearm which she held pressed to Martina's diaphragm. The Swiss Miss gasped and wheezed as her lungs desperately tried to suck in air as she clutched her belly with one hand and her cunt with the other. Jelena confidently raised her leg, put her foot on Martina's forehead and gave her a shove, sending the poor brunette backward, hitting the floor flat on her back and sliding under a near-by bench.

Daniela looked down at Anna who was curled up on her side, whimpering in pain. She stomped the blonde in the ribs, eliciting a frantic shriek. Knowing Anna would be down for a while, Daniela turned her attention to Martina. As she approached, Jelena was leaned over her, stripping the gasping brunette of her tennis shorts and top. Reduced to navy blue bikini panties and a white sports bra, the former #1 whined and struggled weakly as Jelena tossed her sweaty togs aside.

"Fucking cunt!" Martina muttered, still tending to her battered pussy as Jelena looked down at her smugly.

Daniela tapped Jelena's shoulder and the blonde girl turned around. She raised her eyebrows at Jelena and reached down, hauling Martina to her feet, then she secured the weakly resisting brunette's arms behind her back and arched her back just as she'd done to Anna minutes before. Jelena wound up and delivered a deep belly punch, pounding Martina's gut so hard she almost knocked Daniela over as well. Martina gasped, her knees buckled and she nearly passed out.

"Still feel like a winner now, bitch?!" taunted Jelena as Martina coughed and gasped.

"What's wrong, Marti, pussycat got your tongue?" teased Daniela, pressing her firm thighs against Martina's ass as she held her hips.

Suddenly, Daniela's face fell and her mouth twisted in a horrific grimace. She let out a gurgling groan as she leaned forward across Martina's back. Anna had stealthily gotten to her feet and had snapped a wicked kick up between Daniela's parted legs, pounding her pussy hard enough Daniela roe up on her toes as she let go of Martina and abruptly buried her hands in her crotch.

"What's wrong, Daniela?! Pussy got a problem?!" mocked Anna as she set her feet and glared at Jelena with fire in her eyes!

Jelena grabbed Martina's shoulders and tried to push her away to get at Anna but Martina grabbed Jelena by her skirt at the hips and drove toward her, hitting her in the chest with her shoulder. Both girls went down, Jelena on her back and Martina landing full length atop her. The back of Jelena's head cracked the hard concrete, leaving her dazed under the vengeful Martina.

Anna saw that Martina seemed to have things well in hand, so she attacked Daniela, grabbing her by the hair and whipping her back into the row of lockers. Daniela smashed into the unyielding metal lockers with a yelp, her knees buckling as she slide off to one side. Anna swarmed onto her, pounding her with a devastating uppercut that cracked under the point of her chin with a sickening THWACK!

Daniela would surely have crumpled to the floor had not Anna grabbed her by her bra and pinned her limp body to the lockers. The blonde beauty viciously tore open Daniela's bra to exposed the girl's perky young breasts. Anna went to work with a vengeance, using her well-manicured fingernails as Daniela hopped up and down from one foot to the other and screeched in mindless agony.

Martina was hurting, but she was a veteran at overcoming pain while competing. She lay on her side perpendicular to the stretched out Jelena and grunted as she pulled the blonde's head between her thick thighs. The groggy young blonde moaned as Martina gritted her teeth and clamped a leg scissors onto her neck. Sensing disaster, Jelena came alive, kicking and thrashing her legs as her arms flailed as her hands clawed Martina's muscular thighs.

"Jelena, there's nothing I hate more than a poor sport!" teased Martina as she increased the pressure of the scissors.

"!" grunted the red-faced blonde as she continued bucking and squirming.

Having been on both sides of this same situation, Martina knew what to do and she smiled devilishly as she slipped a hand under Jelena's button top and latched onto one of the blonde's huge tits through her sports bra. She pinched and squeezed painfully as Jelena cursed and kicked her feet some more, unable to reach her chest with the one hand Martina hadn't already grabbed.

"But you see.....your ego is beginning to overstep it's bounds," Martina continued. "There's only enough room for one Queen Bitch on the tour - and that's me!."

Jelena gasped in pain, her tit on fire and her breath growing more labored as Martina continued to scissor her powerfully.

"Your done!" Jelena hissed stubbornly.

Martina grinned as she watched the strength draining from the young blonde's wilting body. She flexed her legs in rhythmic unison with the tit squeezing she was administering, overwhelming the busty blonde in two different areas of her nubile young body.

"You will NEVER be a queen, honey pie," Martina taunted as she pinched Jelena's hard nipple. "Other than big tits, you don't have what it takes."

Jelena's hands slapped the brunette's thighs as spittle trickled from the corner of her gaping mouth. Jelena's legs had already stopped their kicking to lay stretched out full length and spread wide, her head was spinning from lack of blood to her brain. Her body was shutting down under Martina's commanding control. Then, the Swiss Miss eased up the pressure on her scissors slightly just before Jelena passed out, applying only enough pressure to keep the limp girl securely held in place.

Across the room, Daniela's creamy breasts had been badly abused and scratched raw under Anna's sadistic fingernail raking. The unbearable pain overwhelmed her senses and, as Anna started to milk her tortured mammaries, Daniela's knees slowly buckled as she slid down the locker until she plopped to a seat on the floor with her legs sticking straight out. Anna dropped with her, straddling Daniela's thighs on her knees and holding her head up by the hair as she unleashed a stinging backhand/forehand whipping slap to the poor girl's tits.

The brunette's body jerked and twitched at the stinging abuse and tears welled up in her eyes as she was being brutally dominated by her arch rival. Anna cracked her across the mouth with a sharp backhand, knocking Daniela over on her side a battered, semi-conscious mess.

The Russian blonde calmly straightened as she slipped off her sports bra, exposing her own modest, but exquisitely shaped breasts. Anna cupped Daniela's chin in her hand as she looked deep into the girl's unfocused eyes.

"You're out of it, pansy," teased the blonde. "No competition!"

Daniela emitted a pitiful mewl and Anna's breasts covered her face as the blonde wrapped her arms around her head and pulled her face into her cleavage. She held the young brunette tightly, her face crammed between her sweaty, naked tits. Daniela's plea's were inaudible as Anna hugged her close, breast smothering the beaten Slovakian teen. In moments Daniela's weak kicking legs fell still and her squirming slowed until her body went limp and she passed out in Anna's arms.

Anna looked over her shoulder at Martina and smiled proudly. She released her hold on the brunette and sat back, gazing at her as Daniela's head tipped back against the lockers with a soft PWANG! Her mouth was slightly ajar and her pink tongue dangled from the corner. Anna giggled as she reached down and pulled on Daniela's erect nipples, then pinched them hard! Neither received the slightest response from the unconscious girl.

Anna craned her neck around to watch Martina who had the beaten and helpless Jelena propped up in a seated position, pinching and pulling the rubbery nipples capping the girl's mouth-watering breasts. Jelena barely responded; her body all but shut down from the earlier abuse. Now, she took Martina's the humiliation without protest or attempted retaliation. Jelena had already been stripped down to just a pair of filmy white hi-cut panties. Martina made eye contact with Anna and after breaking into a broad grin, she winked at her partner-in-crime.

"Very nice, Anna!" Martina praised. "I just had the most wonderful idea."

She got to her feet and dragged the limp, whimpering Jelena across the floor by one wrist over to join Anna with Daniela. Anna watched curiously as Martina dropped the near-unconscious teen at Jelena's head so their bodies were stretched out head to head. Then she slipped out of her panties and straddled Jelena's face on her knees. Anna burst into a grin as she quickly stripped off her own panties and straddled Daniela's face facing Martina. She slapped the brunette's cheeks until she awoke. As Daniela looked groggily into the gaping naked gash above her face, she began to whine and whimper as her long, lean body shook as her whimpers quickly escalated to racking sobs and pleas.

Then, like good partners, Martina and Anna lowered their humid, ripe snatches onto their rival's faces in unison, wiggling their asses until they achieved perfect position with their slick pussy lips spread and glued over Jelena and Daniela's nose and mouth. The two pinned girls weakly protested and ineffectually struggled, their garbled words swallowed up by the victor's cunts. Martina and Anna held hands as they sat giggling facing each other, then slowly began to rock back and forth as they rode their rivals toward a satisfying climax.

"Martina, you are a bitch to the core!" praised Anna with a smile.

"I resemble that remark!" laughed Martina.

Jelena and Daniela's legs slowly swept across the concrete as their muffled whimpers trailed off. They once more lay silent and still, passed out beneath their foe's slippery pussies as the victorious athletes continued rocking on their unconscious victims, growing increasingly aroused as they rubbed their erect clits on the perky noses of the vanquished young girls..

"This is a satisfying cool-down after a.......AHHHHHHHHHH!" Martina gasped as she erupted with a shrill scream and her hips bucked and shook on Jelena's sticky face. She gasped and moaned as she climaxed, her grip on Anna's wrists tightening. "After a....... mmmmmmm.... long..... hot... nnnmmmmmmhhh... well deserved.... win, yes? YES!" she moaned.

Anna's pussy vigorously scrubbed itself on Daniela's defenseless face until she came the way she always did on these occasions, i.e., like a freight train; moaning and yelping wildly as sweat poured down her cute round face.

"Yesssssssss!!!" Anna sighed as she panted heavily, reveling in a post orgasmic bliss that could only be appreciated by one who's been where she was at that luxurious moment in time.

Martina released Anna's wrists and slowly lifted her dripping cunt from Jelena's generously coated face. She lolled the blonde's head back and forth, receiving no response.

"I think these 'young guns' had better train hard before the new season," Martina sighed. "They're just dreadfully out of shape! You can believe Navratilova would've never allowed Evert to get in this sad condition."

Anna climbed off Daniela and stood proudly admiring the gooey facial she'd happily provided, knowing it certainly would prove a boon for the young girl's complexion.

"Tonight, we drink Citrona!" Anna announced with a giggle, happily working in a plug for one of her sponsors.

The winners rose and embraced, kissing lustily as they stood with their bare legs straddling the defeated and demoralized bodies of their unfortunate victims. Martina's face broke into a mischievous grin as she looked down at her rival, then gave Jelena’s big, firm breast a nudge with her toe.

"You have headbands, don't you Anna?" she asked.

"Yes......" answered the blonde, her curiosity piqued.. "Half a dozen or more! Why?!"

Most of the crowd was still in their seats when suddenly a startled cry echoed from those in the cheap seats near the tunnel to the locker room.

"God I love sudden death!" marveled McEnroe as he turned his gaze to the tunnel.

Steffi Graf, her arm around his waist, broke into raucous laughter, "Oh no! I don’t believe it!"

Martina and Anna, now re-dressed in their tennis clothes and carrying racquets, walked side by side onto the court. Crawling in front of them, gagged by someone’s soiled panties held in place by two of Anna's headbands; with two more headbands being employed as leashes around their necks, crawled Jelena and Daniela. Both proud young tennis starlets were stark naked! Daniela sniffled and sobbed as she crawled to the net with Anna firmly guiding her with constant jerks and snaps on her leash. Jelena's heavy breasts swung back and forth and slapped together, as she crawled hip to shoulder beside her partner, a look of utter defeat and humiliation coloring her crimson hued face.

"!" exclaimed Hef as he clapped excitedly. "What’d we miss in that locker room?!"

The shocked crowd slowly broke into excited applause, the sound escalating to near pandemonium as the loser's were prodded with racquets or nudged by feet as they were meekly guided to the net at center court. There, they were hauled up by their hair simultaneously and bent over the net which sagged under their combined weight until their heads were resting on the hard court surface.

Using one sweatband leash, Martina bound Jelena's right wrist to Daniela's left, while Anna secured Jelena's right ankle to Daniela's left with the other leash. The two naked girls whimpered through the panties stuffed in their mouths as the crowd continued to cheer and jeer.

"Is this the rematch?!" hollered Steffi.

Martina nodded at her and they shared a devious grin as Martina stepped beside Jelena and brandished her racquet. Anna took her position next to Daniela and raised her racquet as she faced Martina. She smacked the racquet down on Daniela's bare fanny, causing the anguished girl to jerk forward, wedging her bare breasts into the mesh as she let out a muffled whimper.

"Advantage Kournikova!" announced Martina.

Anna whacked the young girl's ass again, traumatizing her as the racquet string's left a vivid grid tattooed on Daniela's fair cheeks.

"Fault!" called out Martina.

Anna pouted at her partner, then wound up and smashed a hard forehand at Daniela's ass, sending the poor girl into convulsions of pain as her firm young body shivered and shook as she sobbed uncontrollably.

"Ace!!!" called Martina with a big smile.

Martina raised her racquet and snapped a harsh swing that caught all of Jelena's full ass, the little squares of soft flesh oozing through the racquet strings as a muffled shriek came from the humiliated blonde.

"Out!" called Anna, giving Martina a coy grin.

"Out?!" argued Martina, her hands on her hips. “We will discuss that outrageously bad call in the room later,” she said as she suppressed a giggle.

Then Martina turned and carefully measured Jelena's firm fanny as she drew back her racquet. She paused at the top of her backswing, then unloaded a brutal backhand that blistered the Aussie's pale skin. Jelena’s head snapped up as she arched her back in pain, then slumped back down, her body draped over the rope struggling for breath between her anguished whimpers. She lay with her ass raised in the air, as if offering it for another stroke..

"Backhand winner!" exclaimed Anna.

"Time for a big volley!" said Martina as she and Anna both measured their targets.

The two athletes commenced a brutal spanking session, repeatedly taking turns whacking their bawling foe's fanny's with agonizing shots. Jelena's and Daniela's rumps were quickly turned bright red, on fire with pain they were unable to bear the brutality being inflicted on them in front of the delirious crowd and they, mercifully, passed into unconsciousness. Once the two punishers realized their opponent's were out, they ended the beating.

Anna leaned over the net and grabbed Daniela by the hair, lifting the girl's head up off the court. Daniela's puffy, tear soaked eyes were shut, her panties hanging out of her mouth.

"That's game!" announced the blonde with a smile.

Martina checked on Jelena in similar fashion, finding her out cold as well so she casually dropped the blonde's head, letting it thud on the hard court.

"Set and Match!!!" she exclaimed as the victorious vixen's turned and waved to the screaming crowd, smiles spread over their faces.

"Stupendous!!!" yelled Hef, standing and applauding enthusiastically.

"A very impressive win!" called out Steffi, winking at the duo.

"Impressive?!" exclaimed McEnroe. "That was FUCKING HOT, baby!" he said as he gave Steffi's ass a squeeze.

Martina and Anna slipped their arms around each other's waist as they marched off the court to the locker room, leaving poor Jelena and Daniela brutalized, embarrassed and on lewd display at center court. Later that night, in the hotel suite they were sharing, Martina would once more show Anna why she's 'top bitch' on the tour!