Charlize Theron vs. Monica Bellucci by The Walkin' Dude

It was getting on into the second half of June and in the small town of Darkside Florida, summer was firmly in control. The weather was topping out with highs in the nineties nearly every afternoon and if that wasn't stultifying enough, the near constant rains and hundred percent humidity could put a damper (no pun intended) on even the brightest outlook. But all was not rain and gloom in Darkside. That evening, at one of Richard Fannin's more out of the way watering holes, his little promotion would entertain those brave enough to step outside the air conditioned comfort of their homes. And the patrons of the R'lyeh Club would get one hell of a show. For the first time in all the shows that had taken place at the establishment, the audience at the R'lyeh Club would get to bear witness to a title match. A world title match no less. Tonight in the Main Event, the current champion Charlize would take on her most intimidating challenger in quite some time, the Italian Goddess, Monica Bellucci.

But before your narrator goes any further, a bit of back story on the title in Fannin's promotion. As the constant reader may have guessed, over the last few months, the erstwhile promoter had had almost no time for anything outside the machinations of the Darkness, therefore in that time he'd basically left the title booking to the champ, and because Charlize was one of the best on the roster, she'd made good on defending her belt every couple of weeks. In fact, since winning the title in a grueling contest against Angelina Jolie in November of last year, the Scissor Queen had been on a phenomenal winning streak, taking out all comers with style and grace.

But Charlize’s grip on the title had become a bit more nebulous in the last few weeks - ever since the arrival of the big brunette. Monica had made an impact right away, demolishing all her foes and making it very clear that she wanted Charlize’s belt. Just how a superstar like Monica had ended up in Fannin's little promotion was a mystery, but word had it that at some point over her vacation, Neve Campbell had gone to Europe to meet with the Italian Goddess for some "negotiations" that fell a bit outside the typical contract offers. Regardless of whether or not there was any truth to this rumor, Monica was in the promotion now and she was first in line for Charlize's title. And after all that, lets go to the ring...

Quieting the crowd, the Announcer begins, "Ladies and Gentleman, it's time for our Main Event! Introducing first, she is the current world champion, she stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, she is 'The Scissor Queen'; ladies and gentleman I give you, Charlize Theron!" ZZ Top's ‘Legs’ pulses to life as Charlize makes her appearance. The tall blonde looks every bit the goddess as she stands at the top of the ramp, letting the audience bask in her presence. For her battle with Monica, Charlize was clad in her trademark gold sequined bikini that clung to her body like a second skin. Her boots and pads were of the same golden hue and her shimmering golden hair hung loose to her shoulders. Reaching the edge of the ring, the big blonde hopped up on the apron and bent slowly at the waist going through the middle rope and giving one lucky side of the club a glimpse of her mythical butt and thighs. Removing her belt, she handed it to the ref and went to her corner.

Catching his breath, the announcer said, "And introducing her opponent, she stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, she is, Monica Bellucci!" Stone Temple Pilot's ‘Sex Type Thing’ roars to life and the brunette Amazon strides through the curtain. Not waiting another second, the Italian Goddess moves down the ramp, clad in the two-piece white leather bikini that was her signature. Matching white boots and pads completed the look and before too many more seconds passed, the brunette was in the ring, boldly staring down the blonde champion.

The bell chimed once and then the belt was on the line for real: no more taunting, no more veiled threats, no more promises of humiliation for the loser. Whatever these two Amazons had to say (or do) to each other they would now say in the confines of the squared circle. Moving confidently out of her corner, Charlize strode toward the center of the ring, her eyes never once leaving the big brunette in the other corner. Monica wasn't one to hesitate either and the Italian goddess matched the blonde's stride, meeting her dead center of the ring. Looking the champ up and down, Monica said quietly, "I've been waiting a long time to humble you Theron. I'm going to crush the mystique out of you tonight. Taking your precious title is only icing on the cake."

She ended this threat by stepping even closer, pressing her vaunted assets against the champ's much more modest (but nonetheless impressive) chest. Charlize responded to a challenge the same way she always did, with style and aplomb. Grinning fiercely at the brunette she chested into Monica, going nose to nose with the brunette.

Speaking barely above a whisper Charlize hissed, "It's hard for me to be humble when I'm just so damn GOOD Monica. But try your best tonight. I would love to put your name on the list of legends I've trounced."

Not giving the challenger a chance to respond, Charlize struck the first blow, rocking the brunette back on her heels with a wicked backhand slap. Fire filling her dark eyes, Monica shook off the blow and responded in kind, cracking Charlize's head to the side with a brutally stiff backhand of her own. Not letting the champion regain her composure, Monica rushed forward and threaded a hand between Charlize's legs and the other over the blonde's shoulder. In the same motion, she hoisted the blonde up on her shoulder, holding her in position for a Body Slam. Seconds later, that's exactly what the brunette did, driving Charlize hard to the canvas. She grimaced and arched her back when she hit, but the lithe blonde was champ for a reason and she popped to her feet almost instantly.

However, Monica was more than willing to show why she was the number one contender and did so by scooping up the surprised blonde a second time. This time, the brunette executed a quarter turn before throwing the blonde down, letting another side of the audience see how easy it was for her to dominate the legendary Scissor Queen. Much like the first and second times, Charlize was up quickly and Monica was right there to greet her, hoisting the blonde up for a third and final slam. Tiring of the same move, Monica added a little twist this time, sprinting forward a few steps before rising up on her toes and throwing the blonde down as hard as she could. Charlize bounced and rolled when she hit the mat this time and the leggy blonde wasn't nearly as fast in getting up.

Monica milked this for all it was worth, sauntering over to the injured champion and posing by her head as she looked dismissively at the blonde and taunted, "Everyone goes on and on about your legs, but let me show them the damage a REAL set can do!"

Before Charlize could mount a defense, Monica executed a vertical leap, at the apex of which she extended her right leg fully. Letting gravity do its thing, the Italian goddess came down thigh first across Charlize's face, rocking her with a beautiful leg drop. Letting her leg rest on the blonde's face for a second longer than she had to, Monica pushed to her feet and then pulled Charlize to hers.

Grabbing a dual handful of blonde hair, Monica pulled the woozy champ close and gloated in her face, "I'm going to walk all over you tonight. And you're not going to stop me. Let's see how fast I can send the helpless Scissor Queen into exile!"

When Charlize only grunted angrily, Monica twisted her torso and tossed, violently hurling the blonde halfway across the ring by her golden locks. Charlize hit the mat with a wet thud and she lay there moaning for several seconds before getting to her feet. Perhaps it would have been sounder strategy for the blonde to regain her bearings while she was on the ground because Monica sure didn't give her any time to think once she was on her feet. Crouching low, the big brunette exploded forward and extended her right arm, driving it across the Scissor Queen's throat in a wicked Clothesline, that knocked her right back to the canvas. Smirking at the ease with which she was punishing the blonde, Monica strutted over to Charlize and lifted her right arm in a bicep flex. Grinning confidently to the loud (but somewhat stunned) crowd, Monica raised her arm up a little higher before dropping down hard, driving her elbow directly down onto the champ's left breast. Charlize flopped around as she clutched her breast, moaning in pain.

Her reprieve was a short one as Monica pulled her to her feet, standing her up face to face with the wounded champion and taunted her again, "I'm getting tired of just toying with you. Better to finish you right now and play with you when I'm done."

She grabbed hold of Charlize's head and pulled the blonde forward, forcing the blonde's face into the cavern of her cleavage. Monica smiled widely as Charlize began to struggle against the smother, the weakened champ, pushing futilely at the brunette's strong shoulders. Monica was just about to taunt the faltering champ again when Charlize brought her foot up and then crashing down on Monica's foot. The surprise pain caught Monica so off guard that she released the smother instantly, limping away to ascertain the damage on her injured foot.

Recovering quickly, the big brunette glared at the gasping blonde and she wasted no time in sprinting forward, extending her arm for another Clothesline. But Charlize got her wits about her and at the last second, the leggy blonde ducked, letting Monica stumble past her, then spinning quickly on her heel, Charlize brought those years of dance training into play! Continuing her spin on one heel, Charlize whipped her right leg up in a beautiful arc that culminated with the champ smashing her boot into the side of Monica's surprised face. The big brunette went down stunned, clutching at her damaged face.

Enjoying that she had finally put Monica down, Charlize wanted to taunt her but thought better of it. She knew she needed to hurt Monica more before she put the mental screws to her. So with a cold, determined look on her face, Charlize bent and pulled Monica to a sitting position .Then backing off several steps, the blonde champ rushed forward and flashed out her right leg; her foot catching the sitting brunette right between her big breasts. Monica wailed in pain as she tumbled over backward, arms crossed protectively over her chest. Smirking at her pain, Charlize stood over Monica's head and poured on the pressure, leaping into the air before coming down on the brunette's chest with both knees. Monica groaned and writhed on the mat, all the air exploding from her lungs in one gigantic burst.

Feeling in control of the match at last, Charlize taunted as she pulled Monica to her feet, "You thought you could finish me less than five minutes in? I'm shocked and appalled. But not as badly as you're going to be when I'm done kicking your ass all over my ring. You may be the best on your side of the world Monica, but you're in the court of the Scissor Queen now; and I don't take kindly to insurgents."

Receiving a low groan as a reply, Charlize grinned and bent the brunette double. Holding Monica's left arm extended so as to measure her shots better, Charlize proceeded to snap a stiff series of kicks off the challenger's chest and belly, each impact drawing a pained groan from the injured brunette. After nearly a dozen blows landed, Charlize tired of the game and delivered one last kick, this one crashing into Monica's chin and sending her to the mat in a heap. Standing over her rival, Charlize remembered a jibe Monica had gotten in earlier.

Running both hands down her legs, Charlize said snidely, "You wanna talk a real set of legs? I'm happy to introduce you to the best in the business, up close and personal!"

Then the blonde leapt into the air and came crashing down again, driving a toned thigh into Monica's chest, a Leg Drop of her own. Not about to let the leg based assault end, Charlize went about showing Monica how she got her nickname.

Laying perpendicular to the brunette's waist, Charlize threaded her gams around either side of Monica’s waist before locking her ankles. Placing both palms against the mat, she rose up sharply with the first constriction of her thighs, putting ungodly pressure on the challenger's midsection with the Body Scissors. Smirking at Monica's helpless writhing, Charlize bounced lightly on her flattened palms, increasing the pain of the Scissors.

"Ready to give up Monica? I might not let you go right away, but I promise you won't leave on a stretcher."

Ignoring the blonde's cold implication, Monica brought her exceptional strength into play, getting her own hands on the mat before slowly dragging her and her tormentors bulk to the edge of the ring. Getting hold of the bottom ropes, Monica demanded that the ref make Charlize release the hold. Looking mildly disappointed, Charlize said teasingly, "Spoilsport." before releasing the hold and pulling Monica to her feet.

Pushing Monica back against the ropes, Charlize helped herself to a generous handful of jug, grabbing Monica's breasts and pinching the soft flesh through the challenger's bikini top as she hissed, "I'm going to crush these sacks off your chest before the match is over bitch. Just see if I don't."

She ended her message with another rude grope of Monica's bounty. Furious at the demeaning treatment she was receiving from the blonde, Monica brought her hands up and shoved hard, sending Charlize backpedaling a ways. Regaining her balance, the champs eyes narrowed to slits and she crouched low before charging quickly at the winded brunette. Luckily for Monica, the brunette saw this coming and she prepared accordingly. Ducking one shoulder, Monica waited until Charlize was almost on top of her before she straightened up, tossing the champ easily over the top rope, sending her to a painful landing on the thin blue mats several feet below the ring apron; the ‘barely there’ padding over the concrete doing very little to cushion the blow. Letting out a pained scream, Charlize writhed in pain, nursing her damaged back while Monica slithered through the ropes and dropped to the arena floor.

Pulling the blonde to her feet, Monica smiled sweetly at the blonde as she asked, "Hurt your back? That's too bad!" She grabbed Charlize’s wrist and whipped her hard across the floor. Charlize's eyes widened as she saw where she was being hurled and she did her best to brace for impact, but the best she could manage was a slight turn, meaning she took the steel ring steps across her back and not her stomach. There was a loud BWANG as the blonde hit and she immediately sank to her butt, the collision with the ring steps taking a lot out of her. Sauntering over to the wounded champ, Monica pulled Charlize up and held her close. "Did that help your back champ? No? Maybe THIS will make it feel better."

Then she ducked low and wrapped her arms around the blonde's trim waist. Powering Charlize around, Monica rammed forward, driving Charlize’s injured back into the steel guardrail that separated the wrestlers from the audience. The crowd roared at the move and Charlize roared with them - but for a very different reason - as her back felt like it was this close to snapping. But still Monica offered no reprieve, she drove Charlize's back into the guardrail three more times before changing her tactics. Dragging the rubber kneed blonde forward, Monica threw her face first into the ring apron, letting Charlize rest heavily on the rough canvas.

Grabbing the blonde's hair, Monica leaned over and chided, "I bet you'd feel better if your face matched your back. Let's see hmmh?"

Sensing no resistance from the champ, Monica proceeded to drag Charlize's face and torso the full length of one side of the ring, abrading the Scissor Queen's face and chest against the mat. Reaching the steel post in the corner, Monica changed tactics yet again; pulling Charlize away from the apron and spun her around to face her. With one hand gripping Charlize’s crotch, the domineering brunette wrapped the other around her throat, then Monica lifted the blonde roughly over her head, holding Charlize prone in a crude Military Press. Holding her aloft for mere seconds, Monica stepped forward and dropped Charlize chest first across the steel barricade. Charlize hit with a heavy thud and the blonde screamed openly as the steel did horrible things to her chest.

Posing triumphantly over the crippled champ, Monica sneered, "There, THAT should finish you off."

She bent and pulled Charlize to her feet, then threw her rudely under the bottom rope, rolling her back into the ring. Sliding in after her prey, Monica bullied Charlize onto her back and went for the cover. She was genuinely surprised when the blonde kicked out just after "TWO!" "Perhaps you aren't as frail as I thought. No matter, it will only make breaking you that much more satisfying."

Not waiting for an answer, Monica brought herself and the blonde to her feet. Convinced that Charlize was in no condition to retaliate, Monica bounced off the ropes before sprinting back at the blonde and leaping towards her. Those expecting style or finesse from the brunette were sorely disappointed as Monica simply ran through Charlize with a Body Splash that was part Shoulder Block. Charlize went down hard, but Monica was right there to pick up the scraps, hauling the injured Charlize to her feet yet again. Pulling the blonde in close, Monica wrapped both arms around Charlize's waist.

Making sure their torso's were pressed tightly together, Monica leaned in to whisper, "Crushing your body with mine has been most enjoyable, I must remember to take a souvenir. Your vaunted gold bikini should make a suitable trophy."

Monica spun in a tight circle before exploding upwards on her toes, Charlize still in her grip. At the peak of her momentum, Monica twisted her hips and drove herself sharply downward, squashing Charlize forcibly between the canvas and herself. Charlize shuddered once as the Spinning Belly to Belly Suplex crushed even more fight out of her and she looked unresponsive as Monica hooked the leg and went for another cover. The blonde pleased the audience and disappointed Monica by kicking out after "TWO!" Forcing the contest to continue.

Irked by the blonde's stubborn refusal to stay down, Monica hauled the dizzy champ to her feet. Trapping Charlize in a Front Face Lock, Monica completed her preparations with a big handful of golden bikini bottom. Popping her hips, Monica lifted Charlize over her, meaning to further damage the blonde's back with a Vertical Suplex. But Monica's threat to strip her after the match had fired up Charlize and the blonde proved it by slipping free of the Suplex while directly over Monica's head before coming to rest gracefully on her feet behind her.

In the split second before Monica could turn around, Charlize brought her talons up and raked them across the brunette's face, blinding her. Monica cried out and staggered forward, giving Charlize all the time she need. Knowing she needed to get Monica on the mat so she could dish out the serious hurt, Charlize stepped back a bit and then shot forward. Dropping low, she drove her forearm into the back of Monica's left knee, a sadistically Basic Chop Block. Monica’s leg collapsed underneath her and the brunette was immediately on the canvas, clutching and cradling her injured knee.

Knowing full well what it was like to have a knee taken from you, Charlize also knew what it was like to experience what she had planned for Monica. Grabbing Monica's injured limb, Charlize extended it fully before executing a few quick spins. Her hold almost complete, the blonde fell backwards, trapping her challenger in the insidious Figure Four Leg Lock. Charlize had just applied the first burst of pressure before Monica was wailing, slapping and writhing on the mat in an attempt to escape the wicked joint lock.

Knowing how to work the hold, Charlize rose up on her palms and bounced, while yelling, "Give up bitch. After what you did to my back, I sure as hell won't hesitate to snap your knee."

And although the Figure Four was causing her incredible pain, Monica wasn't going to give up easily, so gritting her teeth, she roared, "NEVER! THAT BELT IS GOING TO BE MINE!"

Ignoring Charlize's threat, Monica dug her palms into the mat and began to pull herself and her tormentor towards the ropes. Agonizing seconds later, the Italian goddess had managed to find sanctuary, but her release was only temporary as Charlize immediately pulled her to her feet and marched her towards the center of the ring.

Slapping the big brunette across the face, Charlize sneered, "You like isolating a body part, slut? Well two can play at that game." Not giving Monica a chance to get a word in, the blonde kicked out at her injured leg, dropping the brunette to one knee. Believing she could put Monica away with her next strike, Theron backed up several paces before sprinting forward and rocketing a knee up. The blonde's padded knee struck Monica in the center of her forehead and the challenger tumbled backwards before coming to rest in an undignified tangle of limbs.

Pausing to address her subjects, the Scissor Queen traced a lazy pattern with her fingers on her thigh as she purred, "Nice aren't they? Well, you haven't even seen everything they can do. If this bitch doesn't give up too soon, you'll get to see her suffer my full wrath."

Basking in the adulation of her fans, Charlize turned back to Monica, eyeing the brunette carefully as she staggered to her feet. Knowing that Monica wasn't anywhere near 100 percent, Charlize stalked forward and scooped up the Italian goddess, holding her perpendicular across her chest. Roughly kneading the brunette's butt cheeks as she displayed her trophy, Charlize turned in a slow circle, letting everyone witness the kind of control she could exercise over her victims. Charlize tensed for a second before falling backwards and simultaneously tossing Monica up and back, sending the brunette crashing to the mat behind Charlize with a beautiful Fall-Away Slam. Smiling broadly as she crawled over to her foe, Charlize hooked a leg and went for her first cover of the match.

Two seconds later and Monica had broken her first cover of the match. A bit perturbed at the brunette's resilience, Charlize pulled her challenger to her feet and scooped her up again, this time holding the brunette over her shoulder like a mewling, hobbled sack of potatoes. But instead of simply slamming Monica down, Charlize had something a bit more painful in mind. Marching her victim toward the corner, Charlize lunged forward, slamming Monica harshly against the turnbuckles. With a few tucks of her foe's legs Charlize was able to back up, leaving Monica tied helplessly to the infamous Tree of Woe.

Taking a second to admire her handiwork, Charlize smirked at the inverted brunette and taunted, "Looks like you've got nowhere to go Monica baby. If you want to avoid some serious pain, you could just give up right now. And then hand over that famous white bikini you're wearing. I think that would make a superb trophy for my trophy wall."

Dizzy, but not ever willing to concede to threats, Monica spat, "Do your worst whore and I'll visit twice as worse on you when I'm free."

"You asked for it bitch!" Charlize hissed coldly.

Moving in close, Charlize tore into Monica's chest with a wicked series of stomps that had the brunette wailing in pain. Not content with only one attack, Charlize interspersed some punches with the stomps, driving unprotected jabs and crosses into Monica's bare belly. When it appeared that the ref was going to come in and stop her fun, Charlize added a final indignity to her attack, scaling the middle rope and placing her boot directly between Monica's thighs. Using the ropes as leverage, Charlize bounced up and down, driving her heel into Monica's womanhood. Monica screeched and demanded that the ref get Charlize off her and stop the illegal move. Shaking off his awe at the display, the ref finally moved in to do his job, pulling the blonde away and was about to unthread Monica from the Tree of Woe when Charlize grabbed him and threw him aside, risking disqualification.

The blonde was going for the coup de grace as, backing out to mid-ring, she stopped, then sprinted forward and went low, looking to drive both boots into Monica's face with a Low Dropkick. But Monica had other plans and, in a remarkable show of athleticism for someone so big, she pulled herself up out of the way, leaving Charlize to kick only empty space - but of course, the space WASN'T empty - it was occupied by the steel ring post and Charlize was introduced painfully to it when she slid groin-first into the sturdy metal post! Voicing a high pitched cry, the champ, lay on the mat, moaning and trying to nurse her self inflicted injury. Still tied in the corner, Monica knew that this was a golden opportunity if only she could get free so, focusing her energy, the Italian Goddess managed to untangle herself and dropped near Charlize in an awkward (but nevertheless free) sprawl. Getting to her feet, Monica checked Charlize and saw the blonde was still down, grimacing and holding herself with both trembling hands. Snarling in fury at the abuse she'd suffered, Monica stepped over Charlize and climbed to the second rope.

Looking down at her she sneered, "I'm going to grind you into the canvas for that. No one embarrasses ME and walks away to gloat about it."

Monica leaped off the middle rope and came crashing down with her delectable butt smashing brutally onto Charlize's chest; enjoying the sound of all the air leaving the blondes battered lungs. Monica hauled Charlize to her feet and threw her into the corner, then leaning in close to the wounded blonde, Monica ground herself against her prey for a second before stepping back and ramming her whole body forward, using it as a battering ram to crush the blonde against the turnbuckles. Not satisfied with one, Monica repeated the attack several times; each impact pounding more air from the champ's laboring lungs. Finally, Monica stepped back and let Charlize stagger drunkenly out of the corner as she stepped aside, smirking evilly as she readied her next move. Monica bent and powered forward, wrapping her hands around Charlize's hips as she drove her shoulder into her belly, then rose on her tip-toes and did a tight spin before dropping to her knees and slamming Charlize's back and head into the mat with a Spinebuster!

Preparing to finish the blonde for good, Monica dragged Charlize to the center of the ring. There, kneeling over the blonde's head, Monica slowly ran both hands over the swell of her own breasts, letting her fans know exactly what fate awaited the dazed blonde. Not giving Charlize a chance to counter, Monica dropped her breasts over Charlize's face, cutting of the blonde's air with a Reverse Breast Smother. Charlize reacted violently to her air being cut off, squirming and kicking wildly in a vain attempt to escape.

Leaning hard into the smother, Monica cooed, "That's it; waste your air and energy. You'll just end up tasting my tit-sweat that much faster."

Even with her senses scrambled, Charlize wasn't so out of it she didn't recognize a taunt and, fuming both at the thought of losing her belt and of being beaten by a brunette so she took a gamble. Opening her mouth, the blonde wormed her head sideways and as Monica's breast flesh filled her mouth, she clamped down, biting her! The pain was sharp and it took Monica off guard. Yelping in pain, she jerked away, then slammed two hard punches to Charlize's temple, stunning her once more. It was small payback for the painful bite but more was to come! With a hateful sneer, Monica hauled the dizzy blonde to her feet, marched her to the ropes and slammed her chest into the cables, then reached around and grabbed Charlize's chin, forcing her slack-jawed mouth wide open. Then she pushed Charlize's face down and shoved her gaping mouth around the top rope, clamping it tightly into position with her arms wrapped around the blonde's head from behind.

As Charlize began to gag, Monica screamed, "You want something to bite on? Bite THIS, you no-talent paper champion!"

She punctuated this by leaning even harder on the blondes back, her pelvis grinding into Charlize's round ass as she shoved her heavy breasts against the blonde's upper back and her arms flexed, forcing her to wretch violently. After several seconds of brutal assault, the ref finally got involved; pulling Monica off and allowing Charlize to escape the choke. Gasping and panting, Charlize dropped to her knees, her hands clutching the top rope as her upper body leaned out over the second strand, her bosom heaving as she struggled to inhale while fighting the urge to vomit. She was just beginning to breathe easier, Monica ran around the referee, hauled her up, spun her around and threw her back against the ropes.

Getting into the blonde's face, she warned, "I so much as feel a tooth and I'll twist your head off your shoulders. Now worship my tits bitch!" Monica hissed as she rammed her chest forward again; grinding her ample assets on Charlize's ruddy features. In her weakened condition, Charlize would have probably succumbed fairly fast, but she was on the ropes and only had to endure a few seconds before the zebra was once more peeling Monica away and pulling her off of her. Not wanting to give the champion any breathing room (literal or figurative) Monica pulled Charlize toward her and went low again; this time wrapping arms around the blonde's hips and lifting her feet off the mat. But instead of a second Spinebuster, this time Monica dropped to one knee, slamming her raised knee up between the Scissor Queen's thighs in a perfect Inverted Atomic Drop.

Charlize let out a strangled cry as her pubic bone slammed into Monica's knee, then her body recoiled upward. She hobbled a few mincing steps before she collapsed on her hands and knees; head bowed, flushed face hidden behind a veil of wildly disheveled hair as she slowly tried to crawl away. Striding up behind her, Monica straddled Charlize's back and laced her fingers under Charlize's chin, then tensed for a moment before she began hauling back hard; putting the champion in the Camel Clutch. Venting all her hatred and dislike for the blonde, Monica showed no mercy with the Camel Clutch, pulling and twisting the blonde's neck while she added the occasional bounce of her butt on Charlize's lower back, bending her frame more severely as she jerked the mewling blonde's head from side to side; really working the hold!

Freeing one hand to rake across the blonde's face, the brunette demanded surrender. "Give up Theron, or else I'll...ARRGHHH!"

Giving Charlize an opening proved a mistake as the resilient champion sank her teeth into Monica's fingers and began chewing without mercy. Cursing, Monica drove the edge of her free hand into Charlize's neck breaking her grip. Incensed that the blonde would bite her again, Monica pulled Charlize to her feet and threw herself forward to decapitate the champ with a Clothesline. But Charlize liked her head and she kept it, ducking and catching the brunette around one thigh. Before Monica could react, Charlize stood up to her full height, then fell backward, driving Monica's face and chest into the canvas with a Flapjack.

Charlize rose achingly slowly to her feet, then pulled the gasping Monica to her feet. Not bothering with witty repartee, Charlize immediately whipped Monica around so they were back to back, then reaching over her shoulder she looped her hands under Monica's chin and fell hard to the mat; letting the back of Monica's skull take the brunt of the Neckbreaker.

Finally feeling in control of the situation, Charlize stood over Monica and planted s foot on her heaving chest, then looking out at the ravenous multitude of fans, asked, "Anybody interested in an old school move?"

The crowd roared that that would be just fine and Charlize obliged; hoisting the brunette's bulk onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry then striding to the center of the ring where she began to spin, picking up speed with each revolution. The mob cheered in appreciation for the move as it wasn't everyday someone was both strong enough and nimble enough to use the old Airplane Spin. Reaching the limits of her balance, Charlize heaved Monica off her shoulders and set her on her feet, letting the big brunette stagger and stumble drunkenly while Charlize regained her own equilibrium.

Steady on her feet once more, Charlize whirled Monica around to face her and planted her boot in her belly. With Monica doubled over gasping, Charlize pulled her into a Standing Headscissors then hauled the Italian Goddess off her feet for a Powerbomb. Holding Monica helpless, Charlize turned in a slow circle before driving her full force into the canvas! Grinning with sick satisfaction at the sight of Monica spread-eagled at her feet on the canvas, Charlize straddled her as she waited for the three count that would end the match.

But a slipshod cover wasn't going to keep big, proud Monica down and the brunette kicked out as the referee announced, "TWO!" Angry that Monica had survived her Powerbomb, Charlize pulled her up and swung her around to toss her into the ropes. But instead of allowing herself to rebound vulnerably back to Charlize, Monica had regained a bit of her senses and she reversed the situation, pulling Charlize into her. As the blonde stumbled forward, Monica swept her hand up from her thigh and drove her claw upward, sinking her talons deep in the champ's groin.

As Charlize's face went white and her mouth opened in a silent scream, Monica's cruel face was twisted in a malicious leer as she hissed, "You like THAT Theron? Huh?" Then giving her hand a jerk, she demanded, "Well, answer me!"

Instead of mere words, Charlize went one better, bringing her foot up and stomping on Monica's foot! The brunette howled in pain as she hobbled away, releasing her claw. Furious at having the brunette's hand on her center, Charlize got retribution in a big way, sprinting forward before driving a brutal Cunt Punt to Monica's womanhood. The big brunette's legs turned to jell-o and she went down like a felled tree, clutching her abused groin. Pausing only a second to hitch up her bikini, Charlize returned to Monica, pulling the mewling woman to her knees by the hair and one arm. Deciding yet another lesson was an order, Charlize tossed her into the corner and went to work! Bending low, she lifted Monica's left leg up and draped it over the middle rope on her left side, then did the same with Monica's right leg; leaving the brunette sitting on the middle rope in the corner with her legs spread wide!

Getting in Monica's face, Charlize spat, "Touch my cunt again and I'll rip yours OFF you, understand?"

When Monica didn't answer, she backed up and then stepped forward, lashing her leg up and out. Her boot hit Monica square in her exposed groin and she let out a hideous shriek as pain raced through her body as her fingers lost their grip on the top ropes and she slowly toppled forward out of the corner, landing face down on the canvas between Charlize's feet! Monica was easy prey as the blonde champion rolled her over and went for the cover. Everyone thought the brunette was finished but she showed the error of their thinking when she kicked out just microseconds before the referee intoned, "THREE!" Incredulous, Charlie pulled the whimpering brunette to her feet, then bent her over and clamped Monica into another Standing Headscissors.

As Charlize wrapped her arms around Monica's waist and said, "I can't believe you won't stay down. You're a glutton for punishment!"

She grunted as she tried to lift Monica's hips and get her legs up in the air to invert her prey for a Piledriver but Monica wasn't going to just sit there and be driven skull first into the mat, OH NO! The Italian Goddess planted her feet and held firm, remaining planted on the mat. Then, in that split-second before Charlize tried to uproot her again, Monica thrust up with all her remaining strength, tossing Charlize up and over her head with a makeshift Back Body Drop!

Finally free of the champ's crushing thighs, Monica collapsed on her knees, taking deep breaths before slowly getting to her feet and turning to face the blonde. If she'd turned a second later, it would've been too late but she had just enough time to see Charlize sprinting toward her and - reacting on instinct - the brunette lunged forward to thread one arm up between Charlize's thighs, her hand grabbing the back of Theron's bikini; and the other over her shoulder. All in the same motion, Monica popped her hips and lifted and turned Charlize in tight half circle before slamming the champ into the mat with a Power Slam. Relishing the feel of Charlize's body wilting beneath hers, Monica dragged the blonde back to her feet and bent her forward into a Standing Headscissors of her own.

With her arms around Charlize's waist, Monica said softly, "Now I break you Scissor Queen; for all your subjects to see. And after I take your belt, I will strip you and become Their New Queen!"

Monica let out a loud "UNGH!" as she flipped the blondes body up and over her shoulder with the small of Charlize's back draped over her right shoulder. Bouncing violently up and down, Monica bent Charlize to the breaking point with a Canadian Backbreaker. Marching triumphantly around the ring with the agonized blonde bent on her shoulder, Monica could have ended the match then and there - but she made the tiniest error, getting just close enough to the edge of the ring so Charlize could grab the top rope! The ref ordered Monica to release the hold and she did, but not before milking the count for all it was worth and then throwing Charlize down on the mat!

Monica immediately pulled the aching blonde right back to her feet with one hand clamped on the blonde's throat and another digging into that still-throbbing crotch, taunting, "I'm going to expose you for the peasant you are, False Queen!"

Smirking as Charlize struggled to form a response, Monica lifted her straight up and held her high over her head, a gorgeous Military Press Slam. Demonstrating her phenomenal strength, Monica strutted around the ring carrying Charlize overhead. After two full circuits of the ring, Monica tossed Charlize in the air, then let gravity bring the embattled champ crashing to the mat from nearly nine feet high! Hoping that the slam would end Charlize's reign, Monica kicked her onto her back and covered her. But IF the Scissor Queen's reign was to come to an end tonight, it would have to wait because Charlize kicked out just before the referee dropped his hand at "THREE!"

Incredulous, Monica decided to work on Charlize's back a little more. Pulling the decimated blonde to her feet, Monica scooped her up and slammed the small of the champ's back down over her knee in an Over The Knee Backbreaker. But then instead of releasing her, Monica pushed down on Charlize's chin and that embattled crotch, trying to break both her will and her spine!

"Surrender bitch!" Monica sneered arrogantly. "You've got nothing left to beat me with!"

Sweat and agony pouring out of her in equal amounts, the champ still had a few tricks left. Willing her body to cooperate, she whipped her hand up and dug it into Monica's face, raking and digging at the brunette's features like a woman possessed. Blinded by the raking, Monica released the Backbreaker, letting Charlize roll away. Charlize might have been free of the hold, but she was still remarkably weak and Monica easily pulled her to her feet and marched her to the center of the ring where she held the spaghetti-legged champ upright and berated her.

"That's the last time you will EVER lay a hand on me, whore. My patience - and your reign as champion - have one thing in common; both are at an end!"

Not giving Charlize time to think of a response, Monica blasted the blonde with a cunt punt of her own; the powerful kick lifting Charlize off her feet before she collapsed limp on the mat. Straddling her waist, Monica pulled Charlize's upper body off the canvas, preparing to KO her with a Breast Smother. She'd just pulled Charlize's faced out of view between her massive breasts when Monica let out a shriek of pain. Pushing Charlize away, it was obvious Monica wasn't going to be smothering anyone - not with the bulldog bite Charlize had on her boob! Mad with pain, Monica cuffed and slapped Charlize's head until she finally broke the blonde's toothy hold; then insane with blind rage, Monica hauled Charlize to her feet and prepared to slap the taste out of her mouth! As Monica's first blistering backhand whistled toward its target, the glaze in Charlize's eyes disappeared and her hands flew up, grabbing Monica's wrist with her hand inches from her face.

Locking eyes with the startled brunette Charlize growled, "Take a seat pretender!"

Monica was about to respond with a clever riposte when Charlize unloaded a vile kick to Monica's groin; turning her legs to water and dropping her to her knees. Deciding this was her last opportunity to retain the title, Charlize bounced off the ropes, speeding back toward her kneeling opposition. Then with no room to spare, Charlize pistoned her leg up and out, smashing her heel into Monica's temple. The brunette let out a little yelp and her eyes glazed over as she went down like a discarded laundry bag. Sensing the time had come to pin the challenger, Charlize pulled Monica back to her feet and put her in a Standing Headscissors. Looking to get in the last word, she walked her fingers down the curve of Monica's backside, grabbed a fistful of bikini and gave the semi-conscious brunette a brutal wedgie that lifted her onto her toes.

Wrapping her arms around the brunette's waist, the Scissor Queen addressed her subjects for one last time, "You all want to see my new finisher?"

Her subjects screamed, "YES!" And since it was something they wanted to see, Charlize gathered her strength and hoisted Monica off her feet, heaving the big brunette's body over her shoulder - almost the same position Charlize had been in earlier when Monica was tormenting her with the Canadian Backbreaker but this was no backbreaker! Working quickly but carefully, Charlize muscled Monica's body around until the back of her neck was resting on the back of Charlize's skull. Then she shifted her grip, lacing one hand, then the other under Monica's chin. While involved, the move only took about five seconds and then Charlize, still holding Monica aloft, offered her fans a last grin before she suddenly sat out, dropping on her butt and taking Monica along for the ride.

The landing was anything but pleasant as the challenger's neck was snapped painfully back against Charlize's head, stretched her neck and spine almost to the snapping point. As soon as she released her, Monica crumpled face down on the canvas, completely obliterated by Charlize's new finisher - a devilishly modified Elevated Reverse Neckbreaker, she called it "The Golden Bough."

Crawling over to Monica, Charlize pushed her over onto her back to apply her favorite cover; a slow grinding Reverse Face Sit that saw Monica's features engulfed by the champ's prefect ass. Charlize pantomimed putting the belt around her waist while the ref counted the fall and three seconds later the fans were on their feet - it had been preordained the reign of the Scissor Queen would NOT end this evening.

Exhausted from a long, hard struggle, the panting blonde remained seated on Monica's face for several seconds giving her hips a final wiggle, then slowly and sensuously, peeling herself off the brunette's flushed face. Collecting the Championship Belt from the referee, Charlize held it high as she paraded around the ring, letting her fans enjoy the sight of their victorious heroine. After several circuits, she strapped the belt around her sweaty waist, then returned to the defeated brunette.

With a sly smile, Charlize wiggled her toe under Monica's shoulder and rolled her over onto her belly, then kneeling astride her back Charlize slowly untied the top of Monica's sweaty famous white bikini. With Monica in no shape to resist, it was an easy matter to unfasten it, then Charlize let the two halves drop to the mat before she stood up, grabbed one side of the loosened bikini top and gave a jerk; pulling it out from under Monica's unconscious body and rolling her back over onto her back all in the same motion. As Monica's big soft breasts rolled and jiggled on her slowly rising and falling chest, the crowd went wild, but Charlize still wasn't done!

Straddling Monica's waist, Charlize grabbed her bikini bottom at both hips, then slowly working it side-to-side, she pulled it down her muscular thighs until her dark, thick, lush bush came into view. The ringside fans pressed against the ring apron for a better view as Charlize backed down Monica's limp legs, using the bikini bottom to lift her legs higher and higher as she moved backward. Once the bikini reached Monica's knees, Charlize held her legs up in front of her as she extended her right foot, putting her boot on Monica's lushly thatched pubic mound and grinding it playfully as she whisked the bikini up and off over her feet. Then waving it proudly overhead, Charlize dropped Monica's legs.

Charlize tucked both halves of Monica's sweaty bikini into her championship belt, then put her hands on her hips and grinned, "Thanks for the fight Monica; but it looks like I'm still numero uno. But please...feel free to try again - if you've got the guts...and another bikini! Your face does make a wonderful throne for my Royal ass."

Then she saluted her cheering 'subjects' once more before stepping through the ropes and trudging slowly up the ramp to her locker room where she would shower and change clothes before heading out to another victory party!