Charlize Theron (5'10" 128#) vs. Neve Campbell (5'6", 123#) by The Walkin' Dude

For an evening in early July, the weather was actually very pleasant in the small California town of Woodsboro; the temperature hovering around 71 degrees and the humidity low for a change. It was a beautiful evening and the town residents were enjoying the benefits of the rare perfect summer evening; some hiking, riding bikes or strolling Main Street while others simply sat on creaky front porches and enjoyed the cool night breeze. But the patrons of The Dark Tower (the towns best and only nightclub), were enjoying their own brand of entertainment as the venerable old watering hole hosted the 'Celebrity Women's Wrestling Tour' and every seat in the place was filled as the locals came to cheer their favorite to victory. The card was loaded and the crowd was pumped as the evening progressed. The denizens of the club had nearly screamed themselves hoarse during the first of two main events; a match that saw Ashley Scott garner a victory against Kylie Minogue, pinning her with a Fireman's Carry DDT she called "The Fallen Angel."

During the short break between the dual main events, onlookers soothed their parched throats with whatever the barkeep had on tap and, if it were possible, the crowd grew even more rambunctious when the announcer stepped into the ring to initiate the nights final battle as, bringing the battered mike to his lips, he began his pre-match ritual. "Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is the second part of our amazing double main event! Introducing first, the owner of the most feared legs in women's celebrity wrestling - and one of THE most popular grapplers on the planet....I give to you a woman who was accepted to the prestigious Joffre Ballet in New York City, The Scissor Queen... Charlize Theron!"

ZZ Top's "She's Got Legs" blared through the bar as Charlize moved through the curtain. Smiling brightly, the statuesque blonde walked slowly to the ring, acknowledging the loud cries of her fans. For this match Charlize had chosen a two piece coral colored bikini that covered everything required by law (but only just barely). It gave the audience an amazing view of her long, muscular, exquisite legs and that well-rounded dancer's butt! She'd elected to wrestle this match barefooted, something she didn't do often. Standing on the apron, Charlize slowly entered the ring, pausing to straddle the middle rope. One very lucky section of the crowd got a glimpse at the thighs and rear that had destroyed many of the finest wrestlers in the league. Finally entering the ring, Charlize took one more slow striding lap around the ring before settling into her corner to await her opponent.

When the music died down and there was a lull in the crowd the announcer resumed his duties. "And her opponent who has quickly become one of the best known submission experts in the celebrity game; ladies and gentleman, she’s known as 'The Scream Queen' and before she earned that title, she studied at the National Ballet School of Canada.... Neve Campbell!"

The beginning chords of Soundgarden's haunting "Black Hole Sun" filled The Dark Tower as the brunette made her way toward the squared circle. For her battle with the Scissor Queen, Neve had dressed in a simple (but by no means unflattering) black tankini that really went well with her pale complexion. An interesting aside, Neve had forgone wearing her usual knee and elbow pads, and even more surprisingly, her boots. It seemed both women had decided their war would be waged sans footwear. Sliding silently under the bottom rope, Neve quietly acknowledged her fans with a simple nod. Then turning, she locked eyes with her foe. Neve slowly backed to the corner, her brown eyes never leaving Charlize's emerald ones. With both combatants present and accounted for, the announcer left the ring and the referee called for the bell.

Both women walked straight to middle of the ring; Charlize looking every bit the regal blonde goddess as she brushed an errant lock of hair out of her eyes, then slowly lowered herself in a wrestlers crouch as she began to circle. Neve looked equally ready for the forthcoming battle and when Charlize began to circle, Neve did likewise; in a low crouch as she moved gracefully with the blonde, her dark eyes never leaving Charlize's. They circled several times, neither making an offensive move, neither wanting to make the first mistake or give her opponent an opening.

The crowd was going wild waiting for the first lock up when, suddenly, Charlize stopped circling and rose to her full height, then without a word, raised both hands over her head and curled her fingers, the unmistakable signal the blonde wanted a Test of Strength. Neve responded to the challenge, silently extending her arms, her palms pressed against Charlize's. Slowly the two women locked fingers and began to put their considerable strength into the test, legs firmly planted on the canvas, arms raised high over their heads, chests only inches apart. Each wore an expression of stoic determination as she attempted to impose her physical will on the other. For all their apparent straining, neither could budge the other and it seemed this first encounter would end in a stalemate.

Just then, Charlize rose up on the balls of her feet, bringing her height advantage into play. Ever so slightly, Neve's legs began to shake. At first it was almost imperceptible, but then Charlize pushed down again and the tremor became obvious. Slowly but surely, the statuesque Charlize was forcing Neve down. The brunette pushed up with all her strength, but she seemed powerless to stop her slow descent. Her height advantage getting greater as Neve sank, the blonde pushed down even harder this time. Neve voiced a small desperate cry as she was forced to one knee and then the other. She'd been forced to kneel in front of the blonde, her pale face directly in front of Charlize's crotch.

Looking down at the kneeling brunette, Charlize smiled as, her green eyes dancing with amusement, she spoke for the first time, "Get used to this Neve, your face is going to be spending a lot of time in my crotch before the match is over."

Neve heard Charlize's taunt and looked up quickly, her dark eyes flashing. Reaching deep, she pushed up as hard as she could. The move took the blonde by surprise for a moment and it allowed Neve to get back to one knee, before Charlize began bearing down again. But now it was Neve's turn to impose her will. Slowly but surely she regained both feet and started pushing up. Charlize put as much pressure as she could on Neve, but the brunette was driven. She kept forcing her way up until her face was level with Charlize's.

Looking directly into the blonde's eyes Neve said quietly, "Talk all you want Charlize but we'll see how tough you are after I tie those long legs of yours in a knot."

Charlize face burned at Neve's threat and she pushed down as hard as she could, trying to drive the mouthy bitch back down. But she was horrified to discover it was SHE who was sinking as Neve began slowly forcing the blonde Amazon to her knees. Now it was Charlize who had her face just inches from Neve's groin as the brunette continued to force her down. Looking to regain the initiative, Charlize thought fast and, pulling her head back, she drove it forward, slamming her forehead into Neve's belly. Caught off guard by the move, Neve felt the air WHOOSH out of her as Charlize gave her a second head butt. With Neve's grip weakening, Charlize quickly pushed back up to her feet. Their hands still locked, the blonde stepped closer to Neve, thrusting her breasts and body against Neve's. Then sweeping her leg around behind Neve's, Charlize lunged forward, tripping Neve and sending them both crashing to the mat with Charlize landing on top of the winded brunette!

Moving like lightning, Charlize wrapped her long legs around Neve's mid-section, locked her ankles and started to squeeze, giving the brunette a sample of the crushing power of her famous leg scissors. The crowd roared to life as Neve threw back her head, her mouth gaping open as she began to squirm, trapped in the grinning blonde's legendary scissors!

Neve went to work trying to extricate herself, first freeing her hands from Charlize's, and once they were free, she started firing quick punches into Charlize's taught abs, hoping to loosen her crushing scissors. But Charlize shrugged off the punches and gave Neve another Titanic squeeze with her thighs. Charlize placed both hands on the mat and pushed her butt into the air, rocking while still squeezing Neve.

"My legs are going to cut you in half Neve. I'm going to enjoy making the great 'Scream Queen' scream for mercy."

Realizing her punches were having little effect, and not wanting to endure any more blonde taunting, Neve changed tactics. She reached her hands behind Charlize's knees and dug her claws into the soft flesh. Charlize grimaced, but squeezed her scissors even tighter, hoping to break Neve's claw but the willful brunette was tenacious and she ignored the pain of the scissors, digging even deeper into Charlize's constricting limbs until Charlize had to release her hold and pull back, breaking Neve's claw.

Charlize rocked backward onto her back, pulled her legs up and grabbed the backs of her knees trying to soothe away the pain Neve had wrought. Neve on the other hand, was looking to extract a little revenge and as soon as Charlize gave up her scissors, Neve took a few deep breaths, then scrambled after her. Sliding around behind the blonde, Neve quickly wrapped her legs around Charlize's waist and locked her ankles above her pubic mound and gave the surprised blonde a massive squeeze.

She hissed at the wriggling blonde, "I'm no pushover when it comes to scissors Charlize. By the time I'm done, I'LL be the Scream Queen AND the Scissor Queen."

Neve ended her threat by giving Charlize another hard pulse with her legs before she continued the assault by snaking her arms under the blonde's and then locking her fingers behind her neck in a Full Nelson. Pulling back, Neve lifted Charlize off the mat, rolling back until she lay flat on her back with Charlize upside down above her, the blondes long legs draped backward over her head with her toes on the mat. Holding the pose for a minute, showing Charlize's trapped bottom to the crowd, Neve then rolled forward again, driving Charlize down hard, slamming her tailbone on the mat in a Keister Bounce! If Charlize had a pained expression on her face after that, it only got worse when Neve repeated the move TWO more times, each impact sending a jolt up the lanky blondes frame.

Having enough of the belittling bottom beating, Charlize finally managed to shake free of the Full Nelson after the third, brutally hard Keister Bounce. She fired both elbows back simultaneously, catching the surprised Neve in the ribs. Feeling the brunette's grip weaken slightly, Charlize placed her hands inside Neve's knees and pushed them down, forcing the scissors apart and gaining her release. Charlize rose to her feet and turned to face Neve who was also rising. Deciding to change tactics for a bit, Charlize grabbed the startled Neve and whipped her into the corner.

Neve hit flush on her back, her arms flailing back over the top rope leaving her hanging stunned in the corner as Charlize approached and said, "Let me show you why I have the most feared legs in this business."

Slowly, almost languidly, she grabbed the top rope with both hands and, using it for balance, she lifted one leg high and placed her bare heel directly on Neve's throat under her jaw. Leaning back, Charlize straightened her leg, pressing her foot on Neve's throat and choking her; smiling as the brunette flailed helplessly. With Charlize's heel crushing her windpipe, Neve was in need of an escape plan and, hoping for the best, she lashed her left foot hoping to get Charlize off balance. What she got was even better! Her wildly thrashing foot thudded solidly into the blonde's planted knee and immediately broke the hold as Charlize tumbled awkwardly to the mat, screaming in pain and grabbing her injured knee!

Getting her breath back, Neve wasted no time in cinching up Charlize's injured leg as, rolling over, she sat on the small of Charlize's back, locking her into a painful Half Boston Crab. Charlize struggled against the hold, knowing full well that too much time spent in one of Neve's vicious joint locks could mean the end for her. Luckily, the normally careful Neve made a fundamental error in her haste to apply the crab. She and Charlize were almost in the ropes. With one leg still cinched up, Charlize stretched as far as possible and grabbed the bottom rope. Neve was surprised to hear the referee telling her to break the hold. When she turned around and realized her error, she cursed the sloppy mistake as she let the blonde go. Charlize was up quickly despite feeling a twinge of pain in her knee. Her legs were very strong and Neve's hold hadn't been applied long enough do much damage; still she vowed to be more careful in the future!

Approaching each other quickly, they again locked up, each trying to throw the other down in hopes of applying a scissors. Charlize took the initiative and whipped Neve hard to the ropes. As Neve rebounded back toward her, Charlize gave a small hop and hit Neve with a modified tackle, a move made famous by Lou Thesz. The impact knocked the wind knocked out of Neve when she hit the mat and was horrified to find Charlize was straddling her waist. Looking up into Charlize's face, Neve fought in vain to escape her predicament. Enjoying feeling Neve's helplessness squirming between her thighs, Charlize paused briefly to taunt her.

"Let's see how your little waist holds up against the real Scissor Queen," Charlize smiled as she grabbed a handful of Neve's hair and pulled her torso off the mat, locking her legs aroaund her in a Body Scissors.

Sitting on Neve's thighs, Charlize clamped her perfect thighs around the brunette's waist and locked her ankles as she began to squeeze. To insure against Neve's escape, Charlize also wrapped her arms around Neve's head and pulled the struggling brunette's aleady flushed face forward between her perky tits, grinding Neve's fine features against her golden globes. Neve's hidden face turned bright red as Charlize's small, firm breasts slapped and slipped on her face, the blonde's erect nipples stabbing her ruddy cheeks and tweaking her nose through the thin material of the blondes bikini top. Charlize smiled her radiant, beautiful smile as her scissors went about the work of crushing Neve's belly and stealing her breath. She relished the sound of the proud girl's sobbing protest as the haughty blonde energetically scrubbed her tits in Neve's face, hoping that Neve would soon be dripping with her Academy Award winning tit sweat.

As she held her captive in the humiliating double hold, Charlize turned and addressed her fans, shouting, "So, who's the Scissor Queen?"

"YOU ARE!" came their enthusiastic response.

With her face getting roughed up deep in Charlize's cleavage and her waist being crushed by her scissors, Neve was getting desperately short of air so in an effort to free herself, she reached behind Charlize's head and grabbed a handful of blonde hair, wrenching her neck backward and to one side. She almost immediately heard Charlize's cry of protest - along with the ref's admonition to release the grip. Neve let go, but she tried to shove her hand up under Charlize's chin, again forcing her neck back. Charlize wrestled with Neve's hand, trying to keep her under control and ultimately, Neve's little show of rebelliousness turned out to be just that, a show.

But while Charlize was distracted by the hand pushing at her chin up, Neve's other hand was gliding to the blonde's shoulder, completely unnoticed and when Neve felt what she was looking for, she dug her claws into Charlize's left shoulder, the thumb stabbing painfully upward under the blonde's armpit. Immediately, Charlize's arm erupted in agony as Neve's thumb dug into one of the many pressure points she had studied on the human body. With Charlize's full attention now diverted to breaking the claw, Neve bucked wildly and snapped her head forward, trying to escape the debilitating scissors/breast smother combination Charlize had tried to humble her with.

Within seconds, Neve had forced her way free, but maintaining her one hand grip on her shoulder with her thumb digging into the pressure point under Charlize's arm. Totally surprised by Neve's attack, Charlize tried furiously to escape the claw that was sending jolts of pain through her entire upper body. But Neve stubbornly refused to relinquish her grip and as Neve got to her feet, she dragged her blonde nemesis upward with her until they were standing face to face...well, Neve was standing; Charlize was bent over, her left arm limp at her side, her right hand on Neve's left shoulder for support!

After suffering in Charlize's scissor/ smother combo Neve was looking for payback! She fired her fist into Charlize's gut, buckling her knees and doubling the tall Amazon over. Releasing the claw, Neve pulled Charlize's head between her legs, then to ensure that Charlize couldn't escape, she grabbed both of the blondes wrists, one in each hand. Now with her blonde adversary incapacitated, Neve began squeezing her thighs, crushing Charlize's head in her Standing Head Scissors. Charlize's pretty face rapidly began to turn red as Neve methodically worked the hold.

Hoping to swing the audience back to her favor with a show of her domination techniques, Neve began slowly grinding her hips, rubbing her ass on the back of Charlize's head. Continuing this humiliation, Neve pulled both of Charlize's arms up over her back and gripped both her wrists with one hand, leaving the other free to do it's dirty deed. The brunette slowly ran her hand down Charlize's back and over her ass. Seeing her intention, the crowd began to roar in anticipation.

Grinning, Neve looked up and said to the crowd " You know, sometimes a woman needs a good old fashioned spanking; even a 'Scissor Queen'!"

She gave Charlize's ass several sharp, stinging spanks, each one sending ripples through the taut flesh. Charlize yelped and her face got even redder, embarrassed at getting her 'regal butt' paddled publically.

"STOP THAT you bitch! When I get out of this you're going to be sorry you fucked with me!" she wailed at the top of her lungs.

Neve rewarded Charlize's defiance with a titanic squeeze of her creamy thighs, yelling at her trapped foe, "I'll do to you what I damn well please bitch! You tried to humiliate me, well I'll embarrass you like you wouldn't believe!"

Neve then traded in her spanking for a round of nasty pinching as she twisted and squeezed the flesh of Charlize's cheeks at the crease where her legs met her ass. In her weakened state, the proud blonde could only fume, squirm and squeal as Neve abused her bountiful backside. As Charlize suffered Neve's degradation, she swore she'd enjoy a nice long ride on the little bitch's face before the match was over.

Wearying of the spanking and pinching of Theron's butt, Neve had another insult to visit on the blonde. She slowly walked one hand down Charlize's ass until it reached the base of her bikini bottom; then gripping it, she gave a gentle tug, pulling it up taut into the crevice of Charlize's pussy; the fleshy lips bulging in the tightening cloth, swelling out around the gussets.

"Wanna to see some more?" Neve asked the crowd who, quite naturally, responded with a frenzied affirmative!

Slowly so as to draw out her humiliation, Neve began tugging Charlize's bottom, drawing it into the twin cracks of her pussy and ass. Charlize felt the material creeping up but could do nothing since the scissors had sapped much of her strength and Neve still held her arms trapped in the double hammerlock on her back. The crowd was like totally redlining since it was rare to see anyone able to treat the blonde in such a demeaning matter - even for a brief period!

Stopping the slow wedgie halfway up Charlize's ass, Neve twisted the material in her fingers, sawing it back and forth to make Charlize's embattled bottom shake, jiggle and sway. Then a look of cold rage flashed over the brunette's face as she suddenly released Charlize's hands, grabbed both hands around the blonde's coral colored tights and reared back, jerking the material up just as hard as she could, lifting Charlize's feet in the air briefly and making the trapped blonde scream as her bikini disappeared up her ass crack and bisected her labia, cutting into her nether regions painfully as Neve held her aloft by the newly created thong until she had to set her down again.

That's when Charlize snapped!! When her feet touched the mat, she planted them and wrapped her now free hands behind Neve's knees. Bending her knees and lifting for all she was worth, Charlize heaved Neve up and over her into a back body drop. The surprised brunette hit that canvas hard flat on her back, knocking the wind out of her. She tried to shake off the impact but Neve had barely regained her feet when an enraged Charlize slammed into her like a runaway train. Falling to the mat, Neve had only a second to realize how much trouble she was in when she glanced into Charlize's hate filled green eyes before the irate blonde scooted up and sat down heavily on the brunettes chest, her thighs pressed against either side of Neve's face.

Glaring down, Charlize sneered viciously, "Is that fear I see in your eyes, bitch? I think it is and you've every right to be scared. I'm going to destroy you, then I'm going to ride your sweating, screaming face. NObody humiliates ME and gets away with it!"

She buried both hands in Neve's hair and pulled up, forcing the brunette's face into her waiting crotch where her bikini bottom was still only barely visible, her swollen labia and the dense thatch of golden 'fur' clearly showing around the narrow strip of shimmering cloth. Neve struggled against her, but Charlize relentlessly forced the struggling face directly into her groin, then energetically began grinding her hips, buffing Neve's face to a shiny red finish. Charlize's fans roared at their favorites revival while Neve's tore their hair in dispair as they pleaded with their heroine to escape the face grinding.

Looking out at the crowd while still holding Neve's face firmly in place, Charlize shouts joyously, "You ain't seen NOTHIN’ yet!"

Keeping Neve's face pressed tight against her crotch, Charlize rolled onto her side, turning the face sit into a Side Head Scissors as, really looking to embarrass Neve, Charlize locked her legs tight, squeezing her thighs on Neve's trapped head....then loosened them......then tightened them again; battering her head. Charlize took special care to grind Neve's flushed face into her womanhood, rotating her hips in slow circles as her thighs crushed the fight from the brunette. After an especially exuberant mashing of Neve's mouth and nose, Charlize once again paused to taunt her captive.

"Are you enjoying worshipping my sweet pussy you filthy bitch? After I've drained the last of your will to resist, I'm going to enjoy riding this face for hours! It's going to feel so good ...the vibrations of your moans on my sweaty ass. I OWN you, you Scream Twat!"

And at the moment, nobody doubted Charlize was speaking the truth for Neve's thrashing was growing less and less as Charlize suffocated her in her famous scissors. Neve's hands tried to claw Charlize's sweating thighs, but the blonde just applied more pressure and slammed Neve's face with her cunt again and Neve's hand fell limp, draped over Charlize's dominant thigh. Realizing Neve's severely weakened condition, Charlize moved to finish her. Slowly, but with authority, Charlize rolled back up onto her knees, still straddling Neve's face. Charlize lifted up and, after a couple of derisive slaps, turned around and prepared for a reverse face sit.

The blonde used a handful of Neve's hair to position her face perfectly so the brunette's nose would be wedged tight up into the crack of her ass which Neve had unwittingly prepared with her unwise wedgie! Smiling coyly as she sat back down on Neve's red face, Charlize began a slow, sensuous grind, as much for her own enjoyment and satisfaction as for the benefit of the audience! Adding one final insult, Charlize reached down and pulled Neve's top up, baring the brunette's pale, firm, round breasts. Charlize took a stiff nipple in each hand, pinching it between her thumb and forefinger, then began twisting and pinching, savoring the sensation caused by brunette's humiliated groaning into her ass as Charlize played with Neve's tits.

As she continued her face ride, Charlize finally looked up, smiling sweetly at the referee and said, "OK, you can count her out now."

And Neve certainly did indeed appear to be out cold as the ref knelt and began counting. "1.......2......"

His hand was poised to begin its downward arc for the third and final time when Neve bit Charlize's smothering ass! With a searing cry of pain, Charlize scrambled off of Neve, hopping around massaging her flank which bore a tell-tale circular red imprint left by Neve's perfect teeth.

Charlize screamed at the groggy brunette. "You bitch! You bit me!"

Then with an inarticulate scream of rage she lunged forward, stomping down on Neve's unguarded midriff. But just inches from impact, Neve's hands grabbed Charlize's foot, stopping its progress, holding it quivering in mid-air. Charlize was forced to balance awkwardly on one foot until Neve wrenched her captive ankle hard, sending the blonde crashing to the mat with a loud scream of enraged surprise. Moving gingerly, Neve got to her feet - still holding Charlize by the ankle. The blondes face sit had almost wiped Neve out and she desperately needed time to catch her breath and recover. Using one hand she adjusted her twisted top, drawing a disappointed moan from the audience. Then wrenching Charlize's ankle again, she planted one foot on Charlize's other ankle as she pushed out on the leg she was holding, forcing Charlize's long legs to spread wide apart using the modified leg stretch.

The blonde groaned as Neve leaned forward, putting her full weight into the hold; the stretching tendons and muscles burning all the way from her calves up to her groin. Catching her breath, Neve contemplated her next move, one guarnteed to prevent another extended session in Charlize's scissors that could finish her off. Neve needed to weaken the blondes powerful limbs and, to that end, she turned her hips, pulled the foot off Charlize's ankle and snapped her toe into the stretched, captive leg. Neve grinned coldly hearing the blonde's anguished cry of pain, so she repeated the kick, hoping the kicks would bring on a painful Charlie Horse, rendering the leg almost useless.

After ten kicks or so, Neve flung Charlize's battered and abused limb down with disdain. Then she stepped over Charlize who writhed on the mat, trying to massage away the knots in her leg muscles caused by Neve's relentless kicking assault. But with Charlize entire focus on her leg, she was oblivious to the fact that Neve had stepped around and dropped to one knee on the mat behind her. In fact, she'd been completely unaware until Neve grabbed her hair and pulled her head back over her raised knee.

Charlize twisted and writhed, trying to get Neve away from her but the brunette would have none of it! Going against her normal tactics, Neve balled her fist and fired off two hard shots down on Charlize's cheek. The punches set off fireworks in Charlize's head as Neve pushed the dazed blonde over forward as she plotted her next move. Neve sat down close behind the blonde, looking like she was going for another Sitting Waist Scissors, but instead she leaned back and locked her legs under Charlize's armpits, crossing her ankles up and behind Charlize's neck. She planted her hands palms down on the mat behind her, then pressed forward with all her might, completing the dreaded Lotus Lock, essentially a Full Nelson but applied with the legs. Charlize fought against the crushing power of the Lotus, but her upper body was no match for Neve's powerful legs. Realizing trying to break the hold would be useless and counterproductive, Charlize began using the power of her own legs to drag herself and Neve both toward the ropes. Each time she scooted a few inches, Neve would give the Lotus Lock another hard squeeze and Charlize would moan. But the blonde gamely struggled on until she finally managed to throw one leg over the bottom rope, forcing the referee to make Neve release her hold.

Neve cursed when Charlize was able to reach the ropes but unwilling to give the blonde a second of respite, she released the hold and grabbed Charlize's wrists, dragging the kicking and thrashing blonde back out to the middle of the ring. Hoping the Lotus had sapped enough of her energy, Neve dropped down hard on the blonde's chest facing her legs, then reached down, and cinched both of her legs under Charlize's knees and pulled them back, folding Charlize up in a tight Reverse Matchbook. With Charlize locked up tight and her shoulders on the mat, the ref dropped to his knees to make his count. He'd just said, "Two" when Charlize's own legs clamped tight around Neve's waist and pulled her forward, lifting her shoulder and slamming the brunette facefirst into the mat. Keeping her own scissors locked tight, Charlize pushed up on her palms and squeezed her legs together, rubbing Neve's face painfully on the canvas.

"Eat canvas bitch!" she growled.

Neve responded by trying to lock her legs around Charlize's waist, but the angle was bad and she couldn't do anything but cause the blonde minor irritation. With Neve trapped in the Body Scissors, Charlize's hands had free reign over the brunette's exposed ass and everyone knew it was payback time!

"Look at that lily white ass! Haven't you ever heard of tanning? Well, maybe I can bring a little color to your cheeks!"

Grinning sadistically, Charlize returned the indecency Neve had visited upon her butt earlier, only she repaid her tenfold. Barrages of wicked spanks quickly turned Neve's pale flesh a deep, welted, crimson. As if that weren't enough, she followed with a vicious round of pinching, leaving pale white 'dimples' all over Neve's enflamed butt cheeks. Charlize especially enjoyed the sound of Neve's tortured cries as, in the wake of Charlize's own brutal wedgie, she treated Neve's black bottom to a severe yanking and jerking until it virtually disappearing into both of her clefts.

With a final derisive tug on the stretched material, Charlize released her hold and crawled up to Neve's head, pushing the teary, exhausted brunette over onto her back as she extended her beautiful legs once more around either side of Neve's face, then bringing one leg up and locking it under the brunette's chin to secure her favorite, the lethal Figure Four Head Scissors. Charlize's pretty face beamed with supremely arrogant, smug self-confidence as Neve wriggled and flopped feebly in her constricting grip, her sweat-soaked face once more going bright red as Charlize slowly cut off all the air from her searing lungs. This time it was Neve forced to seek sanctuary in the ropes as she struggled mightily to laboriously drag their combined weights across the canvas until - after just barely missing once and having the ropes slip from her grasp on her second attempt, she finally managed to secure a grip on the bottom rope before Charlize could finish her off.

The referee had to order Charlize twice as she was loathe to let her scissors go, seeing how Neve was almost out, but after a final warning of disqualification, she finally, reluctantly, obeyed and as she rolled Neve's unresisting bulk back to the center of the ring, a bright smile crossed Charlize's face as she found inspiration - a way to finish the brunette that would have the audience talking for years to come and would forever seal her dominance over Neve!!

When Neve was laid firmly in the center of the ring. Charlize stood over her, straddling her gasping foe with one glorious leg on each side of Neve's flushed, up-turned face. Grinning broadly, she placed her hand on her thighs and began to spread her legs wider, then wider and then wider still, her body slowly lowering toward Neve's face. The audience, which had been cheering seconds ago, fell silent as they tried to figure out what Charlize was up to. Suddenly her plan was apparent as she continued to sink, her legs splitting further apart as her crotch descended onto Neve's face. Charlize intended to pin the gasping Neve with a bizarre combination, Splits/Front Facesit!

As the blonde's damp crotch came to rest on Neve's mouth, the referee, seeing Neve's shoulders on the mat, went to count; it was, after all, a pinning predicament, albeit unorthodox. His count had reached "Two" before Neve regained enough of her senses to realize she was being counted out. As the ref's hand started down for the final time, Neve kicked out both legs and bucked upward, just enough to bounce Charlize off of her long enough to raise one shoulder ever so slightly. While the Splits/Face Sit may look humiliating - and in fact is, it isn't really a very effective way to control an opponent who's even semi-conscious.

Neve was still in the match, but Charlize was still in firm control as she proved when she dragged Neve to her feet and whipped her into the corner. As Neve's back slammed into the turnbuckles, her head whiplashed backward and she saw stars! She looked up just in time to see Charlize charging toward her looking to squash her in the corner with a combination full body splash/clothesline. In her exuberance, however, Charlize had badly underestimated the brunette's resilience and as she came rushing in, Neve lifted her leg in the air and rammed her foot into Charlize's jaw. The blondes head snapped back, she stopped in her tracks, then staggered backward holding her head as Neve pushed off the corner turnbuckles with her butt and stepped out into the ring looking to go on the offense!

Grabbing a handful of blonde locks, Neve pushed Charlize backward across the ring and slammed her back into the opposite corner. As Charlize slumped on the ropes, Neve climbed up and sat on the top rope and sat down behind Charlize with her legs around Charlize's head and her back to the audience, maintaining her perch with a handful of Charlize's hair. Neve locked her legs around Charlize's neck, her heels digging into the blondes small breasts as she locked in her Figure Four Head Scissors. Then holding the top rope in both hands, Neve leaned all the way back until she was hanging upside down outside the ring with her legs cinched around the struggling blonde's neck, strangling the life out of her.

Sadly for Neve, while an innovative variation, the fact that it was done at the ropes meant it was limited to being held for only five seconds. As the referee's count passed 'four' Neve released the hold and pulled herself back up, hopping off the ropes into the ring. Charlize stumbled and staggered out of the corner, her hands at her throat, then fell to one knee and leaned forward, gasping, sucking air and trying to recover from the choke.

Neve landed on her feet behind Charlize and, not letting her get her bearings, Neve hauled the gagging blonde to her feet, then bent over and slammed her forearm up between Charlize's legs, scooped her up off her feet and held her chest high in body slam position. But instead of 'merely' body slamming the big blonde, Neve turned and ran Charlize back into the corner; her long legs flopping limp over the top rope, making it an easy matter for Neve to tie the blonde warrior in the dreaded 'Tree of Woe' with her blond hair sweeping the mat and her legs twisted over the top rope, her feet tucked under the middle one, leaving her not only disoriented by totally helpless!

Neve took a break, sitting down to stretch her legs wide, preparing to introduce Charlize to a little move she'd been saving for just such an opponent. Sitting with her legs spead wide, Neve scooted forward until her crotch was millimeters from Charlize's upside down face. Charlize's green eyes widened as she realized Neve's intention and she managed to grab a quick deep breath before the brunette's thighs clamped shut around her head like a bear trap, locking the blonde in a vicious Head Scissors while she was still tangled in the Tree of Woe.

Now it was Neve's turn for revenge and she milked it for all it was worth, grinding her hips and crotch on Charlize's defenseless face, grinning coldly and relishing the blonde's indignant, muffled cries vibrating against her pussy lips. Throwing her head back, Neve ground her pale thighs together with a massive squeeze, wedging the blonde's inverted nose in hard against her womanhood. Charlize tried to claw Neve's legs, but she was disoriented from being hung upside down and with her blood rushing to her head, she was already experiencing the early effects of anoxia. Neve just brushed Charlize's uncoordinated and weak hands aside while squeezing her scissors even harder. Grasping blindly for a lifeline, Charlize accidentally tangled one arm in the middle rope. At first not realizing what she'd done, she tried unsuccessfully to free herself, but it finally dawned on her this could force Neve to break her insidious and debilitating hold. And indeed that's what happened as the ref admonished the brunette and forced her to relinquish her scissors. Neve scooted back on her butt, then nd stood up, watching as Charlize - with the referee's help - slowly and awkwardly disentangled herself from the Tree of Woe, dropping on her head and shoulders, flopping onto her side like a fish out of water before pulling herself slowly to her feet with the aid of the ropes. Rocking back and forth on unsteady legs, Charlize locked eyes with Neve as she hobbled to the center of the ring.

Neve spoke for the first time in a long while, "I've gotta say Charlize, love you or hate you; you're one resilient bitch!"

The blonde gasped between deep breaths, "And you're....(gasp).. one inventive...(gasp)....bitch. Ready to...(gasp)... finish this?"

"Oh yeah!" Neve responded as she raised her arms and ran at Charlize. They locked arms in a tight Collar and Elbow tie up, feet planted, butts jutting backward as they pushed and shoved. Calling on her reserves, Charlize put all her strength into one desperation move, and it succeeded. She hip-tossed Neve to the canvas, then pounced on her! The two tired beauties rolled around on the mat, trading places several times, each looking to secure a hold that could bring an end to their war. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Charlize ended up on top and pinned Neve's wrists over her head. Working on instinct and will, Charlize locked her calves inside Neve's and used the combination of her leg's length and strength to slowly force Neve's legs wide apart using a Double Leg Grapevine. Neve cried out as Charlize split her legs wider and wider, sending fire shooting upward through her thighs into her groin. Charlize grinned as she added to Neve's discomfort by slamming her pubic mound down hard on Neve's pussy, hissing breathlessly with each pussy pounding pummeling, "Checkmate!"

Neve defiantly up at the blonde looming over her and snarled, "I...unnnnh...don'!"

"Doesn't matter WHAT you think!" Charlize countered as she dropped all her weight on Neve, pussy grinding, breasts mashing, their lips brushing as Charlize pushed her nose down on Neve's as her muscles tensed and her glutes quivered as she strained to put Neve away with a Grapevine Full Body Pin.

The referee counted, but Neve rolled a shoulder up at two. Furious, Charlize rose up and dropped down again, driving the wind from the brunette. Again the referee counted to two, but once again, Neve arched her body to break Charlize's pin attempt. Charlize repeated the body crushing beating several times, and each time Neve was able to barely avoid the countout. By now almost out of her mind with anger and frustration, Charlize gave up on her grapevine and stood up. She grabbed one of Neve's ankles in each hand and spread her arms as she leered down at the squirming, twisting brunette. Charlize's face was expressionless as she raised a foot and drove it down directly on Neve's unprotected Mound of Venus.

Neve's body seemed to deflate as Charlize moved in for the kill. She dropped Neve's quivering legs and threw herself down on her 69, her muscular thighs on either side of the brunette's moaning head. Reaching back, Charlize pulled Neve's face up, wedging her nose in her crack as she locked her legs below Neve's head - the Reverse Figure Four Head Scissors.

The heady glow of a victory smiile crept across the blonde's face as she held Neve's face into her heavenly ass as Neve clawed at Charlize's thighs trying to free herself. Neve's attempts were suddenly derailed when Charlize dug her fingers, formed in a spade-like, down into Neve's groin and began clawing violently. Charlize abused Neve's crotch in every way she could, scratching, clawing, pinching and even slapping the defenseless area. With Neve's nose wedged deep in the crack of Charlize's ass, the brunette could do little more than scream muffled screams what were swallowed by Charlize's ass as the blonde ravaged her crotch.

As Neve's vision began to tunnel, she knew she was only going to get one chance to escape the devastating hold. She started working her hand over the back of Charlize's thighs, feeling her way toward her hip. Finding it, she slid the hand down the front, fumbling for the fork of the blonde's crotch. When she'd found her target, Neve gritted her teeth and dug her fingers in, hoping to cause enough pain to force Charlize to release her before she passed out. Af first, Charlize felt Neve's meddling hand groping her crotch, but the claw was only a minor annoyance. Even so, she briefly let go of her own claw as she shifted her weight, wiggling her hips hoping to break Neve's weakening grip.

But just that small break was all the opening Neve needed!! It gave her room to turn her head to one side just enough she was able to bite down hard on Charlize's ass cheek for the second time in the match. Charlize shrieked once again as Neve used her teeth in a most brutal fashion to gnaw her way out of trouble. Releasing her scissors, Charlize reached back to smash Neve across the face, but before she could deliver her blow. Neve fired a shot of her own, a hard right between Charlize's spread legs, her fist smashing into the blonde's vulnerable and exposed pubic mound. Charlize gasped, grabbed her pussy and rolled away, both hands massaging her pounded pubic mound. Neve rolled the opposite way, sucking in some badly needed oxygen.

Both women lay on their back, Charlize rubbing herself; Neve with her arms spread above her head, stretching her diaphragm and sucking in mouthfuls of life-giving air. After a minute or more, both women struggled to their feet, each staring daggers at the other. Each knew the end could be only moments way and this last confrontation would likely decide how everything else that had happened before would be remembered. Tired of prolonging the inevitable, Charlize hurled herself across the ring at the brunette. She was almost within arms reach when Neve dropped to the canvas and drove both feet into the blonde's knee with a low Drop Kick. When Neve's feet made contact with her patella, Charlize felt something in her knee twist and then her knee gave way completely! With her right leg no longer able to hold her weight, and unable to plant her feet to halt her momentum, she fell to the mat and skidded along on the canvas on her belly.

Knowing Charlize was down to one good leg, Neve pounced and grabbed the injured limb. With one swift spin, and a fall backward, Neve locked in perhaps the most damaging leg submission of all time, the Figure Four Leg Lock. Charlize screamed in agony, struggling to sit up, straining to reach her knee as Neve put unbearable pressure on the injured joint. Neve piled on the discomfort, rocking up and down, bouncing her ass to put still more pressure on the wounded limb. Charlize pulled and tore her hair, yet all her high-pitched wailing, the blonde Amazon refused to concede. Sweat poured down her red face and her normally beautiful features twisted in a mask of pain caused by the torturous hold.

After a minute, Neve's usually unflappable patience began to crack and staring at Charlize she screamed, "JUST GIVE UP ALREADY! YOUR LEG'S ABOUT TO FUCKING SNAP; JUST GIVE UP DON'T MAKE ME CRIPPLE YOU DAMMIT!"

Incredibly Theron opened her eyes and looked back at Neve; "Piss off!" she gasped, barely audibly, her breath sending a spray of her sweat and salive into Neve's face.

Neve gave the hold another colossal wrench to the leg and Charlize threw her head back, holding her head, wailing in absolute agony. Neve, afraid of permanently injuring Charlize, and frustrated that no matter how much pain she inflicts the blonde seems incapable of admitting she's beaten, finally gives up and release the Figure Four. Charlize may have been free of the Figure Four but she's worse than helpless as Neve pulls her up to a seated position. With no wasted movement, Neve reached around in front of the blonde, grabbed her top and with one quick tug, she tore the fabric top in two and tossed both halves away, baring the blonde's small, perky globes. The crowd cheered at Neve's not so appropriate tactic but the humiliation of the blonde was just beginning! Neve filled her hands with Charlize's bounty, then began to slap and claw relentlessly.

Leaning over her shoulder, she spoke with utmost certainty, "Humiliation isn't fun is it Charlize? How's it feel being twisted like a pretzel in front of everyone? I can do anything I want to you now. I own these tiny tits, I own your red, bite-marked butt; I even own those famous precious legs....but most importantly I OWN you, you pathetic beaten bitch."

As if proving her boast, Neve pinched the blonde's erect nipples in her thumb and forefinger, twisting slowly and painfully as Charlize's face became a sweaty, blushing mess. Neve continued to dismantle her foe, not finally ending the tit torture until she had sadistically stretched her nipples out several inches while Charlize fought back tears. Then shifting gears once more, Neve released her breasts only to grab the blonde's right wrist with her left hand and her left wrist in her right. Pulling back, she crossed Charlize's arms under her chin and hauled back into a modified straight-jacket, forcing Charlize's glistening, battered chest to thrust out in front of her, putting her 'assets' on display for the club who couldn't be more pleased!!

Moving on to the next stage of her hold, Neve slid her legs down the blonde's wedging her feet between them, then slowly began forcing them apart with a leg stretch. With her hands secured behind her head Charlize could only sit helpless as Neve slowly spread her long legs wider and wider until they were almost a full 180 degrees, her thinly veiled crotch on lewd display for one happy section of the audience. But then Neve increased the pain of the devilishly clever hold even more, bouncing her hips into Charlize's ass as she pulled back on her arms, tightening the straight jacket. Charlize face was burning with humiliation as Neve twisted her like a contortionists nightmare, her legendary legs being turned against her and used to torture her.

Quietly Neve whispered in her ear, "So, do you submit now?"

"Nuh...never!" gasped the helpless Scissor Queen, defiant to her last breath.

Incredulous at Charlize's stubborn refusal to admit her superiority, Neve nonetheless still had more tricks up her sleeve so she shifted her grip a little, putting both of Charlize's wrists in her right hand which freed up her left hand. She lay it lightly on Charlize's tightly stretched crotch, pausing briefly so Charlize could shiver in anticipation of what was to come, then digging viciously into the blonde's helpless snatch. Wanting to humble Charlize as much as possible, Neve twisted her bikini, then yanked up hard and pulled it deep into Charlize's slit. Neve repeated this several times, sawing it up and down, each tug pulling the bikini a little tighter. Charlize's humiliation increased tenfold when she realized her now almost naked crotch was being put on display for everyone on that side of the ring.

Neve leaned her head forward and spoke to Charlize again. "This is your last chance. Submit now, or I won't stop hurting you 'til you beg me. What do you say?"

"Fuck..... you!" Charlize mumbled, barely able to form the words with her own arms clamped tight across her throat, her consciouness fading fast in Neve's unrelenting grip.

Neve didn't speak again, she just released the bunched material of Charlize's bikini bottom, curled three fingers into a hook, then with a deftness honed by years of practice, punched the whole cluster down and curling upinto the blonde's defenseless pussy! Charlize groaned as Neve's fingers filled the void and the crowd leaped to their feet roaring in approval as Neve began to expertly work her weeping and unwilling opponent toward one of the most humiliating 'climaxes' in a woman's contest; a forced orgasm at the hands of a hated rival.

And Charlize, reputedly one of the easiest celebrities to 'turn on' didn't take much coaxing from Neve who had perfected her technique on hundreds of unwilling women in her career. Deep spasms began to ripple through Charlize who gritted her teeth against her demands of her body for several seconds before she opened her mouth wide and moaned in abject humiliation as Neve's domineering legs forced her already painfully stretched legs a little wider still, stretching her gaping labia wider apart and allowing a trickle of feminine pre-cum to trickle out and run down the crack of her ass.

After an especially strong shiver slammed through Charlize's stretched tight body, the blonde's resistance finally broke and she began to sob aloud, babbling, "I give up. Please....please let me go."

Neve just laughed, continuing her rhythmic manual manipulation; responding to the plea with a single word, "Louder!"

"I give up!" Charlize whimpered, her voice cracking but a little louder.

"That's not begging," the brunette chided as she cruelly stabbed her fingers in deeper still, twisting them from side to side, her rough knuckles kneading and rubbing Charlize's erect, jutting clitoris.

Simultaneously with the first wave of her eruption surging through her, the last vestiges of Charlize's always shaky self-control vanished and she screamed loud enough for the whole club to hear, "UNGH….PLEASE LET GO! LEMME GO....OH...OH! I'LL SAY ANYTHING; DO ANYTHING.....JUST LET ME GUUUUUUNNNNNNGHH!"

Her interrupted plea turned to a tormented wail of ecstasy and agony as titanic tremors rippled through her tensed body, her back arched and her round butt heaved upward off the canvas, her head tilted back over Neve's shoulder as she hung suspended in the air momentarily, then with a loud sigh, she slumped back down, her ass hitting the mat in a puddle of her own bodily fluid with a wet SPLAT! A final shiver passed through Charlize when Neve slowly retracted her claw and the referee, having heard her wailed submission, called for the bell and declared Neve the winner.

The battered, tortured, but triumphant brunette maintained her claw hold for several seconds more before she released it with a sigh, allowing Charlize’s beaten and dominated body to slump forward, spread-eagled on the mat. Neve rose unsteadily to her feet, her head bowed, panting heavily for some time before finally lifting her head at last to acknowledge the cheers of the wild audience by raising one arm; pumping her fist in the air once before letting it drop at her side. Looking down at the defeated blonde, Neve realized she'd just barely escaped with the victory. But for her desperation Drop-Kick which injured Charlize's knee, she’d probably be the one laying beaten on the mat instead of the wrung out blonde

"Still," Neve thought with a wry smile. "A win IS a win; regardless of luck. I'm going to relish this one for quite some time."

Standing over her still-twitching with the final spasms of her ennervating orgasm, Neve took the mike and addressed the crowd. “In recognition of her victory,” she said, using the Royal third person in speaking. “Your 'Scream Queen' will now take her rightful place...on her throne!"

The crowd went nuts as Neve straddled Charlize and slowly lowered herself on the semi-conscious blondes rapidly heaving chest. "You were going to ride MY face?" Neve sneered at the sweat-soaked blonde. “Well….NOT! she laughed.

Realizing what lay ahead for her, Charlize's green eyes widened in fear, her lower lip quivering as she gasped, “Puh…please nuh…no….don't....nuh...nuh…not my face...."

As Neve contemplated her request, she slowly swiped *those* three sticky fingers across Charlize's sweaty face. Ignoring her disgusted grimace, she then ran the same three fingers down the camel toe bulging in the crotch of her bikini. Pulling gently, Neve stretched the sweaty material tight, leaving only the thinnest of barriers between her womanhood and the beaten blondes flushed face as she squatted.

Glaring down at Charlize, Neve whispered, "Traditionally when a Queen is beaten, she's executed by her conqueror. So I'm going to execute you! Goodnight 'Scissor Queen'."

Neve thrust her pelvis forward and slammed her crotch down, completely covering the barely awake blonde's mouth and nose. As she began her ‘victory ride,’ Neve reached back behind her to furiously claw Charlize's defeated, yet still proudly perky breasts. Neve’s face was almost rapturous as Charlize's nostrils filled with her scent in the seconds before her body went rigid, then limp and she passed out in the grip of the brunette’s smother. After a few more symbolic grinds, Neve lifted up, briefly giving Charlize time for one or two involuntary breaths while she turned around, then sat back in a Reverse Face Sit and started grinding again, Charlize's unconscious nose was wedged tight between Neve's clenched cheeks as the victorious brunette rested her hands gently on Charlize's sweating, naked tits, giving her still-hard nipples two final pinches as she slowly bounced her ass on Charlize's unresponsive face.

Neve posed, flexing, as cameras exploded throughout the club, everyone present wanting to record the brunette's destruction of her Amazonian blonde opponent. Finally, Neve stood and lifted her arms one last time, then slowly maed her way through the ropes and headed back to her locker room, leaving the blonde spread-eagled on the mat behind, her bare bosom slowly rising and falling with her labored breathing. Neve had just won the toughest fight of her life, humbling the ‘Scissor Queen’ Charlize Theron in the process; forcing her to scream out her submission.

From this day forward, the "Scream Queen" would be a force to be reckoned with in Women’s Celebrity Wrestling!