Charlize Theron vs. Shannen Doherty by The Walkin' Dude

It was early October and Haddonfield Illinois was a great place to be! The temperatures during the day hung in somewhere in the low to mid-sixties, while the mercury dipped down into the forties during the evenings. And the weather wasn't the only thing changing; the trees were turning the burnished golds and oranges of fall and the first pumpkins were making their appearances at several little roadside stands. And though your erstwhile narrator could probably wax poetic for several more pages about the simple joys of the Midwest in the fall, I realize you're here for scenery of a more active kind so lets shift our attention to the old Haddonfield Armory on the outskirts of the little town. A rambling old brick building, the Armory played host to every event of importance that ever graced Haddonfield and indeed, tonight was an event of importance! Tonight, women's wrestling returned to the scenic hamlet for the first time in months and the locals couldn't have been happier.

The crowd had been buzzing all night in anticipation of a Blockbuster main event. Two of the most popular (not to mention meanest) women in the league were going one-on-one for the first time. Tonight, Charlize Theron would face off against Shannen Doherty. Both had been trading verbal barbs since the match was signed several weeks ago and by the time the match actually came around, each was chomping at the bit to take the other down a peg. With the back-story sufficiently explained, your narrator will hand the reigns over to our trusty ring Announcer, who even now is stepping into the spotlight at center ring…

"Ladies and gentleman; it’s time for our main event! Introducing first, standing five feet four inches tall; she's been called the best cat-fighter of her time, ladies and gentleman she is…..Shannennnnnnnnnn Dooooooooooherty!"

Blondie's ‘Rip Her to Shreds’ hit's the speakers as Shannen strides through the curtain. Tonight, the brunette is clad in a revealing tiger stripe bikini; her pads and boots a stark black matching her hair, which hung loose on her shoulders as she moved quickly down the ramp, not acknowledging the roar of the fans until she rolled into the ring under the bottom rope. Shannen popped smoothly to her feet and staring out at the crowd, raised her right hand and slooooooowly curled it into a wickedly curved claw - signifying to all her intention to subject Theron to her legendary ‘Crotch Claw’ finisher.

As the applause for Shannen died down, the announcer concluded, "Her opponent stands at five feet ten inches tall and is known as ‘The Scissor Queen’…ladies and gentleman I give you....... Charlizzzzzzze Theeeeeeeron!"

ZZ Top's ‘Legs’ pulses to life as Charlize makes her appearance; the tall blonde looking every bit the Goddess as she stands at the top of the ramp, letting the audience bask in her presence. For her battle with Doherty, Charlize was clad in her typical coral colored bikini that clings like a second skin; her boots and pads were the same coral color and, like her rival, the blonde was wearing her golden hair loose to her shoulders. Making her way to the ring, Charlize was all smiles and grins, slapping hands with the fans. Reaching the edge of the ring, the big blonde hopped up on the apron and bent slowly at the waist as she stepped through the middle rope, giving one lucky side of the armory a glimpse of her mythical butt and thighs. Getting into the ring, Charlize posed once more before heading to her corner and resting gently against it, waiting for the bell which rang just moments later.

Amidst the howling roar of the audience, the blonde and the brunette stepped out of their corners, each making a beeline for the other. In the center of the ring, they paused once more, a final calm before the storm if you will. Although Shannen was dwarfed by Charlize, the smaller brunette showed absolutely no fear of her Amazonian opponent…and why should she? While her wrestling skills may have been questioned, Shannen was one of the best pure catfighters to ever grace the squared circle and there were very few women who could go toe-to-toe with her in a catfight and even have a prayer of winning. But as luck would have it, she was facing one of those women tonight!

Looking up calmly at Charlize, Shannen spoke softly, "I've always wanted you Theron; now I've got my chance." Pausing, she lifted her right hand up and slowly waved it in front of the towering blonde, "You're going to BEG me after I lock my claw between your legs. And when you've nothing left, that's when I’ll......well, let's just say what I do will make what that skank Campbell did look like nothing."

Smiling widely, Shannen languidly lowered her hand, reached out and slowly stroking it across the crotch of Charlize's coral tights. She was about to throw another verbal barb when Charlize lunged and smashed a jaw-crushing forearm across the brunette’s leering face. Caught completely flat-footed by the surprise attack, Shannen was knocked off her feet and bounced on her butt as she sprawled on her back. Getting quickly to her feet, the small brunette's face wore an expression of rage and disbelief! It had been ages since anyone dared treat her like that!

Returning Shannen's heated glare with equal venom, Charlize grinned and said, “I'm not afraid of you - or your filthy claw - you overrated little bitch. You've needed slapping around for longer than I can remember, and it'll be my pleasure to expose you for the no-talent, second-rate cunt you are!"

Shannen's eyes narrowed to slits at Charlize's insult; then raising her infamous claws to shoulder level she hissed, "Let's just see who - and what - gets exposed, shall we?"

She sprang at the blonde, intent on burying her dagger-like claws in Charlize's grinning face, but Charlize stood her ground, dropping to a wrestlers crouch to defend herself. Milliseconds before Shannen’s clawed hands latched onto her face, Charlize fired a lighting-quick right-left combo that caught the brunette square on her left and right cheeks. Grunting, Shannen’s attack was stopped in its tracks and she staggered back shaking her head, trying to steady her vision. Before the stars had faded, Charlize reached out her long arms and buried both hands in Shannen's dark mane. Giving her no chance to recover, Charlize turned her hips and tossed the smaller woman halfway across the ring by the hair; watching with a satisfied smirk as Shannen landed on her chest and belly several feet away and bounced prettily.

Smiling a cold predatory grin, Charlize stalked over to where the brunette lay and bent, snatched her up by the hair once more and smirked into Shannen's dazed face, “Let's try that again, whaddaya say cupcake?"

Not waiting for a reply, Charlize reprised the throw, flinging Shannen around by her roots. As the brunette lay groaning on the mat, Charlize slowly strode over to her and paused towering over her for a second as she soaked in the wild cheers of the audience. If her performance thus far was any indication, it seemed the ‘Scissor Queen’ was back full force. Focusing again on her rival, Charlize bent and brought Shannen up by her hair yet again but unfortunately for the haughty blonde, the few seconds reprieve she’d granted her opponent had been all Shannen needed to get her wits about her!

As Charlize hauled her off the mat, Shannen quickly swiped her hand up and viciously raked it across the blonde's face. Crying out, Charlize lost her grip as she tried, too late, to protect her face and stumbled away, rubbing her eyes and frantically trying to clear her blurred vision. Seeing Charlize was temporarily disabled, Shannen pressed her advantage and charging the far bigger blonde at full steam. Just before impact, Shannen threw out her arm and smashed a big Clothesline across the blonde's perky breasts, pancaking them under her bikini top. The shot knocked Charlize over backward and she crashed to the canvas, her head painfully bouncing off the mat as she hit on her head and shoulders. With Charlize down and dazed on the mat, Shannen had a great opportunity to retake control of the match!

Stomping over to the slowly rising blonde, Shannen yanked Charlize to her feet, then whipped her knee up into the slumping woman's belly. Her gasping for breath was sweet music to Shannen's ears, and as the blonde struggled for breath, Shannen pistoned her knee up again, only this time slamming Charlize between her parted thighs as she swayed trying to get her balance. Charlize throttled gagging cry as Shannen's bony knee crushed her womanhood brought a smile to Shannen’s lips and winces from the ringside spectators. As Charlize’s body slumped toward the canvas, Shannen caught her, wrapping her up in a loose Bear Hug and jerking her body up against her own.

Yelling into Charlize's ear, Shannen began her battle-tested psychological warfare, hoping to win the match before it really began, "What's the matter Charley? Your mighty snatch can't stand up to one little shot from me? Then you sure as hell aren't gonna win this match, because it won't last two seconds in my Crotch Claw. But before we reach that point, lets tenderize you a bit more."

When Charlize opened her mouth to protest, Shannen arched her back and lifted her into the air, then powered her down, driving Charlize groin-first down on her outstretched knee. Charlize howled as the Inverted Atomic Drop achieved it’s aim, but still Shannen wouldn’t release her. Charlize had just drawn a breath when Shannen lifted her again, shook her to get her legs flopping wildly, then once more pounded her down in a second Atomic Drop. The third violent impact to her crotch in less than two minutes turned the blonde's normally steady legs to jelly and when Shannen opened her arms, Charlize collapsed to the mat and lay on her back with her knees spread gently cupp her injured pussy with both hands!

Shannen on the other hand was the very picture of cruel confidence as she stood back and calmly surveyed the wreckage of her victim. Rubbing her hands over her own impressive chest, the brunette stood straddling Charlize, shaking her hips before she slowly lowered her tiger striped butt until it was resting on Charlize's heaving stomach. Arrogantly ignoring Charlize, Shannen instead addressed a question to the audience.

"So, how about I tear off her tiny tits as practice before I bald her snatch?" she yelled.

The audience’s chanted reply indicated that, yes that was acceptable to them, so Shannen went to work filling her hands with Charlize's small but precious bounty! The evil brunette pinched, clawed, twisted and slapped for all she was worth, loving to hear the "legendary Theron” begging and sobbing in her iron-fisted grasp. After an especially hard twist of Charlize's breasts, Shannen finally spoke to her, “You're not gonna give up already are you? That’d be more than sad; it’d be pathetic!"

Charlize gasped between sobs of pain a barely coherent response, "You’ll……never make….me submit….Shannen. You're just …..a one trick bitch…….very soon I'm going to pr…OH…ve it to you and everyone!"

The brunette didn’t respond to the insult well, instead giving Charlize's breasts another brutal pinch but this time maintaining her grip as she stood and forced Charlize to her feet. Staring into the blonde's red, pained-tortured and tear-streaked face, Shannen hissed, "I may only have ONE trick, but it's a good enough trick to put a bitch like you down for good!"

Intent on getting in the last word, Shannen shifted her grip, grabbing Charlize's wrist and Irish Whipping her toward the ropes. But before she released the blondes wrist, Shannen got a rude surprise as Charlize planted her long legs and reversed the momentum, sending the brunette careening toward the ropes. But just as she was about to release Shannen, Charlize yanked the smaller woman back hard. Shannen stumbled awkwardly toward Charlize who returned a favor from earlier, burying the knee of one long leg deep in Shannen's belly. The blow doubled her over and for several seconds the only think Shannen could do was hold her stomach and gag helplessly.

Furious over the beating she’d taken at Shannen's hands, Charlize went looking for some payback! With Shannen bent double, she took two steps back, swung one leg up high and brought it crashing down over the back of Shannen’s neck. The Standing Ax Kick was a devastating enough when delivered by a normal person, but when it was nailed by someone with an extensive dance background who was already nearly half a foot taller than the recipient, it was even more devastating!

Charlize smiled evilly as Shannen went down like a felled tree, moaning and clutching the back of her neck. The blonde stood and watched, waiting for Shannen to regain her wits before she blasted her again. A few moments later, the tenacious brunette wobbled unsteadily back to her feet; looking awkwardly around for the tall blonde who had conveniently moved around behind her dazed rival. Not seeing the blonde, Shannen whirled around on her heel, bringing her claws up in anticipation of facing a charging Charlize. Her judgment was poor, however, because while Charlize had gotten behind her, she had no intent of grappling with the vicious brunette (at least not yet).

Waiting until she saw the whites of Shannen's eyes, Charlize pounced, planting one foot on the mat while firing the other up and out, aiming her heel for Shannen's throat. The Thrust Kick found its mark and Shannen's head snapped back as her knees buckled and she crashed to the mat yet again. Reveling in the admiration of the crowd, and enjoying her retribution, Charlize took a moment to push a disheaveled lock of damp hair back out of her eyes before stalking over to where Shannen lay clutching her aching throat.

Careful not to repeat her previous mistake, Charlize refrained from pulling Shannen off the mat and instead leisurely planted one booted foot on the back of Shannen's exposed neck, then pressed down; stepping on her foe's injured anatomy with all her weight. It didn't take long for the effects of the blatant choke to get the referee's attention and even less to grab's Shannen's! Shannen began to flail as her air was cut off while the ref began a five count, threatening to disqualify the Scissor Queen if she didn't relinquish her hold. Charlize eased up only when the zebra reached four, letting Shannen get a breath or two before pressing her boot down and starting the choke again. Again the ref began his count and again Charlize milked it for all it was worth before backing off.

Amidst this rather irksome (at least in her mind) process, Charlize found the time to taunt Shannen, getting even with her victim for the belittling treatment she had endured earlier, “What's the matter Shannen? Having trouble breathing? Just think, if my FOOT is giving you this much trouble, imaging how you're going to have no chance in my scissors! I'll crush your blushing, crying face between my thighs and squuuuuueeeeezzze! Then after you've begged me to let you go, I'll take my rightful place on your face and ride until I'm satisfied you'll NEVER try to fight me again. What have you got to say to that, Ms. Bigmouth, best cat-fighter alive?"

Shannen couldn't muster much, but what she said got the point across, exquisitely, as between gasps, she grunted, "Fuck… you… bitch!"

Shannen managed to get a good grip on Charlize's ankle and twisted it hard, dumping the blonde off her and allowing her to draw her first full breath in a while. But Charlize wasn't done toying with her injured foe, yet; not by a long shot! Moving quickly back to Shannen, Charlize arrogantly kicked the brunette over onto her back, then knelt with her knee across Shannen's throat, leaning over and bringing her full weight to bear against the brunette's windpipe. Charlize didn't bother with taunts this time, she was simply content to let Shannen stare up into her grinning face as the Scissor Queen choked her. But Shannen (like her or not) wasn’t one to give up easily and when Charlize resumed choking her, she flailed wildly, shooting fists and feet in all directions, hoping one would connect with the blonde to break her grip. Tonight luck smiled on Shannen and not one, but two of her wild strikes connected, rocking Charlize back with a surprised little yelp.

Recovering quickly, Charlize got up and grabbed Shannen's dark, damp hair. She’d just pulled the brunette to her knees when the ever-aware Shannen balled up her fist and drove it upward mercilessly - right into Charlize's already abused crotch! The blonde's agony was apparent but silent and she seemed unable to make a sound as she slowly dropped to her knees directly in front of Shannen! Now that Charlize’s height advantage was negated, Shannen made the most of it! Hissing a feral cry of hatred, she pushed off hard and tackled Charlize, throwing herself at her shoulders, knocking the blonde over onto her back. The willowy blonde landed awkwardly on the mat with her long legs bent beneath her and the furious brunette straddling her waist!

Shannen buried her claws in Charlize's blonde mane and the Amazon did the only thing she could in that position, responded in kind by snatching a handful of Shannen's dark locks as well. Screaming and cursing, they rolled across the canvas with each gaining the top position and then just as quickly losing it again. When they rolled to a stop in one corner of the ring, it was the smaller brunette who had the advantage with Charlize unable to reach her with one arm which was trapped under the rope on the ring apron. Grabbing Charlize's throat with one hand, Shannen cocked her other in a fist and delivered several short, fast punches to the blonde's face. Charlize cried out and tried to squirm out from under her, but Shannen just held her throat tighter and increased the pace of her fistic assault. After one especially hard shot stunned Charlize, Shannen scootedup Charlize's lanky frame and dropped her ass on the blonde's heaving chest. Halting her punching, Shannen slapped Charlize several times to get the dazed Scissor Queen's attention before she humiliated her further.

"Aww poor little Charley girl... is this mean little girl kicking your talentless ASS?" she asked in a mocking baby voice, before laughing loudly.

Never one to let an insult go unanswered, Charlize spat back. "Fuck off Shannen! When I get up out of here, I'll cut you in half with my scissors. And after that, we'll see how much you want to kick my ass when it’s on your face."

She was about to continue her rant when Shannen brought her right hand up and covered her face. As the blonde tried to protest, Shannen's hand snapped shut like a bear trap, her strong fingers digging painfully into Charlize's temples as her palm flattened her nose and covered her mouth. At the same time, Shannen bounced up and down on Charlize's chest, enjoying the pained, helpless cries from the suffocating blonde beneath her. Continuing her slow suffocating claw and grind, Shannen threw her head back and closed her eyes, soaking in the pain of her rival and the thunderous ovation from the capacity crowd.

After a few moments of silent ecstasy, Shannen looked down with a satisfied smile and asked, "Ready to scream my namebitch?"

Through the pain in her temples and around the black obstruction of Shannen's smothering hand, Charlize heard the arrogant malice in her voice and fumed. Quickly deciding on a course of action, the blonde answered Shannen's question by whipping her free hand up and sinking her claws into Shannen's breast, her nails digging through the tiger striped material of her top with all the fury she could muster.

Although Charlize’s reply was muffled, her intent was crystal clear, "I'LL NEVER SCREAM FOR YOU!"

When Charlize buried her talons in Shannen's tits, the brunette grimaced but managed to maintain her Face Claw. Not one to give up a dominant position merely because her tit was being mauled, Shannen gritted her teeth and prepared her own counter. Using her free hand, Shannen pried Charlize's hand from her chest and wrenched it roughly up to her face, then bent down and bit hard on three of the unsuspecting fingers. Not content with a single bite, Shannen proceeded to gnaw on the blonde's long fingers as Charlize screamed into the hand covering her face.

Finally spitting out the injured digits, Shannen gave her Face Claw another skull-crushing wrench, then taunted the big blonde, "You like that baby? Maybe next time you'll think about touching my tits without permission."

Still in too much pain from both the Face Claw and the chewing of her fingers, Charlize's only reply was an angry, muffled moan. Her hand tiring in the Face Claw, Shannen decided it was time to do what she did best, destroying her opponent's crotch. With a final derisive squeeze of Charlize's face, Shannen broke her grip and slid back down Charlize's body until she was straddling her ankles. Grabbing her ankles in both hands, Shannen stood up and spread Charlize's glorious thighs arms width apart, holding the pose long enough to let the audience and her opponent know what was coming next!

Locking eyes with the trapped blonde, Shannen hissed hatefully, "Let's see how that legendary snatch handles THIS!" Still holding Charlize's ankles, Shannen jumped up, bent her knee and came crashing back down, letting her knee smash into Charlize's defenseless mound. THOCK! The blonde let out a pained cry as a powerful jolt shot up the length of her entire body. With her knee firmly planted in Charlize's crotch, Shannen cruelly ground it in as she looked out and shouted to the crowd, "How about we do that again!"

They responded in the affirmative, so Shannen hopped back to her feet to repeat the maneuver. As Shannen rose, Charlize was fighting a battle with herself. The fire in her abused womanhood urged her to submit immediately, before she had to endure further pain; but the fighting spirit that resided in her heart argued otherwise. Remembering Shannen's reputation for destroying her foes after a match, Charlize realized it was likely Shannen would do unimaginable things to her after the bell once she’d conceded defeat and after her embarrassing loss earlier in the summer to Neve Campbell -another brunette - Charlize refused to allow herself become Shannen's victim without putting up more of a struggle.

As renewed resolve coursed through her, a single thought burned through the pain clouding her mind, “This bitch is MINE!"

Acting purely on instinct, the tall blonde warrior pulled her knees back to her chest, then pistoned them straight out, driving her feet into the brunette's belly. The force of Charlize's legs knocked the wind out of Shannen as they sent the smaller woman hurtling backward through the air until she crashed to the canvas on her butt with an undignified THUD! Rising on shaky legs, Charlize staggered toward Shannen who was quickly getting back to her feet.

Looking at the hobbling blonde, Shannen hissed, "Guess it's time to stop fucking around and finish you off, huh Charley?"

She lunged toward Charlize, her wicked right hand curved out and up, aiming for her favorite ‘pressure point’ at the spot where Charlize's long limbs came together. But a microsecond before Shannen could clamp on her fatal claw, Charlize caught the marauding arm by the wrist in one hand and as she powered forward, she buried her other fist in Shannen's taut stomach.

As the brunette deflated in front of her, Charlize took time to gasp into her ear, "I haven't BEGUN to fuck with you yet!"

Then she gave Shannen a taste of her own medicine, bringing her knee rocketing upward and driving it into Shannen's mound. The brunette uttered a watery little shriek as her hips shot back at the same time her upper torso crumpled forward, but Charlize put a hand on Shannen's forehead and arrogantly shoved her back, sending her tumbling on her back to the mat. As Shannen lay moaning and massaging her injured pubic mound, Charlize slowly walked around to her head and stood with her hands on her hips.

The reenergized ‘Scissor Queen’ then addressed her loyal subjects, "I've had the pleasure of experiencing some of Shannen's favorite Claw holds. So, to be polite..." her voice trailed off as she slowly ran a single finger up and then down the length of one golden thigh. The audience roared as they realized Charlize was about to unleash one of her signature holds. "…don't you think I should share one of MY favorite holds with her?"

She punctuated this sentence by tracing a little pattern on her thigh and grinning slyly. The audience screamed their agreement with the Scissor Queen as they wholeheartedly and overwhelmingly approved the idea of sharing. Now that she had her ‘subject’s blessing, the Scissor Queen sat down behind the moaning Shannen and roughly pulled her up into a sitting position. Moving slowly but trying not to give Shannen time to recover, Charlize extended her long legs on either side of Shannen's waist, then closed them and locked her ankles. Before she commenced squeezing, she insured against Shannen clawing her way free by gathering up the brunette's arms and putting her in a classic Full Nelson!

Now with both halves of the hold in place, Charlize lay back, pulling Shannen backward with her. The tall blonde licked her lips once in anticipation, then began to tighten her long, strong legs around Shannen's waist. The first colossal wrench to her middle snapped Shannen back to life and the trapped hellcat started to kick and buck wildly against the hold! But Charlize's grip was unshakable and Shannen could do nothing but grit her teeth against the pain and scream in helpless rage as the blonde’s long, perfect legs slowly pinched her body in half.

After another squeeze of the Body Scissors and another wrench of the Full Nelson, Charlize leaned close to Shannen and pressed her lips to Shannen's ear, whispering softly, "Hey there little girl; how are ya feeling NOW?"

"LET… ME… GO!" Shannen hissed through clenched teeth before trying to escape again.

"Oh I don't think so! I'm really loving having the great Shannen Doherty squirming like a little bitch between my thighs. Get used to it!" Charlize finished that proclamation with another squeeze. Before her foe could respond, Charlize continued, "But I tell ya what! If you scream ‘Charlize crushed me between her thighs’ I'll let you go right now!"

"NEVER!" Shannen screamed as she tried again to buck her way to freedom and again, Charlize wrenched her double hold tighter, keeping Shannen trapped helplessly in her strong double grip.

Enjoying a rare opportunity to humble someone as arrogant as Shannen, Charlize released the Full Nelson and reached around to clap her hands over Shannen's jiggling breasts. Before Shannen realized what was happening, Charlize pinched her nipples and tweaked them as hard as she could! Shannen shrieked aloud at the humiliating indignity as she struggled to pry Charlize's hands from her breasts. But the blonde Amazon simply squeezed her Scissors tighter still and Shannen quickly forgot about the pain in her tits…until Charlize subjected them to another round of pinching and mauling.

Deciding she wasn't ready to finish Shannen off without further embarrassment, Charlize gave her Scissors a final squeeze, then opened her legs and got to her feet, leaving Shannen to roll over and curl up in the fetal position, both hands cradling her crushed mid-section and mauled mammaries. Standing dominantly in front of the sobbing brunette, Charlize pulled Shannen to her knees, then pulled her head between her thighs, putting her in a Standing Head Scissors. With Shannen's head trapped in her thighs, Charlize had no trouble untying the back of the brunette's bikini top, then whipped the stolen garment off, brandishing it proudly over her head.

Charlize shouted, "Here's a little souvenir for ya!" as she tossed the top into the roaring mob. Returning her attention to the now topless Shannen, Charlize bent and reached around her chest, grabbed two fistfuls of her free-swinging breasts and after giving them a rough squeeze, she bounced her ass on the back of Shannen's head and taunted her. "Ready to give up yet twat? I hope not cuz there’s a lot more I wanta do to you!"

Her hidden face blushing a deep red from Charlize's humiliating treatment, Shannen screamed, "Fuck you Theron! I've been in worse spots before and when I get out I'll….ARRRRGMMMMPPPHHHH!" Her threat was cut off when Charlize’s thighs gave her head another crushing squeeze.

Fixing her gaze on the crowd, Charlize decided it was time to take things to the next level. Grabbing a double handful of Shannen's bikini bottom, Charlize shouted to the crowd, "You know this is a tiger stripe bikini, but it seems to me it's owner is nothing but a helpless PUSSY!"

She pulled Shannen's bottom down around her knees, exposing the brunette's ass to one side of the club, then followed this demeaning move with several brisk spanks to Shannen's pale, bouncing, asscheeks. SPLAT! SWAT! But as soon as the brunette beauty felt her bottom being pulled down, a red cloud darker than any she'd ever felt welled up inside her and she silently vowed to destroy the blonde for this humiliation!

Shannen spread her legs, centered herself and then wrapped her arms around Charlize's legs, clasping her hands behind her knees. Grunting, she bent her knees and lifted with all her might. The sudden upward surge caught Charlize off guard and she was completely helpless when Shannen lifted her up off her feet. Charlize’s body folded forward over Shannen’s shoulder and the brunette maintained her grip around Charlize's knees as she slowly straightened up. She stood there holding Charlize for just a moment, feeling Charlize's face slapping against her bare ass cheeks, letting the blonde get a good long look before she crashed and burned.

Taking a deep breath, Shannen screamed, "KISS MY ASS THERON!"

She bent over and snapped her torso forward at the waist, flinging Charlize to the canvas on her back. The big blonde’s body built up momentum as it swung like a long, blond pendulum until she hit the mat flat on her with a sickening THUD! The desperation Sidewalk Slam did all it was designed to and more; smashing Charlize’s back and shoulders hard on the mat. She groaned, seeing nothing but stars….but Shannen wasn't faring much better either. The surprise counter had taken a lot out of Shannen and the brunette had dropped to her knees as she slammed Charlize. For the moment, both winded warrioresses were incapable of doing nothing more than breathing. After a short respite, they both slowly regained their senses and rose to their feet, each wanting to destroy the other in the most humiliating way possible.

Wasting no time, both women surged forward and locked up once more at center ring. After a brief spat of grappling and shoving, Charlize broke through Shannen's defenses and dug the fingers of both hands into the muscles at the base of Shannen's neck in a painful Nerve Hold! Shannen blinked back tears as she tried to break the taller blondes grip, but Charlize just dug her fingers in deeper and pushed down harder, forcing Shannen first to one knee and then both! Unwilling to end this battle on her knees, the tenacious brunette opened her hands and clasped them together as if praying. As the crowd watched in rapt silence, Shannen suddenly shoved both hands straight up between Charlize’s legs! As eight fingers slammed into her slit, pushing the crotch panel of her bikini bottom ahead of them into her pussy, Charlize’s eyes shot wide open and she stumbled backward, releasing Shannen’s neck!

Shannen rose to her feet and reached for Charlize, but the blonde grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward, swinging her around in an Irish Whip that would send her toward the corner turnbuckles. But now it was Shannen's turn to counter and, putting on the brakes, she reversed the momentum of the Whip and instead of Shannen, it was Charlize who found herself hurtling toward the corner. Knowing Charlize had been disconcerted by her sudden reversal of position, Shannen gave her no chance to recover, charging after the big blonde as soon as Charlize's back made contact with the thinly padded turnbuckles with sufficient force to send her head whip-lashing backward.

Charlize barely had time to grunt before Shannen slammed into her going full speed, squashing her in the corner with a combination Clothesline/Body-Splash. The air was driven out of Charlize's lungs by the impact and she started to slide down in the corner but Shannen held her in place with a handful of hair. Rearing back on her heels, Shannen fired a colossal backhand slap to Charlize's dazed face that rocked the breathless blonde's head to the side. With Charlize still dazed and struggling to recover from the Clothesline and the bitchslap, Shannen went to work! As Charlize slumped in the corner, Shannen bent low and drove her fist into Charlize’s belly, nearly gutting the winded Academy Award winner. Shannen picked up Charlize’s left leg and laid it over the middle rope on one side of the corner and tucked her foot under the bottom rope. She did the same with her right leg on the other side, leaving Charlize seated on the middle turnbuckle, hanging onto the top rope for dear life with her legs spread wide and her still throbbing crotch totally exposed!

Grabbing a handful of damp blonde hair, Shannen jerked Charlize's head up and looked into her eyes, telling her, “THIS is where it ends Theron! I'm gonna kick that nasty snatch into the cheap seats - where it belongs!"

Releasing her hair with a disdainful snap of her wrist, Shannen backed off to mid-ring before charging back into the corner at top speed. When she was the right distance from her target, Shannen planted her left foot and sent her heavy wrestling booted right foot rocketing upward - squarely into Charlize's vulnerable pubic mound! The force of the vicious Cunt Punt sent Charlize’s body flying upward, freeing her legs from their rope bondage. But although the blonde warrior’s legs were now free, she could only crumple to her knees, sobbing aloud as her trembling hands gingerly massaged her shattered snatch.

The crowd went crazy as the far smaller Shannen grabbed the big blonde Amazon by the wrists and dragged her to the middle of the ring where she dropped Charlize limp body on her back and immediately went for the cover, confidently hooking the blondes long legs as the ref began his count. SLAP! “ONE!” SLAP! “TWO!” He was bringing has hand down for the third and last time when Charlize just barely managed to roll one shoulder up!! Shannen cursed, deeply annoyed that Charlize had been able to withstand her crippling attack in the corner.

Still firmly in control of the match, she stood up and stomped a boot heel down on Charlize's already mangled groin. The blondes head and shoulders jerked up off the mat briefly, then she slumped back down, tearing at her hair in anguish. Not bothering to ask for the submission, Shannen pushed off the mat with her plant foot, standing on Charlize’s crotch with her full weight on the foot while twisting her hips, grinding her heel into Charlize's tenderized mound. The blonde gasped and thrash her arms and legs wildly, eventually pitching the cruel brunette off her perch. Shannen stumbled backward a few steps, then stood with her hands on her hips, watching with sadistic amusement as the injured Charlize writhed in pain.

Finally, Charlize gamely struggled to her feet; her body hunched over, one hand still cupping her mangled mound. But as soon as Charlize regained her vertical base, Shannen sprang forward and once more clotheslined her, driving her backward until she was once again pinned against the ring ropes. Too dazed to resist, Charlize could only mumble incoherently as Shannen grabbed her wrists, spread her arms and wrapped them over the top rope, then pulled the middle rope up and snapped it over them, trapping the blondes arms between the first and second strands. With Charlize securely bound, the cruel brunette stood back to admire her handiwork, her hand cupping her jaw, slowly stroking her chin as she considered her options.

Seeing Charlize finally lift her head, Shannen smirked at her helpless nemesis, "Looks like you're strung up with nowhere to go bitch. Now it's time for me to have some fun!."

Charlize knew she was in dire striates, but she refused to let the brunette see the fear she felt as, with all the venom she could summon, she hissed, "Shut you're fucking mouth Shannen. Everybody knows you've got nothing….except a reputation as a miserable mouth-breathing bag of venereal diseases."

Shannen's mouth twisted into a grimace of hate and spat a reply back at her captive, "Oh, you're gonna get more than a mouthful of me before this match is over, bitch!"


As the first step to fulfilling her threat, Shannen stepped forward, curled her right hand into a claw while at the same time her left hand tore Charlize's coral top off. Shannen flung it aside. With Charlize's small, perky breasts bared, Shannen sank her claws into each pale globe and began to maul relentlessly; paying the blonde back for her earlier clawing. The sound of Charlize’s increasingly loud moans only motivated Shannen to hurt the blonde even more and that's exactly what she did; focusing her attack on Charlize's long, famously sensitive, stiff nipples; twisting and pulling them, stretching the elastic flesh to the absolute limit before letting them snap back….only to repeat the entire process again while Charlize stamped her feet, threw back her head and wailed at the top of her lungs.

At one point the sympathetic referee tried to pull Shannen away, indicating that this unguarded abuse while her opponent was trapped in the ropes was grounds for disqualification. Shannen would have none of it and she shoved him roughly away then turned her attention back to her writhing, weeping victim. Maintaining a tight grip on Charlize's heaving breasts, Shannen stepped up her assault by bringing her knee back into play, driving it over and over into Charlize's cunt. Each pounding blow lifted Charlize up onto her tip-toes, then as she slumped back down tortured gasps escaped the blondes trembling lips.

Shannen smiled coldly as she drank in Charlize's agonized grimace as she looked to put the finishing touches on her fading rival. She backed up several steps, planted her feet, took a deep breath and then shot forward, throwing her arm out to clothesline the helpless blonde backward over the top rope and send her crashing to the cement floor below. But as hurt as she was, Charlize wasn't ready to give in and drawing on the dwindling last bit of her reserves, Charlize raised both feet and kicked out just as Shannen came within range. The double kick caught Shannen square in the belly and bent her over double, gasping and gagging. With Shannen standing still right in front of her, Charlize swept her right foot up and sent her heel smashing into Shannen's jaw! The winded brunette went down like a shot and lay groaning, rolling from side to side holding her face with both hands.

Taking deep breaths, Charlize yelled at the ref, "GET ME THE FUCK OUTTA THESE ROPES!"

The zebra rushed forward, went to work and moments later, the ropes snapped back to their original position. The aching, exhausted and Royally pissed off ‘Scissor Queen’ was free; eager to punish the sadistic bitch who lay prone before her. Grinning ferociously, Charlize bent and dragged Shannen up by her damp hair. Not bothering with taunts, Charlize locked in a tight Front Face-lock and held it for just a second before falling back hard and driving Shannen's forehead into the mat with a sick DDT. Shannen lay on her stomach, breathing shallowly and trying to shake the cobwebs from her head but unfortunately for Shannen, Charlize wasn’t in the mood to offer even a brief reprieve. Getting to her feet, Charlize pulled the dazed Shannen up and dragged her to the ropes where she’d been imprisoned only a minute before.

Pulling Shannen's neck back painfully, Charlize spoke softly in her ear, "So, you like using the ropes? Well here, let me show you what I can do with ropes."

Shannen's only reply was a mumbling gurgle of rage. Shoving Shannen forward, Charlize draped her neck over the top rope, letting the audience see what she was going to do to the helpless Shannen. Grabbing the top rope in both hands for balance, Charlize extended one leg and draped it across the back of Shannen's neck. Centering herself, the blonde pushed forward with everything she had, looking like she was intent on decapitating Shannen on the top rope. Shannen flailed against the rope as it cut off her wind, but her only hope lay in the ref, who began to count as Charlize continued the blatant choke. Just as she had earlier in the match, Charlize let the zebra’s count reach ‘four’ before releasing the choke, but immediately pressing down again; bringing more pressure to bear on Shannon's already beleaguered windpipe.

Finally, after a ‘final warning’ from the referee, Charlize swung her leg down and pulled Shannen roughly back off the ropes, flinging her roughly to the canvas in the center of the ring. Stalking the crippled brunette, she stopped at Shannen's head, pulled her up and stuffed Shannen's head between her perfect thighs. Charlize bent at the waist and wrapped her arms around Shannen's slick middle, then heaved her topless victim upside down, inverting her with her thick muscular legs waving in the air as she set her up for a Pile-Driver.

Charlize held the topless brunette helpless upside down momentarily, letting the audience drink in her former tormentor's helplessness before, with a satisfied grin, she sat down hard, spiking the top of Shannen's head into the mat between her jiggling thighs. THWOK! The sound Shannen’s head made sounded like a gourd exploding and when Charlize opened her arms, Shannen’s limp body toppled over, landing gracelessly on her back. Still on her butt, Charlize rudely stretched out her legs and kicked Shannen over onto her belly, then rolled over and sat on Shannen’s ass with her long legs stretched out on either side of Shannen's head.

Whispering to her now nearly beaten victim, Charlize hissed, "OK, get ready to scream my name Shannen; if you have any breath left."

Charlize tucked one leg up under Shannen's chin and locked it under the knee of her fully extended leg. With a titanic squeeze she locked in the Figure Four Headscissors and watched Shannen struggle feebly against the power of her thighs. Hoping to increase Shannen's discomfort, Charlize bounced up and down on her hands while simultaneously grinding her crotch against the back of Shannen's head. As Charlize continued to asphyxiate her with her python like thighs, Shannen fought to make one last ditch effort to save herself.

Shutting out every thought but escape, Shannen began slowly dragging herself and Charlize over the canvas toward the edge of the ring where, if she could but reach the bottom rope, she’d have sanctuary. Charlize was at first incredulous as Shannen began to move both of their bodies toward the ropes. Despite all of Charlize’s squeezing, Shannen was finally able to reach the bottom rope and force the referee to make Charlize release the hold. Charlize held the hold as long as legally possible, perhaps a second or two more, before finally releasing her grip and struggling to her feet.

Watching Shannen laying on her belly gasping for breath, Charlize grabbed her ankles and dragged her back out into the middle of the ring where, standing over Shannen's head, Charlize bent and pulled Shannen to her knees; holding her with the brunette's flushed face only inches from her battered crotch. Relishing that Shannen was at last kneeling penitent before her, Charlize delivered a final taunt before finishing her off.

"Are you ready to taste this Shannen? Are you ready to scream yourself hoarse into the best pussy in the business? You better be, ‘cuz you don't have a lot of choice in the matter!"

But as Charlize was about to plunge Shannen's face into her crotch, the brunette pulled out her last ditch effort! Her hand shot up and she latched onto Charlize's crotch, finally locking on her dreaded “Crotch Claw” finishing hold. Charlize shrieked and waved her arms mindlessly as she slowly dropped to her knees as the devastating power of the Claw rapidly sapped what little remained of her strength. She tried to pull Shannen's claw away, but the brunette’s grip was like iron and Charlize was helpless as the sadistic brunette’s still-strong fingers dug deep into her groin.

Hearing Charlize's gasps, Shannen looked into her face and hissed, "THIS is the best pussy in the business? I don't THINK so. You'll get a face full of the best pussy in the business after the BEST PUSSY CLAW in the business destroys this pathetic wannabe snatch!"

Charlize opened her mouth, but she couldn’t form a reply; her lips merely quivered as her jaw worked slowly up and down as Shannen pushed her over onto her back and knelt straddling her thighs as she maintained the punishing Crotch Claw. As she annihilated Charlize's groin, Shannen shifted her position, turning around to plant her ass on Charlize's red, gasping face. Smiling, Shannen began to slowly grind her ass on the blondes ruddy face as her fingers dug into her crotch. Shudders began shaking Charlize's long frame, one leg lifting weakly, then dropping to the mat where it lay spasming and quivering uncontrollably.

The ref checked Charlize’s shoulders and started to count, but the brunette stopped him with an icy cold snarl, "DO NOT count her down! I want to hear her submit!"

The ref shrugged, but did as he was told and shifted his focus to the now weakly struggling Charlize. He could hear nothing but muffled agonized groans from the Scissor Queen as Shannen increased the pace of her grinding, adding a second hand to her claw for additional power. Charlize, only barely conscious under Shannen's rotating rear end, knew if she didn't escape in the next few seconds Shannen would finish her off and humiliate her terribly after the match. She tried to power her way free, planting her feet and bridging, but Shannen simply slammed her fist down onto Charlize’s battered mound and her ass was driven back down to the mat. As Shannen held her immobilized, Charlize knew there was very little she could do and began to prepare herself mentally for the inevitable.

Suddenly, her mind flashed back to previous matches, she’d seen and she recalled a tactic another woman had used against HER to escape a Face Sit. Seizing on this as her only chance, Charlize slowly turned her head to the side, then bit down as hard as she could on Shannen's smothering ass cheek. Shannen screamed when Charlize chomped down on her ass and she was so shocked and surprised by the unexpected pain that she lifted up, released her crotch claw and scrambled away holding her injured ass! The crowd hooted when Shannen turned around and they saw the circle of teeth marks on her formerly flawless bare bottom.

Fixing an angry glare on the slow to rise Charlize, Shannen charged the hobbled and virtually incapacitated blonde with a scream of primitive hatred. Shannen’s headlong charge was stopped in its tracks when Charlize fired her fist up and caught Shannen flush on the jaw! Shannen groaned as she dropped to her knees in front of Charlize, rocking slowly back and forth, her eyes crossed. Knowing she had only this one opportunity to finish Shannen for good, Charlize fired her fist into the brunette's jaw again, snapping the smaller woman's head back and knocking her flat on her back. On wobbly legs, Charlize stood towering over the dazed Shannen as she contemplated how best to finish her off. A merciless gleam filled her green eyes as she reached down and picked up Shannen's long ago discarded bikini bottom.

In one smooth move, Charlize knelt by the brunette's head and stuffed the bikini bottom in her gaping mouth. As Shannen started to gag, Charlize slid forward and dropped her round ass on Shannen's face, covering it completely. Shannen struggled and bucked, but Charlize reached down and grabbed both knees, securing her grip as she pulled Shannen's legs up and hooked her own legs over Shannen's, pinning the brunette' with her feet above her head. With Shannen tied up and helpless, Charlize looked to lock in the final part of the hold. With both of her hands free, Charlize ran one over Shannen's bare, smooth bottom while the other hand curled itself into a claw which she laid lightly on Shannen's bare snatch.

Grinding her ass on Shannen's face, Charlize grinned and said, "Breath me in Shannen; breath me in and worship my perfect ass while I obliterate you!"

Then she plunged her claw into Shannen's mound and attacked it with a reckless abandon. Charlize's smile grew wider as the audience screamed and Shannen screamed along with them. Digging the claw in, Charlize worked herself into a frenzy as she ground her ass on Shannen's slowly twisting face. She was so absorbed in her face ride she didn't even notice Shannen slapping the mat signaling her submission. But the ref saw it and signaled for the bell, although Charlize continued to ride, grinding Shannen's nose in her pussy until the blonde Oscar winner exploded, coating Shannen's unconscious face with her sweet juices. Letting the aftereffects of her climax subside, Charlize dropped Shannen's legs with a wet THUMP and slowly pushed herself up and off Shannen's face, standing straddling the petite brunette’s waist as she surveyed the decimated Shannen between her feet. Charlize planted one foot between her defeated foe's breasts, then flexed and posed for the redlining audience.

Looking out into the audience, the dominant Amazon spoke only five words before leaving the ring for her locker room victory celebration, "Your Scissor Queen is BACK!!" Then she hobbled slowly back to her dressing room, barely able to walk with the agonizing pain in her crotch. Charlize’s battered pubic mound would require several weeks of recuperation and many hours with ice packs on it to reduce the swelling. One thing for sure, Charlize vowed to never again face a fighter who specialized in the CROTCH CLAW.

And of course, when Shannen came to, she made a vow of her own; to catch up to Theron and put her in her famous finishing hold again…and this time, keep it in place until the stuck-up blonde bitch begged and pleaded for mercy….but Shannen wasn’t sure if she’d grant it!