The Charlize Theron Interviews: #2 - Laetitia Casta by Tank
"I'm continually amazed at how seriously my subjects take catfighting. When I ask questions about their fighting history, its as if a light goes on within and a fresh enthusiasm comes over them. They also appear more sensitive and reflective for I have obviously touched something deep in their souls that they yearn to express. Enthusiasm, sensitivity, and deep reflection were personified in my interview with the beautiful French Supermodel, Laetitia Casta. But I could never have guessed how far Laetitia had taken it or how much it has influenced her life."

"Laetitia originally refused my request for an interview. But she later agreed to it provided it be done at her home in Paris. When I arrived at her luxurious house, she greeted me warmly. We undressed into our bikinis, mine blue and hers red. As we lay by her pool, I began my questioning."
* * * * * *
: "Thank you for your time, Laetitia. You know, I don't believe there is a supermodel in the world who is as highly esteemed in their native country as you are in France."

Laetitia smiles and appears to blush as she struggles just a bit to express herself in her very charming French accent. "Yes....I have been honored in so many ways. My image appears on stamps and coins and I am considered as the "model" if you will... for the French Republic."

Having established her remarkable status in her country, my interview soon turned to the subject that interested us the most.

Charlize: "Can you tell me about some fights you may have had that the public may want to know about?"

Laetitia smiled mischievously, almost as if she were hiding something...something very close to her heart. Instead of answering, she took me by the hand and led me into her house. We proceeded to walked through several rooms until we entered a long corridor, a hallway which she informed me was off limits to everyone but her and her girlfriend. She said it was a secret meeting place for them. I was astonished to find hanging on the walls, huge life size paintings; four in all.

Each painting depicted Laetitia in action against a beautiful opponent. The pictures were so lifelike, so vibrant and detailed, I couldn't imagine even the actual photos capturing the scenes so wonderfully. They were very sharp and distinct like laser art but had a surreal quality about them as well. They were absolutely captivating to gaze upon.

The first portrayed Laetitia in a cheetah skin bra and thong. She had Claudia Schiffer, dressed in a pink and white bikini spread eagle on the carpet. I noticed the image was entitled, "Domination."

Laetitia: "This was my first fight. I thoroughly dominated Claudia Schiffer from the start. She was taller than me but I used my judo skills to flip her to the floor. I pounced on her and hurt her with knee thrusts to her belly. Then I just laid on top of her and slapped her silly till she burst into tears. My girlfriend is a very talented artist and she witnessed all my fights. She surprised me with the painting. When she realized how much I loved it, she promised to do a painting for each of my fights."

Charlize smiles and observes,: "It sure is enticing to look at. I notice your sensuous cheetah skin has slipped half way down your butt as you lay on top of her.

Laetitia: "Yes, I want the little clothing I wear to be as sexy and erotic as possible when I do battle and I can't always expect to be covered completely when I'm fighting. All of these paintings, by the way, are intended to capture the event as authentically as possible."

Charlize: “She led me to the next painting. It was entitled, "Blondage" which showed Laetitia bare breasted in a yellow thong, kneeling behind Kaley Cuoco - also on her knees - dressed in a blue bikini. Laetitia had the blonde's arms twisted behind her back, her thighs capturing Kaley's thighs; her left knee twisted into the front of Kaley's panties. Kaley's mouth was open and she appeared helpless in Laetitia's clutches.”

Laetitia: "I just loved defeating Kaley in front of my lover. Kaley’s a young American actress who wanted to fight. I kept her captive like that for perhaps, 10 or 15 minutes before I finished her off by maneuvering my knee into her groin."

Laetitia smiles as she leads me to the third painting entitled, "The Lioness and the Gazelle."

Laetitia: "I agreed to fight Gisele Bundchen on the condition that I choose the outfits and she agreed. I wanted her in a two piece gazelle skin while I chose a bra and thong made from the skin of a lioness." The image depicted shows Laetitia standing over Gisele as her lovely opponent lay on the carpet unconscious. "Gisele was a very difficult fight for me. I finally struck her jaw with a straight kick and knocked her out."

"Impressive!" Charlize replied.

Charlize: “She walked me to the fourth - and last - painting, "The Challenge." In this one, Laetitia was engaged with another supermodel; Heidi Klum. Dressed in a glittering silver bra and thong, Laetitia lay on the floor behind Heidi who was depicted in a violet bra and thong. Laetitia had her lovely thighs locked around the beautiful blonde's slender waist and showed Heidi grimacing in pain.

Laetitia: "Heidi was highly regarded as a fighter. She was undefeated among supermodels. I challenged her knowing that by defeating her, I could lay claim as the best fighter among our profession."

Charlize: "It's intriguing to me that you supermodels have such a need to express your physical prowess."

Laetitia: "I suppose it's because we're looked upon as beautiful but delicate. So we have a burning desire to show the world that we can also be physically dominant. A beautiful woman who is also tough is much sexier than an equally attractive woman who is squeamish about fighting. Don't you agree?"

"Absolutely, Laetitia."

Charlize: “I was in the process of thanking Laetitia and putting my fascinating dialogue with her to an end when she sheepishly interrupted.”

Laetitia: "There is...uh.... one more painting."

Charlize: "Oh?"

Laetitia: "Follow me."

Charlize: "She led me back through the house and into her bedroom. I looked above her bed where, dominating the room, was a large painting of Serena Williams in a black tennis outfit. Draped across her lap lay Laetitia in a white bikini, her panties below her butt; receiving a stern spanking from the muscular tennis pro.”

"You fought SERENA?" Charlize gasped in shock.

Laetitia: "No. My girlfriend and I met her and Venus at the French Open a few years ago. She was very nice to us and autographed her tennis shoes for me. My girlfriend told me she couldn't get over how muscular she looked standing next to me. A few weeks later on my birthday, she told me she’d painted a very special present for me. She had me to close my eyes." Charlize looked puzzled as her lovely subject continued, "When I opened my eyes, I was very surprised - and disappointed! I asked her why she painted an image of me being dominated this way. She said it was meant to keep me humble so I’d never become arrogant over my many victories."

Charlize: "Hmmmm...I wonder if there is something about a beautiful woman like yourself being dominated by a big, muscular woman like Serena that secretly turns her on?"

Laetitia: "Between me and you, I don't let on to her....but she insisted on placing hanging this one over our bed. I'm sure the image does arouse her...perhaps even more than the others." Laetitia hung her head and blushed. Then she looked up at Charlize and added with fire in her lovely blue eyes. "I allow her this secret fantasy; but it makes me fight so much harder. For I am determined to always be victorious. Then her dream of me being dominated in front of her....and my nightmare... never becomes reality!"

Charlize smiled sympathetically as the interview came to an end.
* * *
Theron’s Critique
: "Laetitia is a very talented and accomplished fighting woman and I‘m very impressed with her dominating victories. I’ve met many women who enjoy catfighting, but never anyone who cares more about her legacy than Laetitia does. I wonder if her girlfriend will ever get her fantasy fulfilled and see Laetitia being dominated in person. Quite a relationship they must have! Her girlfriend leaves much to be desired, but her paintings are absolutely exquisite works of art! Would LOVE to have someone who could immortalize MY victories in such a glorious way. Hmmmmm... I hate to be egocentric...but I wonder….if I defeated Laetitia, maybe her girlfriend..."