Charlize Theron’s Private DVD Collection: Her First CCW Title Match (w/Champion Lucy Lawless 1997) by big fan

The DVD opens with Charlize and Lucy (present day) side-by-side in Theron’s large, canopied, king-size, bed. Charlize is topless, the sheet gathered below her breasts; Lucy in a light blue, baby doll nightie, the sheet on her side at mid-thigh, letting viewers know she’s covered below her waist.

Charlize says, “Welcome and thank you for buying my first DVD. This match is my first title shot against the incredible…” at this point she appears to blush as she turns to look, admiringly, at Lucy, “…Miss Lucy Lawless.” Taking Lucy’s hand, Charlize clasps it to her bosom and says, “Thanks for joining me, Lucy.”

Lawless, now a blonde, nods, “Always a pleasure, Charlie.”

Charlize continues to clasp Lucy’s hand as she asks, “What do you remember about the lead-up to this match, Luce?”

Lucy thinks a moment. “Well, I remember all the talk was about how Pam Anderson was finally going to get a shot at the title. Fans were convinced there was a conspiracy to keep her out of the title picture, but the truth was she just wasn’t really that good.” Charlize nods in agreement as Lucy continues. “All Pam had to do was beat some skinny, flat-chested, rookie from South Africa.” Charlize pretends to be offended as Lucy quickly adds, “No offense.”

Charlize peeks down at her modest boobs, laughing, “Not the first time I’ve been described that way...and probably not the last.”

Lucy reaches over and cradles one of Charlize’s breasts in her hand, thumbs the nipple which comes erect and stiff, then chuckles, “From what I remember, they’re more than nice enough…I mean, you know, considering...”

Charlize arches her back, pushing her chest out as far as she can, “Why thank you, Ma’am.”

Lucy continues, “I remember you were the first to expose Anderson for what she was - a big-titted windbag.”

Charlize blushes modestly. “It was about three weeks after Pam when we had our match. What I remember most is how very nervous I was the whole time.”

Lucy laughs, “You did a good job hiding it. In the time between you beating Pam and our match, I remember wanting to build a hatred for you, but it never really worked that way.”

Charlize looks puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Lucy expands, “It’s just you carried yourself very well and you didn’t come in with the usual ‘star attitude.’ You seemed real confident and respectful, which surprised me. I figured a 22 year-old kid would be running off at the mouth and making brash predictions but you did none of that.”

Charlize laughs, “I was too nervous to do any of that.” Then as she glances at the camera as if noticing its presence for the first time and asks, “What about the match?”

Lucy thinks back more than a decade. “What I remember most was you had a lot of fight in you!”

Charlize laughs, “I guess, I remember at time thinking, ‘Wow I could be champ’ then a few minutes later wondering where my next breath was coming from.”

Lucy nods, “I’ll tell you, you gave as good as you got in that match; matter of fact; you did every time we wrestled.”

Charlize turned back to look into the camera. “I want to thank Lucy again and we’ll rejoin you after the match.” She picked up a remote, pointed it at the camera and the screen went black…
* * * * * *
The scene is a small club where the ring has the old WCW (Women’s Celebrity Wrestling) logo in the center. ZZ-Tops “Legs” begins as the ring announcer introduces the tall blonde walking out, “From South Africa, standing 5’10” the challenger….Charlize Theron!”

There’s a smattering of polite applause as Charlize - not dressed in gold but instead a red thong bikini - makes her way to the ring. Charlize has been in the League less than a year but she’s moved up the ranks quickly, although she’s still something of an unknown at this time.

After Charlize enters the ring the crowd got really silent and then the ‘Xena’ battle cry came over the sound system and coming from behind the curtain steps Lucy with the World title belt strapped around her waist. “From New Zealand…standing 5’ 10”…she is your Champion…‘The Warrior Princess’…Lucy Lawless!”

The crowd jumps to their feet as a black haired Lucy heads to the ring. Lucy’s bikini seems two be a dark brown with gold hoops as connecters at the hips and another between her breasts. Lucy doesn’t talk to anyone but she does slap the hands held out for her. After she climbs into the ring, she turns the title belt over to the ref. Walking over the official shows Charlize the belt before handing it to the ring announcer as he leaves the ring. One last check of the women and the ref calls for the bell.


Slowly, both champ and challenger move to center ring and begin circling. They’ve never met before so each is wary. Moving together, they lock up in a traditional Collar and Elbow, then Lucy begins marching Charlize back into her corner and the blonde can’t stop her! Their arms locked, Lucy forces her body into Charlize until the ref has to get between them and forces Lucy back. She puts her hand in Charlize’s face, pie-facing the young blonde, and taunting, “You’re not ready yet.”

Shoving the blonde’s head back, Lucy steps away as Charlize rubs her hand on her cheek before coming out of her corner. Fuming, Theron is visible struggling to control her temper as she circles around, not wanting to rush into an obvious trap. Once she has her emotions under control, Charlize says, “When I walk out of here with your belt, you’ll see how wrong you are.”

Then Charlize’s right foot flashes out, smacking Lucy just above her belly button. She follows up, stepping close to the bent over Lawless and wrapping one arm around her head. Charlize hits a Swinging Neckbreaker on the champ and after she hits the mat, Lucy covers her head and neck with her arms as her body jerks and twitches violently. Charlize rolls over, going for a quick cover but after a two count, Lucy thrusts Charlize off of her.

Back on her feet, Charlize waits until Lucy gets to one knee., then leaps and nails the brunette with a Dropkick to the chest that sends Lucy rolling to the ropes. Charlize pops to her feet and after snapping her bikini bottom back in place, takes off for the ropes, launches herself off the cables and her long strides carry her quickly across the width of the ring. Lucy, having crawled her way up the ropes, is just standing when Charlize goes airborne - directing another Dropkick at the champs chest. But this time Lucy’s instinct pays off and she drops to the mat and Charlize’s legs are split by the top rope; her crotch introduced to a nasty meeting with the rubber coated steel cable!

Charlize would have fallen off the ropes if Lucy hadn’t stepped in and grabbed the blonde around the waist, holding her up with her legs straddling the rope that’s digging into the V of her crotch.

Charlize moans, “Noouuhhh….” when Lucy starts to drag her along the top rope…’giving her a ride’ Lucy calls it later as she bounces Charlize’s crotch several times while she dragged the tearing blonde’s body the length of the rope into the corner where Lucy lost her grip. Charlize rolled 180 degrees, then crashed down onto her head inside the ring!

Lucy walked the length of Charlize’s stretched out body as the blonde slowly rubbed her throbbing groin, turned and completed a full circle, stopping back at her feet where she bent and picked up her ankles. “I hear you rely on your legs a lot,” Lucy smirked as she started kicking the back of Charlize’s thighs.

Half a dozen kicks to the back of each long, limp, leg had Charlize close to tears, Still holding Charlize’s ankles, Lucy spread her arms and as Charlize realized what was about to happen, she opened her mouth to scream…but Lucy dropped a knee onto the young blondes’s unprotected pussy before she uttered a sound. When Lucy dropped her legs, Charlize curled into a ball and lay whimpering, with her hands wedged in between her quivering thighs as she tried in vain to ease the agony of her abused womanhood.

Lucy didn’t show mercy when she had an opponent down! She reached down grabbing the blonde’s hair and pulled her somewhat upright, then walked Charlize over to the nearby corner.

“Looks like you’re all hype, Theron. This is going to get embrass…UMMPHFFF!” Charlize drove a Kneelift to Lucy’s slack abs, then still wobbly, she staggered out of the corner after the stumbling champion.

Charlize slid her head between Lucy’s left arm and her side, took a deep breath, then hooking her arms on the back of Lucy’s legs, lifted the Warrior Princess up - only to bring her slamming back down onto her posted leg for an Atomic Drop! The youngster doesn’t give the champ time to think about her pain, lifting her off the temporary seat with her arms encircling Lucy’s waist, Charlie German Suplexes the older champion.

Lucy, her arms waving and legs spread, is sent back over Charlize into a nasty landing on the back of her head. Charlize rolls over onto her hands and knees but she hesitates as her hand drifts to her crotch; rubbing away some of the pain before she turns to the groggy brunette and pulls the New Zealander to her feet; backing her up against the ropes. Charlize drives three rapid Horseman’s Chops to the brunette’s hulking chest before whipping her across the ring. Fired up by her success, Charlize almost leaps too early but Lucy rebounds just in time to take Theron’s Dropkick square in her chest. Blasted off her feet, Lucy lays with her arms folded over her breasts as Charlize drops and hooks a long leg.


Lucy keeps her belt by less than a half second. Charlize doesen’t let her disappointment show as she quickly moves to Lucy’s head to apply a Figure Four Head Scissors, using a handful of dark hair to maximize the pressure on the champ’s skull. Lucy’s slowly turns red between Theron’s toned, tanned thighs. Lucy’s ring presence bails her out when she works her body closer and closer until she can drop her ankle over the bottom rope. Charlize keeps the hold on until the ref’s count reaches four,, then she opens her legs and rolls away.

Charlize is on her feet and moving in by the time Lucy gets to one knee. Again, Lucy’s ring experience - or Charlize’s lack of it - shows when Charlize reaches for Lucy’s hair and The Warrior Princess stops the big blonde in her tracks with a hard fist to the gut. Charlize isn’t hurt by the punch, but she has to back off which allows Lucy to follow up with a Clothesline that takes Theron off her feet and slams her to the canvas flat on her back.

Lucy shakes off the beating she took, and pulls the breathless Charlize to her feet, keeping Charlize bent over as she pulls the blonde’s left wrist up between Theron’s own legs, then lifts the challenger with a Pump Handle, spinning her up onto her shoulder before slamming her to the canvas with a huge Powerslam that leaves Charlize winded.

Lucy gets to her feet and says, “Nice try; but you don’t have what it takes!”

She stomps Charlize’s stomach and the blonde’s body jack-knifes upward around her foot. Lucy follows up by dropping to a knee beside Charlize, raising both hands and WHOMP, slamming them down and digging her fingers into Charlize’s belly, working on the young blondes suspect abs. Theron instantly cries out in pain and tries to pull Lucy’s fingers from her belly - but fails. As Lucy digs the Claw in deep, Theron defiantly refuses to submit so Lucy changes to a one-hand Claw, using her other hand to steady the clawing hand.

Charlize isn’t known for taking shortcuts, but she has to use one to escape and Lucy cries out when Charlize rakes her fingers across the brunette’s face. Temporarily blinded, Lucy bellows in pain; her hands pressed to her eyes as she tries to regain her sight. Charlize gets a stern warning from the ref but the blonde looks neither proud or ashamed of her action as she leans against the ropes, hands on her knees, sucking in giant gulps of air.

Lucy gets to her feet, her eyes still watering, at the same time Charlize comes off the ropes still holding her reddened abs. Charlize strikes first, nailing Lucy with a Standing Dropkick that clips the champ on the chin and sends Lucy - both arms windmilling wildly - staggering back into the ropes - which is what keeps her from falling. Held upright by the ropes, Lucy’s an easy target as Charlize gets up quickly and nails the champ with another flesh-cracking Chop across the breasts!

Charlize grabs Lucy’s wrist, but before whipping her across the ring, she brings a Kneelift up into Lucy’s mid-section. Then she sends the champ careening across the ring. While Lucy is making the trip to the far ropes, Charlize steps to mid-ring to await her return. Lucy must have anticipated Charlize’s next move, because she lowers her shoulder and tries to Spear the blonde, but Charlize leap-frogs over her, letting the champ run between her legs to the ropes.

This time when Lucy rebounds, Charlize again leaps, but this time she clamps her legs around Lucy’s head and as she falls back, Lucy is ripped off her feet and spiked onto her head by Charlize’s Hurricanrana. For the first time, Theron lets out a cheer, getting the crowd fired up. She drops across Lucy chest, hooks her leg and...

ONE…TWO…Lucy kicks out!

The frustration Theron feels only seems to make her more determined to put the brunette away and claim the belt. Charlize pulls Lucy up to her knees, steps over Lucy’s shoulders and applies a Reverse Standing Headscissors. Lucy’s muffled cries can be heard as Charlize twists her hips back and forth, increasing the pain to Lawless’ head and neck. Lucy tries punching her way free, but Charlize grabs her wrist and keeps the champ arms under control. The ref asks Lucy several times if she wants to submit, but she curtly refuses. Charlize steps to bend Lucy backward, then sits out; driving Lucy’s head into the canvas and smashing her face under the blonde’s crotch. Lucy’s body convulses several times before Charlize can go for a cover, but again Lawless kicks out at two and a half just barely in time to save her title.

For the first time, Charlize shows disappointed that she didn’t get the pin and she stops to glare at the ref. But keeping very focused for a 22 year-old with barely a year’s ring experience, Charlize remembers the abuse her crotch took earlier and she moves to Lucy’s legs picking them up by the ankles. Groggy, Lucy realizes what’s about to happen.

“NoooOOOOOWEEEE!” she groans as Charlize plants her foot on Lucy’s thinly covered crotch and grinds her heel into Lucy’s pubic mound. She gives her a STOMP before releasing her legs and letting them flop on the mat.

The fans are going nuts as the champ lays curled in a fetal ball and the young would-be-champ heads to the corner, steps through the ropes and climbs the ring post on the outside. Lucy no longer curled up, is still on the mat with her hands on her crotch when Charlize reaches the top turnbuckle. Theron raises both arms, then leaps off into the void, flattening out as she goes for a Splash. Those hoping for Lucy to roll out of the way are disappointed as Theron crashes down on her!

Lucy’s legs fly straight up and she lets out a loud “UUUUMMMPH” as the air is driven out of her. Charlize bounces back to her feet, then hesitates, unsure what to do next. She settles for hair and hauls Lucy up, then pulls the rubber-legged New Zealander to the center of the ring where she forces Lucy’s head down between her vice-like thighs.

“If I’m going to be champ,” Charlize growls. “I don’t want there to be any doubt!” She wraps her arms around Lucy’s waist and lifts her into the stall position for a Powerbomb. WHAM! The crowd roars when Charlize hits it, leaving Lucy’s body matchbooked at center ring. Charlize swings around and lays over Lucy’s legs for the pin.


Even though the refs hand hit the mat a third time, he jumps up and waves it off as…somehow… Lucy had shot her right arm up to lift her shoulder as the ref’s hand was inches from the mat.

Charlize’s jaw dropped and she looks at the ref… She doesn’t question or complain, just looks at him in disbelief while Lucy rolls over onto her stomach, her left foot scuffing the mat slowly. Charlize decides to get back to work. She reaches out and grabs Lucy’s backstrap, pulling the dazed champ up to her feet. Then Charlize hammers Forearm Smashes into the small of Lucy’s back to keep her under control as she drags the champ to the nearest corner and props her there against the turnbuckle. Leaving Lucy in the corner, Charlize sprints to the opposite corner, turns and runs back, bringingher right knee up as she leaps into the champ’s chest.

At the last second, Lucy moves out of the way of the in-coming blonde bombshell and Charlize’s knee smashes into the turnbuckle instead of Lucy’s well-padded chest! Charlize cries out in pain as she staggers, turns and hobbles away, limping badly. Ring savvy is the mark of a good champion and Lucy has it! Seeing the challenger hurt, Lucy chop blocks the back of Charlize’s injured leg and she collapses grabbing her knee and screaming in pain!

The Warrior Princess is known for a mean streak when she’s working on opponents and she wasn’t going to take it easy on this young challenger. She grabs Charlize’s right leg and drops across the inside of her thigh. Charlize tries not to scream, but the pain is too much and she lets out a blood-curdling shriek. Lucy, still feeling the beating she took earlier, keeps Charlize’s upper leg pinned to the mat as she pulls her lower leg around to hook Charlize’s ankle between her own legs. Theron instinctively grabs a handful of Lucy’s hair, jerking her head back in an attempt to escape.

Lucy yells, “Get off my hair!”

The ref starts a five count and Charlize, after another scream of pain, releases Lucy’s hair and collapses onto her back; her body twitching; moaning aloud from the pain in her leg. Lucy rests a bit, content to continue inflicting damage to Theron’s right leg.

Wiping sweat from her face and pushing her dark hair back, Lucy catches her second wind and rolls out of the leglock. Reaching down, she digs her fingers into Charlize’s short blonde hair, pulling her up by it.

“This is what it takes to be champion,” Lucy says as she reaches down, grabs Charlize’s right ankle and lifts, raising the blonde’s foot behind her until her heel is digging into her own butt. Then Lucy lifts Charlize off her feet, holds her chest high, then drops to one knee and slams the blonde’s bent leg down on her posted leg. The Leg Breaker knocks Charlize off her feet and she sprawls on the mat, crying as her knee takes even more abuse.

Lucy maintains her hold on Charlize’s right ankle, lifting her leg so she can kick several times to the blonde’s right hamstring. Not wanting to let the youngster get any relief, Lucy drops Charlize’s leg and adjusts her togs, snapping her bottom against her firm ass.

While Charlize is rubbing her leg, trying to increase the blood flow to her lower leg. Lucy walks back, hooking Charlize under the arms and lifts her to apply a Waistlock. Charlize tries to keep her feet on the mat, but Lucy easily lifts her up, then falls back and throws Charlize over her head with a Release German Suplex. Lucy, still looking very pissed, crawls over to the blonde and slams her forearm into the side of Charlize’s head before she hooks a leg for the pin.


It’s not as close as Charlize had been to winning the match, but still uncomfortably close for fans of the young blonde. Lucy slaps Charlize’s stomach as she’s standing up, then grabs Charlize by the strap between her breasts and snatches her up to her feet. She pulls Charlize to the same corner Theron had her in a few minutes earlier.

“I’m not going to give you much of a chance, sorry, hon,” Lucy grumbles as she hammers a Forearm Smash into Charlize’s perky breasts, pancaking the soft flesh beneath the thin fabric.

The ref orders Lucy to back out of the corner and she begins to obey, but then turns suddenly and drives her shoulder into Charlize’s abs. Lucy holds the ropes on either side of Charlize’s hips as she pounds a half dozen shoulder blocks to Charlize’s gulping belly. Lucy finally backs off when the ref’s warning count hits “Four.” The ref wags a disapproving finger at the Warrior Princess, who responds by turning to drive her shoulder at the blonde’s belly button yet again!

This time, Charlize uses the top rope to aid her leap and raises her body over Lucy’s charging shoulder. Charlize wraps her legs around under Lucy’s arms, then dives forward off the corner turnbuckle, rolling forward and taking Lucy over into a roll up! The ref is in position quickly - but only gets a two count before Lucy kicks out!

Lucy rolls out of the pinfall and beats Charlize to her feet. She charges, but Charlize spins around on the mat and hits Lucy with a Drop Toe Hold! Lucy’s arms wave frantically as she fights to keep her balance…in vain. She falls face first onto the bottom turnbuckle and lays stunned, her body bowed up from the waist; her legs spread out in the ring.

Charlize has to use the ropes to help to her feet and she’s slow to take advantage as she walks over to takes hold of the top ropes on either side of the corner, then jumps and comes down with both feet on on Lucy’s spine. Lucy’s head bounces up off the pad, her mouth twisted in pain she cries out. Grinning, Charlize repeats the stomp, then steps off the Warrior Princesses body and drags her back out into the ring where she flips her over onto her back going for another cover.

ONE…TWO…THRE…NO! Charlize again comes with in a fraction of a second of being the new champion!

Charlize runs a hand through her sweat-matted hair before sitting Lucy up and taking a seat behind her. Fans are going nuts, no one since she arrived had ever escaped Charlize’s Leg Scissors but if Lucy wants to stay champ she’ll have to do just that! Charlize in position, wraps her legs around Lawless’s waist and locks her ankles, her heels digging into Lucy’s crotch. Lucy’s head snaps back, her mouth open in a silence scream; barely able to keep air in her lungs. Charlize starts by leaning back on her hands, cranking up the pressure of her legs on the champ’s midsection. Lucy tugs and slaps the challengers steel trap legs trying to create space enough to get a breath.

Charlize arches her back, letting out a strained grunt. Then she leans forward, slides her arms up under Lucy’s and digs her fingers into the soft fleshy breasts of the champion, adding a Double Breast Claw to her Scissors! Lucy shakes her head, sweat flying, still refusing to submit.

For the first in the match, Theron says something to the champion. “You aren’t escaping; I WILL keep hurting you!”

To emphasize her point, Charlize squeezes harder on both holds and Lucy, sputtering in pain, stubbornly shakes her head; still refusing to let the title change hands with a submission. Still, she looks like she’s on the verge of passing out and the ref even goes as far as to step in to lift her arm and let it fall…once!

Her head slumping forward; a ribbon of drool dribbling down into the valley between her crushed breasts, Lucy’s arm is raised and drops limp…twice!

Raising her arm for the third and final time, the referee lets go…and Lucy explodes into motion! She rolls to her side and kicks with both legs at once, her outstretched hand just barely able to reach out and grab the bottom rope to force a break!

Charlize hangs on and forces the ref to make the five count, giving her a few more seconds to crush the brunette’s ribs and dig her fingers into Lucy’s defenseless tits. Charlize can’t risk losing on a stupid DQ so at four she reluctantly opens her hands and spreads her legs, rolling away and struggling to rise on legs trembing from the strain of her own Scissors.

Lucy sits takes deep gulps of air, her boobs having been pulled out her top hanging loose and limp; the flesh red, raw and mottled where Charlize’s fingers had been squeezing. She’s not really looking much like the Champ at that moment.

Charlize limps back to the center of the ring. She doesn’t want to give Lucy a chance to recover, so grabbing the brunette’s ankles, she drags her away from the ropes. As Charlize pulls her, Lucy jerks her right leg free and kicks out, smashing her foot into the blonde’s right thigh just above the knee. Charlize reels away, her limp more pronounced as she stumbles to the ropes and holds on to stay on her feet.

While Charlize massages her throbbing thigh, Lucy, still laboring to breath, pulls her top back up and tucks her big breasts away, then pushes up to her knees and rests with her hands on her thighs, watching Charlize try to rub the pain out of her leg.

Sweating and hurting, both combatants stagger together, Lucy nailing Charlize with a right to the side of the head. Charlize fires back with a SLAP to Lucy’s aching breasts. Lawless steps into a Kneelift that doubles the blonde over. Then Lucy reaches over Theron’s back and wraps her arms around the blonde’s waist, flipping her around to drop Charlize across her leg in a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker. Holding Charlize bent backward over her knee…

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Lucy slams her fist into Charlize’s tight abs three times, then tosses her off her leg and snarls, “You should have put me away when you had the chance.”

She grabs the small strip of fabric between Charlize’s boobs and almost pulls her top off she jerks so hard bringing her up to her feet! Lucy uses Charlie’s top to fling her into the ropes, then as she bounces off, kicks her low in the belly, doubling her over. Lucy takes off for the ropes herself, building speed as she returns and leaps, catching Charlize’s head and driving her face into the canvas with a Running Bulldog.

While Charlize writhes in pain, her arms wrapped around her head, Lucy gets to her feet and, standing over Charlize, lets out her Xena battle cry - the prelude to her Choke Slam finisher! She reaches down, closing a hand on Charlize’s throat and pulls her up off the mat, lifting her high above the canvas by the neck. Charlize’s eyes go wide as she’s hoisted into the air like she weighed nothing….she clutches Lucy’s arms - but can’t stop from being slammed back into the mat!!

Lucy stands over the young challenger writhing at her feet, then again gives her battle cry. This time when she lifts the blonde into the Choke Slam, Charlize is pretty much dead weight. Lucy struggles, but gets Theron up…then drives her back down to the mat! Charlize lays sprawled on the canvas and only makes a low groan when Lucy drops her full weight on her chest, covering her for the pin.


Exhausted, Lucy rolls off of Charlize gets to her knees, taking time to get her breath while the ref retrieves her belt. Once she has the belt, Lucy climbs each turnbuckle in turn, holding the belt overhead to show she’s still The CCW World Champion!
* * * * * *
Back in Charlize’s bedroom, Lucy is leaning back in a pile of pillows, her hair disheveled, knees drawn up to her breasts. Charlize is on her side facing Lucy; face flushed; right arm draped over Lucy’s knee; her fingers slowly stroking the inside of Lucy’s thigh. Charlize, still topless, sits up and combs her fingers through her hair, then turns to the camera as Lucy straightens her disheveled baby doll.

“I learned a lot of lessons in that match,” Charlize admits. “The main one was how tough it is to win a title.”

Lucy leans forward and puts a hand on Charlize’s thigh as if consoling her, “You came real close to winning several times that night.”

Charlize laughs “’Close’ being the key word. I remember coming to and looking up at that great ass as you were climbing one of the turnbuckles and thinking, ‘Oh Shit’.”

They both laugh and Lucy adds, “Well, I may have been celebrating, but in the back of my mine I was thinking ‘Great! Another quality challenger.’ You know when you’re the champ every match is tough.”

Charlize nods agreement. “I want to thank you for joining me here tonight…this was a lot of fun and it rekindled a lot of very nice memories for me.”

Lucy smiles, “Me too. And it’s always a pleasure to spend time with you. Win or lose, I always felt your respect and knew you’d bring that to the ring.”

Charlize nods, “I feel the same. There are women you don’t respect; who you just want to hurt. Wrestling you, I was willing to do anything to win, but never anything that could cross the line.”

Lucy sits up and they hug, then Charlize and the now blonde Lucy slip out of bed; Charlize totally nude and Lucy wearing only the top of her baby doll outfit - having lost her panties sometime during the match tape. They hold hands as they turn and walk off the set together into the shower…the screen fades to black; then the link to the next match appears:

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