Three Ladies in a Cage: Nicole Bass- Jennifer Aniston-Cindy Crawford by ccx1 (2003)

The stage was set for a crazy event. The only time in history anything like this would be held. It would be held in front of a high paying audience. Some people taking out loans to see the action here tonight. 1000 people had paid $5000 a seat to watch an evening of combat sport like no other. An evening of complete and utter chaos. Sheer mayhem. No doubt it will be ferocious and wild and unfortunately brutal. It will be an event which will pit teamwork, beauty and fitness against raw unrelenting single handed power. The event: 2 on 1 No holds barred cage fight .For the match the two challengers had undergone training. Both can kick above head height and both have been sparring and learning how to throw a mean punch. They know their opponent is a big woman. They know it will take team work to bring her down. They know the match has to go the distance.The speakers in the arena are loud as a male voice speaks.

"Goooooood evening laaaadies and gentlemen, are we ready for some action tonight?" The crowd shouts together "yeah!!!!" Chants can be heard "Bring it on" and "Fight, fight, fight". The crowd consists of Men and Women 25 years and older. Bright colored spot lights shine down on the large cage. The cage is simple by design. A circular structure with 4 padded columns and tough black plastic mesh all the way around. The canvass is clean white and lightly padded. The structure is bolted to the ground and barely moves when subjected to impacts. The structure is roofless and about 8 foot high. It has a small lockable door which isn't going to be opened until the match is over. The crowd surrounds the cage, front row being only 3 feet from the action! The crowd is in a frenzy eager for the evenings entertainment to begin. There is a huge Jumbotron screen linked to an automatic camera which rotates around the top of the cage giving people in the rear seats a better view of the action. At the top of the walkway which leads to the cage entrance a door opens and the cage announcer/ref, a 30 year old 'girl next door' type blonde dressed in a referee striped thong swimsuit and high heels introduces the challengers:

'Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight's challengers in the cage weigh in at a combined fighting weight of 221 pounds, they stand 5'10" and 5'6"; please welcome Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Aniston!!"

The crowd goes crazy when they see the stunning challengers run down the ramp to the cage. They both wear their brown hair straight, Cindy's shoulder length, Jennifer's slightly longer. Both are wearing extremely sexy black string bikinis with thong bottoms. Jennifer wears black sneakers whilst Cindy wears black combat ankle boots. Both are wearing black knee pads. They look absolutely fantastic, cute and sexy whilst at the same time ready for a fight. Some in the audience imagine what it would be like if just the two of them would fight it out tonight! Two of the most beautiful women to ever step into caged combat. While the crowd are busy admiring the two brunettes stretching and limbering up, the cage announcer introduces the challenged.

'Ladies and gentlemen, she's mean, she's powerful and she weighs in at a fighting weight of 210 Ibs!! She is 6'3" tall, she is Nicole Bass!!"

The crowd goes crazy yet again. Cameras flashing everywhere, as the giantess walks down the ramp looking deadly. She enters the cage wearing just a dark red leotard and bare footed. She has her hair blonde and hanging down with a perm. She flexes her muscles for the appreciative crowd.

Jennifer and Cindy look on in awe but they try and keep their cool in the packed sweaty arena. 'Ladies come stand by me.'

The blonde ref dictates the few rules, 'Ladies this will be a NHB, no time limit, fight to the finish with no eye scratching, biting or foreign objects. The fight will be decided by KO only. Apart from these simple rules you may fight as dirty as you want to' 'Understood?' The women nod. 'When the bell sounds you are free to get it on!!!!, give us a wild fight ladies!!!'

The ref then runs from the cage locking the door behind her. After what seems like an eternity a bell dings twice and the crowd goes into a frenzy as the sport begins. All 3 women come out. Cindy makes the first move and sends an awesome series of roundhouse kicks to Nicole's face. Cindy's ass jiggles as each kick hits the spot. Nicole stands there and takes the pain. Aniston sneaks around the back and gives Nicole a cheap shot between the legs. Nicole falls to her knees!!! The crowd can't believe it. Some have bets on an Aniston/Crawford win. Crawford sends another brutal kick which hits Nicole in the nose drawing blood. Nicole falls onto her knees groaning. Crawford puts her arms in the air as a sign of victory and the crowd loves it. Aniston starts stomping the downed wrestler hard. She finishes by dropping her leg down across Nicole's huge neck. Aniston lands on her butt and forces her leg down going for the choke. Cindy watches and cheers Aniston on until............Nicole just jumps up to the total surprise of both fighters, throwing Aniston 5 feet away on her ass. Cindy backs off as Nicole wipes blood from her nose and mouth and then lets out a terrifying cry. She runs at Aniston and picks the shocked brunette up by the hair. Jennifer tries hitting Nicole but her efforts are feeble as she is weak from the attempted choke out. Nicole catches Aniston around her sexy waste, lifts her high then slams the sexy brunette's womanhood down onto her knee with a dull THUD! Aniston lets out a shocking scream as the babe ref shouts 'uhhhhhhh that's gotta hurt!'

She pushes the moaning beauty off her knee raises her arms then turns to Crawford who unleashes a massive punch into Nicole's mouth. Crawford lets out a girly shreek as her knuckles connect with Bass's teeth. It hurts both women. Nicole's front teeth are loosened and Crawford's knuckles are cut! Nicole gets back into the fight quickly as she grabs the statuesque babe by the throat and choke slams her into the canvas. Nicole then stands and stomps Crawford in the gut. Not content she gets down and puts on a vicious stomach claw that gets Crawford pleading for mercy until her words turn to cries. Nicole laughs and stands up leaving the hurt women to role over into a fetal position. Aniston is just getting up, she knows she has to get back into the fight.

Nicole gets behind her while she is in a dazed state, places one hand into her sexy butt crack and places her other hand around Jennifer's neck. She then effortlessly lifts the bikini beauty high above her head and starts pressing her up and down as a show of absolute strength!!! The crowd start counting. Aniston's fans are shocked and fear for their woman. After the 10th press and to everyone's surprise Nicole places Aniston back on the matt. She then deals out the most powerful b###h slap ever seen. It breaks a tooth in Jennifer's jaw and sends her spinning twice until she falls to the matt completely dazed but not KO'd. Her right cheek begins to puff up red and purple. Nicole then spits on her as a show of total disrespect. The ref is shouting down the mike 'looks like our ladies are not liking each other too much and showing it!!!'

Nicole then lifts Aniston up by placing her thumbs under the dazed woman's jaw. She lifts her high off the ground. The crowd can't believe what they are seeing. All of Jennifer's 110 Ibs. is being suspended by her jaw. All she can do is breathe heavily through her nose. Apart from the atomic drop Aniston has never felt pain like this before! Nicole holds Aniston, her feet dangling off the canvas, for 3 long minutes then drops her unceremoniously to the matt. She then reaches down places one hand, again, up her butt crack and one on her neck. She then lifts the poor 34 year old up high for all to see before slamming her lower back across her knee in an awesome but controlled back breaker. Nicole really didn't want to cripple these two brave women she just wanted to hurt them for the crowd. Jennifer rolls off the massive knee clutching her lumber region. The crowd sighs for Jennifer wondering if Nicole has snapped her spine.

The ref shouts again, 'Ohhhhhhhhh hear those bones snap!'

Nicole now walks to Cindy. She wants to finish the women. She uses Cindy's sexy ass and her hair to haul her off the matt. Cindy weakly head butts Nicole. Nicole then grabs Cindy's ears pulls her head back and slams her forehead into Crawford's nose with a sickening crack sound. Blood flows freely as Nicole lifts Crawford over her shoulders then drops giving the poor woman an introduction to back breaking, she carries on repeating the move until she hears a pop sound. The crowd are loving the action although some are shocked and want it to end.

Crawford is dumped to the matt face first, thong straight up her ass, sweat pouring off her, the huge Jumbotron screen showing a replay of the Bitchslap and the awesome back breakers from different angles.

Crawford is slightly injured but she is not crippled as Nicole lifts her up to a standing position grabs her around the waist and as with Aniston puts her knee up between Crawford's leg with a wicked atomic drop. She then picks her up puts her head between her massive legs and jumps, pile driving Cindy into the canvass. Cindy is out as the ref shouts the count outside the cage. Cindy's brown hair is plastered to her face as she lies peacefully.

The Jumbotron screen shows a slow motion view of the pile driver. Jennifer is practically out but Nicole wants her out cold so she can win and get out of this pathetic match. She reaches down and grabs Aniston's ankles. She lifts them so that Jennifer is in a hand stand sort of position. The crowd is shouting all sorts ' break her legs' etc etc. Nicole then gives Jennifer the splits! Aniston is screaming at the top of her voice as Nicole stretches her sinews and inner thigh muscles to the limit. She then goes to the limit of nearly dislocating the brunettes legs, Jennifer's thong is barely covering her womanly parts. She then backs off. Nicole has respect for these two women, she doesn't want to destroy them for good. She drops Aniston's legs to the mat, then hair-hauls the battered babe to her feet, grabs Aniston's shoulder then launches an uppercut straight into her jaw which makes a horrible snapping sound.

Aniston instantly falls to the matt with a dull sickening thud. The crowd cheers as the cage is opened and the blonde babe comes in to inspect the damage. She walks over to Nicole and raises her arm as high as she can to announce the winner. 'Ladies and gentleman the winner of this 2 on 1 cage fight is Nicole Bass by the KO of both women' The crowd cheers loudly. Some leaving straight away, some watching the replays on the huge screen. Nicole places her bare foot on the butt of both KO'd women for the photo shoots. The medical staff then come in to the cage to attend to the losers. The ref simply says 'great fight, y’all!!!'

Jennifer and Cindy fully recovered and went their separate ways with a big pay-day.