Time Traveler #6: Karen and Karenna McDougal vs. Sunny McKay and Barbie Griffin by Irish and Ginny

A sleek silver bike glides noiselessly up to the heavy iron gate and when challenged by a hulking, heavily armed security guard in a black leather body suit, the rider pulls off her helmet and shakes out her long brunette hair, then pulls her identity disk out from between her full, firm breasts and presents it to the guard. As the tall, dark-skinned black woman inserts the disk into her Palm Pilot © and awaits confirmation of the bearers identity, she runs an electromagnetic wand over the back of the bike riders neck, reading her implanted microchip, allowing the mainframe computer to compare her DNA to that on file for the owner of the offered identity disk. As she waits, the rider's eyes scan the fortress-like structure in front of her; the epitome of 22nd Century high-security architecture. The ominous gunports built into the face of the structure, she knows, are there more for show than efficacy, the real security devices being well-concealed from prying eyes. Still, their deadliness was proved beyond doubt during the riot of 2083 when gunners mowed down scores of protestors trying to storm the building.

Once her identity is confirmed, the guard reaches out and uses two fingers to slowly tuck the disk back into her cleavage, grinning as her fingers linger on the soft, white flesh. The rider bites her tongue, knowing the heavy penalties for abusing the guards from first-hand experience. When she's waved through, the rider slips her helmet on and revs the engine, the noiseless electromechanical motor sending a pleasurable throbbing sensation up between her legs as she winds her way through a chicane and up the massive ediface that serves as the world headquarters of the conglomerate now known as "Pornstar-Playboy Fight Club, Inc."

Parking her bike in her designated spot, Karenna McDougal swings her leg over the bike, sets her helmet on the seat and runs her hands slowly over her silver lame leather riding pants as she strides past two more guard posts, each checking her identity disk with rather more interest in peering down the half unzipped top of her suit than in reading the disk, she thinks to herself.

Riding the high-speed express elevator to the penthouse, Karenna is ushered into the offices of the CEO of Pornstar-Playboy Fight Club, Inc., herself, the legendary Christy Hefner IV! The wily businesswoman is sitting at her massive desk, one hand in the lap of a young Asian girl who is diligently working on Christy's nails while a secretary sits on Christy's desk, her legs crossed, her tiny skirt bunched up around her hips. Hefner is dictating a letter while several of her flunkies stand around with their fingers on their chins in (apparent) deep thought. Karenna sighs at the staged appearance of the all-too-familiar scene; one she's been privy too each time she's called to the 'head office'.

Karenna waits patiently until Christy is finished and dismisses her retinue, then the brunette leans over the bosses desk and kisses her on the cheek.

"Hi mom, business as usual I see!" Karenna grins.

"Someday when you're running PPFC you'll appreciate how much of a burden it is. But right now, we've got an opportunity to do something I think you'll enjoy. Pull up a chair, I've got a story to tell you that you won't believe!"
In order to put what she was about to say in historical context, Christy quickly reviewed for Karenna the most significent events of the early 21st Century:

2004: John Kerry is swept into the Presidency on a liberal tidal wave that gives the Democrats control of the House of Representatives and a 50-50 split in the Senate.

2005: President Kerry appoints a liberal to the Supreme Ct. and a lot of liberal judges to the Federal bench.

2005: First 'catfight clubs' begin to appear nationwide where young women can, instead of getting on the dance floor, climb into a ring or cage and fight one another. Conservatives predict the 'end of Western Civilization' while Liberals hail it as 'another step toward full equality for women'!

2007: Kerry names a second liberal to the Court in March, and a third in November.

2008: Kerry reelected overwhelmingly, Dems control both houses of Congress.

2009: Same sex marriage bill passes congress by wide margin. Gays/lesbians celebrate from Massachusetts to California! 'Catfight Club' craze spreads like wildfire, many young women become professionals. Club franchises are spun off from popular venues such as 'Studio 69' and 'The Loft' in NYC and 'Down and Dirrty' in LA, opening branches in Tokyo, London and Paris, then Rome, Rio and Moscow.

2011: Another liberal justice to the court; liberals hold 7 of the 9 seats.

2012: Hillary Clinton swept into office by widest margin of victory since Reagan!

2013: Hillary backs Howard Stern to fill MPAA seat left vacant by Jack Valenti. First day on the job, Stern orders major studios to include "at least one lesbian scene in every picture; two if it's a 'chick flick'!" By year-end, Hollywood box office receipts highest on record!

2016: Hillary Clinton reelected overwhelmingly as Republicans mount only token opposition.

2018: Constitutional amendment allows "foreign borns" to become President in a move expected to pave the way for 'President Schwarzzeneger."

2020: South African born Charlize Theron upsets Austrian born "Ahnuld" to win the presidency by 55-45% margin.

2022: Theron's popularity at all-time high after the first 'Presidential Centerfold' appears in Playboy (c).

2024: Theron reelected after the first "catfight election"! Theron bests Chelsea Clinton in the Democratic primaries in a "best 2 of 3 series" then overwhelms Jenna Bush at "winner take all" mudwrestling for the highest office/leader of the free world! Conservatives wring hands, bemoan 'end of the Democratic process' while Liberals praise 'forward thinking blond for finding a new way to get young people interested in the political process'.

2025: Congress overwhelmingly passes 35rd Amendment, making 'hand-to-hand combat' the official method of choosing party nominees and President!

2026-2028: Theron's second term fraught with scandal as it's revealed her Chief of Staff, Sunny 'Karl Rove' McKay, is the front woman for a shadowy group known as the 'Black Brigade' who are secretly running the government with Theron as their pawn. The entire cabinet is composed of busty women of color!

2027: In show business news, the top seven earning pictures are all 'lesbian themed' and for the first time, the 'Best Picture' goes to a sexually explicit love story starring Raven Simone in a 'women in prison' big-budget epic, "Cell Block 69"! Best Actress in a stunning upset, is won by veteran actress Catherine Bell in a gender-bending remake the classic, 'Driving Miss Daisy' renamed 'Driving Miss Crazy' in which Bell is driven to the edge of sexual frustration by her maid and her cook, (Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff - both of whom garnered 'Best Supporting' nominations for their gritty, realistic portrayal as a lesbian couple out to drive their mistress insane so they can make off with a fortune in 'conflict diamonds' she has hidden somewhere in her mansion.)

2028: Political chaos reigns as the resurgent Republican party tries to take advantage of the badly split Democrats, uniting behind Jenna Bush as their nominee. The Democrats, stung by 'The Theron Scandal' wage a bitter and divisive primary marked by a rough and tumble catfight involving Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson against Jessica and Ashlee Simpson! With all four women wounded by the early skirmishing, dark horse Chelsea Cliinton jumps in late to steal the nomination, sealing the deal by leveling Mary-Kate Olson with a folding chair in the Cailfornia Primary! The general election pits Chelsea Clinton and Carenna Gore Schiff, her vice-presidential running mate, against Jenna Bush and running mate, her cousin and former supermodel, Kate Bush. In a double-elimination, 'to a KO finish' tag team barn-burner, Clinton prevails with a timely assist from her mother who trips Jenna Bush as she's rebounding off the ropes to clothesline Chelsea. After a video review, the Democratically slanting Supreme Court by a party-line, 7-2 vote, decides the interference was "too close to call" and hands the election to Clinton-Schiff!
"WOW!" Karenna sighed as she slumped back in her seat breathing heavily after the 'arousing' video highlights of the bruising primary and Presidential election matches. "We never covered this in school, it was all about how to program our pocket supercomputers and to set up video conference IM's our friends on our digital satellite TV-computer-fax cellphones! I mean, since you can find anything on a computer these days, who needs an education. Except for the hand-to-hand combat training in Phys. Ed., I don't think I learned a darn thing in school I ever use in the 'real world.' LOL!"

"Well, that's what was going on the last several decades. But now we're up against one of those things you did learn about in school, the 'temporal paradox.' You're going to have to go back in time and fix something, but you've got to be very careful or you'll destroy the timeline. Think you're up to the job?"

"Of course I am," Karenna giggled. "You know you can count on me! What's the job?"

Christy opened a large leather folder and pulled out a dry, yellowed poster. Holding it carefully by the edges, she showed it to her daughter. It was one of those cheesy 'printed' fight promotional posters that were so popular in the late 20th and early 21st centuries before everyone had their own personal communications device which could receive free advertisements at a moment's notice without burdening the recipient with complex log-on procedures or requiring them to memorize an insane number of passwords. This free service, pioneered by one William Gates and other early pioneers of the digital age was even given a cute, loving name by the citizens who were fortunate enough to be able to partake of it; "Signals Programmed to Alter Minds" or SPAM for short. It revolutionized the advertising of the era and brought about an economic expansion that still powered the world's economy after two decades!

"Back in the last quarter of 2004, before you were cloned," there was a club founded by a visionary group of women here in California. They called it the 'Porn Star Fight Club' and within a few years it had grown to be so popular it attracted members from all walks of life, not just what used to be called the 'porn industry'. But for all the good the club accomplished, it made one serious mistake and that's what you're going back to rectify."

"What?" Karenna asked, wondering why she knew so little about the background of her mother's company.

"In 2004, Sunny McKay was arranging matches for the PSFC and she got the 'brilliant' idea of expanding their fight shows to include teenage girls and even younger ones! She said in her memoirs, published after her years with Charlize Theron in the Whtie House, that she got the inspiration from something called the 'Mickey Mouse Club' and how successful it had been in training young women like Annette Funicello, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. McKay thought if she could capture, as she put it, 'the hearts and minds' of young girls, the PSFC would establish itself forever as THE place to be!"

"Sounds great," Karenna said. "What's the problem?"

"Well, like many good ideas, this one got out of control. You know that all elections are now decided by a 'trial by combat'? That's because a whole generation of young women grew up participating in fights as the preferred method of settling disputes. Now, we've got a whole generation that's been rewarded for their ability to use their feet and fists instead of thinking. The whole world is on the fast track to ruin and it's all because of THIS!" Christy held up the poster. "She staged a show with the best and brightest of the teen and preteen starlets of that era; Lohan, Duff, Bynes, all of them! Those girls got in the PSFC ring and fought tooth and nail. Worse, the show was so popular it was shown over and over worldwide! Young girls everywhere stopped studying and started fighting! At first, it seemed like a good thing, but as they discovered during Theron's presidency, these girls can fight but they haven't the faintest idea how to govern. All the decisions were being made by this shadow government behind the scenes. I've got to send you back in time to put a stop to this fiasco before things can get out of hand! Use whatever means you have to, but DO NOT let McKay put on that show, you understand?"

"No worries Mom!" Karenna said. "You can count on me...and these..." she held up her clenched fists. "...and these..." she smiled, grabbing her full, firm breasts in her leather top. "That bimbo McKay won't be putting any teenage girls on the PSFC stage. You can count on that!"
Karen McDougal was preparing to depart on another trip into the past on the fire bike to right another wrong and (hopefully) prevent a lot of people from suffering needlessly. She gave Irish a big hug and kiss before straddling the bike between her muscular thighs.

"Wish me luck!" she said as she pulled the helmet over her long brunette locks.

"You know I'll be thinking of you the entire time you're gone. Now be careful and don't take anyone's shit!" he offered - words of inspiration before she jumped on the starter and the bike roared to life. Karen headed off down the street and there was the familiar clap of lightning as she disappeared into thin air. "I really got to talk her into letting me go with her!" Irish thought as he turned to return to the house. Then, just then as suddenly as it disappeared, the fire bike reappeared coming from the opposite direction, nearly running Irish down before it squealed to a stopt just inches in front of him.

"Holy shit Karen! That was your quickest trip yet." Irish said as the rider shut off the motor, took off her helmet and shook out her long dark hair. But something was wrong! Irish didn't like the way that Karen was staring at him.

"Hey! Are you OK babe?" he asked.

She reached out and grabbed his throat, squeezing tightly, "What did you call me?" she demanded.

"Whoa! Karen! Lighten up! You OK?"

"The name's Karenna, Karenna McDougal!" she corrected. Then, suddenly, her eyes softened and her grip loosened as a vague deja-vu look crossed her face. With her left hand still clutching his throat, Karenna reached behind her and rubbed the back of her neck where the micro-processing chip implant was located. "Are you Irish?" she asked.

"How could you tell? My fly isn't open is it?" he joked.

Karenna tightened her grip on his throat once more. "I don't like funnymen! WHAT is your name?"

"OK, OK! It's Irish," he squeaked, struggling for air. "Now can you please let go so I can breath?" Rubbing the chip again, Karenna realized he was telling the truth and let go. "Who did you say you were?" Irish asked. "My girlfriend rides an identical bike and right about now I'm starting to worry about her."

Karenna quickly explained to Irish she'd been sent from the future to correct something in his time. She refused to go into detail but insisted he give her directions to a place called, "The Porn Star Fight Club." And, like Karen, Karenna refused to let him tag along, offeringlittle information before she fired up the bike and headed downtown per his directions.
Meanwhile, at the PSFC, Sunny McKay had just moved into her new office. Backing Barocca's coup and her takeover as Queen had been an ingenious move; one that now saw her sitting in her own plush office with her feet up on a big mahogany desk. She even had her own secretary!

"Oh Barbie dear, would you be a sweetheart and fetch me a cop of coffee?" Sunny snapped curtly into the intercom.

In the outer office, Barbie cringed at the sound of Sunny's voice. She couldn't believe Barocca was putting her through the humiliation of being Sunny's 'secretary.' Barocca had tried to reassure her she was planted to keep her advised of Sunny's doings, but Barbie felt that it was just another way for the Queen to display her dominance.

"Right away Miss McKay!" Barbie answered, making an ugly face at the intercom before she headed to the kitchen grumbling under her breath.

Sunny looked at her schedule and saw that she had several young starlets to "interview" that afternoon for what she was hoping to create a spin off for fresh meat entering the PSFC. Hopefully, if she came up with a few good 'finds' Barocca might even reward her with something more tangible than an lame title on the door!

"Where the hell is that bimbo with my coffee?" Sunny muttered, but just as she reached to hit the intercom button again, there was a knock on the door. "Here's that bitch now. Good! Come IN!" she yelled at the closed door.

Barbie heard the undisguised disdain in Sunny's tone and just couldn't help herself. Just before opening the door she spit in Sunny's coffee and quickly stirred it with the spoon to mix it in.

"Here you are boss. A special blend just for you," Barbie said as she strode across the plush carpet and placed the mug in front of Sunny.

"Well it sure took you long enough, damn it!" Sunny grumbled. "Why don't you take the first sip to make sure it's not too hot?"

Barbie paused for a second, and then picked up the mug and faked taking a sip from it. She turned the mug so that her deep red lip print on the rim was toward Sunny.

"It's just right boss!" Barbie announced before she hurried back to her desk in the outer office and picked up the phone to call Barocca.

Before she had the chance to dial, she heard the sound of a motorcycle roaring up in front of the building. She put the receiver back into its cradle and strolled over to the front window. Looking out she saw a brunette stepping off the bike and begin walking toward the front door.

"Now what does THIS bitch want?"

As soon as she walked into Sunny's suite of offices, Karenna was confronted by her large-breasted secretary.

"Can I help you slut?" Barbie asked, getting into Karenna's face and jabbing her index finger deep into Karenna's right breast with each word of the question. "What's the mater slut, hard of hearing?" Barbie asked hooking a finger in Karenna's plunging neckline and pulling downward.

Karenna stared daggers into Barbie's eyes. Both women could feel the heat from each other's breath as barley an inch separated them. Karenna reached up and grabbed Barbie's finger, bending it backwards, then twisted her arm behind her back. The brunette didn't stop there, however, and kept twisting until Barbie was face down on the floor, her arm painfully pointing towards the ceiling.

"I'm looking for a bitch named Sunny McKay," Karenna announced. "Please...tell me that's you!"

Barbie tried to remain silent, but as Karenna continued to twist her arm clockwise, she shouted, "NO! She's in her office!"

Karenna kicked Barbie in her gut with her leather biker boots causing the blonde to groan in pain as all the wind was evacuated from her lungs.

"Hold her calls!" Karenna snapped as she stepped over Barbie Griffin's fallen body and strode across the office to Sunny's door. She didn't bother to knock and as she stepped into Sunny's office unannounced, she locked the door behind her. Sunny was deep in thought and didn't look up from the eight by tens of the young starlets she was preparing to interview.

"From the Cradle to the Grave," she was thinking when she heard her office door lock snap shut. "What the hell?" Sunny was just about to go off on Barbie for interrupting her when she looked up to see the brunette turning to face her. "What the fuck are you doing here McDougal? You come for another facial?" she laughed.

Karenna had no idea what Sunny was talking about, but rubbing the microchip in the back of the neck, she knew that she had found her prey. "I traveled a very long way to kick your ass McKay! Let's cut the formalities and get down to business," Karenna said as she glided across the room, rapidly closing the distance between them.

Sunny didn't like what she saw and frantically punched the button on the intercom, screaming, "Barbie! Get your ass in here!"

Barbie had just started to stir when she heard the door lock turn, but she absolutely loved to hear the fear in her new boss bitches voice as she screamed, "Barbie! Call security!"

Barbie laughed as Sunny's plea was cut short. "Yeah, Yeah bitch! I'm coming!" Barbie said as she casually sauntered over to her desk, opened the top drawer and retrieved a key to the office door. "Stupid Playslut didn't know I had a key? What an asshole!"

Inside the office, Karenna reached across the desk, grabbed Sunny by the throat and as she began to drag her across the desk, Sunny picked up her large marble nameplate and jammed it into Karenna's belly just below the navel.

"Ooofff!" she grunted, losing her grip on Sunny who swung the marble again, this time connecting with Karenna's head just above her left ear. The Playmate from the future completely lost her grip on Sunny as she crumpled to the floor on her knees holding her head.

"Maybe I should give Charlize a call. Or better yet, I bet Barocca would love to meet one of Hef's sluts - but not 'til I'm done kicking your ass!" Sunny said as she stood on her desk and waited for Karenna to roll over and get onto all fours.

As soon as Karenna was in the perfect position, Sunny dropped from the desk landing with her knees to the small of the Playmate's back. Karenna was flattened face first on the carpet as her back suffered an explosion of terrible pain.

"What's the matter Karen, having a bad day?" Sunny taunted as she sat on Karenna's back, grabbed her dark hair and painfully pulled Karenna into a camel clutch.

"AAAAHHHHHEEEEEE!" Karenna wailed as Sunny cupped under her chin with her left hand and ratcheted up the pressure. With the presumed Playmate successfully immobilized, Sunny tore open the front of Karenna's top and plunged a hand down into her bra cup. Once there, she sank her sharpened talons into Karenna's tender tit flesh. "Oh GOD!" Karenna wailed as Sunny began to twist her right breast as if trying to twist it from her body.

"Oh, I don't think He'll be helping you! It's just you and me for now! I still have to call Barocca!"

Karenna quickly began to realize how the world had become so fucked up under the influence of an evil bitch like Sunny! She couldn't allow Sunny to beat her; there was just too much at stake! So Karenna ignored the pain and reached up, grabbed Sunny's right wrist and heaved her hips up off the floor. Karenna pulled her knees up under her, rising to her knees while Sunny, your quintessential blonde, didn't realize what was going on as she dug her nails in deeper, just trying to hang on. Then using a compound move taught to girls in grade school, in her timeframe, Karenna jolted forward, dipping her right shoulder as she pulled Sunny's wrist for all she was worth. The move worked as expected, flipping the blonde porn star up and sending her tumbling over her right shoulder!

Sunny was more startled then hurt as the surprise move sent her slamming face first into the rug, causing rug burns on her chin. But Karenna never let go of Sunny's wrist and as she went sailing, Karenna yanked it up between the blonde's legs. Kneeling on the back of Sunny's thighs to pin her, Karenna yanked back hard on the trapped arm. Sunny's short skirt had started to hike up during the action and now it revealed that she'd gone commando in anticipation of her afternoon interviews.

"What DO we have here?" Karenna asked. "What did your smelly snatch rot your panties right off?" She held tight to Sunny's wrist with her right hand as she reached down and grabbed Sunny's pussy in her left, sinking her nails into the tender region. "How's this feel slut?" When she gave a quarter turn of her hand, Karenna had the porn star about ready to pass out from the pain. Karenna let go of Sunny's right wrist to pick up her marble nameplate. "Nighty night bitch!" Karenna said as she brought the heavy nameplate down on the back of Sunny's head - knocking her out cold.

With Sunny sprawled motionless between her legs, Karenna took her time stripping the porn star naked before she stuffed the brand new nameplate deep in the slit between her limp legs. When Karenna stood up, Barbie was leaning on the inside of the door, watching closely, but not attempting to interfere. She'd entered shortly after Sunny's knee drop on Karenna's back. but the part she really enjoyed was when Karenna turned the tables was giving it to her snooty boss with both barrels.

"Maybe I'll just hang out a moment or two to see if Sunny can turn things around," Barbie thought. "Then if need be, I'll jump in! I don't want her accusing me of spoiling her fun." But if that's what she was thinking, Barbie couldn't resist muttering with a big grin, "Yeah Karen! Kick her ass!" Adding as an afterthought, "Then I'm going to kick yours for that gut shot you pulled outside." Karenna was just wrapping Sunny up when Barbie finally decided to spring into action. Karenna was pretty tired. She hadn't slept well the night before and then the unexpectedly tough competition from Sunny had taken its toll. The brunette had been straddling Sunny when she sat up and brushed the hair out of her eyes, took a deep breath and was contemplating what she would do with Sunny to ruin her plans for the teen division of the PSFC when Barbie came up quietly behind her and drilled her in the side of the head with a spinning heel kick. Barbie's heel hit the still throbbing spot Sunny had struck earlier with the marble nameplate, and it dropped Karenna back down to the floor!

"You are sooo dead McDougal!" Barbie threatened as she pulled the half-conscious time traveler to her feet.

Getting a running start, Barbie ran Karenna headfirst into the doorframe. Barbie had watched as Sunny weakened Karenna's lower back and now she held the brunette against the wall as she drove her knee up into the small of her back over and over.

"Shit! Aughhhh! Ohhhh!" Karenna grunted with each well-placed knee.

Pinning Karenna to the wall with her forehead between her shoulders, pancaking Karenna's breasts, Barbie reached around and locked her hands over the brunette's pubic mound. Driving her shoulder into Karenna's ass, Barbie lifted the brunette off her feet and then fell backward, sending Karenna crashing through the coffee table in front of Sunny's sofa. Barbie pulled the groggy Playmate back to her feet by the hair and lifted her up for a sidewalk slam. Just as Barbie drove Karenna down, she extended her knee and smashed the brunette onto it in a backbreaker. Holding Karenna painfully in place with one hand on her pussy and the other under her chin, Barbie stretched her injured back for all it was worth. Barbie couldn't stop grinning - she was having fun!

"Looks like you've had enough, McDougal. How about a good night kiss?" She bent down and planted a wet kiss right on Karennna's lips, then dumped her body off of her knee onto the floor. "Time to go to sleep now, sugar!" Barbie said as drove her foot down into Karenna's ribs, rolling her over onto her stomach. With Karenna face down on the carpet, Barbie grabbed a handful of hair and lifted her head, held it in the air a moment, then dropped to one knee and slid her right leg under Karenna's neck. She dropped Karenna's head down so her neck was resting right on her calf, then Barbie sat on the back of Karenna's head, trapping it in place. Karenna's body jerked and bucked as she struggled for air while the blonde's leg scissors choked her out; her head being crushed under the weight of the porn star's ass. Karenna struggled for all she was worth, but she was too weak and unable to break free from her entrapment.

"Nighty night!" Barbie taunted as Karenna drifted further and further into unconsciousness.
"Come on babe, we've got somewhere to go!" Irish said as soon as Karen appeared on her version of the fire bike.

"What's going on?" Karen complained. "I'm a little tired. That Marie Antoinette was a lot tougher customer than the history books lead you to believe. Have you ever had YOUR head in a guillotine?" Karen asked.

"I don't think I want to hear this story right now!" Irish protested. "Just get in the truck, I'll explain on the way!" he yelled as he spun the wheel, sending a spray of gravel flying as he shot away from the curb in the direction of the PSFC.

"What do you mean ANOTHER Karen?" Karen asked in astonishment after Irish finished the story of how Karenna had appeared as soon as she left on her latest journey.

"She was like your evil twin," Irish whined. "She didn't laugh at any of my jokes!" That brought a smirk to Karen's face. "She showed up; demanded I tell her how to get to the PSFC, then disappeared into thin air. I haven't heard from her since and that was over two hours ago," he explained.

"Why didn't you just tell me that there?" Karen snapped. "I could've taken the bike and been there by now!"

"Because," Irish explained with his impeccable male logic. "YOU'D be there, and I'D still be back home. That's why!"

Karen saw his point and just bit her lip. As they approached the imposing ediface that served as the PSFC HQ, Karen began to formulate a plan.

"You stay at the door and make sure that their goon squad doesn't storm in on me and...what's her name?"

"Karenna!" Irish said, unable to hide the exasperation in his tone.

"Yeah right, Karenna. I'll go in and see if 'your other Karen' needs my help."

Irish really didn't like the idea of waiting outside and missing the action, but he knew that was Karen's 'final answer'. Before he even put the truck in park, Karen was already out the passenger door and sprinting up the steps, two at a time, to Sunny's office. Karen threw caution to the wind as she stormed through the outer office directly toward Sunny's lair. She flung the door open and then stopped in shock at the scene that met her eyes. Karen took in the sight in an instant and didn't like what she saw! A brunette who could have passed for her twin sister was under Barbie getting the life choked out of her. It didn't take Karen long to act; she grabbed a handful of blonde hair and begin whirling around circles, dragging Barbie off of Karenna and dizzying Barbie as she spun her around before she smashed her headfirst into the front of Sunny's heavy mahogany desk. THONK!

Barbie was seeing small birdies fluttering around in circles above her head! She had no idea how one moment she had Karen down and out, and the next the Playmate was kicking the shit out of her. Barbie realized she'd better do something fast or she'd be toast!

"Barocca!" Barbie thought to herself.

Karen stood over the fallen porn star and reached down securing a handful of blonde hair. Just as she started to pull Barbie up onto her knees, her groin exploded in pain as the blonde scored a direct hit with a right uppercut. Karen dropped to her knees clutching her aching pussy while Barbie got up. As Barbie reached down to grab Playmate Karen, she looked at her face, then glanced back over to the second Karen lying a few feet away and suddenly Barbie became frightened.

"How many of you are there?" she muttered to nobody in particular. "I better get Barocca and her enforcers over here pronto!" she thought and turned to Sunny's desk to grab her phone and summon help. But the items on the desk had been scattered on the floor and when she didn't see the phone, Barbie sprinted toward her own desk in the reception area.

Irish had gotten bored sitting in his truck staring at the front door and as he waited impatiently, he couldn't help but move ever closer to the action. He finally went inside and had just reached the door to Sunny's office and was about to peek inside when a blonde blur came barreling through the door, bowling him over. It was Barbie making a beeline toward her phone. Barbie landed on top of Irish and was in the process of climbing off him to make her important, life or death, call.

"Get the fuck offa him, you bitch!" Karen screamed as she appeared in the office door and saw Barbie straddling her Irish.

Karen only need two short strides to get up to full speed before she left her feet and slammed into Barbie full force. Barbie had turned to look in the direction of Karen's voice just in time to be drilled with a flying tackle Vince Lombardi would be proud of!

Karen landed on Barbie and began to pound her face into chopped meat. After countless unanswered lefts and rights, Karen got off of the dumbstruck blonde and secured Barbie's hands behind her back with her stockings. Once Barbie was neutralized, Karen climbed off the blonde to check if Irish was alright. He was still lying on his back, but had propped himself up on his elbows to watch and admire his main squeeze in erotic, catfighting action.

"Are you OK Irish?" Karen asked.

"I'll be fine, thanks for asking," he sighed. "Now let's get that Karenna character and get the hell out of here!"

It sounded like a good plan to Karen who helped him up and they both charged back toward Sunny's office, only to find the door was had been closed and was now locked! Sunny had been the first to rise and she had been pleasantly surprised to find the barely moving 'Karen' sprawled out on the floor next to her.

"I guess you DID come for another facial, huh Karen?" the blonde executive said to her uninvited guest. Sunny walked across her office, completely oblivious to the action in the outer office, then closed and locked the outer door. "There! Now we wouldn't be disturbed," she said to the groaning Karenna.

Sunny walked up to Karenna, paused, then dropped a knee down on her injured back. Reaching forward with one hand and grabbing Karenna's chin, Sunny reached back with the other and crossed the Playmate's legs at the ankles. She held the bottom ankle so that both would be raised when she pulled. Karenna was jolted back to reality by a shock of pain as Sunny pulled both holds at onec, folding the Playmate in half over backward.

"AAAAHHH!!!!!" Karenna screamed at the top of her lungs as pain shot up and down her back

"Shit! We have to get in there!" Karen muttered, fumbling with the door knob on hearing a piercing scream from the other side of the solid wooden door. Karen reared back and charged the door with a lowered shoulder trying to break it down.

THUD! "Oh fuck!" she cried, clutching her shoulder in pain as she bounced off the door.

"Didn't I teach you anything?" Irish yelled as Karen rubbed the pain out of her shoulder. "Not like that! Like THIS!" he said, standing with his back to the door and driving powerful mule kicks into the thick wood below the doorknob. After the third kick, the doorjamb splintered and the heavy wood door flew open. CRASH!

Inside, Sunny had released her submission hold and kicked Karenna over onto her back. She had heard Karen bounced off the door and the subsequent wail of pain put a smile on her lips. "Fucking amateurs!" Sunny said standing straddling the Playmate's head as she hiked up her short skirt and lowered herself until she was seated astride Karenna's face. Then Sunny began her victory ride, rocking and bucking in tempo with the echos of Irish's feet thumping against the door. "Yes! Yes! Yessssssss!" Sunny moaned, lost in concentration and only dimly aware when the door flew open and in rushed Karen and Irish.

Sunny looked up with lust-dimmed eyes at Karen and mumbled, "Damn! How many of you ARE there?"

Sunny was totally confused as Karen quickly closed the distance between them. She stopped short, planted her left foot, and blasted a devastating kick to the point of Sunny's chin with her right! The porn star folded like a cheap suit, flying ass over teakettle and crashing to the floor in a heap!

Irish went to checked on Karenna's condition while Karen mopped up Sunny. Karen quickly secured Sunny just as she had Barbie and when she turned back, Irish was helping the dazed Karenna to her feet. Karen looked up at her doppelganger and rolled Sunny onto her back, stepping back and gesturing with a sweep of her arm.

"Care to take her for a little joy ride?" Karen asked Karenna.

She didn't answer, instead she just dropped onto the porn star's face and kicked it into high gear. When Karenna finished her ride, she stood up, grabbed Sunny's ankles, spread them wide and then stomped down hard between her legs. Sunny's body jerked upright, her eyes wide and her mouth open in a silent 'o' scream, then she slumped back unconscious! Irish heaved Sunny's limp body up over his shoulder and carried her out to the truck and dumped her in the back seat, then he returned for Barbie.

"Karenna why don't you ride with me and rest a little?" Irish offered. "Karen can take your fire bike back to the house."

Karenna was certainly feeling battered and agreed. Karen followed Irish to a Holiday Inn on the far side of town where they booked a room for the night and deposited the two blondes on the bed where housekeeping would find them the next day. The threesome returned Karenna to her bike and after thanking them for their help, she headed back to the future!

Karen and Irish went inside where Karen told Irish all the scintillating details of her latest adventure, 'vacationing' in 1793 Paris, France.

Meanwhile, back at the PSFC HQ, Barocca was surveying the damage to Sunny's office and muttering about how she was going to deal with 'that ungrateful bitch for trashing the place' when three young starlets entered. Barocca, of course, had no idea about Sunny's appointments or even her ideas for a teen division of the Fight Club.

"Can I help you?" Barocca growled angrily at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson and Lindsay Lohan.

"We're here to see Miss McKay about the Teen Fight Club," they answered in unison.

"Look you little bitches, get the fuck outta my face and don't come back 'til you're 21 and have your working papers!"

The three girls stood staring in shocked silence a moment, then angrily spun around and left the PSFC but not before Lindsay Lohan turned and growled at Barocca, "I'll be bach!"
Back in our 'future' Karenna's sleek silver bike glides noiselessly down the Interstate. She looks around, bewildered by the sight of an endless field of large derricks and pumping stations. The thrumming sound of the machines (TA-POCKETA, TA-POCKETA, TA-POCKETA) is audible even thru her helmet. She shakes her head, knowing she must have seen them before but she can't comprehend why such a stark landmark never registered on her before.

"Maybe it was that fight," she thinks. "That bimbo McKay must rattled something loose in my brain!"

Karenna rolls up to the heavy iron gate and when challenged by the hulking, heavily armed security guard in a black leather body suit, she pulls off her helmet and shakes out her long brunette hair, then pulls her identity disk out from between her full, firm breasts and presents it to the guard. The tall, dark-skinned Black woman inserts the disk into her Palm Pilot (c) and as she awaits confirmation of the bearers identity, she runs an electromagnetic wand over the back of the bike riders neck, reading the implanted microchip that allows the mainframe computer to compare her DNA to that on file for the owner of the offered identity disk.

As she waits, the rider's eyes slowly scan the fortress-like structure, the epitome of 22nd Century high-security architecture. Where there had once been ominous gunports dotting the face of the structure, there are now large windows allowing those inside to look out on the street below.

"I wonder how they made all those modifications so quickly," Karenna wondered. "And why?"

Karenna's attention is snapped back to the guard who is muttering as she taps the palm pilot and punches buttons, running Karenna's information through again. The machine suddenly squeal with a high-pitched BEEEEEEEP and the guard quickly spins and grabs Karenna by the front of her jacket and one arm, using them to drag her off the bike and slam her facedown on the pavement. Planting her knee in the startled brunette's back, the guard growls, "Just like I thought, you're illegal!"

Before Karenna can respond, three more guards come running up and one kicked her in the solar plexus, taking her breath away. The guards cuffed her hands behind her back, then each grabbed an arm or leg, picked her up and carried her at a full run into the building, through the lobby to a secured elevator. The doors slammed shut CLANG and the car plummeted to the basement. As she was hustled through the lobby, Karenna had briefly caught a glimpse of a coat of arms on the reception desk; a shield with the figure of a Black Amazon standing over her defeated white opponent, her muscular arms crossed over huge, bare breasts. Above the logo were the words, "Pornstar Fight Club" and below it, "World Headquarters."

Once the elevator reached the bottom level, the four guards jogged down the hall to a guarded door, carried her inside and flung her into a corner. Only when she was on the floor was Karenna finally able to catch her breath and speak.

"I want to see Christy Hefner," Karenna finally got out. "She's my mother and you're gonna be sorry you treated me this way."

"DR. Hefner will be with you in a minute," one guard said with a wry chuckle. "But it's you who's gonna be sorry! I love it when one of 'your kind' gets 'too big for her bra' and gets 'Flockharted' It's something to see!"

Just then, the door opened and Christy Hefner appeared wearing a white doctor's lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck. Her face was unchanged from when she had kissed Karenna good-bye a few hours earlier but there was something very different about her demeanor and appearance, something Karenna couldn't put her finger on! Christy's eyes showed not a glimmer of recognition as she walked over to her daughter, lifted her head by the chin and unzipped the front of Karenna's jacket. She held it open and intently studied her bare breasts.

Then, shaking her head sadly, Christy grumbled, "Strap her on the table!"

"MOTHER! WAIT!" Karenna screamed. "What's going on? What's the matter?"

"Mother??" Christy muttered. "What's the matter with you, girl. I've never laid eyes on you before and, besides, slaves aren't allowed to reproduce!"

"Huh? Wha...slaves? What are you talking about? I'm your daughter, Karenna. Don't you recognize me?"

Karenna struggles helplessly against the power of two big black 'enforcers' who lift her onto a long table and hold her down as the other two guards strap her wrists and ankles with leather restraints as Christy slowly runs her hands over Karenna's full breasts and sighs.

"It's a shame really, so beautiful. But the law IS the law; there's nothing 'we' can do about it. Just lay back, close your eyes and prepare yourself. The procedure won't take long and then you'll be 'normal' again - just like the rest of 'us'."

"What do you mean 'normal' and who are 'the rest of us'? What the hell's going on around here anyway? A few hours ago you were the CEO of Pornstar-Playboy Fight Club, Inc., the most powerful woman in the world and my mother. Now you're acting like you don't even know me! Don't you think I deserve an explanation before you do whatever it is you're going to do to me?" Karenna demanded, squirming and straining against the leather straps holding her down.

"CEO? Of WHAT?" one guard laughs. "You slaves really have developed a sense of humor!"

Karenna looks at the black woman's face and doesn't see a smile as if she’s joking. Looking at her mother, she reads the shock and consternation on Christy's face.

"There's no such thing as the Pornstar-Playboy Fight Club," Christy explains in a tone like speaking to a child. “Playboy went out of business decades ago; driven out of business by the Pornstar Monthly. And as for me, I could never be the CEO of anything! Queen Charmaine XIII has been our Queen for over two years…” Adding with an eye to the guards who have been known to report any disloyalty, “….and she’s doing a terrific job! Have you had an accident on that bike of yours lately? Hit your head?"

"I...I...I don't understand?" Karenna mutters. "You were the CEO of Pornstar-Playboy just this morning? And what were those oil well derricks I drove past earlier? I don't remember seeing them before either?"

"I remember learning about 'Playboy' in school," a guard laughed. "I always thought it was propaganda the slaves were spreading. You mean that was REAL?"

"Why, what was it?" another guard asked, keeping her hand firmly on Karenna's thigh.

"Some kind of subversive literature," the first guard explained. "Showed slaves with huge breasts in provocative poses. Apparently men got off reading it?"

"Men? Why would they need to get off? They're sterile!"

"Well, apparently they weren't back in the day," the first one explained. "This was before our scientists perfected the parthenogenesis technique that made males unnecessary for procreation. Now, of course, we can reproduce without needing males. Aside from their value as physical laborers or in dangerous occupations, they're totally unnecessary. President Hillary ensured that in 2019 when she signed the 'Clinton-Lohan Parthenogenesis Bill' (a bipartisan bill on women's reproductive rights that was jointly sponsored by Senator Chelsea Clinton and Representative Lindsay Lohan)."

Karenna's head swiveled back and forth watching the two women's dialogue like a tennis match.

"What do you mean 'oil derrick' things?" Dr. Hefner asked, scratching her head. "You don't mean our silicone wells? The ones pumping silicone from the fields located deep below the California sub-strata. You may not know it, but California provides seventy-five percent of the world's supply of silicone! Dominants all over the world are being enhanced with 'California Silicone' - all thanks to the Medical Division of the Pornstar Fight Club!"

"That's enough chit-chat," the head guard grumbled. "Flockhart this slave and be done with it! My shift's over in fifteen minutes and my slaves are expecting me for dinner. I was late last night and I'm not going through THAT again. I'd rather face another domme in the ring than those whiny white bitches complaining about dinner getting cold. Get on with it Doc!"

Dr. Hefner shrugs, turns and wheels a large cabinet up to the table. She picks up two large cups attached to the machine by tubes and starts to fit them over Karenna's breasts. Karenna's eyes grow wide as the doctor struggles to adjust the cups to her breasts, tightening screws and yanking on straps until they are cinched tight around the base of the full globes causing Karenna's breasts to balloon inside the cups.

"Just lay still, it'll only take a couple of minutes to drain you," she said with a tinge of sorrow in her voice.

"DRAIN!" Karenna screamed and began to struggle frantically against her bonds. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN, 'DRAIN' ME???" I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION YOU CRAZY BITCH!"

The guards just giggled as they easily held Karenna pinned on her back to the table. To them, this was the highlight of the 'Flockhart' procedure, the moment of realization on a slave's face just before her 'womanhood' is taken from her.

WHAP!! The guard slapped Karenna, rocking her head to the side and bringing a thin trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth!

"Have some respect," the big black woman said gruffly. "If not for the Doc, then for yourself. You damn slaves are getting spoiled by the lenient treatment we're giving you. They never should have shut down the dungeon; it worked well enough for the last fifty years!"

"Leave her alone," Christy said, gently stroking Karenna's forehead. "Poor things in for quite an ordeal and it's only natural she'd be a little stressed." Then looking down at Karenna's heaving breasts, Christy sighed and opened her lab coat. Beneath it she was naked and Karenna's eyes widened as she saw that Christy's breasts, which she'd always thought were just the 'perfect' size, were now no larger than a pair of firm, sweet lemons! About one-third the size she remembered them being only a few hours before!

"Yo....your b...b...breasts! What happened to your breasts?" Karenna gasped.

"It's the law," Christy explained as she flipped on the machine and it began to throb (TA-POCKETA, TA-POCKETA, TA-POCKETA). "When a slave's breasts grow too large, she gets 'Flockharted'; her breasts reduced back to what the Queen considers the optimum size for a slave. Only 'women of color' are allowed to retain their natural breasts, or to have them enlarged. All the rest of us are restricted to an 'A cup' or smaller. This procedure was perfected by Queen Lucy the Second and she named it after her mother's favorite slave, one Calista Flockhart! It's rather painful, but the effects are permanent and leave no lasting scars. And, as one beneficial side effect, it leaves the nipples extremely sensitive! Some slaves have achieved multiple orgasms merely from having their breasts fondled...but of course, it's also handy for controlling recalcitrant slaves. The pain can be quite excruciating, so I recommend you learn to control that tongue of yours!"

"Yeah!" a guard chuckled as she rubbed herself. "There's plenty of places it could be put to use around here!"

(TA-POCKETA, TA-POCKETA, TA-POCKETA) The infernal machine's sound increased as Christy turned a dial and Karenna felt the cups tightening around her breasts, sucking the soft flesh upward toward a small box at the top through which a clear plastic tube ran out into the machine.

"The needles are sterile," Christy explained. "You'll feel some pain, but as I recall it doesn't last more than a few minutes. Perhaps it will be easier if you close your eyes and relax; think pleasant thoughts...."

(TA-POCKETA, TA-POCKETA, TA-POCKETA) Karenna felt a stab of pain in each breast, then they began to shrivel up!
Karen McDougal awoke with start, her bedclothes drenched with perspiration. She quickly grabbed her breasts and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Damn!" Karen muttered. "The doctor's told me time travel could have side effects, but this nightmare was a lot worse than the others …and so real…"

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