A ‘Time Warp’ Story (i.e., both women in their prime): Jenny Agutter vs. Jennifer Lopez by Oberon

Jennifer Lopez sat up on the wide double bed in the catfight room, propped up against large silk pillows, waiting for her opponent to arrive. The movie star was wearing a white floral teddy with matching panties, her hair partially tied up in a pink bow. Studying a variety of submission holds as she passed the time awaiting her impending meeting, J-Lo released a long sigh of anticipation as she considered the photograph of a Figure Four Bodyscissors, longing for a chance to use the submission on Jenny Agutter and hear her scream for mercy as she poured on the pressure. The thought was sending chills of excitement up and down her spine as a mysterious shimmer emanated from a cubicle on the far side of the catfight room, filling the room with an odd, surreal glow.

As the shimmer began to fade, the form of a woman began to materialize in the cubicle and J-Lo tossed aside the book on female wrestling and focused her gaze on the shape becoming concrete before her eyes. The figure gradually coalesced in the cubicle, and J-Lo recognized Jenny Agutter as she stepped gingerly from the cubbyhole and looked around. Catching J-Lo's fixed look as she noticed the long-legged woman on the bed, Jenny narrowed her eyes as she looked her opponent's limbs up and down as if assimilating the smooth, strong-looking characteristics of J-Lo's legs, objectively confirming what they may be capable of. Jenny was likewise confident that J-Lo would not miss the formidable appearance and potential of her own legs, as she wore a green dress slit along the right side to reveal her sleek hip and arm and sufficiently see-through to show she wore nothing beneath.

Wordlessly, Jenny strode softly across the soft carpet to where J-Lo sat after a few moments. A piercing expression surfaced on her face as she stopped close to the bed, maintaining eye contact with her rival. J-Lo slowly rose to face her, standing almost toe-to-toe with Jenny so that their bodies were almost touching. There were no need for spoken words by now; they both knew why they were here: to test the power and endurance of the others legs until one could struggle no longer and either tapped out or passed out; either from loss of oxygen or simply sheer agony. J-Lo stood a couple of inches shorter than her opponent, but there was a look in her eyes that demonstrated a tiger’s resolve to cross swords with Jenny - and keep crossing them until one of them surrendered or dropped.

As though responding to an unuttered announcement, J-Lo and Jenny came together and J-Lo reached for Jenny's hair, grabbing with both hands. Sliding her fingers through her challenger's tresses, J-Lo viciously shook Jenny's head left and right, attempting to disorient her rival so she could drag her to the carpet. Jenny reciprocated this attack by reaching out with her own hands. Her grasping fingers twirled themselves tightly around J-Lo's longer locks; the pink bow tying J-Lo's hair was dislodged and fell to the floor as Jenny yanked violently, whipping J-Lo forward and backward, side to side. Steeping up the intensity of her Hairpull, J-Lo pulled Jenny from the bed and closer to the center of the room, slamming her chest against Jenny to augment the earnestness of her aggression. As she was trying to pull shorter hair, Jenny was getting the better of their mutual hairpull as her fingers were in deep in J-Lo's flowing tresses.

Dodging a slap thrown to her face as Jenny made an effort to take control of their contest, J-Lo yanked her head down yet again as she thrust her knee into Jenny's unprepared stomach. Grunting noisily as the sudden impact shot through her, Jenny returned the favor by pulling J-Lo down by the hair, driving her knee hard into J-Lo's forehead. Shaking the cobwebs from her head, J-Lo retaliated with another brutal pull at Jenny's hair, coupled with a knee to her groin. The vibrations sent waves of agony shooting up along Jenny's spine; enraged, she pulled at J-Lo's hair and slammed her knee into J-Lo's crotch, moving quickly to twist J-Lo's body to the side so as to bring her to the carpet. Resolving to remain on her feet, J-Lo tried twisting Jenny into a headlock as their hands remained buried in each other's hair. Beating her to the punch, Jenny twisted her hairpull, trapping J-Lo in a tight Headlock.

Gagging from the tight choke, J-Lo made an attempt to drive her knee into Jenny's stomach again. Jenny evaded the knee shot and wrenched the headlock even tighter. Disadvantaged as Jenny crushed her windpipe, J-Lo writhed feverishly to escape the hold. Again she lifted her knee, seeking to ram it into Jenny's body. This time the attempt succeeded as J-Lo felt her knee connect with her unprotected stomach. Jenny let loose with a thick, surprised grunt as J-Lo repeated the maneuver a few more times, forcing the stunned woman to loosen the headlock enough to allow J-Lo to wrench her head free. Using the opportunity to flip her rival to the carpet, J-Lo quickly moved into position behind her. Her long, slender legs slithered forward, wrapped around Jenny's waist, crossed at the ankles and scrunched her rival with breathtaking strength.

Jenny's dress was hiked up to her hips as she kicked her legs furiously to escape the legs squeezing her midsection, the split on the right side displaying her silky legs, visible portions of her butt and her heaving breasts, and giving an occasional flash of her womanhood as J-Lo's limbs stretched, retracted and compressed her opponent's midriff in ardent movements. J-Lo's floral panties were hiked high up on her hips as the squeezing continued with increasing vigor. Squirming feverishly to escape the crushing legs compressing her waist into a more compact area, fiercely determined to escape her clutches, Jenny unleashed a battery of punches onto J-Lo's thighs. The smacks of flesh on flesh made reverberating echoes throughout the catfight room as J-Lo fought to sustain the scissors around her waist. Eventually, her legs ceased applying pressure and relaxed, letting Jenny disentangle from the Leglock and pull away from her rival.

Incensed at being robbed of her prize, J-Lo jumped Jenny from behind as Jenny crawled away. Encircling an arm around Jenny's throat, J-Lo secured her wrist with her other arm and pressed her forearm into Jenny's windpipe. Clawing at the forearm bearing heavily down on her neck, Jenny pushed herself to her knees, squiggling and undulating her upper body to and fro. J-Lo coiled a leg around Jenny's thigh to restrict her movements as she flattened her windpipe, feeling a delighted tingle at the sensation of her luxurious thigh trapped between her thigh and calf. Encouraged by Jenny's futile exertions and the choking gasps from her lips, J-Lo pulled Jenny close, starting to wrap another Bodyscissors around her from behind.

Feeling J-Lo's legs slide past her ribs, Jenny suddenly leaned forward and bit the forearm cutting off her breathing, narrowly avoiding the closing legs as she jumped free of the attempted Leglock. Coughing and gagging, she turned around to see an infuriated J-Lo almost upon her. Meeting her head-on, Jenny jumped on J-Lo, knocking her to the rug and landing on her!

Entwining her legs around J-Lo's thighs, she pinned her to the carpet, then cinched her Grapevine as she bore down as hard as she could to subdue her serpentine writhing. Wildly bucking her hips, J-Lo found her wrists held to the carpet underneath her as Jenny had no intention to let her opponent circumvent her advantage. Jenny demonstrated this by flexing her legs around J-Lo's; both thighs were distinctly visible from under her see-through split dress as she fought to dominate her slightly shorter opponent. J-Lo let out a scream of frustration as she whipped convulsively under Jenny's grasp, her panties riding between the cheeks of her derriere and her top inching upward to reveal her lower breasts. Suddenly kicking her legs free, she mounted a desperate response.

Slamming her legs around Jenny's waist, J-Lo squeezed powerfully, bunching up Jenny's dress in the process and disheveling it to reveal more of her opponent's flesh as her legs worked back and forth to force the breath from Jenny's lungs. Jenny grunted and groaned from the merciless compressions around her midsection, conscious in the back of her mind how much of her body was being exposed in their mutual struggle for dominance as she threw great amounts of energy into keeping J-Lo pinned under her. J-Lo's top rode higher as the shorter woman thrashed wildly on the carpet, revealing a greater portion of her boobs. As she felt another powerful squeeze around her waist, Jenny released J-Lo's wrists and recompensed for the extreme pain by leaning down to encircle J-Lo's waist in her lithe arms, mashing J-Lo's squirming body into her own as she pulled inward and squeezed.

Groaning as she felt her breasts mashing and squashing into Jenny's, J-Lo retracted her legs somewhat and thrust them tighter around Jenny's waist in a silent demand to be released. J-Lo's jaw was set, her teeth clenched, her face turning red as she felt the bearhug Jenny had on her contract and squish, grinding their bodies together. J-Lo squeezed her legs in tighter increments around Jenny's midriff, crushing her sans mercy as their soft bodies ground and abraded and more of their skin began to show from under their skimpy vestments. Jenny's head rested on J-Lo's baring tits, her face turned to one side. Her mouth hung open in soundless suffering as J-Lo continued her remorseless squeezing. As this continued and their bodies continued grinding until Jenny forced her head forward, leaned in and sinking her teeth into J-Lo's protruding breast, the one almost completely bare.

J-Lo screamed at the feeling of Jenny's teeth plunging into her near-naked breast, reflexively releasing the scissors around her waist. Thinking quickly, Jenny whirled around and planted her backside directly on J-Lo's chest. Reaching to grab her legs, Jenny dragged them up and over, pulling them as far as they would go towards her head and holding them in place, spread-eagled and helpless. J-Lo's pantied crotch was exposed and vulnerable, her now bared breasts mashed under Jenny's creamy backside as Jenny proceeded to bounce up and down on her chest, turning to shoot a contemptuous glare down at J-Lo as she bent her legs further toward her head each time J-Lo attempted to extricate herself from underneath Jenny's assertive position.

Screaming in agony as Jenny woman-handled her, J-Lo furiously kicked and flailed her legs trying to free them from Jenny's grip. Her furious kicking eventually freed her from Jenny's arms and J-Lo clamped her legs around Jenny's throat and a second later they were both on their sides; with J-Lo's thighs crushing Jenny's head.

Both J-Lo's teddy and a large portion of Jenny's slit dress had been dislodged, showing most of their bodies, since the time Jenny was mashing J-Lo's breasts with her derriere and when J-Lo had forced Jenny from her perch astride her and down to the carpet. Now Jenny felt the awesome pressure of J-Lo's dancer’s legs up close and personal - her head feeling as if it would implode if the pressure endured for much longer! Pulling and raking at the muscular thighs compacting her head, Jenny strove to free herself from those strong limbs.

Initially, she only succeeded in allowing J-Lo to trap her neck in her scissors but resisting a rising panic as the brutish compression grew stronger, she redoubled her efforts to escape the devastating Leglock, finally wriggling out just as J-Lo thought she had her. Now hell-bent on defeating her, J-Lo threw herself at Jenny who, once again, was ready for her.

Jenny lunged just as J-Lo rushed her, their bodies slamming together as Jenny wrapped an arm around J-Lo's throat and slid her legs forward, coiling them about J-Lo's midriff. J-Lo abruptly spun and rolled on the carpet, barely avoiding the closing, hungry legs as she rolled Jenny under her. J-Lo attempted a Bodyscissors of her own, but Jenny kicked out before her legs closed around her!

The constant motions of the two hellcats dislodged even more of Jenny's slit dress, so she was nearly entirely disrobed by now. J-Lo's panties were hiked higher than ever, the rear portion resembling a thong. Aware of this, she jumped her foe as Jenny rushed her, meaning to wrap a Bodyscissors around her yet again. Bucking and rolling, she thwarted this effort as she flipped Jenny to the carpet. Straddling her and facing her feet, she unfolded her legs and pitilessly scissored her windpipe.

Propping herself up by her hands, J-Lo crossed her ankles and applied a fierce Leglock, somehow managing to stay out of range of Jenny's kicking legs. Concentrating on the scissors, she simultaneously stretched her legs and pushed her thighs inward. The tortured panting that came from Jenny was worth the energy she channeled into the submission as Jenny thrashed her body left and right to break free. Scraping her nails along the backs of J-Lo's thighs, working upward to J-Lo's backside, Jenny scratched her opponent's skin with frenzied determination. As J-Lo lengthened the torture she inflicted on her rival, Jenny shifted her attack to J-Lo's panties, grabbing the waistline with one hand and yanking the material between her butt cheeks. The other maintained a steady clawing of J-Lo's cheeks as Jenny gagged and sputtered from the vigorous squeezing of her throat. Kicking her legs one more time, she managed to slip them under J-Lo's armpits and used the inertia to thrust her unsuspecting opponent to the floor.

J-Lo was shocked by the retaliation, but not so shocked that she couldn't sustain the pressure her legs exerted even as Jenny's legs found their way around J-Lo's windpipe and expended energy choking and strangling her. Reinforcing her own scissors on Jenny's throat, J-Lo squeezed harder, prompting Jenny to increase the pressure of her Leglock, using her fists to batter J-Lo with excessive purposefulness. The resounding punches initially seemed to have little effect as the combatants concentrated on their mutual leg submissions, but J-Lo's scissors began to lessen by degrees. Sensing she was sweeping this part of the contest, the taller actress boosted the pressure she was putting on J-Lo's neck. This elicited renewed earnestness from the shorter actress, who re-established the reverse scissors she had fixed on Jenny's neck and squeezing her windpipe more fervently than ever.

Jenny returned to punching at J-Lo's legs to free herself; J-Lo responded in kind as they continued working to outsqueeze each other. J-Lo's thigh muscles worked overtime to choke the breath from Jenny; even as Jenny pushed her fingers under her inner thighs to pry them from her throat while she steeped up the pressure her own legs exerted, J-Lo stretched her limbs to augment the devastating power of the scissors, pressing her inner thighs into Jenny's neck harder, restraining her efforts to pry the hold apart with her fingers. Withdrawing her hands from J-Lo's thighs with some effort, Jenny returned to socking at the lusty thighs strangling the wind from her, resolutely determined to match her rival's efforts to subjugate her. Finally able to pull her head free from between J-Lo's legs, Jenny gave her opponent one last Herculean squeeze before loosening her scissors and crawling to an appropriate distance to regain her breath.

Although Jenny could see that J-Lo was as winded as she was, the arduous scissors J-Lo had ensnared her in had taken a toll on Jenny's endurance. Jenny was still every bit as hard-nosed to stay in the game, on the other hand, and she approached J-Lo with grim resolve when she saw her rival slowly coming for her. When they came together, there was a violent, heated flurry of action that concluded with both women being stripped completely naked, consisting of thwarted attempts to trap one another in a variety of Scissor holds. First J-Lo tried to scissor Jenny's midriff, then Jenny endeavored to scissor J-Lo's midriff, J-Lo made an effort to scissor Jenny's neck, Jenny made an effort to scissor J-Lo's head... it went on and on as they writhed and undulated in their mutual determination. Jenny at last broke the stalemate when she grabbed J-Lo's ankles, twisted her legs into a figure four position and held them in place with her own legs, administering pressure with a zeal that was almost primitive.

Gritting her teeth against the searing agony, J-Lo bucked and jerked her body from the left side to the right and back again, until she had gathered enough inertia to flip herself and Jenny onto their chests and reverse the racking submission. Spreading both her arms out so Jenny couldn't flip them again, Jo tightened her legs, flexing her thigh and calf muscles as best as she could as Jenny slapped the carpet indignantly, fighting to keep the scream from escaping. J-Lo steeped up the fierce pressure for a time that seemed to stretch on interminably. Propping herself by her hands again, J-Lo squeezed harder and harder, coaxing Jenny to let go of the physical pain she was struggling not to vocalize. While Jenny held out as long as she could, she discovered she had to release what she had been holding back or she may pass out from the combined pain and hindrance to breathing.

Encouraged by the resounding scream from Jenny, J-Lo deftly withdrew her legs from the reversed figure four, pulled Jenny into a sitting position and slithered her legs around Jenny's waist. The light slap of J-Lo's thighs colliding with Jenny's sides echoed in the catfight room as she squished Jenny's writhing body, leaning backward on her hands and lifting her ass off the floor to apply pressure. Breathing heavily and groaning as J-Lo's legs worked her abdomen progressively harder and harder, Jenny threw her head back and squeezed her eyes shut against the inexorable crunching of her belly. With near-desperation she tried extricating herself from the robust submission hold squashing her; she could feel her energy fading with each passing second. Still, J-Lo's verbal demand that Jenny submit was answered with a feral scratching and clawing at her legs, an act of total defiance. J-Lo's response was to squeeze Jenny harder still, crushing her diaphragm. Again J-Lo demanded a submission, and again Jenny gave her an answer by clawing and punching at her legs. Amazed, and infuriated, J-Lo released the scissors in lieu of trying another.

They crawled around increasingly slower, inching toward each other til they came together. Again, there was a flurry of activity as Jenny made an effort to trap J-Lo in a Bodyscissors that was rather surprising from a woman who seemed beaten. Blocking Jenny's attempt, J-Lo moved to apply a Bodyscissors on her rival, only to have Jenny thwart it with as much suddenness as she had just shown a few moments earlier. Astonished by Jenny’s tenacity, J-Lo returned to crawling around and watched her carefully for any more sudden motions.

A few instants later Jenny leaped at J-Lo to coil another scissors around her body. With lightning speed, J-Lo avoided the lunge and darted behind Jenny before she could turn all the way around. Next thing Jenny knew, she was trapped in a Bodyscissors that was tighter than she experienced all through the fight. This time, J-Lo would not release her until the fight ended decisively. Jenny seemed to know this, but she still refused to give in to J-Lo.

J-Lo's next verbal demand for a submission was answered with a violent back-and-forth shaking of Jenny's head, accompanied by a fresh eruption of punches to her crushing legs. In the end these proved ineffective as J-Lo sensed the fight was hers. From deep in Jenny's lungs came a piercing scream as J-Lo stretched her limbs, squashing Jenny's yielding midriff between her thighs as Jenny writhed desperately to pull herself our from those deadly legs. J-Lo's third demand for a submission was greeted with a similar statement of defiance as Jenny persisted in punching J-Lo's legs, adding to this by digging her nails along the tender flesh. Loosening her vice grip, J-Lo switched to a Figure Four Bodyscissors, increasing the crushing force of her legs as they pressed their way deeper and deeper into Jenny's side and soft belly, re-establishing the ceaseless compressions around her.

Summoning her last vestiges of resistance, Jenny threw some elbow grease to withdraw herself from the cramped figure four that held her firmly in place, squirming, undulating placing her hands on J-Lo's thighs to push herself free, pitching heaving... and J-Lo's sinewy legs gave her a Herculean squeeze for all her efforts, forcing a long gust of breath from her lungs that manifested itself in an agonized wheeze, followed by a series of long, pained gasps as Jenny fought to keep her breath. The sound of it just encouraged J-Lo to squeeze even tighter, reveling in Jenny's diminishing struggles as her muscles constricted and squashed her with mounting momentum. Her strength fading, Jenny collapsed against J-Lo's chest, her bare, sweaty back pressing into J-Lo's generous chest. Her eyes watered from the accumulated discomfort and loss of oxygen. And still she held on to her defiance. At J-Lo's demand she submit, Jenny shook her head with decreasing energy and groaned her refusal, much to J-Lo's chagrin.

Prolonging the brutally applied submission indefinitely and still receiving no verbal admission that she was beaten, J-Lo released a perfectly exhausted Jenny's midriff, inched upward and applied the same submission to Jenny's head, squeezing, squeezing and squeezing some more. Jenny flopped like a fish out of water as the unrelenting pressure threatened to pop her head like a grape. The frenzied motions subsided after a time, became less fervent, finally stopped. The figure four scissors had knocked Jenny out cold. Waiting to ensure Jenny wasn't faking, J-Lo released her in utter triumph, sitting on her face and planting her ass directly on her nose and mouth, savoring the feeling of her opponent lying unconscious underneath her, excited by the sensation of Jenny's nose tickling the edge of her womanhood. Struck with a sudden idea, J-Lo slowly, painfully rose and exited the catfight room.

Returning with a bucket of ice-cold water, she poured it on Jenny's sleeping form, rudely waking her up to inform her she would now claim her prize from Jenny, since she had won the contest and was rightfully entitled to any demand she wanted to make of her. So for the next several hours, Jenny stayed awake to service her conqueror - sucking J-Lo's toes, caressing her calves and thighs with her tongue, massaging her aching back, neck and muscles, stimulating her boobs with her mouth and providing a seat for J-Lo while pleasing her womanhood. And fucking, fucking and fucking ‘til the sun came up the next morning…and this was just the first night of a long week...

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