Time Warp: Debbe Dunning vs. Heather Thomas by 2xifpkd

The flashing of the bright lights stopped as the whirring ended . Debbe Dunning cautiously opened the latch on the time machine. The brunette was still stunned that the gag prop on the “Home Improvement” set had actually worked. Of course, Debbe’s costar Pat Richardson had been very careful about which timeframe she set the dial before she pressed the “SEND” button!

Now Debbe looked around in the dusky haze and realized she was in a movie studio. “Well,” she thought, “at least I’m not going to have to face any pre historic creatures.”

Suddenly, the lights came up and when her eyes adjusted to the glare Debbe saw a wrestling ring with a blonde stretching in it. “Hello?” Debbe nervously asked. No reply. “Hey! Can you tell me how to get back to my own time?” Debbe asked the blonde who was wearing a blue, crushed velvet bikini.

“What the hell is a “Binford ?” the blonde asked as she read Debbe’s red long sleeve shirt in the mirror. “Why do those guys in fancy suits always come around before some whore drops in from another time anyhow? Who are you and why do you think I need more work on the wrestling scene? You ARE here to wrestle, aren’t you? Sorry ‘bout the other girls; I mean, if they were your friends or something…” the blonde twittered as Debbe pulled herself into the ring, “Take that tool belt off and show me what you’ve got. And why do you have a tool belt on for crying out loud? Oh yeah, getting out. All you have to do is fight me, then they drag you away and the lights come on…then you’re gone. Not sure if your injuries ever get fixed or not,” the blonde shrugged.

Debbe removed the belt from over her jean shorts and stretched her legs. “I’m ready,“ she announced but then her body gave an involuntary shiver when the blonde turned around and Debbe recognized Heather Thomas! Heather’s dirty tactics were legendary!! Debbe recalled Jenny McCarthy warning her to quit fighting before she wound up in the ring with one of the all-time great catfighters of the 70’s but she’d just laughed at Jenny as her chest shut off the air from the blonde’s nose. Now she wondered if all those matches with Pam had been worth it!?

Debbe strode towards the blonde and sent her forearm off Heather’s left arm. A knee to the gut staggered the busty blonde who reached out and grabbed Debbe’s hair. Heather pulled the brunette in and drove her own knee up into Debbe’s tummy, then rammed her knee higher, slamming it up between Debbe’s legs so hard it lifted her feet off the mat. When Heather released her hair, Debbe crumpled to the mat, breathless and teary.

“Get up you whore!” Heather demanded as she again sank her fingers into the brunette tresses brushing her leg. Debbe staggered to her feet as the burning in her scalp increased. She tottered on shaky legs when Heather let go of the hair and sank her fingers into her bulging breasts.

“Cry for me little girl!” Heather barked as she twisted Debbe’s rack.

“Leggo uh my tits!” Debbe howled as she raised her foot and pushed the blonde away.

“Not bad; think I‘ll have some fun with these before they haul you out,” Heather giggled as she backed away.

“Try your best bitch!” Debbe barked as she tripped the blonde to the mat.

Heather rose quickly , but was tackled to the ground by the brunette. Debbe waited for the blonde to rise and pushed her foot into Heather’s gut. Debbe bulldogged her opponent down the blonde’s arms breaking her fall.

“Get up skank!” Debbe demanded as she tugged on Heather’s flaxen tresses.

Heather grabbed Debbe’s ample chest as she flashed a leg out, tripping the Toolgirl. Debbe used her foot to push on the blonde’s ribs and scrambled to her feet. Heather rolled forward and caught Debbe off guard with two hard blows to the midsection, then sank her talons deep in Debbe’s Double D’s. The fierce brunette replied in kind and - for what seemed an eternity to the two hellcats - they both pried and twisted, wrenched and crushed, pulled and pinched the others mammaries. But it was Debbe who gave in first as she couldn’t take the pain and angrily shoved the mean blonde back.

The toolgirl backed off and peeked down into her shirt to check the condition of her prize assets while the blonde inched closer. Heather banged her fist off Debbe’s left tit, then grabbed the Toolgirl’s arm. With a quick twist of her hips and a yank on Debbe’s trapped arm, Heather sent her hurtling through the air, then CRASH, down on the canvas.

“Does that hurt?” Heather asked. Debbe groaned from a kick to the ass as Heather formed her query. “Who thought YOU could give me a good fight?” Heather growled as she knelt and forced more groaning by twisting Debbe’s arm. “Get up!” she snapped as she released Debbe’s arm. “I said get the hell UP, slut!” she snarled. She drove her foot into the stunned brunette’s ribs. “Here ... let me help ya!” She laughed as she wrapped her arms around Debbe’s chest and dug her nails into the tender tit flesh as she heaved the brunette to her feet.

An Irish Whip sent Debbe slamming into the turn buckle and Heather applauded with contempt as her foe slid down to her ass with elbows on the bottom rope. Heather strode towards the corner then leapt and brought her foot down square on Debbe’s crotch. As Debbe slumped forward , Heather took hold of her shirt and pulled forward. Heather twisted and yanked at the garment as Debbe slid ahead until the blonde stumbled back holding Debbe’s red shirt in her hands.

“Please stop,” Debbe whimpered. Heather looked down at the matted brown hair across Debbe’s shoulders as the Toolgirl’s proud heaving tits pressed against the mat . The blonde straddled her foe and licked her lips as the sobbing woman made no effort to stop her from removing her shorts. “Please let me go,” Debbe begged.

Her right arm was lifted as Heather pulled on it until Debbe was forced to roll over onto her back. The blonde sat on Debbe’s gut and took hold of the sobbing woman’s ankles then pulled them towards her chest. Debbe grunted as the Heather pressed her rear into toolgirl tummy. Pressing down on her foes legs , Heather drew shrieks of agony as she forced Debbe’s legs to spread apart.

“Hush!” Heather taunted as she kept the legs spread and bounced her butt up and down on Debbe’s chest, muffling her sobs by wiggling her ass cheeks down as they covered Debbe’s flushed face. Debbe lay battered until Heather released the hold and stepped back to get a wider view of her quarry.

“Please…” Debbe whimpered as she looked up through sweat and tears at the blonde who was flashing a million dollar smile as she slowly sauntered around Debbe. Another woman from the future lay naked on her back with chest heaving and eyes pleading at Heather’s feet.

“I can’t let you go yet honey. You’re tired not broken.” Heather grinned.

She caught Debbe’s nipple in her toes and twisted. Debbe’s weak sobs were cut off when the blonde placed a foot on the downed girls throat and pressed down. Debbe tapped the mat in submission as she gagged under the heel of haughty Heather. The blonde raised her foot from Debbe’s neck , then hopped up and dropped her ass onto her victim’s chest. Heather’s eyes lit up as she felt Debbe try to get air into her lungs. Acting upon her idea, Heather slowly took her top off and brushed it across Debbe’s face. The Toolgirl’s legs feebly squirmed as she tried to buck off her attacker, then her eyes bugged out as Heather forced the top around her throat.

A quick thrust left Debbe gagging as firm hands forced her gaze up to Heather. Debbe tried to look away , but the hands pointed her eyes back to the sadistic grin , the sparkling eyes and the perfect tanned breasts hovering over her face. Debbe resignedly felt her head pulled towards the orbs and felt the full breasts rub up and down her face.

Debbe felt herself dry heave as Heather whispered, “Not yet whore!” Heather let the brunette slump back to the mat. Heather got down on hands and knees , then lay on her side next to the beaten woman. “Don’t cry ... yet.” Heather hissed as she wiped the hair away from Debbe’s weary eyes.

The blonde forced a leg under Debbe’s right arm and over her chest. The other leg pried Debbe’s back from the mat as Heather held Debbe’s head to force eye contact. Heather squeezed her legs around Debbe’s chest crushing the brunette’s tits into her ribs.

“Hope I don’t ruin those ... they must’ve cost a fortune,” Heather mocked as she watched Debbe grimace in pain.

Heather eased up on the pressure, then flashed a smile as she bore down again as Debbe grunted her protest. Heather released again as Debbe tried to squirm away.

“Going somewhere my pretty?” Heather taunted as she clamped the scissors back over the Toolgirl’s throbbing tits. “Had enough yet hussy?” Heather snickered.

She let Debbe go and Debbe did her best to nod, but was rewarded by having her right wrist gripped along with her left breast and felt her body being pulled from the mat. Heather pulled the battered woman to her knees, then put a bear hug on Debbe with her own chest grinding down the Toolgirl’s tits as Debbe’s head lolled forward into the blonde’s yawning cleavage. Heather’s eyes lit up as Debbe’s tongue slipped out of her gaping mouth and seemed to lick the blonde’s superior tits.

“Atta girl! Nice try, but hearing bones crack makes me horny!” Heather laughed as she lugged Debbe back to her feet.

The blonde slid her hands under Debbe’s armpits and bumped the brunette’s head until it rested in blonde cleavage again. Heather violently swung her legs back forcing Debbe into a seated position sending spasms of fire through Debbe’s back and expelling much needed air . Heather spun around pressing her chest on the gasping girl’s back and cradled Debbe’s legs . The blonde hoisted her victim off the mat and drove Debbe back down with a nasty impact.

As Heather rose, Debbe slumped and sagged, rolling onto her side on the mat. Heather stood over her and surveyed her work - Debbe lay expressionlessly with her head on the canvas; her famous breasts heaving weakly in the air; her right hip sinking into the soft mat as her firm, plump ass caught the sadistic blonde’s eye. Heather knelt. raised her hand and then SPLAT, WHAP, SMACK; she spanked Debbe’s ass. Soft sobs and rippling flesh of her reddening cheeks were Debbe’s only response.

“Be right back sweety. Don’t go anywhere,” Heather giggled. She went to find Debbe’s tool belt and once she did, the vixen returned to find Debbe still in the same crushed position. “Are you awake, slut?” Heather asked as she waved a pair of vice grips in front of Debbe’s glazed and unfocused eyes.

Debbe’s fresh outburst of tears was all Heather needed to see. The blonde directed Debbe’s gaze down to her chest as she began fumbling with the pliers. Once Heather had opened the pliers all the way, she placed them against Debbe’s left breast. The toolgirl tried her best to squirm away in shock as Heather slowly tightened the pliers on her nipple. Debbe spasmed in pain as her conqueror pinned her hands to the mat with her knees. When Heather release her arms, Debbe instinctively grabbed for the pliers. Heather gloated as Debbe softly shrieked in horror as blood oozed from her nipple.

“I guess that’s all for you ... well ... soon enough.” Heather taunted as she kicked Debbe over on her back. “Can you tell me how to get back to my own time?” Heather mocked as crouched, hopped and came down with her knees on Debbe’s chest. THUD! The sickening impact was music to Heather’s ears as she bounced off her victim. Debbe lay only dimly aware of her surroundings as the vexatious vixen applied the finishing breast smother.

The attendants were called after a while and they found Debbe’s battered body bound hand to foot with the tattered shreds of her own red shirt. The Toolgirl was sent back to her own time where she found find Pat Richardson waiting for her at the time machine spot…wearing nothing but a big grin and rubbing her hands eagerly.