Kiana Tom vs. Leeann Tweeden by jjj

Leeann arrived at the Playboy mansion early in the afternoon although her match wasn’t scheduled until 6:00. She wanted to spend some time going over some last minute pointers with her trainer, who she’d worked with for the last week. It was a week ago to the day her mouth got her in trouble…. It began as a friendly party at the mansion, with the regular crowd in attendance. Leeann was in the hot sun all day and after a few drinks, began to run her mouth. Leeann was talking about doing aerobic shows, and snickering about Kiana having her own show. Leeann felt she was in just as good shape as the Hawaiian, had a better face and should have her own show. Word got back to Kiana who was livid! She didn’t want to cause a scene at the party but she wasn’t about to let Leeann talk shit about her either. Calmly, Kiana approached Leeann and questioned her about it.

Just as calmly, Leeann replied, “All you do is a few five pound curls, flaunt your chest and do a little pretend sparring with wimps.”

Kiana’s blood was boiling as she now raised her voice, “Are you jealous of my chest? And those girls I spar with could beat you boxing with one hand. What’ve you ever done with your career except pose for a trashy lingerie company?”

Leeann glared at Kiana, “You don’t box, you hop around the ring with your fake tits bouncing up and down trying to turn on 12 year olds.”

Kiana fought to remain as calm as she said, “Any time you want to get in the ring just let me know, Leeann.”

Leeann who had been sitting down the whole time, jumped out of her chair and yelled, “I’ll beat you in boxing no problem bitch.”

Because of how loud she was this started to draw some on-lookers. Kiana, who also noticed the attention they were getting, appeared not to be intimidated.

“Fine one week from today, right here in the Playboy ring, 6:00 PM. I’ll be here so be prepared to get your ugly ass kicked.”
Leeann who was now really feeling the effects of the alcohol was furious.

“Ten rounds of boxing? You think you can last that long?” her words were coming out slightly slurred.

“Since I’m not drunk,” Kiana hissed. “I’ll set it up with Hef, and make sure that he has a limo for you so you can’t chicken out and no show.”

Kiana turned and strutted away, as the onlookers soon began to spread work of next week’s altercation….

Fight night! Leeann entered the mansion’s gym and saw her trainer already there waiting for her. Leeann showed no signs of outward emotion as she spent the day getting last minute pointers for her boxing match. Leeann had never boxed, so the week was spent learning as much as she could in a short time. Wrestling on the other hand was Leeann’s thing! She’d been in quite a few wrestling matches with her cousins and had handily beaten them easily and then there were the other lingerie models she’d whipped. As the time for the match neared, Leeann went to change.

Kiana had also spent the week preparing with her personal trainer who had a different outlook for her boxing match. Kiana’s approach to the bout was setting her up to take a few more shots than she would have liked, but in the end, the trainer told her it would pay off. As long as Kiana could take Leeann’s punches, the trainer assured her, she’d win by knockout. Kiana arrived shortly before the match and was escorted to the changing room.

The mansion was abuzz as time was approaching and the referee made her way down to the ring. The ref for the bout was going to be none other than Playmate Petra Verkiak and she looked great in a black thong, and a black and white stripped referees shirt tied below her huge breasts. Petra entered the ring and grabbed a cordless microphone.

“The winner of this fight will get $50,000, There will be no outside interference of any kind, and as a special request the winner of the match will have the opportunity to humiliate the loser. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of imaginations these girls have...." she laughed as she let the rest of the sentence hang in the quiet arena with a wicked little grin.

Petra then called out Leeann first and she made her way down from the dressing room to a mixed response from the crowd. Leeann was wearing a bright pink triangle bikini that didn’t leave much to the imagination. The triangles only covered about a quarter of her breasts, and the back of Leeann’s thong hugged her shapely ass. Her hair was done up for the fight, flowing over her shoulders, and her makeup looked flawless as she climbed into the ring to await Kiana.

Kiana wasn’t going to be outdone by Leeann at all and the crowd showed a much bigger pop for Kiana as she made her way down to the ring. She’d chosen a similar bikini to Leeann’s only in white, which made her dark skin look even tanner. Kiana’s makeup and hair also were flawless and she grinned smugly as she entered the ring.

Once their gloves were tied on and mouth protectors in place, the girls got ready to box. Kiana did a little foot shuffle in her corner while on the opposite side Leeann hopped up and down trying to elicit a crowd reaction. This may have garnered her some additional support, as the crowd showed its appreciation to Leeann’s breasts bouncing methodically.


The women met each other in the center of the ring, and despite her lack of actual sparring experience, Leeann looked formidable. She opened throwing a basic left jab, followed by a quick right, just as she’d practiced on the bags at her gym. Kiana easily blocked both and countered with a wide haymaker that glanced off Leeann's upper arm. Leeann used that as an opportunity to throw a quick punch into Kiana’s midsection, which again was blocked somehow.
Leeann backed up a few steps and began to bounce on her feet as she was taught but Kiana wasn’t about to stand around waiting. She stepped into Leeann firing another roundhouse haymaker, this on landing square on Leeann’s shoulder. Leeann returned a punch that hit SPLAT in Kiana’s flat midsection. The punch connected squarely, but this is what she’d spent the week training for. Kiana knew she was going to be getting hit a lot, but she remained focused on going the duration of the fight.

Leeann threw another quick left that Kiana blocked, but she didn’t have time to counter before Leeann brought a quick right that Kiana again blocked. This time Kiana managed again to land a hard punch on Leeann’s upper arm again. Kiana jumped back from Leeann and put both gloves up in front of her appearing to let Leeann charge at her but Leeann must have sensed that and she refrained from charging. Instead, she again tried to find an opening where none was present.

Kiana blocked a flurry of quick punches and returned some that Leeann was able to fend off successfully. Then Kiana wrapped both arms around Leeann, tying her up. Petra approached and quickly separated the girls but as she moved back, Kiana pushed her hands down over Leeann's shoulders, forcing her bikini straps to slip down her arms. Before Leeann could catch them, her breast sprang from its confines of her micro top.

The crowd erupted and as Kiana released her clinch, Leeann hurriedly crossed her arms over her chest and turned back toward her corner. Petra stopped time for the round while Leeann’s trainer pulled her top back into place. Petra waited for Leeann to return before calling for the action to continue.

The girls met again in the center of the ring and Kiana fired a series of wide swings that again landed on Leeann’s upper arms. Leeann this time fired a quick punch that connected with Kiana’s face. The punch caught Kiana by surprise and she backed away to let her head clear. Kiana brought up her gloves just in time to block another rabbit punch from Leeann but she was prepared for the punch better than she let on, and she again fired a vicious haymaker that thudded into Leeann’s bicep seemingly doing no harm.

Kiana backed up a few steps again with gloves up guarding herself as she waited to see Leeann’s reaction. Leeann faked a quick left and then threw a high right hoping to connect over Kiana’s guard. Kiana blocked both and fired another haymaker into Leeann’s upper arms. Leeann was waiting for this opening and she again fired another punch; this one square into Kiana’s left breast. Kiana couldn’t have trained for this pain and she turned her back to Leeann, hunched over holding her gloved hand over her breast.

Leeann was winding up to fire another punch to the back of Kiana’s head when the bell rang to end round one. Leeann went back to her corner more confident than at the start of the fight. Kiana had only hit her in the arms and her trainer encouraged her to keep up with the quick strikes, rather than going for the kill. Kiana tried to shake of the effects of the chest punch as she listened to her trainer insist on keeping up with her current strategy in order to reap the rewards. The rest was short lived as the girls again met in the center of the ring.


Kiana opened the second round again by throwing a wayward punch only to connect with Leeann’s bicep. For the first time Leeann winced as the punch hit home, but responded by throwing a quick left, that Kiana was able to block. Batting away Leeann's glove, Kiana continued forward, faking a right to the body to make Leeann bring her arms together, then jabbing hard with her left again into Leeann’s upper arm. Still pressing her attack, Kiana fired in a combination of her own left, right, left all three punches taken on Leeann's upper arms.

Leeann quickly backed out of range, not enjoying the new experience of boxing as Kiana bore in until a quick jab from Leeann smacked into her midsection, stopping her attack. Leeann wound up a fired a roundhouse that Kiana managed to slip under and then came up and fired a cross into Leeann’s shoulder. Leeann winced again as the punch connected and she backed away a few steps.

Springing back forward, Leeann launched a two fisted attack on Kiana catching her with a stiff jab in the face. Kiana was prepared though and fired a brutal hook to Leeann’s chest that flattened her right breast! Leeann yelped, dropping her glove to her chest as she reeled back out of instinct. Kiana's next punch whistled wide as Leeann backed out of range.

Leeann spun around, bringing a huge roundhouse that narrowly missed Kiana’s head and left her off balance and exposed. Left-right-left, Kiana's fists thudded against Leeann's arms. Leeann fired her glove towards Kiana's face in response, but Kiana easily avoided the weak jab and quickly drove another hard right into Leeann’s chest that made her wince as she dropped her hands.

Kiana was expecting exactly that reaction and switched targets! Leeann's wide open head shot back from a nasty right that forced her back against the ropes. Leeann shook her head trying to clear it as Kiana pounced, firing a right cross that narrowly missed her head. Leeann swayed sideways and desperately pawed out a left, catching Kiana on the side of the head and making her step back.

Leeann came off the ropes and quickly fired a double left jab to Kiana’s face, the first missing, the second one landing. Leeann then tagged her with a right to the temple and now the black-haired girl was sent staggering back to the ropes. Leeann pressed her advantage and fired a right uppercut to Kiana’s chest swiftly followed by a left hook to the head that sent Kiana slumping to the canvas.

Petra came over and counted to five as Kiana shook her head to clear it as she started to rise. Straight away she was up, Kiana attacked, driving Leeann back with another two-fisted assault to both upper arms. Leeann’s only response was another punch to Kiana’s midsection, but Kiana landed another haymaker on Leeann’s upper arm.

Leeann reacted instinctually, firing her other fist into Kiana's face and staggering her backwards. Kiana bounced up and down to clear her head, then came in low, keeping her gloves held close to her head. Leeann was gaining confidence and fired a huge right uppercut that would have taken Kiana's head off had it landed. But it missed and Kiana drove a left into Leeann's arm this one electing a gasp of pain.

The bell sounded just as Petra stepped in to break the girls apart and Leeann walked back to her corner meeting with her trainer.

"My arms are killing me I can barely lift them," Leeann griped as the trainer massaged her shoulders and arms.

Kiana’s trainer was happy with her performance in the round, as Kiana anxiously awaited the next round to begin. Her wait was short lived as the girls again met in the center of the ring.


The next round opened similar to the last as both girls met in the center this time a little more apprehensively. Leeann opened things by throwing a rabbit punch that Kiana was easily able to block. Seemingly falling into a pattern, Kiana's response to the punch was another shot squarely to Leeann's upper arm. Leeann grimaced but tried to throw a haymaker that didn’t come even close to landing. Kiana started to see Leeann’s punch lacked the speed and power of earlier. Again she fired two more punches into Leeann, connecting with only one to her biceps. Leeann backed away quickly to regain her composure but Kiana was on her in an instant, firing punches without care. Leeann was visibly shaken although most of Kiana's punches were blocked by her upper arms.

Kiana changed her focus and fired a nasty uppercut that landed on Leeann's face, rocking her back on her heels as she slumped against the ropes. With her arms grasping the ropes to hold her up, Leeann left her body exposed. Kiana’s eyes lit up seeing the two massive targets and she fired a big roundhouse, connecting flush on Leeann’s' shapely left breast. Leeann went straight down and as she fell, Kiana delivered a vicious kick to her tight stomach.

Leeann lay on the mat holding her damaged breast and gasping for air while Petra ran over and warned Kiana about the kick. Petra didn’t even start to count since Kiana kicked her, but Leeann had been down for far more than ten seconds. Using the ropes to drag her self up, Leeann glared at Kiana.

"You fucking whore, your gonna pay for that you bitch."

Leeann charged Kiana and as she neared she fired a kick of her own that landed squarely into Kiana's thigh. Kiana winced from the kick but kept her composure enough to fire another right that landed flush on Leeann's left breast again. Leeann pulled back angrily as Petra wrestled the two apart, issuing a warning to Leeann who was pouting as she massaged her breast. Kiana and Leeann agreed to continue to box, and again met in the center of the ring.

To no one's surprise, Kiana fired another punch into Leeann's arm and she was very slow in blocking the punch, the next punch again landed into the same spot and Leeann quickly back peddled but then stopped to throw a punch. The punch was clearly telegraphed and Kiana had no problem blocking it, following up with a roundhouse that hit Leeann's lower shoulder hard enough to rock her off balance briefly.

Leeann seemed to be saved by the bell as she was noticeably slowing down and her trainer looked on with concern as Leeann was having trouble lifting her arms while he massaged her shoulders.

"You have to keep her from hitting your arms, you need to show more of an offense."

Leeann was grimacing from the pain, not really paying attention to her trainers words but instead trying to focus on the pain coursing through her upper arms. Kiana on the other side was in much better shape, smiling as her trainer complimented her on her performance.


The bell rang and the girls were called to the center, Leeann arriving much later than the now-eager Kiana, who was also quick to toss an insult, "Just give up now bitch, and I'll make the humiliation that much less for you."

"Fuck you!" Leeann shouted as she charged at Kiana. Kiana expected it and she drew back and fired another punch that Leeann barely raised her arm in time to block, connecting on her bicep again. Leeann gasped and fired a punch that landed weakly on Kiana’s tight stomach. Her response was immediate; Kiana fired another punch to Leeann's upper arm and as Leeann backed up again, Kiana was all over her, firing punches so fast that Leeann desperately tried to clinch with Kiana.

Luckily, the shaken Leeann managed to tie up Kiana but only long enough for Petra to run over and break them apart. When they were separated, Leeann found that she was having trouble getting her hands up, her gloves suddenly seemed to weigh ten pounds each. Kiana was all smiles as she bounced over to Leeann and flicked out a jab to test her reaction Again, Leeann would have been late in blocking and that was what Kiana had been waiting for!

Kiana reared back and heaved in a shot that landed flush on Leeann's perfect face. Leeann knew she was in trouble as she tried to get her gloves up to her face and it felt like her arms wouldn't respond. Kiana again fired another punch this time into Leeann's exposed belly. She gasped as she felt herself getting dizzy. Kiana saw Leeann was in trouble and drove another cruel shot to Leeann's sore left breast.

Leeann gasped and fell down on all fours, her head hanging down as she shook it and frantically fought to regain her composure. Her breast was throbbing and her head was spinning. The count reached four before Leeann started to rise and she was visibly shaken as she stood and shook her head to clear the cobwebs.

Kiana could sense victory and again charged Leeann. Out of sheer desperation Leeann fired a punch that caught Kiana off guard. She followed with another punch that Kiana blocked by luck, but Leeann kept swinging and her rabbit punch struck home in Kiana's face. Kiana jumped back out of range as another punch just missed the tip of her nose. She paused and tried to refocus. This time Kiana approached more cautiously and waited for Leeann to take the offensive.

Leeann started to throw a punch, but Kiana quickly blocked it and pounded her fist into Leeann's ribs. Leeann gasped as the air was knocked out her. She struggled to get her gloves up but Kiana never gave her a chance as she fired another punch to Leeann's temple that stunned the brunette. Leeann's eyes started to glaze over as Kiana again landed another punch to Leeann's aching arms. Leeann dropped her arm, leaving her chest a perfect target for Kiana's next blow.

Kiana reared back and put her entire weight into a vicious right hand that flattened Leeann 's sore left breast like a pancake. Leeann's breast shot up out of her bikini top and as the fleshy globe settled back down outside the cup, Kiana again fired a second fist that pinched the now exposed sensitive nipple between her suit and Kiana’s glove.

Leeann squealed in pain, in a world of hurt as she turned her shoulders desperately trying to shield her breasts. Kiana again fired a shot to her head that sent Leeann back into the ropes. Leeann had to use the ropes to hold her up. She was dazed, unaware of where she was. Kiana came over and fired a shot that slammed into Leeann's head causing her to slowly turn back around facing Kiana. Kiana couldn’t hide her grin as she fired a brutal shot into Leeann's other breast.

Leeann was still wincing from that as Kiana’s next punch landed, to her exposed breast, a huge uppercut! The big breast flew up as Leeann reeled, her mind screaming with pain and almost out on her feet. Kiana fired another haymaker, this time into Leeann's face, knocking the brunette back into the ropes where Leeann's arms flopped over the top rope, her butt sitting on the second strand the only thing keeping her up on her feet.

Before Petra could get over to start counting, Kiana landed a hard, wicked, flurry of punches into Leeann’s breasts as she slowly began to slide down the ropes. Petra dragged Kiana back to the center off the ring, then returned to began the count as Leeann's body landed on her butt and toppled over to lay sprawled on the mat. Even when Petra’s count reached ten Leeann still hadn't stirred.

Petra shrugged, took the microphone and announced, "The winner off the contest, the lovely Kiana Tom!!! And now sweetie you get to have some fun with that loser Leeann. Here, lemme get these gloves offa you."

Kiana's eyes lit up as Petra finally got the gloves off of her hands. As soon as the gloves were off Kiana walked over to Leeann who was still out on the mat.

"Not so tough are you, hot shit," Kiana taunted as she bent over the fallen beauty and jabbed her in the breast with her toe.

Leeann was just coming to when Kiana pulled her up by her hair. Leeann was a clearly out off it and would’ve fallen but for Kiana holding her up with an arm around the waist gripping her thong. Kiana unclasped Leeann's top and let her magnificent, but bruised, breasts spill out into the open. Kiana fired another punch into Leeann's left breast and the shock of the pain quickly snapped her back to be aware of her predicament. Her breast exploded with pain as being punched by a bare fist, rather than glove, caused immense pain.

Kiana turned Leeann to face her and used both hands to grab Leeann's breasts. She began squeezing as hard as she could, pushing Leeann backward around the ring as Leeann hopped from one foot to the other and begged to be released but Kiana kept up the pressure.

Then, without warning, Kiana viciously brought her knee up into Leeann's crotch. Leeann's mouth dropped open as she crumpled to the mat, while Petra watched in awe. Leeann was gasping for air, one hand holding her damaged breast and the other massaging her crotch. Kiana fired a kick to Leeann's rib cage as the brunette groveled begging for mercy on all fours. As Leeann collapsed on her belly, Kiana walked over and picked up Leeann's bikini top, then hauled her back to her feet.

Kiana placed Leeann in the corner, draped an arm over each rope and pulled her arms together behind the turnbuckles. She tied her wrists together behind her with her own top, knotting it several times to ensure Leeann wouldn't escape. With Leeann now completely helpless, her arms draped back over the ropes and her chest was thrust out, Kiana took a step back to admire her handiwork while she decided what to do to Leeann next.

Finally, she walked over to her boxing gloves and pulled the laces from both. Returning to Leeann, she tied her ankles to the bottom ropes leaving the brunette completely defenseless. When Leeann finally came back to full consciousness, a look of horror crossed her face as she realized her predicament. She pleaded with Kiana for release but Kiana's reply was another vicious punch to Leeann's discolored breast. Leeann screamed as Kiana fired a kick into her exposed crotch and tears started streaming down her flawless face.

Kiana grabbed Leeann's damaged breast and showed no mercy as she violently raked her nails across her nipples. Leeann's body thrashed as she tried to buck free from her bondage while Kiana sadistically tortured her right nipple. Kiana began to pull the nipple with her nails as Leeann's body jerked and bucked with pain, blubbering incoherently as tears poured down her face, onto her breasts and trickled down her cleavage onto her heaving belly.

Kiana finally released Leeann's nipple, but only to drop to her knees, her eyes level with Leeann's crotch. From this position she reared back and fired a punch to Leeann's pussy and Leeann passed out from the pain. Leeann was still completely out of it when Kiana raised her hands in victory and paraded around the ring. Petra came over to hug Kiana and give her a long, lingering kiss to congratulate her on her hard fought victory.

Leeann's trainer finally entered the ring and untied her lifeless body as Kiana left the ring to the cheers of the fans. Leeann's trainer signaled for a stretcher to be brought out to carry the battered unconscious beauty from the ring as the crowd oohed and aahed at Kiana’s cruelty.