Black Triple Threat (Traci Bingham-Naomi Campbell-Tyra Banks) by TNT

"Uhhhh, ohhh, ughhh" the beautiful busty black woman moaned as she desperately tried to block her two lovely attackers incoming fists and hard slaps. "No, please, stop it, you two; two against one isn't fair! Owwwwww! My boob…STOP…somebody, anybody, HELP!"

Too bad no one was around to help - the two double-teaming beauties made sure of that! Now they had their gorgeous prey trapped; all alone in the luxurious ladies room where a helpful bystander guarded the door; directing ‘needy’ females to another restroom. A fist plowed into Traci Bingham’s luscious firm left breast-as eager fingers ripped at her dress. The expensive fabric put up slight resistance to the insistent tugging.

"Go for her bra!"

“ARRRGH!“ Traci screamed again just before her luscious lips received a hard SLAP! Long strong fingers clamped onto a breast as sharp nails buried themselves in her tight abs.

"Come on, Naomi, get with it, lets strip her!."

In desperation Traci grabbed for the top of one attackers low-cut gown. ‘At least I'm somewhat lucky,’ she thought as she pulled and felt the gown ripping. But then strong fingers grabbed her hand and sharp nails dug into her wrist. Something hard smashed into her groin and a shriek passed her quivering lips. She was in trouble! Traci kicked her leg out hard -fortunately her dress had a long slit down the side, quite sexy, and great for necessary catfight moves, desperate moves, for a desperate situation. Her foot smashed into one attackers leg, she heard a pained shriek! Damn! Her heel was loose. A strong hand grabbed her leg-fingers dug deep into her luscious thigh.

"It might be wise not to fight back so hard, sugah," an angry Naomi advised.

Traci screamed as her right nipple exploded in pain. Only a woman - an angry woman - could be so vicious. And Traci knew this woman could be mean. She’d seen her attacker work over several beauties and she'd heard stories of her catfighting nastiness.

"Always wanted to mess with a lovely Baywatch Babe," Naomi snarled as she slipped her fingers up under Traci’s bra, grabbed her hard dark nipple and yanked the full mound out of its confinement.

"Me too! Two models against one athlete; wonder who'll win?" Tyra laughed.

Tyra made no effort to cover her large breasts which were about to burst out of her tight plunging bra. She was angry that Traci had ripped her gown but, what the hell, a small price to pay for a little fun. She laughed as Traci, courtesy of a burst of angry, frightened, energy, broke loose from Naomi and - in desperation or stupidity - grabbed Naomi’s blouse and tore it wide open. Naomi rolled her eyes in disbelief, smiled and punched Traci hard in the face. As Traci fell backward, Tyra caught her under the arms and stood her upright.

"That was really stupid Traci. Now you're really gonna get it girl; hold her Tyra!"

Naomi moved in fast...

"Hold her still!" Naomi snapped as Tyra put the screaming Baywatch beauty in a Full Nelson and arched her backward, forcing Traci’s full, lovely, bosom out and up. Naomi cupped a full, firm, exposed breast then squeezed hard; enjoying the feel of the stiffening nipple against her palm. "You are built girlfriend," she purred, licking her lips as she ran her free hand over the bra-clad breast. Traci’s bra was torn and Naomi felt the nipple stiffen. She grabbed the cup and yanked down until the loose bra gave way.

She twirled the erotic trophy in her fingers and crowed, "Hey Tyra, look what I got; a hot boobie-catcher from a hot Baywatch babe," she saw Tyra’s eyes sparkle and noted her smile as she gave the bra a toss.

"Bend her back a little more, I like that," Naomi ordered as she stepped forward and pushed her firm little breasts into Traci’s as Traci whimpered, desperately wanting to escape. "What’s a matter, you looked scared?" Naomi taunted; slipping her hands up under Traci’s left breast, pushing it up until the hard nipple jutted straight out. "My, my you not only look scared but horny too," she teased as she tweaked the stiffening nipple.

Hearing the desired moan, Naomi stepped back, aimed a fist and smashed it into the large boob knocking it upwards.

"Aieeeee!" Traci shrieked and struggled so furiously hard Tyra almost lost her hold.

"I said hold her dammit; you idiot!" Naomi snarled as she grabbed Tyra’s hair and yanked; then gave her co-conspirator’s lovely face a hard stinging WHAP!.

"What the hell? Why'd you do th… Yeowwwww!” Tyra’s surprised inquiry stopped mid-sentence as her captive suddenly twisted her upper body hard and smashed an elbow back into her breast. The painfully direct hit made Tyra release her luscious prey.

Traci’s lightning fast punch barely grazed Naomi’s gorgeous face, lightly glancing off her cheek. Good thing her reflexes were fast or Traci’s punch might have put her to bed - or at least in la-la land. Traci threw another punch, this one hitting Naomi’s arm. Wide-eyed, Traci bolted for the door, but Naomi’s long leg flashed out, sweeping her fleeing opponents leg and sending Traci sprawling on her chest across the tile floor. Like a cat, Naomi sprang, diving on her; slapping Traci; pulling hair to roll her onto her back, then snapping short staccato punches into her belly, ribs and those big, bare, breasts.

Tyra recovered quickly and joined the fun. Traci screaming as the two attackers switched tactics, stripping her down to her pantyhose - and then shredding those as well! Tyra captured Traci’s long, gorgeous, wildly kicking legs after a brief struggle and scissored them. Then she reached up to find something interesting to play with.

"Looks like we gotcha now baby cakes," Naomi laughed as she straddled Traci and settled her tight ass on her abs; her fingers capturing Traci’s wrists and pulling her arms down to pin them at her sides under her knees. "Go ahead, scream, squirm, struggle, shit, it’s all the more fun for me…I mean us," Naomi taunted as she reached up and latched onto two large beautiful breasts; her fingers digging deep into the firm orbs.

Naomi’s comment made Tyra curiously angry. She wondered just how much Naomi really wanted her help. She wondered why she’d even agreed to this little skirmish; because while she disliked Traci she hated Naomi - even lately since they had “made up.”

Tyra wasn’t sure why, but something about her sister-in-the-modeling business ruffled her feathers, her gorgeous bodacious feathers and Naomi’s unwarranted and hard, stinging, slap a few moments ago only made matters worse. Tyra stared at Naomi as she worked their beautiful captive over. Traci was moaning with a combination of pain and pleasure as Naomi worked one breast over painfully with one hand; the other sensuously with the other.

‘That would feel bad…no good…no bad,’ Tyra thought, beginning to feel quite warm herself. After years as a top supermodel, Tyra was no stranger to the scene; having been “indoctrinated” herself as a newcomer; then having “shown the new girl the ropes” on more than a few occasions.

"No, don't, don't, NOOOOO…" Traci blurted out.

Blinking out of her reverie, Tyra looked up to see Naomi standing over her, smiling; her eyes filled with taunting mischief. Tyra looked at her face, Naomi appeared fearful, disgusted. Tyra smiled and gave a hard yank, ripping Traci’s pantyhose down to her knees, baring her thick pelt of pubic hair. Tyra knew very well what Naomi had in mind and she smiled as Naomi slipped her hands up under her skirt, gracefully slipped down her silk panties and gave them a toss. Then Naomi slowly lowered herself onto Traci’s face.

"Now, go for it, bitch!" Naomi snarled as she grabbed Traci’s hair and forced her face up between her spread legs.

Soon, Naomi’s gasps, groans and shrieks of ecstasy filled the lovely lounge. Tyra wiped the perspiration from her own brow as she watched Naomi tweak her stiff nipples through the sheer lace bra she wore as she continued her joy ride. Finally, Naomi’s "ride" was over and she seemed happily exhausted.

"Gosh Traci, you are good, surfer, swimmer, satisfyin' good…SOOOOOO good girl," Naomi giggled as she slowly slid back off her face and leaned over to stare down at her sticky, flushed face.

"You bitches!" the ungrateful, angry captive shouted. Traci puckered her luscious lips preparing to spit at her tormentor but Naomi’s fist came flashing in hard and fast. CRACK!

"Nighty-night! Sleep well my little dream girl," Naomi snarled as her knuckles mashed the vulnerable beauty’s jaw.

"To fight and resist me is stupid - for anybody," Naomi said, glaring at Tyra as she stood up, straightened her skirt and adjusted her bra, pulling it up over her small, firm, perky breasts which had almost escaped the sexy confinement as she gave them her attention during her bouncing ride.

"Is that a threat or something" Tyra asked as she released her scissors on the legs of their unconscious captive.

"Take it however you wish to," Naomi harrumphed as she walked over and picked up Traci’s bra, thinking it would be a great souvenir. Naomi had a nice collection of bras and panties she’d taken from her beaten foes. In fact, one whole room in her home was devoted to her ‘collection.’ One wall held the lingerie of famous singers: Toni Braxton’s panties; Alicia Keys’ bra and Janet Jackson’s…well, lets just say something Janet had no intention of giving up.

Another wall displayed souvenirs from actresses such as Halle Berry’s thong; Sharon Stone’s dress; Jessica Lange’s bra; Annette Bening’s panties and three bras and two pair of panties from one of Naomi’s favorite ‘party girls’ the legendary Charlize Theron! That wall also held Naomi’s most precious treasure, a shredded evening gown the one and only Pamela Grier had been wearing one night when, fortunately for Naomi, Pam proved to be a little too drunk and a bit too old. Pam had a terrible day but Naomi had a very, very lucky good day.

"I think we need to talk," Tyra said as she got up and stepped up to Naomi.

"Oh yeah? Really sugar? Well, in that case, just let me say…" Whammmm! Naomi’s fist hit its mark perfectly. Tyra’s head snapped back. "You bitch, you've had this coming for a long time!" Naomi screamed as she fired two shots into the surprised Tyra’s face and a third one deep into her soft stomach. "You think you're so hot! Modeling shows; Oprah’s friend! You and those big boobs; your big mouth."

WHAM! “Unnnhh…” SLAP! “Ahhhh…” WHAM! “Ohhhh…” Each well-placed punch or slap was followed by a grunt or moan from Tyra as she tried unsuccessfully to block Naomi’s attack as she back-stepped, stumbled and staggered around the room. Naomi drilled a perfect uppercut to Tyra’s chin and. as her legs began to buckle, Naomi grabbed Tyra’s bra by the shoulder straps and pulled her forward - right onto her rising knee as it powered up into her unprotected pussy!

"Uhhhh…noooooo," Tyra gulped as Naomi grabbed a handful of hair, jerked her off-balance and rammed her face into the wall. BONK! "Wha…noooooo," Tyra slid down the wall to her knees, her body folded forward, hands between her tightly squeezed thighs as her head and shoulder leaned on the wall. Naomi’s fast fingers skillfully released the catch at the back of Tyra’s bra and tugged at it.

"Stop Naomi…you're making me mad dammit. STOP IT!!" Naomi just laughed. She was always surprised at how little trouble she had whenever she faced off with ‘big bad Tyra’.

"Here, lemme see your face, girl. Did I hurt you real bad?" Naomi grabbed Tyra’s hair and pulled her over backward. Tyra had to put her hands down on the floor behind her as Naomi jerked her head back. Naomi caught a glimpse of Tyra’s angry eyes, a split second before Tyra’s fist exploded into her pubic bone. After her fist found its target, Tyra rose to her knees and snapped her head forward. The vicious head-butt to the doubled over Naomi sent her flying, sprawling backward with her long legs spread. Tyra got a look at what Traci had seen up close and personal.

Tyra got up and stepped toward her spread-eagled taunter. "Take this you smart-alec bitch!" Tyra screamed as her foot crashed into Naomi’s ribs.

“UNNNNGH!” Naomi grunted as Tyra attacked her furiously; kicking and punching. Tyra’s angry fingers soon left Naomi stripped naked. Tyra stood back and admired the gorgeous body of her scheming rival. Naomi’s nipples were as hard, big and stiff as they’d been for her earlier joy ride and Tyra knew Naomi was secretly enjoying this fight as much as she herself.

"Thought I was still a pushover, huh? Well, you were wrong this time, Nomi! Now, I'm gonna twist your tits off; take a picture of your defeated hot body for Traci and maybe make copies for all the others you've whupped down through the years," Tyra bragged.

(Whupped? Tyra couldn't believe she was talking like that. What would dear old Oprah think? On the other hand, she'd enjoyed this kind of scene in the past…)

Tyra bent over, grabbed Naomi’s hair and…WHOMP! Naomi’s flashing foot smacked Tyra’s full breast and she shrieked in agony as she spun away, clutching the throbbing tit with both hands. Naomi’s leg sweep brought Tyra down on top of her and she quickly grabbed Tyra’s hair, lifted her head and BONK returned her earlier head-butt!

Naomi’s long, strong, fingers slipped easily under Tyra’s loose bra and clamped down tight on her huge, soft breasts. Naomi’s sharp talons dug into the sensitive flesh as she plunged her thumbs deep into the nipples, inverting them.

"ARGHHHH!” Tyra wailed. She’d never felt such excruciating breast and nipple pain - well, not since the last time Naomi got her hands on them. (For some reason, Naomi always had a talent for tormenting Tyra’s tits!) Then Naomi’s long legs swept upward, wrapped around Tyra’s waist. Naomi locked her ankles and, after a brief-but-furious struggle, Naomi once more was on top of Tyra.

"You should know better than to ever mess with ME, you stupid bitch!" Naomi snarled as her fists smashed down over and over onto her sobbing rivals full breasts. After pounding Tyra’s tits flat, Naomi’s hard, furious fists attacked Tyra’s jaw and flawless cheeks until her dazed eyes were filled with tears. When she was finished, Tyra lay sprawled on her back, hands limp at her sides; one leg tucked neatly under the other. Naomi slowly stripped her captive until Tyra was left in only a pair of expensive, Victoria’s Secret silk panties.

"First, I’m gonna show you some of my fav moves," Naomi snickered. She mauled, twisted, pinched, slapped, punched Tyra’s breasts - and did other, more excruciatingly painful things to her pubic mound and pubic hair. Naomi’s torture sent the gorgeous busty model into a new orbit of pain! "OK, I’m going to let you go now," Naomi laughed as she climbed off of her hugely hurting rival.

Tyra writhed on the floor between Naomi’s towering legs, her hands slowly rubbing the numerous sore spots on her lush body. When Naomi turned around to pick up something, however, Tyra bolted for the door. But Naomi moved like an Olympic gold medalist and brought her captive to the carpet - how the woman loved a chase! After another brief struggle, Naomi had Tyra trapped in a waist-crushing scissors. While one hand resumed mauling Tyra’s luscious breasts, the other grabbed her panties and jerked up hard, giving Tyra a painful wedgie!

"Noooo…please…" Tyra moaned as Naomi jerked and sawed the tough material back and forth. Tyra shrieked in agony as the skimpy material all but disappeared into the two creases of her lower body while her thick-thighed luscious legs bicycled desperately in the air. Then Naomi released her panties and began to yank Tyra’s lush pubes.

"Ready for some fun now, hon? I know I am!" Naomi laughed. A few good nipple pinches, pulls and twists and sharp nails teasing Tyra’s clit quickly made Tyra more than willing to comply - well, at least it ended any resistance - to whatever Naomi wanted. Naomi smiled, grabbed the back of her rivals head and forced Tyra’s tear-streaked face between her legs. "Now lets have some serious supermodel tongue," she giggled. “You still remember how it’s done, don’t you lover?”

Tyra’s groans became softer and then she fell silent but Naomi’s moaning not only grew louder but more rapid. "Tyra honey, you always were good! Oh gawwwwwwd are you the best! Yes…YES…YESSSSSSS!" Another joyfully victorious ride for Naomi Campbell ended in her full and total satisfaction - as usual!

After her lust had been satisfied, Naomi leaned back and looked around at the tile floor littered with Tyra and Traci’s clothing. "Gosh, what should I take this time? Well, let’s see…oh, I forgot something.” She turned and fired a punch to Tyra’s jaw! "Nighty-nite," she chuckled. "I can always use another of these," she muttered picking up Traci’s bra. Then she collected Tyra’s, muttering, "I’ve already got plenty of yours, but I think I’ll use THIS one to strangle your friend Oprah! That broad’s panties will probably fill a whole wall!"