Tina Turner vs. Victoria Principal by TNT

“So you don't like my music, huh? Well I don't like your face."

Whaack! Whap! Wham! A blistering backhand slap, two light but solid tap like punches to either side of the lovely face. So began Victoria Principal's crash course in Music Appreciation 101 delivered by one angry musician, Tina Turner.

Every patron at the posh nightclub deemed themselves incredibly lucky as they watched the exciting female-female fight escalate to a most erotic hot catfight right before their eyes. Victoria had been making snide remarks about Tina's singing most of the evening. A bit too much to drink had put her in a catty mood and the chuckles and laughs she got from those sitting near her table as she mimicked the singer only emboldened her. Of course, Victoria was totally clueless about the anger building in the delightful singer who hid her growing rage very well...until break time!

"You stupid bitch! How dare you mock me!" Tina snipped as she grabbed a handful of Victoria's hair in one hand and the front of her low-cut dress with the other. Dazed from the initial blows and a bit tipsy from the booze, Victoria took a hard swing. She felt her dress rip and the pain shot through her scalp from the hair pulling but she landed a light blow to Tina's jaw.

"So ya really wanna go at it, huh lady? I'm game!" Tina said as she did a bob and weave, easily ducking Victoria's wild hay-makers. A quick jab to the busty actress's stomach took away Victoria’s breath; two light taps to the ribs followed by a stinging backhand sent Victoria staggering backward and her high heels didn't help the lovelies balance either.

"Get her girl! Give it to her; she's got it comin'!" the crowd screamed, encouraging both women.

Sensing the patron's excitement and favorable feedback, Tina smiled most mischievously. "Show us your big tits, Victoria dear," Tina shouted as she zipped in, tore her rival's dress open down the front, grabbed her black bra by the shoulder straps and yanked it down around Victoria’s waist. A red face, a loud scream and two huge beautiful breasts on full display were Tina's instant reward. Then those two lovely moving targets were promptly fired upon, Tina’s hard knuckles nailing both thick, stiff, bulls-eyes.

"Owwwwww...unnnnhhhhhh," Victoria groaned as she pawed and grabbed for Tina's flashing fists.

"Now that's a surprise," someone noted as Victoria succeeded in grabbing both of Tina's arms at one time. She angrily jerked hard pulling the singer off balance and then a rather lucky, but wobbly leg shot out, hooked it's target and another shove sent Tina sprawling on her firm butt!

"Here take this," a perky bargirl chirped as she handed Victoria a full glass.

(Splooosssh) The alcohol hit the rising singer full in the face - temporarily blinding her. Victoria’s next haymaker landed CRACK and Tina went flying, long luscious legs over teakettle. Looking at her beautiful body, every part seemed vulnerable - not to mention raising the room temperature a good 19 degrees.

"Now I'm gonna kick your cute buuuu…ARGGGHH!" Overconfidence, moving too fast, and for pete's sake, not paying attention plus not very skillful at fighting were the factors. A hard punch right where it counts was the fact.

"Stupid broad!" Tina snapped as she watched Victoria almost swallow her own tongue, stagger, sway and drop her hands to the area of "concern."

"Now it's gonna hurt sweetie. Ready for another round? Or two?" Tina grabbed a double handful of the older woman's hair, jerked her head from side to side, released the hold and delivered several good hard backhands.

"Look at those big jugs bounce," an excited observer noted. "I wonder if Tina's gonna…OH YEAH!!”

Some questions or suggestions are taken seriously; even in the heat of the moment of catfights in bars. (Though most of us never will see this kind of thing)

Slap. Slap. Slap. This time a bit lower. Victoria screamed as her breasts felt the stinging attacks. Then she did something those watching will never forget…she turned and started to run away! Tina charged after her, leaped and took her down with an expert tackle. Rip! SLAP! Riiiiiiip. SMACK!

"Amazing. The ol’ gal barely suffered a scratch."

"Or anything ripped," another said with a trace of disappoint. Tina’s sexy outfit sure did move around a bit during the fight, but that was all for the winner, and totally in control, singer.

"And this settles it!" Tina snarled as she positioned her rival's chin perfectly, wound up and…

WHAM! Victoria's eyes fluttered shut as she dropped in slow motion to her knees, then toppled over to sprawl spread-eagled on her back. Tina straddled Victoria’s limp body and began ripping and stripping; tearing away the last of her remaining tattered clothing like the catfighting pro she was!

"That was fantastic!"

"Think we'll get an Encore?"