Shania Twain vs. Jennifer Lopez by (unknown) 01-Aug-99

This match was set to be an all out hard-core battle between these lovely and well endowed ladies. Shania came to the ring confident after her overwhelming victory against Britney Spears. She was dressed in her familiar leopard print pants and tight fitting top. Jennifer strutted to the ring wearing a bikini top that was two sizes two small causing her ample tits to spill out the sides of it, but that wasn't the skimpiest thing she had on. When she bent over to enter the ring her ass completely swallowed the tiny pink thong she was wearing. The crowd was going crazy and it was obvious Shania was fuming.

"Hey you fat slut get that ass in the ring so I can ram my foot up it!!!"

Shania yelled at her dark skinned rival.

"This ass is going to smother that pretty little face of yours dear" Jennifer spat back.

The bell rang and the two hellcats charged each other the ample bodies colliding in the center of the ring. Both woman tore at each others hair and faces trying to get the upper hand. Finally Jennifer succeed by ramming her knee up into Shania's pussy causing the star to double over. Jennifer quickly capitalized on her move by bringing her knee up into Shania's left tit sending the star backwards howling in pain. Jennifer pressed her advantage tearing into the country stars top ripping it free from her body exposing her large white breasts.

Grabbing Shanias tits Jennifer used them to whip Twain across the ring slamming into the corner chest first. The country star screamed loudly as her huge tits were mashed into the corned she turned slowly around clutching her aching tits only to be met by a clothesline from Jennifer sending her over the ropes and to the floor. Jennifer slowly climbed outside the ring picking up the tortured country star and setting her up to be thrown into the ring stairs.

Suddenly Shania reversed and sent Jennifer flying head first into the stairs were the hot Latina's body crumpled to the ground. As the Latina star tried to recover Shania grabbed a chair and waited for Jennifer to rise. Unknowingly, Jennifer got to her feet and turned around only to be met by a crushing chair shot to the head sending her back to the ground. Shania now picked up the dazed Latin star and rolled her into the ring dazed. In a attempt to completely humiliate Lopez Shania began to strip her completely naked.

The crowd loved it as their hero was back in control. Shania decided to end it, taking her bottoms off she revealed her nicely trimmed bush to the crowd and begin a picture perfect facesit on Jennifer.

The Latin star struggled wildly as Shania laughed and taunted her, "What's wrong dear, cant handle a real star?"

Slowly Jennifer's struggles slowed and it looked liked Shania would win yet again.

Suddenly Shania's shrieks filled the arena and the star dropped to her side clutching her pussy and sobbing loudly. It was instantly apparent to the sold out crowd what had happened. In an act of desperation Jennifer had bitten down on Shania's exposed crotch. The fiery Latin star rose to her feet and pounced on a sobbing Twain, she tore her bottoms off now both woman were completely nude as Jennifer rained punches down on the country star.

Shania was in trouble as the lovely Lopez forced her to her feet by hair and slammed a knee into her stomach. Shania doubles over in front of Lopez and sets Jennifer up for her favorite move, the piledriver.

Jennifer grabs Shania's waist and lifts her high in the air then drops her head first to the mat. The country star's body recoils like a spring her whole body laid out across the mat. Jennifer had the match one but was not satisfied. She exited the ring grabbing the chair that Shania has previously used on her. She spread the half conscious country star wide open and slammed the chair down between her legs, one, two, three times before discarding the chair. Shania now lay on the mat screaming and crying in pain as Jennifer stood over her.

She sobbed out, "That's enough! You win. Please stop!!!"

Jennifer held her arms up in victory looking into the crowd she saw her next opponent staring back Salma Hayek.