"Tooth-n-Nail": Terri Welles vs. Shannon Tweed by kit

"What about him?" Debbie asked Karen as their waiter left after taking the girl's drink and lunch order.

"He's do-able," giggled Karen.

"Bitch, you'd do anybody," teased Shannon.

"Oh, and like you don't?" said Lisa, playing along.

"At least I'm gettin' mine," Shannon said back to Lisa.

"Hey, bitch, I'm gettin' mine too," laughed Lisa.

"So is anybody dating any really hot hunks?" asked Debbie in an excited, girlish tone.

"Terri is," buzzed Liz, "and he's gorgeous...yum-yum."

Terri blushed as she felt the groups eyes fall upon her.

"Is that right?" asked Karen, leaning across the round table.

"Weeeeell...I don't want to brag," grinned Terri sheepishly.

"Go on, bitch...brag," laughed Debbie.

"Is he hot?"

"Is he hung?"

"Does he make your toes curl?"

Terri leaned back and laughed. "Hold on, hold on. One at a time."

"What's his name?" asked Karen

"Where'd ya meet him?" Debbie asked.

"His name is Mark and he was my loan officer at the bank where I got my car financed," said Terri. Shannon glanced at Debbie. A few chills ran up her spine. Debbie and Shannon were best friends, but Debbie didn't look Shannon's way as she quickly asked what bank. "First Federal," added Terri, not giving the question a thought as Karen asked how he was in bed. While Terri told the group Mark was super in the sack, Debbie and Shannon looked at each other. There was a look of sadness in Shannon's eyes and a look of pity in Debbie's.

Somewhat of a ding-bat, Karen suddenly blurted, "Hey, Shannon, aren't you dating a guy that works at a bank? And isn't HIS name Mark?" Terri quickly looked across the table and locked eyes with Shannon. Suddenly, her stomach tied in knots and her mouth went dry as cotton while her throat felt as if two hands were now choking it. Lisa and Liz looked back and forth at the two blondes, quickly getting the picture as Karen waited dumbly on her answer.

"Well..ISN'T it?" asked Karen, still stupid.

"Shut the fuck up!" said Debbie in disgust.

A stunned look spread across Karen's face; then it hit her. "Ooooh." A hush fell across the table. Terri and Shannon looked away from each other. Terri took a sip of water while Shannon unfolded her napkin and laid it in her lap.

"Here's the waiter," mumbled Shannon, breaking the chilled atmosphere of the lunch.

"Geez, Karen, you're such an idiot," bitched Debbie.

"I'm sorry. I..." said Karen.

"Oh, just shut up," interrupted Debbie.

After the waiter gave them their drinks and appetizers, Shannon and Terri glanced quickly back and forth at each other from across the table. A sick, sour feeling filled their stomachs as they knew that they had been fucking and sucking the same cock. Naturally they wondered which of them was better in bed and which one Mark would eventually choose.

"Excuse me," said Terri getting up.

"Where ya goin' Ter?" asked Lisa, her best friend of the group.

"Just to the bathroom," said Terri, touching her on the shoulder.

"Want me to come?" asked Lisa, seeing the hurt in her eyes.

"No. It's OK," Terri said, turning to leave. Shannon watched her new rival leave as Debbie tried to drum up some conversation to break the tension.

"I'll be back," said Shannon, rising from her chair.

"Oh...OK," said Debbie.

"Are you alright?" asked Karen.

"Karen!'' Debbie whispered sharply. "They need to talk."

Looking at herself in the mirror, Terri blinked back the tears she so desperately wanted to shed and drew in deep breathes of air, half expecting (but fully hoping) Shannon to walk in. Shannon paused at the door. Brushing back her hair, she took a deep breath, exhaled, then entered.

"Are we alone?" asked Shannon very quietly, peering under the stalls.

"I didn't know," said Terri.

"Didn't you now?" asked Shannon, referring to the time in high school when a similar thing happened.

"And just when did you start datin' him?" said Terri, noticing the sarcastic tone and returning it.

Choosing the words that would do the most damage, Shannon replied, "I've been sleeping with him for two months now."

"Uh-huh, well so have I!" said Terri, with a little toss of her hair. They stared quietly for a few seconds. In high school, as well as now, Terri and Shannon had never really liked each other. Shannon was more of a fixture of the group, but because of her friend Lisa, Terri weaved in and out of the circle.

"I guess we've been played," said Shannon.

"I thought there might be another woman, just never figured it was you!" said Terri, nodding.

"I suspected the same," agreed Shannon.

"So what now?" asked Terri, folding her arms.

"Well," paused Shannon, slowly straightening her long legs and resting her hands on hips. "I'm pissed, but I'm not about to give him up and I'm definitely not about to share him."

"I see…" said Terri, tapping the toe of her shoe on the tile floor a few times. Shannon, shaking back her hair, ever-so slowy started to circle Terri who tossed back her mane and lowered her hands to her hips as she turned with her.

"Well?" asked Shannon, stopping.

"Well what?" Terri asked, stopping with her.

"Are you going to still sleep with him?" asked Shannon, taking a little step forward.

Terri took another step forward until their breasts were nearly touching as they looked down their noses at each other. "I'm pissed too, but I'm definitely not about to dump him…or share him with you!" Nose to nose, they could almost taste each other's lip gloss as the perfume they wore swirled about their heads and reacted violently in a smell that would gag a septic worker.

"Then I'd say we have a problem," said Shannon.

"Looks like," agreed Terri.

Shannon's blue eyes danced with Terri's brown eyes as they tilted back their heads and made their nipples just barely touch. "Bitch, I always hoped it would come to this someday," whispered Shannon, gently pushing her nipples into Terri's nipples.

"So have I, bitch," Terri said softly as they rolled their nipples together in a circle.

With legs spread and eyes locked, Shannon and Terri curled up their lips and furrowed their brows as they rolled their matching 36C's back and forth across each other.

"I can't wait to catfight you," Terri spoke after several seconds.

Shannon nodded. "I'm gonna enjoy tearin' out all your pretty blond hair and gettin' my nails in your face."

Terri nodded. "Bitch, you'll be bald and clawed first."

The two leggy blondes then leaned fully forward, their breasts mashing and mushrooming over their bras as they both moaned in their throats.

"Today!" moaned Terri.

Shannon moaned, nodding, asking, "Your place or mine?"
"Are you OK?" asked Lisa as the two women returned to the table a few minutes later and sat down.

"Everything alright?" Debbie asked while Shannon returned to her seat.

"Yeah, I'm fine," said Terri.

"It's cool," said Shannon.

There was a few seconds of quietness as the group didn't know what to say. "Well," blurted Karen with a chuckle, "at least we didn't hear any fur flyin'." Shannon and Terri chuckled with the group as they looked across the table at each other. If only their friends knew the truth.

"C'mon, Karen!" said Terri. "We're all adults now."

"Yeah," said Shannon. "We're just gonna confront Mark and make him choose. There's no need to catfight over this."

Things returned to normal between the group as the waiter brought their lunch; however, Shannon and Terri hardly ate. Catfighting, not food, was first on their minds and in their stomachs. As the group hugged and split up in the parking lot, Terri and Shannon were driving over to Terri's place to fight since Shannon lived in an apartment and Terri rented a house with a big, private backyard. Debbie and Lisa watched as their best friends drove off.

"Think they're going to fight?" asked Lisa.

Debbie pondered. "I don't know...maybe. Shannon really likes Mark; I don't think she'd give him up without a fight."

"Yeah, well, so does Terri," said Lisa. "You realize don't you that they've never really been friends."

Debbie looked at Lisa a few seconds. "Yeah, I know."

"Maybe we better stop 'em?" suggested Lisa.

"No," Debbie said, thinking. "It's between them. I think they need to settle it. Wouldn't you want too?"

Lisa nodded. "Yeah, I would. You're right."

Debbie chuckled, then bragged, "I'm always right, bitch."

"Ha-ha, bitch. Fuck you," joked Lisa.

Shannon and Terri were both very beautiful and attractive 24-year-old females with bodies that rivaled each other in every way. Both had wavey blond hair beyond the shoulders. Terri's hair was a little longer, curlier and thicker, and bit darker as she had black roots. Shannon's hair was soft and wispy, more golden-yellow, but both girl's hair perfectly matched the hair between their legs.

At 5-10 and 128 pounds, Shannon was a little taller and heavier than Terri's 5-9, 120 pound frame. But Terri's body sported a sun kissed bronze tan, while Shannon's skin was white, almost milky. Both were in fit, tone condition, with full, perky 36c breasts and matching 36" hips. Shannon's smooth, creamy belly was 25" compared to Terri's flat, soft 24" tummy.

Terri pulled into her driveway and got out as Shannon pulled in behind her. "Let's go, bitch," said Terri, heading around the side of the house as Shannon got out of her car.

"I'm ready, bitch," said Shannon, following her. Unlocking the 8' privacy gate, Terri led Shannon to the middle of the yard where she turned around and kicked off her shoes, saying, "I've wanted to have a catfight with you since high school."

"Well, I've always hated you too, bitch," said Shannon, stepping out of her shoes.

"Yeah, well, I always knew you were jealous of me," said Terri, pulling her red summer sweater over her head.

"Ha! Me jealous of you!" exclaimed Shannon, unbuttoning her white blouse. "I don't think so."

"It's true, bitch," said Terri, tossing her top away. "Then why did Doug dump you for me?"

"Bitch, I dumped Doug," said Shannon, pulling off her blouse.

"Yeah, right. You just weren't woman enough to handle him," said Terri, unzipping her shorts.

"That's a fuckin' lie, bitch," said Shannon, throwing her blouse on top of Terri's sweater. "I can screw better than you any day of the week."

"Oh, please, bitch. Then why's Mark fucking me too?" asked Terri, sliding her shorts past her sexy hips. "Because you can't handle him."

"Well, bitch," argued Shannon, pushing her shorts down her broad hips, "if that's true, then why's he still fuckin' me and not just you?"

Terri was stumped for a second. Kicking her shorts away, she said, "You're a pity-fuck."

"And you're just a pitiful fuck," said Shannon, stepping out of her shorts and kicking them aside.

"Fuck you, bitch!" shouted Terri, with a running kick aimed for Shannon's midsection.

Shannon half blocked and stepped around the sneak attack as she reached out and cupped Terri's red bra.

"Ooooww!" squealed the stunned Terri as she doubled over, grabbing Shannon's wrists.

"How's this feel, bitch?" asked Shannon, slipping her fingers inside of Terri's bra and scratching her.

"Sssshhhit! My tits!" cried Terri, taking a handful of hair and yanking Shannon's head straight back.

SLAP! Shannon's cheek burned from the slap, and she let go of Terri's titties.

"Bitch!" shouted Terri, tossing Shannon's head to and fro with both hands filled with hair.

"Ooooww! My hair!" Shannon screamed, slapping Terri hard across the left cheek.

SLAP! Terri cried out, but made Shannon cry louder as she tore out a fist of her hair from the back.

"Yeeeeooooowww!" wailed Terri, lifted to her toes as Shannon grabbed the front of her waistband and hiked her red panties up her pussy.

"How do you like it, bitch?" asked Shannon, pulling. "Eeeeooowwwee!"

"How do you like it, bitch?" replied Terri, jerking the front of Shannon's white panties up her blond snatch.

Spinning out of control, Terri and Shannon used both hands as their panties stretched out and rode up their pussies. Screaming and swearing, both girls tore off the other's panties as they lost their balance and fell to the ground in a heap. Quickly Shannon rolled on top and pinned Terri's arms down over her head. Sliding her long, pale legs around Terri's long, tan legs, Shannon secured her flat down and began a full body press using her tits and crotch to grind and pound with.

"Uuummpphhh. Uuummpphh," grunted Terri, struggling and twisting her body with no avail. "Get...off."

"Never!" responded Shannon, rolling with her tits and rocking with her hips.

The girls could feel the hairs of their fuzzy mounds knot up as their pussies began to bud open and suck on each other.

"Get your nasty pussy off mine," grunted Terri, thrusting up.

"My pussy is gonna whip your pussy," huffed Shannon, pumping down as, cheek to cheek, their faces touched as their pussies took each other on in a catfight.

"Your pussy isn't strong enough, bitch," groaned Terri, her tits mashed under her bra by Shannon's bra-covered tits.

"Yes it is, bitch," said Shannon, feeling herself open up with Terri. For several minutes Shannon kept Terri pinned and under control as their pussies grew wetter and hotter and spread further open. Suddenly their clits touched, and both shuttered upon impact.

"Oh gawd!" Terri gutted out as Shannon's clit invaded her hood.

"Mmmm, yes!" groaned Shannon as her hard, pointy horn slashed up and down with Terri's equally hard and pointy horn.

Terri's pussy began to burn and ache, and Shannon had to bite her lower lip to quail her rising tide.

"You fuckin' bitch," moaned Terri, on the verge of cumming. "I hate you." Shannon could fell Terri's pussy lips tingle as the steam from their hot sex drifted up their bellies and swirled in the cleavage of their battling breasts. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck you! I'm gonna cum!" cried Terri as the dam along her pussy walls was about to break.

Suddenly, Shannon stopped and sprang to a sitting position over Terri's belly. She knew there was nothing more painful than having an orgasm aborted, and Terri's quivering pussy and screaming pains was testament of that. "You thought I'd let you cum on me, bitch?" shouted Shannon, slapping Terri across the face. "You're fuckin' crazy!" she answered herself, adding another slap to Terri's face.

"Oooh...you bitch!" screamed Terri in pain all over, bucking to get free while Shannon jerked down her bra and stretched out both of her fleshy areolas. "Aaaaaarrrrgggg!" Terri cried, bucking and pulling at Shannon's wrists.

"I'm gonna twist these fuckers off!" shouted Shannon, twisting Terri's nipples back and forth as she screamed. Terri slapped the shit out of Shannon, freeing her nips, but Shannon came right back racking her nails across the top of Terri's chest. Terri cried as red welts instantly appeared.

"You bitch!" Terri yelled, her right hand going for Shannon's mound.

"Yeeeeoooowweeee!" screamed Shannon, sending an ax-handle chop with her right hand and striking Terri in the pussy with it from behind. Terri grunted and her body jolted, but she made Shannon see stars as she plucked out four fingers full of priceless, gold pubic hairs. "Aaaaaaaarrrggggg!" wailed Shannon, rolling off of Terri.

Getting to their knees, both girls glared at each other with teary eyes as they took a deep breath and got up. Terri moved in with a slap that rang Shannon's ears just as Shannon doubled her over with a thumping fist to the belly.

"Aaarrrmmpphh!" grunted Terri, jacked over and clutching her bruised abs.

Shannon locked her up in a headlock and drove a fist into her face, cutting the flesh along the eye with her ring. "I'll teach you, you fuckin' cunt!" yelled Shannon, grabbing Terri's dangling right nipple and twisting the living fuck out of it. Terri screamed like a banshee, but jerked back hard on big fist of hair.

"Oouuch! My hair!'' cried Shannon, letting go of the nipple and headlock. Taking each other by the hair with both hands, Shannon and Terri dug their heels into the lawn and flat got busy pulling. They shook each other back and forth. They slung each other from side to side.

"Oooowww! Leeeeee' ggggooo!" cried Terri, slapping Shannon across the cheek with her right palm.

SMACK! "Oooowwww! Yuuuuu leeeee' ggggooo!" screamed Shannon, treating Terri's cheek to a taste of her open hand.

POP! "Ooouuucchh! Yuuu bbbbitch!" swored Terri, smacking Shannon's face again.

SMACK! "Ooooowwww! Cuuuunt!" cussed Shannon, blistering Terri's cheek again.

POP! "Yeeeeeoooooww!" screamed Shannon as Terri tore out another big fist of her thin blond hair from the back.

Throwing herself into Terri, Shannon speared her to the ground and applied another body press, pinning her arms over her head and securing her legs with her own. "You're gonna cum this time, slut," said Shannon as she positioned her golden box against Terri's dark-blond box and started humping.

"No I'm not, bitch!" said Terri, as the two pussies slapped up and down with each other.

"Um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um," huffed Shannon, trying to get her clit tangled up with Terri's clit again.

"Ung, ung, ung, ung, ung, ung. ung, ung, ung, ung, ung, ung," grunted Terri, their pussies swapping vaginal fluid as each tried to hold back the incoming tide. Both shuddered as their clits rubbed each other, then they backed off and fought.

"My clits harder!" moaned Terri.

"Cause you're more turned on," moaned Shannon. "You know my pussy is better'n yours!"

The girls continued to trash each other's snatch while their pulsating clits wiggled and fought to make the other cum. Shannon forced Terri's legs further apart as she ground her pelvis in bruising fashion with Terri's. Beads of sweat popped up on their foreheads and ran down their cheeks, while huge sweat bead formed in their jungles and clung to their hairs. Shannon squinted her eyes. Her sex was boiling and she knew she couldn't hold out much longer. Terri felt the same pressure building deep inside of her, and she too knew the end was near.

"Cum, bitch," grunted Shannon.

"YOU cum, bitch," huffed Terri.

They fucked like mad as their clits tangled back and forth between their hoods. Shannon pumped down hard. Terri thrust hard upward.

"Oooohh gggawd!" groaned Terri as her clit turned back against the force of Shannon's clit.

"Cum, dammit!" Shannon almost begged as her clit whipped Terri's clit under control. Terri's body went stiff, only her hips shook as she sang out loud and long and blew a huge wad of girl cum up Shannon's pussy. The feel of Terri's massive orgasm squirting up inside of her was too much to overcome, and she spit pussy cum right back into Terri's pussy. "Oh gawd," groaned Shannon, rolling off and on to her back. For a moment or two, Shannon and Terri lay next to each other. Their bodies glistening in the sun with sweat and sex as their breast rolled and their bellies lifted and fell with them.

"Oh, you fuckin' bitch," said Terri. "I fuckin' hate you."

"So you've had enough, slut?"

"I made you cum," said Terri.

"Yeah, but I made you cum first."

"That doesn't prove nothin', bitch!" remarked Terri, sitting up and wiping her brow as Shannon sat up with her. "It proves my pussy is stronger. If you're hopin' this is over..."

Shannon interrupted, "Bitch, I'm not done with you yet."

"And I'm not done with you either, slut," said Terri. Both got up and removed their bras, leaving them totally naked and staring at each other.

"Let's fight," said Terri, putting up her fists.

"Let's," agreed Shannon, balling up her fists. The two women circled each other once, and then Terri stepped in with a right hook. Shannon easily ducked under it and countered with a right of her own that slammed into Terri's belly.

"Uuugghh!" grunted Terri, peddling back and holding her abs.

"C'm back, bitch," said Shannon, lunging with a swing. Terri blocked the blow and lashed out with her nails, catching Shannon across the cheek and collecting flesh under her talons. Shannon yelped out, but threw her left arm around Terri's neck and pulled her over in another headlock. Quickly she drove her right fist into Terri's face, pulping her upper lip. She also added a swipe of her nails across Terri's cheek before latching on to her right tit and squeezing the shit out of it.

"Fuuuuuuck!" cried Terri as her precious tit was stabbed by five angry nails.

"Aaaaaarrrggggg!!" screamed Shannon suddenly as her womanhood was squeezed by Terri's twisting left hand and fingernails.

"How's that feel, bitch?" asked Terri. "Yeeeeooowwww!!"

"Hurts, doesn't it," replied Shannon, her right hand gripping Terri's foxy sex. "Sssssshhhhhit!!"

Terri tore out a lump of her pubic hairs. "I can take more than you. Aaaarrgggg!!"

Shannon ripped out a wad of Terri's pubic hairs. "Take that, bitch! Yeeeeoooowww!!"

"Fuuuuuuuuck!!" cried Terri.

The two girls grabbed the back of each other's hair and were now pulling hair at both ends and screaming. Terri ran her nails thru Shannon's mound. Shannon pinched Terri's pussy lip. Terri plucked out more cunt hair. Shannon twisted her fingernails in Terri's hump. Terri squeezed Shannon's pussy. Shannon raked her nails thru Terri's fuzz. The girls sank to their knees screaming and pulling head hair while squeezing pussies. Terri grabbed two hands of Shannon's head hair and pulled her down. Shannon pulled Terri off of her by the back of the hair.





Over and over and over Terri and Shannon slowly rolled. Their hands painfully pulling hair as their tits and pussies fought and their legs scissored and squeezed and battled to get around the other's waist.

"Oooowww! Le' go my hair, bitch!"

"Fuck you! Oooouuuuch...mmmy hair!"

Unlocking her legs with Shannon's, Terri twisted Shannon's head hard by the hair and worked her way behind her. Stretching Shannon's head back by the top of her hair, Terri slipped her long, golden legs around Shannon's smooth, supple tummy and scissored her. She also ran her fingernails over Shannon's breasts before latching on to the left one and screwing her nails in.

"Uuuunnnggg!" groaned Shannon as her belly was squeezed. "Yeeoooww! Sssshhhhhit mmmy tit! Mmmy fuckin' tit!" Terri's tan, toned thighs tightened and flexed against Shannon's soft, creamy tummy as her highly polished red fingernails bore holes into her pale, milky jug. Shannon pulled on Terri's wrist with one hand as her other dug into her thigh and clawed.

"Sssshhhhit," winced Terri as Shannon drew blood from her brown thigh.

Terri kept her leg scissor and tit torture up for nearly a minute before she had to let go. Shannon's sharp talons were just too much as her thigh was sliced open and showing droplets of blood in nine different places. But the fighting didn't cease as Shannon rolled around to face Terri where they wrapped up in a duel bearhug. Hugging each other tightly, the two blondes went at it with each other as they fought exclusively with their tits and pussies. With their tits together, Shannon and Terri tangled nipples as their large areolas swelled and drew up. Down below, their foxy jungles locked hairs as their pussy lips sealed up in a vaginal kiss and showed their sex horns at each other.

"Bitch, I'm gonna burn you down," huffed Terri, on top and thrusting down with her clit.

"Bring it on, slut. I wanna settle this like women," Shannon puffed, her clit up for the challenge.

Hugging tightly, Shannon and Terri where cheek to cheek, hissing insults in each other's ear as their meaty nipples and pointy clits catfought to determine the winner. Hot, wet and ready to go, their pussies fucked while their beautiful, matching tits and nipples mashed and dueled.

"Uuuummmm," moaned Shannon as Terri's nipples inverted her nipples.

"Aaahhhh," Terri groaned as Shannon's clit slid up her hood.

"Oh fuck," Shannon swore as her clit was turned back.

"Ah yes," said Terri as her clit tangled with Shannon's clit. Shannon was on the verge of cumming, but she gritted her teeth and forced them into a roll where she came out on top.

"Fuck," moaned Terri, now on bottom with Shannon's clit up in her hood. Shannon's titties also took over as they mashed Terri's flat; her nipples penetrating Terri's nipples.

Terri's pussy lunged upward, driving her clit high and hard into Shannon's hood. "Aaaaaahhhh!" groaned the 5-10 blonde as she was now rolled over on her back and under Terri's grinding body as Terri rolled her tits on Shannon's while their hard clits catfought in Shannon's pussy.

"Cum, you fuckin' slut!" demanded Terri.

"You can't…make me….bitch," grunted Shannon, fighting back the wave rising in her hot, blond pussy as Terri fucked her hard; her stiff clit tearing up Shannon's clit as her nipples completely inverted Shannon's nipples. "Ssshhhit! Fuuuck! Fuuck! Nnnnoo!" cried Shannon, holding on to her sex for dear life. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Oooooooohhhhhh!!! Mmmmmm!!!" Shannon blew all over Terri's pussy. Thinking she'd won, Terri relaxed and quickly found herself rolled over and on her backside with Shannon still fucking the shit out of her. "You didn't think this was over, did you, bitch?" asked Shannon, her clit deep inside of Terri's pussy. "I can out-fuck you any day."

Terri fought back, punching her clit into Shannon's snatch, but Shannon punched right back and buried her clit in Terri's twat. "OUCH!" winced Terri, as Shannon's nipples inverted her nipples. "Mmmm, my clit."

"That's right, slut!" laughed Shannon, fucking Terri's guts out. "Your clit can't take it."

"Mmmm...my clit's better," moaned Terri, fighting back her demanding urge.

"I've got the hotter pussy, and you know it, bitch," stated Shannon, pounding Terri's cunt.

"I'm...I'm...I'm...Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Oooooooooohhhh!!! Mmmmmm!!!" wailed Terri as she shot hot, slick cum all over Shannon's pussy. After cumming, Terri's arms fell from around Shannon's back and her body melted as Shannon collasped on top of her. Their breasts deflated and their pussies unsucked, leaving only their tummies lifting and falling together at the belly button.

"Oh gawd," whimpered Terri.

"Mmm...shit," whispered Shannon, unlocking her long legs with Terri's long legs.

It had been a lengthy, brutal, exhausting catfight, but Shannon had won. Moving into a straddling position, Shannon's hot ass sat on top of Terri's smokin' snatch as she rested her hands on her hips in a victorious position.

"Looks...like...I...won," Shannon labored to say. Terri's eyes were closed and her head rolled slowly back and forth. "You're...the...toughest...bitch...I've...fought," breathed Shannon.

Terri opened her eyes and looked up at her rival. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, she swiped her right hand across Shannon's cheek, ripping out three, long lines, "I'm not done with you yet."

Shannon squealed in pain, but instinctively threw her right fist into Terri's left tit. Terri gasped, but uncorked her right fist across Shannon's jaw, knocking the blonde off. "You bitch!" she shouted, getting to her knees as Terri rose to all-fours.

Shannon unloaded her left fist across Terri's cheek, cutting the flesh with her ring. Terri's head snapped, but she rose to her knees and popped Shannon across the mouth, busting open the lower lip and cutting the upper lip with her ring. But just as Shannon was getting punched in the mouth, her right fist was hammering home into Terri's nose.

POP! Terri's pretty head snapped back and blood shot straight out, but she fell forward into Shannon and grabbed her by the tits.

"Yeeeoooowww!" cried Shannon as her globes were squeezed! Shannon took Terri by her tits, and from their knees the two girls stood and squeezed. Fingernails twisted and clawed, making them both scream as flesh collected underneath. They butted forehead as they pinched each other's nipple and pulled. Terri was dazed and woozy from the punch to the nose and unexpected head butt. Shannon took her by the tits and slammed them together, digging both long, thumbnails into the areolas and drawing blood.

"Aaaaaaarrrrggggg!!" screamed Terri, but still pinching on Shannon's areolas. Shannon cried out and threw back her head. She ripped her nails down both of Terri's tits. Terri wailed in utter pain, and screamed again as Shannon stretched out both of her areolas.

"Aaaaaarrrgggg!! Give!!" screamed Shannon as she and Terri stretched each other's tits out by the nipples. For 15 solid seconds the girls held their breathes with gritted teeth and tossed back heads as they simply pulled straight out on each other in agonizing pain.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck!! Mmmmmmmy t-i-t-s!!!" screamed Terri.

"G-i-v-e!!!!" demanded Shannon, yelling at the top of her lungs as she shook Terri's tits up and down by the nipples.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggg!!!" cried Terri, slapping Shannon's hands off her tits and instantly falling into a fetal position on the ground before Shannon. Shannon clutched her own breasts, crying, but Terri was tightly holding her breasts, bawling and screaming in pain. Shannon grabbed a handful of Terri's hair and pulled her head back.

"N...n...n...n...n...no...mo...more. P...p...p...please!" sobbed Terri. Shannon tossed her head back into her chest and collapsed on her back in victory.