Tweeden Tales #5 by jjj (based on the work of IRISH)

Karen and Vicky charged for the door Morena had just disappeared through It was hinged on the right and opened out and as they burst through it into the chilly night, a large spotlight over the door illuminated the area. As her eyes refocused in the changed light, Karen saw Morena dead center standing in a circle of light from the spotlight still decked out in her police outfit. Morena posed confidently with hands on hips, just smiling as Karen came through the door with Vicki right behind. Karen's instinct tingled for a split second, why was the bitch so defiant when she was about to get her ass kicked?

Vicky was just a step behind Karen as only one person could fit through the small door at a time. The large blonde came to an abrupt halt, almost running into Karen's back as she slowed her charge. Before Vicki's eyes could make the transition from the dimly lit warehouse to the brightly-lit loading area outside, everything went black! A red warning light snapped on in the back of Karen's mind when she heard Vicky grunt and fall to the ground behind her. Spinning around, Karen's pulse raced as she saw a woman advancing out of the darkness in a gray sweatsuit - none other than the half-beaten Brooke Burke slowly advancing and calmly slapping Morena's nightstick on her palm with an evil grin.

"After what you and that cow did," Brooke screamed. "You're both fucking dead!!!"

Karen was totally stunned by the turn of events and with Vicky down and out, she was on her own against two very pissed off women - one brandishing a weapon! 'This can get real ugly real quick,' she thought as she turned to face Brooke. 'I've got to take that stick away from her so I can beat both their sorry asses with it!'

Suddenly another figured emerged from the shadows, none other than Carmen Electra who had attended the costume party with the girls. She looked incredible dressed as a cheerleader in a short white flared skirt and micro top that exposed a lot of tight stomach. She had white knee socks and matching white sneakers and her long brown hair cascaded over her shoulders as she began to walk with hips swaying toward Karen who knew she REALLY had to get that stick away from Brooke in a hurry and she began to close the distance between them. But as she did, Morena sprang into action and jumped on Karen's back, wrapping her in a bearhug. Karen thrashed about, straining with her arms trapped at her sides. She struggled to break free but was having a hard time trying just to maintain her balance. Just as it finally seemed she was starting to make some headway in her fight for freedom, Brooke rammed the nightstick deep into her belly knocking all the wind out of her with a pained grunt. Morena renewed her crushing bearhug, her strong arms encircling Karen's chest preventing her from getting air to her deprived lungs to replace what she'd just lost!

Morena pressed forward forcing Karen to bend at the waist; but as Morena's feet lifted off the ground, she quickly grapevined them around Karen's knees, forcing her to spread them apart. Karen couldn't remain upright with Morena's weight on her back and Morena rode Karen face-first to the ground. Her hands immediately released the bearhug and went to Karen's long brown hair and in seconds she secured a tight grip. Then Morena began scrubbing Karen's gorgeous model's face on the ground.

"Mpphhhh!" Karen gasped as loose soil and dirt was forced into her nose and mouth as she struggled to breathe. Carmen used a length of rope she'd brought and tightly bound Victoria's wrists behind her back. Brooke rolled Victoria over onto her back and screamed, "You fuckin' blonde slut! You're gonna pay for what you put me through!" She buried her foot in Victoria's pussy which immediately brought the blonde screaming back to consciousness as pain exploded in her crotch. As she screamed, Vicky she couldn't even massage away the pain with her wrists in restraint.

"You damn bleached blonde tramp!" Brooke raged. "Just wait till you see what I am going to do to you!"

Enraged, she slammed the nightstick into Vicki's forehead, sending the blonde back into blessed darkness.

Carmen and Brooke looked to Morena who still had her hairhold on Karen, "We're gonna get Leeann. You be OK?"

Morena didn't answer other than to lift Karen's face out of the dirt, "Wadda you think?"

Karen's once gorgeous face was covered with dirt, scrapes and scratches. The area around her eyes looked like a mud pie where her tears had mixed with the dirt. Brooke and Carmen chuckled as they headed toward the door Vicky and Karen had so recently come bursting through filled with confidence only to meet stunning defeat.

Meanwhile, inside, Anna was rummaging through various devices leaving Leeann's lifeless body in the stockade. The huge blonde's face lit up as she hefted a 3-foot long whip with four leather tips. Smiling from ear to ear she strolled back to Leeann.

"Don't worry bitch," Anna giggled. "I don't THINK the welts will be permanent!"

Anna swaggered back and forth in front of Leeann, playfully cracking the whip with one hand. The comment barely registered on Leeann who offered no response. Anna walked around the contraption and eyed Leeann's incredible ass bent over at waist level.

"My, my, my such a big, lush, juicy target!" Anna laughed.

Getting in perfect position, Anna raised the whip, drew her arm back and with a cruel leer swung as hard as she could.

CRAACK! Three of the four whip tips tore into Leeann's bare cheeks and the pain immediately brought Leeann around and she shrieked from the pain of the leather biting into her tender skin. Red welts appeared as Anna reared back and struck again. CRAAACK! This time, all four tips cut into Leeann's already tender cheeks and tears began to stream down the brunette's flushed face.

"Please....Pleeasssse stop!" Leeann begged.

Anna just grinned as the whip found it's luscious target yet again. CRAAAAACK! Welts criss-crossed Leeann's ass as the whip slashed across her fleshy bottom a fourth time. Anna stepped back grinning; Leeann's ass was dark red and covered with huge, tender, welts. Anna raised the whip again but this time she lashed Leeann's lower back, slightly above the cute little dimples over her ass.

"AAEEIIHHH!!!!" Leeann shrieked, writhing as the tips shredded her formerly flawless flesh. WHAAACK! The whip tips again found their target, this time Leeann's upper back just below the shoulderblades. Anna backed away a step, then brought the whip barreling down the length of Leeann's blistered bottom again. Anna let the whip drop, her massive chest heaving; seemingly tired of flailing away at the trapped brunette. Leeann's body was in terrible condition; her shapely ass covered with deep red welts and her lower and upper back slashed with angry pink stripes.

"God damn I'm hungry!" Anna said to no one in particular.

Not surprisingly, Anna had grown hungry from the exertion of beating both Leeann and Brooke in the same day. She quickly left the trapped model to search for a fastfood snack. Neither Karen nor Vicky dared say anything about her eating habits to her face but Anna knew by the way they stared at her when she dislocated her lower jaw to swallow food whole like a chicken snake, that they didn't approve! 'A quick bite and I'll be back before they return,' she thought as she headed toward the old cafeteria where there were still some vending machines.

Just as Anna turned the corner, Brooke and Carmen entered the warehouse from the opposite end. They tiptoed to the large open area as stealthily as possible and Brooke's heart sank as she saw Leeann in the stockade. As quickly and quietly as possible, she approached the restrained model while Carmen scanned the surrounding area keeping a lookout for Anna. Leeann looked like hell and as her glazed over eyes saw figures in the shadows, she screamed a plea for help.

"Shut up!" Brooke scolded as she slipped her hand over Leeann's mouth to silence her cries. "Where's fat bitch?" she asked.

Brooke removed her hand from Leeann's mouth and she gasped, "She just went through that door over there." She nodded in the direction Anna had left with a jerk of her head. "Quick...please get me out of here before she gets back!"

Brooke and Carmen went to work on the restraints at Leeann's wrists trying to free her. After a few seconds they had the wrist restraints off and the top off the block raised. Leeann couldn't even straighten her body and needed Brooke and Carmen to support her as she stood. Leeann was a mess; her breasts caked with wax; her back and ass were covered with welts from her vicious whipping. Both girls began helping Leeann toward the door, never noticing a large shadow that crossed their path. After a few seconds, Brooke crumpled to the floor when Anna Nicole smashed the forgotten nightstick on the back of her head. All three girls fell as Brooke dragged the others down with her to the cold concrete.

Anna's gaze lingered on Brooke for a second, "What the hell are YOU doing here? Didn't you get enough in that bar bitch? And who the fuck is this?" she asked, kicking Carmen who was trying to get to her feet. Leeann lay motionless in a broken heap on the floor.

Anna brandished the nightstick at Carmen who was looking for a way out of the trap. The large blonde smirked as she saw fear in Carmen's blue eyes.

"What the hell...? Is everyone dressed like idiots for a day?" Anna asked as she took in Carmen's costume.

Anna lunged at the gorgeous brunette who backed away just in time to narrowly avoid the butt end of the nightstick. Carmen was cat-like in following up, however, and slammed her fist into Anna's soft belly.

"UMMMPH!!" the giant blonde moaned as she buckled at the waist, dropping her weapon.

Carmen knew she couldn't carry both Leeann and Brooke so she had no choice but to try to take Anna out. Picking up the nightstick, she slammed it into Anna's kidney, knocking the blonde to her knees. Anna looked up at Carmen just as the brunette brought the stick down against her temple. Anna's eyes rolled back as her large frame crashed to the concrete and lay limp. Carmen looked around to make sure there weren't going to be any more surprises, then went to check on Brooke. Leeann was struggling to get to her knees, but Brooke was still out.

"Come on Leeann, help me get you and Brooke up, we've got to get out of here fast!" Carmen said as she slid an arm under Leeann's waist, dropping the nightstick in the process.

Leeann moaned as she groggily made it up to her feet, taking it step by step; each one eliciting a groan as waves of pain shot through her battered and abused body. After what seemed an eternity, Carmen finally made it out the side door of the warehouse and walked Leeann over to their car. Propping her against the car, Carmen reached in the back seat and handed the brunette a pair of gray shorts and matching shirt. Leeann looked helpless as she slowly pulled the shirt over her head, wincing as the material lightly brushed her destroyed breasts.

"Here let me help you with the shorts," Carmen said kneeling and leaning forward to slide the material up Leeann's trembling legs and she almost cried when the material molded itself to her welted ass. Helping Leeann into the car, Carmen could only watch as Leeann squirmed trying in vain to find a way to sit on her battered bottom. "Sit tight in the back, I'll be back in a few seconds!" Carmen said, then she dashed back into the warehouse to get Brooke.

Out back in the loading dock area, Morena had Karen well in hand. She pulled Karen up by the hair and wrapped her legs around her waist, locking her ankles just above the Playmate's pussy. With her first powerful squeeze, Karen spit out a big glob of dirt just as if Morena had performed a Heimlick maneuver. Karen's gasp followed by a moan was the first thing Vicky heard as she came back to consciousness. Pain filed her head and crotch but she began frantically working at freeing her wrists. Seeing Karen was in trouble, Vicky knew she had to free herself fast before Morena's shapely legs crushed Karen's slender waist so much that she passed out from lack of air - which would leave her bound at Morena's "mercy."

"How's that feel bitch!!!" Morena screamed at the struggling playmate as her hands reached out and latched onto the back of Karen's white shirt which she began pulling up to her neck.

Morena soon had the material at Karen's neck and started pulling it tight, using it to choke Karen and cut off the limited amount of air she had been getting! Karen's eyes bulged out but no sound escaped her lips but her nipples began to harden in the chill night air in her thin white bra. Karen's heart pounded in her chest as she felt herself loosing consciousness.

"AAAGGGHHHH!" Morena suddenly gasped and her legs opened as her feet began kicking frantically.

Vicky had finally freed her wrist and now had the rope tightly wrapped around Morena's neck from behind. Vicky dragged Morena to her feet away from Karen as the large blonde cranked up the pressure on Morena while Karen took much-needed deep breaths and shook the cobwebs from her head. Tearing the rest of what was left of her shirt off, Karen used it to wipe the dirt from her eyes and nose; then in a flash, Karen rose to her feet in a rage.

"Let her go! That cunt is mine!" Karen yelled.

Seeing the state Karen was in, Vicky was confident her fellow Playmate knew what she was doing. Morena had gotten the best of Karen at the mansion and now here again, but judging by the look in Karen's eyes Vicky knew it was payback time! She released Morena and stepped back away from the action, but not before she slammed a fist to Morena's kidney that dropped the brunette to the ground gasping.

Karen was all smiles, "Get up bitch, me and you one on one...right now!"

Karen allowed Morena to catch her breath and stand up before advancing on her foe. She wasn't about to use the same underhanded tricks that Morena kept using on her. No, she was going to beat the hell out of her fair and square.

"You ready to party one on one for a change bitch!" Karen yelled.

Morena looked at Vicky and knew she wouldn't be running away this time. She looked back to Karen and nodded as she raised her fists to meet the oncoming Playmate. They were separated by a few feet as their fists pumped up and down while sizing each other up. They were evenly matched in height and weight, but Morena was a lot more hesitant with the big blonde standing behind her. With fists blazing, Karen made the first move and slammed a right square into Morena's rib cage.

"Ahh!" the Frederick's of Hollywood model gasped.

Then, just as Morena wound up to throw her own punch, Karen drove a left into her tight stomach that took her breath away. Karen began to viciously work Morena's body with lefts and rights to her ribs, each slamming home with tremendous force. Morena was soon wheezing as Karen continued her body barrage. A fist exploded into Morena's left breast and her police outfit did little to soften the blow. Morena was in a world of trouble, her ribs and breasts aching from the barrage of fists. Just as Morena began to stagger, Karen switched her attack and slammed a right to Morena's face just under the eye. A left followed that landed flush on her cheek and Morena was ready to go down.

Karen latched onto a handful of dark hair and powered several knees to the wobbly model's face which became a bloody mask as she just slumped to her knees in front of Karen when the crazed brunette released her hair. Karen took a moment to glance over at Vicky who smiled and nodded her approval. Karen gave her fists a few seconds to rest as she studied Morena's face. Her eyes were already black and blue, her nose streaming blood, and more trickled from the corner of her mouth. Karen clenched and unclenched her fists a few times, making sure she didn't hurt her fingers beating Morena. Then just as she turned back to Morena, the lingerie model drove her fist up between Karen's legs, dropping her to her knees with her dirt covered mouth in an "O" of pain as she crashed to her knees.

From her position on the ground, Morena swung hard and heavy, bouncing devastating blows to Karen's belly, not giving her time to catch her breath. The blows slammed into Karen's tight stomach knocking her backward onto the ground. Morena paused a moment to enjoy the pained look on Karen's face, then targeted Karen's breasts; sinking her nails into them. "AHHHHH!!!" Karen wailed as Morena's nails dug into her lace bra and ravaged her breasts. Her expression went from pained to agony to anger in a split second!

Vicky was just about to jump in when she saw Karen's face as Karen suddenly sprang forward and drove a powerful headbutt to Morena's damaged nose. The dam burst as blood streamed down from her nose; a trail of crimson streamed off her chin onto her chest, covering her uniform in a red pool. Morena's talon grip immediately broke as her hands shot to her damaged face. Morena soon collapsed backward as Karen's right-cross slammed square into her forehead. Karen regained her feet and then dropped Morena for the last time with a spinning heel kick. The Frederick's model fell forward chest first on the ground almost out. With Morena face down in the dirt, Karen was free to punt away at Morena's body. Shot after shot just barreled into Morena's incredible body and after a series of uncontested kicks all movement and sounds stopped.

Inside the warehouse, Carmen entered hesitantly at first, as she had no idea if Anna or Vicky were awake. Seeing no movement, she walked out of the shadows and saw both girls lying where she'd left them. Just as Carmen was about to bend down to wake Brooke, Anna Nicole rammed the nightstick into her ribs!

"Ummphh!" Carmen groaned, buckling over in pain.

"What the hell? So far, today alone I've beaten a French Maid whore, a school girl slut, and now I get to destroy a cheerleader...did I win the goddam lotto?" Anna joked as she brought the stick down into Carmen's kidney, dropping the stunning brunette to her knees. She was in a world of pain and managed to see Brooke still out on the ground, know knowing she had to handle this on her own. Anna loomed over the brunette and grabbed a handful of long brown hair pulling Carmen up to her feet roughly. Just as Carmen made it to her feet Anna drove the nightstick upward square into her tight stomach.

"AHHHH!!!" Carmen gasped while the wind shot out of her body. Her body naturally slumped forward at the waist and Anna took advantage of the situation by slamming a knee into Carmen's cheek. Her body shot back and she landed hard on her ass; her cheerleader skirt flew up and open displaying her lacy white panties. Anna dropped the nightstick and bent forward to grab Carmen's long hair.

"I think I am gonna have some fun with you in the ring...kinda like a practice session for when I kick all of their asses at the mansion!!!" Anna yelled as she dragged Carmen by the hair to the ring.

"Eiihhhh!!!!" Carmen shrieked as she frantically crawled on her knees, trying to keep pace with Anna.

When Anna reached the ring she bent over and with one hand in her hair and one on Carmen's skirt, she hoisted the smaller brunette under the bottom rope. Anna leapt into the ring and was all smiles as Carmen slowly made her way up, using the ropes for support. The mismatch was huge as Carmen was giving up 8 inches and about 50 pounds to the Amazon blonde. Carmen's face showed a look of terror as Anna approached the startled brunette. Carmen tried to climb out of the ring and was harshly pulled back in by the hair.

"AHHHHHH!!!" Carmen shrieked as Anna yanked the brunette into the center of the ring.

Anna threw Carmen into the turnbuckle, the brunette landing harshly and was temporarily stunned. Anna charged forward and barreled into Carmen full steam. Carmen gasped as Anna's weight crushed the poor brunette against the ropes pinning her tightly into the corner. Anna stepped back a few steps and delivered a huge kick square into Carmen's crotch. Tears streamed down the brunette's cheeks, leaving a streaking makeup trail in their path. Carmen fell to the ground holding her throbbing pussy, gingerly trying to massage away some of the pain. Anna however had other plans and ripped Carmen off the mat by the back of her tight sweater. Carmen's legs couldn't support her and Anna threw herl back into the turnbuckle. Carmen's arms whipped back over the ropes, the only thing keeping her upright as Anna pounced on the trapped brunette, reared back and fired a right that exploded on Carmen's enormous breast.

"Unnnghhh!" Carmen groaned when Anna's fist pancaked the huge breast over her chest.

Anna didn't relent and quickly brought a left uppercut shooting into Carmen's other breast. Followed by another square right cross, then left jab, accompanied by another uppercut...all before Carmen could get her arms up over the ropes. Tears streamed down Carmen's face as she was now openly sobbing, as Anna fired 5 consecutive blows into Carmen's enormous orbs. She crumpled to the mat, both hands gingerly cupping her pulsating breasts. Anna was all smiles as she slid her hands under the back of Carmen's sweater, then ripped up and slid the shirt off as the brunette offered little resistance. Not satisfied with taking Carmen's shirt, Anna used the strap of Carmen's white bra to pull the brunette back up to her feet. As Carmen was rising, she never even realized the material slid down her arms until her enormous nipples hardened in the chilly air. Anna threw Carmen back into the turnbuckle and used her bra to tie Carmen's wrists together. A look of panic filled Carmen's face as both arms were bound together over the turnbuckle.

"Anna...untie me please!" Carmen sobbed.

"You shouldn't have stuck your nose into other peoples business you dumb slut!" Anna yelled.

Carmen looked hot as she was left in her cheerleader skirt and socks, while her upper body struggled to free itself from the restraints. Her huge breasts were already showing a purplish haze from the barrage of blows that Anna was able to land. Anna stepped forward and with fists cocked again and slammed a huge uppercut into Carmen's naked left tit. The brunette's huge breast rocketed upwards and then shook uncontrollably before coming to rest again. Unfortunately the rest was short lived as Anna began using Carmen's breasts as punching bags. First a left cross then a right jab, then a square left, followed by a right hook, another left cross, and a right uppercut to finish it off. Carmen was a sobbing mess when Anna stepped back to admire her work. Carmen's already huge breasts looked almost double in size, showing a series of nasty black and blues. Makeup began finding its way onto her heaving chest as tears streamed down the brunette's face. All signs of struggle left the brunette goddess as she was almost out on her feet, her massive chest just heaving with each breath. Anna was almost panting from the exertion of beating Carmen and decided to take a breather.

Outside Karen and Vicky already had Morena's bloody shirt off and were in the process of removing her pants when the brunette began showing signs of life. Morena was a mess; her nose still dripping blood, both eyes a nasty shade of color, her face streaked with blood. Just as the Playmates ripped her pants off, Morena finally came around. Karen and Vicky could only laugh as Morena was on the ground left in her floral bra and panty set; a pool of blood next to her battered face. Morena's body was racked with pain, as she slowly became aware of her predicament. Attempting to rise, Morena's hands slowly made there way up to stop the slowing flow of blood. Karen and Vicky were more intent on watching the sexy brunette rather than taking any action for the moment. Morena didn't even realize she was half-naked but was more concerned with stemming the flow of blood that was still trickling down her face. She never even saw Vicky walk up from behind her and latch onto her long brown locks. Morena soon found herself back up on her feet.

"Lets go bitch! Into the warehouse to have some fun." Vicky yelled.

She and Karen escorted her up the ramp and into the warehouse. Morena was in too much pain to offer any resistance and with in seconds her eyes were adjusting to the dimly lit warehouse. Morena's heart dropped as she saw Brooke still out cold on the ground, and Carmen tied up in the wrestling ring. They laughed aloud as they saw the predicament the girls were in...but where was Leeann they wondered? Vicky threw Morena to the cold concrete and decided to let Karen have some fun for a while, she saw a perfect opportunity to take apart Brooke some more.

Anna Nicole was still resting against the ropes when she saw the girls, "Hey ladies, fancy seeing you here again...I see you did about a good as job as I did here...huh?"

Vicky was already standing over Brooke when she smiled, "Just wait this bitch hasn't seen anything yet!" She bent down and rolled Brooke onto her back before delivering a viscous backhand slap across the stunning brunette's face. Brooke immediately woke up as a stinging sensation filled her cheek. As Brooke realized where she was another slap cracked into her other check. "I can't believe that I get to beat you for a second time in one day!!" Vicky taunted Brooke as she latched onto her hair and pulled her to her feet.

Brooke who had already been put through hell at the bar was deathly afraid of what Vicky had planned. Brooke soon found herself being dragged to the ring and within seconds Vicky hoisted the dazed brunette under the ropes. Climbing in the ring Vicky was all smiles, "Anna I have an idea, Mrs. Brooke here is going to be doing some boxing...right now as a matter of fact and guess who her opponent is going to be?

Anna starred at the blonde, "Hmmmm...maybe....maybe you..."

Vicky laughed, "Anna please I would destroy her...Actually I was thinking that since Mrs. Carmen over there decided to stick her big tits where they didn't belong that she can fight Brooke. Right here and now...just for our entertainment...and the loser will wind up in the stocks just like Leeann and then can have the silver dildo jammed up there ass...all night long!"

Anna loved it and looked at Carmen who was shaking her head side to side. Vicky still had a hair hold on Brooke not letting her get the chance to leave the ring. Karen only heard bits and pieces of what was being said, but knew that she wanted to watch the upcoming fight. Dragging Morena over to a near by wall Karen drove her elbow square into the brunette's head. Morena's eyes glazed over, and she was only vaguely aware of the chains securing her wrists. Within seconds Morena's arms were chained to the wall, leaving the brunette helpless in her floral bra and thong. Walking back to the ring Karen grabbed two pairs of boxing gloves, along with the nightstick and four-tailed whip from the floor. Anna began untying Carmen's wrists when she saw Karen approaching the ring. As soon as Carmen's arms were free she slumped to her knees and gingerly massaged her throbbing breasts.

Karen tossed a pair of gloves to Anna who was towering over Carmen, "Put these on bitch! I'll tie em for you!"

Carmen didn't even look up but instead just held her aching breasts. Growing pissed, Anna reached forward and yanked back on Carmen's hair. "Put em on slut!" Anna screamed.

Karen gave Vicky a pair of gloves along with the nightstick, "Just in case they decide not to fight nice, I figured these might come in handy!"

Anna finally had Carmen on her feet, now wearing her cheerleader skirt and a pair of boxing gloves. "Get that bitches top off...its gonna be topless boxing!!"

Anna smiled to Vicky, who was bending down in the process of removing Brooke's top before the blonde even finished speaking. Brooke barely offered any resistance as her top was pulled off, her scratched and bruised breasts on display as she never bothered putting her bra on due to the damage done to them. Vicky got the gloves on Brooke's wrists while Karen held her in place, and in seconds Anna, Karen and Morena had Brooke and Carmen a few feet apart; both topless with battered breasts.

"OK girls here are the rules...there aren't any! I decided the girl who loses will NOT enjoy the sensation their ass will feel... and the girl that wins, well maybe she'll be lucky enough to be the one with the strap on. I'm not sure yet...all I know is don't lose. Oh, and the fight goes until someone gets knocked out!" Anna yelled.

Carmen and Brooke both refused to go through with it, murmuring protests as to why they weren't going to fight each other. SMACK!!! the four tailed whip slashed into Carmen's back. "EEEEEIIIIHHHHHHH!!!!" the gorgeous brunette wailed as the four tails bit into her upper back.

Brooke began backpeddling away from Carmen, shaking her head until she suddenly felt the nightstick in her crotch, "Bitch! You take one more step and my stick's going in your ass...deep!" Vicky sneered.

Anna was getting pissed and she stepped forward, "Listen, you sluts are gonna put on a show for us! We're gonna be standing in the corners of the ring. Either of you runs away, pretty little Morena's gonna need even more plastic surgery than she does now. And then when we catch you, we're gonna rearrange YOUR face to look like her does now. Now, start fighting dammit!"

The three girls each backpedaled to different corners to wait for Carmen and Brooke to begin. Both girls were stunned at the turn of events, unsure how to proceed. Neither wanted to fight the other, especially after the damage their breasts had endured already, not to mention what Brooke had been subjected to in the bar earlier.

"Get going!" Karen screamed, cracking the whip.

Carmen's body twitched in response to the sound, well knowing the pain and she tentatively raised her gloves, making eye contact with Brooke. "I'm sorry," she mouthed as she stepped forward and waited for Brooke to raise her gloves. Brooke finally did, but not before looking at the three Playmates, desperate to find a way out of the nightmare.

"Me to..." Brooke mumbled, knowing there was no other way out but to do as they wanted.

Reluctantly Brooke tried to assume a fighting stance, but just couldn't do it. She threw a weak punch that didn't connect, but due to Carmen's adrenaline rush as soon as she dodged the punch she returned the favor with a quick right that slammed into Brooke's cheek. Brooke was stunned - and even more shocked, when Carmen followed up with a left that Brooke barely dodged.

"What the hell are you doing?" Brooke asked, but Carmen never responded, just pressed her attack.

She reared back and fired a vicious roundhouse that almost took Brooke's head completely off and Brooke realized she had to act quickly. Brooke threw a punch into Carmen's stomach and Carmen backpedaled to regain her composure while the three Playmates shouted encouragement...mostly just wanting to see someone hurt. Brooke didn't want to press her advantage, but she damn well wasn't going to wait for Carmen to attack her again! Continuing on offense, Brooke faked a left and then slammed a right to Carmen's ribs. She gasped as the punch landed, but kept her composure enough to throw a right to the side of Brooke's head. Brooke was slightly dazed and couldn't get her gloves up in time to block Carmen's next punch - one that caught her flush on her damaged right breast.

"AHHHHHHH!" Brooke groaned and immediately turned away cupping her aching tit. Carmen didn't want to do it, but she pressed her attack, slamming her glove into Brooke's kidney. The brunette gasped as she bent forward into the ropes. Carmen began raining blows on Brooke, some hitting her back, others missing wildly. Brooke was getting hammered and knew she had to suck it up and fight through the pain. Turning ever so slightly to one side, trying to time it just right, Brooke whipped a wild haymaker that almost caught Carmen's chin. But as Brooke kept spinning, Carmen's right slammed into her chin and Brooke sprawled back into the ropes with her arms draped limp over the top rope. Carmen stepped up, raised both hands over her head and viciously brought them down on Brooke's exposed and battered boobs!

"OHHHHH My GOOODDDD!!!" Brooke wailed as her tits erupted with pain even as Carmen reared back and slammed a right to Brooke's stomach. Her body shot forward and she slumped to the mat at Carmen's feet barely moving.

"Get back!" Karen screamed, cracking the whip in the air. "Let's she if she can get up! This fight was too short!"

Carmen felt awful as she backed up and waited, unsure if she hoped Brooke would get up or not. Brooke lay on the mat struggling through the destruction her breasts had suffered. After a few seconds she tried to get it to her knees and failed, but on her second attempt she climbed the ropes and swayed unsteadily, using one hand on the top strand to hold herself up. Carmen looked on in dismay but after a bit Brooke turned and glaring at Carmen, screamed, "You dirty fucking bitch!!"

Even before Brooke stopped screaming, she was already in full stride, closing the distance between the two combatants. Without any regard for Carmen's wellfare, Brooke let fly a haymaker that caught her totally off guard and exploded in Carmen's face, stunning the brunette goddess. Carmen's nose felt like it was broken but there was no blood, just a stunning pain. When Carmen's hands went to her nose, Brooke took full advantage; slamming a punch into Carmen's belly. She bucked forward right into Brooke's right as it crashed into the side of her head. Carmen's long hair shot out as she was badly dazed, but Brooke never let up and fired another punch to the opposite side of the brunette's head. Carmen brought both gloves up trying to get back upright but Brooke threw an uppercut that slammed into Carmen's forehead. Carmen had no idea what happened as her eyes glazed over, her gloves dropping to her sides. Brooke let another uppercut fly; this one to Carmen's black and blue breast. Another punch barreled into Carmen's cheek and Carmen was wobbly as Brooke fired a left, then a right, to her breasts again!

Tears streamed down Carmen's face; she was almost out on her feet; her breasts feeling like they were going to explode. Brooke bent down and barreled an uppercut that slammed into Carmen's head, dropping the brunette on her ass in a heap. Brooke tentatively looked around at the three Playmates who were thoroughly enjoying the spectacle. It was Anna who walked over to see if Carmen was going to be able to continue. She lay on the mat seemingly out of it as Anna looked at the other Playmates and grumbled, "To soon...I wanna see some more."

She bent down and slapped Carmen, who began to stir. Anna waited a few seconds until Carmen began moving, trying to get to her feet. Carmen's hair was disheaveled, her cheerleader skirt hung limp on her body; the elastic slowly unraveling at the waist. Her breasts looked terrible, a nasty shade of black, blue and red from the beating they'd taken. Carmen looked out of it as she staggered and stumbled around the ring trying to focus her eyes on Brooke. Anna stepped away feeling Carmen could continue and went back to her corner to enjoy the rest of the show. Brooke looked at Carmen and couldn't believe what she'd done to her. Brooke's breasts looked like hell and she could only imagine what torment Carmen must be feeling.

Brooke looked at Carmen and whispered, "I can't do this anymore...we have to do something!"

Carmen caught the last part of Brooke's comment and tried to think of a way out. Slowly walking up and leaning against Brooke she whispered, "What can we do?"

Brooke looked over at Karen who was shirtless, her face covered with dirt and mud, "Karen looks the worst, lets get her first then go after the others."

Carmen saw Karen glance toward Morena who was still chained to the wall and that's when she made her move. She ran to the other side of the ring and just as Karen's head turned back. Carmen's gloved fist slammed into her nose. Blood streamed down her face and painted her chest with a trail of crimson as the brunette collapsed in a heap! Karen's hands went to her nose as her feet began thrashing mindless trying to ease some of the searing pain.

Brooke was already in motion too, charging toward Vicky who was ready for the oncoming attack. The whip curled and and bit deep into the soft fleshy mounds of Brooke's battered tits, instantly leaving four throbbing welts in its wake. Still, Brooke knew it was her only chance and she tried to ignore the searing pain as she threw her right hand and her gloved fist smashed into Victoria's chest. She followed with a straight left to the tall blonde's face.

"Ahhh" Victoria gasped as Brooke's second punch hit home, square on her cheek. Brooke never let up, and her next right found Victoria's stomach doubling her forward ever so slightly. Summoning every ounce of her flagging energy, Brooke brought another right square into Vicki's face as the tall blonde bent over. Vicky was dazed as Brooke's left slammed into the side of her head sending the tall blonde sprawling back into the ropes. Brooke looked away briefly and saw Anna charging at Carmen who had turned just in time to see the huge blonde rushing toward her. Carmen knew she was in trouble and at the last second she dropped down and Anna crashed tits-first into the turnbuckle. Carmen jumped up as quickly as her aching body allowed and drove her fist into Anna's face as the tall blonde staggered and turned around.

"Shit!!" Anna groaned as Carmen's glove slammed into her stomach. Carmen threw first a left, then a right. A couple to the head and then more to the body, ribs and stomach...punching until Anna was in a world of hurt. The huge blonde took punch after punch but just refused to go down. Anna caught another punch in the head and finally fell forward, grabbing Carmen by surprise. The huge blonde's hands wrapped around Carmen's waist and used her weight to crush the smaller brunette beneath her.

Carmen's gloves had no effect now that she was on her back but she brunette continued to beat on Anna's back with her gloves to little effect. The huge blonde didn't have the strength to crush Carmen but she had the smaller girl pinned none the less and Carmen was growing desperate trying to free her hands since they were almost useless with the gloves on them. She found herself struggling for breath as Anna's powerful arms began squeezing around her waist as Anna began getting her senses back. Soon, she had Carmen gasping for air as her arms tightening more each second.

"Get off me you goddam cow!" Carmen hissed, her gloves flailing at Anna's large back.

Now clear headed again, Anna squeezed Carmen as hard as she could and Carmen moaned as she tried to suck in oxygen but couldn't even swallow. Anna's arm muscles bulged as she squeezed the brunette's small waist her neck corded from the pressure she was applying. Anna wouldn't stop...until she felt Carmen go limp, then leaped off the unconscious brunette and looked for Vicky who was getting the worse of a beating from Brooke. Vicki's was almost out on her feet on the ropes as Brooke's gloved fists rained down again and again on her head. Anna scrambled across the ring, grabbed the whip and swung hard!

CRAAAACK! Four sharp whip tips lashed into Brooke's back. "EEEIIIHHHHHH!!!" The brunette wailed as the leather cut into her smooth flesh. Just as Brooke was turning around, the whip was already curling forward again. CRACK! The tips tore into Brooke again, this time her devastated tits! Tears streamed down Brooke's eyes as she collapsed on the mat, her gloved hands cupping her bloody breasts. Anna looked around the ring and couldn't believe what had happened, not to mention how quickly. Karen looked badly hurt, so she headed over to her and asked the bloody brunetty, "You OK?"

She looked up, her chin covered in blood and snarled, "Do I look OK you retard? Where the hell's Carmen...the bitch is dead!!"

Anna smiled as she pointed to Carmen's unconscious body; she was totally out, her small skirt all but off and her massive breasts slowly heaving. Karen took a minute to stand and look around the ring, seeing Vicki finally making her way out of the corner. The three playmates looked a lot worse than they did two short minutes earlier.

Karen was the first to break the silence, "I want Carmen strapped to that table...those cow tits are gettin' deflated!"

Anna looked at Brooke who was moaning softly. "Karen, since you've been through so much, Vicki and I'll chain Carmen for you...just make sure you don't let Brooke get away."

Between them, Vicki and Anna had no trouble getting Carmen's body over to a large reinforced wooden table with shackles at the head and two metal chains with cuffs at the opposite end. They tossed Carmen on the table and Anna chained her wrists with the shackles while Vicki bound her ankles in the metal cuffs so that Carmen was spread-eagled, chained tightly in place on her back atop the heavy wooden table. Somewhere in the process, her short cheerleader skirt ended up on the floor and the out cold brunette was left in a white thong, white socks and sneakers.

Vicky and Anna walked back to the ring and told Karen, "She's all yours sweetie!" Vicky bent down, grabbed Brooke's long brown hair and dragged her to her feet. "Let's tie this bitch up Anna...I wanna watch Karen with Carmen!"

Anna climbed out of the ring and quickly returned with rope. In seconds Vicki and Anna had tied the lifeless Brooke's wrists behind her, then tied the other end of the rope to the bottom ring rope. Brooke gave no resistance after having most of the strength beaten out of her and when she awoke she found herself on the mat secured to the ring ropes, her bare breasts throbbing. The three playmates left Brooke helpless to do anything but lie in pain...and wait. Anna laughed as she looked at Morena chained to the wall, her face a bloody mess.

"Karen, what about Morena over been neglecting her for a while haven't you!"

Wiping her bleeding nose, Karen hissed, "Carmen needs attention first Anna. You're free to enjoy Morena in the meantime if you like."

Karen walked over to a near by shelf, grabbed two small black cords and went to Carmen. "SMACK!" Karen's open hand swiped Carmen's cheek instantly awakening the brunette. Her eyes shot open and she realized she was on her back, spread-eagled naked, totally unable to move. Her heart began to race as she looked up into Karen's malevolent eyes.

"Let me go!!!! Untie Me!!!" the brunette screamed as panic filled her body.

Karen loomed above the helpless goddess and laid one cord next to her head while she made a loop in the other thin black elastic cord above Carmen's battered right breast. She thrashed weakly from side to side as Karen looped the cord around the base of the trapped brunette's breast, then pulled it taut. The black cord strained to encircle Carmen's massive orb and the brunette could only whimper helplessly as Karen pulled and pulled until she was satisfied the cord couldn't get any tighter. She knotted the elastic at the base of Carmen's breast as her screams filled the building, the pain growing as the circulation was cut off from her already badly destroyed breast.

Karen was all smiles as she watched in awe how quickly Carmen's breast turned purple even as she worked the second cord around her left breast. Then she stood back once she had both cords tightly tied around Carmen's massive breasts and watched Carmen thrash, was totally helpless to do anything but lay there and feel her breasts throb from the loss of circulation to the sensitive nipples.

"Not so tough now, are you hot shit?" Karen screamed at the beaten girl.

The cords really did their job on Carmen's breasts as they slowly took on a nasty purple hue. Carmen wailed as the pain in her breasts mounted by the second. Karen and Anna looked on all smiles ast Carmen thrashing and moaning in pain unable to do anything except hurt!! Suddenly, Vicki's smile disappeared as she saw flashing red and blue lights thru the front door, "Cops... COPS!!!! Quick, out the side door!!! It’s the cops!"

Vicki dashed for the side door, almost tripping over several items on the floor in her mad dash for the exit. Karen watched Vicki run by her, followed by Anna Nicole close behind. Looking down at Carmen, she couldn't resist! Karen balled her right fist and drove it straight down into Carmen's battered right breast. Carmen almost blacked out from the pain as she screamed so hard she almost lost consciousness. Karen dashed for the door, but not before slamming her elbow down in Carmen's thong clad crotch. Carmen's eyes rolled back as she passed out from the pain as Karen slammed the door behind her.

In seconds, two police officers burst through the front door, flash lights drawn ominously! As their eyes adjusted to the light, both officers' jaws dropped at the sight of the nude women. After calling an ambulance, they hurriedly made their way through the large building and found Morena hanging limp on the wall with her hands chained over her head and her face a bloody mess. Her eyes were black and blue and a thick trail of dried blood ran from her nose down into her cleavage. The stunned officers gingerly unchained the Asian beauty and gently laid her on the concrete.

They rushed over to Carmen and eased the cords from around her ravaged melons, then untied the helpless beauty just as she was coming to. A faint moan escaped her lips as she feebly reached down to ease the throbbing in her aching pussy as her other arm gently lay draped over her battered breasts.

Seeing a third tied to the ropes in the ring, the officers hurried over to where she lay squirming. As soon as they untied the knot binding her wrists, Brooke crashed to the mat clutching her ripped breasts. The cops stared in awe at the sight of the three battered models. A quick search of the warehouse found no other signs of life - or those responsible for the brutal beatings. Just then, both cops turned in surprise as a figure appeared in the doorway. There stood Leeann Tweeden, feebly trying to stand on, looking in horror at her three friends badly beaten and thoroughly humiliated bodies. The Frederick's model vowed revenge as soon as she could get her hands on “those bitches at the mansion.”

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