Shannon Tweed vs. Tracy Tweed by EZJ

Shannon and Tracy decided to out and have a drink or two together. It’d been a long time since the two had seen each other and they decided it was time to catch up on things. They found a small little Canadian bar where they figured that no one would notice them. As they peeked inside they saw there were only two young men at the far table. That was just what they were hoping for so they wouldn’t have a lot of publicity. The sisters were becoming rather tipsy when a young 22-year-old man approached them eager to meet Shannon who, like Tracy, was wearing a full skirt and tight spaghetti strap top.

The young man exclaimed, “Wow, it’s Shannon Tweed” as he reached out to shake her hand.

Shannon of course greeted him and was polite but Tracy drunkenly scoffed, “I wish I had a dollar for every time that somebody came up and said hello to you and just flat out ignored me.... I’d be a billionaire.”

Shannon was slightly embarrassed. But yet she kept her composure and managed a smile. Yet, Deep down she was dissatisfied with her sister’s impudence in front of a fan. The boy wasn’t shy in any fashion as he blurted out, “Hey, I know you! You’re her sister Tracy. You know, I actually find you very attractive.... but not as attractive or talented as Shannon, of course.”

Shannon couldn’t help smiling at that. Most sisters always wonder who people actually think is better and Shannon always hoped her fans felt that way...but to actually hear it was like music to her ears. Naturally, Tracy was outraged. All the pent up years of frustration...and then to have this “boy” walk up and insult her, well it was just too much!

Tracy got off her bar stool and proclaimed, “Well Shannon...if I’d slept my way to the top like you did, I’d a big star too.”

Shannon just laughed. “Sit down Tracy.... this is ridiculous.”

The young man’s buddy then walked over and chimed in, “Hey.... I remember when you two had that double issue in Playboy. Tracy said she calls Shannon ‘Boss Tweed’. Now I see why. I guess Shannon’s just the better of the two.”

With that the boys broke out into laughter and Shannon, who was quite drunk, broke into laughter as well. Tracy was pissed!! She grabbed Shannon’s beer and threw it at the jukebox, “Well let’s see who’s ‘Boss Tweed’ now, Shannon. I been wanting to kick your ass for years.”

Shannon was a little surprised that Tracy jumped up like she did. But she would love to show her sister who is the better woman once and for all, “You have any idea how many catfights I’ve been in Tracy? You don’t wanna fuck with me!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” exclaimed the boys. “What are you going to do Tracy?” they laughed.

Tracy charged at Shannon who quickly sidestepped her sister and ripped her skirt off. She held up Tracy’s skirt and laughed, “Forget something sis?”

Tracy charged again only to receive a stiff punch in the nose. She went down seeing stars. She couldn’t believe she went down so quickly. She had dreamed of taking Shannon down for years but she wasn’t feeling so tough now. Shannon leaned over to talk trash to Tracy when Tracy suddenly grabbed Shannon’s shirt and ripped it clean off of her.

Now Shannon was pissed!! She pulled Tracy up off of the ground. Tracy went for a punch but Shannon quickly blocked it. Shannon leaned back and landed a big right into Tracy’s jaw. Tracy tried to fall back but Shannon had a hold of her shirt and pulled her forward for another big punch in the nose. With that punch...blood flew all over the place.

Shannon walked over to the dazed and confused bartender and ordered a shot of Vodka and quickly downed it. She then walked over to Tracy and ripped her shirt off as well. Shannon was visibly angry that Tracy would try to humiliate her in front of her fans. Tracy just lay there crying. Shannon pulled her up by her hair and smacked her a few times in the face with front and backhanded slaps.

“So I fuck my way to the top huh?” “Well Tracy I have always wanted to tell you that you were out of my league.”

Shannon stood up and seductively looked at the boys, “Are you ready for a show?”

“Yea...let’s see who Boss Tweed really is.”

Shannon whipped off her skirt exposing her full body and told the boys to walk over to them. She then maintained eye contact with one of the boys as she slowly removed her pink panties. She then crawled on top of Tracy and put her in a schoolgirl pin move so she couldn’t move. Shannon then instructed the boys to remove Tracy’s panties.

Shannon then began to rub her pussy lips up and down Tracy’s nose. Tracy kept trying to move her head back and forth to resist but Shannon put a claw like hold on her forehead so she couldn’t move. Shannon then let out somewhat of a purr.

“Ahhh that feels great. OK boys. I want you to decide who is better. You...the tall one. Go over and taste Tracy’s pussy.”

The young man obviously obeyed and obliged. Soon his friend was joining him in the licking. Finally after a good minute they finished and both admitted that she was pretty amazing down below.

Shannon smiled and said, “OK, now taste mine.”

The boys were quite excited about this. They then went to Shannon and both took their turns licking away. After about 2 minutes they both agreed that Shannon’s was indeed better.

Shannon just laughed seductively, “Just as I thought!”

Shannon then wanted to know had the bigger and better tits. She then spread-eagled Tracy and pressed her enormous breasts against Tracy’s impressive rack. The boys looked on objectively and then decided that Shannon indeed had better and firmer tits as they crushed Tracy’s into oblivion. Shannon then just looked down at Tracy with big puppy dog eyes.

“I guess I am still ‘Boss Tweed’ huh Trace?? I know you have always wanted to be like your big sis, but just know that you’ll never be as good as me at anything you do. I’ll always beat you in anything you try. You’ll never be better’n me.”

Shannon then once again put her sweet pussy on Tracy’s gorgeous and embarrassed face. She started rubbing harder and harder this time until she came all over Tracy’s face in the middle of the bar!! The boys were going nuts!! Shannon planted her superior chest on Tracy’s face and rubbed the cum all over it. As Shannon stood up she wiped some of the cum off of her boob and flicked it at Tracy.

“Maybe now you will think twice before challenging me eh sis??”

Shannon then let out a laugh and blew a goodbye kiss to the boys. She then grabbed her things and walked buck ass naked out the door as the young men were left with a night they would absolutely never forget.