Good Neighbours: Kym Valentine vs. Holly Valance by Harry

Once upon a time Holly and Kym had been friends and actresses on the Australian Soap opera Neighbours. However, Holly had realised that her talents lay elsewhere and moved to London to start a career as a singer and sometime model specialising in seductive and raunchy poses that got men's attention. Kym meanwhile stayed based in Australia continuing to appear in Neighbours as the main plank of her career. The split came when Holly's ex-manager (and ex-costar on ‘Neighbours’) sued her for breaking their contract. In the inevitable court case Kym was called as a witness against Holly. This infuriated Miss Valance so much that while giving evidence she accused Kym of lying; an anger that intensified when Holly lost the court case and several hundred thousand £'s. She launched a tirade of abuse and invective at Kym who by now was starting to seek to expand her own career. Kym retaliated in kind accusing Holly of being cheap and tacky. Holly longed to sink her claws into Kym and challenged her several times to a private meeting, but as much as Kym wanted to humiliate Holly she managed to dodge the issue.

In then end the meeting took place at a London nightclub through a series of accidents. Kym was in the UK to promote her modelling work and possible singing career. At short notice she was invited to appear as a guest at a ‘School Disco’ event where grown men and women dress in school uniform to relive their youth. Sensing some good publicity that belied her apparently boring image, plus a free set of clothes, Kym agreed to attend. She wore some black knee high stretch boots, regulation knee socks, a short black skirt, white blouse with a tie, her hair in a ponytail and conservative underwear.

Unknown to Kym, Holly was also a last minute attendee and she was asked to perform on stage in a typically provocative number - black lace up calf boots, white knee socks, short blue tartan skirt and a white blouse open to show her large navel stud and plenty of cleavage, a pink bra and her hair in pig tails.

Having had a dance, Holly was about to leave when she heard Kym being introduced. She could scarcely believe the opportunity that was being handed to her. She managed to hang around on the fringes without drawing too much attention (given what other women were wearing) then followed her hated former costar into the private VIP lounge. No sooner had Kym closed the door (which merely deadened the loud pumping music) and got herself a soft drink, than she heard the door open and close. She turned round when she heard the lock being turned and saw Holly leaning back on the door sucking a lollypop and twirling the key on her index finger.

"Been avoiding me lately Kym....?" hissed Holly, her voice heavy with malice and intent.

Kym recovered her composure, although that's not what she felt, and putting her drink down stepped closer, "I hadn't realised you were so desperate for money Holly."

Barely had she uttered these words than Holly had sprung forward, plunging her hands into Kym's dark hair and screeching "Bitch!" as she sent Kym recoiling and spitting out her lollipop.

Kym brought her own hands up and grabbed hold of Holly's pigtails pulling them hard as the staggered across the small room. The momentum and element of surprise was with the blonde as she pushed her opponent painfully into the wall, keeping one hand in her hair and using the other to deliver a stinging slap across the face. Kym could not believe that this was happening to her and deep down hoped that someone would unlock the door and pull this insane hellcat off of her. Not that she was taking this assault passively, pulling hard on Holly's pigtails trying to yank her head back stretching her neck. But the slap to her face made her realise that she would have to fight back with equal ferocity. Letting go of Holly's left pigtail she instead clamped her hand over her face pushing backwards, using her right foot to push away from the wall.

As the two women staggered back to the centre of the room, boots rubbing and slapping together, Kym could feel Holly trying to bite her hand without actually being able to sink her teeth in. She let go of Holly's face that allowed the blonde singer to bring her head up into a more normal position. Holly adjusted her hard grip on the dark-haired woman's ponytail to exert maximum pain while the other hand gripped hold of her tie pulling. But before she could offer up a further stinging insult about Kym's abilities, acting or otherwise, she was doubling forward in pain as Kym landed a fist in her stomach, the blow landing almost directly on her large navel stud.

"You've had this come for ages skank!" snarled Kym as she put her hand on the back of Holly's head and started to push down intent on getting the actress/singer on the floor.

But if she thought she had the upper hand in this fight she was Kym was in for a nasty surprise when Holly let go of her tie and hair seemingly in supplication. The Holly grabbed hold of Miss Valentine's right leg by the thigh pulling it off the floor and slamming her right shoulder into her body. The laws of physics, gravity, coupled with Kym's surprise sent the dark-haired woman sprawling backwards onto the floor. Holly threw herself forward onto her falling opponent with a screech that was drowned out by the music as she grabbed at Kym's hair with one hand while the other clawed at the white blouse.

Kym was stunned by this sudden move but soon realised she didn't want to have Holly on top of her (no matter what the past rumours were) and began to fight back writhing and thrashing her body, both hands plunged into the blondes hair. Holly's right hand tore and clawed at Kym's blouse causing it to burst open and come away at the shoulder. This only resulted in Miss Valentine intensifying her attacks now using a hand to slap and poiund Holly's body, then starting to grab and pull her skimpier blouse as their legs thrashed and short skirts rode up offering a tempting view of flesh had there been anyone watching.

"So much for your goody two-shoes image, you’re fightin’ like a common street whore Kym!" sneered Holly as she clamped her hand under Kym's chin coupled with her hair pulling and proceeded to painfully twisted her head backward.

Kym let out a strangled screech as her neck was stretched painfully. In desperation she landed a painful half slap half punch to Holly's right cheek bringing some respite before the two women started to roll across the floor landing hard slaps while tugging, pulling, and ripping at each others hair with a frenzy brought about by hatred. As they did so their outfits tugged and snagged against each other and their bodies pressed and perspired. In this sort of close in bitch fighting Kym was able to negate Holly's superior skills and could inflict as much pain as she could dish out. Grunting and straining Holly realised that this fight wasn't going as she planned and decided that she needed to up the ante and brought her left hand down and grabbed Kym's right breast and squeezed hard causing Holly to let out a string off abuse that was out of character.

Kym thrashed and spasmed about on the floor at this sudden attack, which was the first she had ever experienced. Desperate to break free of this Kym let go of Holly's hair and instead clamped both hands round the blondes' throat and started to squeeze. This soon wiped the smile off of Miss Valance's face as her smirk of superiority turned to a coughing and spluttering as her face turned red. No matter how hard she attacked Kym, the brunette clung on for dear life to her enemy. Soon Holly had no choice but to turn her attention to defending herself, gripping Kym's wrists and straining to pull them away from throat while trying to gulp down air.

No sooner had she gained some relief than Kym brought up a knee and used it to push and roll her blonde opponent away from her, sending her sprawling across the floor. Kym was torn between trying to make a break for it and finishing what had been started. The sight of Holly coughing and gasping, coupled the desire with an overwhelming desire to hurt her made up her mind. Holly's recuperation was rudely interrupted by her hair being grabbed roughly resulting in her head and body being twisted around. As she struggled to fight back, Holly felt Kym's legs wrap round her waist and her head was snapped back by a hard yank on what was left of a ponytail.

"Oh fuck!" Holly screamed as Kym grabbed her blouse and started to pull, ripping it away from Holly's damp skin.

"Can't handle this slut?" sneered Kym as her fingers clawed at Holly's pink bra and dragged it down off her breasts so that she could return the breast claws. Kym realised instinctively what she needed to do and gripped a large nipple on Holly's right breast and tweaked and pinched it, all the while pulling hard on the blonde's hair. Holly wasn't taking this passively and struggled to break free, when that brought her no respite, she sunk her claws in to her ex-co stars white thighs visible above her socks and boots. Kym shrieked and let go of Holly's hair and used the hand to grip Holly's other breast twisting and squeezing.

Kym was enjoying her double attack on her bitter enemy, clawing her breasts while squeezing her as hard as she could between her legs. But her enjoyment disappeared with startling suddenness when Holly shifted her body and swung her right elbow into the brunette's stomach. When this brought a moments relief from the burning attack on her breasts she repeated the attack, twice, three times before Kym let go and slumped backward, losing her scissors and clutching her stomach.

Holly moved forward and instinctively stroked her burning breasts, checking for serious damage, hearing Kym groan behind her. This painful inspection was interrupted when Kym planted the sole of a boot in the small of Holly's back sending her sprawling forward so she had to put her hands out so that she didn't land on her tender boobs. This allowed Kym to roll away and crawl towards the door, the thrill of the fight now diminished.

Holly got up onto her knees and discarded her blouse and bra, then she turned and saw her brunette trying to escape. Getting up she went after Kym who had no idea of her pursuer until she felt herself grabbed by the waist of her skirt and pulled back. Actually it was the skirt being dragged down her thighs, which restricted her leg movement and stopped any progress towards the door. Having stopped Kym’s escape, Holly next grabbed her blouse, pulling and yanking at it hard, finally ripping it from Kym’s body and tossing it aside. When Holly grabbed hold of the white bra strap and started to pull that, Kym rolled into her leg, knocking her over as the two of them scrabbled on the floor until the elastic snapped back with a loud THWACK causing Kym to let out a shriek.

Again Kym’s mood changed, no doubt influenced by the stinging across her back, and she was consumed by the overwhelming desire to hurt and humiliate Holly more badly than any court case ever could. She reached down and ripped off her skirt so she could move unhindered and, on hands and knees, turned towards Holly. Miss Valance had turned over onto her back, her skirt having ridden up to her waist. She lashed out with her booted feet only for Kim to catch hold and of her by her ankles.

"You’re going to pay Holly!" snarled Kym as she pulled the blondes legs apart, eyeing nastily the pink thong clearly visible.

"Bring it on Kym - if you think you’re woman enough!" snapped a breathless and sweaty Holly as she rose, grabbed a handful of Kym's hair and proceeded to drag her forward.

Kym pushed out a hand towards Holly's face, pushing her head back under the blondes chin, while her other hand grabbed hold of the tartan skirt pulling at it. Holly retaliated by snapping Miss Valentine's head back by her hair while her right hand grabbed hold of and squeezed her left breast. Kym gasped and tried to back off but with Holly having a firm hold on her hair had little room for manoeuvre. This was further reduced when Holly brought up her legs and locked them in a scissors round Kym's waist and started to squeeze. Kym squealed and groaned with pain at this assault, but she managed to rip off Holly's skirt then diverted her hands and began to scratch and claw at the blonde's thighs, marking them. Holly screeched with pain and let go of Kym's hair, giving the brunette momentary relief until Holly begain to claw Kym's pale breasts, pulling her bra down so she could give them a proper working over; squeezing the flesh between her fingers and crudely flicking and pushing the hard pink nipples.

Kym's scream was lost in the noise from downstairs, as in desperation she slapped and pushed at Holly's face and body wanted to get away. But Miss Valance was having none of this and used her hold to push and force Kym onto her back. She broke her scissors to enable her to get on top of the sweaty brunette who was trying to slide out from underneath her. For a few moments the two women lay there almost perfectly matched, breasts pressed together, hands tugging and pulling at hair, booted feet thrashing. Holly managed to push down Kym's stretch boots with her own, at the same time forcing her thong-covered crotch against Kym’s.

Kym arched her back in an effort to get Holly off of her and avoid what she knew was her imminent sexual humiliation but that allowed Holly to slide her body up the writhing Kym's and plant her breasts over the prone brunettes face, her hands gripping her hair to ensure she couldn’t escape! As the lights went out for Kym she struggled and fought back to break free; she slapped and clawed at Holly’s ass, back and thighs. As the sound of music seemed to fade and the sweaty, womanly aroma of Holly's body assailed her senses she gripped hold of the skimpy pink thong covering Holly's womanhood and attempted a wedgie. But it was too late - Holly scarcely noticed it and Kym's struggles grew weaker and fainter until she finally went limp.

Holly stayed atop her beaten foe for several more minutes savouring the victory and letting the emotions sink in. When she finally got off of her opponent she picked up what remained of her outfit to cover herself up sufficiently to be able to make it to a taxi. In doing her so she relieved the very groggy Kym of her panties as a trophy. But then, as Holly was about to leave, Kym started coming to with some low moans. Given the humiliation she’d suffered in court, the temptation was just to great for Holly! She cruelly planted her right boot in a swift kick to Kym's crotch figuring that was worth at least £10,000.

Kym’s final humiliation came as she was sitting up, reaching for what was left of her clothes and the club's management walked in intent on investigating stories that Kym Valentine was unable to hold her drink and found her sprawled on the floor!