Julianna Young vs. Roberta Vasquez by Southgate (22-Jun-99)

Roberta Vasquez struts her stuff in the ring, lathering up the crowd. Wearing a red thong bikini bottom, she is confident that she will destroy the 39 year old Julia Young. Julia stands quietly in her corner, wearing only a silk bathrobe. Julie throws off her robe. Giant boobs, tiny waist, wide, taut ass, steel thighs--the crowd actually grows quite for a moment, in awe, and then cheers wildly. Vasquez, upstaged, glares at the blonde.

The bell rings. Roberta and Julia rush forward, slamming into one another. Julia immediately locks her arms around Roberta's waist and crushes her huge chest into the brunette's big, natural but over-matched boobs. Vasquez groans as her tits mashed flat against her chest. She realizes that this is the one part of the battle she cannot win. She grabs a handful of the blonde's hair, yanking back on her head while she twists her legs around Julie's legs. Muscles strain as each woman fights to take control. Young's arms tighten around Roberta's back as she begins to lift Vasquez off her feet. Roberta groans, then counters, wrapping her legs around Julia's right leg, to halt the lift. The brunette draws her arm back and unloads a punch to the side of Julie's head.

Young stumbles forward, but keeps her arms around her foe. Julia twists around, regains her footing by positioning her left thigh in between Roberta's legs. Julie extends her knee and jams Roberta down, nailing Roberta in the crotch. Before the screaming Roberta can fall backward, Young grabs her and hauls Roberta off the mat and once again applies her bear hug. The brunette's eye's bug open as Julia's grip tightens. Young hoists Vasquez high as she shakes the brunette from side to side. Suddenly surging forward, Young leans into her foe as she bends Roberta backward, trying to break her back. Searing pain rallies Roberta. She wraps her hands around the blonde's head and presses her thumbs into Julia's eyes. Julia screams, drops Vasquez and turns away. Vasquez scrambles to her feet quickly to attack the blonde. Roberta throws a headlock on Young, bulldogs the big blonde to the mat and leaps on top of her.

Young, still resilient, slams an elbow into the side of Roberta's face and rolls her over. They struggle on the mat rolling over and over. Roberta manages to roll Julie to her back, drives an elbow across Young's chest, just below her throat. Scrambling on top of the blonde, Vasquez wraps an arm tight around the back of Julianna's head as she pumps her right fist into the side of Julia's face. Julie thrashes from side to side, bucks wildly but Vasquez holds on and slugs away. Young's lips are puffy as she wraps her right hand in Roberta's hair and twists violently, finally forcing Roberta off of her.

The two hellcats roll across the mat, both women screaming and cursing, arms and legs flailing. Roberta, again manages to position herself on top of Julia, spreads her legs wide for leverage, grabs Young's hair with one hand, and smashes an elbow across Julia's throat. As Julie gags, Roberta, sits, up straddling her foe's waist, and sinks her fingernails into Young's immense tits. Julia bucks her hips up, nearly unseating Roberta, but the tough Latina reaches back with her left hand and yanks hard on the blonde's exposed bush. Julie curses as she crashes back to the mat. Roberta pulls for all she's worth while her right hand digs into one of Young's tits. Julie, howling, reaches up and slashes at both of Roberta's tits. Vasquez counters by pounding her fist into Julie's crotch. The frenzied attack leaves Young cringing under the domineering brunette.
With a big smile on her face, Vasquez seizes Young's wrists and pins her arms on the mat. She bounces herself up and down on the blonde's belly. Roberta leans forward and presses her boobs into the blonde's face, trying to smother her. Young sputters and bucks. Pressing her feet into the mat, Young arches up, lifting her butt of the mat and nearly unseating Vasquez. Roberta leans back, holding tight with her legs around Julianna's waist. Vasquez locks her hands together and slams an ax handle down into Julie's chest. The blonde collapses to the mat. For good measure, Vasquez slams a series of ax handles down into her chest. Roberta lifts herself off of the stunned Julie, drives her knee into the blonde's gut.

Standing quickly, Roberta grabs the blonde's legs, spreads them wide and drives her knee into Young's wounded crotch. The blonde shrieks, sits up and falls to her side holding her crotch. Roberta again grabs a leg and twists Julie to her belly. Young goes berserk, kicking her legs as she twists her body. Roberta holds on, manages to twist Julie part way onto her side, holding the blonde's left leg bent backwards. Spying Julie's unprotected pussy, Vasquez grabs a handful of blonde bush and yanks. Roberta reaches down to grab Julie's free leg, intent on applying Boston Crab, but the screaming blonde twists and flails her free leg. Her leg slams into the brunettes' belly, and then into her knee, tripping Vasquez to the mat.

The brunette lands on her back with her legs spread open. Young, rolling to her back, is in striking range. Her heel slams down twice into the brunette's belly. With a satisfied smirk, Young pulls her leg back then slams it forward, driving her heel into Robert's crotch. Roberta howls as Julia scrambles to her feet. The blonde moves away and lets Roberta haul herself back to her feet.

The women circle each other. Roberta holds up her hands and Young obliges her in a test of strength. The older blonde gains an advantage and drives the tough Vasquez to her knees. Young twists her hands, bending the brunette's fingers backward, near the breaking point. Roberta shrieks, yanks her left hand free and slams her fist up into the blonde's crotch. Julie tries to pull away, but Roberta holds her in place as she thumps her fist into Young's crotch and belly. Young drops to her knees. Roberta slams an uppercut into Juianna's chin and shoves her to her back. Vasquez, slams a knee into Julia's gut, squats down hard on Julie's belly and immediately goes back to work on hammering on the blonde's tits.

Young drives her right fist up into Roberta's face, bloodying her nose. Young thrusts up, hips bucking wildly and throws the dazed Roberta from her perch. Roberta lands hard on her side. Julia, up quickly, hair hauls Roberta off the mat and slams her knee into the brunette's chin. Vasquez fall onto her back. Young stomps and kicks on Roberta's belly. The brunette rolls to her belly, trying to cover up. Young squats down on her back, yanks up on Roberta's hair and locks on a camel clutch. The big blonde looks immensely satisfied as Roberta cries in agony. Young pulls back on her neck and grunts with intense effort. Holding Roberta by the hair with her left hand, Young slams her fist repeatedly into Roberta's head. Blood flows freely from Roberta's nose.

Julia stands, hair hauls Roberta to her feet. On her way up, Vasquez throws a fist into Julia's belly, but Young retaliates with a double ax handle to Roberta's chest that drives her to her knees. Again, Julia hair hauls Roberta to her feet. The blonde hammerlocks Roberta's left arm, shoves her into the corner turnbuckle and pounds her kidneys for 30 seconds. Roberta screams as Julie concentrates on the punishing hammerlock, pulling up on the trapped arm with two hands. Young spins Roberta around and beats her belly with both fists for another 30 seconds. Splaying Roberta's arms and legs over the ropes, leaving her spread-eagled and defenseless, Julie beats on Roberta's belly and boobs. As Roberta sags in the corner, Julia wraps her arms around her waist, lifts her off the ropes, trapping the beaten brunette in the ultimate bearhug. Young crushes all of the fight from the brunette.

Julia walks triumphantly around the ring, shaking the barely conscious brunette like a rag doll, finally flinging Vasquez to the mat and raises her arms in victory.