Patricia Velasquez vs. Rachel Weisz - Mummy Returns Catfight by John J. © 2002

During the filming of "The Mummy" these two lovely brunettes were the only female stars in the movie and didn't get along well at all. Fortunately, they didn't share any major scenes and their interaction was minimal, which helped prevent the animosity between them from building. But "The Mummy Returns" was another matter entirely. Both brunettes reprised their roles from the original and while both lovely ladies had bigger parts in the sequel, Patricia's role was *significantly* increased until the luscious Latina supermodel's part was nearly equal to Rachel's.

The two brunettes didn't get along any better in sequel than they had in the original and, if anything, their feelings for each other had grown worse, not better. To their credit, the two beautiful actresses maintained their professionalism during the workday and didn't let their dislike for the other interfere with their performance. The times when the two luscious ladies were alone in their shared dressing room, however, was an entirely different matter! They were alone together before work started, after work ended and during breaks. It was during those times their true feelings toward each other came out. On a number of occasions their arguments almost turned into fistfights but studio security was able to pull them apart and avoided any problems aside from an occasional hair pulling incident.

Customarily on most movies, when filming is over the studio throws a big party. For "The Mummy Returns" Imhotep Productions picked a very elegant hotel ballroom for the party. There was an abundance of food and liquor and as the party progressed both brunettes clearly had too much to drink. In fact, they were definitely drunk and it was only midway through the party! Both luscious ladies had clearly tried to outdo each other in their outfits for this party. Both had worn gorgeous dresses that showed abundant cleavage and lots of leg while managing to still look classy, not trashy - a difficult trick, but they both pulled it off!

Patricia's dress was a little black mid-thigh dress with a halter neck. It was the proverbial little black dress and the dramatic v-neck showed the Latina's cleavage to perfection. The dress was essentially backless and stopped at the middle of the long legged Latina supermodels thighs. A pair of black stiletto heels completed her sexy outfit. Rachel's dress was longer, nearly floor length; a gorgeous red gown with high side slits that showed plenty of glamorous leg when the brunette walked.

Almost everyone believed the two beautiful brunettes would finally come to blows at the party. By ten o'clock they hadn't said much more than a few words to each other and they never went near each other. A lot of the guests began to wonder if the expected fight would even happen although a number of sizable bets had been placed on the outcome. The people holding the money began to grow nervous at the idea they'd have to return the money. But a little before eleven o'clock, the fuse had finally been lit!

Patricia was at the bar getting herself a drink. As she backed away, she backed into Rachel's ass and then accidentally stepped on her floor length dress. As Rachel stumbled off balance with Patricia's foot on the hem of her dress, it ripped, splitting clear up the back all the way to her luscious ass. Rachel spilled her nearly finished drink down the cleavage of the sexy red dress. Most of the party-goers started to laugh, including Patricia when she turned around and saw what had happened. Patricia tried to contain the issue as she stifled her laugh while Rachel's pretty face blushed, then turned bright red with embarrassment as well as anger.

Patricia moved in said with a very sincerely, "I'm really sorry. It was an accident, honestly."

"You need to watch where the hell you're walking, you stupid bitch," Rachel hissed.

She looked down at her dress to see if anything was visible from behind and how much damage the spill did. Fortunately, her glass had been nearly empty and the damage and visibility from her drink was minimal. But what was visible from the split was quite considerable!

Patricia shot back, "Hey! I said I was sorry. It WAS an accident. You don't need to be so damn bitchy about it."

Rachel picked up a full glass of champagne and stepped very close to her hated rival. She raised the glass, hooked her finger in the neckline of Patriciaís sexy dress, pulled it away from her bosom and then slowly poured the champagne down into her cleavage.

When she was done, she stepped back with a smirk and spat, "There! Now we're even!"

Patricia's face blushed deep crimson as the chilled champagne soaked the entire front of her stunning black dress until the sexy dress clung to her curvy body like a wet T-shirt.

"You damn bitch! Look what you did," Patricia raged, her eyes burning with anger.

"Oops. It was an accident. Sorry," Rachel said with a sarcastic smile, then she broke into laugher at the sight of her embarrassed costar in her clinging, champagne soaked dress.

Patricia snarled, "This has been coming for months and now you finally pushed me too far you damn skanky slut! You're going to get your fat ass kicked!"

"Oh, that sounds an awful lot like a challenge, "Rachel laughed. "I've wanted to beat the snot out of you for a while so thisís gonna ..."

Patricia lunged at Rachel and tackled her around the waist before she could even finish the sentence. She took Rachel down to the marble floor, heedless or uncaring that her own dress was ripping further. The two luscious brunettes skidded across the slippery marble floor in a tangle of thrashing arms and flailing legs. Their momentum carried them past the bar into the buffet table as they each tried to grasp and pull the other's dress or hair or whatever they could grab. They rolled and tumbled across the room; hair, arms and legs entwined and tangled as they both strained to gain a dominant position from which to control of the fight. Either could have taken control of the struggle, but in the end luck was on Rachel's side. The two voluptuous beauties rolled up against a chair and Rachel was in the better position to grab it and use it for leverage to secure herself astride Patricia's midriff.

Rachel smirked as their rolling stopped with her proudly perched atop her brunette rival's heaving belly. Rachel grabbed the Latina's wrists and slammed her arms down to the floor over her head. She smirked as she bounced a couple times, knocking the air out of Patricia who gasped and coughed as Rachel continued to bounce up and down, slamming her ass down on the soft belly beneath it.

But the next time Rachel tried to bounce, Patricia suddenly bucked her hips up violently. Rachel hadn't expected that and she lost her balance. As she frantically scrambled to re-seat herself, Patricia got a foot up on Rachelís shoulder and kicked out, knocking her enemy away. Rachel tumbled backward while Patricia twisted her body the other direction. The two gorgeous brunettes rose to their feet at nearly the same time and quickly closed in cautiously as they circled ready to reengage in hand-to-hand battle again. As they got back in fighting range, they both latched onto two handfuls of hair. They tugged and twisted violently as they each tried to topple the other woman to the floor.

This time, Lady Luck smiled on Patricia for when Rachel pulled her hair one direction, Patricia yanked Rachelís the other way. Rachel was off balance, unprepared for an abrupt change of direction and she started to fall backward. Another hard yank from Patricia and Rachel's feet shot out from under her on the slick marble floor and she started to drop on her back. Trying to break her fall, Rachelís flailing hand grabbed the front of Patricia's champagne soaked black dress.

Now Patricia had to struggle to keep her balance as the thin satin parted straight down the cleft of her cleavage and down the whole front of the dress opened up. Rachel fell on her ass, hitting the hard marble with a THUD! She looked down at the material she was holding in her hand and then up at the wide open front of Patriciaís dress. The Latina lovely barely managed to stay on her feet and it took her a few seconds to regain her balance. But as soon as she had her feet firmly under her, Patricia took careful aim and dropped the point of her elbow straight down into the valley of Rachel's heaving cleavage.

Rachel let out a groan as Patricia's hard elbow flattened her boobs onto her chest. Before she could catch her breath, Patricia gave a hard yank on Rachelís long sexy red gown and hauled Rachel back up on her feet. She used the flimsy red dress to pull her hated foe up, but the material couldn't withstand the stress and the front of her dress began to rip apart. Once she had Rachel back on her feet, Patricia grabbed the front of the gown and pulled down hard! The tear grew in size into a huge gaping opening and in a matter of seconds, Patricia had the whole of Rachelís red gown wide open.

Just as Patricia finished tearing her once gorgeous gown apart, Rachel pulled back and turned away. The two beauties reached a silent standoff as they both removed the torn remnants of their once sexy dresses. Patricia was in a sexy black strapless bra and thong, dark thigh-high stockings and black heels completed her outfit. Rachel stood proudly wearing a lovely red lace bra and matching thong, tan thigh-highs and red high heels.

After taking a few seconds to hike up their thongs and adjust their bras, both beauties raised their fists and closed in to resume the battle. The crowd cheered and hollered, encouraging both sexy brunettes with equally loud chants. The betting continued to rise at an astonishingly rapid rate, with thousands of dollars pouring into the hands of the bookmakers by the second.

With a loud scream, Rachel threw herself at Patricia, her glossy nails aimed at the gorgeous Latina supermodels beautiful face. Patricia quickly retreated, but the veteran of supermodel catfights stayed calm and cool as she kept Rachel just outside the distance where she could reach her face. As Rachel leaned forward and stretched her arm toward Patricia's face to scratch her, she suddenly let out a loud scream of pain. Patricia had grabbed both of Rachel's hands and twisted her wrists violently to the outside, a direction they werenít intended to go.

Patricia kept a secure grip on Rachel's wrists as she planted one high heel firmly on the marble and pivoted her body. As Patricia turned, she swung Rachel to the side. When she let go of Rachel, her momentum sent her careening backward into the buffet table.

Rachelís sexy butt slammed into the edge of the table and her body stopped abruptly. The gorgeous Latina supermodel stepped in and grabbed one of Rachel's wind-milling arms. But before Patricia could do anything, Rachel pulled Patricia into her, pulling her forward toward the table. Rachel tried to bend Patricia over the table as both battling beauties buried their fists in the other's hair. They bobbed and wobbled along the side of the large table, each clearly trying to send the other woman plunging down into the food.

But neither was successful until Rachel suddenly yanked Patricia back in the other direction. Patricia tried to resist and she stumbled back and dropped straight down on her ass to the floor. Rachel dove at Patricia, but the Latina supermodel lifted her knee and Rachel slammed into the raised knee with her full weight. Rachel collapsed in a heap next to Patricia, a large bruise on her bosom courtesy of Patricia's knee!

While Rachel rolled over gasping in pain and holding her chest, Patricia threw herself at Rachel and landed on her belly. She clasped her fingers around Rachel's neck and squeezed - hard! Rachel's eyes widened in terror as Patricia's choke started to have an effect on her ability to breath. She struggled to pry the Latina's fingers from her throat, but she couldn't.

Patricia smiled nastily as she pulled her knees up under her and leaned her weight into the choke. Rachel desperately reached up and ripped the busty Latinaís strapless bra down to her waist, then sank her long nails into the exposed meat. Rachel squeezed, scratched, mauled, and pulled at the feminine globes until Patricia finally broke and cried out in pain; releasing her choke to try to pull Rachelís fingers from her now sore and aching boobs. The two curvaceous brunettes rolled apart and rested on their knees facing one another for several moments. Rachel sucked down air to replenish her energy while Patricia fondled and caressed her sore breasts.

The break in the action was brief as both ached with a burning desire to tear into her rival and put her away. They got to their feet and closed the distance with fists raised, again ready to do brutal battle. Rachel fired a wild right at Patricia's head, which she easily ducked. The Latina responded with a hard knee to Rachelís gut that made her gasp as she doubled over in pain. Grabbing Rachelís arm, Patricia twisted it as she spun around and whipped Rachel toward the buffet table again. Rachel hit with her back and this time her body was bent backward so sharply that her long, dark hair ended up in the gravy.

Patricia charged in intending to plant Rachel on her back in the middle of the food arrangement As she approached, however, Rachel stood up, dipped her shoulder and hip-tossed the on-rushing Patricia up and over onto the table. The Latina landed flat on her back in a shower of food. Her back, ass and the back of her thighs were slathered with assorted types of food. Rachel clasped her hands, raised them over her head as she stepped between Patriciaís raised knees and slammed a hard double ax-handle just below the Latinaís belly button.

Patriciaís eyes were big as saucers when her rival's blow drove all the air from her lungs. Rachel grabbed a fistful of Patricia's long black hair and dragged the Latina model face first through the food as she pulled her across the table. The Latina pawed at Rachel's forearm as she dragged her through the food. Giving Rachelís arm a hard tug, she pulled her against the table side.

Rachel was surprised by it and nearly lost her footing as her hip hit the table edge. A second vicious pull by Patricia brought Rachel down on the table with her. A twist and a shove and suddenly Rachel was on the bottom, her back, ass and legs covered in food. Patricia nastily rolled Rachel over onto her stomach, now filling her cleavage and covering her face with foot as well.

Patricia yanked Rachel forward a little bit, then with a solid yank on her long dark hair, she shoved Rachelís head down in the punch bowl as several women let out a loud yelp of support. Keeping a solid grip on Rachelís hair, Patricia plunged Rachel's face into the bowl and held her down.


She pulled Rachel's head out of the bowl and listened for her submission.

Rachel gasped and coughed, gulped down a breath of air and finally said, "FUCK YOU!"

Patricia forced Rachel's head back down toward the bowl while she planted her palms on the table and strained to keep her face out of the bowl. Slowly, Patricia won out as she leaned over Rachel's back and used her weight to force her face closer and closer to the punch bowl. Just as she dunked her adversary's head into the punch again, Rachel retaliated as she lashed out blindly scratching. She didn't even realize it until she heard Patricia's shrieks of pain, but her nails left four parallel tracks of red welts across the curve of the Latina's boobs. Patricia used her butt to push Patricia away, then staggered off to one side as Patricia looked down at her the tracks of bloody scratches across her gorgeous melons.

While Patricia was preoccupied with the scratches, Rachel pulled herself up and leaned on the table as she gulped down some badly needed air. Seeing her hated foe distracted, Rachel lunged and tackled her to the marble floor. But Patricia wasn't as distracted as Rachel thought and as the two beauties came crashing to the floor and Rachel tried to maneuver her body to pin Patricia down, Patricia snaked her gorgeous long legs up and wrapped them around Rachel's neck. Locking her ankles, Patricia began to squeeze hard with her scissors.

Rachel gasped and gagged when Patricia twisted and slammed her down on the marble, her long legs locked in a powerful head scissors that had Rachel securely trapped. With one hand in Rachelís hair, Patricia reached with the other and forced it between Rachel's legs where she clamped her into a painful pussy claw. Rachel cried in pain as Patricia's vice grip fingers dug deep into her tender womanhood. Rachel was just about ready to surrender when an opportunity presented itself. As Patriciaís muscular thighs covered her head, she turned her face to the side and, with a shiver of disgust, bit down hard on Patricia's fleshy thigh.

Patricia yelped in pain and then she screamed as Rachelís teeth buried themselves in her gorgeous thigh meat. She instinctively pulled back and released her scissors to get away from the biting, giving Rachel valuable time to gulp down more air. But Patricia gave Rachel no real chance to rest and she quickly bore down to regain the advantage. She pivoted and snapped her leg out; her high heel cracking against the side of Rachel's head with a THONK and Rachel's head snapped as the heel plowed into her temple.

Rachel tumbled back, rolled over and tried to scramble away on her hands and knees as Patricia got to her feet and charged after her. Rachel continued backpedaling as Patricia moved close. Rachel didn't get the time she needed to regroup as Patricia grabbed a handful of dark hair and yanked her to her feet again. Using an arm for leverage, Patricia flung Rachel into the buffet table and Rachel groaned when she hit hard with her belly, flopping face down over the edge of the table.

Patricia grabbed a handful of dark hair and once more plunged Rachel's head back down in the punch bowl. Patricia stubbornly refused to show mercy as she held Rachelís head in the punch as bubbles boiled up around it. Rachelís body bucked and thrashed as she tried to get some air, but Patricia held firm and kept the hold on her.

The Latina beauty pulled Rachel's head out of the bowl just long to demand, "Are you ready to give up, slut?"

"Fuck you!" Rachel gasped, her soaking wet hair plastered over her eyes.

Rachel took a quick gulp of air as Patricia plunged her head back down into the punch bowl again. This time Patricia held the brunette rival's head in the punch bowl even longer. Rachelís thrashing and flailing had almost stopped when she pulled her head out of the punch bowl again.

"I WILL drown you if I have to. Do you give up, you slut?"

Not wanting to get dunked again, Rachel cried out between gasps for air, "Please! Don't dunk me again."

Patricia smiled and slapped Rachelís firm butt. "That's my girly-girl," the Latina beauty snickered, assuming she had a submission.

Still with a firm grip on Rachel's hair, Patricia gave her a hard shove and Rachel sobbed out loud as her body went skidding across the marble floor and came to rest in a limp heap. Patricia raised her arms up high in victory, but Rachel suddenly lunged at the Latinaís legs and tackled her to the marble floor.

Rachel sneered, "I never gave up, you stupid bitch! Now, you're gonna get your ass kicked!"

She rolled Patricia over on her belly and held her down as she wrapped her hands around the Latina beauty's smooth neck. She squeezed tightly as she tried to choke her out. As Patriciaís struggles weakened, Rachel grabbed a fistful of her long black hair and dragged her to her feet.

She dragged the dazed Latina beauty back to the punch bowl and hissed angrily, "Let's see how YOU liked being drowned, you bitch!"

Patricia tried to hold her head up as Rachel slowly forced her head toward the punch bowl inch by inch until Patricia stomped down with her heel on to Rachel's foot. Rachel let out a howl of pain and released Patricia's hair. The Latina straightened up, whirled around and kicked out with her high heel as she turned. Her heel cracked against the side of Rachel's head, and Rachel grunted as her head snapped back and to the side. She staggered toward the wall and only barely kept her balance, using one hand on the wall to steady herself. Patricia moved in for the kill! She grabbed Rachelís shoulders and again shot her high heel up. Rachel screamed and started to sob as the Latina's high-heel plowed into her vulnerable pussy. Rachel dropped like a stone, her hands wedged tightly between her squeezed thighs, sobbing aloud in pain as Patricia grabbed her ankles and spread them apart wide.

As Rachel sobbed, she looked up at Patricia and cried out, pleading for mercy, "Please don't! I give up! You win!"

Patricia hissed, "I thought you gave up last time. Now I'm making sure, bitch!"

"No! Please. I mean it. I quit!" Rachel sobbed, waving her arms in front of her exposed and vulnerable pussy.

But Patricia showed her hated rival no mercy. She spread Rachel's legs wide open, then jumped up and stuck out her knee. Her entire weight came down concentrated on the point of her knee as she drove it into Rachel's already aching pussy. Rachel shrieked in pain and fell back, nearly passing out. Actually, Patricia was surprised Rachel WASNíT out cold. But like the veteran catfighter she was, she clamped on a pussy claw to ensure her battered rival's crotch surrendered to her power.

She sneered, "Are you ready to end this NOW?"

"Yes! I said I quit. Please. STOP! You win! You winnnnnnnÖ.." Rachel sobbed.

Patricia released her pussy claw and pulled Rachel to her knees by her hair. As Rachelís body came upright, Patricia pulled her tear-streaked face into her butt and snarled, "Kiss it puta!"

Rachel sobbed but she quickly puckered and gave Patricia's butt long kiss. Patricia released her hair and raised her arms in victory, letting the Brit babeís body slump back down on her haunches, her shoulders hunched forward, her body racked with tears; completely humiliated. The crowd moved in to congratulate Patricia who, like her rival, was completely disheveled, bruised, battered and exquisitely topless. But Patricia didn't care about her state of undress; she was overjoyed by her victory. Rachel ignored her victorious rival as she struggled to her hands and knees and crawled slowly away. She would change clothes and leave, having nothing to look forward to and vowing sheíd avoid any further altercation with the feisty Latina brunette.