Shae Marks vs. Petra Verkiak by Southgate

Shae Marks appears at ringside early and eagerly works the crowd. Tossing off her bikini top, she climbs to the top rope in one corner of the ring shaking her big boobs, smiling as the crowd roars its approval. As Petra moves towards the ring, wearing a pair of black shorts and a white cut-off tee-shirt.

As she gets close, Shae spots her and taunts, "Petra, you've got your big old saggy tits all covered up. Can't stand the competition?" Shae puts her hands under own tits, pushes them up high and then lets them bounce freely. Waiting for the roar of the crowd to subside, she continues, "If you did that, I'll bet your old tits would bounce on the floor!" Growling, Petra pulls off her bra, letting her big boobs bounce free. "Back-off, little girl," hisses Petra.

Petra climbs into the ring and heads straight for Marks. The two women slowly lock up their fingers. Petra, taller and heavier, tries to shove her foe backwards. Marks is surprisingly strong for her size, she holds her ground. Shae is faster than the heavy brunette; she slips out from Petra's clutches and springs forward with an uppercut that nails the on-coming Verkiak in the jaw. Petra head shoots backwards. She is stopped in her tracks, an easy target for the very adept Marks. Shae, staying low, unloads a rapid fire punching attack on the big woman's belly. The gut pounding drive Petra back, her stomach muscles are cramping while Shae's attack is relentless.

Absorbing considerable punishment, Petra counters with a fist into the side of Shae's head. Verkiak grabs Shae by the throat with her left hand, her right hand slips between Shae's legs. Verkiak hoists the smaller woman off her feet and crashes her down across her outstretched knee. Verkiak hair-hauls Marks to her feet, twists her arm, spins her around and tosses her into the corner turnbuckle. Verkiak follows Shae to the corner. Twisting Shae's arm again, Petra hauls her to the center of the ring and begins to spin her foe. But Marks surprises Petra again with her strength, reverses the arm bar. Twisting Petra's arm, Shae lands three kicks into Petra's side. Spinning Petra around, Shae launches her bigger foe into the ropes. As Petra rebounds, intent on shoulder blocking her foe, Shae side steps, catches Petra in a headlock and uses her forward momentum to bulldog Petra's face into the mat. Marks drops her knee across the back of Petra's neck, leaving her stunned.

Shae rolls the big woman onto her back and stomps her tits repeatedly. Verkiak howls, covers up and finally manages to roll on to her belly. Marks lands a knee drop to the center of Petra's back. Shae hair-hauls Petra to her feet, twists her arm again. Three rapid fire kicks slam into Petra's belly. Shae spins Petra around and throw her back into the ropes.

As Verkiak stumbles forward, Shae has the audacity to catch the mighty Petra in a bearhug. Big boobs mash together. Shae tits are nearly as big as Petra's. With a smile, Shae rubs her tits hard into Petra's raw boobs.

"You've met your match, Petra. It's time for you to retire," taunts Shae.

Petra's tits feel like they are going to burst. Shae arms, locked tight around Petra's back, shift her body back and forth, grinding their tits together. Slowly, Shae leans forward as she bends Petra backwards, stressing her spine.

"Give up," Shae commands.

"Drop dead," Petra spits out.

Shae powers forward, maintaining the bearhug and nearly breaking Petra's back, then shifts her body backwards, hauling Petra up, off her feet. Shae slams Verkiak's crotch down on her knee. Petra lies on the mat clutching her tits and crotch. Marks hair-hauls Petra to her feet. Standing behind the taller woman, Shae slams her fist into Petra's lower back, wraps her arms around Petra's waist, lifts her up and slams her tailbone down on her outstretched knee. Shae hair-hauls Petra to her feet, twists her arm and throws her into the corner turnbuckle. Shae rushes her but Petra manages to raise a knee that catches Shae hard in the belly.

For a short moment, the two woman stand just inches apart, not moving, but Marks shakes it off before Petra can reload. Shae crouches down for a moment, then launches herself forward. Shae's forearm mashes itself into Petra's sore left tit, flattening the big boob. Petra's face turns white as she stumbles forward into Shae. Marks is back on the attack, driving two move punches into Petra's tits. Trapped in the corner, Verkiak tries to cover up to protect her chest. Marks drives her knee up into Petra's crotch, unloads another barrage of punches on Petra's tits, spins the big woman around and throws her backwards, landing on top of her.

Petra manages to roll onto her belly, taking her boobs out of immediate danger, but Marks quickly straddles her back, and traps her foe's right arm in a punishing hammerlock. Shae slips her own left arm around Petra's head, pressing her forearm into Petra's throat. Petra struggling to break free, pushes up off the mat. In a flash, Marks slips her arm from Petra's throat.

Riding Petra's back, still maintaining the hammer lock, Shae's fingers dig and twist into Petra's tits. Verkiak howling, jolts herself up to her knees, lifting Marks with her. Shae scrambles forward to recapture her hammerlock, but Verkiak drives her elbow backwards catching Marks in the belly. Twice more Petra drives her elbow back.

Petra spins around, grabs two hands full of Shae's hair and butts her forehead into Shae's head. Shae is hurt. Petra head-butts her a second time. Verkiak wraps her arm around Shae's head and drives her down to the mat. Marks lands hard on her back, Petra lies across her. Petra's headlock crushes Shae's neck as Shae struggles violently. Marks slowly works her arms out from under Petra's body. Shae's left hand reaches up to seizes Petra's left tit. Her right hand claws at Verkiak's face. Petra's tit feels like it is on fire, but she bears down on Shae's neck, nearly cracking it as she cuts off Shae's air supply.

Locked in an intense struggle of wills, Petra manages to hold on in spite of the damage Shae inflicts to her tit. Petra wails as Shae claws her with her fingernails. Petra, cursing, tightens her headlock. Shae, unable to breath, finally looses the struggle. Verkiak shifts her position, rolling herself behind Shae, the big brunette wraps her legs around Shae's waist and locks her arms around Shae's head, trapping the smaller woman in a sleeper-scissors combination.

"Die, bitch," Petra hisses.

For more than a minute, Verkiak's thighs crush the remaining breath from her beaten foe while her sleeper renders Shae unconscious. Releasing her grip, Petra rolls Shae on to her back.

Petra's tits are a mess. She stands, walks slowly around her opponent. Verkiak slowly removes her shorts, revealing her round, hard ass in its naked glory. Petra drops her butt down hard on Shae's face.

"Normally, I'd smother you with my tits, but my beautiful ass will have to do," Petra taunts as she grinds her ass hard into Shae's face.

Reaching forward, Petra starts pounding on Shae's tits mercilessly.

"When I'm done with you, you won't show your tits off to anyone."

Petra slams and hammers and pounds and knuckles on Shae's boobs. Finally, Verkiak lets her long fingers dig into Shae's soft tits. She grabs each tit with two hands, squeezing and pulling and twisting till they begin to swell. Marks is out cold.

Finally Petra stands, raises her hands in victory. Though her own mauled tits are raw and bruised, Petra gently cups her boobs, raises them up and lets them bounce free. The crowd roars its approval.