Petra Verkiak vs. Jenny McCarthy by Southgate

Petra fumed for weeks after the beating she took from Julianna Young and Karen MacDougal. She decided to go back to the gym and get serious about her workouts. She hired a boxing coach, intent on sharpening her skills. In the next month, while she made considerable progress, her coach warned her that she would need to learn to keep her cool in the ring. Late one night in the gym, Petra had just finished working out on the heavy bag. She was jumping rope as her final exercise of the night. And then Petra heard a shrill voice that she knew all too well.

"Golly Miss Molly, look at those tits bounce! You practicing to be a better punching bag, Pet-trraa?, I hear you that Juilanna uses you for a workout bag!" Petra stopped jumping and frowned. She had been in the gym for more that 2 hours-her sports bra and boxer shorts were soaked with sweat, her damp hair hung close to her face. This was the last person she wanted to see right now. Jenny McCarthy had come looking for Petra, urged by her playmate friends to kick the bitches ass once and for all. Jenny wore a halter top and cut-off shorts. "Are you ready to try and take me on?"

Petra scowled as she stared at the blonde. This skinny bitch actually scared her a bit. She had seen Jenny fight. She studied Jenny's impressive arms jealously for a moment and got caught. Jenny laughed and flexed, knowing that she was winning the intimidation war. "You'll need to stay in the gym for a long time to develop guns like these. Are you gonna fight or are your gonna run?"

Petra considered her options. Then she took her jump rope, and in a quick motion wrapped it around McCarthy's neck and twisted it tight. Jenny, caught off guard, clutched at the rope cutting into throat. Petra twisted the rope tighter, watching Jenny's eyes bulge and then, using the rope, spun Jenny around 180 degrees and slammed her into the gym wall. Petra held the rope tight with her left hand. She slammed her knee into Jenny's back. Using her right fist, she hammered away on Jenny's kidneys.

As Jenny's knees began to buckle, Petra stopped the beating long enough to let the rope go before she killed the blonde. Instead, she wrapped her left arm around Jenny's neck, still holding her up against the wall, and went back to work on Jenny's back.

Petra congratulated herself-all this training had paid off, her power and endurance had improved greatly. She hammered away on Jenny's back for a full two minutes, and then got bored. Petra grabbed Jenny by her hair, slammed her head into the wall and threw her to the floor. "Get up, bitch, I thought you wanted to fight!" Petra taunted. Jenny lay on her stomach, dazed. "You need smelling salt? Don't have any handy, but let's try this."

Petra took off her sweaty boxer shorts. She left her sweat soaked panties on. Petra sat on the floor in front of McCarthy and opened her legs. She grabbed Jenny by the hair and pulled her head forward, shoving Jenny's face on her pungent crotch, then clamped her thighs tight around Jenny's head. "That should revive you in no time." Petra sat back and squeezed, thinking that she had been foolish to worry about fighting McCarthy.

And then Petra screamed-her crotch and legs were burning. Jenny did revive. She bit down on Petra's pussy and sank her finger nails deep into the softer undersides of the thighs wrapped around her head. Petra's back was against the wall, she could not push away. Finally, Jenny stopped biting her and sat up on her knees, facing Petra. With a wild look in her eyes, she said, "Let's do it."

The two women rose to their feet and faced each other. Petra threw a right hand that glanced off Jenny's blocking left and smashed into Jenny's left tit. Jenny recoiled and hammered back with a right hand that pulverized Petra's right tit. The force of the blow backed Verkiak up several paces, but Jenny was right on her again with a left hand that clipped the left side of her face and a thundering left that flatten Petra's left tit. As Petra stumbled backward, Jenny came in low with a right hand uppercut that slammed into Petra's chewed pussy.

As Petra's head dropped forward, Jenny hammered a left and a right into each of Petra's ears. Jenny grabbed the staggering Verkiak and drove her knee into the brunette's belly. Holding Petra bent over by her hair, Jenny drove her knee up into her head. Still holding Petra by the hair Jenny shoved her backwards, held her up against the wall and spent two minutes pounding on Petra's tits.

Each blow crushed the soft flesh, flattening Petra's huge tits. As Petra's tits bruised and swelled, Jenny threw her to the floor. The young blonde sat down hard on Petra's face and went back to work pounding her tits. Finally, she stopped. Jenny stood up, walked over to the water cooler, drank a bit, filler her mouth and then came back over to Petra. She spit a big mouthful of water onto the beaten woman's face.

"Are we done here?" she asked. Jenny stood by and watched as Petra struggled to regain her senses. In a few moments, the big brunette slowly rose to her feet. "Stay down, fool, " laughs Jenny. Remarkably, Petra slams a roundhouse right into Jenny's left cheek and splitting her lip.

"You bitch!" spits Jenny. The blonde unloads a devastating left that slams into Petra' head and knocks her off her feet. Petra staggers backward into the wall and Jenny is right on her. A volley of belly and head shots keep the brunette pinned against the wall and on her feet. Jenny steps back and quickly unleashes a spinning head kick that sends Verkiak sprawling to the floor, lying on her back. Jenny squats down on her chest, pinning Petra's arms under her own knees. She slaps and backhands Petra's face until both cheeks are beat red. Sliding her butt back a bit, Jenny leans forward, presses her right elbow into Petra's neck and hammers on her right tit. Jenny's head is close to Petra's face. "You're not so tough, are you?" When Petra doesn't answer, Jenny grabs her right tit and twists, taunting, "Can't hear you."

Petra screams out, "No, I'm not so tough." Jenny seizes the nipple of Petra's right tit, twisting and pinching. Petra screams out "Please stop, I give up, please stop." Jenny leans down harder on her elbow, choking off Petra's scream. She slams her fist into Petra's tit again. "I almost forgot, we're not done yet." Jenny stands up, pulls Verkiak to her feet, leans her up against the wall and connects with a spinning head kick that sends the brunette sprawling to the floor again. Jenny bends Petra in a match book and shoves her back up against the wall.

Jenny rips off Petra's panties, removes her own leather belt from her cut-offs and staps Petra's ass wickedly, leaving angry red welts. Throwing the belt aside, Jenny pulls Petra's head forward, squats down on Petra's face, leaving her legs up-ended.

Jenny opens up Petra's legs. Holding Petra's left thigh, Jenny pounds on Petra's crotch for more than a minute. "Time to go. But Petra, if you ever beat on one of my friends again, I won't go so easy on you, so be a good girl, Okay?"