Petra Verkiak vs. Karen McDougal and Julianna Young by Southgate

Petra arrives for the BOL photo shoot late and harried. She is fuming that her booking agent has failed to advance her acting career. At least these Playboy newsstand specials were hers, she rules! But today, her usual 'star' dressing room has already been given out. "Who the hell is in my room," she roars at the photographer's assistant. Oh, they've given that room to Karen McDougal. She'll be on the cover of this special. Karen McDougal is the 27 year old brunett, recently selected Playmate of the Year. "The cover? I don't think so," spits Petra. She march over to the dressing room door, flings it open and storms in. Karen stands at her dressing room mirror, wearing only a bikini bottom.

The photographer's staff had warned her that there may be trouble with their former star. Karen isn't much worried. Karen works out daily, she knows she is in terrific shape and is proud of her biceps and solid thighs. So she watches Petra in the mirror, studies the angry face and decides to have some fun. Without turning around, she speaks, "It's about time you got here, now clean up this room and scrub the bathroom." Petra stops in her tracks "What?" Then the light bulb goes on in her head. This upstart is taunting her. "You bitch, this is my F****** room-GET OUT!"

Petra lungs at Karen, her hands entangle themselves in McDougal's hair before she can turn around. In a rage, Petra

pulls Karen forward and slams her into the full length mirror. With her left hand still clutching Karen's hair, Petra drives her fist and her knee rapid fire into McDougal's kidneys; the brunette howls in pain. Petra slams her head into the mirror again, and then throws Karen backward to the floor. In an instant, Petra is on her, straddling her foe and bouncing her head against the carpeted floor. Karen had expected trouble, but completely under-estimated how vicious Verkiak is in a fight.

Petra clamps her hands around Karen's throat, choking her violently for several seconds. "No cover for you, missy," hisses Petra. Pulling Karen to her feet, Petra slams her backward into the wall, pounds her belly violently. Stopping for only a moment Petra, rams a knee up into her crotch, and then a fist, and then a knee, launching an all out assault on Karen's pussy. Having taken all of the fight out of her victim, Petra proceeds to rake her nails across Karen's tits.

Red welts and bloody scratches appear quickly. Petra sinks her fingers into Karen's tits, twists hard. Surveying the damage for a moment, Petra taunts, "too much red on these little titties, needs some black and blue for a cover, don't you think?" Her fist mashes into Karen's tits repeatedly. McDougal is in tears, begging Petra to leave her alone. Having bruised the upstart enough, Petra grabs Karen's head and shoves it into her tits. "You may be the playmate of the year, but these tits make me the Readers Choice every year." She mashes her tits into Karen's face, smothering her unconscious.

The door opens again. The photographers assistant enters the room. The assistant is Julianna Young herself a 1993 playmate, now 38 years old, and still very much a wonder boobed, hard bodied blonde. "Let her go," she commands. Petra stops beating on Karen, lets the damaged woman fall to her butt.

She recognizes Young immediately. Intent on intimating Julianna, Petra walks towards her. "Sure, she's finished. I'm the new cover girl." As Petra moves closer, Young holds her ground. Petra walks right into her-their tits mash together. Petra thrusts her chest out intending to push Young back, but the blonde responds in kind. Her tits are bigger, harder. Verkiak is shoved backwards. "I don't think you are," replies Young coolly. Petra attacks again, slamming her tits into Young's, and again she is shoved backwards.

"You don't want to fool with me, Verkiak," warns Young. "You're right, I don't want to fool with you, bitch... but I will rip those tits off your chest!"

Petra steps back, pulls off her shirt and shakes her tits. "Come on...blondie, what have you got?" Young sighs, as she pulls her halter top off over her head, Petra rushes forward and attacks. She slams her knee into Young's pubic bone, traps the blonde's arms in her halter and throws her down to the floor. Verkiak quickly wraps her legs around Julianna's waist, locks her ankles tight. Her scissors forces the air from Julie's lungs. Petra's left arm holds Julie's

entangled arms above her head.

While Julianna struggles to free her arms, Petra's right fist slam's into Young's tits. Young knows she is in trouble. She twists and bucks, her arms finally slip out of the halter top, but Petra still controls her movement. Julianna manages to twist enough to force Petra to release the scissors, but the mean brunette rolls Julianna on to her left side, catches her right arm in an armbar. Petra's left knee slams down on Young's head, the heel of her right foot presses down into Young's crotch and pins her tight to the floor.

Kneeling on the prone Julianna's head, forcing her weight into the armbar, Verkiak's right hand grabs hold of Young's huge right tit. Young is in terrible pain. For a full minute, Petra mangles Julie's right tit, punishes her crotch and arm. Julianna tries to rally before Petra destroys her. She tries to break free, but Petra shifts her from her side to her back, Verkiak, still holding the armbar, sits heavily on Julie's tits. As Julie struggles, with surprising power she succeeds in lifting her torso up off the floor, but Verkiak quickly wraps her thighs around Young's chest and pulls her back on her side. Petra's right hand grabs a handful of blonde hair and forces Julianna face into her tits. Young gyrates her wide hips desperately.

Petra laughs "You're not going anywhere." She presses Julie's face hard against her tits. But Young keeps her cool. Again Young gyrates her hips, this time she succeeds in rolling Verkiak onto her back. As Petra feels herself rolling backward, she lets go of the armbar to try and brace herself. Young, though still trapped in Petra's scissors, is now on her knees and on top of Petra. She wraps her arms around Peta's chest, with a huge effort, Young struggles to her feet, hauling Petra up with her. The brunette's scissors has slipped down to Young's waist. The blonde focuses all of her power into her bear hug. Slowly, she takes control from Petra. The brunettes legs slack and open.

Young's huge, hard tits mash into Petra, crushing the brunette's smaller and softer tits. She shifts Petra's body back and forth, their tits mash together as Petra's boobs are crushed under the assault. Verkiak curses and struggles weakly. Her tits feel like they are on fire. Young lifts Petra high, tightens the vice around her ribcage and then drives her foe down, pussy first, onto her outstretched knee. Petra lands hard on her back. Young dives on her, but as she dives, Petra manages to raise her knee and catches Young in the gut. Both women are dazed now. Petra gets to her knees first, she crawls over to Young, who is lying on her left side clutching her stomach. Petra slams her fist down

into Julia's injured right tit. Young screams in great agony. Petra has found her target; she grinds her fist into the injured tit, crushing the flesh against Young's ribcage.

Karen has cleared her head. Standing is hard, as she tries to take a step, the pain in her crotch is numbing. But she lunges forward and leaps onto Petra's back. Karen wraps her left hand around Petra's throat as her right gouges Petra's eyes. Petra roars, stands up with Karen still hanging on, and flips McDougal off. Karen struggles to her feet as Petra rubs her eyes.

As Karen moves in, Petra's left foot lashes out and slams into Karen's crotch, stopping her in her tracks. Petra unloads a roundhouse elbow smash that crashes into Karen's tits, flooring her. Verkiak straddles her, grabs her tits and twists. Julianna moves in behind Verkiak, grabs her hair and pulls her up and off of McDougal. Julianna twists Petra around and punches her in the belly.

Verkiak staggers back but counters with a fist to Julianna's right tit. Young screams out and Verkiak pounds the injured tit again. Julianna knows that she must end this fight soon or Petra will seriously injure her. Petra again attacks, as she slams her fist into Julianna's tit, Young traps her head with her left arm. Bending Petra down, Young pumps her right fist into Petra's tits and belly. Verkiak's tits are vulnerable, already sore and swollen. Young beat on them without mercy.

Finally, Young slams her knee up into Petra's head and throws the brunette to the carpet. Turning her onto her back, Young drops her butt down onto Petra's face and forces her face into her own sweaty crotch. Petra begins to buck. Young reverses herself on her perch, and the shifts Petra's head between her lean, muscular thighs, in a 69 scissors, Julianna slips her hands inside of Petra's bikini bottoms and claws her pussy as Petra struggles feebly. "Let me have her," pleads Karen.

Young tortures Petra's pussy for a last time and kicks her away. Karen rolls the beaten brunette on to her side, wraps her thighs in a vice around around Petra's neck and works over her tits, returning in kind the treatment she had received at Petra's hands. Petra has passed out. Meanwhile, Young has taken out a camera. "We need a cover shot, Karen." McDougal strips off Petra's briefs and stuffs them in the beaten woman's mouth. Karen straddles the beaten woman, raises her arms in victory as Julianna snaps the picture.