Petra Verkaik vs. Karen Price by Southgate

Verkaik is scowling at Karen before the bell rings. "Hey old bag, I'm going to beat your belly like a drum and pull your tits like taffy," she taunts. But the truth is, Petra is worried.

Price has an unbelievable body--her boobs are every bit as big as Petra's. Her 40 year old gymnasts body obviously still fit and strong. Petra removes her bikini top and shakes her beautiful set.

"I'm going to smoother you with these, grandma."

Petra watches Price limber up. Karen peels off her bikini and throws it into the crowd. The older playmate still has a terrific set of tits, a beautiful, wide and muscular ass and powerful, gymnasts legs. Verkaik, 3" taller, and 6 years younger is determined that she will beat this challenge.

The bell rings and the two combatants move quickly to together, slamming their chests together. Neither woman gives ground. They lock arms around each other's waist and squeeze. Both women strain, grunt and sweat as each tries to gain the advantage over the other. Petra finds herself being slowly overpowered by Price. As their boobs mash together, Petra's arms are getting tired while Karen's seem to be getting stronger. With a surge, Karen suddenly hefts Petra off her feet. For a terrible moment, Price bends Petra's spine and shakes the big woman violently, with surprising ease. Petra gives up on the bearhug, shocked that she has been so easily beaten. She grabs a handful of Karen's hair and backhands her across the face.

Karen is stung, her top lip split. She throws Petra to the mat and dives on top of her. Karen controls Petra on the mat. Quickly, she traps Petra's arm in a leg stretch. The pain is unbearable. Petra tries to kick free, bucking wildly. Karen adjusts her hold on Petra's hand, bending the wrist backwards while still stretching the arm. Shaking her own legs, pulling way back on the arm, Karen has Petra screaming at the top of her lungs. "Shut up, fool," says Price coolly. And in that instant, she moves her left leg from Petra's armpit, raises it up and crashes it down on Petra's throat. Karen twists Petra on to her back, kneeling, she stretches her foe's still captured arm out and launches a double knee drive into the bruised arm, and another, and another.

While Petra lies on her belly immobilized, Karen switches the attack to the other arm. Finally, Karen rises to her feet and command "get up, smart mouth." When Petra does not move, Karen stomps on a still out stretched arm. Karen's left hand grabs Petra's hair, rolls her onto her back and yanks her to her feet. The shorter woman slams her knee into Verkaik's belly and drags Petra backwards into the ropes. Using her hair-hold, Karen forces Petra backward over the top rope.

"So we're really proud of these big floppy tits, are we," taunts Karen. Price sinks the fingernails of her right hand into Petra's tits, taking several seconds to maul first one and then the other. As she digs her fingers in deep, she starts up again, "nothing so special about these, honey."

Verkaik howls as Karen works her over. Finally, Karen release the big, firm tits and slaps Petra's right cheek, then back hands her left cheek. Petra is shocked and nearly helpless.

Karen, on a roll, continues, "now Petra, you were saying something about a good old fashion taffy pull and a bit of boob smothering, did you not." Karen drives a fist into Petra's belly, doubling her over. A titanic knee launches Verkaik across the ring where she lands hard on her back. Karen rolls Petra to her back. Positioning her feet on Petra's hair, on either side of the wide-eyed Verkaik's head, Karen leans forward grabs each of Petra's nipples and stands up, laughing maniacally as Petra screams. Karen pulls up as hard as she can, stretching out Verkaik's boobs into unnatural shapes. Karen, having a great time, repeats the procedure four more times. Verkaik's face and boobs are beet red.

"Well that's the taffy pull, let's get on with the smothering," threatens Karen.

Price hair-hauls Verkaik to her feet, spins her around in circles and throw her into the ropes. As Petra bounces back, the agile Price launches her self, nailing Petra with a flying waist scissors. Price locks her big legs together, smiling as Verkaik moans and curses. For a full minute, Price crushes Verkaik's ribs. Petra bucks and kicks wildly at first, but is rather quickly subdued by Karen's incredible leg strength. Price watches Petra fade. She looses her scissors slightly, slides around so that she is facing Verkaik. Karen pulls Petra's face into her soft, wide boobs, clamps her arms around the taller brunette's head so that she can't move and then squeezes her legs as hard as she can. Petra struggles feebly.

Price, laughing, taunts her, "Give it up. Resistance, as they say, is futile."

The big brunette is given a taste of her own medicine as Karen is giving taking her to school and giving her a big lesson in breast smothering. Price takes her time, mashing her tits into Petra's face, cutting off her air supply while her legs constrict tighter and tighter around Verkaik's waist. Karen's fans are hooting and proclaiming her the new queen.

Price begins to sing, " tits are red hot, your tits ain't diddley squat."

Petra, on the verge of loosing her crown, hears her loyal fans urging her to fight back. Doggedly Petra renews her struggling, fighting back with a surge of angry energy. Fighting Karen's headlock, Petra twists her head to the side and sinks her teeth into Karen's left tit. Price howls and tries to pull free, but Petra is on her with jaws locked like a bulldog. By the time Karen pulls herself away, her tit is bruised and bloody. Verkaik is up on her feet, adrenaline pumping. Verkaik tackles Price, falling on top as they both hit the mat.

Petra rushes Karen, slamming her tits into Karen's wounded pair. Price is knocked backwards into the corner. Petra rushes in, grabs Karen's hair, holding her in the corner. Verkaik proceeds to slam and grind her boobs into Karen's chest. Karen, becoming numb to the pain, seizes Petra's wrists and starts to bull her way out of the corner. But Petra drives her knee up into Karen's crotch. The force of the hit lifts Karen off her feet and sends her sprawling back into the corner. Petra clamps her fingers around both of Karen's boobs, twisting and squeezing as hard as she can.

Karen's left tit is on fire, as Petra forces a bellowing Karen to her knees. Verkaik slams her knee into Karen's head, then quickly hair-hauls Price to her feet and shoves her back into the corner. Petra knuckles her fist into Karen's tits, concentrating on her bruised left boob. The older woman is panting hard and looks to be running out of steam.

Petra plants her left hand in Karen's hair, forcing Karen's head backwards. Verkaik's pulls her left fist and shoulder all the way back, seems to measure the distance to Karen's uplifted chest, then uncorks a wicked punch that buries itself in Karen's left tit. Karen's face turns white with agony as her breast is crushed into her ribcage. Petra bounces Karen's head back into the turnbuckle, and then slams her knee into Karen's crotch.

Verkaik wraps her arms around Karen's waist and lifts the shorter woman off the mat. Petra ratchets her arms tight around Karen's back. Mashing her boobs into Karen's bruised tits, Petra lifts Karen high into the air, then slams her down, crotch first onto her outstretched knee. Price rolls on the mat, holding her crotch. Petra walks over to Karen's head and drops her butt down of Price's face. Petra reaches backward and grabs both of Karen's tits, pulling and pinching them mercilessly. Petra slides herself backwards, until she is straddling Karen's waist. She pins Karen's arms down and leans forward, pressing her big boobs into Karen's face. Price bucks and twists, but she is too tired to displace the younger Verkaik. Petra sits back, still straddling Karen's waist. She pulls Karen's arms to side and pins them under her knees.

Grabbing each of Karen's tits, Petra commands, "give up, bitch, or I'll rip them off."

Karen, exhausted and thoroughly beaten, screams out, "I give."

"Who has the best tits," Petra roars.

"You do," Karen whimpers.

"Who is the one and only real queen," Petra bellows.

"You are, you are, please let me go," begs Karen.

Petra slowly stands and raises her hands in victory.