Petra Verkiak vs. Roberta Vasquez by Southgate

After the initial photo shoots for Playboy's upcoming Natural Wonders newsstand special, Petra received a phone call inviting her back for an additional session. She and 1984 playmate Roberta Vasquez were in contention for the cover and lead layout. Petra arrives at the designated beachfront location early in the afternoon. The session is to begin at the crack of dawn. Verkaik is confident that she will be chosen over the older, dark-skinned Vasquez. She kind of resents that this photographer thinks there is a choice to be made. After all, Roberta had practically disappeared from the planet after appearing in a number of 'guns and broads' B-movies, while Petra has worked relentlessly since her 1989 centerfold spread to make herself one of the planet's best know lingerie models. It is a sweltering hot afternoon.

Petra enters the beach cottage, strips off her traveling clothes. Changing into a pair of jogging shorts, Petra slips a cut-off tee shirt over her unfettered boobs and goes out to explore the secluded private beach. Petra walks to the water's edge, peels off her tee shirt to sun herself. Letting the waves break over her legs, she watches a solitary jogger off in the distance steadily advancing towards her. It appears to be a woman running through the surf. As the jogger draws closer, Petra watches the runner's chest bounce heavily in rhythm with her pace... there's a lot of bounce... it's a formidable chest.

Petra recognizes the runner. It's Vasquez.

"Damn it, she's here already," curses Petra. Vasquez slows her pace as she approaches.

Hot and tired from her run, she, too, recognizes the woman she sees waiting on the beach. Roberta wears black jogging shorts, a white sports bra soaked with perspiration and a sweatband around her head. She is breathing hard from her run.

"Well I see you decided to try and get in shape. It's a little late for that, isn't it," sneers Petra.

"I run every day. You'd loose some weight if you'd try it" snaps Roberta.

"You wouldn't last 15 minutes in my gym," spits Petra, "the way you reek, they'd throw you out."

"Okay, we won't be best friends. Just stay out of my face," Roberta retorts.

Petra steps forward and grabs Vasquez by the wrist.

"Save yourself some trouble and go home. You're not going to get the cover--you're too old, too fat. Your boobs sag down to your belly. Oh, and you smell like a Mexican whorehouse."

Roberta pulls her arm free and slaps Petra across the face. Verkaik rubs her face and smiles.

"Good, let's settle this right now."

Petra's left hand lashes out and scratches the side of Roberta's face. Roberta grabs Petra's hair close to the scalp, pulling at it hard enough to bring tears to Petra's eyes. Roberta drags Petra backward, extends her leg to trip her. As Petra's feet fall out from under her, Vasquez hurls Petra down hard, slamming her head into the sand. The former police cadet drops her knee down on Verkaik's chest, just below her collar bone. As Verkaik body convulses, Roberta twists her hair to roll Petra onto her belly. Roberta twice drives her knees into Petra's belly Straddling her back, Roberta quickly hammerlocks Petra's right arm. Holding Verkaik's hair with her left, she yanks Petra's head up and back, trying to snap her neck.

"Get off of me you fat cow," crackles Verkaik.

Roberta yanks harder on Petra's hair and pushes up on the hammerlock, intent on breaking Petra's arm. Verkaik screams wildly, kicks her feet in the sand desperately. Ignoring Petra's howling, Roberta leans her head close to Petra's.

"Now if you shut your mouth and promise to go home, I may not break your arm and rip out all your hair. Got it?" sneers Roberta.

"Yes, yes, just get off of me," begs Petra.

"I'll just help you pack," hisses Vasquez.

Standing, she hauls Petra to her feet, holding the hammerlock. Verkaik struggles unsuccessfully for half a minute, but the hold is expertly applied. Roberta sets her legs wide, slips her free hand around Petra's neck and pulls up on her twisted arm.

"Aagghh...I'll kill you," screams an agonized Petra.

"Give it a rest, you're packing up right now," commands Roberta.

Verkaik slams her elbow back into Roberta's belly. Vasquez responds like a well-oiled machine. Her left fist pumps repeatedly into Petra's lower back. Verkaik's legs wobble.

Vasquez, in control, uses her hammerlock to march the big brunette towards the beach house. Verkaik walks forward slowly a half dozen steps on apparently unsteady legs, then spins around suddenly, breaking free. As she spins, Petra elbows Roberta in the face. Vasquez grabs Petra around the neck. Petra does the same. Spinning around in awkward circles in the sand, each woman tries to shove her hip into her adversary. Petra is able to hip toss Vasquez to the sand and lands heavily on top of her, still clutching her around the neck. Roberta tries to twist her body free, makes it to her side. Petra straddling her, tries to lock her legs into a waist scissors.

Vasquez shoves off the sand and rolls over, on top of Petra. She slams the palm of her right hand down into Petra's right tit. Verkaik's legs spring open momentarily, allowing Vasquez to shift her right leg outside of Petra's bent left leg, blocking her scissors attempt. Verkaik, on her back, holds Roberta's hair with her right hand while her left fist smacks into the older woman's head and side. Vasquez pushes up to her knees, pressing her head down into Verkaik's chest. Her left fist plows into the right side of Petra's face. Verkaik, her lip puffy and bloodied, seizes Roberta's hair with both hand and yanks her head down.

Petra works her legs free and finally gets her scissors. Roberta's left fist again tags Petra in the side of her face. She tries to pull backwards, to slip free. She is nearly clear, but Petra manages to clamp her legs shut around her neck. One of her arms is also caught in Petra's strong thighs, taking some of the pressure of her neck.

"Shit," wails Vasquez. Petra smiles, still lying on her back.

Her left hand grasps Roberta's hair, holding her head securely in place. Petra's right fist takes target practice on Roberta's head, as Vasquez, on her knees, tries to cover up.

"You're not so tough, are you bitch," shouts Petra, emphasizing each word with a fist to Roberta's head. Hammering her fist into Roberta's head, she continues, "Now, you're packin' up and moving out, or they'll haul you away in a body bag."

She hits Vasquez more than twenty times. While Roberta deflects some of the punches with her trapped arm, her head is aching and her left cheek bruised. Petra stops to switch hands, twisting her right hand in Roberta's hair. Her left fist resumes the pounding, punishing the right side of Roberta's face. Petra takes her time, her fists stop just long enough for her legs to squeeze tight around Roberta's neck. Vasquez finally tries to mount some offense, raking the fingernails of her free hand down the back of Petra's thigh. Petra curses, picks up the pace of her pounding. Twisting and jerking on Roberta's hair, Verkaik targets her punches, whacking Vasquez in the nose, mouth and both sides of her face.

"Stop! Please stop," begs Roberta.

Vasquez tries desperately to break free. Roberta's leg muscles strain as she pushes forward, but Petra clamps harder.

"Stop! Please stop," begs Roberta.

Vasquez tries desperately to break free. Roberta's leg muscles strain as she pushes forward, but Petra clamps her thighs tighter still. Her thighs push hard against Vasquez as she wins back any lost ground. Her fists go back to work. Suddenly, Vasquez surges forward, shoving her left shoulder forward, prying Verkaik's legs open just a bit. Vasquez slams her elbow across Petra's boobs. As Verkaik cries out, Roberta's left hand slams into Petra's mouth.

"Bitch," screams Verkaik. With two hands, she yanks Roberta's head down into her belly. Vasquez shoves her left hand forward and sinks her fingers into Petra's right tit. Roberta claws her fingernails into Petra's nipple, twists violently in an all out attempt to free herself. Roberta pushes forward while she claws. Up on her knees, she has a wailing Petra bent in half. Petra's butt lifts up off the sand as Roberta presses forward.

Roberta's right hand claws into Petra's ass. Screaming, Petra stops punching, wraps two hands in Petra's hair, squeezes her legs tight. Frozen for a moment, Petra powers Roberta off her knees and onto her side. Vasquez manages to keep rolling and ends up on her back. Petra straddles her chest, but has lost her scissors. Roberta tries to buck and twist free, rolling again to her side, but she can't dislodge her tormentor. Verkaik's left hand yanks Roberta's head up, pressing it into her crotch. Looking backwards, Petra's right fist pumps down fast and hard into Roberta's belly.

"Not too flabby for an old bitch, let's see what you can take," taunts Petra as her fist pummels Roberta's gut repeatedly.

With each 'thud' Roberta moans loudly as her stomach muscles cramp. Petra rolls Roberta onto her belly. Sitting high on her back, Petra yanks up on Roberta's neck, snapping it back.

"Are you ready to go home?"

"Yes, please stop. I'll go right now," wails Roberta.

"Okay, I'll stop really soon," taunts Petra.

Her right fist goes back to work, slamming first into Roberta's gut, then into her face. For the next minute, Petra works with a calm, malicious rhythm.

Confident that she has beaten all resistance out of Vasquez, Petra stops, stands up and hauls a shaky Vasquez to her feet. Verkaik marches her captive up the beach to the cottage. As they enter, Petra shoves Roberta into the room.

"Pack up and clear out. The cover is mine," Petra states triumphantly.

Petra shakes her aching right arm. "Vasquez is a strong bitch," she thinks, "but no match for me."

Walking slowly across the room, Roberta grabs her suitcase and opens it on the couch. She walks slowly over to the dresser and picks up her hairbrush and hair dryer.

"Hurry up," Petra commands impatiently. As Roberta moves in front of Petra heading back to the couch, she spins and crashes the hairdryer into Petra's head. Verkaik clutches her head, woozy, her feet unsteady. Roberta lunges at her, grabbing her by the hair. Vasquez bounces Petra's head against the wood paneled wall. Driving her knee into Verkaik's gut, Roberta throws the surprised brunette to the floor. Roberta drops with both knees landing squarely in Petra's belly. Vasquez jams her left knee repeatedly into Petra's gut. Petra fights to recover her breath.

Roberta moves quickly to slam her knee into Petra's crotch. The force of the hit stuns the Verkaik with shooting pain. Roberta hair-hauls Petra to her feet and throws her against the wall. Vasquez sinks her fingers into Petra's boobs, twisting them hard enough to drive a bellowing Petra to her knees. Her fingernails scratch welts into Petra's tits.

"These things will be too ugly to photograph when I'm done with you," shouts Roberta.

A knee lift catches Verkaik in the head. Vasquez yanks Petra to her feet and shoves her back against the wall. She slams a fist into Petra's left tit. Petra's face turns white with agony as her breast is crushed into her ribcage. Roberta slams Petra's head back into the wall and lets her slide down onto her butt. Holding Petra's hair, Vasquez slams her knee into Verkaik's chest, then grinds her knee into her left tit. Hauling Petra to her feet, Roberta lets fly a stinging slap across Petra's face. A backhand, another slap and a backhand redden Petra's cheeks.

But as she admires her handy work, a fist comes up from nowhere and slams into Roberta's crotch. Petra worms her hand inside Roberta's shorts, grabs a handful of Roberta's dense brown bush and twists. With an outraged yowl, Roberta reaches down and grasps her antagonist's hand, but she is unable to pull Petra off of her. Verkaik wraps her free arm tightly around the back of her victim's neck and pulls her in close. Roberta screams in utter agony. "Let me go," she screams as Petra yanks and tugs at her bush. Petra twists Roberta around the room.

"You're as hairy as an ape," taunts Petra, still snatching and jerking for all she's worth.

Vasquez wraps her arms around Petra's waist and squeezes. Petra grunts. Vasquez is so strong. Petra lets go of Roberta's thinned bush and twists with both hands around her neck. Vasquez starts to gag, turning blue. Petra throws her backward against the wall. She slams her knee up into Roberta's crotch. Roberta falls to her knees, her crotch throbbing. Petra hair-hauls Roberta to her feet and shoves her backwards into the wall, hissing "pay back time."

She rips off Robert's jogging bra and grabs Roberta's tits. Vasquez has plenty of fight left in her. She sinks her talons into Petra's tits. Petra needs to protect her right tit, already scratched raw from the fight on the beach. Petra tries to inflict as much pain as she can, but Roberta's strong hands are crushing her boobs. The momentum shifts. Roberta spins Petra around shoving her up against the wall while she mauls her tits. Vasquez seems impervious to Petra's clawing fingers. Suddenly, Roberta slams her head forward, into Petra's forehead. Seeing stars, the Verkaik falls forward, into Roberta's arms.

Roberta throws her back into the wall. Grabbing Petra' long hair with her left hand, Roberta bangs a series of rights into Petra's belly and boobs. Roberta is in a rage, Adrenaline pumping, she pounds Verkaik nearly senseless.

"You're mine, bitch," shouts Roberta.

She takes the slumping Petra in her arms, lifting her off her feet into a crushing bear hug. Vasquez lifts Petra high off the floor, mashing their tits together as she bounces Verkaik around like a rag doll. Then, lowering Petra to the floor, Roberta bends her backward, bearing down on her heavily, Petra, unable to draw a breath, her back near breaking, passes out.

Just then, the photographer walks in. He walks over to Petra, looks down at the wreckage on the floor and says, "I can't use her, this won't do at all."

"That's what I've been trying to tell her," laughs Roberta. "I think she finally agrees with me."