Petra Verkaik vs. Juliann Young by Southgate

Standing topless at opposite corners of the mat, Petra tries to stare down the big boobed blonde Julianna Young. Petra is a woman on a mission. With a fierce determination to win this fight, Petra is ready to do whatever it takes. Their eyes locked, Young suddenly smiles and yawns, throwing her arms back and her immense chest out. Verkaik turns beat red as she watches Young's chest swell to even greater dimensions.

"Plastic cow!," Petra jeers.

"Sagging slut!," the blonde rejoins.

Petra rushes the blonde, seizes her by the shoulders and knees her in the belly. Twisting her hips into the blonde, Petra wraps her right arm around the blonde's neck and slams her down to the mat. Julianna grunts loudly as she lands hard with Petra's body falling heavily across her chest. Verkiak tightens her headlock and struggles to keep Julianna pinned down, pressing her chest into Young's. As the blonde rolls to the left Petra shifts her weight, spreading her legs wide. Young reverses and rolls right, arching up on her neck. Both women grunt as their bodies strain against each other. Young momentarily breaks Petra's headlock and rolls over on top of the brunette. Petra, on her belly, battles to break loose, but Young holds her down and wrestles the brunette onto her back. Julianna's body slams down on Verkaik, her boobs covering Verkaik's face. Cursing, Petra twists to her side, but Young forces her onto her back again.

"No F***ing way," howls Petra, as she twists for all she's worth fights her way back onto her right side. She snakes her arms around the blonde's head and grabs her hair. Though her head is trapped, Young jerks up to her knees, fighting to pull her head free. She slams her right knee into Petra's exposed belly and shoves the brunette flat on her back. Lying horizontally across Verkaik, Julianna presses her hard boobs heavily into Petra's squashed chest.

"No F***ing way," Petra howls again. She twists and bucks, nearly rolling free, but Young hooks her left leg, preventing her from rolling any further. Petra grabs the back of Julianna's head with her left hand and rakes her eyes with her right. The brunette rolls to her belly and shoves herself up on all fours as the blonde tries to regain her sight.

The crafty blonde kneeling on Petra's left side, throws her right leg into between Petra's legs. She wraps her right arm around Petra's back, pressing her waist tight. She reaches under with her left hand and sinks her fingers into Petra's hanging left tit. Verkaik wails and flops to her belly, trying to protect her tits. Determined, she pushes back to her haunches before Young can cover her. The blonde, on her feet in a squat, is on her back and traps Petra in a half nelson. Young holds off Petra's attempts to break free, then drives the brunette face first into the mat. Petra again pushes back to her haunches, fire in her eyes, but Young sets her legs wide, using the leverage of the full nelson to twist Petra on her back once more.

In a 69 position, Young wraps her arms around Petra's waist and slams her hips down on the brunette's face. Young tightens her arms as Petra flails her legs desperately.

"No F***ing way," Petra bellows. Reaching up, Petra wraps her arms around Julianna, trapping the blonde's arms against her sides. Petra kicks her strong legs and twists her body over, reversing the hold on Young. The brunette squeezes Young tight around the waist as she grinds her tits into Young's boobs. Young bucks with her broad hips, arching up off the mat. Petra lurches her body forward and gets her thighs around Young's head, squeezing for all she's worth.

"Die you phony blonde bitch, die," shouts Petra, enjoying herself for the first time in the battle as Julianna squawks beneath her.

"I'm crush your head and then crush your phony tits," trumpets Verkaik. Young rakes her fingernails down Petra's back.

"Aaagghh!" shouts the brunette as the blonde springs herself free. Both woman scramble to their feet and charge. Just as their bodies slap together. Young raises her left knee high, nailing Petra in the gut. Young wraps her arms tight around Petra's waist and pulls her close, going for her game-over bear hug. As Verkaik wails, Young bends her backwards, cranking up the pressure. Her immense, hard boobs flatten Petra's soft natural wonders. Verkaik yanks her arms free and ear-claps the blonde. Thrown to the mat, Petra rolls quickly to her feet, holding her back. She rushes Young but gets caught in a headlock. The big blonde tosses her over her hip. Petra lands on her side with Julianna holding on. Julianna spreads her legs wide as she maintains a vice like grip around Petra's neck. The blonde's right boobs slaps into Petra's face as she twists and arches her body, trying to break free. Young is a mask of concentration as she tries to force Petra to submit. Verkaik reaches up with her right hand and sinks her fingers into Young's right tit. The blonde's wailing rejuvenates Petra. She twists her body free of Julianna's head lock and rolls the blonde to her back, quickly straddling her waist. Verkaik locks her hands together and pumps a rapid fire series of ax handles down into Young's chest. The frenzied and rather jealous Petra smiles broadly as she wails on the blonde's best assets. In trouble, Young's left fist shoots up and cracks into Petra's chin, clocking her.

The brunette lies sprawled on the mat holding her head. The blonde lies on her back holding her boobs. Both woman drag themselves to their feet.

They charge again, exchange headlocks, but Young wins this struggle, hips checks Petra back to the mat. Lying horizontally across Petra's chest, Julianna works a headlock. Petra reaches again for the blonde's tits with her left hand, but Young intercepts her arm, pulls it straight and scissors it between her legs. Young's strong thighs threaten to snap Verkaik's arm at the elbow. Petra's right hand reaches up and claws Julianna under the chin, forcing her head back. Young cures, locks her thighs tighter yet. Petra wails, her arm near breaking. She slams her the palm of her right hand into Julianna's face. Stung, Young's legs open and Petra pulls her arm free. The brunette twists around, struggles to her knees, but Young still holds her around the neck. The blonde kicks her legs up and wraps her thighs around Petra's waist.

"No F***ing way," wails Petra. But Young has her nearly immobilized. Young's all business thighs crush Petra's waist. The determined Petra, with immense effort, struggles up to one knee, but Young's legs drive her back to the mat. Roaring in agony and determination, Petra again fight her way back to her knees and then straightens her legs, lifting her butt up. Stretching forward across the blonde, Petra forces Young to relinquish the scissors. Petra drops down on top of a twisting Young. As they tussle, Young rolls Petra off and shoves her away. The blonde is quickly on hands and knees, just in front of a kneeling Petra. Verkaik leans forward, grabs Julianna around her waist and pulls her forward. Locking her thighs around Young's neck, a kneeling Petra leans heavily on Julianna's back. She reaches around with her left hand and yanks Young's hair to secure the blonde's head between her thighs. Julianna twists and thrashes about, desperate to break loose. Young rakes her fingernails down Petra's thighs. But Verkaik retaliates by stretching forward and yanking up on Julianna's thong bikini.

"I own your fat ass," Petra roars, as she wedgies the thong for all she's worth.

Cursing, Young twists her body violently, then cries out as Petra yanks harder on her hair. Suddenly, Verkaik is screaming as Young manages to twist her face around and bite into Petra's left thigh. As Petra's leg clamp loosens, Young yanks her head free. She rockets her head up, hammering Petra in the chin. The blonde slams a double ax handle down into Petra's chest, and Verkaik sinks to her haunches, badly dazed. Young takes a handful of the brunette's hair with her left hand, hauls back her right and unloads a series of punches to Petra's head. Petra topples to her side. As she falls, Young straddles her, then rolls her over, once more trapping Petra in a waist scissors. Young squeezes tight.

"Ahhhggg! Damn you! I'll kill you…" Petra wails.

"I've got to shut you up, you loud mouth slut," Young hisses.

Julianna pulls Petra's head into her huge tits and holds her tight. Verkaik struggles feebly, but she is spent. Young feels Petra's resistence fade. She rolls the brunette over, straddling her waist once more. Leaning forward, Julianna drops her big boobs down on Petra's face and rubs them around.

"You're finished, Petra. You're no match for me," Julianna taunts.

Standing suddenly, Young hair-hauls Petra to her feet. Wrapping her arms tightly around the brunette, Young hauls Petra off the mat as her boobs again mash into Petra's soft chest.

"Who has the best chest? I want you to shout it out loud!" Julianna chortles, as she grinds her hard chest against Petra and shakes her body around.

Unable to take any more punishment, Petra stutters out, "You do, you have the best chest"

"Don't you ever forget it, you sagging slut," commands Julianna, as she drops Petra's bruised and beaten body to the mat.