Two Nicoles: Nicole Voss vs. Nicole Whitehead by kit

It was nearly 9 p.m. when brunette Nicole returned from work to the apartment she shared with blond Nicole. Neither one spoke, but their eyes did meet briefly in disgust as neither seemed to appreciate the presence of the other. The blonde broke eye contact first as she returned to her television show, and the brunette glanced to see what she was watching. Just something stupid on MTV.

"I get the TV. at 10," announced the brunette, briskly walking past the couch where the blonde was laying.

"Uh, I don't think so," replied the blonde as her roommate headed into her bedroom.

"Uh, yes I do," said the brunette raising her voice, and then closing her door to undress. The blonde sighed in disgust as she was getting sick of her roommate. "Fuckin' bitch," mumbled the brunette, throwing her purse on the dresser and stepping out of her heels. She too was getting tired of living with the blonde.

Eight months ago, brunette Nicole was looking for a roommate when she was introduced to blond Nicole by a mutual friend. They weren't particularly fond of each other at the time, but since both needed someone to share expenses with they managed to get along, and even start to become friends for a brief period. But eight months can be a long time, and a year lease can even be longer once relations start to wear and tear.

Undressing, the brunette went to the shower and purposely left the door open so the mirror wouldn't fog. Naturally this caused noise interference with the TV. and forced the blonde to get up and close the door, thus fogging the mirror.

"I'm tryin' to watch TV.," said the blonde, shutting the door.

"Hey, don't do that," pleaded the brunette, with shampoo in her hair. But it fell on deaf ears as the blonde closed the door shut. The brunette had had a hard day, and the blonde wasn't helping matters as Nicole toweled off her hair in disgust at the fogged mirror. She wondered if she could stand another four months of living with the bitch in the other room.

Nicole could hear the hair dryer blowing. She rolled her eyes and turned up the volume with the remote. Like her roommate, she too had serious doubts about the next few months with the bitch in the bathroom.

Dry and somewhat refreshed, Nicole went into her bedroom and put on her pink lace thong and matching cropped top. Out on the couch, Nicole had on her cream lace thong and matching cropped top too. Other than the color, both were identical as they had bought them a few months ago when they were still getting along and going shopping together. After pouring herself a glass of tea, the brunette now joined the blonde in the living room as it was nearly ten o'clock and time for the news.

"Okay, flip it over to 12," said the brunette when the show was over.

"No, we're not gonna watch the news tonight," said the blonde.

"Yeah, we are," said the brunette.

"Not tonight. I'm fixin' to watch a movie."

"It's my turn with the TV.," said the brunette, stirring in the recliner.

"Well not tonight it's not," said the blonde, shifting on the couch.

"Just what the hell movie is it?" asked the brunette.

"Bring It On Again."

"Oh shit! Are you freakin' serious?"

"Hey! I've been wantin' to see it for a long time now," snapped the blonde.

"That movie sucks, and we're not watchin' it," spat the brunette.

"Well maybe if you were a cheerleader in high school you wouldn't think so," bragged the blonde.

"That's got nothin' to do with it...besides I was on the pom team," said the brunette, getting up.

"The pom team is where the cheer rejects go," said the blonde, sitting up on the couch as the brunette got up.

"Fuck you. Give me the remote," said the brunette approaching.

"No way, bitch," said the blonde getting up and holding it behind her back. "You're not watchin' the fuckin' news tonight."

"Like hell I am," said the brunette, trying to reach around the blonde.

The blonde moved and turned away, keeping the brunette in front of her as they started to paw back and forth.

"Fine, I'll just change it on the TV.," said the brunette, going to manually change the station.

"Get away from that TV., bitch," said the blonde, grabbing her arm.

Nicole and Nicole had had little tiffs and tats before (more so recently), but never to the point to where they were name-calling and physically putting their hands on each other. Wheeling on her heels, the brunette took a tuff of the blonde's hair in her hand as the blonde held on to her forearm. "Better le' go, bitch," growled the brunette.

The blonde responded in the blink of an eye as she dropped the remote and grabbed a tuff of the brunette's hair in the back. "Bitch, you le' go," she snarled.

Going to their toes, Nicole and Nicole were joined at the breasts as each glared hatefully into the other's eyes. The blonde still had the brunette by the arm and they both tightened their grip around the handful of hair they firmly held.

"Bitch," hissed the brunette, "le' go my fuckin' hair."

"Le' go my hair, bitch," demanded the blonde thru clinched teeth.

"Bitch, you're just two seconds from gettin' into it with me if you don't le' go," threatened the brunette.

"Promise!" asked the blonde harshly.

"You think I'm jokin, bitch?" asked the brunette, twisting her fingers deeper into the blonde's hair.

"Bitch, you think I won't?" asked the blonde, wrapping another layer of hair around her wrist.

The look they shared told the tale. They were both a bit shocked that they had just said what they said, but they weren't shocked that they were at the crossroads of their rocky relationship. Eight months of sharing expenses and chores. Eight months of having the other wear one's clothes without permission. Eight months of getting jealous whenever one's boyfriend looked over the other one. Eight months of hearing each other having sex. Eight months of blond and brunette hair clogging the drains and littering the bathroom sink and countertop. Eight months of plain ol' blonde and brunette bullshit!

"You wanna get into it with me?" asked the brunette as their eyes remained welded together.

"You seem to wanna get into it with me," replied the blonde as they shifted their weight.

There was a slight pause as they stood on the brink of a major, big-time catfight together. They had both been thinking and wondering lately if it would somehow lead to this. Neither was quite sure about mixing it up, but neither was going to be the one to back down.

"Maybe I do, bitch," whispered the brunette sternly.

"Maybe I do too, bitch," the blonde whispered back, letting go of the brunette's forearm so she could grab more hair.

The brunette took a second handful of hair as both stood still for a moment as if waiting on some imaginary bell to start them off.

"You sure 'bout this, bitch?" asked the brunette.

"It's time we fight, bitch," answered the blonde.

Working their hands and fingers a little deeper and higher into the back of the other's soft, silky hair, the girls spread and shifted their legs as they got ready to pull hair with each other.

"I wondered if we'd ever do this, bitch," said the brunette, locking her knees.

"Well, bitch, I've been wantin' to fight for a few weeks," the blonde stated, bracing herself.

Nicole and Nicole were both very sexy, attractive young ladies in their early 20s, and evenly matched to fight each other. The brunette was 5’5” and 107 pounds and the blonde was 5’4” and 110 pounds. Both had medium-long hair down to their small-but-shapely, 32" breasts. The brunette's breasts were shaped like an orange as the blonde's breast resembled lemons. But each had soft, pink, perfectly rounded areolas and hard little nipples. Their tummies were flat and smooth, and the brunette sported a belly-button stud.

The blondes waist was 24" while the brunette was 23" and around back both had sweet, tight butts; the blonde’s a little more shapely and formed at 34" to the brunette's 33".

In the leg department, each had tanned, toned limbs that were delicious from hip to toe. And between the thighs, they both had a patch of short, kinky pubs as the blonde was rectangular-shaped to the brunette's V-shape.

"You fuckin' slut," snarled the brunette, starting it off with a firm tug back.

"You cheap cunt," cussed the blonde, answering with a solid pull sideways.

The brunette stretched back the blonde's head as the blonde twisted the brunette's head in a slow circle. With their eyes squinted and their teeth gritted, Nicole and Nicole spent a couple of minutes methodically pulling, twisting and stretching each other out as they painfully wobbled from heel to toe in a deliberate circle.

"Oh, you bitch," mumbled the brunette as they stretched each other's hair out.

"Fuck you, slut," spat the blonde as they dug into the carpet with their toes.

"I fuckin' hate you," said the brunette as she pushed the blonde towards the couch.

"You're fuckin' jealous, bitch," the blonde said, slowly nearing the couch. Feeling the couch on the back of her legs, the blonde sat down as opposed to getting pushed down. Naturally she dragged the brunette down with her as they both sat hip-to-hip and pulling each other forward by the back of the hair.

"Ooww! Cunt," winced the brunette, jerking back hard on the blonde's hair and pulling her over on the couch.

"Uuunngg! Slut," yelped the blonde, tugging the brunette down on top of her. She shifted as their hot, lovely bodies balled up like a pair of playful kittens. Their sexy legs hooked high and hard around the hips as their chins were tucked into their chest.

"Oh gawd, I hate you so much," grumbled the brunette, slightly on top as they pulled extremely hard on each other.

"Uuummm, you've always been so fuckin' jealous of me," the blonde said again as her thigh turned hard on the brunette's hip.

"That's a fuckin' lie, bitch," said the brunette, pushing her thigh firmly against the blonde's twat.

"Like hell, slut," said the blonde as their cheeks pressed together. "You know David would rather fuck me than you."

"Bullshit, bitch," said the brunette. "Like your boyfriend wouldn't rather fuck me than you."

The two young ladies always got jealous whenever they thought about their boyfriends fucking the other. They both pulled very, very hard and tightened their legs on each other.

"Uuuunnggg!" groaned the brunette.

"Uuummph!" the blonde moaned. The brunette shifted and tried to roll on top of the blonde, but the blonde worked her kneecap into her belly and pushed in deep. The brunette groaned as the knee sank in and nearly went to her spine. "Ge' off me, you fat fuck," hissed the blonde, pushing firmly with her knee.

The brunette yelped out as she slipped off the couch and on to her ass. She also yelped out again as she lost a wad of loose hair in the process.

"Ouch! Bitch," barked the brunette, quickly rolling away from the couch and the blonde.

"David won't think you're so fuckin' pretty without all that nasty hair you've got," said the blonde, sitting up on the couch.

The brunette sat back on her knees and pushed her hair out of her face, "Yeah, well, Steve won't want to fuck you're skank ass after I pluck you bald, bitch."

The two young lovilies stood up and shook back their hair at each other. "You think you're pretty hot shit, don't ya, bitch?" asked the brunette as they started to circle.

"Hot enough to handle a stupid slut like you, bitch," responded the blonde as they started pawing and pushing each other and trying to grab hair again.

After a minute or so of trash talk and stalking, Nicole and Nicole made fists and stepped in swinging. Neither girl was much of a fist fighter, but both managed to hit each other in the face a couple of times (nothing effective or damaging) before the brunette lunged in and caught the blonde in a side headlock.

"Fuckin' cunt," swore the brunette, wrenching the blonde's head in her arm as she balled up a fist and popped her in the cheekbone with it. (It was a pretty good punch and would raise a mouse that the blonde would carry around for a few days.)

Although the blonde was jarred by the blow, she was still able to pick the brunette off her feet as they both lost their balance and fell on to the couch. The two girls grunted as the blonde took a knee in the thigh and the brunette took an elbow in the ribs. Bouncing on the couch, the girls then rolled off and hit the floor with a thud. Still closely intertwined, they rolled over each other once before the blonde caught the brunette by the wrists and pinned them to the carpet over her head.

"Ung, ge' off me, bitch," squirmed the brunette as the blonde lay on top of her.

The blonde captured the brunette's legs with her own as they were now lined up evenly with their (absolutely skimpy) nighties coming apart at the seams.

"Oh, you bitch," struggled the brunette as the blonde wormed her body down on her. "Just wait'll I get out of this."

"Bitch, I've got ya," huffed the blonde, straining to keep her hold on.

They each had a tit pop out and they could feel the other's tart nipple on her own as their tiny, tiny lace thongs were showing bush and roughly scratching together as the blonde was grinding with her hips.

"Ge' your fuckin' pussy off me, slut," snarled the brunette as their stubby pubic hairs prickled each other's hump.

"Fuck you!" growled the blonde, about to lose hold of the brunette.

The brunette whipped her legs loose and jerked her arms free. The blonde slide off to the side as each buried her hands in hair and went into a roll. The pace was fast as their bodies went back and forth very rapidly with them swearing insults and pulling hard on hair. The brunette rolled on top and tried to straddle the blonde, but the blonde slapped her across the cheek and then tried her turn on top but with the same end result.

SLAP! Falling backwards off the brunette, the blonde got her legs scissored up with the brunette's legs, and they both locked legs and squeezed.

"Uumm," grunted the brunette, her left thigh between the blonde's thighs.

"Uumm," the blonde moaned as her right thigh was between the brunette's two thighs.

Like everything else, the lovely ladies had always been extremely envious of the other's smooth, sexy legs. So it was no surprise to them as they leaned back on their hands and did a little thigh wrestling to see who had the better yams.

"Fuckin' bitch," huffed the blonde, pumping thighs with her hated rival.

"Blond cunt," the brunette puffed, as their tan thighs rippled only the way two young, sexy legs can muscle each other.

For a two or three minutes they stayed locked inner thigh on inner thigh as they tried to roll each other off her ass and over on to her stomach.

"Uuumm, you fuckin' blond bitch," snarled the brunette, leaning forward and grabbing a handful of blond locks.

"Uuunngg...fuuuck, bitch," groaned the blonde, pulled hard forward, but taking a big fist of the brunette's hair just the same.

The two girls pulled each other closer as their legs started to soften and uncoil.

"Oooww! Gawd, le' go!" cried the blonde, her hair pulled very, very hard.

"Give it up, bitch. I'll rip this shit out," threatened the brunette, twisting even harder.

The blonde barked out in pain, but punched the brunette in the right tit.

"Uuummph!" grunted the brunette, immediately letting go.

"You bitch," mumbled the blonde, quickly rubbing her scalp.

Still sitting on their butts with their legs loosely crossed, the brunette returned fire with a stiff jab of her own into the blonde's left tit.

"Ooommph!" the blonde groaned.

"Bitch, don't punch me in the..." The blonde stopped her with a straight left jab on the chin. The brunette rocked back on her shoulders, but then quickly sat back up and hooked a right across the blonde's left tit again. The blonde fell to her back, as did the brunette (still shaken from the fist to her chin), and their legs now unlocked when they rolled over on their stomachs.

"You bitch," cussed the blonde, getting up on her knees.

"Eat shit, slut," the brunette replied, getting up also so she wouldn't be at a disadvantage.

The two young hard bodies fell forward on their knees as they hugged up and spilled over on the floor. Locking legs at the knees, the girls lay sideways together as the blonde had her arms around the brunette's ribs and the brunette had her arms around the blonde's neck and shoulders.

"Uumm, you fuckin' cunt," panted the blonde, flexing and squeezing.

"Uuunngg, miserable bitch," groaned the brunette, hugging and pressing.

Each had a strap torn off and the other strap way down her arm as their tits were now out and butted together at the nipples. Their orange and lemon shaped breast sank back in their chests as their pink rose petals were going at it with tart nipples. The blonde squeezed the brunette tighter and gradually rolled her way on top. The brunette moaned as her nipples were turned back but she hugged the blonde hard around the neck and slowly forced a roll until she came out on top.

"Uuumm," groaned the blonde as now her nipples were whipped back in her crusty areolas.

"Like everythin' else, bitch, my fuckin' tits are better," taunted the brunette, whispering in her ear.

"Fuck you, slut," grumbled the blonde, sending a fist in her cheek.

The brunette fell over on her side, but punched the blonde back in the jaw. The blonde punched the brunette in the cheek. The brunette punched her back in the jaw.

Their punches were short and choppy, not all that powerful, but quiet effective in breaking up their tight holds on each other and causing them to unlock and roll apart.

Laying on their backs a few feet apart, the girls now took a brief break to catch their breathes and rub away some of the pain on their bodies. A good, solid twenty minutes of catfighting had left them gassed and bruised or throbbing in various places. Still neither one was ready to admit defeat, nor satisfied with what she'd done to the other.

"Fuckin' bitch," said the blonde sitting up and removing her ruined top.

"Bitch, you tore mine," said the brunette joining her as they threw their tops at each other.

"I hope you don't think it's over, bitch," said the blonde as they sat across from each other.

"Oh no. It's not over by a long shot, slut," nodded the brunette.

"Your fuckin' ass is sleepin' on the streets tonight, bitch," said the blonde, starting to get up.

"In your dreams, bitch," said the brunette, getting to her feet.

The blonde moved quickly and slapped the brunette a good one across the face. The brunette stumbled back, but unleashed a kick to the tummy that dropped the blonde on her knees gasping.

"How'd that feel, you fuckin' whore?" said the brunette, throwing the blonde face down by the top of her hair. "We'll just see who's ass gets kicked to the curb now, bitch!" she added as she nestled her ass on top of the blonde's ass and reined back on her hair.

"Oooww! Mmmyyy h-a-i-r!" cried the blonde, scratching at the brunette's hands. The brunette let go with one hand and reached behind herself, grabbing a handful of hot, buttery butt cheek. "Oouuch! My fuckin' a-s-s!" bucked the blonde as five sharp talons bore in. The brunette beat the blonde's face against the carpet four or five times and scratched up her left butt cheek before the blonde could buck and hump her off.

"You bitch. Ge' back here, slut," said the brunette, jumping to her feet with the blonde.

"Slut! I'll get you for that," promised the blonde as they went for each other slapping.

POP! POW! They blistered each other's cheek.

POP! POW! They slapped each other silly again, and the blonde doubled over before the brunette.

"Fuckin' cunt," swore the brunette, throwing the blonde into a side headlock and socking her in the mouth with her fist.

First blood! The brunette drew first blood with her fist as the knuckles sliced the hide off the blonde's lower lip completely across. The blonde was jarred, but the sudden numbness didn't allow her to taste her own blood as she managed to twist her head free while shoving the brunette away in the hips. The sight of the blonde noticing her busted lip caused the brunette to pause as she reveled in the glow of her accomplishment.

"Fuckin' cunt," cussed the blonde with teary eyes as she dabbed the back of her hand on her lips. "I'm gonna fuck you up bad, bitch."

"Bring it on, bitch," taunted the brunette, kissing her fist. "I'll bust up the other one too."

"You fuckin' cunt!" yelled the blonde, throwing herself at the brunette.

Hell be damned! It was fuckin' on! The brunette was just as geared up as she lunged with her and they slammed together taking all the hair they could grab in their hands.

"Fuckin' cheap-ass whore!" shouted the blonde, slinging the brunette back and forth.

"Fuckin' blond piece of shit!" the brunette yelled, jerking the blonde side to side.

If this is what a catfight is all about, then Nicole and Nicole followed the script perfectly. Banging bodies back and forth, this hot blonde and foxy brunette went completely nuts as they tried to shake out each other's fuckin' little brains. Toe to toe they gripped the carpet and started crying as they fought blonde verse brunette in classic hair pulling style.

"Aaaarrrggg!" screamed the brunette as the blonde ripped out a big chunk from the side of her head.

"Fuuuuuuck!" the blonde cried as the brunette dragged out a huge wad from the back of her head.

But the girls didn't let up for a split second as the hair hit the carpet at their painted toes and they slung each other violently to the floor. Gutter words flew from their cock-sucking mouths as they wildly flopped and flipped like two fish out of water across the floor. Blonde. Brunette. Blonde. Brunette. Blonde. Brunette. Their legs coiled like barbed wire as their tiny thongs busted lace crotches. Small, shapely titties slapped and squished in nipple combat while their little tummies beat back and forth together. Blood from the blonde's lip smeared across her face and she spat blood in the brunette's face and hair several times with the brunette spitting back all she could.

"Fuckin' bitch!" cried the blonde from her back as the brunette mounted her and started to pound her head on the carpet.

"Uuugghh!" grunted the brunette as her abs took a plowing fist across them and she went rolling off. She quickly got back to her knees and double ax-handle chopped the blonde across her lemon-shaped titties.

"Aaarrrggghhh!" belched the blonde, nearly puking her guts out as her eyes rolled white and fluttered under her eyelids.

The brunette was completely worn out. She fell back on her ass, doubled over and rubbed her head as she wept. The blonde lay on her back, gasping and fighting for air as her hard, pulsating crying wasn't helping matters.

"You bitch," sobbed the brunette, getting up on her knees now. "You fuckin' blond bitch."

The blonde was in no shape to keep the brunette from putting her in a schoolboy press. All she could do was gasp for air and cry as huge streams of tears ran over her face, watering down the blood dribbling from her lip. THE END