War Games #1: War in a Cell-Jessica Alba/Denise Richards/Rose McGowan vs. Eliza Dushku/Heather Graham/Angelina Jolie by Interac

NOTE: This fight is bloodier and more violent than some. Readers are cautioned NOT to read it if that may offend. It’s a culmination of earlier fights going back to Interac’s Alba, Dushku, Graham, Richards, Jolie and McGowan stories.
In two separate rooms, watching one monitor, the combatants set themselves. The team of Jessica Alba and Denise Richards knew each other well from fights in the past. Rose McGowan was only there for one reason - to destroy Angelina Jolie once and for all. She wanted no question left that she was the dominant one between them. Rose got along with the other two for their motives were the same as hers. Jessica wanted to set the world straight, she was the star of the future; she the toughest woman on TV, not Eliza Dushku. This is the way to do it - in her mind anyway. Denise Richards also had incentive for throughout her career, comparisons between she and Heather Graham had been made. The only reason they got a break was taking their clothes off. They had arguments and fights but this was where it was going to end. In the cell! Their dressing room wasn't the most talkative, just focused. All three were focused on what had to be done.

The other room was the same. Angelina and Eliza knew each other quite well and trusted each other even more. Heather was the oddball, the outsider. She let them know though, that if it came down to it, she had their backs - as long as they left Denise Richards for her to take care of personally.

"She paid someone to beat me up," Heather explained. "Catherine Bell of all people! I did my best but she beat me, then Denise came in and took advantage afterward. She was too afraid to do it herself, now I'm going to show the world why she was afraid."

Angelina looked up at Heather who was tying her shoe, "I got jumped by Rose after my fight with Denise. Then she got me again after I beat Jennifer Lopez. You should've seen me take out THAT overrated Diva, Eliza. It would've put a smile on your face. After that I waited and waited, got information about where Rose would be. Krista Allen was more then eager to fight her for me and I honestly thought Krista could take her for a while. I got some smacks in on her after the fight, but her costars stopped me from doing any serious damage, then she got a few shots in on me. She learned though, that unless there's a miracle, she cannot beat me."

Eliza just stayed quiet. She and Jessica hated each other more than any two people could hate each other. They'd been told by all their people not to fight each other, fight others. That every time she fought Jessica it got nastier then anything else. Both went for the same roles and fighting each other was the best way of ridding themselves of competition. It was tiring hearing that all the time but now she had a chance to show every agent, every director, every producer, every actor just who which of them was the best!

A television monitor came on in both rooms and they heard an announcer saying, "The time is almost upon you six. Your fight will be legendary, it will stupendous. Most of all, it will be conclusive. The six of you have each asked for something different if your team wins. Angelina you want to fight Rose one and one, in a private room, till one of you screams her surrender. Rose do you agree?” Rose McGowan nodded and smiled devilishly. “Angelina, do you agree to Rose's request? That is, one day as her slave; ending with you going on E News Live, Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight and admitting to the world you aren't half the woman Rose is and saying she's better than you in every little way.” Angelina begrudgingly muttered, “Yes."

The voice continued, "Very well! Next is Heather Graham who has the same request as her opponent. A one on one fight, place to be determined, which must win fight by breast smother. I guess you both agree! And lastly, Eliza and Jessica. Eliza you requested that this is the final time you and Jessica fight if you win; unless it's in a tournament and that should you win."

Eliza corrected him, "That's not what it says?"

The voice paused, "Sorry! She wrote, 'When I win, Jessica has to call me before she starts any movie or television show to see if I'd be interested in the role. She has to do that for a year. Jessica do you agree to Eliza's condition?"

Jessica smiled, "Yes, and I'd like to add that to what I want."

The voice said, "Very well. Eliza do you agree to a one hour beating at the hands of Jessica. You can't fight back or defend yourself. Plus the stipulation about the roles."

Eliza sighed, "Yes, I agree."

"Good, then I'll just draw a name out of the hat to see who'll be first in the cell. Eliza, you're the first to walk down, you may as well start now."

Eliza opened her door and stepped through the curtain into an empty arena. But Eliza looked straight down to the Hell in a Cell. Taking a deep breath, she walked down and the door opened letting her in. The damp air already putting a sheet of sweat on her chest. Eliza wore only leather pants and tight tank top.

"Now to draw another name. Eliza's opponent is........Jessica, if you're ready go, it's you!"

Getting, a pat on the back from Denise, and a slap on the ass from Rose, both women tell her to destroy Eliza.

"Listen closely," the voice says. "Every so often I'll decide when another name is picked. That person can go out and help her friend. It'll keep going like that til all six of you are out. The winning team will be the one with the last woman standing."

Jessica threw back the curtain and Eliza's eyes lit up seeing who she had to fight, "Open the fucking door; I'm killing her right away."

The shocked keeper opened the door and the two women rushed toward each other, Jessica snarling, "Couldn't wait? Or are you just quitting now Eliza?"

"I'm going to put in a world of pain, that you never knew existed Jessy"

When they're in arms reach, Jessica slapped Eliza who came back right away with a backhand. Eliza grabbed for Jessica's hair, but Jessica turned and punched Eliza square in the pussy. Eliza eyes opened wide as she gasped. Jessica grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the guardrail, then she nailed a right cross to Eliza's jaw. With Eliza reeling, Jessica spun around nailing a backhand that dropped Eliza to her hands and knees. Eliza started to feel the swelling already and Jessica quickly nailed a kick that sent Eliza rolling. Jessica grabbed Eliza's shirt and hauled her to her feet, ripping and tearing the shirt, then as the fabric ripped away, she wrapped it around Eliza's neck and started choking her with it.

Jessica let go of her choke, grabbed Eliza's hair and then butted her forehead to Eliza's face. Grabbing Eliza by the hair again, she started to run with her toward the Cell wall, but at the last second, Eliza reached back, grabbed Jessica by the back of her pants and dropped to her knees just as she lifted Jessica up. Jessica's beautifully exotic face smashed into the steel mesh surrounding the cell, then she slowly slid down to the mat stunned. Eliza stayed on the canvas panting, growing more and more pissed. When she got up Jessica was starting to turn around and Eliza nailed her with a side kick to the face that squeezed her face even harder into the cell wall.

Eliza lifted Jessica's arms up on the wall and crossed her wrists which she held with one hand as she started driving her knee into Jessica's back and kidneys. When Eliza turned her around and Jessica got her eyes open, she looked at the smiling Eliza just as she snapped her head down and nailed Jessica in the bridge of her cute little nose with a second headbutt! Jessica's nose was bleeding profusely as was the gash over the side of her eye from the kick into the wall.

"Ohhh," Eliza purred in fake sympathy. "Did I hurt the wittle babies face! Good, then let's hurt something else of the wittle baby."

Eliza grabbed two handfuls of Jessica's shirt and ripped it open down the front, then pulled her bra open, ripping it between the bulging cups.

But before Eliza could do more, Jessica shot out a fist and punched her in the side of the head. As Eliza rocked back, Jessica grabbed her by the hair and threw her arms back as she dropped down, slamming Eliza's face into the steel this time. Jessica rolled away and scrambled to the middle of the ring while Eliza pulled herself up. When Eliza looked around, Jessica who was standing in the ring taking off the remaining rags that had been her top and inviting Eliza to get topless as well. Eliza reached back, unclasped her bra and made her way to the door into the cell, never taking her eyes off Jessica, neither taking any action until they were face to face.

"Here we are Jessica," Eliza grinned. "Your big chance to get me back for what.....? Beating your ass last year in a ring a lot like this, or tarring you after you fought Jennifer. Whichever it is doesn't matter because I'm going to destroy you here."

"Your not destroying anyone," Jessica snapped. "I beat your flat ass last year and I beat you worst at the premiere. Then you did what you do best and blindsided me. Well, we're face to face now but when this's done, you won't have much of a face left."

Jessica nailed a body punch to Eliza's stomach, then brought down a punch to the back of her head as Eliza bull-rushed her into the corner. As Jessica's back hit the corner turnbuckle, Eliza drew back her fist and nailed it to Jessica's pubic mound. Jessica gasped in horror while Eliza giggled, delighted with what she'd done.

"You're going to do what? Destroy my face?" Eliza snarled as she started grinding her thumbnail into the open wound on Jessica's face. "Is that what you said?"

Eliza was just rearing back to throw a headbutt when Jessica slammed her knee up, returning the favor to Eliza's pussy. Eliza staggered back a few steps and Jessica came out of the corner and nailed a spin kick to her head, her shin hitting Eliza in the face and busting her up. Eliza fell to the mat holding her face but Jessica didn't give her a moment's respite! She got on top of Eliza's back, lifted her head and hit a few punches to Eliza's face before she slammed her face down and ground it on the rough mat. Jessica got off Eliza and lifted her up a bit before she slammed a knee in Eliza's face, sending her sprawling over backward just about out.

"No matter what you do to me, I'll feel nothing, there's nothing you can do to stop me from destroying you."

Jessica brought her foot up and stomped down on Eliza's stomach and then dropped on her ass on her stomach and started punching down on her face. Then Jessica dug her hands into Eliza's slightly larger breasts and started stretching them, pulling outward.

IN THE BACK THE VOICE DRONED; "Up next ....Denise Richards."

Rose McGowan looked at her, "Take your time, take your time. Let Jessica have some fun."

"Oh don't worry, she can do whatever she wants. I'll make it down there... Eventually"

Back in the ring Jessica had Eliza back up on her feet, peppering her with lefts and rights to the head and boobs. The flurry of punches kept Eliza stumbling back until Jessica finally pinned her in the corner. Eliza grabbed the top ropes but then shocked Jessica as she threw both feet up in the air and kicked Jessica right underneath the jaw, lifting her off the mat and sending her through the air! Jessica crashed down on her back and Eliza took a deep breath, climbed to the second rope and jumped....crashing her knee right between Jessica's spread legs. Then Eliza took a much needed breather as Jessica writhed in agony on her back. Eliza suddenly dove on Jessica and bit down on her bare boob as hard as she could, like an animal eating it's victim's flesh. Eliza started scrubbing her forearm and elbow across the bridge of Jessica's bleeding nose which she'd smashed earlier. Finally, Eliza stopped biting and spit in Jessica's face as she hauled her up and forced her head between the ropes, then crossed them over her neck choking Jessica as she lifted her legs up to apply more pressure to the choke.

"What Jessica, you think I'd let you beat me? YOU'D HAVE TO KILL ME TO WIN!!"

When Denise FINALLY came out from the back and saw what was happening she was shocked by the drastic turn. Second, she was afraid. Afraid of what Eliza would do to Jessica if she never got there! Running full speed, her large breasts bouncing up and down, Denise threw the door to the cage open. When Eliza heard the door, she turned around and as Denise slid under the bottom rope Eliza ran and jumping in the air, coming down with her knee crashing to the back of Denise's neck, slamming her face into the mat and stunning her!

Pulling off Denise's shirt over her head, Eliza lifted Denise up and started hitting uppercuts up under her large boobs and chin. Denise staggered back into the ropes and pulled her head out of her shirt but as she popped her head up, she saw Eliza's elbow coming toward her!

SMASH! The elbow hit Denise in the temple.

"How dare you interrupt us," Eliza said coyly. "I was having fun with your girlfriend."

Eliza dug her fingers deep in Denise's vast bosom, then satisfied with Denise's pleas for mercy she left her slumped against the ropes and turned back to do something more to Jessica. But Jessica had gotten out of the ropes and was ready for her! She nailed a side kick to Eliza, not getting her leg high enough to hit her head but enough to smack into her chest. Eliza stumbled back to where Denise had gotten back to her feet. Denise picked Eliza up and hot-shotted her face into the top turnbuckle. Now it was 2 on 1 and Jessica, whose face and boobs were both bleeding courtesy of Eliza couldn't wait to dish out a tremendous amount of punishment. As she looked down at Eliza, she knew just where to start.

She had Denise pull Eliza up by the hair, put her in a full nelson but instead of clasping her hands together, she grabbed two handfuls of Eliza's long dark hair. Jessica walked towards slapping Eliza in the face, screaming, "You god damn slut, look at me when I'm here."

Eliza looked up with hatred in her eyes, she knew Jessica was going to hurt her and hurt her bad and there wasn't a thing she could.

"Do your worst," Eliza spit.

Jessica wiped the spit off of her face, then nailed a punch to Eliza's boob. She hit her so hard it knocked Denise back into the corner but she didn't lose her hold. Then Jessica nailed another and another, alternating between Eliza's bouncing boobs. Eliza was near tears when Jessica stopped punching her boobs, wiped her forehead as if tiring of beating on her. Eliza was just hanging on barely, and if Denise hadn't been holding her up, Eliza would've been down on the mat.

"Lift her head up," Jessica snapped. "I wanna be sure she sees this."

Jessica grabbed onto one of Eliza's mammaries and hauled on it, then with her free hand punched down. She repeated this as Eliza begged her to stop. "What you want more do you Eliza?" Jessica laughed as she dug her nails and fingers as deep as she could into the soft flesh, squeezing and twisting and ripping at it. After a few minutes of torture Jessica stopped.

"You can let her go," she said and when Denise let her drop she fell like a ton of bricks.

In the back. Angelina Jolie was near tears watching her close confidante being destroyed by two bitches. As she watched the monitor, Angelina saw Denise and Jessica each standing to one side of Eliza, squeezing and destroying her boobs.

THE ANNOUNCER'S VOICE AGAIN CAME OVER THE AIR... "Angelina Jolie go to the ring"

Angelina burst through the doors and ran toward the cell, grabbing a steel folding chair as she swept through the curtains, her large boobs jiggling wildly as she ran. The cage door opened and she dove into the ring on her belly. Denise and Jessica were too busy kicking down on Eliza's boobs to even notice her entrance. Jessica was the first to turn around and was hit flush in the forehead with the steel chair, knocking her out cold. She landed on her back atop the unconscious Eliza as Angelina swung for the fences targeting Denise's head. But Denise had enough warning and she ducked, then knocked the chair out of Angelina's hands. The two women looked at each other, then Denise pointed at the center of the ring. They both walked over there and squared off.

"I'm gonna enjoy this!" Angelina said but as she was speaking, Denise nailed her with a punch.

Angelina answered with her own, they did this four more times till Denise rushed in and shoved Angelina back into the corner, ripping her tank top off and clawing Angelina's boobs. Angelina reached under between their bodies and started scratching Denise's firm boobs in payback. She stopped for a second to grab Denise's hair, then hauled Denise upright and nailed a knee between her legs. Denise fell back just as Angelina caught her, scooped her up and body slammed her back down on the mat. Then Angelina looked over to check on Jessica and saw she was starting to stir. Angelina turned her back on Denise and went over, picked Jessica up and heaved her onto her shoulder for another body slam. But instead of body slamming her, Angelina threw Jessica over the top rope to the floor. Once more, Jessica was unconscious!

Then Angelina turned around to go back to Denise. She rushed at her but Denise double legged her. Angelina kicked Denise away and they both got to their feet. They lunged at each other's hair, each getting a hand wrapped in the other's long hair. They twisted and whipped each other around the ring, keeping the other's head down as the two seasoned fighters sent uppercuts at each other. They each hit the other at the same time with a very good punch and both women went tumbling away. They wiped their lips they glared at one and another, both nodding in approval.

Angelina offered her raised hands for a test of strength and they immediately brought their hands down to their full wing span as their bodies collided as each tried to fore the other woman's wrists back. Feeling Denise chest on hers was giving Angelina quite the rush and she knew it was doing something to Denise from the hot breath she felt panting on her shoulder. Angelina thrust her chest up as she pushed Denise but, unfortunately for Angelina, Denise had the same idea at the same time. Both may have been of equal strength, but they were dueling to win this contest with their boobs now and as they battled.

They slammed their tits into one and another over and over again until, after a few minutes, Denise got her foot inside of Angelina's and twisted her down to the canvas. Denise fell full length on top of Angelina and ground her body onto Angelina's as they unclasped hands, Denise reached up, grabbing Angelina's hair and slapping her in the face over and over again, till Angelina reached her hands around Denise and grabbed her panties, then hauled up as she turned Denise to the side, rolling her over. Angelina got her hands free and started slapping Denise's face in retaliation.

Next, Angelina latched onto Denise's boobs and started squeezing, so Denise brought her hands up and grabbed Angelina's bare breasts to do the same. Denise forced Angelina off of her, but she couldn't totally roll her and the two women ended up on their sides ripping the hell out of the other's breasts while their feet were kicking each other.

Just then, in the back room, Heather was told she could head down and she did, racing full speed and leaping into the ring before the two women were on their feet. Just as Angelina and Denise rose and closed with one other, their breast claws crushing each other and their cheeks so close they could feel the other's hot breath, Heather grabbed Denise from behind in a reach-around, double-breast claw. Now, both Angelina and Heather were torturing Denise's boobs but suddenly Angelina stopped to check out Eliza who was starting to stir as was Jessica on the outside.

"You OK?" Angelina said to Eliza who could only nod and ask, "Where's Jessica?"

"Outside of the ring. I'm waiting outside the cage."

"Wha for?"

While this conversation was going on, Heather had planted Denise flat on her back pummeling her with smack after smack.

"To wait for her," Angelina said. "Everything else is secondary now. I waited long enough."

"Cool go get her, I'm doing the same right now," Eliza said as she rolled out of the ring.

Angelina ordered the referee to open the doors and she climbed out to stand outside looking down the entrance way.

"Fuck everything else," Angelina screamed. "Fuck the rules and fuck you Rose. Let's fight NOW!"

Rose McGowan heard this and walked out of her dressing room to make her way to the ring. As soon as she stepped out through the curtain, her eyes locked with Angelina - one of the few women as 'naturally blessed' as herself. The one woman who had the same rep she had was standing right there in front of her, waiting. They ran together as if it was a primal built-up hatred and slammed into each other. They each did a helicopter in mid-air and neither got any advantage from it as they crashed to the floor.

They popped up with their fists pumping in the other's face. They continued to punch, Angelina grabbing Roses shirt and hauling it over her head but Rose pushing forward and tripping them both over the guardrail. Rose landed on top and she started to grind Angelina's body into the cold pavement, but Angelina didn't care as long as she could continue to punch Rose's face until Rose got up with her hands in Angelina's hair and hauled the Oscar winner to her feet. Angelina slammed her knee into Rose's stomach doubling her over, then grabbing her by the hair Angelina threw her towards the ring. She landed and rolled a couple of feet closer to the guardrail as Angelina strode after her as Rose was starting to get up.

"Not so tough if you can't jump me from behind, are you Rosie," Angelina said as she nailed an uppercut that rocked Rose back a few steps.

Angelina followed it up with a left cross, but as Rose's head snapped and she felt blood flowing from above her eye, she threw a back-fist that caught Angelina and put her down on one knee.

"You got first blood, let's see who gets last!"

Rose tried to follow up her thunderous punch with another, but Angelina came in underneath and lifted Rose in the air, driving her backward until both women crashed over the guardrail. They each had one arm wrapped around the back of the other's neck with their other hand on top her opponent's head hauling at the top of their hair as they rolled back and forth, hauling the other's head back and clawing at her forehead.

Angelina finally got Rose in a headlock and got her legs away from Rose so she could started punching Rose in the face repeatedly. All Rose could do was pull back on Angelina's long hair until she had Angelina's head so far back that she could turn her own head slightly and bite one of Angelina's boobs. Angelina immediately let got of her head lock and hit Rose again before she had to let Rose go. Angelina rolled to one side and got up as Rose, whose face was starting to swell up from the punches, rolled the opposite.

"You don't have what it takes to beat me, Angelina, " Rose said as Angelina went to grab at her but Rose caught her hand and held the slightly taller actresses arms in the air as they stared into each other's face.

But when Rose buried a knee in Angelina's pussy, Angelina lost her hold and Rose immediately put her in a bear hug, swung her around and slammed her back into the cage wall. As Angelina's head lolled back in anguish from the kick, her back smashing into the steel cage and from Rose's body slamming into her. Rose decided it was time to show Angelina how she'd earned her 'bitch' reputation. Grabbing Angelina by the ears she started to drive her head into the steel bars of the cage over and over again. Rose stopped holding Angelina's head up, but she spit in her face and hit her with a head butt but before she let Angelina fall, Rose hit her over and over with a series of huge right hands!

"You see Angelina," Rose snarled. "No matter how often we fight, it always will end with me beating you senseless."

Then Rose started kicking the dazed Angelina in the ribs. But Angelina shot her foot out just as Rose lifted her leg for another kick, and hit the inside of Rose's leg, buckling her knee and bringing her down. As Rose rolled on the mat, Angelina got to her feet. Rose stood up and lunged at Angelina who went after Rose as well. They reeled around in a little circle, hitting knees and pulling hair until Angelina fell over backward sending Rose flying over her body facefirst into the steel. Angelina climbed on Rose's back before she could sink any further and started to rake her face back and forth on the steel bars.

"I'm fucking you up big time now! How's it feel knowing I'M the stronger of the two?" Angelina boasted as she kept grinding Rose's face until both were on floor outside the ring with Angelina riding Rose's back. "I hope your crying Rose, shed me a tear will you."

Angelina raked her nails down Rose's back, snapping her bra clasp. Then Angelina reached back and unclasped her own bra to use it as a weapon to choke Rose unconscious. Rose knew she needed to do something so she shot her elbow back, knocking Angelina off of her as she was unbalanced with her hands behind her back. As Angelina tumbled off her, Rose twisted around and Angelina could see Rose's face was covered in blood from the damage Angelina had done to her on the cell wall.

Through the blood running into her eyes, Rose looked at the bruised and bleeding face of Angelina and smiled. They could hear women screaming inside the ring, but neither paid any attention to their teammates cries as they got to her hands and knees staring at one another. No words were spoken as the two topless women rose, then the sound of the heavy door creaking followed by the referee telling his assistants, "Get in there and get her out, she's done."

Angelina turned and saw them dragging Heather's body out of the ring which was just when Rose pounced, landing another hard fist to her jaw and, as Angelina reeled hurt, grabbing her by the hair as Angelina's legs went from under her. Rose held Angelina up by the hair, then threw Angelina's face three times into the cell, grinding it there longer each time. Roses eyes were fanatically sadistic as she clearly wanted to destroy Angelina. The fourth time she did it, however, Angelina raised her hands and blocked it. She refused to lose to Rose! Rose punched her in the side, but Angelina threw an arm up blocking everything else from Rose and came back with her other hand and nailed Rose with a punch of her own!

Angelina and Rose's faces were both covered in blood, but neither noticed nor cared. They'd said in many interviews they were sadomasochists anyway so this was a minor annoyance only because the blood hindered their vision and therefore their ability to do more damage to the other. Rose took a few steps back after Angelina's punch, but then came back hard, nailing Angelina in the belly. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened in a little 'o' as she bent forward. As Rose tried to follow with an uppercut, Angelina dodged and hit a leg sweep that dropped Rose on her ass. Angelina quickly threw herself on Rose and started to beat the back of her head on the cement floor.

"This is it Rose... you are out of ...."

Before she could finish, Angelina was dragged off of Rose by the hair and forcefully turned around eye to eye with Denise who didn't look any worse than when Angelina had left her in the ring with Eliza. Denise quickly drove her knee into Angelina's belly, then gave her a DDT straight down into - and through - the stretcher carrying Heather's limp body. Denise grabbed Angelina by the hair and dragged her back up to her feet and threw her into the cage wall.

"Oh this is going to feel so good beating you again," Denise grinned. "And doing it right after I beat Heather makes it even sweet...URK!"

Before she could finish gloating, Denise was hit with a steel chair to the back by Rose McGowan! Denise crumbled to one knee, leaning forward over Angelina's body. Rose shoved the chair on the floor beneath her head, then lifted her head and slammed it down on the chair!

"NO, NO! I'm the ONLY one who beats this bitch! ME!" Rose screamed as she climbed off Denise's back, turned and looked at Angelina who was already climbing the outside of the cage. Rose grabbed her foot but got kicked away. "Afraid of me? Well, too bad 'cause. I'm comin' after you." Rose started to climb up a few feet behind Angelina, still yapping at her. "I'm not afraid of you or anyone else! We're finishing this right NOW!"

Both women, albeit drained of most of their energy and strength, made it to the top. Pulling themselves over the top of the ring, they lay there on top getting some much-needed time to recuperate, but they both got to their knees and went after each other. They locked arms and Angelina and Rose each went the same way, toward the center of the cell. Both pulled and twisted the other trying to gain position but neither was winning. So Rose let go of Angelina's arm and grabbed her by the hair, lifted her head and slammed it down on the cell top.

Angelina was stunned from that and then even moreso when Rose hauled her forward so her body was pressed against the top of the cage with her body. Rose crawled on top of Angelina, straddling her with her knees on Angelina's shoulder blades as she ground Angelina's face into the top of the cell. Still not satisfied, Rose started rubbing her knees up and down Angelina's back, scraping her bare breasts on the cage.

"I wonder if they can see your blood dripping, Angelina?"

Rose turned Angelina's body around and it looked like the pain had taken a toll on her as if she had passed out. Rose looked down at Angelina as she slowly lowered her big boobs down onto her face. Then, Angelina's head, shot up and her bared teeth clamped down on Rose's nipple! She grabbed her by the hair too as Rose screamed in pain! Letting Rose's boob go, Angelina twisted her body around and slammed Rose's face on the cell top. She repeated on Rose what had been done to her, then taking it a step further as she pinched the sides of one of Rose's breasts. Angelina looked to the side and got an evil smile as she lifted the semi-conscious Rose up and dragged her to the edge of the cage. Rose could feel her body moving and knew what Angelina intended.

Rose turned her shoulders into a punch to the belly, then turned and lifted Angelina up and slamming her down on the cage top. Rose fell on top of Angelina as their legs battled to pin the other's as they battled for supremacy. Both tried to attack the other with their hands but they each had one of the other's hands as they rolled around the cage top. Finally, they sat up on their asses and tried to put their head in to bite the other's boobs as their arms continued to struggle and try and overpower the other.

They each nailed the other with a head butt that forced both to let go and then they got to their feet and came at one another. Their bodies smacked together but neither realized how close to the edge they were and they tumbled off the top of the cell - each with the other's hair in her hands they fell down and crashed through the announces table at ringside. Immediately, medics ran to check them out and had to pry the hands of each woman out of the other's hair. Even unconscious they were still bent on destroying each other. Both were wheeled out of the arena on stretchers having eliminated one and another. The medical reports came back later - no major damage!

When we left them, Heather was pounding Denise. The rage inside her at being beaten by Catherine Bell had been released and she didn't want to stop. Heather stood up and held Denise up as she picked her target, burying a fist deep into Denise's large left breast. Denise yelped in pain as Heather still held her up by the hair and repeatedly drove her fist into her tenderized breast. Heather then brought Denise into her, locking into a standing bearhug. Heather's dominating boobs crushed Denise's firm orbs until Denise screamed but she stubbornly grabbed the back of Heather's hair and twisted her head back as she bent her own head down to bite Heather's cheek.

Heather immediately let go of her bearhug and stumbled back. As soon as Denise got her balance, she ran full speed at Heather and booted her between the legs. Heather collapsed on her knees, her face flushed and her trembling hands squeezed between her tightly clenched thighs. She wanted to scream but she couldn't find the air so she just knelt with her mouth gaping open.

"You should've finished me when you had a chance," Denise said as she grabbed the back of Heather's head and jerked it down as she raised a knee into Heather's face, then repeated it her other knee!

Denise let Heather topple over onto her back, the ran to the ropes, jumped up in the air and came crashing down with her knee onto Heather's boobs. Heather rolled around the ring holding her chest, weeping until she felt her blonde hair being hauled back as she was brought to her feet - only to be flung back down face first on the mat. Denise sat on Heather's back, grinding her face on the hard canvas while she looked up and watched Jessica landing a punch on Eliza as they fought outside of the ring. Denise shrugged, she couldn't have cared less; she just kept maliciously grinding Heather's face on the mat. Finally, she stopped, got off Heather and pulled Heather 's shirt off.

"I have so much planned for you," she said as she lifted Heather and pulled her head between her legs as she set up to pile drive her while her hands still were clamped tight on Heather's boobs. But Heather wasn't finished and she countered with a backdrop! Denise kept her hold on Heather's boobs and pulled her down with her, her sharp nails ripping into Heather's soft boob flesh. Heather grabbed Denise's wrists and pried her hands from her boobs before she turned her body only to get trapped by a head scissors.

"I bet you thought I was going into this match with just pure hatred," Denise hissed. "Oh no. I remember everything that happened in every one of our fights. I also talked to others you fought. I know everything you do; from how you squeeze boobs to which hand you like to slap with." She let go of the head scissors and brought Heather's body up on her face. "Oh no! The dreaded boob smother, whatever shall I do! I know, remember this?"

Denise bit down on Heather's boob and turned her around so Denise was at Heather's side biting her boob. Denise was a wild animal the way she was chewing on poor Heather. Her teeth firmly entrenched in one boob, her hands clawing and tearing the other. Heather could only cry and sob, her hands and legs spasming in pain. When Denise at long last let go of Heather, she stood up and lifted Heather's legs in the air, spread them and started to drive her heels down on Heather's pussy!

"Everything's gonna hurt after I'm done," Denise laughed as she dropped to her belly and slid out of the ring.

Dragging Heather with her by one leg, Denise walked around the ring post, then hauled back, driving Heather's brutalized pussy into the steel upright. She dragged Heather out battering her cunt once more, then lifted the babbling and incoherent Heather onto her unsteady legs and slammed her facefirst into the cell wall. Then she turned her and threw her into the ring post. Heather was just about out of it but Denise had no mercy. She carefully positioned Heather with her large boobs on either side of the ring post, then stood on the ring apron and nailed a heel kick to each one. Heather fell to her knees, her boob feeling like it had been totally destroyed!

But Denise wasn't done yet! She jumped off the apron and hit a Senton Bomb, jumping in the air and straightening her body out so her back hit onto Heather's. Heather was completely knocked out but Denise continued to ram her head off the floor. The referee's assistants were trying to get in to save Heather as Denise started smothering her out, while still slamming the back of her head on the concrete.

They finally pulled Denise away and Denise was still laughing when they put Heather on the stretcher and started to carry her to the back. Denise caught up to it, jumped on top and started beating on Heather's face some more. She tipped it over, then walked away picking up the stretcher and throwing it on Heather once more.

"Slut, now you know what I can do to you.... Hey, what's this?" Denise gasped as she turned around and saw Angelina beating on Rose and went to intercede on her teammate's behalf. (You already read what happened there.)

Right after Eliza talked to Angelina she rolled out of the ring still smarting from the attack by Denise and Jessica. Eliza knew Jessica was hurt too and as Jessica got to her feet she saw Eliza slowly walking toward her. She immediately went after Eliza and they met atop the ring steps were Eliza hammered in a quick knee, then tossed Jessica off the top step down onto the floor. Eliza jumped off and slicked her sweat-soaked hair back. When she reached the point where Jessica was laying, Jessica turned around and kicked her right in the pussy. Eliza started to fall, but knew she had to do something fast and she managed to come down driving her fist into Jessica's face.

Both dark-haired beauties lay atop each other, exhausted but still wanting to punish the other. They grabbed hair and rolled around in weird ways, each straining to better the other. They ended up on their feet holding each other in mutual head locks. Both were taking turns ramming the other's head off the cage until Jessica nailed a belly punch to Eliza, then shoved her face first into the cage. Jessica turned Eliza around and nailed her with a knee right between the legs. Using her great strength, Jessica hauled Eliza up by the hair at the ropes, pushed her back hoping for her to rebound back to her. But Eliza's head wedged between the top and middle ropes and as Jessica looked at her, Eliza just hung there. Jessica jumped up on the apron, grabbed Eliza by the back of the head and brought it forward so her neck was pressed into the ropes.

"This is where I ..." Before Jessica could finish her taunt, Eliza kicked her legs out and Jessica's face hit the edge of the mat. Eliza put a foot on Jessica's head and kicked her into the steel cage.

"Where what?" Eliza laughed as she drop-kicked Jessica off the apron; nailing both feet into Jessica's well-beaten breasts. Jessica doubled over and tried to get away, but Eliza was quickly back to her feet and came after her, nailing a knee to Jessica's kidneys. "The torture you and Denise put me through? Well, guess what..." Eliza hissed as she grabbed Jessica by the back of the hair and her pants, straightened her up heaved Jessica headfirst into the cage.

Hauling back on her hair, Eliza put her other arm under Jessica's shoulder blades and started to forcibly scrub her forearm back and forth, grinding it hard on Jessica's bare breasts. "I bet that hurts hey, don't it Jessy?"

Jessica was screaming but she eventually got a hand free and started slamming punches up into Eliza's pussy till Eliza was forced to let her go. Eliza let go for one second and then before Jessica could even turn around, Eliza nailed her in the back with a drop kick. Jessica's body slammed into the cage wall again and she started to crumple right where Eliza was waiting. As Jessica fell, she spun around and landed with her fist on Eliza.

Eliza locked on a body scissors but the punch hurt her and although she tried to keep Jessica close to her by digging her hands into Jessica's back, Jessica lifted her body enough to start slamming knees into Eliza to make her release the scissors. At the same time, Jessica had her hands on Eliza's sides, raking and scratching. Jessica tried something different as more and more air was being crushed out of her. She dug her nails deep into Eliza's armpits and the pain was so much that Eliza had to let her scissors go. Jessica let go of Eliza's armpit lock and struggled to her feet where she started punching Eliza's already very well-beaten face. Eliza got her foot between them and kicked out, throwing Jessica off. When Jessica hit the cage with her back, Eliza got up and threw her full weight behind a punch to Jessica's jaw that sent her stumbling around the ring fighting to retain her balance.

As Eliza rushed after Jessica, she turned the corner just as Jessica turned into her with all her power and landed a punch that knocked Eliza for a loop. Eliza grabbed the ring post trying to stay on her feet and swung herself around on it but Jessica came across and tried to punch her in the back of the head, but Eliza ducked and turned into a belly punch of her own.

As soon as Jessica was hit she brought her arms up and smashed them down on Eliza's back in a double ax-handle, driving Eliza to her knees. Both women were in tremendous pain but it was Jessica who had the upper hand. At least until Eliza nailed her with an uppercut between the legs! Jessica folded over Eliza's shoulder so that both were using the other to keep from falling. They each hauled back with one hand and punched the other's boob. Then they took turns smacking the other woman's left boob with her right hand until Jessica landed two punches in a row. When she hit Eliza with a third punch, Eliza's already damaged tit flattened and she collapsed into Jessica with her head on her shoulder; completely out of it!

Jessica pushed Eliza down onto her back and stood over her, still wobbly on her legs but steady enough to lift Eliza's legs up and use them to slingshot her headfirst into the cage. Jessica landed flat on her back as she launched Eliza over her body. Jessica was amazed at how her body was telling her to not get up, to just lay there and recover but she forced herself to rise despite the pain she was in. Turning around, she was pleased to see Eliza, hanging onto the cell for dear life.

Jessica's mind flashed back to the fateful night when they first fought as she looked at the steel steps. Feeling her boobs, Jessica recalled what Eliza had done to her. She kicked the steps loose, knocking one down with a ringing echo of steel banging on the floor. Grabbing Eliza by the back of the hair, Jessica was just about to say something when Eliza turned into her and lifted a knee into Jessica's stomach doubling her over with her head on Eliza's hip. Eliza grabbed Jessica by the back of the hair, lifted her up right and then slammed her face down into the steel steps!

Lifting Jessica slightly so her boobs were hanging over the edge of the steps, Eliza stomped down, pinning them both to the steps and forcing a heart-wrenching scream of pain from Jessica. Eliza rolled back into the ring, leaving Jessica writhing outside on the floor. She'd used up her last reserves of energy and could only lay sprawled in the middle of the ring panting as the ref rushed over to Jessica.

"Have you had enough? Do you need help?"

If Jessica didn't answer they'd go in and drag her out which would have left Eliza alone while Denise was outside finishing the job on Heather as Rose and Angelina continued to brawl. Lifting her head, Jessica turned and looked at the ref. then gasped, "Fuck off!"

Jessica lifted herself inch by inch using the cage, then turned to look in the ring at Eliza who was just barely able to stand in the middle of the ring. She had just gotten up and was gesturing to Jessica to get back in the ring. Jessica pushed herself off the cage, her hatred for Eliza fueling her to go on. It was the same for Eliza, neither was going to lose! As Jessica climbed into the ring and stood up, she was no better off than Eliza. Neither had any energy or strength left but both were still itching to put the other through an immense amount of pain!

They tried balling their fists but their hands hurt too much from the both had already hit the other with. Eliza charged at Jessica and landed a slap that sent Jessica reeling into the corner. She put her arms up on the top ropes as Eliza slowly walked towards her. Jessica pushed off and nailed her own slap that put Eliza on the top rope with her arms draped over it. Jessica fell to one knee following through after her slap as Eliza turned around on the ropes, her eyes looking up in the air. She saw Angelina and Rose battling on the top of the cage, then looked back down at Jessica who was still trying to get back up to her feet.

As soon as Jessica got up, Eliza came off the ropes at her and the two grabbed each other; their bare, battered breasts slapping together as they locked their arms around the other and struggled around the ring. They stumbled into a corner where Jessica pinned Eliza so she couldn't move. Jessica doubled over and drove a shoulder into Eliza's stomach, then after a couple of seconds she hit another one. Jessica pounded her shoulder in twice more before finally backing off and turning around. She paused to slick her hair back out of her eyes, then turned and ran at Eliza again. Eliza moved at the last second and Jessica went sailing right past her slamming into the ring post with her shoulder.

Slowly Jessica struggled to pull herself up in the corner....CRACK! Eliza nailed her with a kick to the stomach that raised one of Jessica's legs from the impact. Eliza was also hanging onto the ropes but Jessica was in worse shape. Eliza nailed another kick, WHACK which hit with a thunderous sound to Jessica's exposed ribs. Jessica was still not fully out of the corner when Eliza with whatever she could find did a kick where her leg went in semicircle and the heel crashed down on Jessica's back laying her out with her face resting on the bottom turnbuckle.

Eliza paused to slick back her own hair, her body wet with blood and sweat from her own as well as the bodies of the other five women. She looked around and Heather nowhere in sight, nor was Denise who was still laid out from Rose's chair shot. Rose and Angelina were battling tooth and nail on top of the cage so as far as she knew, it was just her and Jessica left. Eliza kicked Jessica in the side again but she was completely out of it so Eliza decided to climb the ropes. She got up on the second turnbuckle but when she looked down she was shocked!

Not realizing how long it took her, she saw Jessica had rolled over and was looking up at her. Jessica reached up, grabbed Eliza's foot and pulled her off the turnbuckle. Eliza let out a loud squeal as she crashed down on the mat just as Jessica rolled out of the ring.

While Eliza was trying to catch her breath, Jessica reached back into the ring, grabbed Eliza's arms, but then stopped for a moment because her shoulder was hurting to bad. But she bravely sucked it up and grabbed Eliza's other arm. Eliza snapped her arms toward her, pulling Jessica's hurt shoulder against the ring post again. Jessica crumpled to the floor holding her shoulder which was hurt even worse then before.

Eliza knew this was her last chance and she rolled to the outside, grabbing Jessica by the hair and throwing her shoulder into the ring post again and again. Jessica had just about passed out from the pain when Eliza slowly locked her in a crossface chicken wing. Jessica couldn't take any more and screamed out her surrender at the top of her lungs. The refs immediately rushed in and pulled Eliza off.

Eliza raised her arms, screaming, "I did it! I did it!!!"

Her fight the war was over but the War Games wasn't...not yet!

Denise was back on her feet and was in the ring, when she heard a loud boom, she looked to the outside and Rose and Angelina both laying unconscious surrounded by the shards of the broken table. Denise raised her hands to signal she was the winner of the war games. But Eliza fumed, her mind flashing back to Denise holding her while Jessica beat her. Eliza had rested for five minutes rest and was feeling better as her adrenaline was kicking in again.

Eliza stood up as Denise was looking at the medics outside, asking, "Where's Eliza?"

"I'm right here, bitch!"

Denise turned to see Eliza leaning on the ropes in the opposite corner. She looked like hell; beaten, battered and bruised. Denise made a sudden move but stopped as she almost fell since she was still groggy from the chair shots. As soon as she could move, the two women met in the middle of the ring, grabbing each other's hair. As Eliza grabbed Denise's hair, she nailed her with a knee between the legs and shifted her feet, swinging Denise around. Next, Eliza brought her knee up into Denise's boobs, then switching her feet again she nailed her boobs with her other knee. Gasping, Denise pushed forward, shoving Eliza back into the corner so hard her head snapped backward. Lifting her head, Denise landed a punch that draped Eliza back over the ropes just about out of it.

"While you and Jessy were killing each other," Denise muttered. "I dismantled Heather."

She grabbed Eliza by the shoulder and pulled her around facing her and drove a fist straight into one of Eliza's already thoroughly beaten, black-and-blue boobs. The punch made Eliza scream bloody murder.

"Wow!" Denise mused. "That musta really hurt you, huh? How 'bout another?" Eliza toppled over forward like a statue falling. "She's out of it," Denise thought to herself as she caught Eliza in her arms. "I guess you had.....EEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!"

Eliza sank her teeth into one of Denise's big tits as she made a claw with one hand and clamped it onto Denise's other tit. Eliza pulled Denise down with her as she dug her talons deep and started twisting. When she raised her head, it was only to sink her other hand into Denise's other tit as she focused on her biting.

"I'm not Heather," Eliza mumbled, unable to speak clearly with her mouth full. "And I'm NOT gonna lose to anyone."

Denise was crying as she brought her hands up and nailed Eliza's boobs. It wasn't much, but in her condition it was plenty enough to get Eliza off of her and Eliza went down squirming in pain holding her boobs. She rolled outside trying to get away as Denise rolled around on her belly.

"That bitch! Where'd she go," Denise muttered as she slid out of the ring and headed around the ring the opposite way from Eliza. When she came within ten feet Denise started running. Eliza looked up and saw Denise coming but by then she'd already thrown herself into a spear! Denise got back to her feet and looked around for Eliza who had rolled away in pain under the ring.

"That fucking little coward," Denise thought as she dove under the ring.

A few minutes later, Eliza came crawling back out dragging a steel chair. She went back into the ring and waited until Denise came crawling back out from under the ring on the other side.

"There you are! You can run but you can't hide," Denise murmured.

But Denise never saw Eliza's chair as she slid back in the ring. Eliza came running over and, with all her strength, slammed the chair down over Denise's back. Denise groaned as Eliza got up and kicked Denise over onto her back. Standing over her, Eliza knew one thing as she looked down.

"Now or never," she said. "Let's end it."

Eliza started driving the edge of the chair down on Denise's body, focusing on her boobs. She wouldn't let up until the medics came in and tackled her away from Denise's beaten body.

As they raised Eliza's hand in victory, she glared at them, "Damn Straight, I won. No one beats me." Then she slumped to her knees, her head on the bottom rope looking around and realizing she'd been the last one on her feet. "No one beats me."

Eliza refused to pass out until everyone had been hauled away and she was alone in the ring. Then she sighed and drifted off into unconsciousness.

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