Werewolves, Wolverines and Walter: Sarah Michelle Gellar v Michelle Trachtenberg by Raccoon

Once upon a time...
There was a land hidden by the Hellmouth mountains and deep forests. It was a dark and dangerous place. Vampires, werewolves, wights, wolves and other horrible creatures starting with the letter W (and maybe a few V-monsters added just for flavor) roamed the land. Even horrible wolverines could be spotted from time to time.

In the middle of this forlorn land was a village named by its founders, surely as a jest, Sunnydale. But even in this land of darkness there was hope - a bright, shining light in the form of a young woman known as Sarah, the Slayer. The protector of Sunnydale.

Sarah was an extraordinary girl, fair-haired and as beautiful as they come. Small in stature, but strong as twenty men. Her fighting skills were as legendary as her mind was witty. Most loved the fair lass and only a few old crones disliked this girl who didn't even dress appropriately!


Imagine, instead of covering herself in a traditional dress young Sarah wore pants! And not just any kind of pants but skintight, dark wine-red leather pants! And her boots had heels! High heels! And the trollop's bosom was covered only by her 'battle harness' which consisted of a number of leather straps that held a large number of pouches, loops and rings for stakes, knives and other useful tools. And, and, gasp, her abdomen, her shoulders and her arms were BARE and clearly VISIBLE for all to see! And probably worst of all, the young woman had visible muscles and that just wasn't appropriate! Only the cape she draped over her shoulders on occasion made her look even moderately modest. But even the crones knew that the village existed solely thanks to her (otherwise the crones had seen to it that the girl would’ve been burned years ago!)

* * *
The sun had risen a few hours ago and Sarah was returning to the village. It had been a 'good' night, she had slayed three werewolves - and she didn't even have a name for the last creature she had run into. It had appeared human, but clearly it was just a beast! Animalistic, hairy (but not as hairy as a werewolf, she had noted) and muscular; but no taller than Sarah, which wasn't much as the fair-haired girl was only one yard and nine palms tall! It had been sniffing around the path, not far from the village, and when Sarah challenged it the creature had only snarled, then with a strange 'snikt' sound grown horrible claws out of its hands! The creature's head was now in the same sack with the werewolves'.

* * *
The lookout at the wooden fence opened the gate and let Sarah ride into the village. As always Sarah was instantly surrounded by admiring villagers, both young and old. She leapt theatrically from the back of the horse and landed nimbly in front of the villagers. She took the sack from the back of her horse and emptied the contents on the ground. The villagers gawked in astonishment at the heads of the monsters she had slayed tonight. The heads would later be put on stakes outside the village to warn off monsters from entering the village.

Even if the decapitated heads drew some of the attention it was the beautiful Sarah that was at the center. As the saying goes, the lads wanted to be with her while the lasses wanted to be her (well in fact, the lasses were just as keen to be with her as were the lads). Even now a dozen suitors were there pushing at each other, trying to get Sarah to notice them. But her heart belonged elsewhere. She gazed over the square where she could see a dark-haired beauty walk with a wicker basket in her arms.

"Oh, Charisma¦" Sarah thought, looking longingly at the carpenter's daughter, "Even her name is alluring." Strangely enough Charisma was one of the few people in the village who were not infatuated with the Slayer, and that was exactly why Sarah was drawn to her. She closed her eyes; in her mind she was wooing Charisma on the old stone bridge that crossed the river.

"Oh, here he comes," someone said, returning to Sarah to the here and now. The villagers were moving aside and Sarah laughed when she saw a head above the others moving towards her. It was the blacksmith's son, measuring over two yards and four palms he was a giant of lad with the mental faculties of a brick. He was one of Sarah's most obsessed suitors and he was under the impression that he could win her favor by winning her in arm wrestling. This day was no exception.

Sarah sighed; she knew she wouldn't get home before she arm-wrestled him. She walked over to a crate and put her arm on it, "Well, Walter I hope you have been training." Walter grinned and grabbed Sarah's delicate hand with his giant paw. "Oh, I can feel that you *have*!" Sarah said.

Sarah, the Slayer might be on the short side but what was there was densely packed. Her small frame was crammed with firm muscles from head to toe. The villagers gasped in admiration as the muscles on Sarah's shoulder and arm tensed. "I'm sorry but my sister's waiting and I'm already late," Sarah said and slammed the giant's hand down, "let's do this again but with more time." Sarah blew her admirers a kiss before mounting her horse. The villager let her pass as she rode to the house she shared with her sister on the other edge of the village.

A few years younger, Michelle was a fair-skinned beauty with dark, long straight hair; so beautiful was she that many considered Michelle 'the fairest of them all'. Even if she was the 'little sister' she was in fact over a palm taller than Sarah. She was considered cute, innocent and nice; she was well liked among the villagers, just like her sister. Even the crones liked her - in moderation of course, they thought that she was the decent and respectable one of the sisters – she at least dressed properly!
"Hello, little sister!" Sarah hailed happily seeing her sister standing at the porch.

Sarah dismounted in her usual agile way. She hugged Michelle and kissed her on the cheek. She handed the reins to her sister, "I'm starving," she said and passed Michelle, "I hope you have prepared a hearty breakfast for me."

Michelle loved her sister dearly but as was often the case with siblings, she was jealous of her sister. She looked at the reins. Then at the horse. Then after her sister. "Now hold on *sister*!" she exploded.

Sarah stopped and turned around; there was something in Michelle's voice she hadn't heard before. "What is it?"

"I toil day in and day out. I take care of the house and the garden and the animals. All you do is sleep the whole day and when you finally get up in the afternoon you ride into the forest and slay a few werewolves. When was the last time you washed the floor? Or cut some firewood? Or fed the animals? Or prepared your own breakfast?!?"

"But, I'm the Slayer; my job is to, well, slay monsters. You’re my sister and your tas…"

Michelle let go of the reins and angrily strode to her sister, "Yes?" she screamed angrily, "Please tell me what my task is?"

"Little sister," Sarah said trying to hug her upset sister.

"I'm NOT LITTLE!" Michelle screamed and slapped her sister's hands away.

Sarah was taken aback by her sister's anger, "Michelle, calm down."
"No," Michelle slapped her sister on the cheek, "I will not calm down!"
Sarah was knocked off her feet, landing on her back in the dirt; some of her weaponry falling off her harness. She touched her throbbing cheek with her fingers; she was perplexed by the power in Michelle's slap. Michelle could not knock her down like this, she wasn't strong enough. With that realization she immediately switched to combat mode. Sarah kipped-up, took her battle stance.

"Michelle," she said starting to circle the girl. "Let's calm down. I apologize if I said something to upset you. I'm sorry if I have…"

She suddenly leapt forward and tried to wrap her arms around Michelle to restrain her but Michelle was ready, for years she had watched her sister train, she knew her every move, she knew how she thought. When Sarah stepped forward Michelle grabbed her left arm, turned around and flipped her sister over her hip. The sound of a tearing gown was mixed with the surprised scream from Sarah as she again slammed to the ground, this time into a small puddle.

Villagers had started to gather around the fighting sisters. They were used to minor squabbles between the sisters but never before had they fought physically.

"Huh?" Sarah gasped and tried to clear her mouth from the mud. Sarah looked up and nearly choked at what she saw – her sister's blouse and bodice had been torn so that her left shoulder and arm had been bared. Sarah's heart began beating faster as her brain tried to comprehend what her eyes perceived: instead of a pale, thin arm on Michelle she saw a lean but exquisitely muscled arm and shoulder. When Michelle fisted her hands Sarah, and the bystanders gasped in awe as the bicep on Michelle's arm bulged.

"This can't be Michelle," Sarah thought but she did realize that she hadn't seen her sister without her fluffy shirts and gowns since she was a child. Sarah kipped-up again, now wary of the girl in front of her. What kind of magic was this? Was she possessed by demon or spirit? Had her sister been replaced by a doppelgänger?

"I will no longer be your maid!" Michelle was screaming with tears running down her cheeks.

"I don't want to hurt you…'Michelle'," Sarah said eyeing the girl. She flushed slightly when she noticed that she kept staring at Michelle's bare arm and shoulder and imagining what the rest of her body would look like. "Come let's get inside and…discuss this-"

"No!" Michelle roared and lunged forward. Sarah grabbed her sister's hands in an attempt to bend them back and force Michelle down on her knees so that she could restrain her. In all likelihood this was still her sister and she didn't want to hurt her.

The following scream from Sarah's lips contained an equal amount of horror, astonishment and humiliation when her little sister quickly overpowered her and forced her on the ground. With some effort, her gown obviously hindered her movements, Michelle placed a knee on Sarah's chest. Holding Sarah down with her knee she could release one of her hands and with it grab a knife from Sarah's harness. "No!" Sarah screamed terrified; she tried to get up but Michelle held her firmly down. "NOOO!" she screamed closing her eyes.

"Oh no!" the villagers gasped (it should be noted at this time that gasping is a favorite pastime in Sunnydale, especially gasping in astonishment!) but to their, and Sarah's, relief the young Michelle used the knife to cut the side of her gown to gain better mobility. Yet another wave of gasps of astonishment and some of approval washed over the crowd when the bystanders caught the first look of Michelle's powerful right thigh and leg.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Sarah asked when her sister suddenly rolled off her, forced her to sit up and moved behind her. She got her answer even before she had finished the question when Michelle wrapped her now free legs around her sister's legs; and her arms around her torso.

"I'm not helpless! I'm not 'little' sister! I'm not your maid!" Michelle screamed as her muscular and powerful thighs crushed the Slayer's lower body and her equally powerful arms did the same to the upper body. "I'm not your doormat!"

It was unclear if Sarah heard any of this as she was screaming like a banshee! After a while Michelle began to giggle, she enjoyed the feeling of dominance. For years she had looked up on her mighty sister and now that same mighty sister was completely helpless in her arms!

The villagers were watching in silence as their protector and champion was humiliated. No one dared to interfere…well, it had less to do with courage than want – seeing the Slayer being dominated by her little sister was exciting…

Sarah was now bawling loudly. Never had she faced such power, never had she felt such pain! "Please, le-e-e-et me go-o-o-o!" Sarah pleaded but Michelle wasn't done yet. She had endured years of what she now considered abuse and she wanted to pay back!

Michelle unwrapped her legs and arms and stood up. She smiled when she noticed that practically the entire village had now gathered around them, "I'm sorry that you had to witness this squabble," she said, "but it was bound to happen." She looked down at her sister who had rolled into a fetal position, and got an idea.

Michelle grabbed Sarah's ankles and straightened her sister's legs. Sarah objected with a scream and tried to kick with her legs but the younger sister hardly noticed this. Michelle then removed Sarah's boots and tossed them to the side. Taking hold of Sarah's leather pants she began pulling them off. Again Sarah began kicking and screaming but stopped quickly (…the kicking that is, the screaming intensified!) when Michelle grabbed the ankles and pulled her arms over her head lifting the blond completely off the ground. Michelle displayed her strength by dangling the crying Slayer upside-down for a few seconds. "You should have seen the one that got away!" she said provoking stifled laughs from the villagers. The little sister then lowered her sister to the ground and continued to remove the pants. The pants were so tight that it took several yanks to remove them completely. Underneath Sarah was only wearing a thin black thong.

Michelle kneeled next to her sobbing sister and pulled her up into a sitting position. She opened the buckle that held the battle harness and removed it completely. Now her sister was just wearing a minuscule thong and a pair of bracers on her wrists. Even though her regular attire barely hid anything this was the first time any of the villagers had seen the Slayer in the buff, well almost anyway. And even if she wasn't completely in the buff all had to agree that she was quite buff.

Drooling the villagers watched as Michelle continued her domination over her sister. Wrapping her arms around Sarah's waist, trapping her arms against the body, Michelle carried her struggling sister over to a crate. She sat down and pulled her big sister over her lap, "I hope you understand why I'm doing this," Michelle said caressing Sarah's small and firm buttock. Suddenly she slapped the butt as hard as she could; the Slayer's scream was lost in the laughter of the villagers. Michelle continued to spank her big sister until her butt was bright red.

"That's it," Michelle said and gave one final slap. There were audible sounds of disappointment from the crowd, "OK, one more," Michelle said with a smile. The last slap was accompanied by applause and laughter. Michelle stood up, dropping her sister to the ground. Sarah immediately tried to crawl away but the brunette quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her up on her feet. "The public part might be over but that doesn't mean that I'm done with you 'big sister' " Holding Sarah's hand Michelle half lead, half dragged her big sister through the throng of villagers into their home.

* * *
An hour before sunset the villagers began gathering outside the Slayer's home. Would the Slayer go hunting today? As entertaining as the events today had been they were worried that the humiliation had been too much for the beautiful Sarah – Who would protect the village if not her?

Suddenly the door creaked open and the Slayer appeared in the door – fully clothed and fully armed. The gathered people shared a sigh of relief until… "That's not the Slayer," someone suddenly cried "…or is it?"

The young woman in the door was dressed in the Slayer's garb – skintight, dark wine red colored leather pants, matching boots, and the battle harness with half a dozen wooden stakes and half a dozen knives. The cloak was around her neck, pulled back to hide as little as possible of her athletic body. On her slender hips dangled the Slayer's Sword and tied to her back was the Slayer's Crossbow. But wearing the outfit was not the flaxen-haired beauty known as Sarah, but her little sister Michelle.

The villagers fell silent. When had this happened? They had seen Michelle's superb physique earlier today, but that had only been in glimpses. Of course, they also knew how pretty her face was but…but… No one, not even in their wildest dreams, however would have been able to imagine how fantastic, how beautiful Michelle really was. Some had of course always thought that the little sister was the pretty one but now there was not a single soul that thought otherwise! Even the old crones grudgingly had to admit that young Michelle left the sister in the shadows. Michelle's build was in away similar to her sisters, muscular but not overly so. Her washboard abs showed just the right amount of ridges to look sexy; her arms and shoulders had just the right size and definition. The villagers might have lost their beautiful Champion today but they had gained something better!

Nervously Michelle, dressed in her sisters attire, stepped forward; not used to the heels her first steps were a bit wobbly. From behind her, Sarah now dressed demurely in her sister's gown appeared and hurried past her. Looking down, avoiding the villager's gazes she moved quickly through them to the stables to bring Michelle her horse.

Not a word was uttered as Michelle tied her scabbard and crossbow onto the saddlebags. Just as Michelle was to mount the horse, Charisma the carpenter's daughter appeared next to her - she was holding a small white flower in her hand. She smiled shyly as she pecked Michelle on the cheek and tucked the flower into her hair. Michelle looked down and blushed; she knew that her sister was infatuated with Charisma and that she had never received such attention from her… As Charisma was about to turn around and walk away Michelle grabbed her hands and pulled her back. Charisma was only slightly taller so when she turned around they looked straight into each other's eyes. "Thank you," Michelle said and gave Charisma a long, sensuous kiss on the lips.

"Now if you please," Michelle said mounting her steed, "I have monsters to slay!" She turned around, "Sarah I expect you to do your chores before I return!" She then rode out of the village into the dark woods followed by the cheers of the villagers.

Sarah watched the villagers – this wasn't fair, everyone was watching after Michelle. …No, not everyone Sarah realized in horror, Walter was ogling at her with a stupid grin on his face.

"Oh no," Sarah thought and hurried back inside, bolting the door behind her.

[At this point proceed to one of three optional epilogues]
Up ahead Michelle saw a dark, looming tower, "That if anything is the lair of some wicked creature!" she said out loud. She dismounted and unsheathed her sword and stepped warily through the crumbling doorway. Michelle walked deeper into the tower, her eyes darting from shadow to shadow.

"I've been waiting for you," a female voice said out of nowhere.

Startled Michelle turned around, seeing a beautiful woman standing between her and the doorway.

"Mistress Eliza," Michelle said with a grin. The other woman smiled but didn't reply; the longer than normal canines were clearly visible. Michelle sheathed the sword and removed her cloak…revealing two dark puncture marks on her neck…

* * *
Michelle could smell the smoke from the fire long before she could see the hut. The hut was like out from a fairy tale, picturesque and inviting…but foreboding at the same time. The door opened as she approached and a red-haired woman appeared.

"Hi," Michelle chirped happily.

"I didn't expect to see you, is something the matter?" the red-haired woman asked as a black cat slipped between her legs.

"No, no, on the contrary! I just wanted to let you know that the potion worked," Michelle said and flexed her arms, showing her sculpted muscles.

"Of course it worked," the witch replied, "You just remember our deal!"

"Of course, Alyson – I will turn a blind eye to your activities as long as you keep away from the village."

* * *
Michelle had already killed her first werewolf today. Fighting the wolf had brought back memories… She had only sketchy memories of how a pack of werewolves had slaughtered their parents when she was just a child. Soon afterwards her big sister had become the Slayer…gaining magical strength and endurance. She remembered clearly how she had been left in the shadows, taking care of the small farm left by their parents. She remembered how she had dreamed of becoming as powerful as her sister.

After years of toiling, carrying water, cutting wood, taking care of the animals, Michelle had discovered that her body got stronger by the day, yet she knew that she could never reach the level of her sister, whose magical strength was simply beyond reach. But the fact had not discouraged her, on the contrary! She might never be as strong as her sister, but at least anything she attained she did on her own!

When she got older, Michelle began to train in earnest, in secret; it wasn't hard as her sister was out 'patrolling' most of the time. Lifting logs, bigger and bigger as time went by; running through the forest with a backpack filled with heavy stones…it had been tough…but rewarding! As time went by Michelle noted the changes, changes she kept secret. Her muscles had surpassed her sister's in size and definition already a year ago! She had suspected, but had had no proof, that she was stronger than anybody in the village, save for her sister of course. But the sad truth was that she would never come close to her sister's magical strength, or that was what she had thought until today!

Michelle smiled at how easily she had overpowered her mighty sister. She was so happy that she had proven that by hard work a girl can achieve wonders. "Just thought of something," she gulped, "Sarah never needed to train to stay in shape, she only needed to train her combat skills. But what happens if she starts to train as hard as I did? Will her strength increase...and if it does, will she be as mean to me as I was to her?"