Scream My Name! Jamie Westenhiser vs. Tamara Witmer by kit

Getting out of her Camaro, Tamara marched briskly toward Jamie's apartment. "I'm gonna give it to this slut."

Knock, knock, knock!

"Shit. Who can that be?" Jamie asked herself, trying to straighten up her tiny efficency apartment that she had been cleaning all afternoon. "Oh, it's you," she hissed, opening the door.

"Yeah, and I've gotta score to settle with you, bitch" spat Tamara.

"Hmph! C'm on in, bitch," said Jamie, moving out of the way.

Tamara took a few steps inside as Jamie closed the door.

"So...what do you want?" asked Jamie, putting her hands on her hips as she noticed Tamara's arms were folded across her chest.

"Well, I heard you fucked my boyfriend, Frank," Tamara accused without hesitation.

"Your boyfriend? Bitch, Frank's my boyfriend!"

"No he's not, bitch. He's my boyfriend!"

"I heard you were gettin' in his face and that he dumped you," said Jamie, pointing her finger at Tamara.

"Yeah, right...whatever. You're such a lying slut," said Tamara, shoving Jamie in the shoulder.

"A slut!" said Jamie, shoving her back. "I don't think so! I don't give anything away."

"That's right. I'm sorry. You sell're a whore," said Tamara, shoving Jamie again in the shoulder.

"No I'm not, bitch. I'm picky, and I'm not cheap, but I don't charge for it either," said Jamie, as they now circled each other and traded places.

Tamara smirked, "That's not what I heard, bitch."

"Let's talk about Frank," said Jamie, getting back to the subject at hand. "You keep your fuckin' hands off him from now on."

"Fuck you," swore Tamara, pointing her finger at Jamie. "I can fuck him anytime I damn well please."

"Oh no! We're gonna settle this today, bitch. Frank is my boyfriend," Jamie growled at her.

With hands on hips and legs spread in defiance, brunette Jamie and auburn Tamara squared off and got ready to catfight.

It was a showdown that had been in the making for some time as they had been introduced at a mutual friend's pool party a year ago. Right away the two young ladies were jealous of each other as their bodies were almost mirror images of each other.

Jamie, an absolute total fox, was 24 and measured a stunning 34c-23-34. Her 5-7, 112 pound body was soaked in sun, and her thick, chestnut hair was long and lovely as it framed a face that would make the goddess' jealous.

But when it comes to looks, Tamara doesn't share the spot light with anyone. Her young, 21-year-old hardbody was cut and tucked in all the right places, evident by her impressive 34c-24-34 measurements. She too had long, flowing hair, but more the color of a lion's mane as it swirled around her beautiful face and flopped along her bronze shoulders. She was 5-8 and 115 pounds of pure wet-dream.

Although they ran in the same circles and dated some of the same men, Jamie and Tamara seldom saw each other except at New Year's Eve and really big parties. But they kept up with what each other was doing and who the other was sleeping with. For two young ladies who hated each other so much and had so little to do with each other, they sure knew what the other was up too.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

"You must really want to catfight if you had the balls to come over here," said Jamie, glaring hard and ready to go.

"That's right, bitch, I do. I really want to catfight with you, and I'm gonna beat your fuckin' ass," sneered Tamara, poking her finger in Jamie's chest.

"I don't think so, bitch,'' said Jamie, knocking the hand away.

"You wanna see, slut?"

" me, bitch."

Tamara's eyes fell to a couple of things that she'd always been very jealous of.

"Yikes!" squealed Jamie as her prize possessions came under attack.

"I'm gonna squeeze 'em off, bitch," promised Tamara, squeezing and pulling on Jamie's bright purple top, stretching out the thin spagetti straps.

"I'll squeeze your's off first, bitch," said Jamie, trying to sink her clear, sharp talons thru Tamara's faded-gold tank top.

Catfighting was nothing new for these girls. Both had seen more than her share of fights growing up, and neither had ever suffered a defeat. Of course, naturally some of their fights had been broken up before it was settled.

Spinning in a circle, both babes were tugging with one hand and trying to pull with the other. One of Jamie's spagetti straps snapped loose as Tamara's top was slowing ripping down the middle.

"Bitch!" swore Jamie, feeling Tamara's sharp, clear talon cut over the top of one of her tits.

Drawing back her right fist, Jamie punched Tamara's left tit.

"Ugh!" groaned the auburn-haired fox.

Jamie took two fists of hair and spun Tamara around with her back to her. Lifting her knee, Jamie stuck it against Tamara's ass and pulled back on her hair. Tamara cried out as her body bowed backwards.

"I'll teach you to c'm over here and fight with me," said Jamie, extracting a fist of beautiful of hair.

Tamara screamed at the loss, but did manage to twist back around. Jamie nailed her with a driving right to the belly and tore out yet another handful of hair. Now jerked back upright, Tamara's right tit was smashed flat as Jamie's left fist hammered by.

Tamara dropped to her knees, and Jamie swore at her as she shoved her all the way over to her back. Plopping her ass across Tamara's thighs, Jamie grabbed her by the tank top with one and gave her a slap across the face with the other.

"Give it up, slut," said Jamie, ripping the tank top down the middle and exposing Tamara's bra.

Jamie added another slap before latching on to Tamara's bra and squeezing the shit out of her lovely titties.

"Oooww! My t-i-t-s!" cried out Tamara, prying at Jamie's hands.

"Better give, bitch," said Jamie, running her hands inside of Tamara's bra and using her nails to dig with.

"Ooouuuch!" bucked Tamara, pulling Jamie off by the hair.

For a moment or two the girls exchanged hair pulls as they tore at even more of each other's tops. Tamara's faded-gold tank top was now torn completely open down the front but still hanging around her shoulders. Jamie's spagetti straps had both turned loose as her purple top was around her waist.

"Gawd, I'll get you," said Tamara, slapping Jamie's cheek and rolling her way on top.

"Bitch," said Jamie, pulling on two fists of hair.

Tamara yanked on Jamie's hair and pounded her head against the floor as she managed to straddle the brunette's belly.

"Ge' off, you cunt!" shouted Jamie, busting her hips against Tamara's ass as they both went for each other's tits.

For several long seconds Tamara rode Jamie's hips as both girls put their nails in each other's tits and scratched.

"Oooohhh ssshhhhit!" screamed Jamie, on bottom and bucking.

"Uuunngg! D-a-m-n!" Tamara cried, on top and riding. "Fuckin' bitch!" she added, slapping Jamie's face.

Jamie winced, but slapped Tamara's face right back and bucked her off. Quickly the brunette rolled on top as the two girls took each other by both nipples and pinched.

"Fuuuuck!" yelled Tamara as her nipples were stretched out.

"Ooooww!" Jamie screamed as her nipples were stretched down.

"Ooooww, le' mmee ggooo!" cried Tamara, still stretching.

"You le' gggooo, sshhit!" Jamie yelled, still stretching also.

Tamara let go and Jamie rolled off.

"Uuumm...fuck...that hurt," moaned a teary-eyed Tamara, carefully holding her tits.

Jamie swallowed her pain as she tried to blink away the tears.

For about a minute, Jamie and Tamara lay on the floor catching their breathes and trying to rub away the pain.

"You give, bitch?" asked Jamie, finally sitting up.

Tamara looked at her and rolled to her knees. "Are you still seeing Frank?"

"You're not havin' him," said Jamie.

"Well, I'm not givin' up," answered Tamara.

Jamie pulled her ruined top off as Tamara took off her's and removed her bra as well. (Since Jamie had been cleaning all day, she wasn't wearing one.) This now just left them in shorts. Jamie was wearing an old pair of grey athletic shorts that were too tight and too short, and Tamara was wearing a pair of very tight, black cotton short-shorts that zipped and buttoned. Each also had the spagetti string waistband of her thong showing. Jamie's was white and Tamara's black.

Getting to their feet, both girls pushed back their hair and paused for a second before fighting again.

"Frank or no Frank..." Tamara was saying.

"I know, bitch," interrupted Jamie. "I've always hoped it would come to this."

Tamara stepped forward and suddenly slapped Jamie across the left cheek.

Jamie's head turned and her hair flew as she was slapped almost off her feet.

"And I've always hoped to do that," said Tamara, bracing for her return slap.

Jamie turned back around, still rubbing her check. Tamara stood fast, and Jamie's eyes beamed as she smacked Tamara's right cheek.

"How'd that feel, slut?" asked Jamie, as Tamara barely kept her balance.

Holding her cheek, Tamara turned around and slapped Jamie sideways.

"You tell me, whore!" barked the auburn beauty.

Jamie turned to slap Tamara, but the auburn babe wasn't going to stand and take this one. Blocking Jamie's slap, Tamara reached for her hair and tits. But Jamie peddled back and reloaded.


Tamara's long hair flew back as she was slapped to the love seat on her hands.

"You fuckin' bitch!" yelled Jamie, coming up on her from behind and giving her ass a couple of stinging swats before grabbing her ass with both hands and twisting in her fingernails. "Ggggrrrr! I hate you!"

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ssshhhit!" wailed Tamara, spinning around as her foxy ass was mauled.

Now taking each other by the hair, Jamie and Tamara viciously shook each other extremely hard.

"Bitch! I hate you!" shouted Tamara, hooking her leg behind Jamie's leg as they bent over and fell to the floor.

Leg-to-leg these two ultra-sexy foxes got it on in a wild hair pulling and titty twisting brawl. Back and forth these two hardbodies rolled between the love seat and the t.v. stand fighting to get on top and maul the other.

"Uuuunnggg! You cunt!" shouted Tamara, pulling on a handful of Jamie's hair and giving her right tit a nasty set of clear, polished fingernails.

"Fuuuuuuuuck! You fuckin' whore!" screamed Jamie back in her face as she yanked back on Tamara's hair and twisted the daylights out of her left areola.

Jamie rolled on top. Tamara slapped her ass extremely hard and then bore into it with a set of nails.

"Gaaaaaawwwdd!" cried Jamie, grabbing Tamara's wrists and trying to control her arms.

"Uummph, ge' off, you bitch," grunted Tamara, flat on her back with her arms stapled over her head.

"Fuck you, cunt," swore Jamie, snaking her tan legs around Tamara's tan legs and lowering down with her chest.

"Uuummm, bitch," moaned Tamara, shifting her hips and arching with her shoulders.

"You fuckin' slut," groaned Jamie, stabbing her nipples into Tamara's nipples.

"Ung," grunted the auburn hardbody as their tits started to catfight.

Like almost everything else about them, their tits, nipples and areolas were nearly identical in size, shape, texture and beauty. Both women had very stiff, pointy nipples and those pink nubs battled evenly as neither could probe for long into the other's tight areola.

"Looks like my tits are winnin', slut," grunted Jamie, as her nipples inverted Tamara's nipples.

"Not for long, bitch," grunted Tamara, breaking her legs free and squeezing them around Jamie's waist.

"Uuumm," Jamie moaned, losing her grip on Tamara's wrists and rolling sideways between Tamara's squeezing legs.

Throwing her arms around Tamara's shoulders and squeezing, Jamie's tits flattened out Tamara's tits. The auburn beauty groaned and lost her leg scissors. Jamie then laced legs with Tamara, but was forced over on her back as Tamara rolled on top and bear hugged her. With their faces in each other's hair, Jamie and Tamara softly degraded each other as their tits fought in full force with each other.

"You cheap slut. I fuckin' hate your fuckin' guts, you fuckin' piece of shit," swore Tamara in her ear as her nipples tore into Jamie's nipples.

"Go to hell, you damn fuckin' whore. I hate you fuckin' ass too, you sorry sack of shit," Jamie cussed back in her ear as her tits mashed out Tamara's tits.

"Uuuunnggg!" grunted Tamara, squeezing tightly.

"Uuummpphh!" huffed Jamie, flexing her arm.

"Ssshhit...uuummm...bitch," moaned the auburn babe as her nipples tangled with Jamie's nipples.

"Oooww. Bitch...uuuggghh," the sexy brunette moaned as her nipples turned back Tamara's nipples.

"," panted Tamara, squeezing and squeezing and squeezing.

"," puffed Jamie, hugging, holding and flexing.

"Oooommppphhh!" they both groaned as they just suddenly fell apart.

Jamie and Tamara lay on the floor next to each other for a couple of minutes. Their legs barely spread and their hips slightly twitching as they labored hard for breath.

"Aah," panted Tamara, undoing her tight short-shorts. She looked at Jamie and Jamie looked at her. "It's not over if that's what you're hopin', bitch."

Lifting her hips off the carpet, Jamie pushed her tight shorts to her thighs for better breathing. "No. No, it's not over by a long shot, bitch. I'm not done with your fuckin' ass."

Tamara looked at her, and pushed her shorts down her hips. "You will scream my name, slut."

"That's not gonna happen, slut," said Jamie, sitting up and pushing her shorts down her legs.

"Yeah, bitch, it is," replied Tamara, now sitting and pushing down her shorts.

"Fuck you," spat Jamie, kicking away her shorts.

Tamara kicked her's off as well. "Fuck you."

Back on their feet, they ran their hands thru their own hair as they stared jealousy at each other in her thong.

"Let's end this now, bitch," suggested Jamie, putting up her fists.

Tamara nodded. "Good. I'm gonna bust you up now, bitch."

"Your ugly ass is gonna be at my feet, you slut," said Jamie, clinching her fists.

"You wish you had my body, bitch," said Tamara, her fists up.

They exchanged a couple of more insults before stepping together swinging.

POP! Went Jamie's right fist across Tamara's left jaw.

POW! Landed Tamara's right fist over Jamie's left cheekbone.

Jamie's left hook split open Tamara's bottom lip. Tamara's left fist jarred Jamie's right jawbone. They both missed with a hook. Jamie then landed a left/right combination across Tamara's cheeks. Tamara staggered back, but stopped Jamie with a right jab to the nose that drew blood from a nostril. Jamie's eyes watered as she was then punched across the chin, knocking her sideways and face down on the love seat.

"You fuckin' bitch!" shouted Tamara, pouncing on Jamie's back and riding her.

Grabbing a big fist of hair for control, Tamara stretched back Jamie's pretty little head and began to blister her ass with slaps.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" yelped Jamie with each stinging swat.

Taking the back of Jamie's white thong, Tamara yanked the tiny thing up Jamie's long crack.

"Ooowwweee!" wailed Jamie, twitching and bucking as her pussy filled up as well.

"How's my nails feel in your fuckin' ass, you fuckin' cunt?" asked Tamara, grabbing a hearty handful of tight tail-end and clawing.

"Oooohh fuuuuck! My aaaassssss!" screamed Jamie, but pushing her way off the couch and causing them to fall over on the floor.

Spilling backwards on the floor, Tamara grabbed Jamie's hair and tried to get her legs around her shoulders.

"You fuckin' cunt," swore Tamara, clamping her thighs instead around Jamie's neck.
"Uuuunnggg," groaned Jamie as her thoat felt Tamara's powerful thighs squeeze against it.

"Pop you like a zit," said Tamara, pulling on the top of her hair and flexing her thighs.

Jamie grunted and twisted sideways. Her backside and ass turned towards Tamara. Tamara grabbed the tiny waistband of Jamie's white thong and gave it a yank up her back.

"Yeeeoooww!" screamed Jamie between Tamara's tan thighs as the little crotch split open her pussy lips and burned her clit.

Luckily the skimpy thong snapped loose, but it did burn as it left her cunt.

"Bitch!" barked Tamara, throwing the thong down and swatting Jamie's butt a couple of times before running her fingernails down it.

"Ooouucchh!" cried Jamie, scratching at Tamara's thighs in vain.

"Fuck!" winced Tamara, forced to open her legs. "You bitch," she said, shoving Jamie over on her back and straddling her.


Jamie's face turned one way and then the next as Tamara gave her a couple of slaps.

"Oh I fuckin' hate you! Hate you!" shouted Tamara in Jamie's slapped-face as she then filled her hands with chestnut hair and pounded the brunette's head against the carpet.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

Jamie's brain rattled like a b.b. in a boxcar. Ever since getting punched to the love seat, Jamie had been taking a beating. Her face was stinging. Her hair was hurting. Her cunt was burning. And her ass was on fire.

"Say my name, bitch!" demanded Tamara, stopping, but still pulling very hard on the sides of Jamie's hair. "Oooowww!"

Thru blurred vision, Jamie's hands found Tamara's dangling titties.

Tamara threw back her head and squeezed Jamie's titties.

"Oooowww!" wailed Jamie, bucking and squeezing. "Never!"

It now became a tit mauling as both girls dished it out with their hands and nails. They screamed in each other's face as they pinched a nipple with one hand and clawed tit with the other.

"Oooooowwww! You...cuuuuuunt!" cried Tamara, as her nipples were both stretched straight down.

"Sssssshhhhhit! My fuckin' t-i-t-s!" Jamie screamed as Tamara screwed her fingernails in and out. "Ooohh gggaawwdd! Leee' mmmeee ggoooo!"


A hard right palm out of nowhere smacked across Tamara's cheek, knocking her sideways next to Jamie.

Turning to face Tamara, Jamie delivered a knee that busted the auburn beauty between her snatch and belly button.

"Uuummpphh!" groaned Tamara, falling back on her shoulders.

Jamie leaned across Tamara's prone torso and chomped down on her left tit, just missing her areola. Tamara screamed and yanked Jamie off her tit by the back of the hair.

"Oooww!" cried Jamie, but grabbing the top of Tamara's hair and hauling her backside off the carpet.

Tamara rolled up on her knees with Jamie as both girls stretched out a handful of hair.

"Bitch!" yelled Jamie, sending a slap across Tamara's left cheek.

Tamara fell back to the floor, dragging Jamie down with her by the hair. Together they started rolling back and forth as they both had a handful of tit.

"Sshhit! Give it up!" shouted Jamie as her left tit was clawed.

"You give it up!" Tamara yelled as her right tit was scratched. "Ooowww!"

Throwing her arm around the back of Jamie's neck, Tamara continued to rip at Jamie's tit as she pulled her into a semi-headlock. But Jamie escaped by yanking straight back on Tamara's long hair and fisting her directly under the chin. Tamara's jaws slammed shut as she spilled over backwards on the floor, taking Jamie down with her.

"Uunngg," groaned Tamara as her tits were busted by Jamie's tits.

Taking Jamie by the hair, Tamara yanked her off, but Jamie latched on to her hair and rolled back on top. Tamara pulled Jamie off again, and this time kept her off as she wrapped up her left leg around Jamie's right leg.

"Aaah, you bitch," swore Jamie, letting go of a hand of hair and sliding it between their bodies. "Scream my name, bitch."

Tamara's eyes grew wide and the fog from being uppercutted to the chin cleared as she felt Jamie's fingers brush down her belly.

Even though Tamara still had on her thong, the tiny lace crotch was defenseless against the attack of a set of angry fingernails. "OOHH NNOO!"

"Scream my name!" Jamie now barked in her face as her whole hand shoved between Tamara's thighs and curled around her vagina.

"Scream mine, bitch!" Tamara yelled right back, her left hand already plunging between their bodies and going for Jamie's bare crotch.

Both ladies went wide-eyed as they grabbed a handful of ass and squeezed.

"Uuumm...uuummm...oooww," moaned Jamie, trying to keep from screaming.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," swore Tamara, gritting her teeth.

With the exception of a pencil-thin strip of black pubic hair on Jamie's hump, both ladies were as bare and bald as the day they were born.

"You fuckin' bitch. I hate you," growled Jamie, nose-to-nose with Tamara.

"I fuckin' hate you worse," snarled Tamara as they tightened up their legs even more.

Then with fire flashing in their eyes, their lips curled up over their teeth as they put their sharp, clear-coated fingernails into each other.

"Aaaahhh ggggaaawwddd!!!" cried Tamara, her eyes tightly shut.

"Ssssssshhhhhhhit!!!" Jamie screamed, her face wrenched with pain.

Their tan, toned thighs seemed to blend together and their hips bucked and bounced on the floor as they both threw back their heads and howled. Jamie ran her fingernails over Tamara's pussy as Tamara squeezed Jamie's pussy and turned her nails back and forth.

"Aaaaarrrrgggggg!!!" cried Tamara as her pussy was raked again.

Jamie screamed too as Tamara drilled her thumbnail into her pussy lip and ran a fingernail over her asshole. Jamie threw her head on Tamara's shoulder as she gripped the auburn's ass and poked her middle finger up her butt.

"Yeeeeooowwww!!!" wailed Tamara in shock as her bung hole was invaded.

Tamara then ran her fingernails over Jamie's pussy as Jamie's fingernail scratched at the walls of her anus. Screaming, they traded headbutts accidentally, but kept right on clawing as Jamie pulled her finger out and pinched Tamara's right pussy lip. Tamara's hips flinched, but she gave Jamie's snatch another taste of her talons.

"Give it up! Give it up!" shouted Jamie, rolling sorta on top as she slid two fingers in Tamara's sweaty cunt.

"Yeeeeeooowwww!!!" screamed Tamara, racing to invade Jamie's snatch.

Jamie got off two good swipes of her fingernails before Tamara could get her two middle fingers inside.

"Uuuunngg," grunted Jamie as her pussy muscles tightened around Tamara's flicking fingers.

Shaking their heads back and forth, Jamie and Tamara's fingers were all the way in and scratching.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" wailed Tamara until she was hoarse.

Jamie screamed to the heavens as well, as both girls just seemed hell-bent on killing each other's cunt.

Falling over on her side, Jamie pulled out her fingers and then ripped five nails all the way up to Tamara's belly button.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg!!!!" Tamara screamed bloody murder. Her whole torso shaking and quaking.

"You fuckin' bitch! G-I-V-E!!!" yelled Jamie in her face as she took Tamara's pussy again and dug in with her nails...and with her fingers deep inside of Jamie's cunt, Tamara ripped!


"You give, bitch?" Tamara cried.

Sprearing her two middle fingers back in Tamara's pussy, Jamie scratched back. Both girls were crying hysterically as they were now drawing blood from each other without realizing it. To them it was just vaginal juices as they thought the other was about to cum.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!" screamed Tamara, spasming out of control as Jamie's thumbnail had almost cut her clit in half! Now that she'd found it, Jamie took it between her thumb and forefinger; pinching, pulling and twisting like crazy!.


"Scream my name! Scream my name!"