Wild West Showdown by jermaine
Neither Morgan Fairchild nor Cheryl Ladd had been working very hard in Hollywood lately - juicy parts for 50+ year old actresses with limited range and mediocre reputations were very rare. So, when they were approached to do a 'feminist' western by director Tim Burton, they both said YES in a heartbeat.

Morgan would play the evil Marlena Hale, a saloon owner involved in every kind of crime she could think of. Cheryl was to play Rose Cassidy, the sheriff who had taken the badge from her dead husband's chest after he learned a little too much about Marlena's nefarious activities.

Burton, it turned out, was a fan of the old Roger Corman westerns in which the principal hero and villain roles were assigned to women. Marlena's wicked sidekicks would be played by Krista Allen and Shannon Doherty, two actresses very capable of projecting evil on the big screen. Rose's assistants were her two lovely blonde daughters, played by Brande Roderick and Reese Witherspoon.

This was the day they'd shoot the final scene in which Rose finally puts an end to Marlena's misdeeds, while her daughters overcame their rivals. The script calls for one ineffective punch by Morgan that Cheryl blocks, countering with a left-right combo rendering the villain helpless.

The blondes would then simply overpower Marlena's brunette duo and twist their arms behind them. Burton realized the script was pretty lame, but with Disney financing and an eager market for anything close to a catfight movie he knew he could be conservative and still get a boffo boxoffice.

The actresses took their places outside the front door of the saloon. Cheryl wore denim jeans, flannel shirt, leather vest and cowboy boots. Morgan wore a fire engine red gown with her cleavage generously exposed. The other actresses were dressed in outfits similar to their respective leading lady. Burton called, "ACTION" and got a lot more than he expected!

Rather than execute the namby-pamby punch scripted, Morgan slugged Cheryl with a solid right to the belly followed by a nasty left hook. Cheryl backpedaled, her hands raised, looked to Burton in shock and confusion. She got two things she hadn't expected, a confused look back from him and another left to the chin from Morgan.

What nobody understood - except Krista Allen and Shannon Doherty who were in on the plan - was that it was payback time. Twenty five years earlier, Morgan had auditioned for the Kris Monroe role on Charlie's Angels. She did what any young actress of that era did - had a wild night of sex with the producer. It ended with him rolling over and saying coldly, "Sorry, Doll, I've had better. And some friendly advice. Do something about those," - he jabbed Morgan's perky but smallish breasts - "if you wanna go anywhere in this town." Morgan was devastated to say the least, and none too pleased do find out the well-endowed Cheryl Ladd had scooped up the part. Morgan blamed the last quarter century of her unimpressive career on losing the high profile part.

Cheryl, still smarting and confused by the unexpected onslaught, knew nothing of Morgan's Charlie's Angels fiasco. But Shannon and Krista did and they were ready and willing to support Morgan's revenge by pounded their clueless opponents. Besides, Krista and Brande had played bitter rivals on "Baywatch Hawaii" and the script never allowed the rivalry to be resolved or even to get physical. This was as good a time as any, thought Krista , to get that resolution.

Cheryl backed away from another haymaker left and it began to dawn on her that Morgan was no longer 'in character' as Marlena. She was a nasty, aggressive bitch looking to break her in half. Cheryl quickly decided that she'd better drop her Sheriff Rose personna. Since a fight to the finish had been Morgan's choice, then a fight to the finish it would be.

"Keep the cameras rolling, Timmy," Cheryl chirped as she ducked. "Today we make cinema hisTORY!"

Cheryl's last word ended with a stiff right to her mid-section from the enraged Morgan, but once again Cheryl backed away relatively unhurt. Cheryl glanced to her right and caught a glimpse of Reese Witherspoon as she landed a thundering right to the jaw of Shannon Doherty who sank weakly to the ground.

Cheryl decided it was time to turn this thing around. As she got her head organized, Cheryl noted two important things. First, since Morgan was an absolute raging maniac at the moment, it stood to reason the shots she had taken were probably the best Morgan had to offer. If so, and if she had survived them, she felt confident she could withstand a few more, if needed. Second, she realized that she was wearing jeans and boots and Morgan was handicapped by her full length hoop skirt and high heels. Maneuverability advantage to Cheryl.

Morgan was almost foaming at the mouth as she unleashed another roundhouse right toward Cheryl's cute nose. "Not this time," thought Cheryl, as she raised her left arm to block the punch. Morgan followed through awkwardly and Cheryl nailed her with an explosive uppercut that lifted the blonde's front foot off the ground! Cheryl bored in and followed up with a couple of devastating body shots as momentum shifted decisively to Cheryl.

Inspired by her example, Brande began to dominate in what had, up to then, been an even fight with Krista. She landed a series of powerful, unanswered punches to the face of her brunette nemesis, driving her steadily back.

Morgan continued her frantic and undisciplined attack, but supremely confident, Cheryl used her superior maneuverability to pick her apart. After a particularly crisp right stunned Morgan, Cheryl moved in close, bodied up, grabbed a fistful of blonde hair with her left hand and pulled Morgan's face right into a slap that struck with devastating impact.

The camera crew had just moved in to get a close-up of the action and nobody doubted that Cheryl's slap would NOT end up on the cutting room floor. Two more sharp slaps removed all doubt about who was in control.

Cheryl's eyes sparkled as she eyed Morgan's cleavage. Getting a good two hand grip on the bodice of Morgan's gown, Cheryl ripped it straight down the front, baring Morgan's unsupported surgically enhanced breasts. At exactly the same moment, Reese had done exactly the same to Shannon's gown, having already battered down both her will and her ability to resist.

A solid right to the jaw put Morgan in la-la land and Cheryl shoved her back against the front porch saloon wall where she turned Morgan's firm breasts into speed bags, maintaining a blistering flurry of punches and slaps for more than a minute. Morgan's breasts bounced and jiggled, her erect nipples whipped helplessly up and down, back and forth as tears rolled down her red cheeks and dripped glistening onto her bouncing boobs. Morgan was reduced to nothing more than a blubbering wimp, barely able to stand and her attire reduced to just a garter belt and thigh-highs, her formerly gorgeous gown now pooled around her ankles.

Morgan's outlaw cohorts were faring no better than their boss. Reese had Shannon firmly under control, perched proudly on her chest in a school girl pin. She was smacking Shannon's tear-stained face back and forth while taunting her and calling her "crybaby."

Brande had knocked Krista down and dragged her butt and breasts through a cactus patch alongside the saloon set. The brunette villainess was being dominated so thoroughly she hadn't had a chance to remove the prickly thorns that were adorning her very naked private parts.

Cheryl knew that Tim's cinematic masterpiece deserved a dramatic ending, so she lifted Morgan onto her shoulder and carried her kicking and screaming to the water trough in front of the saloon. She held Morgan a few seconds until the cameraman had her best side in frame, then rudely tossed Morgan in, head first. When Morgan's head bobbed up it was met with a perfectly executed kick to the jaw from Cheryl's booted foot. Morgan's head twisted gruesomely as she slipped below the water.

Burton screamed "Cut!"

Cheryl posed with her foot on the edge of the trough as she reached down and pulled Morgan's head up by the hair before she drowned. Morgan lay draped motionless over the side of the trough unable to do anything more than cough and suck air. When Cheryl glanced back behind her, she saw the naked figures of Krista and Shannon walking unsteadily toward the saloon being led forcefully by the victorious blondes. They held both of their rivals firmly with armbars - exactly as called for in the script!

"Well girls, how about a little ride?" Cheryl said smugly, addressing the devastated trio.

The good girls rudely threw their groaning adversaries into the back of a buckboard in front of the saloon. The two horses hitched to the wagon became very excited by what they had witnessed in front of the saloon and responded immediately to a sharp slap on the rump by Cheryl. The horses took off at full gallop over the rough Western terrain. Inside, the three naked losers were bounced up and down and shaken left and right, constantly jostling and colliding with each other.

As the wagon disappeared from sight, Cheryl, Brande and Reese exchanged high-fives and kissed each other. While the wildly bouncing wagon was lost to sight in a cloud of dust, Cheryl approached Tim Burton and made a request.

"Anything, my dear. Name it," he answered.

"Please, don't bother to send a search party to look for them tonight. The girls will appreciate the time to themselves - you know, to sort things out between them," Cheryl said and her blonde cohorts giggled.

The ominous wail of a lonesome coyote was heard from the direction the wagon had disappeared and Cheryl permitted herself to smile a little smile of satisfaction as Brande and Reese threw their arms around her waist and pulled her toward the trailer they shared. Their celebration continued long into the night…