Kate Winslet v Michelle Williams by Hawkeye

A week or so after the Charlize Theron-Alyson Hannigan fight at the 2002 Howard Stern Tournament another young blonde gulped down another knot in her throat, this one bigger than the last. She'd been there many times before; butterflies; tapping toes; pacing; but there was something about this time that was different. She hadn't meant to bite off quite so much, but several rum-n-cokes had a way of making a person bolder than they ought be and so had the sight of Alyson on the point of ruin. It had been a volatile combination that had led to a brief but ugly spat which in turn led to tonight's get-together.

Same place. Completely different channel. Last time, she’d only been a spectator; now she was a gladiator in the coliseum - or at least what passed for one…stars and starlets looking to knock the piss out of each other in an LA hotel. This 'squared circle' had a more foreboding air than the penthouse suite where Charlize and that redheaded bitch faced off a few days ago.

Michelle bounced nervously, her abundant C-cup breasts bobbing rhythmically in her black cotton tanktop containing them - or at least trying to. It wasn't a Michelle origina,l that much was clear from the white cursive lettered 'Girly Girl' across her chest and the way her bosom tested the limit of the fiber's flexibility; her hard nipples pushing hard against the dark threads, cleavage like a double moonrise on an ebony horizon. No, she'd claimed this top as a prize from Kirsten Dunst after a particularly gratifying bout and it always provided her with an inner strength. But again, something was wrong. No strength emanated, only her flesh above and below; a wide arc of tight ivory midriff, growing as the cloth slowly worked its way up the hills of flesh.

Below Michelle wore a pair of cheeky, black satin shorts that clung tight to the curve of her glutes, a slit on either side providing yet more silky skin to show on her thighs. The sprightly blonde had always fancied herself a boxer and the wardrobe had a certain Tysonesque air even if the nubile body inside most certainly did not. She shadowboxed, shuffling around the ring. She wanted to stop moving; stop wasting energy, but she couldn't find the OFF button. Kate was big and Kate was mean and Kate was motivated, a lot for the blonde smurfette to overcome - lucky shirt or no.

She'd have to rely on willpower and stamina and...THERE SHE WAS! Michelle swallowed hard again. Win or lose; this night was going to hurt. Kate Winslet strode toward her without a hint of emotion. Maybe she wasn't still mad over their little tiff. Right!!

"I'm going to squeeze the filling out of you, my little tart," Kate whispered before she turned and plopped onto the couch which had just been shoved into place to establish one side of the makeshift ring.

Well, OK, so maybe she was still miffed!.

A large oak coffeetable was slid into place next, seemingly all the construction that would be needed; two opposite sides demarcated by sturdy cream-colored walls.

The host for the evening held his hand aloft, "Not quite ready, ladies. I know it's not easy, but pleeease hold on."

He smiled and dashed to an anteroom: Kate taking the opportunity to rise from her relaxation and start stretching - her round, blue-gray eyes never leaving Michelle's. Pure, unflinching focus exuding from her steady gaze as their eyes met. Michelle's hazel pools quickly flitted away, taking an accounting of the rest of her opponent.

This was certainly not your father's Kate Winslet. She'dd toned down considerably, but with still plenty of meat on the bone to cause the little blonde a world of problems. The full, rich, ruby lips were resplendent on the soft features of her face, though her cheeks were noticibly ess full than her 'Titanic' days. Also gone was the ruby hair, now replaced with a flowing blonde mane and only a hint of strawberry tinged her tresses.

Michelle's attire was positively pedestrian compared to that of 'The English Rose' for an elegant scarlet camisole covered Kate's upper torso, her lingerie slightly transparent from below the cups to her navel, giving her ribs and midriff a ruby radiance. The garment was cut low, offering a spectacular view of Kate's teeming bounty and below, garters trailed down to delicate red silk stockings, clipping at mid-thigh giving a delightful cherry-colored sheen to her ivory legs down to her toes. In between lay an appropriately refined and very brief set of red lace panties, ornately flowered front and rear nearly identical to the elaborate stitching of the material cupping her ample bosom; her inner and outer thighs covered by sturdy garters and nothing else.

The clamor of the host brought Michelle's eyes back to Kate who was still holding her in an ocular 'death grip'! Michelle's shoulder-length flaxen hair would be all that Kate would get in return for the remainder of the pre-match as she turned to the host clambering over the back of the sofa; a large, wooden board with a variety of holes punched through the back in his hands.

"Charlize's use of her little friend was so...ummm...well-received," the host explained. "We decided to expand on the idea a bit."

Michelle turned to the front row behind the coffeetable to catch a glimpse of Alyson twisting uncomfortably in her seat. Pure MasterCard moment, that but her she was and that said something. She threw Alyson a wink and grinned, the first moment in pre-match where she had felt herself. The redhead raised her middle finger, kissed it and flipped her the bird. Michelle was reaching a comfort zone, finally. But like a switch, it was turned off in a split-second, her oblong eyes blossoming wide, elfin nose twitching nervously. The host turned the board around and hung it on a protruding nail seven feet above the floor.

"This is now our 'tool wall' for lack of a better term," he announced. "Anything hanging here is fair game."

Kate's gaze had left the wide-eyed, young blonde to study her possible utensils. While Michelle was coughing and reflexively backing away, Kate noted each with a tradesman's affection. A variety of shafts left the victor to discriminate as to color or size. However, also included were some delightful new additions including a riding crop, a ball gag, dozens of strips of white silk for binding limbs - or so Michelle was supposing! But it didn't end there for pegged in place was a shaft of bamboo, a 'Catholic school' paddle, wooden alligator clothespins, chocolate syrup and even whipped cream.

"Everything you could ever want," the host joshed as he threw himself clear. "Ladies, the floor is yours."

Neither was quite ready as Kate was still busy fingering the tools in her mind while Michelle wondering if she could live down sprinting out of the apartment before the fight. Facing Kate was one thing; but Kate with - what did the host call them - TOOLS, that was pure bullshit!

A turn and glare from Kate jellied Michelle' legs further, but she forced them forward, then in a wide circle, orbiting Kate as she came to meet her. She was going to try; whatever happened, Michelle wouldn't let Kate take that away from her!


Michelle flicked a light jab that found Kate's chin and cheek. Given time these punches would pile up and could even take Kate out...in about 60 years when she died of old age...but for Michelle they were enough for a start.


Kate blinked, but little more as Michelle continued to circle, tossing her diminutive left fist, lithe legs dancing in and out. Kate starting to pick off more of the jabs with her extended forearm, an expression of disinterest on her face, her attention darting to the crowd for a moment. There were Hannigan, that atrocious girl in a baby blue mini-, desperate for attention; and Tara Reid, ah, Reid that bitch. But no Theron! What happened to professional courtesy? At least Liz Hurley was there, showing a bit of Pride of the Isles. HAS BEEN!


Damnable whelp! Kate's nose scrunched. That one hurt and her focus returned, but still she didn't charge. It was coming; it was...indeed. There!

Once Michelle had gained enough confidence she finally threw a physically meaningful, if hardly dangerous, right cross. One that a bigger Kate might have attempted to roll off her shoulder, but instead this Kate ducked it cleanly and speared the young blonde during her follow-through. Kate's lift-and-plant was as impressive as any defensive end's abuse of an oblivious QB and Michelle's bare feet ended up 12 o'clock to her head as Kate spiked her head first into the carpet, driving her shoulder into the blonde's jaw with concessive force as she landed on top of her. The busty Englishwoman rolled into a straddle on Michelle's chest, pinching a blushed apple cheek of the 'Creek' starlet as Michelle shook the cobwebs.

"You really don't understand what you've gotten yourself into, do you dear?"

No verbal response was returned but from the look in her hazel pools it was clear Michelle had an inkling, particularly when Kate's hands encircled her throat, lightly at first; Michelle's eyes widening from fear, then as Kate's fingers constricted, they bulged from panic and pressure.


The young blonde's arms twitched helplessly at her side, trapped between Kate's knees and her own body; her pixieish face turning several shades of red, each one deeper than the next, as her legs and pelvis thrust in the air trying to buck Kate off. But Kate stayed securely and supremely astide her foe, confident even judging by the self-satisfied smile creasing her features as she released her strangle and slapped Michelle's face to one side with a forehand, then a backhand.

"Now do you understand about your betters?"

Bending herself matchbook fashion, Michelle forced her abbreviated but undeniably delectable legs up then back, wedging her feet under Kate's armpits. For one brief second it looked as though she may be able to toss the buxom Kate off but Kate steadied herself and despite the bulging muscles in Michelle' gams straining to their utmost, she wrapped her arms around the blondes calves and powered Michelle's toes down to the carpet beside her ears.

"Uhh, mmm-uuhh," Michelle moaned as she struggled to free herself.

Michelle was trapped by her own gambit, rolled up in a pretty little package with Kate as the triple-knotted bow keeping her in place. Kate lowered her arse into the cushion of Michelle's stomach and a gasp of air escaped her perpetually pouting lips as Kate dropped her body weight from her knees down on her flat - and getting flatter - tummy.

"Mine already, strumpet!" Kate crowed.

She rose and this time pounded her butt down in Michelle's gut with considerably more passion. The young blonde gagged and shifted wildly beneath Kate, her condensed movements amplified by her frenzied 'fish-out-of-water' flopping after Kate tossed her away like yesterday's rubbish. Kate hovered over Michelle as the diminutive blonde hugged her midriff, her bosom pumping like a bellows in the expanded black cotton.

There were rumors the kid could be scrappy, even tough, Kate warned herself as she rolled Michelle onto her side with a nudge from her foot and pushed at her head. American scrappy and British scrappy were obviously not the same, Kate knew. Still, it was best to stay on top of her. She dropped next to Michelle, brushing her flaxen hair off her neck and snatching it in both hands, lifting her head off the mat as if she intended to remove it from the blonde's body as she yanked. Michelle rose hurriedly to her feet, intent on keeping her coconut on the tree if at all possible.

Kate's size and strength advantage allowed her to deftly steer Michelle around the ring, as if in some psychotic tango as she lead the unsteady Michelle in a twisting, twirling circuit around the enclosure; brushing her along one wall then taking her in a fly-by of the front row guests. Hannigan took a swing from behind the coffeetable that found the luscious softness of Michelle's right breast, the tit leaping from its tight confinement as Michelle 'eeped' in dizzied pain. No longer 'Girly Girl', Michelle's now ample tissue covered the 'Girly' half of Dunst's 'too cute' moniker below it, leaving only 'Girl' - as if anyone had any doubt.

Kate guided Michelle back to the center and swallowed the cute blonde up in her arms, lifting her off the carpet; her wriggling toes reaching unsuccessfully to support her as Kate squeezed her in a lethal reverse embrace. The bearhug encircled the snared prey just below her ribs, making attempts at breathing feeble at best. Once again, Michelle found her arms trapped against her body, unable to provide any fire power in her defense. Kate was free to press her advantage, quite literally, at her leisure. Seconds turned into a minute, then two as signs of life slowly dribbling away. Michelle's fingers twitched as her eyes rolled back in her head - as one of the nastier effects of oxygen deprivation began to take hold.

But for Kate, this was more than just crushing the soft meat between her arms; a statement was necessary so everyone knew that in the desperate battles for dominance between stars and lesser satellites like this tart, there were certain classes that should NOT be bridged. She wanted to show other wannabes the bridge was now closed between first and economy class!

Kate ran forward with Michelle still trapped in her bearhug and rammed her chest and face into the wall with a loud WHUMP! Michelle's head snapping forward, smashed into the wall then slowly rolled back. A bright scarlet trickle ran from a nostril, caught on her pouting and swelling lower lip briefly, then dripped down her chin and dropped onto her bare breast and dropped from the hard nipple onto the floor. Kate would probably be picking up the steam-cleaning charges from the host after this!

She mashed Michelle's face back into the wall, an apple cheek bruised and deflated on the stucco surface as Kate returned to her pressure game, flattening the young blonde's tits on the wall then scrubbing them side to side on the rough-grained surface from side to side. Michelle's exposed right breast almost immediately took on a deep pink hue from the punishment, her stiff nipple taking a cruel abuse. Then Kate, in a show of her considerable strength, released the bearhug and with her hands stuffed into Michelle's moist armpits, hoisted the limp rag doll blonde up and down, her free mammary painting bloody strokes with the soft flesh.

Having given the wall several strokes with her instrument, Kate dropped Michelle straddle-legged onto her outstretched knee which bisected Michelle's unprotected crotch with brutal efficiency.

"Eeeeeee-UNNNNH!" the blonde squeaked pitifully just before she slowly topped over off Kate's bony knee, landing forehead foremost on the carpet, then rolled over to lay writhing on the carpet with her diminutive digits thrust between her spread and sweaty gams. She was still conscious, but only barely; her internal clock still on, but blinking 12:00....12:00....12:00! Reflexively, she curled into a fetal ball as she struggled to regain control of her body, rocking weakly back and forth as Kate approached again.

For Michelle, the match had been as much about trying to control her will as dealing with a bigger, stronger, motivated opponent and she raised an outstretched arm, pleading for a moment's respite showing the success of her internal struggle. But for Kate, this was a cooking class; her chance to show other famous chefs what kind of dish she could whip up, showcase her talents even if the ingredient was something less than prime rib. A yank of the hair brought Michelle to her feet and once again Kate put her little blonde marionette against the wall, this time facing her. Michelle's eyes were filled with her tears, her fingers still wedged between her thighs tending that trobbing ache in her pussy.

"Why don't you DO something?" Kate queried, but Michelle's eyes were as a fawn caught in Kate's considerable headlights. "I heard you had some spunk," Kate said, almost pleading for a show of resistance. She rolled a shoulder, the left strand of her camisole slipping down to mid-bicep. "You're not giving me anything to work with."

Kate did the same with her other shoulder with the same result, then eased her golden globes from their delicate crimson casing, the red sheen below, dropping to her third set of ribs. Emotionless, she cupped her firm, but malleable breast flesh and pushed forward, swallowing Michelle's weakly shifting face between her Titanic twins. Michelle sucked, seeking any small pocket of air and Kate's lips curling in a smile as the little blonde's puckered lips found more of Kate and less of oxygen.

Michelle's hands finally stopped tending her garden to reach around and slap Kate's hips and butt in a futile attempt to make her stop smothering. There was simply no forcing them between their sweat-slick bodies; Kate's pressure too much to leave any opening for defense - or attack! Michelle was doing little more than putting a soft pink glow on Kate's regal bootie, not that she could see the change in hue from where she was! Michelle was flying blind, her eyes, nose and mouth surrounded by the soft, satiny moistness of Kate's bosom. The darkness was frightening, the humidity and tactile sense of flesh surrounding her every facial feature dizzying. With each piteous attempt at breath cut dreadfully short by Kate's soft breasts, Michelle could feel herself slipping away. She could still feel Kate's hips, but now it was as if the gentle curves were being fondled by someone else's fingers. Her legs seemed to be gone; leaving her floating....just a torso. Then only the tightness of her compressed bosom remained until, seconds later...a heartbeat...then darkness!

Slowly, the black became gray, changing to a milky haze followed by a sharp snap to the back of her head.

"Wha...? Who?"

"Thank God. It's about bloody time."

Who did Michelle know with a British accent? Or was it Aussie? No, British. Where? Don't Know. Something heavy; very heavy was pressing down on her back. And her arms then her brain recoiled as she came fully awake to an awful pain between her legs.

"Oh shit!" It was both a curse and a cry.

"Do we remember, now?" Kate goaded, yanking up and pulling back on the young blonde's chin cupped in her hands.

Michelle's pearlies gritted below her squinting eyes as her spine was forced to bend up and curl back. Kate had, during Michelle's absence, removed her cotton tank and pinned it on the 'tool wall'. Now Michelle's ripe melons, unconstrained by clothing, were instead pulled taut against her breastbone by the muscle-searing stretching of Kate's camel clutch.

"Pul-eeeeeeze," Michelle whimpered through her clenched teeth.

But her muffled pleas meant nothing to the 'English Rose' who saw the little tart only as clay to be molded; and clay needed to be of the proper consistency so Kate wrenched her back again, adding a butt bounce that sent a shockwave up Michelle's back in the form of an excruciating chiropractic adjustment.

"You could've made yourself a star tonight," Kate grunted between taffy pulls. "Or I could've made you one. But you," her gaze took in Michelle's broken body from having breasts to bouncing bum. "You're nothing. You're boring me but what's worse, you're making me bore THEM!"

She meant every word. There was no doubt in her tone, nor in her punishment of the body beneath her. But she couldn't have been more wrong for the spectator starlets; some basking, some panting at the sight of her destruction - complete domination - of someone who was thought to be a plucky little blonde with a non-stop motor. NOT TODAY. For today at least - might made right and the underdog was being put down with little more than a whimper of protest. Most attendees lapped it up like a kittens licking a dish of cream; only a rare few with a sympathetic cringe and a shudder.

Finally, Kate dismounted from her soft, pliable pony, letting Michelle's body slump limp on the floor. She rose, kicked Michelle's arms and legs wide in a spread-eagle, then turned to the audience glowing with the ease of her accomplishment.

"Well children, what DOES one do with such a disappointment?"

Luminaries such as Jennifer Garner, Laetitia Casta and Milla Jovovich offered advice in a variety of accents, suggesting varied degrees of violence and humiliation; all of which Kate accepted graciously. Michelle, with rose-tinged drool dripping from the corner of her fattened lower lip as she clawed at the carpet, also offered an opinion on the suggestions through a pained haze.

"You're bitches," she moaned. "All of you cunts are bitches!"

Her anguished complaint brought only a roar of mocking laughter, such was life in this cutthroat post-modern tribe of Amazons.

"Now...NOW, you show some life," Kate scolded as she gathered up the crawling, infantile Michelle by the ankles, elevated her legs, drew back one foot and punted the blonde's privates; bending her like Beckham and leaving the blonde screeching and retching from the lightning strike shock coarsing through the jangled nerve endings radinating out from her nether region.

"Thought you boxers wore protection," Kate guffawed at Michelle's reactioin.

Michelle rolled out of Kate's grasp, spinning once, twice, and half a third before she slammed into THE WALL. Kirstin's cute little muscle shirt was dislodged, fluttering down to momentarily find a home covering Michelle's face, it's surface billowing from the delicate gusts puffing up from beneath. Michelle would have been content to leave the sweat-soaked cotton covering her elfin features, hiding her blushing face from the eyes of her gloating rivals. But Kate wouldn't give the beaten blonde even that trifle of comfort, unveiling her panting tongue, bloody nose and dim, unfocused eyes with a quick swipe of her hand.

"Tell Kirsten to call me if she wants her shirt back," Kate said, wringing out a stream of sweat onto Michelle's forehead and face before tossing the top aside where she'd collect it later. She planted her foot on Michelle's undulating bosom, pinching her toes in the supple tissue like she was enjoying a white sand beach. And, in some perverse way, it was time to go on holiday; to kick back and relax. Not that Michelle had hardly make her earn it, but whose fault was that? Kate grabbed one of the long dildos from the treasure provided by the gracious host and fingered it tenderly, caressing it softly as she stared down at poor Michelle's black, satin trunks. Then, quickly, she spun around and and tossed it to Tara Reid, seated on the edge of her chair in the front row.

"Hold onto that for me, bitch," Kate hissed. "And you can warm it up if you like!"

Tara caught the shaft and was either too stunned or too scared to do anything but obey. The 'English Rose' turned back and studied Michelle who had wrapped both hands around Kate's left ankle trying vainly to put an end to Kate's victory posing. But Kate shifted more weight onto the subjugated 'boob tuber' and easily kept her balance on the wriggling flyweight.

"You want up, my girl?"

Michelle had wanted up, but now - suddenly - she peeped a timid, 'no.'

"GET UP!" Kate growled, lifting the foot.

She could physically force the 'Creek' star to her feet at any time, but there was still a point to be made. She watched coolly as Michelle slowly rolled to all fours, her bosom hanging like dewy teardrops. As she moved to her knees, one arm swept up to hide her breasts, presumably more for protection than modesty, while her opposite hand covered her still-aching crotch. Kate couldn't help but smirk at the feeble defenses but she made no effort to brush them aside. Instead, she motioned her little pastry to rise, but Michelle's head bowed and she shook it, her sweat-matted hair sending a spray as she shook in a faint-hearted negative.

"I'm sorry," Michelle whispered.

Kate patted her moist, golden tresses, brushing some off her forehead and said sternly, "I know you are, but I said UP!"

Still no movement save Michelle's heaving chest and the rivulets of perspiration trickling down expanses of her unsheathed skin.

Her face slowly flushing, as it became clear Michelle would not rise so Kate circled behind, wrapped her arms under Michelle's pendulous chest and lifted her from her quaking thighs to tottering feet, shoving her to the wall and following behind like a cop with his perp, kicking Michelle's feet apart, spreading her silky ivory thighs wide, then raising her arms the same way above her topless torso. Kate fingered the rim of Michelle's short shorts with her right hand, pulling them out and peeking in, keeping her left arm pressed hard across the back of Michelle's neck, forcing her cheek against the wall.

Kate let the elastic snap back and raised her hand, two fingers extended, kissed them, then shoved them back below the belt, delving into the sweaty crevice between Michelle's quivering, velvet cheeks. Michelle's upper body shot bolt upright, her legs finally finding a tautness that had been lost during the beating. As Kate's arm curled and her hand stabbed, Michelle sprang forward, bumping her bruised brow. She looked ready to feint, her eyelids tightly pressed as Kate continued her rough exploration.

"Spread 'em wider," Kate snapped and Michelle meekly complied without hesitation.

'Why are you doing this?' Michelle's question wasn't voiced to Kate, but thought to herself. She'd gone down before, but always hard. Never like this! This Kate owned her, body and soul. Maybe the bitch was right, maybe she was better...and maybe Michelle subconsciously knew and accepted it.

Michelle's cooing became cries when Kate's pussy penetrating got nasty; her fingers curling into claws, digging into Michelle's soft, succulent sweetmeat.

"Staahhhppp!" Michelle moaned, her fingers clawing the stucco wall.

"I will," Kate answered evenly as she dug still deeper. "But you must stay still...very still."

"Yes!" Michelle gasped. "Anything, ANYthing."

Kate relented, withdrawing her hand from the black silks, but then she grabbed Michelle's wrists and pinned them behind her as she leaned down and whispered in Michelle's left ear, "Still now; very, very still."

Kate reached up to the pegboard and pulled down one of the white silk strands. She snaked it delicately around Michelle's breasts in a figure 8, then up back over a shoulder. Beautiful Kate bound Michelle's wrists tightly; one knot, two, then three!

"You've learned something today, haven't you, Michelle?" Kate asked.

Not tart, not strumpet; this time Kate used her name and that fact frightened the little blonde more than anything.


"Good!" Kate said, as she swept Michelle's legs up in her arms. "But that's just the semester. You still have to pass the final exam."

Hands tied behind her, Michelle's only free limbs gyrated wildly, trying to find a foothold. She couldn't feel the floor, but the wall was there. Mindlessly, she pushed off it, but her effort only increased the power of Kate's backdrop as she dumped her baggage when she twisted to the carpet. Michelle landing on her head and neck, her body folding neatly like a matchbook closing, then opening. She lay still; very still, her bare breasts lightly rolling on her rapidly rising and falling chest but no more; spread-eagled.

"You take good direction, I'll give you that. But we have to make it to the final curtain, don't we?"

The busty Kate returned to her cornucopia, picking four of the alligator clothespins from her tree of woe. Turning, she descended on Michelle, straddling her waist as she slapped both cheeks soundly. Michelle's hazel pools shot open then shut tight again.

"Wakey, wakey! I know you're there," Kate hissed. "You know how I know?"

She laid a hand on Michelle's left breast stroking it, thumbing the areole and nipple until Michelle's nipple rose and stood at attention. With her other hand, Kate opened the jaws of the clip and positioned it carefully, then let it snap shut; the serrated surface biting into the pinkish-brown fleshy nub. Michelle yelped back to life under Kate's domination, the three-time Oscar nominee awarding the ingenue with a matching clip for her other nip. But it still wasn't enough, that was clear; so Kate gave it a twist.


Then twisted it a little more!

"NOOAHHHH!! STOP! Stop....stop," came bursting forth in a staccato burst. "Pleeeeze...."

Another twisting turn brought tears streaming, bubbles snorting from Michelle's nose as she pawed and slapped at Kate's hands, grabbing for the clothespins, but Kate's hold was too tight. The 'Creek' star bucked wildly, her legs and pelvis thrusting until a butt bump to the breadbasket slowing Kate's ride...but didn't end it.

"Eeeee-nuff," Kate finally announced as she gave up 'dialing for delirium' and spun around into a reverse straddle, easily collecting both of Michelle's flailing gams. She lugged them straight up, Michelle's toes pointing at the ceiling, then transferred them under one arm and King Solomon'd the little blonde with a knife-edge chop that turned off Michelle's thrashing like flicking a switch. Michelle's legs fell back to the floor grapevined around each other, her hands shooting to the base of their trunks.

Kate glanced back over her shoulder into Michelle's anguished face, "Open up, Michelle." The words soft in tone, but the thinly veiled threat one as vivid as any Michelle could remember. And again calling her 'Michelle?' Did Kate only become familiar when pulverizing her crotch into ground chuck? Michelle shook her head, desperately trying to clear the pain cobwebs.

Kate pivoted on her mount again, reaching back to grab one of the clips dangling from Michelle's nipples. Michelle quickly grabbed the other, pulling it off and flinging it into the crowd, a souvenir for the eighth row.

"I said...," Kate twisted it like she hadn't before, a full 360 degrees plus.

Michelle tried to slap Kate's hand away, but the searing pain from the tender tissue clouded her attempt in a thick fog and Kate continued twisting further; then reversing to unscrew it counterclockwise until the nipple began dripping a viscous pale substance and the areola, the flower of her breast, took on a deep lilac hue. Unable to withstand what could go on interminably, Michelle spread her legs without a word, but with a low, moaning wail.


This time no refusal, only immediate obedience. Kate snagged a thumb under the waistband at each hip and slid the tight satin trunks to Michelle's knees, the material so taut it rolled over itself several times in the process. Rising and moving to Michelle's feet, Kate plucked the shorts free and tossing the moist, black garment aside. Dropping to her knees between the pocket-sized pugilist's ankles, Kate moved upward, using her knees to spread Michelle's slender, ivory limbs wider as she went.

"Must have been pretty confident to go au natural under those trunks," Kate chuckled. "God knows why but so much the better, 'cause I can see the promised land from here."

Michelle squeaked pitifully, her heels pushing weakly at the carpet, but she was flattened seven ways from Sunday. Too exhausted, too beaten, physically and psychologically to resist, she wasn't much more than an appetizing jelly waiting to be spread as Kate desired. The busty Kate took two more nasty, wooden sets of clothespins from her costume where she'd earlier attached them to the red sheen of her right stocking, where it began its way down her lithesome leg. Then she leaned in toward the reddened blossoming flower of Michelle's womanhood and squeezed, opening the clips as all three maws opened wide.

Her spreding knees made it impossible for Michelle to close off the access as Kate went merrily about her cheerful labor. Fingering Michelle's lips, she pulled one tender fold of flesh up, stretching the flexible flap of flesh as she carefully clipped the party favor in place; then as Michelle winced in pain, Kate did likewise to the opposite labia. Michelle was growing noticeably troubled, distress turning to panic as Kate began to tug each fastener, stretching Michelle's gaping hole wide, wider, widest.

"Oh...oh...OH MY GOD," Michelle screamed.

Like a surgeon calling for his instrument, Kate bellowed to Tara in the front row, but instead of 'scalpel', her call of 'dildo' rang through the room. Tara tossed it onto Kate's panty-covered crotch, the evil probe lading just inches from Michelle's wide-open love canal. Quite an accurate toss, no doubt revealing Tara's many years of first-hand experience handling 'toys.'

"Tell you what, dear heart. If you convince me you're sincere.....," Kate tugged a bit wider on each side before letting go of one clip so she could pick up the dildo.

"Yours....I'M YOURS," Michelle blubbered mindlessly.

"But I don't want you," Kate said as she pushed the tip into the blonde a fraction of an inch and then turned it a quarter turn.

"You...you're my better," Michelle sobbed, hyperventilating between most every word as she struggled to find the magic phrase that would end her torture. "I'm a...a a slug...a... a worm. What... wha... what do you want me to SAY? Tell me, I'll say ANYTHING!"

Kate turned the shaft slowly as she worked it in and out of the blonde's moist, inflamed opening.

"If you'd given me a match, I might have given you this moment, this toy," Kate said as she let the shaft fall between Michelle's legs. "But you're just another pygmy with delusions of grandeur. You shouldn't play with the big girls."

Kate pulled the clips up and out, throbbing inch by burning inch until she pressed on the handles and released them with one final yank. Michelle, her body overwhelmed with the sensory overload emanating from countless pain points on her ravaged body, sagged and lay motionless as Kate crawled up her body until her pussy was inches from Michelle's pussy. Michelle's pale glistening body was dead to the world, but still radiating a heat that Kate could feel through her panties. Using her navel as a target, Kate landed a delving fist that threatened to put a hole clean through but it succeeded in bringing Michelle coughing and sputtering back to life for the final time. Kate was done with this 'loser.'

Just one last victory pose for those who needed it to put a cap on their night. Spreading out, as if on a bearskin rug, the topless Kate lounged on Michelle's naked body, first breast to breast; Kate checking as any competitor would; yes, she was definitely bigger but not by much. Then, calling for a glass of bubbly, she turned onto her back, using Michelle as a mattress while she slowly drank the Cristal down in one gulp, letting dual rivulets of champagne roll over her cheeks and drip onto Michelle's breasts where it pooled in small puddle in the cleft between them. Then Kate rose and, collecting the dildo and the clothespins, she replaced them neatly, ready for the next battle which Kate wholeheartedly hoped for the guests' sake, would be better than her flattening this little cream puff.

A clamor from the crowd and a wild 'wooo' caught Kate's attention and as she turned, she saw someone leap over the sofa.

Oh, that dreadful Alyson woman, plopping down on her mini-mattress.

"Oh girl, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this," Alyson said, her eyes rolling toward the ceiling then back to Michelle. "Or maybe you do."

Michelle was too dazed to answer with more than a gurgle. Strange, had Kate lost weight, had breast reduction? She still looked good...just...different...still mad...at her. Michelle raised her arm and threw a slo-motion slap that Alyson caught without a problem, powering Michelle's arm back down to the floor. With both hands, Alyson grabbed two handfuls of Michelle's tits, the flesh oozing around her slender digits and squeezed until her fingers turned white. Michelle's hoarse vocal chords rasped out a dry wail, her hands tearing her own hair as if to spread the pain more evenly.

"You had your fun with me, but now it's my turn Mickey Mouse. That IS fair, isn't it?" Alyson cooed as she took Michelle by her golden mane and nodded her head in a flaccid 'yes' before banging the blonde's head back to the carpet once she had her answer. Alyson dropped her baby blue mini and laid her delectable body down onto the warm, moist, satiny soft bed of Michelle's body, her darting cherry tongue lapping up the pool of sweat laced champagne pooled between Michelle's breasts. Alyson's lingus continued as she licked up over the blonde's collarbone, curling up her chin to her mouth where her tongue sauntered, poking and pushing inside where it's panting little counterpart waited to be wrestled into defeat. Then back out and up over a quivering upper lip to finish with a single long swipe and a flick on the tip of Michelle's ever-so-cute elfin nose.

Alyson rose up off her all-day sucker just enough to provide some space between their bodies as she rolled Michelle onto her back then slid back down between her legs. First she measured in an overly dramatic manner, then raised her hand and gave a hard spank to Michelle's butt that echoed through the suite, then another and another until it looked like she was playing butt bongos!

When she finally tired of the backbeat, she spread Michelle's cheeks and yelled over her shoulder at Kate, "Give me the big black one, we can't let her go home too fresh."

Kate smirked and took down the requested appliance. As she walked over to Michelle and her rider, she twirled the shaft between her fingers, then leaning in behind Alyson, she swung back and cracked it across the base of Alyson's skull just below the right ear. Far from the Black Beauty - which remained on the wall, Kate had swung a blackjack; perhaps useful for insertion, but much useful for striking to which Alyson could have attested had she not been laying face down atop Michelle, their lips nearly smooching, the redhead's mini- soaking up Michelle's beads like a terrycloth beach towel. Kate rolled Alyson off and put each on her side; Alyson toward 3 o'clock and Michelle to 9 o’clock Gathering up a handful of blonde and red, she pulled their heads back; both dazed girls putting the semi- in semi-conscious.

"Like having to deal with one silly little tart isn't enough," Kate groused as she clapped their foreheads together, their necks snapping back leaving each with a cranium full of scrambled eggs.

Kate turned to the assembled masses and sighed, "I know how much you enjoy your happy endings, but I simply won't soil myself on either of these two mongrels. Who knows where their faces have been? Still..."

Kate grabbed Alyson by the heels and turned her 180, then grabbed her outstretched arms and pulled her face up to Michelle's inflamed crotch. With a tight barrel roll of Alyson's slinky frame, all the players were wedged in place; the redhead's chin teetering at the front door of Michelle's pussy who’s shorthairs were providing Alyson a Lincoln-esque shrubbery.

"You wanted her," Kate noted nonchalantly, pushing Alyson’s head forward with her foot as Alyson rolled her eyes and tried to shake her head, 'no' - her eyes blinking as they widened. "Well, hon; you got her."

Alyson's face squished into Michelle's humid, throbbing sex as Kate, at first content to bury her would-be helper's features, soon began to scrub Alyson's face around in Michelle's crotch like she was shammying her new Escalade. Michelle began to purr, her ignition turned-on by Alyson's features caressing and careening through her privates as Kate shifted the redhead from a circular motion to an up-and-down from Michelle’s pelvic bone to her anus. Kate was treated to a wonderful stereoscopic experience as she continued to hump Michelle with her redheaded hand-puppet.

From the left; 'Uhhh, uuhhhh, ahhhh, uhhh!" and from the right, "Gglllglllmmmppphh!" in an interesting audio combination of carnal carnage; perhaps an apt soundtrack for a "Sounds of the Wild" special on the Animal Planet.

From the looks of Kate's 69ing cohorts and for tonight at least her ‘captive audience’, her efforts were being well-received; several fingers darting into the mouths of their owners while others less subtle had their hands snaking between their legs. Buxom Kate pressed on, pounding Alyson's face down again and again, faster and faster until...until Michelle could take no more.


The little blonde that usually could, finally did...EXPLODE into Alyson's face leavaing the redhead's precious features dripping with her love honey when Kate pulled her head up with a tug on her crimson locks. The 'Buffy' star had given her consciousness at the very same moment she gave Michelle her orgasm. Kate let Alyson's face plop back down in her steaming, drooling pillow; then bend and ran her fingers up Michelle’s slit, picking up a little of her creamy discharge.


For perhaps the first time, Kate seemed disturbed by the evenings goings-on and held her fingers away from her as if dripping with anthrax. Moving up Michelle's weakly stirring, naked body; nudging Alyson's hips and legs aside; Kate shoveled a hard right into the blonde's kidney that popped Michelle's precocious pink tongue out of her mouth, as if on command. Kate dabbed her juice-coated digits on Michelle's taste buds, taking small satisfaction at relieving herself of the odious baggage and wiping the little remaining on Michelle’s flushed cheek.

Feeling fresh and looking the same, Kate stood and turned to the crowd, bowing as they showered her with applause while she stood among her two casualties, their torsos and legs intertwined and wriggling around her feet in a semi-conscious and post-orgasmic tryst. Kate sought out Tara in the crowd, trying both to lead the applause and be inconspicuous at the same time. Having found her, Kate approached and motioned for Tara to get up.

"Be a good little bitch now and put those strumpets in the bin AND you might want to stay with them when you're done because IF I see you here again, you WILL join them, understand dear heart?"

Tara understood only too well!