Wipeout Pt. 2 - Willa Ford+Sheryl Crow vs. Lil' Kim+Rosie Perez by Blizzard

Sheryl spun around, almost losing her balance as Willa's dangling limbs flopped aimlessly around. From the shadows near the door, out stepped Rosie Perez; an evil smile curling her thick red lips.

"Oh shit...," muttered Sheryl under her breath as the wild-haired brunette boldly approach she and her unconscious cargo.

"Yer late, Rosie!" cackled Lil' Kim. "Ya missed a good ass-whuppin'!"

The exotic wildcat halted about ten feet from Sheryl and let out a frustrated sigh, "I got hung up in traffic. It's so fuckin' hot, I thought I was gonna melt!" she whined.

As Sheryl studied her uneasily, Rosie slipped off her pumps and unbelted her leather miniskirt. She worked it over her hips and let it drop to the floor, nonchalantly stepping out of it as she kept her dark eyes fixed on the lithe singer. She ran her hands down her sleek lace topped black thigh-highs, then moaned a little as she dragged her index finger slowly up the crotch of her tiny leather thong. Then, smiling, she began to casually unbutton her blouse.

"Well, we're outta here," said Sheryl quickly, then she started toward the door, her heart pounding.

"I don't think so hon," said Rosie firmly as she stepped into Sheryl's path. "Put that pitiful little blonde bitch down and jes' relax a sec."

"Hey, like I told Kim.....I'm just here to drag Willa home, nothing else," said Sheryl, her eyes darting nervously from Rosie to Kim and then back again.

"Poor Willa looks all wilted...," tsk-tsked Rosie as she reached around Sheryl and lifted the blonde's head by the hair. With a snicker, she released the beaten woman's hair and watched her head drop back to it's dangling position. "Put that poor thing down and let's give her some fluids to revive her."

The naked Lil' Kim cackled with amusement as she grabbed her sticky pussy lips and pulled them wide open, "I got sum sweet necta for the little bitch right here!"

Sheryl rolled her eyes in disgust at the tiny terror's comment. It was now or never - she had to get the hell out of there. She avoided making eye contact with Rosie as she tried another move for the door. But by then Lil' Kim had tip-toed up behind her and as Willa's dangling mane swished to and fro with Sheryl's stride, Kim reached out and grabbed the unconscious blonde's hair with both hands. Sheryl gasped with surprise as she felt her friend suddenly yanked off her shoulder onto the hard floor. THUMP! She whirled around angrily as the petite black woman began to drag the reviving and moaning Willa away.

"Cut the shit!" Sheryl screamed in frustration. "We ARE going to walk out of here, dammit! You've done enough for one day!"

"Dere goes da neighborhood!" sang Lil' Kim with a smirk, mocking one of Sheryl's songs.

Sheryl sensed movement behind her and defensively she spun back around face to face with Rosie. There was pure evil glittering in the Brooklyn native's eyes and the sight gave Sheryl chills.

"This must be my lucky day, babe," cooed Rosie. "I was supposed to be here to feast on a heapin' helpin' of blonde pussy but now you've joined the party, I can get all hot and bothered smacking your anorexic ass around - then have you for dessert!"

Adrenaline surged through Sheryl's system as the sound of her pounding heart echoed in her ears. She pivoted to one side so she could keep an eye on what Lil' Kim was up to while keeping Rosie in her peripheral vision. The tough little black chick dragged a pallet off a stack and it clattered to the floor. She draped the groggy Willa on her back over the top of the two foot high stack with her head hanging over the end nearest Sheryl. Willa whimpered meekly as Lil Kim straddled her head facing Sheryl, then reached down and grabbed the blonde's mane in one hand and pulled Willa's head up until her lips pressed into the swollen folds of her aroused pussy. Squeezing her thighs together, Kim trapped the mewling blonde in an unorthodox standing head scissors. Willa crinkled her nose as she was forced to breathe in Lil' Kim's ripeness.

"I'll keep this little cupcake warm in my oven," Kim announced with a cackle. "While you go an' stomp the stink outta that skinny cunt, Rosie!"

Sheryl was out of options......as if she ever had any to begin with! She grudgingly turned her attention on Rosie who stood confidently with her hands on her hips over her leather thong. Sheryl knew she was about to have to fight for her life. "Fuck it!" she spat in a fed-up tone. "Let's get it on, bitch!"

Sheryl backed up a couple of steps and hurriedly began removing her clothing. Rosie's eyes wandered over the brunette's body as Sheryl glared at her as she stripped down to just her black nylon bra and red cotton thong.

"That's very nice of you, sweet cheeks," purred Rosie. "I'd hate having to tear through all the wrapping to get to the tenderloin. Besides, this way you got some clothes to wear home."

"You fucking bitches need some serious help," growled Sheryl as she stood and courageously faced Rosie.

"That's why you're here, baby-doll. To help satisfy my voracious appetite," leered Rosie as Lil' Kim shivered with delight at the sight of her girlfriend performing.

"Speakin' of loins, girlie," Kim began, staring down at Willa. "Get started nibblin' my USDA Grade A pussy!"

"Lemme go!" gasped Willa pitifully, her head immobilized between Kim's vise-like thighs. Lil' Kim gave Willa's hair a sharp tug, forcing a squeal from the blonde as her legs waggled in the air in protest. "Lick me, bitch!" snarled the black girl with a malicious glare.

Willa broke down in a brief sobbing fit, then closed her eyes tight, squeezing out tears that ran in streams down her dirty cheeks. She blubbered as her mouth opened reluctantly and her tongue slipped out to begin gingerly prodding her foe's tangy slit.

"Oh, for Christ's sake...," muttered Sheryl with disgust as she charged at Rosie and unleashed a looping haymaker.

Rosie reacted quickly, ducking and sidestepping, letting Sheryl go stumbling past her off balance; her wild punch hitting nothing but dank air. The tall brunette regained her balance and whirled around in Rosie's direction just as the Puerto Rican came toward her. With a chorus of shrieks, the two staggered and stumbled across the concrete floor with their hands buried the others hair. They fought fiercely as a bemused Lil' Kim grunted encouragement while Willa slathered her tongue rapidly, fluttering between the black woman's meat curtains.

Rosie was shorter than Sheryl, but her stocky body was clearly more powerful than the slender brunette's. Gradually, Rosie backed the courageous Sheryl over to a tall pallet stack. When Sheryl's bare back touched the wood, she knew she had to act at once. She drove her heel hard down on Rosie's instep which transformed her into a hopping, screaming fool. A follow-up punch to Rosie's abdomen sent her stutter-stepping away, bent over at the waist groaning in distress and gasping for air.

Sheryl sprang forward and snatched the ailing woman by her hair with both hands. She kept both legs pumping as she dragged Rosie along beside her several yards, then flung the stumbling woman to the hard floor. Rosie cried out as she hit the floor with her hands outstretched, and then barrel rolled several revolutions over the harsh concrete before she came skidding to a stop, face down. Sheryl relentlessly pursued her and lunged at her, drawing back her leg to deliver a heel kick to Rosie's head.

Rosie was stunned, but her experience street fighting commanded her body to roll away from the approaching footsteps. Sheryl let fly with her foot and nearly ended up on the floor as her foot missed her elusive target and flew up into the air. She staggered past Rosie, arms windmilling wildly as she fought to regain her balance.

"Get that fuckin' toothpick on wheels, Rosie!" screamed Lil' Kim, her hips pumping on Willa's face excitedly as she watched raptly.

Rosie quickly sat up and spun on her ass with her feet toward Sheryl who had just recovered. Sheryl's eyes focused on Rosie's face and she surged forward, intent on kicking the evil wench in the chops. Her wild-eyed, headlong, rush left her wide open and defenseless as Rosie delivered a sudden snap kick from the floor that CRACK smashed into her crotch.

The slim brunette stopped abruptly, grunted in agony and then slowly crumpled to her knees in shock with her hands buried between her legs clutching her wounded womanhood. Rosie struggled to her feet, still woozy from Sheryl's surprisingly swift attack. She gathered herself as she looked down at the groaning Sheryl and grinned smugly, certain she at last had things under control.

"There you go, girl!" crowed Lil' Kim happily. "You got dat bitch n....OWWWWWW!!!"

Kim abruptly screamed in agony as her little blonde supermodel slave bit down hard on her drooling cunt. Kim's eyes bugged out as her hands shot to the grueling pain center that was her agonized pussy. Willa's hands flew upward as she grabbed the tiny singers ass and shoved. Lil' Kim toppled forward and hit the concrete hard on her tits, rolled over and came to rest on her side, her knees pulled up to her chest in the fetal position, rocking slowly and wailing as she cupped her snatch.

The re-energized Willa rolled off the pallets onto her feet and stepped toward her suffering nemesis with her fists clenched and her sticky face flushed. She quickly wiped the back of her hand over her mouth, cleaning off some of the black girl's juices that coated her lips and spat at Kim. Rosie flew into action, charging toward the blonde to protect Kim who was in no position to protect herself. Sheryl looked up and grunted as she struggled to her feet, then her eyes fell on a short length of broken pallet board nearby. She snatched it off the floor and took off after Rosie grasping it in both hands.

Rosie reached Willa and swung, putting her full weight into a knockout caliber punch. The frightened blonde took one look at the expression on Rosie's face and started to duck even before Rosie launched her fist. Willa felt the whoosh of air flutter her hair as Rosie's fist just brushed the top of her wildly disheveled hair. Willa backed away still bent forward at the waist, desperately trying to put room between herself and the nasty brunette. Rosie surged forward after her retreating target as she cocked her fist for another punch.


The exotic vixen let out a sharp yelp of pain as she floundered past Willa out of control and piled up hard onto the unforgiving floor. The shocked blonde looked up at Sheryl, who stood where Rosie once had, wielding the pallet board with a crazed look twisting her pretty face. Sheryl looked down at Rosie who lay face down with her arms and legs spread, the feet of her sleek back stockings filthy with dirt from the floor. Rosie was out cold! Sheryl sighed heavily and dropped the board then Lil' Kim's high pitched whimpering echoing behind her reminded her the black girl still remained unmoved from where she'd fallen.

"Willa, get your clothes NOW!" ordered Sheryl. "Let's get the hell outta here!"

The pissed off blonde brushed past Sheryl on her way to where Lil' Kim was sluggishly rising to her hands and knees with her back to the approaching blonde. Kim was still reeling from the pussy bite Willa had given her when Willa let out a scream and drove a heavy kick to Lil' Kim's ass, sending her sprawling forward on the floor with a new bellow of pain.

"Screw leaving, Sheryl," Willa hissed. "I owe this little cunt a beating!"

She glared back at Sheryl over her shoulder and Sheryl's face flushed dark red with anger as she started toward Willa with a fed-up look on her face, ready to make Willa leave with her whether she liked it or not!

"Dammit, give me my moment of redemption!" demanded the blonde, jabbing her index finger at Sheryl. "You keep outta my way!"

She turned back to the black girl just as Lil' Kim got to her knees again. The grunting little woman turned in a half circle to face her blonde nemesis. Willa stepped toward her and Lil' Kim fired a weak punch at her that missed badly. Willa snapped a quick jab to the black girl's face, snapping Kim's head back and wobbling her.

"Not so tough throwing punches from your knees, are ya bitch?!" taunted the blonde.

Willa cocked her fist, her eyes staring at her target, wanting oh so badly to knock the little bitch out. Suddenly, a long, pale leg flashed out and flattened the woozy black girl's big tit, the impact sending Kim sprawling on her back with a defeated moan. Willa lurched back and turned just in time to see Sheryl's foot return to the floor. Sheryl glanced down at the semi-conscious black woman stretched out at her feet and snapped her head to her left as she screamed angrily at Willa, "GET YOUR SHIT NOW! WE ARE FUCKIN' OUTTA HERE!"

Willa was incensed and in her anger, she lunged at her girlfriend, giving her a shove that sent Sheryl stumbling back several steps. "I told you on the phone I could handle her!" Willa screamed with a crazed look. "You are really startin' to...PISS ME OFF!!!"

Sheryl's hand whipped out in a lightning fast slap CRACK to Willa's cheek. The blonde girl chirped as her head spun sideways, her knees buckling for a moment.

"You were road kill when I got here!" scoffed Sheryl. "THIS is the thanks I get for saving your ungrateful little ass? You spoiled cunt!" Sheryl growled as she stepped toward her 'girlfriend' with her fists clenched.

Willa suddenly unleashed a snap kick that caught Sheryl by surprise and sunk deep into her belly. She wheezed as she folded forward from the waist holding her belly, her eyes wide, her mouth in a little 'o'. Willa yanked Sheryl up straight with a handful of hair and loaded up for a punch. She drove her fist directly at Sheryl's face, but the veteran got her hand up and just barely deflected the punch with her forearm.

Sheryl pumped a straight right to Willa's chest that knocked the blonde back into the tall pallet stack. She stepped in behind her punch, her hand slicing through the air as her fist closed around the blonde's throat, pinning her against the pallets with a choke hold.

"You stupid bitch!" growled Sheryl. "You're on your own!"

Willa looked at her with a frightened expression as she gasped and struggled to get air. Her eyes darted from Sheryl's face to something behind the brunette; then back to Sheryl's face; then over her shoulder again. The blonde's wildly flashing eyes and her behavior confused Sheryl - until she felt a jabbing tap on her shoulder. Her eyes widened and she released her choke hold and thrust the elbow straight back behind her to hit whoever was standing there. She hit nothing and no one as she spun on her heel with her hands raised, ready to fire.

"I'm down here, sugar!" teased Lil' Kim from a hunkered down squat.

Then, like a rocket, the black girl exploded upward, drilling the point of Sheryl's jutting chin with a brutal uppercut. She was out cold as her body flew backward into Willa before it crumpled to the floor, dropping on her ass and falling back with her head between the blonde's feet.

"Tag.....You're it, bitch!!!" hissed Lil' Kim as she glared at the shocked and stunned Willa. Kim backed away from the slender blonde and beckoned her to come forward to face her. "C'mon Barbie, git your powderpuff ass over here and let's git busy," Kim taunted.

Willa's desire for revenge still burned, but she knew she'd have to fight like a demon to take out Kim. She glanced down at Sheryl's knocked out body between her legs, her chin on her chest and hands on the floor. Willa spread her legs and let the brunette fall back against the pallet stack, then stepped over her and left Sheryl comatose as she focused her attention on Lil' Kim. They warily squared off and Willa struck first with a snapping jab that rattled Lil' Kim as the black girl grunted and wobbled briefly. Another rapid blow found her face and sent her reeling back with a series of choppy steps.

Willa's confidence grew with each passing second; she truly believed she was capable of outclassing the little street thug brawler with her finer technical skills. As Kim and Willa did their combative dance, Rosie began to stir from where she lay face down on the dirty floor. She reached up and gingerly touched a knot on the back of her skull and winced.

"Fuckin'A!" she hissed as she groaned and slowly rose to her hands and knees, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs.

Lil' Kim's mind raced as she bobbed and weaved, presenting a slippery target to the blonde. Willa had thrown out a couple more jabs, but the nimble little black woman had managed to elude them. Kim kept her eyes riveted on the blonde's flat, slender midriff as Willa cautiously moved in with her fists high. When Willa stepped toward her, Kim ripped off a short, stabbing jab SMACK to the blonde's belly. The punch forced a gasping rush of air from the blonde's mouth and piston-punching like a machine, Lil' Kim followed up with another punch to Willa's belly as she backed off and then launched her patented uppercut! But the wary blonde was expecting it and she managed to tip her head to the side at the last second. Kim's rocketing fist just grazed Willa's chin, even the light contact wobbling her knees and forcing her to hurriedly backpedal out of harm. She'd just received a frightening reminder of the explosive power Kim possessed and she knew it only took one clean shot from Lil' Kim to seal her fate.

Willa decided she had to throw caution to the wind, along with her technical boxing strategy. It was all or nothing! She screamed as her bare feet gripped the floor and she pushed off with her wiry legs, lunging into her smaller quarry. Willa swung her arm back behind her as she loaded up and threw a Hail Mary knockout punch. Lil' Kim was half a step ahead of the converging blonde, and she read the girl's move before Willa even made it.

Kim charged into Willa with a resounding SMACK! Their naked, sweaty bodies slammed together as the black bitch surprised Willa clamping her in a momentum-stopping bearhug. Willa's hopeful knockout punch awkwardly flailed past Kim's head as she closed her arms around the blonde's torso. For a split second both girls stood frozen in their malicious embrace. Then, suddenly with a growl and a turn of her hips, Lil' Kim twisted Willa off her feet and slammed the blonde down on the unforgiving concrete floor. Willa chirped a sharp yelp as she hit the floor on her back with Lil' Kim on top, her head hitting the floor THUD and immediately stunning her! The black vixen pushed up with her arms and swung her legs under her, setting down on the blonde's belly with her knees astride Willa's spasming body. Kim looked down at the groaning, dazed blonde and smiled a haughty, superior smile.

"Now that I got you cut back down to size," Kim teased. "I guess we can git back to business, sugah!" You were doing such a sweet job on my pussy my ass was feelin' neglected!" she said as Willa stared up at the grungy steel trusses over her with a vacant look in her unfocused eyes; then her body jostled as Lil' Kim slid forward and filled the blonde's field of view with a smooth, round, ebony ass. Willa's lips quivered as she began to whimper.

Rosie was on her feet and making her way across the floor toward Sheryl as Kim friend resumed playing with her little blonde sex toy. As she bent over Sheryl, the brunette's eyelids fluttered and lazily opened. She looked around in a disoriented stupor and saw Rosie.

"Ahhnnngghhhhh!" Sheryl cried when Rosie leaned down and slapped her cheek. Sheryl would've sworn she had at least one loose tooth, and her jaw ached.

"On your feet, girlie!" grunted Rosie as she woman-handled the groggy brunette up onto a pair of unsteady legs. Sheryl defensively raised her open hands and put them in front of her face, peeking between them at Rosie as she shook her head trying to clear her grogginess. "I'll give you credit, sweet pea," Rosie giggled. "Hitting me with that board would make a street fighter proud. You and me, we're both a little worse for wear at the moment....," she said, stepping aside to give Sheryl a clear view of Lil' Kim who was reverse straddling blonde Willal on her knees, purring as she rubbed her cunt hard on Willa's red, sputtering face. "But not as bad as your little friend," Rosie concluded.

Sheryl looked despicably at the events unfolding on the warehouse floor. She regretted coming to Willa's aid at this point and felt they'd have been long gone if the feisty little bitch had only listened to her advice.

"We're gonna go one for one," announced Rosie, snapping the brunette's attention back to her. "You know how to play that, cupcake? You hit me once, then I hit you. The song continues 'til one of us hits the deck. Since I'm the hostess, I'll let you go first."

Sheryl watched Rosie step back, beckoning the singer to step forward. The slender brunette cautiously followed her across the warehouse floor and stopped in a position facing Rosie who put her hands at her sides in a show of disdain for her opinion of Sheryl's ability to hurt her.

"C'mon you little skeleton.......hit me," taunted Rosie.

Sheryl's eyes turned cold, then she lunged and sent a looping punch CRACK to Rosie's cheek. The short woman grunted softly as her head twisted to the side. Sheryl's heart rate kicked into high gear when Rosie calmly turned her head back and stared at her.

"You need to learn leverage, cupcake," growled Rosie.

She stepped into Sheryl and drove a short, powerful punch that hit her flush on her chin. With a shrill cry, Sheryl staggered back several haphazard steps before she dropped on her ass to the floor. She groaned as she groggily rocked to and fro briefly before she slowly, painfully tried to get to her feet. Once upright, she shook her head several times trying to shake off the effect of Rosie's punch as she brought her hands up in a defensive posture.

The bewildered singer took a breath and moved to Rosie, throwing another feeble blow that ricocheted off the side of Rosie's jaw. She hardly flinched as the ineffectual punch struck her and Sheryl couldn't suppress a frustrated whimper as she saw her sturdy rival was unfazed by her punches.

"You kinda suck at this!" said Rosie with a nasty smirk.

With blinding speed, striking before Sheryl could get set, Rosie buried her fist deep in Sheryl's belly. The unprepared brunette gave a guttural groan as she folded over at the waist and crumpled to the floor in ball at Rosie's feet. Rosie heaved an impatient sigh as Sheryl floundered, wheezing as she clutched her churning, aching belly. After several anguished moments on the grubby floor, Sheryl managed to struggle to her feet, swaying back and forth holding her abdomen as she looked pleadingly at Rosie.

"Just let us go..........please?" Sheryl whined.

Behind Sheryl, Lil' Kim moaned happily as she tugged on the dark, rubbery nipples that tipped her massive breasts. Willa was shamefully engaged in worshipping her rival, her glistening pink tongue circling Lil' Kim's poop chute in the slight hope that submitting to her would avoid even further pain and humiliation. Tears rolled down the poor blonde's dirty cheeks as Lil Kim rotated her hips in time with her tongue strokes.

"I am havin' TOO much fun to let this little kitty out the door right now!" squealed Lil' Kim as she reached down and SMACK slapped Willa's cheek getting a meek whimper from the blonde. "Kiss my chocolate ass, you little blonde ho!" she jeered.

Sheryl watched, sick at the sight of Willa sniveling and weeping between slavish kisses on the black girl's generous booty.

"Please!" Sheryl begged Rosie. "I can pay you!"

"Every pitiful bitch I beat down tries to buy me off!" scoffed Rosie angrily. "What the hell's up with that?! I don't want or need your fucking cash, pussy girl. Save it for your next trip to Fashion Bug."

"Speakin' of bug.......Damn, don't my girl Rosie just set me up with these?" cackled Lil' Kim as she addressed the blonde beneath her. "Move them lips off'n my ass and plant 'em on my bug!"

Willa's body trembled as Kim shifted position. She sobbed as her quivering lips made reluctant contact with Kim's dripping labia and she kissed them. Lil' Kim reached back and ran a finger slowly down the blonde's slit to lubricate it, then forced it into Willa's cunt. The blonde's lips were pressed against the black girl's pussy, and her sudden moan tickled Lil' Kim. The petite vixen pulled her finger out of Willa's pussy, put in her mouth and tasted it. She smacked her lips and ran her tongue over her lips, pursing her lips as she analyzed Willa critically.

"Hmmmnn.........can't say I ever sampled a pussy with no taste at all," said Lil' Kim wistfully.

Rosie's attention was focused on Kim's antics and she suddenly yelped and stumbled back a few steps when Sheryl landed a sneak punch. The thin brunette songstress lunged forward and unloaded a blow in desperation. Rosie expertly deflected the punch, turning her body with it, then she twisted back and hammered a heavy blow into Sheryl's face. Sheryl cried out, went backpedaling with her arms flailing until her back smashed into the pallet stack. Her arms dropped to her sides as her body slumped on rubbery legs, ready to fall.

"There you go cheatin' again!" snarled Rosie. "Let's wrap this game up, bitch!" she snarled as she stormed over to the woozy brunette who hid her face in her hands and softly whimpered.

Rosie reached out and tickled Sheryl's belly with her fingers, "Goochy-goo!"

Rosie teased Sheryl who's hands instinctively dropped to her belly to push Rosie's away. That's when Rosie's straight right cracked against her rival's unguarded chin. With a short, sickening groan, Sheryl clattered into the stack of pallets and went limp, sliding down on her ass with her legs stretched out in front of her. She was out cold before her tits stopped bouncing!

"That's it for you, pussycat," sneered Rosie as she massaged her knuckles and shook her hand. "You're one bony bitch!"

Rose bent over to grab Sheryl's ankles when she heard Lil' Kim explode in her usual loud orgasm as she was impaled on the tip of Willa's wonderfully wonking tongue. Rosie grunted as she dragged the lifeless Sheryl across the concrete and dropped her beside a heavily panting Willa. Lil Kim gradually collected herself as her post orgasmic trembling began to subside.

Rosie looked down at the hard floor and frowned, "For Christ's sake, girl, didn't you bring a blanket or sumthin'?"

"Sheeeeiittttttt!!!" exclaimed the black girl. "You probably grew up fuckin' on top of dumpster's in the back alley! What the hell you bitchin' 'bout?!"

"Speak for yourself, you little ho!" teased Rosie as she leaned over and spanked Kim's full asscheek.

Then she returned to the unconscious Sheryl, kneeling to peel the dazed singer's panties off. Rolling the brunette on her side, Rosie unclasped her bra and slid it down her limp arms leaving her totally naked. She stood up and used her toe to flop her onto her back before Rosie hooked her thumbs in her own leather thong and slid it down over her sumptuous thigh highs and stepped out of it.

"Mmmm Mmmmm!" moaned Lil' Kim, her head tipped back and nostrils flared. "Sumthin' sure smells fine!"

"Maybe you outta lay yourself down and I'll take YOU for a ride, baby doll!" joked Rosie as she looked at her devilish partner while stroking the thick, damp, dark pelt over her labia which were already swollen and flushed with arousal.

"Well maybe I should!" admitted Lil' Kim with a mischievous giggle.

Rosie squatted over Sheryl’s chest and then rattled her with a firm face slap. Sheryl grunted as her eyelids fluttered, then finally opened. She gazed up at Rosie with a blank stare as Rosie slid forward and dropped to her knees, pinning Sheryl’s limp, unresisting arms as she plopped her damp pussy squarely on the sputtering brunette's face. Rosie wasted no time, starting her ride as she scrubbed her bristly pussy back and forth on Sheryl's blushing face as the singer whimpered and her slim body quaked. The superior woman reached behind her back and plucked Sheryl’s erect nipples, their arousal betraying her excitement as Rosie ground her humid pussy in her face.

Lil' Kim snickered as she watched Sheryl's futile struggles, then jammed her heel into the still sobbing Willa's ribs and forced her over onto her belly. Kim stood with one foot in front of the blonde's face and the other firmly planted on her upper back. Willa lifted her head so her chin was on the floor as her puffy eyes peered up at her dominant rival. Willa sniffled and whimpered a wordless plea for mercy as she looked up, her eyes submissively begging Lil' Kim. The petite powerhouse smiled as she prodded the blonde's lower lip with her big toe and her fingers slipped easily into her own slit with a wet, squishy sound.

"You know what to do, bitch," Kim said huskily as she pleasured herself. "Git to it!" Then she wiggled her toes on Willa’s lips so there’d be no mistaking what was expected.

The humiliated blonde quivered slightly and released a sob but her lips gradually parted and she allowed Lil' Kim push her big toe into the soft, velvety warmth of her mouth. The blonde obediently licked and suckled the toe as Kim kept firm pressure on her back with her other foot. Lil' Kim moaned as she diddled her clit, and then pulled her fingers from her buzzing love button.

"Damn girlie, you're gonna make me blast again!" she purred. "I betta pace myself!"

Rosie's carnal moans were escalating in intensity as she slammed her sopping snatch onto the faltering Sheryl's flushed face. Suddenly, Rosie lifted herself off the gasping brunette and got to her feet panting, “Uh-uh girl. I wanna build up to this one. Make it like a fuckin' bomb going off!"

Rosie turned around and dropped back down to her knees, reverse straddling Sheryl, her back arched and her sweaty ass hovering barely inches above Sheryl’s flushed face. Rosie snapped a solid punch down into the brunette's groin and Sheryl's taut body bucked and she grunted in pain. Rosie glanced over her shoulder, glaring down into the face of her broken and beaten foe.

"Do I needta fuckin' tell you what to do, scarecrow?" she growled. “Don't even make me hafta tell you what to do."

Sheryl whimpered and her expression conveyed the fear she was feeling but her obedient face raised as her mouth migrated to Rosie’s ass; her pink tongue flicking out and lapping, urgently, immediately. Sheryl worshipped Rosie's ass with kisses and licks as if her life depended on it which for all she knew, it may! Rosie's eyes closed as her tensed body shuddered from Sheryl’s submissive attention. Rosie tugged on her erect nipples; felt her climax steadily building, then further delaying it by rising to her feet and lifting herself from Sheryl's slavishly obedient tonguing.

"You haven't complimented me on my sexy stockings," prompted the highly aroused Puerto Rican. "You like my sexy stockings, bitch?"

The fierce pride Sheryl had when she entered the deserted warehouse an hour earlier had been beaten out of her by Rosie and, like her body, her pride now lay broken on the filthy floor. She had no will to resist left in her and in a quaking voice gave her dominant what she demanded.

"They….they're beautiful..." Sheryl sobbed, her voice quaking.

"Crawl your sorry ass over here and show me how beautiful, sugar lips," snarled Rosie, her flesh goose pimpling in anticipation.

The brunette rolled onto her belly and crawled slowly over the hard concrete to Rosie’s impatiently tapping feet. She softly pressed her lips to the top of the sheer black hose encasing Rosie's foot and kissed it. Sheryl bathed Rosie’s feet with waves of gentle smooches before she humbly pulled herself to her knees as her busy lips slowly worked their way up Rosie's leg to her calf and beyond!

Lil' Kim stood mesmerized by the display of dominance and subservience. She glanced down at her own slave and wiggled her toe free of the blonde's mouth. Willa looked up at her perplexed, her expression almost betraying disappointment at having her pacifier taken from her.

"Your skinny bitch friend went out on a limb to come try 'n save your sorry ass," Kim sneered derisively. "Least you could do is thank her for it proper," she instructed as she grabbed a handful of Willa's golden hair and pulled her to her knees. The blonde whimpered as Kim forced her to crawl around behind Sheryl where Lil' Kim shoved Willa's face between the cheeks of Sheryl's pale ass as she gave her hair a quick yank. "Thank her, Barbie doll!" she commanded.

Willa whined softly, but she finally planted a soft kiss on her girlfriend's ass. Sheryl felt the blonde's tender kiss, but she was too immersed in worshipping Rosie's stockinged legs to pay much attention. Sheryl didn't miss a beat as her lips danced up the luxurious fabric encasing Rosie's thighs while Willa's hungry mouth melted into her ass.

Sheryl gave a sudden moan when Willa ran her tongue down the length of her crevice until it teased her brown starred asshole. Sheryl had reached the lacy top of Rosie's hosiery when Rosie's hand suddenly gripped her hair and pulled moved her mouth to her thick bush. Sheryl pressed her lips into the musky denseness of Rosie’s ripe snatch and kissed. Her tongue swirled, slipping in and out as she probed the top of Rosie's slit - her amateurish groping instantly sending Rosie into an erotic shudder. Rosie's eyes opened as her breath caught in her throat, she looked down at Lil' Kim as the black girl worked her pussy with heated strokes on her submissive blonde slave. Kim’s eyes opened and met Rosie's gaze.

"I don't know about you, Rosie,” Kim moaned. “But my pussy is SCREAMIN' for attention! It's that time, girlfriend!"

Kim pulled Willa’s face from Sheryl's ass and backhanded her across the face. CRACK! The blonde cried out as she crumpled on her back and lay whimpering as she held her reddening cheek. Sheryl's crotch worship ended when Rosie yanked her head back and stared down at her lustily.

"Please….I beg you….mercy?" gasped the humiliated brunette, unable to hide her shame.

Rosie sent Sheryl skittering across the concrete on her knees until she was kneeling with her back to the stretched out Willa's head. The singer quietly wept as Rosie held her firmly by the hair.

"You gonna lay down, girl, or am I gonna hafta lay you out again?!" growled Rosie.

"Why can't you just..." Sheryl's meager protest was silenced with a heavy slap that turned her head to aside and wrung a yelp from her.

Rosie planted a foot between her tits and leaned on her, shoving her back down on her back with the top of her head pressed against Willa's head. The superior fighters straddled their victim's on their knees, simultaneously plopping their eager pussies down on their girl's faces. Both Willa and Sheryl squirmed weakly and emitted muffled protests as the two dominants mashed their faces under their cunts and began to rock. Lil' Kim moaned and reached out with her arms as Rosie mirrored her. They locked in an embrace as they rubbed their soaked snatches back and forth over the faces of their two victims.

Kim snaked her hands into Rosie's mane and firmly held on, leaning forward to plant a lusty kiss on her mouth. As they moaned and bucked their hips, their tongues explored each others mouth as they raced toward their climaxes. With similar moans that grew into ecstatic cries of bliss, Rosie and Lil' Kim launched into near simultaneous orgasms as they furiously scrubbed their cunts on their rival's scuffed faces.

As they exploded in joyous orgasms, Kim and Rosie slumped into one another as they sucked in air, their sweat intermingling. For several moments they embraced as they reveled in the afterglow, their bodies quivering and strumming with carnal pleasure. The quiet moment of savoring their climax was interrupted by the two moaning and squirming women beneath them. Lil' Kim slowly lifted her drenched pussy off Willa's sex-smeared face and looked down at the blonde who was gasping for air.

"You bitches are STILL awake?" she asked incredulously. "I can't believe these world class pussies didn't put you out!"

Willa looked up in horror and opened her mouth to scream but her cry was abruptly silenced by a sharp punch to her jaw. Her body bucked with the impact, then went limp as she lay out cold. Rosie lifted off Sheryl and gazed down at her with malicious glee.

"No...." whined the messy brunette with a sniffle.

Sheryl yelped and her body also went limp as Rosie delivered a crunching knockout blow to her jaw. Rosie slid back and spread the brunette's legs apart, her pussy gaping wide as Rosie dipped her index finger into the yawning cunt, then pulled it out and tasted a sample.

"Mmmmm," she said as she sucked on her moist finger. “Now that tastes like a woman!"

Lil' Kim grinned and dipped her finger into blonde Willa, tasted and smacked her lips as she rolled her tongue around with a curious look came across her face. "This one's a little bland.....I think she needs some aging!" she cackled.

Both victorious fighters rose to their feet and embraced over the unconscious bodies of their demolished victims. They shared a lusty kiss as their hands roamed across each others naked bodies.

"Mmmmm......let's button up these cupcakes and go get us a room, baby!" suggested Lil' Kim, giving a gentle pinch to Rosie's ass.

They positioned the two losers 69, with Sheryl on her back and Willa draped over the top of her. The blonde's face was stuffed in Sheryl's crotch and vice versa. Rosie and Kim gathered their clothes and dressed, then they strolled out the door with their arms around each others waist. Lil' Kim paused and glanced down, checking out Rosie's stockings with a lascivious look.

"Rosie baby, have I mentioned how fuckin' HOT 'dem stockin's are?" she asked.

"You can pull 'em off me with your teeth in a little bit, sweet thang," answered Rosie with a smooch.