Wonder Woman vs. Sheena by Tank

PART ONE: Amazons In Heat

Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter, 5’9”, blue satin trunks and shimmering nylon pantyhose) and Sheena (Gena Lee Nolin, 5’9”, gazelle skin thong) stripped topless, then plunged into the river for a refreshing swim together. The two lovely super heroines swam side by side, each keeping pace with the other. Both seemed to be enjoying each other's company ever since the brunette beauty had visited the blond Jungle Queen three days ago. They almost seemed like soul mates and acted toward one another with the greatest respect and courtesy.

Wonder Woman had yet to divulge to Sheena the real reason for her visit. How could she? The blond beauty would find out soon enough when she would suddenly find her brunette ‘friend’ violently turning on her and wrestling her into submission. Then Wonder Woman would tie Sheena up and transport her to Paradise Island as ordered; at least that was the plan! The Amazons were fascinated with Sheena's powers over the animal kingdom - and her uncanny ability to morph into other creatures! Wonder Woman had been tasked with abducting the unsuspecting Jungle Queen and bring her to her Amazon sisters.

"You're an incredible swimmer, Wonder Woman. Is there ANYTHING you don't do well?" Sheena asked as they turned and headed back toward the bank.

"I can't think of a thing!" the brunette chuckled. "Some think I'm just an ordinary woman without my belt and lasso, as if I need gimmicks. But they don't realize I was the wrestling champion and won the all around fighting tournament on my island. And there are some very strong Amazons I had to defeat along the way! But enough about me. I'm impressed with your physical prowess, Sheena!" They spoke as members of a mutual admiration society.

As the two women reached the bank, the brunette studiously sized up her blond rival. Both beauties stood 5'9”, were big breasted, blue- eyed and matched up very evenly. Wonder Woman's only fear was that Sheena would use her morphing and knew she had to prevent the blond from transforming herself into a powerful animal. If so, she wouldn’t need the special powers her belt provided her. Sheena secretly believed that if it came down to it, she could beat Wonder Woman, IF the brunette was without her belt or special powers over and above her normal strength as an Amazon.

The two heroines lay on the bank close to each other, drenched by the oppressive African sun, Wonder Woman in her blue thong and Sheena in her thong of gazelle skin. They smiled at each other in silence. The strong, shapely brunette, knowing her task was at hand, compared her body to Sheena's and prepared for battle with a teasing question.

"Sheena, if you were not allowed to morph, how do you think you would do against me in a fight?" The brunette was smiling as if she had asked only as a joke. Sheena smiled in return.

"Well I don't know...." she giggled as if embarrassed. Then the sensuous Jungle Queen added, "I've never had to morph to defeat another woman before." The brunette laughed as she inched closer to the blond, their large bare breasts almost touching.

"So do you think it would be a fair fight if I'm without my belt and you're not allowed to morph?" the brunette asked, trying to get Sheena to commit not to use her power. The two beauties' blue eyes met. Wonder Woman was smiling teasingly while Sheena looked surprised at the unexpected challenge from her sexy brunette jungle companion.

"I suppose if I lost, I’d have no right to complain." Sheena answered as she watched her rival lean over and press her nipples into hers. "But neither would YOU have a right to complain, either!" the blond snapped, recoiling at the brunette's aggressive posture.

Wonder Woman gazed into Sheena's eyes with a look of disdain. Both powerful and sensuous beauties took a deep breath, then got to their knees as they continued their stare down. Sheena pushed her breasts into Wonder Woman's in defiance. Each glanced down briefly at the other's nearly naked body, then stared into her eyes with bad intentions. The all out battle for supremacy was about to begin on the steamy jungle floor.

After posing as Sheena's friend during her three day visit, it came down to this: An all out catfight to decide the superior woman. Wonder Woman and Sheena pressed their large, bare, breasts into each other; blue eyes glared into blue eyes as thighs rubbed against thighs as they both faced their rival on their knees.

"It was very deceitful of you, Wonder Woman,” Sheena said. “Pretending to be my friend when all this time you wanted to fight. You could have let me know from the start, I’d have been happy to accommodate your desires…whatever they were!" Sheena, bare breasted in her gazelle skin thong was getting angrier with each word she spoke.

"Look, Sheena, I'll be blunt. I’ve been ordered to abduct you and transport you back to Paradise Island. It wasn't my idea but I’m accountable and I'll be damned if I'm going to fail!" The strong, shapely brunette was raising her voice to the blond Jungle Queen as if preparing to pounce at any moment.

"So, you just ASSUME you can defeat me without your magic belt and lasso....as if I'm some pushover! You've got some nerve! I'll make you regret your presumption!"

The brunette took a deep breath as she continued to stare into the eyes of her blond rival. Topless in her blue thong, Wonder Woman responded with confidence, "I don't want to hurt you, Sheena. I've really come to like and respect you. But I do NOT fail to accomplish my missions. We both know…if it's a fair fight; me without my magic belt and you without your morphing, just my body against yours, my Amazon strength against your strength as Jungle Queen…I’d win!"

The two sensuous super heroines continued to stare into each other's eyes and press their shapely bodies into each other as they spoke.

"Well, after I'm through with you,” Sheena growled. “I’ll use you as my jungle slave - and I know you’ll do the same to me!"

Wonder Woman smiled, "You're a very pretty girl, Sheena. After I conquer you and take you to my island, you’ll be treated with all the dignity my position there entitles you to."

"GIRL? We'll see who the GIRL is…you arrogant bitch!" The lovely blond Jungle Queen was irate!

The powerful brunette beauty smiled, relishing the knowledge that she’d struck a nerve. She responded coolly, "I'll give you a chance to surrender, Sheena. I don't want to make you cry and wet that little thong if I don't have to! We'd BOTH wish that had never happened!"

Sheena tensed her strong, shapely body for battle as she sneered contemptuously at her sexy would- be brunette abductress. The two beauties reared back, preparing to pounce like the savage Amazons they are and then lunged their shapely bodies into each other from their knees, amidst loud grunts, in a savage bid for supremacy. The Amazon beauties bear hugged each other, each trying to overpower her rival. Sheena lifted the brunette off her knees and pressed her opponent's breasts into hers as she flexed her biceps more tightly into Wonder Woman's back.

"OOOOHHHH!" the brunette, despite her great strength, was getting the worst of the exchange. But she, like Sheena, was an accomplished fighter and soon she was bending the blond backward toward the ground by shifting her weight to her upper body and was pressing on Sheena's back. The blond grunted and falling backward, flipped Wonder Woman over her shoulders.

"OOFFFF!" The brunette hit the ground on her belly. She quickly rose to her feet and faced the mighty Jungle Queen who had nimbly jumped to her feet and began stalking toward her.

The women struck powerful and precise punches and kicks to each other's lovely faces and athletic bodies. Both were connecting but neither Amazon flinched. The stakes were too high and neither was even remotely accustomed to losing. Wonder Woman stepped closer to Sheena and snapped a deadly knee toward her rival's groin but Sheena blocked it with her own knee, then punished the brunette with a left-right punch combination to her opponent's face which sent her sprawling to the ground on her back.

"EEEYAHHHH!" Sheena screamed a blood-curdling war cry as she leaped into the air and jumped on the brunette, but Wonder Woman, ever the warrior, nailed the blond beauty with her knee to Sheena's ribs as her aggressive foe fell on top of her.

"OWWWWWWW!" They tussled on the jungle floor with the brunette twisting the blond off of her and powering herself on top, only to be muscled onto her back again by the determined Jungle Queen. Both beauties were now perspiring profusely as they grunted and struggled in the scorching heat. Their skimpy thongs pressed into each other's as they rolled and twisted on the jungle floor.

Sheena felt her gazelle skin pressing into Wonder Woman's satin as she retained her position on top of the brunette beauty. She pressed her sensuous body full force into the shapely body of her opponent, as if trying to suffocate her and drain Wonder Woman of her Amazonian strength. The brunette felt Sheena's big bare breasts pushing her own breasts against her chest and the blond beauty's womanhood pressing into and encompassing her own womanhood through their thongs which were moist from the heated struggle.

"OOOHHHHHHH!" Both woman were allowing their passions to express themselves but each was fully focused on victory. The brunette grunted and strained but could not power the lovely blond wild woman off of her. Sheena tried to grasp her foe's wrists to get the brunette's hands under her control as well. Suddenly, Wonder Woman snapped sharp, powerful punches to Sheena's jaw which jarred the blond.

The brunette Amazon maneuvered her legs around Sheena's waist and twisted her off her, forcing Sheena onto her side, reared her legs back and sprung them forward.

"AWWWWWWWWW!" Her double leg kick nailed the blond in her jaw and temple. Sheena fell backward, her head hitting the ground with a thud! Wonder Woman pounced on top of her with her knee striking Sheena's ribs.

"OWWWWWW!" As the dazed blond struggled, the tawny brunette quickly lifted herself off the blond and maneuvered her tawny, powerful thighs around her head. Then she began to squeeze with everything she had. Sheena was weakening fast. She placed her hands inside Wonder Woman's thighs and pulled out with all the might she had left. But her strong arms were no match for the mighty thighs of the lovely brunette Amazon. Wonder Woman continued squeezing and grunting, her thigh muscles flexing around the head of the woozy blond.

"OOOOHHHHHH!" Sheena's big breasts were undulating and her blue eyes were rolling. Finally, with her air supply cut off by Wonder Woman's strong and sensuous thigh muscles, the lovely blond Jungle Queen gasped a last breath,

"OHHHHHHHH......" and passed into oblivion. The mighty brunette Amazon had her victory. She had conquered the lovely and legendary blond Jungle Queen!

Sheena awoke across Wonder Woman's lap as the victorious Amazon transported her beautiful blond prey to Paradise Island in her (single seat) transparent airplane. The brunette was piloting the mysterious aircraft and she smiled down at Sheena seeing she’d finally awakened from her slumber. Sheena looked startled at seeing clouds below her and she shuddered, sending gentle ripples through the warm thighs her shapely brunette conqueror.

"Don't worry, Sheena! You'll be fine!" WW assured the helpless blond beauty. Sheena was only able to twist and squirm on the brunette's lap, since Wonder Woman had her tied securely with her Golden Lasso of Truth.

"Where am I?" the blond asked as she peered down at the clouds below, then glanced up into her conqueror's eyes.

"We're almost to Paradise Island. Don't be afraid, Sheena! No one will hurt you," Wonder Woman assured her.

Sheena began to sulk but she caught the brunette beauty smiling at her with compassion, an emotion blondes almost universally detested. It seemed to the proud Jungle Queen that she was being looked at with condescension by her Amazon conqueror, much as a teacher might smile approvingly at her prize pupil.

But Wonder Woman meant no harm. She just didn't fathom deeply enough the crushing blow she dealt Sheena's pride by her victory over her. Sheena continued to sulk, unable to do anything about her humiliating predicament. She took consolation in the fact that Cutter, at least, hadn’t witnessed her lose to another woman. He would never have to know!

The lovely blond captive was not aware that her sexy abductress had taken all her time flying to the island. Sheena felt very warm and comfortable on Wonder Woman's lap. Of course, the brunette beauty was in love with Steve Trevor, but her many years spent among her Amazon sisters had taught her to in tune to and appreciate the beauty and charm of a woman, particularly one as lovely as Sheena!

Wonder Woman couldn’t get out of her mind the sensations she’d felt when the beautiful blonde's thong rubbed against her during their battle. Had the mighty brunette given in to her arousal and not disciplined her feelings like the well-trained Amazon Warrior she was, she undoubtedly would’ve lost the fight to the sensuous blond Jungle Queen and would now be serving as HER slave.

She glanced again at her lovely captive and tried to make friendly conversation with her. Sheena had to answer honestly as she was subject to the lasso of truth tied around her shapely body. But she was grouchy, apprehensive, and disinclined to conversation. Little did she know that - once they reached Paradise Island - she would get several opportunities to regain her lost pride and self respect…or suffer even greater indignities!
PART TWO: The Bermuda Love Triangle

Wonder Woman, who hadn't even bothered to change after her victory over Sheena, wrapped her right arm around her lovely blond captive and pulled her closer to her. As Sheena's breasts rubbed against her own, the brunette beauty felt herself getting aroused. She should have landed on the island already, but with the warm body of the luscious blond squirming helplessly on her warmer lap - and Sheena's tight butt slipping and sliding on her satin panties - it was understandable that WW was reluctant to land.

So, instead, the brunette continued to make conversation. "I just love your little thong, Sheena,” she said, running her fingers lightly over Sheena’s ‘mound of Venus.’ “You fashioned it yourself, didn’t you?" she smiled.

"Yes." The blond looked disinterested and began to pout.

Wonder Woman couldnt resist employing her lasso of truth to ask her lovely blond captive some very personal questions before landing. She lifted Sheena's chin and gently twisted her face close to hers till their eyes met. "Have you ever made love to another woman, Sheena?"

"NO!" the blond looked disinterested but Wonder Woman smiled at her, knowing the ‘Way of the Amazons’ had turned more than one reluctant woman to their more ‘liberal’ way of life.

The brunette, finally deciding to land, cautioned her prisoner, "I said no one would hurt you, Sheena. But there IS one Amazon on the island you must be wary around. She's very strong and.... well.....you'll find out soon enough."

Sheena, for the first time appeared very interested in the brunette Amazon's conversation. She looked into her conqueror's eyes but got no further information. The brunette beauty had already began the process of landing on the island where a large throng of Amazons, led by WW’s mother Queen Salma, welcomed Wonder Woman as she led her near naked and stumbling blond captive toward them, yanking on her lasso.

Approaching the Queen, WW forced Sheena to the ground at her feet. "Mission accomplished, my Queen!" the brunette conqueror exclaimed proudly. "She is yours to do as you wish!"

"Accomplished, indeed!" The Queen answered, her eyes feasting on her new ‘guest’ as Sheena settled on her haunches on the ground at her feet. "Untie her!" she commanded with a snap of her fingers at her two Amazon ‘ladies in waiting.’

Wonder Woman, her mission fulfilled, left the island to rejoin Steve Trevor on many new adventures but she embraced Sheena and kissed her before leaving.

The blond was treated with dignity and respect by the other Amazons who were fascinated with her power over the animals on the island and her uncanny ability to communicate with them. But there was one Amazon who took a particular interest in Sheena - in a way both dark and sinister; a strong, muscular brunette called ‘Chyna.’

In Wonder Woman's absence, Chyna had become the most feared Amazon on the island. Her aggressiveness was intimidating to the other Amazons and whoever had the courage to contest her was dominated with much brutality. During one period of her life, Chyna had left Paradise Island to pose as a wrestler but she always held back, not revealing her true strength unless she was among her Amazon sisters.

The woman Chyna was closest to was a lovely brunette (Teri Hatcher) whom Chyna protected. Teri was the most proficient woman on the island at piloting of the Queen's ship and possessed an exhaustive knowledge of navigation and an uncanny ability to find any place on earth when called upon.

She and Chyna shared living quarters and Chyna was extremely jealous whenever her lovely friend showed the slightest interest in another Amazon. But the jealousy was mutual! Teri was very manipulative and she loved seeing her muscular lover physically dominate the other Amazons. Sexy Teri lived to watch Chyna fight and afterward, with both women being so easily aroused, they would make wild, passionate love long into the night.

Chyna was fascinated by Teri's beauty while Teri was unthralled by Chyna's muscles. All the Amazons on Paradise Island knew better than to become involved with either of them at any level - all except Sheena! The blond beauty was given her own living quarters but she’d become aware of Chyna peeking into her bedroom as she changed for bed.

The brunette musclewoman had fallen hard for Sheena's beauty and began to leave Teri’s bed to gaze into Sheena's quarters as she undressed. Teri couldn't help noticing Chyna's attentions to the blond beauty - even when they were together! Teri was seething for she wanted to have Sheena alone herself!

One evening, while Chyna was away performing some duty for the Amazon Queen, Teri invited Sheena to her home. Teri wore a green bra and miniskirt while Sheena wore powder blue. Sheena had her own reason for being there. She’d heard that Teri was a skilled navigator and understood that if she ever wanted to leave Paradise Island it would be an advantage to be on good terms with Teri who might take her to an African port where she could return to her jungle.

So Sheena accepted Teri’s hospitality, enjoying the powerful concoction the sassy brunette served one after the other. The conversation was pleasant and both ladies imbibed many stiff drinks. Teri found herself gazing at Sheena as she sat on her couch, her miniskirt barely covering her panties and showing her long, silky legs. Suddenly, Teri was becoming aroused and found herself slowly removing her green bra. Topless, she slid over next to Sheena and slid her hand up under Sheena's skirt while her other hand started to remove Sheena’s bra.

WHACK! "OWWWWWWW!" Sheena slapped Teri.

Teri leaped angrily to her feet, kicked her in the belly, sending the brunette recoiling back in pain. But she quickly recovered and attacked the blond, nails flashing as she ripped off Sheena's bra. Teri grabbed the Jungle Queen's golden tresses and yanked violently, shaking her head back and forth as Sheena struggled get to her feet.

"OOOHHHHH!" A straight punch to the jaw buckled Teri's knees, then Sheena pulled the brunette's hands from her hair and pulled Teri's sexy body into hers. She lifted her aggressive hostess into the air with a mighty Bear hug that flattened Teri's big breasts against Sheena’s; both women’s hard nipples digging into the others. Teri, feeling the strength of the blond Jungle Queen as she was lifted off her feet wet her panties.

"OOOOHHHHH......SHEENA....YOU'RE SOOOOOO STROOOONG.....!" The mighty blond lifted the sensuous brunette beauty into the air above her, then tossed her onto the couch.

"OOOHHHHH!" Teri felt more aroused than hurt as she gazed up at the lovely Jungle Queen glaring at her angrily, her hands planted on her hips.


But the last thing the sultry brunette wanted was for things to settle down! She reached out and grabbed Sheena's powder blue skirt with both hands and, with all her strength, tore it clean off the athletic blond, leaving Sheena in just her panties.

"THAT'S IT!" the angry Jungle Queen shouted.

Teri slithered her sleek but voluptuous body while lying on the couch as she flashed her nails like a wildcat at the blonde's lovely face as she bent toward her. Sheena grabbed Teri by her wrists, then imposed her much stronger body on Teri as she forced herself down on the couch atop the brunette hellcat. Teri scratched and kicked but she couldn’t prevent Sheena from overpowering her. Pulling Teri onto her lap, Sheena yanked the brunette beauties miniskirt and white panties with green trim down around her thighs.

"LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU BIG SEXY BLOND BULLY!" Teri screamed as she continued to fight and scratch as Sheena began to spank her.


"I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU'RE HURTING ME!" Teri screamed. Sheena stopped her spanking, figuring she had beaten the fight out of the spunky brunette and the tussle was over. "HEY! WHY DID YOU STOP, YOU BLOND BITCH? I was just getting into it!" Teri protested. Then she bit Sheena's thigh as she lay across her lap.

"OWWWW!" the blond shrieked. Sheena grabbed Teri’s hair and, with a mighty pull, yanked Teri's face from her thigh. Then she wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck and put her in a Sleeper Hold.


The stronger blond slowly but surely applied pressure around the sensuous brunette cutting off the flow of blood to her brain with her hands. Teri's eyes rolled back as she started gasping. Sheena, not wanting to hurt Teri more than necessary, released her sleeper hold.

"AWWWWWWW....." Teri went out like a light, her head falling back onto the breasts of the blond beauty.

Sheena lifted Teri off her lap, gently placed the unconscious beauty back on the couch and smiled down at her sleeping prey as she stroked her soft cheeks. Sheena covered her naked victim with a blanket and left.

"Boy, did she have too much to drink!" Sheena thought as she left Teri’s naked body lying on the couch. Confident the would- be brunette tigress would be fine after a good nights sleep, Sheena walked outside and closed the door.

When Teri awoke, her head was aching. She sat up and realized she couldn't get her mind off the strong, sensuous blond Jungle Queen. Teri knew she had to see Sheena again - and soon! It was inevitable that Teri would compare Sheena’s physical prowess to her lover Chyna’s.

"I wonder how Sheena would do against Chyna's mighty muscles. Hmmmmm......"

Nothing turned Teri on more than a fight between her muscular strong lover and another athletic Amazon beauty and she began to fantasize in her manipulative mind how a fight between Chyna and Sheena would go. The thought of Chyna's well muscled body conquering the lovely blond was turning her on to no end! Plans to manipulate the two into fighting each other began to consume her thoughts and getting them together would certainly not be difficult for Teri to accomplish!
PART THREE: Queen Salma’s Challenge

The Amazon Queen's (Salma Hayek) dark eyes peered over the blue ocean as she pondered her problem. Though short in stature (5'2), the Queen was every inch a woman of strength and wisdom. Dressed in her royale colors; a low-cut golden silk gown and purple robe, Queen Salma's demeanor projected to her Amazon subjects the dignity of her exhalted position. Her tone of voice and measured words; her serious countenance and refusal to engage in triviality and flippancy were all qualities and traits demanded of a woman of her rank.

But the Queen's problem was pressing on her like a heavy weight. Chyna, after Teri's persuasion, had approached her and demanded to fight Sheena in a special ‘Slave Girl Match.’ The muscular brunette understood her rights under Amazon Law and also knew the Queen was never one to digress from it. The Queen secretly detested Chyna and was revolted at the thought of her notable blond guest, as she considered Sheena, being subjugated in such a demeaning manner. What made it worse was Sheena's demand to be set free and returned home should she be victorious.

The Queen held the blond beauty in high esteem and deeply desired her to remain on the island to the extent she had contemplated challenging the victor. Only twice before had Queen Salma found it necessary to fight a subject - although on both occasions she had been triumphant. The Queen would, if necessary, challenge Chyna to wrest Sheena away from her and save her from such a degrading circumstance for she reasoned the blond beauty had little to no chance against the fierce and muscular Amazon.

It was the afternoon of the fight and the Amazons on Paradise Island gathered on the beach where the fight was being held. Chyna appeared wearing the skin of a black bear she had hunted and killed. Teri had fashioned it into a sexy bra and skirt outfit. Well prepared for the encounter, Chyna lifted a giggling Teri onto her shoulders and strode confidently to the place of battle.

Sheena was being prepared for the contest by several Amazons who massaged her nude body as she lay on a bed of straw. Braiding her blond locks, they set before her the battle garment she was required to wear against her powerful opponent. Teri had mischievously dropped it off and deviously informed the Amazons that Sheena must wear it in combat by order of Queen Salma. It was a pink and yellow bra and thong made from the feathers of tiny, exotic birds in the region. Sheena frowned but reluctantly put it on.

Before the Queen and her tribe of Amazons gathered on the beach, the two combatants were introduced and the high stakes involved were read aloud. Sheena and Chyna gazed at one another from a few paces away. Teri chuckled as she eyed the blond beauty in her bird feathers, a stark contrast to the to the formidable bear skin of her mighty and muscular brunette roommate. Then a signal was given and the battle commenced.

"Get her, Chyna!" Teri screamed.

Chyna rushed at Sheena and threw several hay makers which the blond ducked and dodged. The big brunette Amazon continued to advance and throw punches but could not connect solidly on her agile opponent. Chyna grunted as she rushed forward but missed a powerful right to Sheena's jaw. The blond made her pay by snapping kicks to her belly.

"You can't hurt me, Sheena! You hit like a little girl!" Chyna shouted as she moved in to strike - and got nailed coming in with two more snapping kicks to her ribs.

"You call those kicks, Sheena? I hope you can hit harder than that!" Chyna lowered her body and stretched her hands out to grapple.

Sheena's response was a straight kick to her face which buckled Chyna's knees. The strong brunette kept her balance. She moved forward and lunged at the Jungle Queen. Grabbing Sheena in a bear hug, she lifted the blond beauty onto her toes and pressed her into her.

"OOWWWWWW!" Sheena snapped a savage knee to Chyna's groin and escaped as the brunette doubled over in pain. As Chyna raised her upper body she was greeted by two more slashing kicks to her ribs.

"OOOOFFFFFFFF.......AWWWWWWW!" Then another kick to her groin was followed by a right cross to her jaw. Chyna was knocked backward and fell to her butt on the sandy beach. The sexy blond stood over the muscular brunette with her hands on her hips and taunted her.

"C'mon, Chyna, get up! I thought I hit like a little girl!"

Sheena allowed Chyna to get to her feet then smashed her to the sand again with two more slashing kicks to her ribs and belly.

"OOOHHHHHHH!" Sheena smiled down on her and chided,"What's wrong, Chyna? Can't handle a little girl?"

The mighty brunette Amazon in her intimidating bear skin was being savaged by the lovely blond in her skimpy outfit of pink and yellow feathers.

Chyna struggled to her feet and moved toward the blond. She reared back to throw a right but the much quicker jungle woman struck her ribs with a straight kick. Teri covered her mouth with her hands as the muscular Amazon plodded forward. A lightning quick kick to Chyna's belly and again, the muscle bound brunette fell to her knees.

"OOOOHHHHHH!" She was doubled over and grimacing in pain. Sheena casually strolled forward and stared down at her larger foe. "Ready for more, Chyna?" The outclassed brunette lunged at Sheena's feet but missed as Sheena avoided her desperate attempt, then slammed her knee into Chyna's back.

"OOOOHHHHHH!" Another knee to her butt sent Chyna forward on her belly.

Burying her face in her arms, the big, muscular brunette was trembling. Sheena leaped on her back and wrapped her hands around Chyna's neck. As she pulled her opponent's head back to look into her eyes, the lovely blond observed she was crying. Sheena, who appeared to Chyna before the fight as a seemingly delicate and easy prey was now seen by her foe as the savage and deadly blond Jungle Queen she really was.

"STOP....PLEASE...JUST STOP, SHEENA.....NO MORE....PLEASE, ..NO MORE..." Chyna spoke through her sniffles and sobbing. The Amazons looked at each other in stunned silence.

"GET HER, SHEENA!" Teri screamed.

The lovely brunette found herself turned on to an even greater degree by the lovely blond dominating and was jumping up and down yelling for more! Sheena, who was straddling the muscular brunette Amazon as she lay on her belly crying like a baby, mercifully released her neck. Then she slowly arose and stood over her.

Breathing deeply, her big breasts glistened with sweat, the victorious blond beauty shouted in a loud voice, "ANYONE ELSE WISH TO CHALLENGE ME?"

Everyone, including the Queen kept silent. Queen Salma was contemplating challenging the mighty blond Jungle Queen to keep her from leaving the island. None of her Amazons had the courage to do so after Sheena's impressive display of dominance over the most feared Amazon on the island.

"Challenge her, Queen Salma!" Teri shouted as she rushed next to her ruler, stepping on Chyna's head in the process as the beaten Amazon continued to sob while lying on her belly. Teri just loved to instigate fights! "We can't just let her leave!"

Sheena stalked slowly toward the Queen and pressed her tall, shapely body against the short, voluptuous body of Queen Salma. "DO YOU CHALLENGE ME, YOUR MAJESTY?"

The Queen replied, "Yes. If you defeat me you will be free to go. But…if you lose…you must stay!" Sheena agreed and Queen Salma added, "Since you’ve just fought your challenge with Chyna, I’ll give you an hour to rest. After that, we’ll meet back here and fight. Go!”

An hour later, Queen Salma, dressed in a royal purple bikini and Sheena, having changed back into gazelle skin thong, met on the beach in front of all the Amazons.

Teri had spent much of the past hour ridiculing her beaten roommate. "I need a REAL woman to handle me...a woman like Sheena, not some big- assed crybaby like you!" she told the despondent Chyna who followed her around looking for sympathy.

Sheena (5'9”) and Queen Salma (5'2”) loosened up their sensuous bodies with exercises, then faced off a few feet apart. They're fighting prowess would soon decide whether Sheena would be forced to remain on Paradise Island or return to her jungle home. All eyes were glued to the two beauties as the Queen moved toward Sheena who stepped backward.

Sheena preferred to fight from a greater distance to take advantage of her longer reach. But quick as a cat, the brunette lowered her shoulder and bowled into her taller foe. Sheena fell backward onto the sand with Queen Salma on top of her. The Royal Vixen wailed away at the blonde's face with solid punches until the Jungle Queen raised her knee and nailed the Queen in her back.


Sheena powered the brunette off of her and got to her feet at the same time as her opponent. The Queen, staying low, rushed Sheena and tackled her to the ground a second time.

"Get her, Queen Salma!" Teri yelled.

Just then, a woman who had unexpectedly arrived on the island, pushed forward to get a better view of the action. Salma was trying to force herself on top of Sheena and again powered her strong, compact body on top of the blond beauty. Sheena grabbed her wrists so the Queen couldn't strike her but the brunette beauty lifted her butt and slammed it down on the blonde's thong.

The Queen broke her right wrist free of Sheena's grasp and began to strike at her face. But the blond lifted and stretched her long legs until she wrapped them around the brunette's neck. Salma struck Sheena in the face with a right but the blond beauty threw her off her with her legs. Both women struggled to their knees.

The Queen, keeping the fight on the ground, threw herself into her opponent before she could rise and grabbed Sheena's breasts with her hands.


The blond grabbed Queen Salma's wrists and separated her hands from her breasts, then angrily ripped off the Queen's purple bra. The ravishing brunette lunged forward and with both women now bare breasted, wrapped her arms around the blond in a bear hug. Sheena wrapped her arms around Salma's back as well as the two women squeezed their large bare breasts into each other. The lovely brunette had often used her large, sensuous, breasts as a weapon she could count on in her past fights, but now she felt herself being overpowered by this blond jungle Amazon.

Both women grunted as breast pressed into breast and nipple speared nipple. Sheena flexed her biceps and with a mighty display of strength lifted the Queen off her knees. Sheena lifted Queen Salma higher off her knees and the brunette began to grimace from the pressure exerted on her lower back. Her dark eyes gazed into the blue eyes of the stronger blond and found them staring into hers. Salma felt herself overpowered. She released her bear hug and began to punch Sheena's face.

The blond beauty winced in pain, then fell backward on the sand with the Queen wailing away on top of her. Sheena spread her legs and wrapped them around the brunette's waist as she lay on her back. She grunted and flexed her thigh muscles. The Queen's mouth opened and her punches quickly lost their steam. The blond jungle woman twisted the brunette beauty onto her side. Both women struggled furiously to gain much needed leverage. Sheena nailed Salma with a stinging right cross to her breast, then a savage left hook to the Queen's belly.

"OOOOOHHHHH!" The brunette had the wind knocked out of her as the blond got to her knees and slickly maneuvered her shapely body behind her opponent.

"AWWWWWW!" Sheena dug her knee into the Queen's ribs from behind, then punched down on Salma's head with a barrage of lefts and rights.

“UNNNGH!” Another knee to her butt sent the embattling brunette Queen sprawling on her belly. Sheena leaped on top of her dazed foe and twisted her right arm behind her in a half nelson. The brunette struggled like a wildcat to free herself from Sheena's clutches.

Teri, well aware the blond beauty was beginning to dominate her Queen, was growing aroused as she jumped up and down in excitement, rooting for the sexy blond jungle woman to humiliate her beautiful but diminutive Queen - yet not daring to voice her partiality.

Sheena wrapped her free arm around Salma's breasts in a reverse bear hug and rippled her bicep and forearm around them, nimbly jumped off the brunette and slowly and painfully lifted her to her knees while kneeling behind her. Sheena lifted her knees and slammed them down on Salma's calves.

"OWWWW.....AWWWWW!" The Queen was hurting and in dire straits; the mighty jungle beauty was proving too strong and savage for her!

Sheena flexed her bicep into Queen Salma's left nipple, flattening her big bare breast against her chest. The Queen of the Amazons, every bit a warrior woman, continued her struggle. Sheena reared her left knee back and struck the back of Salma's thigh.

"OWWWWWWW!" Then the blond inched closer and wrapped her knees around the brunette's thighs while twisting her arm behind her back and crushing her large breasts with her bicep and forearm. The Queen looked up behind her as her eyes looked up at Sheena's. She was in a helpless position and the beautiful blond observed tears streaming down her lovely cheeks.

"GIVE UP, YOUR MAJESTY?" Sheena asked as watched the Amazon Queen sobbing in her grasp and squirming and trembling in her arms. But possessing her royal dignity, the overwhelmed brunette said nothing and continued to struggle feebly. Sheena dug her knees into Salma's thighs squeezing them together. Salma began sobbing uncontrollably, her right arm twisted behind her back and her big bare breasts flattened against her chest. "PLEASE, YOUR MAJESTY, SUBMIT TO ME. I DON'T ENJOY HURTING YOU." Sheena offered.

Still, the gallant brunette beauty refused to submit to her lovely blond tormentor. Teri moved closer to the action until she stood just a few feet away. The sight of her Queen, so dignified and deserving of respect, nearly naked and in tears while being physically dominated in such a sensuous submission hold by the equally near naked, lovely and savage blond Jungle Queen was causing her to orgasm. She watched intently and could not control herself as Sheena, her large bare, sweat- glistened breasts exhaled into Queen Salma's upper back as she easily maintained her devastating position of dominance.


The mighty Jungle Queen loosened her knees into Queen Salma's thighs, and relaxed her half nelson and forearm around her breasts. The Queen tried to hold back her tears but to no avail. Sheena's gazelle skin thong pressed loosely into her purple panties from behind as the beaten brunette beauty still stubbornly refused to submit.

Teri, still aroused by the erotic event before her, desired to hear her Queen submit to the stronger blond beauty and yelled, "Don’t be ashamed to submit, Queen Salma. We’ll all understand!"

The Queen again looked up into Sheena's eyes. She was quivering in the bigger blonde's powerful grasp and it appeared she might finally swallow her royal pride and give in to the savage jungle beauty.

Suddenly a voice yelled out, "QUEEN SALMA SUBMITS!" It was the unexpected visitor who had just appeared on the scene. Wonder Woman stepped out of the crowd of Amazons and all eyes were suddenly upon her. "Let her go, Sheena!"

The blond beauty focused her attention on the lovely brunette Amazon responsible for her abduction to the island to begin with. "Only if you promise to take me home, Wonder Woman.”

"I give you my word as an Amazon, Sheena…if you release my Queen."

Sheena looked into Queen Salma's teary eyes a last time, then released her. Much to her chagrin, Queen Salma burst into tears in front of all her subjects as several Amazons rushed to attend to her as Sheena arose and strode victoriously toward Wonder Woman; her big bare breasts and shapely body beaded in perspiration; the skimpy thong wedged deep in the v of her crotch.

Then she made an announcement to the throng who witnessed her domination of the the most feared Amazon on the island as well as their highly esteemed Queen. "I HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO MY FREEDOM. I’M SORRY I WAS FORCED TO DOMNATE YOUR QUEEN; A WOMAN I DEEPLY RESPECT. NOW I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING MY HOME AGAIN."

Teri rushed between Sheena and wonder Woman. "Fight her, Wonder Woman. C’mon, beat her…make her stay here with me!" she pleaded.

"NO! Sheena has earned her freedom in accordance with our law. She should not have to fight again!" Wonder Woman answered.

"Then may I use the Queen’s ship to carry her home?” Teri begged with tears welling in her lusting eyes. "May I, your majesty…pleeeeeeze?" she whined at her beaten Queen, still kneeling on the sand trying to control her tears.

"Wonder Woman will return her to her home," Queen Salma ordered authoritatively. She marvelously kept her poise, holding back tears to issue her command.

Wonder Woman transported Sheena back home the same way she had abducted her to Paradise Island; in her invisible plane. But the flight back was much different. Instead of laying across WW’s lap, Sheena sat on the floor, her eyes averted from the brunette Amazon. The two lovely superheroines barely spoke to each other during the entire trip.

The blond seriously entertained in her mind the possibility of challenging the brunette to a rematch for she felt in her heart it would turn out differently. But she’d won her freedom and soon she would be home. That was the important thing. Besides, she had physically conquered the so-called mightiest Amazon on Paradise Island. And more importantly, she had beaten Wonder Woman's Queen. Sheena relished the bragging rights this would always give her over her brunette rival.

As far as Wonder Woman was concerned, she had seen more than enough of Sheena. Steve Trevor was dominating her thoughts and she couldn't wait to get back to share her life with him again. The blond Jungle Queen, she reasoned, fought with a fury too much like her own to enjoy fighting her again.

"Maybe we’ll meet again someday, Wonder Woman," was Sheena's parting shot to her rival. The brunette nodded without a word and thee two mighty, heroic beauties left it at that.