X-Files Tangle by imitation

Around the time of season nine, it was girl's night on the set of "the X-Files." The 'star' of the show was bossing around Lucy Lawless and Annabeth Gish like they were her slaves. Gillian Anderson had annoyed both of them for the last time and they intended to put her in her place and poker was the way they planned to do it. They went up to Gillian and asked her if she would join them for a hand.

"What's in it for me?" asked Gillian suspiciously.

"I got Cuban cigars!" smiled Lucy. “And I don't smoke."

The mere mention of cigars got Gillian excited and she said she'd show up in the poker room. Gillian looked like a kid in a candy store when she saw the box of Cubans. Her face lit up with anticipation. The redhead chose her cigar like she would a weapon and as Gillian was lighting her Cuban up after smelling it and chewing on it, Lucy dealt the first hand. Gillian couldn't stop trash talking and puffin smoke in Lucy's face. Her contempt for the short redhead grew and she knew Annabeth hated her also.

"Beat you dumb bitches again!" crowed Gillian as she pulled a pile of chips toward her.

Then she laughed but failed to notice Lucy slipping a knuckle duster on her right hand. Annabeth smiled as Lucy delivered a ruthless surprise right to Gillian's jaw. Annabeth had previously told the ex-warrior princess that Gillian had a glass jaw and Lucy’s punch rocked Gillian hard. Her head moved violently toward the table; the cigar fell out from between her teeth and she landed face down on the card table spilling her chips in her lap and down the front of her shirt. She didn't even have time to grunt as she fell into slumber this time; smoke slowly exited her mouth as the room fell silent.

"Thanks for lighting it, bitch," sneered Annabeth as she took the cigar from Gillian’s slack lips.

"Winner gets the inert slut and her money!" said Lucy

They tied Gillian to her chair, her limp body moving where her opponents hands guided it until she was slumped in her own chair with her face lolling between her slowly rising and falling breasts. The poker game resumed and it seemed better without the redhead in the way. Every round or so, the girls would taunt the unconscious Gillian, flipping poker chips into her cleavage and blowing smoke in her face. But the friendship Annabeth and Lucy struck up in their mutual hatred for Gillian quickly deteriorated. Annabeth had always hated Lucy, jealous of her great a body, and tried emulating her success by visiting the gym every day of her life since she’d heard Lucy was scheduled to appear on ‘X-Files.’ Now, Annabeth’s abs were hard, her arms strong and her breasts bigger than ever.

"I win again Amazonia!" cackled Annabeth as she laid down her cards and blew a smoke ring in Gillian's direction.

“Stop calling me that you slut!" responded a visibly annoyed Lucy.

"Now, now Amazonia. Don't get me uppity or I'll beat you into oblivion right now!" said Annabeth, ready for war.

Lucy stood up, knocking the table over and scattering cards and chips on the floor. Annabeth spat her cigar in the unconscious Gillian's lap and as she rose, Lucy walked toward her and slapped her. Annabeth's head whipped to the side from the slap and she coughed out cigar smoke as her head turned. Annabeth swung back around and pounded a knee to Lucy's groin, making the former ‘Xena’ crumple in pain. Annabeth grabbed Lucy’s hair and slammed her head on the wall. Lucy fell to her knees wincing in pain.

"Dumb bitch!" laughed Annabeth as she bent to pick up her cigar.

But Lucy recovered fast and by the time Annabeth had the cigar in her mouth and turned around, Lucy came off the floor and jumped her. They both tumbled to the floor with Lucy on top. She drew her fist back and punched Annabeth on the jaw with a strong right, then pulled Annabeth up by the hair and slammed her head on the carpet. Annabeth groaned in pain as Lucy turned her attention to Annabeth's tits which she grabbed and squeezed, then punched mercilessly while Annabeth could only grunt. Lucy finally stopped and got off Annabeth only to pull her up by her hair and shove her back against the wall. There, she punched her really hard in her crotch and, as Annabeth crumpled forward, Lucy drove her elbow down on Annabeth's spine, knocking her to the floor on her hands and knees.

"Pllllllllease....no more Lucy...I can’t take it," Annabeth moaned.

Lucy let Annabeth go and walked to the bathroom to straighten her hair. When she came out, she found Annabeth standing with her back to her, oblivious of her presence. Annabeth was wondering aloud how she could get Gillian to herself when Lucy stepped up behind her and picked up the ashtray they’d been using and swung it at the back of Annabeth's head.

"Uunnnnngg!" groaned Annabeth as she crumpled unconscious on the floor.

"You slut....I'm gonna make sure you remember this!" Lucy hissed.

She spread cigar ash from the ashtray over the inert Annabeth then kicked her, sending the ash from her body flying up in a cloud of dust above her. As the ash settled on Annabeth, Gillian began to stir. It took her a few seconds to realize where she was as she pulled up her bound hands several times before she realized she was tied to her chair. She looked at the unconscious Annabeth, then at Lucy standing over her with a menacing look on her face. Lucy walked around the chair and grabbed Gillian, digging her fingers into a nerve on the back of her neck. Gillian groaned and immediately passed out again!

"The number of times this bitch has been KO'd must be a record!!!" chuckled Lucy.

She picked Gillian up, tossed her limp body over her shoulder and carried her out to her car where she dumped her in the trunk. She left Annabeth sprawled unconscious on the floor; leaving her to the tender mercy of the janitors who wouldn’t arrive for another few hours and the tabloid reporters who’d almost certainly be there just as soon as Lucy called to them from her ’secret lair’ where she was taking Gillian just as soon as she stopped to fix her hair!